Global Warming Updates September 13-15, 2013

Climate Changes Updates 13-15 September 2013

1)   Parts of Europe heating faster than global average


2)   The right climate for action

3)   Bag charge ‘huge environmental step’ – Ed Davey

4)   Clean air group pushes FirstEnergy boycott

5)   Uncivil scientists thwart Cliff Mass’ climate-change debate

6)   Hurricane Isabel: 10 years later

7)   Higher sea levels mean more flood damage from storms like Isabel, experts say

8)   Search is on for a GOP climate convert

9)   Author warns about climate change at CA conference

10)                     John Dennis Liu inspires people to save Earth’s ecosystem

11)                     Climate talks on

12)                     Merkel warns EU against tough CO2 targets for carmakers

13)                     Tanzania: Migration Worsening Climate Stresses On Tanzania’s City Dwellers

14)                     Jakarta will be underwater by 2030: National Council on Climate Change

15)                     Cocoa farmers exposed to climate-smart production

16)                     Spider Silk Coated With Carbon Nanotubes Has Multiple Surprising Uses

17)                     Unexpected Interaction Between Ocean Currents and Bacteria May Weaken Ocean’s Ability to Absorb Carbon Dioxide

18)                     ‘Grassroots Action’ in Livestock Feeding to Help Curb Global Climate Change

19)                     Carbon Farming Schemes Should Consider Multiple Cobenefits

20)                     Tiny Plankton Could Have Big Impact On Climate: CO2-Hungry Microbes Might Short-Circuit the Marine Foodweb

21)                     Algae and Bacteria in Sea Ice Are Important for the Carbon Budgets of Frozen Oceans

22)                     China sets high bar to curb coal, pollution

23)                     Clear and present danger

24)                     Climate getting hotter, less predictable, survey of Asians finds

25)                     UN climate report turns to purple to highlight risks

26)                     David Cameron has ‘failed to address growing scepticism on climate change’ report claims–failed-to-address-growing-scepticism-on-climate-change–report-claims-/


  • Gambia minister ‘frustration’ at sluggish UN climate process


  • Met Office: Arctic Sea ice is declining


  • Will Norway’s climate ambition continue under Erna Solberg?


  • Climate pledges condemn 600 million face water scarcity


  • UK conservatives launch ‘climate sceptic’ fightback


  • UK political parties accused of ‘weak leadership’ on environment


  • Analysis: UN climate finance talks lay foundation for Warsaw summit

34)                     Severe flooding in Colorado linked to global warming

35)                     Top climate scientists admit global warming forecasts were wrong




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