I found the warning about the atom bomb in the Quran, and now, it has become a duty incumbent on me, as my faith implies, to make it known to the whole vast mankind. My duty however is to tell only, and then it remains for them to do as they would deem fit. Whether to a hell ablaze, themselves, and along with them their children, in order to be roasted alive, one and all, in a world of cancer-ridden monsters, or by avoiding the hell, that is the atomic hell, on to the path of peace and safety, to their ultimate destination. How little did the atomists know, when engaged in the study of Nuclear Energy, what they were doing?





The bliss of science has turned into a curse, because the element of faith has been discarded and science has become a prey to certain untoward philosophies, if the word philosophy could rightly be applied to them. And if humanity persists in playing the simple ostrich and nothing is done to restore faith to its proper place; and faith in God and resurrection is not re-established in human mind, and if wealth is not deposed from the usurped godhead to its proper place that of a sheer necessity; and science is not diverted towards correct channels; and nuclear energy is not banished, then let all the tape recorders be kept in readiness to record the outcry of harassed mankind, like the outcry of the enraged Northumberland in Shakespeare's king Henry the VIth.




The world today is thirsty for peace and contentment amidst this maddening uproar and heart-breaking drudgery of Godless materialism. Mankind today pines for long-lost faith in this immoral and unspiritual age, and they now yearn after a world in which science and religion may exist side by side in perfect reconcilement. They find themselves unable to disown science and they feel in their mind a sense of emptiness due to the absence of faith. They cannot relinquish science, without the risk of uprooting the whole economic structure of the world, and they cannot now long renounce faith, for science has been long misused due merely to the absence of the element of faith. Unfortunately science and religion have been kept at loggerheads since the birth of modern science and modern civilization. Their reconcilement therefore seems now a matter of much difficulty. It might be difficult, yet it is not at all impossible, provided certain conditions are fulfilled, namely, that, science and religion, wealth and God, body and soul, matter and mind, this world and the next world, are allotted the places due to them in an atmosphere of faith, faith in God, the day of judgment and the life in heaven, and under complete sovereignty of the Creator. 



            Atomic hell that is atomic bombs and atomic radiations, is the scientific and logical consequence of modern atomism as the retribution for slander, pursuit of wealth and a belief in the eternity of riches. We will discuss the problem point by point:-




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