Global Warming Updates September 26-29, 2013

Climate Changes Updates 26-29 September 2013

1)   Scientists more convinced mankind is main cause of warming

2)   IPCC climate report: humans ‘dominant cause’ of warming


  • UN panel warns of rising temperatures, blames mankind

4)   Heat is on as costs of tackling global warming set to soar

5)   No more denial. Time to act on climate change

6)   IPCC climate report: human impact is ‘unequivocal’

7)   I don’t want UK to be at forefront of tackling climate change, says Osborne

8)   Climate change report: It’s ‘extremely likely’ that humans are responsible

9)   A climate report that gives you the chills

10)                    Antibiotic Resistance in Agricultural Environments: A Call to Action

11)                    Humans almost certainly cause global warming, scientific panel says

12)                    The 5 Most Sobering Charts from the IPCC Climate Report

13)                    Climate for change: The EPA is right to focus on new-plant emissions

14)                    UN climate report: Key findings


  • Gas boom has its own climate questions

16)                    Impact of high carbon dioxide levels in a warming world is great unknown

17)                    IPCC climate report: Scientist’s worry ahead of release

18)                    Climate scientists want urgent action

19)                    Climate pause takes a wallop as IPCC comes out swinging

20)                    Steroids May Persist Longer in the Environment Than Expected

21)                    Global warming hasn’t stopped; the climate is heating up

22)                    Scientists take plunge in bid to help understand our climate future

23)                    Nation’s economy to be hard hit in global warming struggle

24)                    What effect will the IPCC report have on UN climate negotiations?

25)                    IPCC report: human influence ‘dominant’ cause of global warming

26)                    UN climate chief: IPCC report ‘alarm clock’ moment

27)                    An Account of the Climate as Told by the Trees


  • IPCC report shows climate change is mother of all risks – PwC –


  • IPCC AR5: latest reaction from John Kerry, Christiana Figueres and Bob Watson


  • IPCC: world on course to break 2C warming limit by 2100 –



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