Global Warming Updates September 25, 2013

Climate Changes Updates 25 September 2013

1)   How the Insurance Industry Is Dealing With Climate Change
2)   Leading climate change economist brands sceptics ‘irrational’

3)   What 95% certainty of warming means to scientists

4)   The IPCC Has to Move Faster to Remain Relevant

5)   The basis of our climate science is sound

6)   Lighting the way on climate change,0,2084620.story



  • World leaders release climate justice declaration in New York

  • IPCC set to issue governments with tough climate change warning –

9)   Ocean Mixing in Drake Passage Linked to Climate


10)                    UN chief invites world leaders to Climate Summit in 2014

11)                    How Many Scientists Does It Take To Write A Climate Report?

12)                    The Deep Greenland Sea Is Warming Faster Than the World Ocean

13)                    Private funds for new climate think tank to keep public informed

14)                    China’s Synthetic Gas Plants Would Be Greenhouse Giants

15)                    Global Commission launches ‘New Climate Economy’ project–New-Climate-Economy–project-/

  • World can still avoid dangerous global warming, says IPCC co-chair –

  • Stern: economists ‘responsible’ for climate policy hesitation –



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