Global Warming Updates September 5, 2013

Climate Change Updates September 5, 2013






Climate Changes Updates 5 September 2013

1)   Global Warming Has Increased Risk of Record Heat

2)   Melbourne carbon-reduction plan ‘best in the world’

3)   Religious Leaders Can Be Key to Biological Diversity

4)   Protecting 17 Percent of Earth’s Land Could Save Two-Thirds of Plant Species

5)   Scientists call for overhaul of UN ‘blockbuster’ climate reports

6)   Experts get set to write the next chapter of the climate change saga

  • EU launches Euro program to help Pacific address impacts of climate change

8)   Tuvalu ready to support Marshall Islands in climate change leadership

9)   Global Warming Is A Fraud: Three More Pieces Of Evidence

10)                     Report: Climate change putting fish at risk

11)                     Flights in the Pacific Fingered as a Big Climate Culprit

12)                     Viewpoints: Do we have to choose between cheap or clean energy?

13)                     Predicting vector-borne diseases in climate change era

14)                     How Climate Change Warmed Syria Up for War

15)                     Barack Obama should practise what he preaches about climate change

16)                     Australia’s federal election just couldn’t face up to climate change

  • Scientific advice improved outcome of UN climate talks

18)                     Who should fund Australia’s adaptation to climate change?


  • Pacific leaders adopt ‘Majuro Declaration’ on climate change

  • UK commits to supporting Pacific Islands in climate fight

  • IPCC scientists call for overhaul of ‘blockbuster’ climate reports

  • Russia unlikely to deliver on climate change at G20



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