Let’s not divide Pakistan and Pakistani nation

Forwarded as recieved-Copied from a post:
As received from Lt Gen Rizwan ex DG ISI
“Aoa .They tried To destroy Pakistan With every move but this Is The Worst ;
They tried to destroy Pakistan. They tried with terrorism. T hey could not. They tried with religious divide. They could not. They tried with economic espionage. They could not. They tried with breaking Baluchistan. They could not. They tried with ethnic divide in Karachi, they could not. They tried with flooding Afghanistan with likes of Khulbushan Yadev, they could not. They started worldwide maligning campaigns against Pakistan they could not.

Then they probably came to a conclusion that the best way to destroy a country is not through weapons but through creating a deep divide of opinions. Its like giving a gun to a child and telling him its a toy. That gun is the social media and most of us are those children firing bullets of our divided opinions. Having varied opinions is our right. Having opposing views is a learning experience. Having personal likes and beliefs is a sign of freedom but if having all of the above is only with an intention to prove the other wrong and insult them, it is neither a right nor a privilege.
It has come to such a divide that if you support the PML-N, you are considered anti-establishment. If you support the Judiciary’s decision you are considered an Army stooge. If you belong to PTI, then you must belong to a party backed by the Army and the Judiciary both. It has come to a point that it reminds me of the MOST CLEVER sentence ever uttered by a politician in the history of politics, GEORGE BUSHH “EITHER YOU are WITH US or AGAINST us”.
And the world was destroyed in the next decade after we heard that sentence. The world saw absolute destruction , chaos, mayhem, murders, terrorism, divide, polarisation, prejudice and every negative human emotion one can think of. The more you think of that sentence uttered by the President of America, the more one has an opportunity to reflect and learn from it. It was the most perfect sentence coined by a team of linguists with an absolute knowledge of human psychology. It worked. One had to choose a side. The word did and the world got destroyed.
But now we have a choice in Pakistan. We do not need to choose a side. We do not need to disrespect each other. We do not need to think that if one is a PML-N supporter then he is anti-army or judiciary and vice versa. Lets not be divided. Lets respect each other’s likes and dislikes. Lets not try to convert them into the believers of our points of views. This is THE TIME that us Pakistanis need to be united. We are being attacked and its a psychological warfare accompanied by Information Operations. The worst kind of war. Lets promise each other that we will not be divided. We will live with difference of opinions and respect those differences. Pakistan Zindabad.”

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