Learn Forex Trading through Forex Mentor Pro

About Forex Mentor pro.com: founded in 2008.

We have enjoyed a 5* rating for over 10 years now on independent review sites for the quality & value of our forex mentoring which is extremely rare in the forex training world.

The goal is to teach retail traders how to become successful forex traders, but at an affordable price.

Founder Marc Walton had struggled for years like most new traders.

He had wasted a lot of money (over $10.000) on “wonder products” the vast majority of which didn’t work. After initially struggling he was finally able to crack the “forex code.” He went on to trade for a hedge fund and still runs managed accounts for private clients.

People are understandably wary with forex coaches & mentors.

A question some ask and others are too shy?

“If you are such great traders why are you teaching other people?”


Marc and Judith place an average of 2 to 3 trades a week trading from daily charts! Pierre does not place too many more on his preferred 4 hour.

Marc enters trades, wherever possible at the market open on a Sunday evening, 10 pm London time. He then walks away and generally leaves them, job done!

He started trading in 2002 but by 2008 he was getting bored! As he says

“I had never done anything in my working life for more than 5 years. Even though the money was great I wasn’t enjoying the trading. It had become a job for me.”

At that point he started teaching a few friends and started posting tips & advice on Twitter in its early days. People soon started to realise that he knew what he was talking about. A lot of requests for him to teach followed & he found that he enjoyed the experience.

Marc now has around 60.000 followers Marc Walton Twitter

Forex Mentor Pro History

To cut a long story short he created Forex Mentorpro.com. As with all of his business ventures he wanted to create the best value program that he could. Unusually for the forex field, he wanted to do it at a price that everyone can afford.

As the membership grew he realised that he needed to take on more people to help with the mentoring & support. A couple of his original students, Pierre du Plessis & Omar Eltoukhy joined him. Both were trading full time by this stage and were invited to join him in 2010.

Pierre trades from his home in South Africa and now provides daily analysis in advance for those trading his Earth & Sky trading system.

He also runs the forum where members can catch up with him every day for analysis, trading ideas, tips and advice.

In 2016 another former member turned full-time trader, Judith Waker joined the team. Judith initially struggled as a technical trader but spent a lot of time, money and effort learning more about global macro fundamentals. What is happening around the financial world that is driving currency prices.

She now teaches people how to understand WHY price is moving in a certain direction and why it will probably continue. This approach helped her change her average win per trade from 30 pips to over 300 pips! She now shares that knowledge with members.

If you would like to learn how to trade like a professional AND receive detailed daily analysis BEFORE the event then check out our 5* rated forex mentor program, RISK-FREE; by clicking on the “Click  here” Banner below

About Marc Walton

My name is Marc Walton. I am a professional forex trader & mentor. I sold my business in the Uk in 2000 & semi-retired with my wife & young kids. We emigrated and went to live in the beautiful, sunny Canary Islands where I trade from home a few hours a day.

No boss, no staff, no commute, no hassles. I earn more money now than when I employed over 20 people and all the stress that went with it.

I started to learn how to trade back in 2002. I paid over $4000 for a dvd course from a guy in the UK and thought I was on my way. It looked so easy, I was going to make tons of money working a few hours a day. 3 Years later I was on the verge of quitting. I had wasted a lot of money on “wonder systems” that did not fulfil the marketer’s promises. Even worse I had wasted 3 years of my life.

Finally, I took a break. I found a retired trader to teach me how to trade properly. Within 18 months I was trading accounts of over $1million for a fund in New York from my home in the Canary Islands and getting paid a share of the profits.

The good news is that I discovered how to trade forex properly so if you want to follow me, you will avoid most of the self-inflicted pain & financial losses that I suffered.

If you need any help with your forex trading reach out and Contact Me

About Marc Walton – Trading History

In 2008 I started to teach a few friends how to trade. I documented what I was doing and shared that with them and then started to give out tips and advice on Twitter in its early days. To cut a long story short I then created this online traders forex mentor pro program.

Since then my team and I have trained over 10.000 people from all walks of life.

Let me say from the off, learning to trade forex or trading anything for that matter is not easy. It takes time and effort. But with the right education, daily analysis & trade plans, you have a much better chance to succeed. In 2017 we added weekly live training sessions where students get to see what we are doing in real time. They can also ask the team as many questions as they wish.

This is unheard of anywhere at this price.

All members receive ongoing support & advice from real live traders. Which gives them the confidence to know that their goal IS achievable.

Former Students Now Full Time Traders & Mentors

My fellow mentors Pierre du Plessis Judith Waker originally joined as members. They then went on to become full-time traders and they now mentor others. You can follow in our footsteps and live the dream like we do. Live anywhere, financial freedom and control your own destiny all from the comfort of your home!

Starting in 2017, my wife & I started our dream of travelling for at least 2 months a year to all the exotic places we dreamed of as kids. We spent 7 weeks travelling around Australia & New Zealand and best of all I still got to earn big money from trading. All I need is a decent laptop and an internet connection.

In 2018 we visited half a dozen more countries and we are now planning a 3-month tour of the Far East

So if you are looking to improve your finances, quit the job, retire early or choose to live anywhere in the world then forex is a great vehicle to do that.

Marc Walton

If you would like to learn how to trade like a professional AND receive detailed daily analysis BEFORE the event then check out our 5* rated forex mentor program, RISK-FREE; by clicking on the “Get Started Today” Button below

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