Global Warming Updates September 2, 2013

Climate Change Updates September 2, 2013






Climate Changes Updates 2 September 2013

1)     Climate change ‘driving spread of crop pests’


2)     Rising anxiety as climate change dominates 44th Pacific Islands Forum


3)     Climate science ‘alarming’, ‘irrefutable’: Kerry


4)     Climate change: warm words and cool waters


5)     Connie Hedegaard: Promoting a climate for change


6)     Urban areas must plan for climate change


7)     Climate change ‘driving spread of crop pests’


8)     Climate change is spreading crop-damaging pests to higher latitudes, study says


9)     Tuvalu Signs Agreement For Climate Change Project


10)                        Climate change and the lack-of-fear factor (Commentary)


11)                        Environmentalist Press for Climate Change Consideration in Sandy Rebuilding


12)                        We should add climate change to the civil rights agenda


13)                        Prehistoric Climate Shift Linked to Cosmic Impact


14)                        Red Cedar Tree Study Shows That Clean Air Act Is Reducing Pollution, Improving Forests


15)                        US, Europe seek more climate change data


  • Pakistan’s climate change laws


  • Is it time to devolve climate change policy making?


  • EU faces dilemma as aviation climate deal stays grounded


19)                        Study: Climate change driving spread of crop pests

20)                        Study offers clues on 20th century global warming wobbles


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