Global Warming Updates September 26-28, 2014

Climate Changes Updates 26-28 September 2014

1.     Floods, forest fires, expanding deserts: the future has arrived

2.           Green movement embracing more radical tactics as desperation grows

3.     President’s Drive for Carbon Pricing Fails to Win at Home

4.     Another drought casualty: No chance to make key air standard

5.     A Group Shout on Climate Change

6.     Earth on track for hottest year

7.     Climate Change Threat: As Global Leaders Stall, Cities Move To Cut Emissions, Boost Efficiency

8.     Ice sheets will be melting, and raising seas, for centuries to come

9.     Birds sound the alarm on climate change

10.            EDITORIAL: Only natural for China, U.S. to lead fight against global warming

11.            Global warming to ‘cause 250,000 extra deaths a year’

12.            Capitalism vs. the Climate

13.            India sends mixed signals on climate change

14.            Getting ready for climate change — right now

  1. Why climate change policy won’t hinge on international talks

16.            The Natural Gas Boom Could Accelerate Climate Change

17.            How big business can help fight climate change: Bob McDonald

18.            FVCC receives grant from NASA for climate change research

19.            Marine biologists gather data on climate change at research hotspot

20.  Ice Research for Climate Clues Means Watching for Bears

21.  City research calls for climate change action

22.            Research Finds Clownfish Better Adapted to Climate Change



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