It was on 17th February 1917, the day and the month of the traditional deluge of Noah, against the fiery deluge of this present age, and the year of Lenin's revolution, that I was born in a village in Salt Range (Valley Soan Sakaser, Khoshab) a tract which now forms part of Pakistan. My first reflection of this house of trial was a pair of lofty hind legs of a camel when I was barely an infant a few months old. My mother sat in the right hand side palanquin of the camel. I in her lap, when the camel began to rise, the rope snapped and the palanquin fell and I was tossed from the lap of my mother, and fell behind the legs of the camel which had by then risen.




The scientist is an honest fellow. Honest and Sincere. Sincere and sympathetic and deserving the heart-felt gratitude of entire mankind for risking his health and life in his endeavour to render atomic energy safe for utility. His views might be erroneous. His hopes might prove false. Yet his right to gratitude could not be denied him. This case of atomic energy has involved him in a situation most perilous and has thrown on him a responsibility that is heavier than death itself. The consequences of his endeavour in the field of atomic energy might place him in a situation so unpleasant, so irksome, even abominable as may hardly show a precedent in history. He is not all praises for atomic energy.


(7)Effects of  Pakistan's nuclear bomb on

India's Nuclear Programme.


The term Islamic Bomb having  assumed a general and universal notoriety throughout the world and having appeared both in the world press and publications, now appears, at least in outward appearance, to be losing its luster .But the atomic bomb having been the basic topic, it could not be safely assumed that the affair has been finished. No, but the affair will only see its end with the end of the process of the Baconian science-guided progress, the basic cause of the appearance of the atomic bomb, without any doubt or ambiguity in the flames of the atomic hell, that is the atomic bombs and the atomic radiations. The atomic bomb is only the one thing. Tagging it with various denominations makes not a whit of different to its basic function. it is a hell, and calling it by different names is only a calling. It is wrong, though to call it as Christian, Islamic, Hindu or Buddhist bomb. Let it rather be called as Baconian bomb, the common bomb.




          This world at present is caught up in a strange situation, indeed in a stormy situation. If a community would decide to desist from taking part in the race of scientific progress, it would soon either die and disintegrate through modern want, or it would sooner fall a prey to some other power advanced in scientific technology, and made a slave, on the other hand if it would strive in the field of scientific progress as is the case today without an exception throughout the world, the struggle evidently must lead straight into the atomic hell along with all other nations that are taking part in the race. There could not be but two alternatives, namely, the destruction through atomic bombs or through radiations of the atomic-energy-for-peace.Thus this world can today be most vividly seen encompassed by the atomic fire, and none but a doomed race will have no time to pause and look, and will have no knowledge, thereof to know, and find itself helpless to get out of the enclosure of this fire of the atomic hell.


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