Guidelines for the Review Annex A

Some points that may serve as guidelines for the Reviewer:-

    • How the claim of all-pervasiveness by the Quran appears to be established by this work under review?
    • Whether an impression that the points raised by Sir James Jeans in his discussion appeared to pre-exist in the mind of the Quran is every now and then made on the mind of the reader, while reading the answers of the Quran to the points of Sir James Jeans in this work?
    • Whether at times when the answer of the Quran assumes a form of something like a dialogue, would fail to excite the genuine wonder of a knowledgeable reader?
    • Could any other book in this world besides the Holy Quran produce such a miraculous, unbelievably miraculous display of knowledge, understanding, anticipation, insight and alacrity in the field both of ancient and modern knowledge?
    • Whether the talent and ingenuity of Sir James Jeans is universally recognized as remarkable, even exceptional in the field of modern science. And as a scientist of extreme not credited with presentation of original theories in the field of science and as a writer of exceptional worth with a peculiar gift of expression of scientific mater. And whether he appears to evince a great basic knowledge of the subject of Science, its past, its present situation, its limits and limitations, and even its future probabilities, in his famous book the “Mysterious Universe” as well as these twelve pages of that book on which we have based our work.
    • Whether these twelve pages of the “Mysterious Universe” which we have quoted in this our work, would be regarded as a master-piece of analysis, expression and array of facts?
    • Whether in the light of the established facts and hypotheses of modern science, Sir James Jeans has shown remarkable discretion and sagacity in demarcating the boundaries of science and has most judiciously exposed its limits and limitations, and whether another example of this exists anywhere in the writings of the top scientific writers of this modern age?
    • Whether a link between the philosophy shown in these twelve pages of the “Mysterious Universe” and the views of the ancient Greek atomism is discerned, and also whether the Greek atomism having trespassed the boundaries of scientific inquiry has emerged as a philosophic and religious problem named by the people of the east as the western Alhad that is the western apostasy. And therefore, whether importance of such a problem could justly be under-rated, and consequently, whether the significance of the work of Sir James Jeans in this field could be serenely under-estimated, and POST HOC ERGO PROPTER HOC, whether this work of the Quran could be judiciously ignored?
    • Sir James Jeans has in these twelve pages presented a philosophy obviously opposed to not only the philosophy of the Quran but to the philosophy of the revealed religion in general, but he has in the last chapter “Into the deep waters”, of the very same book, “The Mysterious Universe” repudiated most, almost all the philosophy of the twelve pages point by point and presented views conformable to the views of the Quran. Could not this fact be regarded as an obvious victory of the Quran?

  • Does it appear in the sight of this my work that the views of the Quran if presented against the views of another philosophy in comparison, assume greater clarity, perspicacity, luster and force, just as two wrestlers excite greater interest when engaged in actual combat in comparison to the sight of their separate exercise alone.
  • Whether this work could be taken as an effective measure by the Quran against the western apostasy. And whether it would provide an instrument to raze the wall of prejudice that exists between the people of the West and the Quran, this due to the miraculously superior display of knowledge by the Quran in this age of knowledge and science. That would mean acceptance of the word of the Quran by the West, and a paving of the way of Islam, to the West.
  •   Whether the presentation of Quran on these lines has special attraction for westerners?
  • How far the author has succeeded in the selection of the signs of the Quran, with what appropriateness concerning the spirit of the basic subject.
  • Whether this is a work, first of its kind in this modern age, or what place has it in the sequence?
  • Would the reviewer please take some pains to quote a few instances of the marvelous display of the Quran in this work?
  • The work of international nature deserves attention due to it.

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