Global Warming Updates September 29, 2014

Climate Changes Updates 29 September 2014

1.   Willie Nelson, Neil Young lend their talents to Keystone XL fight

2.   Climate change affects Vietnam’s rice bowl

3.   Warmer Atlantic widens a tropical invader’s East Coast hunting ground                

4.   Why India Isn’t So Keen to Fight Climate Change

5.   Change in the air

6.   Beyond Treaties: A New Way of 
Framing Global Climate Action

7.   Taxes, fees: the worldwide battle between utilities and solar

8.   Northern Ireland has role to play in tackling climate change

9.   Editorial: Summit shows depth of climate change challenge

10.                                             Big Business Climate Change Movement Grows in Size and Heft

11.                     India turns to nuclear as energy crisis deepens

12.                     Scientists Trace Extreme Heat in Australia to Climate Change

13.                     California’s drought linked to greenhouse gases, climate change in Stanford study

14.                     Climate Change Has Jumped the Shark

15.                     How Climate Change Helped ISIS

16.                     Meet the New Climate Change Warrior: Your Doctor

17.                     Eric Johnson: No matter the cause, Texas must prepare for climate change

18.                     Can We Talk About Climate Change?

19.                     A new weapon in the war against Climate Change. How moderates and radicals are joining forces

20.                     Scientists see fingerprints of climate change on wild weather

21.                     Should P&C Insurers Be Afraid Of Climate Change?

22.                     Climate Change Unlikely To Have Caused 2013 Colorado Floods

23.                     Climate change is now

24.                     Climate Change Blamed for Raising Risk of Heat Waves

25.                     Human-caused climate change is influencing heat waves

26.                     Google Drops ALEC Membership Over Climate Change Views

27.                     Hedegaard: EU is still a ‘climate leader’

28.                     Three UK Conservatives talk climate change

29.                     How climate change affected the world’s weather in 2013

30.                     WWF: Wildlife populations down 50% in last 40 years

31.                     US carbon emissions from energy use increase

32.                     IEA: Solar could be largest power source by 2050

33.                     Sustainable Development Impossible without Environmental Protection: Speaker

34.                                             ArmTech Congress supports sustainable development of high tech industry in Armenia

35.                     Uruguay urges rooting new sustainable development agenda in human rights




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