Global Warming Updates September 11,2012

Climate change updates 11 September 2012


1- Climate Change News


2- Sustainable development news

3-Guyana struggles to invest in climate defences


4- Climate change expert calls for geoengineering and nuclear ‘binge’ to avert global warming



5-global climate change news


6- Convenient Solutions to an Inconvenient Truth


7-NDMA climate change updates


8- Readiness for climate finance


9- ‘Alter lifestyle to counter climate change’


10- Climate change conundrum: Will Arctic animals’ wardrobes be able to adapt?–climate-change-conundrum-will-arctic-animals-wardrobes-be-able-to-adapt


11- Climate Scientists Face Organized Harassment in U.S.


12- “Unprecedented Territory”: 2012 the Hottest Year Recorded in the U.S. So Far


13- Climate change expert calls for geoengineering and nuclear ‘binge’ to avert global warming




14-RiO+20 (Ministry of climate change pakistan)


15-climae change RAW information


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  1. If it’s mostly do to the proeisthric creatures that we depend on the oil produced by the bodies of those creatures!?! as well as whatever naturally oil producing methothods such as decaying plants/vegetation along with other NATURAL ways or resources !?! . What would be so wrong in setting aside months or a season & making it illegal to : 1.) rape land of it’s natural recources!?! 2.) to use a chemical to help destroy garbage when no plans to send it to either the atroid belt,the sun,in the direction of a galaxy PAST the next galaxy nearest ours.,.!?! “R”r.r`r,r’.a`,wWw rRr.,.

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