Global Warming Updates September 20-22, 2013

Climate Change Updates September 20, 2013








Climate Changes Updates 20-22 September 2013

1)   Ahead of IPCC Climate Report, Skeptic Groups Launch Global Anti-Science Campaign

2)   Experts to present climate report in Sweden

3)   What’s the climate change context behind the Colo. floods?

4)   Coal’s future darkens around the world

  • Coalition delivers on promise to axe Climate Commission

6)   Are U.S. and China finally getting serious about climate change?

7)   Can Society Win the Race Against Climate Change? (Op-Ed)

8)   Climate change: A patchwork of emissions cuts

9)   Women leaders convene to make a move on climate change

10)                    Climate change to have double impact – study

11)                    Indian States Share Climate Change Action Plans

12)                    After the Storms, a Different Opinion On Climate Change

13)                    Public perspective ‘skewed’ on where environmental responsibility falls–skewed–on-where-environmental-responsibility-falls/

14)                    Abbott’s win seen stoking anti-carbon price sentiment elsewhere

15)                    Climate scientists’ challenge: Showing how ‘uncertainty’ is not ‘ignorance’

16)                    Battle lines forming in climate wars

  • Mary Robinson: climate change is a ‘serious issue of human rights’

  • Time for Angela Merkel to fill the climate leadership vacuum? –

  • Study identifies 10 regions to target climate adaptation funding


  • Obama officials face Congress climate change grilling

21)                    FAO Says Food Waste Harms Climate, Water, Land, and Biodiversity

22)                    Obama climate change plan gets first airing in front of House sceptics

23)                    Axing the Climate Commission splits Australians from science

24)                    Climate change is not all disaster and uncertainty

25)                    Is global warming in a hiatus?

26)                    Insight: wind farms could impact atmosphere less than previously believed

27)                    Dear Politicians, Your Reasons Against Climate Action Are Old and Irresponsible


28)                    Green Climate Fund prepares first of $US100b capital raising

29)                    Climate report struggles with temperature quirks

30)                    The Many Small Ways Americans Are Adapting to Climate Change


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