Global Warming Updates September 18, 2013

Climate Changes Updates 18 September 2013

1)   Fracking gas leaks less than previous estimates, US study finds

2)   Heavily Logged Forests Still Valuable for Tropical Wildlife

3)   Environmental Complexity Promotes Biodiversity

4)   First-Time Measurements in Greenland Snowpack Show a Drop in Atmospheric Carbon Monoxide Since 1950s

5)   Clean Energy Least Costly to Power America’s Electricity Needs

6)   Green Deal assessments proving ‘highly useful’ research finds–highly-useful–Government-research-finds-/

7)   Whitbread’s ‘robust approach’ to water efficiency recognised by Carbon Trust

  • Developing nations ‘equally to blame’ for climate change – report –

  • Climate change case now ‘overwhelming’ warn scientists

  • Kelly Rigg: Women’s leadership will strengthen climate action

  • Supermarkets leading drive to ditch climate warming HFCs

  • Southern Africa set to be hit by climate related migration

  • Kenyan farmers warned climate change may impact crop yields

14)                     Australia ditches ministerial climate change role

15)                     What’s causing global warming? Look for the fingerprints

16)                     Warming due to methane from Arctic permafrost will be ‘negligible’


17)                     Where to for energy policy under a Coalition government?

18)                     Climate change warming Europe at varying degrees

19)                     Local management key to protecting poor from climate change

20)                     More evidence of human induced climate change



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