Effects of  Pakistan's nuclear bomb on

India's Nuclear Programme


Muhammad Yousaf Gabriel


          The term Islamic Bomb having assumed a general and universal notoriety throughout the world and having appeared both in the world press and publications, now appears, at least in outward appearance, to be losing its luster .But the atomic bomb having been the basic topic, it could not be safely assumed that the affair has been finished. No, but the affair will only see its end with the end of the process of the Baconian science-guided progress, the basic cause of the appearance of the atomic bomb, without any doubt or ambiguity in the flames of the atomic hell, that is the atomic bombs and the atomic radiations. The atomic bomb is only the one thing. Tagging it with various denominations makes not a whit of different to its basic function. it is a hell, and calling it by different names is only a calling. It is wrong, though to call it as Christian, Islamic, Hindu or Buddhist bomb. Let it rather be called as Baconian bomb, the common bomb. To associate its name with any religion is a blasphemy against that religion, and therefore accountable inspite of the rational, irreligious and scientific outlook of the people of this present age.  The atomic bomb is a phenomena quite peculiarly different from the rest of the phenomena. The Christian bomb will not hesitate to kill the Christians nor will the communist bomb ever spare the Communists. the Islamic, the Hindu or the Buddhist bomb could not be regarded as an exception to this rule.The atomic bomb with its sophisticated name, that is the nuclear bomb may be regarded as the common grave-digger of this mankind, and will not think of erecting tombstones on the graves of different peoples.

          Books on the topic of Islamic bomb have appeared in the world press. These books , as well  might have been expected are based on a particular design, and having a politico-journalistic, quasi-technical, and strategic approach interwoven with nuclear au statutory fabric with a tinge of plaintive hue and interlined with reproaches. The overall spectacle of these books is that of a woman accusing, altercating, bickering, hurling defiance at the adversary and expressing regret at the wrong and the folly of the other. Two books of this kind have appeared in English language, and both could be expected to deal with the same questions in the same field, and having similar approach. Even if two hundred had been produced, they would have the same pattern. Such books even if written with admirable ability, in great detail and with exquisite beauty, could excite neither appreciation in me, nor could be of much benefit from my point of view, for they do not touch the real base of the problem, and merely play about in the outer crest of the malady, while my treatment of the topic is basic, philosophic and is concerned with the fundamental points of nuclear science. And let it be remembered, that unless the basic root of this nuclear problem is held, and eradicated, no superfluous or partial treatment will be of any avail, till ultimately the last stage, of the process has arrived in the flames of the nuclear hell, to eradicate this mankind, and indeed all life on earth in actual misery, affliction and disgrace.

Of these books one is named as " Pakistan's Islamic Bomb", and is written by Maj. General D.K.Palit and P.K.S. Namboodiri jointly, both of India. It appears strange to observe that these authors regard he nuclear threat as a universal threat to all life on earth, and they negate the inefficacy of the nuclear proliferation treaty, and yet instead of tackling the problem with a view to ridding the world of this plague, they dwell at length  and exclusively on the nuclear war strategies, preparations, precautions, tactics of assault and defence besides trying to shift the blame on the other party. How deeply this world appears to have been hypnotized by the nuclear doom, may be judged from these books, whose authors, whether they themselves know it or not, may be seen as men playing with the brands snatched from the fire which is consuming their own houses. These authors appear in their seemingly capable discussions of this topic, as completely ignorant of and indifferent to the real nature of nuclear phenomenon, and its consequent hazards. How dearly its wished that they had known, no other alternative was left to this mankind but either to vanish under the hails of atomic bombs suddenly, deservedly or to perish slowly, lingeringly and deservedly under the stings of deadly radiations in misery and affliction after a spell of existence on earth as cancer-ridden chimeras.

          These are not just as alarmist views. it is not even an exaggeration of the facts nor it is in any way indulgence in hyperbolism. This mankind that today raves in mad frenzy, after the reactors and the bombs will see this process to its finish. This science- guided, continuous, systematic, ever- increasing and infinite process of wealth-accumulation will explode in nuclear flames and will consume this mankind. And certainly no heavens will ever cry, for it is not the heavens that did wrong to this mankind, but surely it is this mankind itself that has wronged itself. It appears to be in no way amiss to say that merely pruning the branches would not do, but rather the basic causes ought to be removed in order to remove the effects. And what by the way, happen to be the causes of the nuclear malady. They are the habits of slander, the engrossment in the pursuit of wealth, and the belief in the eternity of this life, and whole heart in it. Unless indeed these causes are removed, there is no power beneath this heaven and over this earth to save this world from the nuclear doom.

