The atomic bomb explosion assumes the form of an invertee cauldron that covers an area of miles. Its radioactive fallout forms yet another enclosure around the first and covers still larger areas. The fallout of  the megaton thermonuclear bomb forms a global enclosure that covers the entire earth. No doubt conventional bomb too may be seen to cover an area, yet the atomic bomb holds an incomparatively superior place in comparison.





It is not easy to predict the course and outcome of radiation treatment. No treatment for radiation sickness has been found and no sing are as yet in sight for such a discovery. Nothing has been found to detect or destroy the mutated genes. No real cure for cancer has yet been found. Cancer Cells are only destroyed by radiation, and it is not the cure that is accomplished. The most obvious effect on cell is death, yet it is far from easy to define even this drastic change for the individual cell.


No complete explanation can be given for the paradox that although the pathological changes from whole body irradiation are diffused and ill-defined, yet death occurs with remarkable regularity .This is a sort of a mystery which of all the various kinds of poisons is a peculiarly distinctive characteristic of atomic radiation. Nor even the symptoms of accute radiation sickness can tell much about the cause of death, though they can be summarized..


(23)Atomic fire leaps up over the hearts.

Ronald Knox was concerned over the indeterminate behaviour of the Radio-active atom that could explode any moment at random and would thus affect the established attitude of the trends of philosophy. This indeterminateness, however, is a particular characteristic of this atomic age. At random it is that the atomic war may start, we are, however, interested in the above quoted passage of Ronald Knox for the use of the phrase, "the heart of things"..




Now mark the hope and the intention of this great scientist, and see his expectation of the possibility of a weapon, a million times more destructive than the conventional bombs. A bomb million times more powerful than the conventional bomb is the ideal of a member of a community (the scientist community), which is acclaimed as the benefactor community of mankind. Mark also the uncertainty of the expression of this greatest of scientist, and mark in comparison the unfaltering and decisive mode of expression of the prophecy of the Quran. Again observe that Einstein at the time of his writing his letter to the President of America was himself quite in the dark about the ruinous hazards of Radio-activity that were to be incident on atomic energy.



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