Global Warming Updates September 30, 2013

Climate Changes Updates 30 September 2013

1)   British plan to avert climate disaster using sun power

2)   UN Official Discusses the ‘Good News’ about Climate Change

3)   Climate change on Bali agenda

4)   Climate Change: It’s Real, and It’s Us

5)   Has the U.N. Climate Panel Now Outlived Its Usefulness?

6)   Essay: Climate change grows up

7)   Dane County budget to address climate change

8)   Water Vapor in Stratosphere Plays Role in Climate

9)   Climate Change: Fast out of the Gate, Slow to the Finish the Gate

10)                    Climate Models Show Potential 21st Century Temperature, Precipitation Changes

11)                    Climate scientist has serious message to sell us

12)                    Tesco collaborates with suppliers to cut carbon and energy use

13)                    Owen Paterson: Global warming can have a positive side–Global-warming-can-have-a-positive-side-/


  • Poland could violate law with new power plants – EU climate chief


  • What have 25 years of climate change campaigns achieved? –



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