          The Book " Pakistan's Islamic Bomb", revolves about the Pakistan nuclear bomb, and the effects of its birth on Indian nuclear programme. the two countries being neighbors with constantly estranged mutual relations.

          The line of argument assumed by these authors to prove the necessity and the subsequent birth of the Pakistan's nuclear bomb is this, that  because Israel has the nuclear bomb, and Arabs have not, the Arabs will want to have one. Further because the Arabs have the necessary money but Pakistan have not. And because the Pakistan have the necessary talent for building a nuclear bomb which the Arabs have not, the Arabs will want Pakistan to build a nuclear bomb for the Arabs. and because the Pakistanis and not the Arabs will build the nuclear bomb, it is natural that it is the Pakistanis that will be in command of the bomb built by them for the Arabs. But what is really worrying to these authors is the point that Pakistanis will retain some nuclear bombs for India, being their close adversary. India will thus be obliged to counter-act for safety and integrity and will be dragged reluctantly into the nuclear war preparations.

Suggesting the necessities of options to India against the prospective birth of Pakistani bomb, the authors of Pakistan's Islamic bomb, write:-

          "Clearly it was to Pakistan's advantage to obtain approval--- and the funds----for an " Islamic bomb" by projecting the Arab-Israel conflict and the advantages to be gained by injecting an Arab Nuclear argument into that confrontation. It is also clear that once Pakistan has acquired minimum nuclear armory, It will switch the focus of its strategic thrust from the Israel to the Indian conflict, whatever the Arabs might say. And when that happens, an agreement on the nuclear free zone or a joint declaration would be of no help to Indian security. India will therefore have to rely on more credible options".

          (Pakistan's Islamic Bomb page 137)

They suggest options to India as follows:-

(i)      Going Nuclear explicitly, following Pakistani test, and to make representations for it ahead of the event.

(ii)    Expanding its conventional forces, both offensive and defense, to deter Pakistan's nuclear threat with a conventional threat of deep thrusts and long scale occupation of territory.

(iii)   Using a strategy of uncertainty based on a declared policy of no-weapons but to continue further nuclear tests ( including thermonuclear ones) and to accelerate missile development ; and

(iv)    Using a strategy of uncertainty based on a declared policy of no-weapons but at the same time preparing a sufficient number of nuclear weapons with the last wires unconnected".

          (The Pakistan's Islamic Bomb page 146)

The authors further explain the implications of these four options. they write:-

          " All the four strategies have their casts in political and economic terms. The first strategy would mean India giving up its " ideological" struggle for nuclear disarmament, perhaps, by adopting this strategy, India would be able to ensure its own security and even gain in political stature in a world dominated by the nuclear cult, but it would mean a major set-back for the humanitarian  aim of striving for a denuclearized world. The second strategy would be valid only for a limited period of time, that is , till Pakistan builds up a reasonable stock-pile. It would also be a very costly alternative. The third strategy would call for a reversal of the Prime Minster's personal commitment ( which is not the Government's policy) not to have any more test explsoions. The fourth strategy is perhaps the cheapest and the best, and an adversary would expect this of India. The most dangerous scenario for India will be a policy of drift, that is, to adopt an apparently moralistic stand without debate or deep consideration. This would have us to be caught in a state of physical and emotional unpreaparedness, which could only lead to a trauma far worse than that we experienced in 1962.

          (The Pakistan's Islamic Bomb page 146-7)

          Now the thoughts like ensuring the national security through nuclear preparation, or over-running and occupying the hostile nuclear territories by means of overwhelmingly superior convention forces, or keeping nuclear weapons with Last wires unconnected could hardly match the sentiments like the denuclearization of the world. Such thoughts could be likened to the mutual massacre of the inmates of a ship on fire. Inmates cutting each other's throats and crying peace. What it is wondered would have been the views of Late Mahatma Gandhi, the Reputed Saint of Ahansa on the point..Poor Mahatama might perhaps had writhed in anguish and washed his hands off the doomed humanity in dismay. The cause of general blindness of mankind could have most easily been imputed to mankind's general ignorance of the subject of atomic energy and its dreadful, but unavoidable hazards, had not the most learned in his subject been found the blindest of all in their enthusiasm for the atomic energy, and atomic weapons.The ignorance therefore could be reckoned as one of the causes at most, the actual causes eprhaps lay soemwhere else, unknown to this mankind.

          The inefficacy of the nn-prolfieation treaty and subsequent spread of nculear weapons was a factor quite sufficient to expsoe thereality to anyone, but th authors of " Paksitan's islamci bomb" do not apepar to find the cue inspite of the fact thatthey knew the inefficacy of the N.P.T. They write:-

          " Ours is an attempt to presetn to the peple of India the real sgifinificance of the term of the so-called N.P.T. How they serve not only to legitiamte prlfieration among the nucelar powers ( vertical prolfieation) but also to proivide loopholes for selctive clandestine prolfieration to countires like Israel and South AFrica, while withdolding the benefits ofthe ncuelar industry from the ncuelra unamred nations".

