Global Warming Updates September 9, 2013

Climate Change Updates September 9, 2013





Climate Changes Updates 9 September 2013

1)   G20 countries agree to phase down potent greenhouse gas

2)   Pacific islands hope to convince world to move on climate change

3)   Small islands make big statement on climate change

4)   Man-made climate change blamed for weather disasters

5)   Over 100 women in Arusha trained on climate change

6)   Climate change dries up India tea production

7)   Oliver’s Washington visit to focus on Keystone and climate change

8)   The dangerous effects of global warming

9)   The biggest threat to the global economy? The weather

10)                    Did global warming cause the Syrian civil war?

11)                    NASA scientists link climate change with increase in wildfires

12)                    Climate change will upset vital ocean chemical cycles

13)                    Tuvalu PM calls for urgent attention on climate change issues

14)                    Will palm oil survive climate change?

15)                    Economic woes seen muting impact of latest climate warnings


  • US offers $24 million to climate vulnerable Pacific Islands


  • Poland outlines ambitions for 2013 UN climate summit


  • Direct Action: should we give Tony Abbott’s climate plan a chance?


  • Fracking will increase CO2 emissions without global climate deal

20)                    Davey: UK shale gas is compatible with climate change targets

21)                    News



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