Muhammad Yousaf Gabriel

            It was on 17th February 1917, the day and the month of the traditional deluge of Noah, against the fiery deluge of this present age, and the year of Lenin's revolution, that I was born in a village in Salt Range (Valley Soan Sakaser, Khoshab) a tract which now forms part of Pakistan. My first reflection of this house of trial was a pair of lofty hind legs of a camel when I was barely an infant a few months old. My mother sat in the right hand side palanquin of the camel. I in her lap, when the camel began to rise, the rope snapped and the palanquin fell and I was tossed from the lap of my mother, and fell behind the legs of the camel which had by then risen. Spectacle of the two lofty, ozymandian hind legs of the camel is still fresh in my memory. And when many years later one day I happened to mention the incident to my mother, she was visibly astonished, and said, " How you can remember,  you were barely a few months old then. You might have heard it from someone". How little did then I know, what this abnormal memory was to do with me in my life in this world. Many of reminiscence of the glimpses of Wordsworthian nature in my very early years I have still fresh in my mind. In modern kind of schooling or the school I had no interest. After a reluctant attendance in a school I left without sitting even in the Matriculation Examination. My father succumbed to the grief at the tragic incident and died in disappointment. His great hopes in me had been shattered. Alas!

In my early childhood, I saw a dream. I saw, that one of the rooms of our house was in a state of dilapidation. The roof was not there, and, about four feet of the walls stood. The debris was gathered behind the walls like a support. Presently I saw two beams of torch light playing on the northern wall of the room, and I heard then a sound of the word, "Alarum" repeated a few times, "Alarum, Alarum, Alarum" issuing from the South at a distance of about a hundred yards or so. Then I saw two horse riders on their horses approaching from the place where the sound of the word "Alarum" had issued in the south.The beams of the light that were falling on the wall actually issued from the foreheads of those two riders. And they by and by approached the dilapidated room. Without hesitation or pausing or looking this way or that way, and advancing their horses and climbing up the Eastern wall of the room and moving on the walls, and making a round on the three walls on their horses, and then climbing down the Western wall, disappeared. I, to this day remember the smallest detail of that which I had seen, though neither the significance nor the interpretation of the dream I understood till at the last stage of my mission. About fifty years later when I read the life history of Francis Bacon, I realized that he too had seen a dream in his nineteenth year. Francis Bacon the trumpeter of this modern age, when in France, had two days before the sudden and very untimely death of his father, Sir Nicholas Bacon in England seen in a dream, his father's house in England covered all over with black mortar. When the sad news of the demise of his father reached him in France, he quite naturally interpreted the dream he had seen as an omen of his father's death. His interpretation, however, was only partially correct. His unfortunate dream had a very far reaching interpretation. The untimely death of his father had changed the course of his career, that unfortunately for this mankind led him to his philosophy of atomistic materialism which today prevails in the entire world, so that this entire world may be seen now covered all over with black Baconian Mortar. About my own dream the point is, that I do not think, I, in those years of my very early childhood had either heard the word "Alarum" or could have known its meaning, though now, in the light of my mission. I have its perfect recognition as the forewarning of the particular alarum that I now raise before this world. Also I am doubtful that I at that time had ever seen either the electric torch or the beam of the electric light. The dilapidated room I think meant the destruction of this Baconian atomism, while the beam of the electric torch meant the light of faith now to prevail over this world. The room I saw in the state of dilapidation in my dream has actually been destroyed. And I have for ever left that place.

            In 1942, my 25th year I had another dream to which my first one which I have above mentioned may be linked. In the second dream which I will now mention,  I saw again two persons, but in a different prospective. It was in 1942, my 25th year, and the year in  which Enrico Fermi, the great Italian Physicist had finally succeeded in opening the gate of the atomic fire and the subsequent atomic hell through his successful realization of the fission chain reaction in Chicago, without my knowledge of either Fermi, Einstein or any such thing as the atomic energy, or the atomic physics. I saw the dream in a place called Mussayyib near Baghdad. A dream, that changed the entire course of my future life. There in my dream I saw that I was somewhere on a plane in western Iraq or Eastern Syria, of the remote, blue hills of Turkey appeared in the North as background. I saw that I stood with my face toward the north, and I beheld before me lying on a bare bedstead that was woven with some coarse material a man with his head towards the west and feet towards the east, a lean, tall, sinewy, dirty coloured, and swarthy person in supine posture with face upwards, and like a skeleton without much flesh and almost nude, tied to the bedstead with ropes. His eyes were closed, but seemed to peep upward through the minute aperture that appeared between the eyelids. He seemed to have been engrossed in some deep, remote thought, and as if in deep agony of mind. I stood looking on the figure for a while. Then I saw that I stood a little to the north, twenty to thirty yards or so. And there before my eyes, I saw a tree, my face still toward the north. The tree was neither exceptionally tall, nor was it very gigantic, and was round above the stem. The leaves of this tree resembled the leaves of the pipal tree, wide and round. On every leave sat a small parakeet of green light, all engaged in humming together in a continuous chant incomprehensible to me. The whole tree appeared to be enwrapped in radiance. I stood looking at the tree for a while, and then still further to the north, say about a hundred yards or so I saw myself, still facing toward the north standing, face to face with two men. One of them stood on my left-hand. The other stood a little to my right hand. The one standing on my left was a man of small stature of slight built, and of slightly dark complexion, and having a very lean and sharp nose, and sharp lean features of face. On his head he wore a turban of green colour like Saint Al-Khedhr, it was a turban fashioned like a cap(fez) as the one that the late grant Mufti Al-Hussaini, of Palestine used to wear, and was of green colour. His head was tilted on his right shoulder, as if unable to hold it upright due to rigorous religious exercise. But he that stood toward my right hand defied all expression. So unimaginably glorious, so superbly beautiful was he in appearance. He was of a tall and upright stature, and white radiant colour, and sturdy built. He stood upright like a tower with his eyes fixed on some very remote object towards the south, neither making a gesture, nor moving his eyelid. The hair of his head was jet black and reached the lobes of ears. And he stood without a headgear. His beard was thick jet black, and was of a moderate length. On the whole he appeared to be unimaginably unique paragon of manly beauty with apparently Persio-Iraquian features. He was taller than me, for I had to raise my eyes to look at his face. And I perceived a sense of strange awe in his presence and when I stood before him, the word Ibraheem (the Arabic counterpart of Abraham) appeared in my mind due to the resemblance that occurred between the upright stature of the word Ibraheem and the upright stature of the person that stood before me. And I thought to myself that I was a candidate for some appointment. And that the one on my left, the green turbaned one, recommended me to the one on my right. The green turbaned looked askance at the one on my right without moving his head, and appeared as if trying to know the mind of the one on my right regarding the response to his recommendation. The whole atmosphere was bathed in the flood of moonlight that no Wordsworth could imagine. I awoke with mingled feelings of great joy and great regret. Joy at the dream and regret at my awaking up from such a dream.