          (Paksitan's islamic Bomb intor. page vii)

Nuclear Powers are the criminals of the first drder for having built the things like the atomci werapons, but to what use the Isarel and the South Africa have put theri nculear technolgoy other than building he atomci wrapons? The fact that the nuclear powrs themselves should restrain others only from having the ncuelar powr is a a fact in itself which goes a longway to expose the moral situation of an age in which we now live, and to expose the realtiy of the ncuelar probabilties in the course oftime. The authors of " Paksitan's Islamic Bomb" themselves reveal the morality of the cultists of fnucelar weapons. They write:-

          " This book is an attempt to clear the miasma of delbierate misifnoramtion and misconceptions built up over the last thrity-four years by the cultists of nuclear weapons. It is a rebuttal ofthe conventional wisdom on ncuelar proliferation and the folk-lore develoed by thebards of nuclear weapons nationsand theri allies in various peace movemtns andarms control lobbies. Our purpsoe here is to exposethe myth0-makers and to demolish the myth">

          (The pakstian's islamic Bobm Introduciton P.vi)

But alas the pleadged iconclast himself inwardly apears to be a devotedworshiper ofthe idol which he declarestobreak to pieces. And the nuclear myth-breaker is seen to ahve been entangled in the mythg himslef. Complaining ofthe inefficacy of the non-prolfierationtreaty these authrss say:-

          " The general impression is that the non-prolfieration mvoemtn, ending with the non-proiferation movemtn, endingwith the non-prolfieration treaty which signed by 103 nations, aimed specifically at preventing thespreado f ncuelar weapons. It is learned that prolfieration in fact is taking place freely in the world.As one of the first countries to voice concern on this issue and to sponsor proposals for non-prolfieration treaty, Idnia has bbeen in the fore-front of the emovemtn to control the spread of, andfinally abolish, nculearweapons. And yetthe concern that expressed in genral terms atthe U.N.has now arirved at our own dor-steps".

          (The Paksitan's islamci Bomb. page 64)

It is not sufficientto express cocnern and making propsoals in the case of nculear problem. Here the temptation ahve to be withodood, storms braved and sacrifices made. The nuclear cocnern will not remain only at thedoor-step of nations, but it wil lactually entre the house and ransack it competlely. It is a universal intruder well invited.

          The necessity of the hour for the people of India according to the authors of Paksitan's Islamci bomb was to turn hawks. They wh o stood behind moral legal values and did on this baiss opoe atomic bomb were doves. Theauthros say:-

          " Nuclear problems have been debated in India for a number ofeyars now,........Then there wre the "Doves" of thiis country, a mix intellecuals, businessmand and a number of faceless people in the governemnt. Their linewas to hide behind AD HOC moral legal values that aseldom bore relevance to the point at issue butseemed to gain support form various ill-informed sources forthis anti bombstnad".

          ( The pakstian's Islamic Bomb page 91-92)

          It may be remarked that not differentiation could be made betwene doves andbhawks in the evetn ofatomci bomb explosion. It is said, that not the presence fo mind, butteh absence of mind it is, that is neeeded at the moemnt of the explsoion of the atomci bomb. Those devoid of mroal elgal values will not farebetterthan the votaries of mroal legal values when the moment arrived. Hwo these authros will, is not known.

          The authors of "Pakstian's islamci bomb" basing their faith itheefficacy of nculeardeterrence describethe nature ofthe ncuelar daiglogue that emanates fromthe mtual deterrence oftwo nuclear powrs. They say:-

          " The nuclear dialogue issuch that it at once divides and unites thetwo nuclear antagonists because ofthe realization that a nuclear war betweenthem would beso devastating as to make surival of eithernation asa viable society ad doubtful issue".

          ( Paksitan's Islamic Bomb. pages 113)

No doubt the theory of mutual deterrence is a time -honured theory. It has no parituclar or exclsuive origi in the ncuelaraffair but it could well be appleid tostick, knife or pistol.But the point which deserves note is that why there  is apprehension of the danger of nuclear war between the ncuelar powrs, after they are all equally posessed of nuclear deterrrence? It is the factor of ncuelar arms race that supersedes the factor of nuclear detrrence. To stop thearm race betweenth powrs is something which apepars aswell nigh an improbaiblity. If then this mankind cherishes a desire to avoid thefinal nuclear holocaust which indeed is something terible beyond imagiatnion, it has to look somwehre else in order to find themethod of eliminating the dreadful danger. Peeople will have to elarn to look at the affiar from adifferent angle altogehter. it is not posisble to extract, the fangs of this nculear serpent. There is no way there but to kill it, for no antidote exists for the ncuelar venom.But how to kill this eara adder? It has conditions. the destructio of the causes of itsapeprance only coudl ensure its death. To expect peace and survial in the presence of aotmci bomb is a hope only of the damned and the doomed.

