(9)Either Progress or Religion?


          The entire world today follows Bacon’s philosophy of modern atomism that is man’s dominion over nature as his right through continued, systematic Research of science. For the material benefit of mankind in general, as man’s purpose on earth, and as God’s commands to Adam. Moral philosophy according to Bacon is man’s persistence in Adam’s first transgression of God’s command in testing the fruits of forbidden tree of the knowledge of good and evil. This philosophy is directly antithetic to revealed religion. Moral philosophy and not natural philosophy for material benefit is the basis of revealed religion. Therefore either the philosophy of revealed religion or this philosophy of Bacon. The two cannot coexist.





Operation Alert June 15, 1955 the first  US Nation-wide civil defense exercise based on mock attack using nuclear weapons says “It was assumed that 60 cities were struck by 61 bombs varying in size from a nominal bomb to a 5 megaton bomb. The warning time (that is the advance information of the attack allowed was about three hours. Based on the Data collected by the bomb damage assessment group of the federal civil defense administration , it was estimated that at the end of the first day of the attack more than 8 million people would have been killed, and another eight millions would have died a few week later. About a quarter of the deaths would have been caused by Radio-active fallout. It was also estimated that the attack would have damaged more than 11 million dwelling units and rendered about 25 million people homeless. In New York alone a 5 megaton bomb (surface burst) would have killed about 3 million people (38 percent of the population) and injured another 23 percent. Of every 8 New Yorkers about 3 were estimated killed and two injured.




Something unbelievable but in fact a truth is that the Quran has prophesied about the atomic hell. This is a prophecy that is a miracle in the field of atomic science and philosophy of modern atomism, and is a miracle undeniable either by the scientist or the philosopher. This 36 word prophecy has taken me 3000 pages to interpret it in decades at a stretch and it is an irrefutable proof of Quran's divine original, and is like Noah's ark in this fiery deluge of atomism being the sole means to escape this painful atomic end of mankind. The Quran has exposed the reality of this Baconian progress and its logical end,that is the atomic hell in a way that no atomic scientist and no philosopher including Russell hitherto has done. I miss Russell, nd I miss Einstein and I miss Sir James Jeans, as the judges and critics.




The Gospel has used the term Anti-Christ, and no doubt the Baconian philosophy is an exact antithesis to not only the teachings of Christ but every revealed religion of God. But the term used by the Gospel is simple. The Prophet of Islam (peace be upon him) has a prophecy about Anti-Christ and he has named the Anti-Christ as Massih-id-Dajjal, that is a lying, swindling, simulating Christ, to mean that he will appear in the garb and guise of Christ, yet he will be opposed to Christ. This is very interesting as well as instructive. But remember, I say not to you that this is the same Massih-id-Dajjal as was predicted by the Holy Prophet of Islam. But I can not desist from telling, that this Baconian culture has the characteristics so deceptively Anti-religious as well as so manifestly destructive that in itself it deserves its destruction by this mankind if this mankind has to be saved.



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