Scientific Miracle of Holy Quran in 21st Century Exposed

Gabriel’s Extinguishing the Atomic Hell Series

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Books of Allama Yousuf Gabriel Quran Predicts , Phenomenally Characterizes And Averts The Atomic Hell

Books of Allama Yousuf Gabriel Quran Predicts , Phenomenally Characterizes And Averts The Atomic Hell

The Quran Predicts , Phenomenally Characterizes and Averts The Atomic Hell

At a time unparalleled in history, humanity faces a threat of universal nuclear doomsday with an end result of total annihilation of life on earth. Being an enthusiast for global peace, with an extensive research background, Yousuf Gabriel explores the root cause of the nuclear problem. Probing deep into the realms of theology, philosophy, atomism, nuclear science, literature, and history, amid a mist of mystification regarding universal nuclear dilemma, Gabriel has tried to resolve the issue in the light of the Scriptures. He is a philanthropist who warns humanity about nuclear hell and wants to shun the two-edged sword of nuclear energy, either for war or so-called peaceful purpose.Gabriel’s Extinguishing the Atomic Hell Series serves as the key to the future destiny of this now-doomed humankind. It is a case of dwindled religion and diminished faith versus science. It is based on a miraculous prophecy, rather a warning about nuclear hell given by the Quran more than fourteen centuries ago. The prophecy has described the characteristics of the age in which atomism was supposed to appear, as well as of the people who would become the victims of nuclear fire. It has also given the remedial measures and solutions to avoid this nuclear doomsday. The whole nuclear phenomena, with all its characteristic scientific features, is described in its entirety by this prophecy of the Holy Quran. The major focus of criticism is the Philosophy of Francis Bacon, who preferred “natural philosophy” over “moral philosophy” for “man’s right of dominion over nature for the material utility.” Educate yourself about the dreadful outcome of adopting nuclear energy, whether for war or peaceful purposes. Learn how, after a prolonged use of nuclear energy, human and animal species may be converted to abhorrent monsters and chimeras. Enlighten yourself in the light of Scriptures how humanity can avoid this shameful and dreadful end.

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