Global Warming Updates September 23, 2013

Climate Changes Updates 23 September 2013

1.  Time to Act on Climate Change

  1. The winds of political change blow away climate bureaucracy –

3.  Climate change experts under pressure to address slowdown in global warming

4.  McKibben to Obama: Walk your talk on climate

5.  China sets out to name and shame the country’s worst polluters

6.  Climate change: IPCC cites global temperature rise over last century

7.  Pollution rule hurts coal, helps other sources

8.  Warming will worsen water scarcity

9.  Silencing Scientists

10.                    SUNDAY EDITORIAL: Damage done to our climate can’t be changed, but we can adapt and mitigate

  1. Rutgers fish surveys show effects of climate change

12.                    Africa and climate change: What’s at stake?

13.                    ‘We are all to blame for climate change’: Experts hope that the strengthening evidence will help to bolster the political will to act

14.                    Europe weighing 40 percent 2030 carbon-cutting goal: EU sources

15.                    News


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