Global Warming Updates September 16, 2013

Climate Changes Updates 16 September 2013

1)   Money needed now to fight climate change

2)   Editorial: The Times explores a Sea Change in ocean chemistry

3)   Dialing Back the Alarm on Climate Change

4)   Scientists criticise reporting of IPCC ‘leak’

  • We got it wrong on warming, says IPCC

6)   Colorado Energy Plan Looms as Issue for Obama FERC Nominee (2)

7)   An Unusual Public Battle Over an Energy Nomination

8)   Virginia mayors: Time to respond to climate change

9)   Climate Change Threatens Southern Africa’s Vital Crops

10)                     Bangladeshis lead in climate adaptation

11)                     Which Places Are Most Vulnerable to Climate Change?

12)                     Australia axes ministerial role for climate change

13)                     California, China to link climate-change efforts

14)                     World’s Most Vulnerable Areas to Climate Change Mapped

15)                     Environmentally Friendly Cement Is Stronger Than Ordinary Cement

16)                     Weather Affects Crop Yield, Especially Hot Days

17)                     Marine Species Distribution Changes Reflect Local Climate Conditions

18)                     Climate Change to Shift Kenya’s Breadbaskets


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