            In the days I saw this dream, I could read the Quran but without knowing either the meanings or the interpretation thereof. When many years later I learned the meaning and the interpretations of the Quran, I knew about a Holy one mentioned in the Quran, whom the authentic commentators of the Quran have called Al-Khedhr because he was dressed in green apparel. The Quran has released, and the Quran only, of all the scriptures, that Moses was sent by the command of God to Al-khedhr to know that particular kind of knowledge which Allah had particularly bestowed on him. Moses, however, found himself unable to learn that particular kind of knowledge. Al-Khedhr told Moses, that all he did was only by the command of Allah, even if apparently unjustifiable. The general tradition remembers Al-Khedhr as a guide to those who might have lost their way in the wilderness, and that he had drunk the water of the spring of eternity and lived for ever. Besides that I also knew in the light of the Quran that my dream was a near description of the first 18 signs of the 53rd Chapter of the Quran. That describes a scene seen by the Holy Prophet in Heaven during his night journey to the throne of God. The Quran says:-

            " By the star when it setteth, your compatriot erreth not, nor is led astray, neither speaketh from mere impulse. It is no other than a revelation revealed to him. One terrible in power taught it him, endued with wisdom With even balance stood he  in  the  highest  part  of  the  horizon:  then    came he nearer and approached, and was at the distance of two bows or even closer and he revealed to his servant what he revealed. His heart falsified not what he saw. What, will ye dispute with him as to what he saw? He had seen him also another time, near the Sidrah which marks the boundary near which the Garden of Repose when the Sidrah tree was covered with what covered  it. His eye turned not aside nor did it wander. For he saw the greatest signs of his Lord!.

                                                            (The Quran LIII-I-18).

            These are the signs of the Quran, first ones are about a vision of Gabriel by the Holy Prophet (Peace be upon him) and the subject of revelation and after that are the signs about the Sidrah tree and other great signs of Allah seen by the Holy Prophet (Peace be Upon him) during his night journey in heavens. The Sidrah tree was in the seventh heaven. On every leaf of that tree was an Angel engaged in adoration. There is the abode of Angel Gabriel and the repository of the four revealed books constantly recited there by Angels.

            After I had seen the dream  I became prepossessed by the desire of knowledge for the sake of knowledge, and from the year 1942 to this day in the year 1980 I have been engrossed in study of various branches of knowledge, and all of the highest classical order, languages, literatures, histories, philosophies, sciences and scriptures. The Quran having been the central point of my study, around which every subject revealed. All that I did without a teacher. Nine volumes in various languages, I have written of these two following may be regarded as the key to the future destiny of this mankind that now approaches its grievous doom:-

1- Quran predicts, characterizes and averts the atomic hell. English. Pages 600.

2-Quran quells atomism and redeems the mankind from the hell of atomism. English. Pages 600. Both these volumes are the interpretation of a 36 word "104th Chapter" of the            Quran by the name of Al-Homaza. This Chapter of the Quran is a miracle undeniable, and is concerned with             atomic hell.

            In the same period and the same region that is Iraq I saw two other dreams. In the first dream I found myself standing with my face toward south. Before me stood a mosque of grand structure and built with red stone. Its gate was at the eastern end of its northern wall. Before this gate I stood and the atmosphere was like dusk, and a fierce wind blew from the west and I slipped into the mosque. There I beheld in the center of the compound a solid, cubical, whitehead pulpit. In the second dream I saw myself lying on a bare bedstead in the north-east corner of a great stately hall of mud walls most exquisitely rendered and plastered all over nicely with mud. Behind my head on the northern wall I perceived without looking with eyes or moving my head the picture of crucifix.And now whether I had seen any dream or not, and whether I had learned all that knowledge without a teacher and in most adverse circumstances or not, it is the affair personally of my own. Mankind is bound to see and judge my work on the basis of science and argument, and not on any pretension or claim of divinity or divine sanction. This only is the proper course in this particular age. By whatever agency, I gained my object, is the concern exclusively of my own.  I have by the Grace of Almighty Allah done my duty, it is for the mankind now to take up the yoke, as the last attempt to avoid the grievous atomic doom. Ask not who says it. But see what has been said. All those mystic experiences, that I had, and all those mysterious portents which I have seen, and all those mysteries that were revealed to me during my lengthy and grievous ordeal, warrant a volume, and need time to write. That I have none at present. Take what I have to offer to you at this critical juncture of human history, and deprive not yourself of a guidance and light that could save you from a dreadful doom and a horrific end.