Thinking Of Others

Servant thinking 1 Many folks know that with Tina losing her job last year and the fallout from being sick and such, I took a new job. You only need to look at my picture to realize this is not my first rodeo. My job puts me in touch with 60-80 new people…

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One thought on “Thinking Of Others

  1. At last!! Yay!!!! Why is this not sold anywhere, letirally one of the best songs ever written and produced? I would’ve happily bought it on Amazn. Why can you get the Instrumental version there, but not the Special Mix?! Why do they not want to make money off this?? And yes, the sound of yours is much better than the 128kbps AAC (audio portion) version on uTube (apparently also on vinyl, but not as obviously, despite being lower quality) (UMPlayer to DL). I’ll have to look on your site for some specs on your vinyl setup I’m sure you have it somewhere. I even get the thump’ of the beginning of the record :p , lol, and the static/clicks which remind me of listening to it as a teenager on vinyl. (Reminds me why I don’t miss vinyl, even with this good recording.) My dad bought the 7-inch single when it came out, which has Special Mix on the B-side, and that’s the only side I really listened to. Some guy dropped and broke it at a dance I was DJ’ing! Arghh! Why couldn’t he have broken my dad’s Heart single? For nerds, a heads-up: this MP3 has no ID3v1 tags, and only limited ID3v2 tags [add with 1by1 player [windows/freeware] or any host of players/taggers, and is is encoded at 320kbps. Steam Quiet Steam (B-side of Digging In The Dirt) is also a difficult one to get your hands on (also not sold digitally on amazun, only used, but at least that’s available on CD). I DID go as far as purchase the 7-inch vinyl version off Ebay years ago just for the B-side! (I wish he’d make a much less loud but not so polar oppositely quiet version of Steam; clearly, Quiet Steam was some kind of thought process validating the thought, hm, that studio version of Steam is too loud .)Thanks for keeping these old, neglected, and nearly forgotten tracks alive and from being lost to time altogether. In the case of these really rare tracks the rec. co’s just give you the middle finger about, it really is strongly arguably the right thing to do. I have a lot of browsing to do! Recommend local save vs stream, for posterity. RP’ing, esp w/proper tags, wouldn’t be a bad idea too.

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