Global Warming Updates September 20-23,2012

Climate Changes Updates September 20-23



Otto and Donat Weigh in on Human Contributions to Extreme Heat


How to Solve the Climate Problem: a Step-by-Step Guide


Global warming can intensify tropical rainfall



Ending India’s Massive Power Grid Outages


Should China be involved in the UK’s nuclear energy infrastructure?


Greenland’s ‘Ice Quakes’ May Set a Record


Nunavut’s Mysterious Ancient Life Could Return by 2100 as Arctic Warms


Climate Scientists Put Predictions to the Test


Climate Change to Fuel Northern Spread of Avian Malaria



New Screening Method Identifies 1,200 Candidate Refrigerants to Combat Global Warming



Researchers Develop Rapid Method to Measure Carbon Footprints



Arctic sea ice reaches lowest extent for the year and the satellite record



America Is Only Nation Where Climate Scientists Face Organized Harassment



Satellites trace sea level change


The Global Challenge of Climate Change


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