          The difficulty with those that deal with the nuclear problem is thatthey asee the thing in its presnt prespective when only a few pwoers in the world havethe atomci weapons, and but a few reactors are thre in theworld. They fial to preep into the future, in the age of full-fledge  atoci energy when most coutnries will ahve aotmic weapons, ad when a far greater number of reactors will be functioning throroughout theowrld.And althugh they try to estiamte the number of reactors in future, they fiail to picutre a world in whch every thingfrom a pwor hose to a privatecar will ahve its own independent-reactor, and this earth will apepar enwarapped in a maze of shooting stars that is the radiations of exploding reactors. If they would work up their imagination so far, they would cease to talk of deterrences and dialgoues and monoplies, and do but weep and gnash their treeth in agony, if they can.

          Inspite of theirfirm faith in nculear deterrence the authors of  " Paksitan's islamic bomb" discuss the necesisity of the success         of the first ncuelar batle. They say:-

          " But in the case of nculear weapons if we depend upon expreience to evolve a new doctirne, we might find that at thefirstbattle it is arleady too late. It is the first battle that will ahveto besuccessfully fought according to an effective (even if therettical )doctrine".

          ( Paksitan's Islamic bomb -page 120)

If this be the case, then sturely both the nuclear antagonist pwoers will sleep on lvie embers for fear of nculear tttack.And in orderto gain the precedence and exploit the chancewill try to neglectthe princppe ofdeclaring thewar on the enemy. That will idneed bea lfie not worth living andaworld not worth living in.

          The authors of the " Paksitan's isalmci Bomb" say:-

          " Ours is nota schoalrly work, buta presentation ofthe realtieis underlying one of the most crucial issues governing thesruvival ofamnkind".

          (The Paksitan's Islamci Bobm page viii. Intorduciton).

          Eviently these authros know that the nculear issue is one of the msot crucial issues and they knowthat it governs thesurival of mankind. But unfrotuantely the reality is that the ncuelar issue does not govern th survial ofa mankind.And And this is theangle of observation which makees all the differnece.What these authors, and almost the entiere community of authors in those days believe in thatthe atomci war could bestoped. And if it starts, it could besurvived. And also that theatomci war could becontrolled and confined to certain regions.But the actual object in theireyes is the use ofatomci-eenrgy-for-peace . They arethevictims of ilusions and optimisms.

          The influence of retribution has blinded this mankind.And it is dueto thisblindnessthat they fail toseeteglaring realities so dredfully grim, so terirbly grieovus as the efects of atomci bomband the atomci radiations, andthe imposibility of proteciton aginst them.They arethe victims of a conceit peculair only to those doomed.They seethe dwarfish unarmed an against thefiery giant atumbubm in the arena, and hope the man to win.Theirdiscussions of the nculear stretegies arethe discussions of a plan of unviersal nuclar suicide and nothignelse. is any defencepossible against the nculear bomb? Is it posible to furnish all the idndividuals residing intheneighbouring distircsts of reacotr with any means whatsoever of protection against the radiatons of the leaking andthe epxldoign reactors that could flood the neighbouring districtswith deadly radiations? Is there any sure cure for radiaton sickness, or is there any in sight? Could the mtuated genes, mutateted by radiations, bedetected ordestroyed? Or could anythign bedone afterthe mutated genes ahvave manfiested their existence in the form of abnromal chmeras? Or is the permissible dose of raddiation certainly coorect? Nay butverily this amnkidis determiend to throw itself int othe flames of blazing atomci hell, the nuclear jehannah, well merited, wel planned.

          The emergence of the term Islamci bomb has caused an alarm in the owrld at large.Waht will they do when therewill in thsis world be Naga bombs, mezu bombws, hara bobms, kari bobms, when every terrorist gangwill ahve its own stock-pile of portableatomci devices.Andwhen every Nomad will ahve his nuclear armoury in hsi tent.But that will nto be a life of humand beigns, but a lfie of jinns, indeed msirable ones.

          And certainly these majestic momnuments of seciences that apepar so strong, so durable, could vanish in a matter of moments in the event of aotmci war as if by amgic wand.Or they may be left as the memorials of an extinct species, as aresutl of the devastation caused by the RAdiations dof theatomic-energy-for-peace. fActs indeed bitter. Yet facts verifiable scitnifcally.