Global Warming Updates September 3, 2013

Climate Change Updates September 3, 2013






Climate Changes Updates 3 September 2013

1)   Sandy’s ‘freaky’ path may be less likely in future

2)   Black Families Still More Vulnerable to Extreme Weather
Population growth increases climate fear

3)   Learn from Europe’s mistakes on environment

4)   Britain’s debate over fracking ignites popular resistance

5)   Climate at five minutes to midnight: IPCC head

6)   EU climate chief says Pacific threat shows action needed

7)   Climate change experts meet in St Lucia

8)   Climate change likely to steer away Sandy-like superstorms, study says

9)    Prehistoric climate change due to cosmic crash in Canada

10)                     Requiem … for climate change journalism

11)                     Climate change makes pests move north from the tropics – study

12)                     NZ focus at climate change talks

13)                     Europe needs Pacific allies in fight against climate change


  • IPCC chief Pachauri says climate fight “five minutes to midnight”


  • Comment: it’s time to make the UN climate talks more accessible


  • EU biofuels policy will push ‘thousands’ of Africans into poverty


  • Comment: we can’t ignore costs of loss and damage from climate change

  • UK lobbying law could stifle climate change debate



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