This world at present is caught up in a strange situation, indeed in a stormy situation. If a community would decide to desist from taking part in the race of scientific progress, it would soon either die and disintegrate through modern want, or it would sooner fall a prey to some other power advanced in scientific technology, and made a slave, on the other hand if it would strive in the field of scientific progress as is the case today without an exception throughout the world, the struggle evidently must lead straight into the atomic hell along with all other nations that are taking part in the race.


There could not be but two alternatives, namely, the destruction through atomic bombs or through radiations of the atomic-energy-for-peace.Thus this world can today be most vividly seen encompassed by the atomic fire, and none but a doomed race will have no time to pause and look, and will have no knowledge, thereof to know, and find itself helpless to get out of the enclosure of this fire of the atomic hell. How this mad and helpless world could be saved from the atomic war or from the deadly radiations of the atomic-energy-for-peace is a proposition that would stun every pretender of wisdom of all the history of this world, and none of all the greatest names in the realm of philosophy would hesitate a moment to confess their unutterable confusion and bewilderment. Some of them might, however, be able to behold the inexorable doom, whipping the present mankind mercilessly onto the blazing atomic hell without allowing them to pause, or to see to the right or to see to the left or behind. They are being driven towards the atomic shambles like a herd of miserable victims.