Global Warming Updates September 30, 2014

Climate Changes Updates 30 September 2014

1.    NASA images reveal shocking scale of Aral Sea disaster

2.    Causes of California drought linked to climate change, Stanford scientists say

3.    Opinion: 10 self-destructive reasons Americans ignore climate change

4.    Cool Melbourne: whichever party wins the election, climate change is urgent

5.    Drought in California and extreme heat in Australia worsened by climate change

6.    Why Taking Immediate Action on Climate Change Is in China’s Self-Interest

7.    Lord Lawson’s charity ‘blurring fact and comment on climate change’

8.    Climate change at ground zero

9.    Climate change is driving heat waves around the world

10.           Watching Fox News Addicts Viewers And Misinforms Them On Climate Change

11.           Amid Climate Change Backlash, Even Oil Companies Are Dumping ALEC Now

12.           Obama, India premier reach agreements on climate change, other issues

13.           How Climate Change May Have Shaped Human Evolution

14.           Arctic envoy: Climate change key focus for US

15.           Love, Not Fear, Will Help Us Fix Climate Change

16.           Causes of California drought linked to climate change, Stanford scientists say

17.           Archaeologist and Lancaster native to speak at OUL about climate change research

18.           In extreme weather, more sign of human fingerprints

19.           How a fishery that was once ‘a marvel of the world’ died

20.           Growing, and Growing Vulnerable

21.           Climate change is now

22.           Climate plan faces test in Montana coal country

  1. Utilities Limit Access as Clean Energy Tests Japan’s Grid

  1. No greenwash: Investors urged to disclose climate strategy

  1. Australian and Indian businesses lead calls for greener energy

  1. Save mangroves for people, planet and the economy, says UN –

  1. The climate marathon has started: it’s time to set the pace




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