His philosophical insight seems to have been impaired to an extent that he is completely failing to draw logical inferences and make logical conclusions in the light of the social, mental and economic sate of the world circumstances and he particular tendencies of the present mankind. It is painful to observe that the scientist has been rendered a mere mechanical instrument of discovery, a mere tool of  scientific invention.




This world may any moment be subjected to a hail of atomic bombs and destroyed in a matter of days, hours, even minutes inspite of all the futile efforts on the part of mankind to put a ban on the atomic war. The course of atomic energy for peace may not prove nay the less hazardous. Rather the possibility is that in the long run the so-called atomic energy for peace may prove equally if note more destructive and more devastating than the hail of atomic bombs, inspite of all the wishful thinking on the part of these responsible for the adoption of the atomic energy today or tomorrow..




Perhaps no pen on earth could describe, and no imagination could truly portray the life of humanity, surrounded by atomic plants, and plagued by atomic radiations in the future age of full-fledged atomic-energy -for –peace, A race of wretched monsters and haggard apparitions, dreading their own shadows and mistaking their own cry for a smile and a smile for a cry. Thinking themselves as smiling by crying,and taking themselves as crying but actually smiling..



Muslims! I remind you of the saying of the Holy Prophet (Peace be Upon him). He said : "Muslims ! I entertain no apprehension that you will fall to idol worship, but what I fear for you is that you might fall into the love of this world". This saying of the Prophet needs most urgent consideration of the Muslims of today in the light of their present love of this world. The other saying of the Holy Prophet of Allah that needs to be considered today in all seriousness is that in which the Prophet said" Poverty is my pride". .




Global Peace Mission