When the Hell-bomb  produced


Muhammad Yousaf Gabriel



      The first Soviet atomic that is ordinary fission (like the Hiroshima bomb) explosion took place in August, 1949. It was first announced on September 23, 1949, by President Trueman, that US Government had incontrovertible proof that the Russians had detonated a fission device. The US Government immediately decided to go on in for the thremo-nuclear bomb (the so called H or Super bomb). And on January 31-1950, Trueman directed the atomic energy commission (with David Lilienthal as Chairman), and its general advisory committee (with Robert Openheimer as Chairman), where opinions on the speed and scale of the efforts to go on into the Super had been sharply divided. The conscience of the scientists was perhaps put to severe test. After having seen the catastrophes in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, even the considerations of the national defence could with some difficulty  induce some scientists to produce yet another even more terrific atomic bomb than the Hiroshima pattern. Conscience after all smites and its stings may be painful. Yet there was another consideration. Namely, that producing more powerful atomic bombs was no remedy for the great wrong which had been done already by the production of Nuclear Weapons. The production of a more powerful atomic bomb no doubt meant to bring even greater destruction on their own people, for, a greater bomb would be retaliated by yet a greater bomb. The plea of national defence however superseded every other consideration, and a very brilliant and indeed very enthusiastic atomist by the name of Edward Teller,


 successfully experimented thermonuclear device at Marshal Islands on Ist November 1952, and while the science of destruction advanced by many leaps and many bounds, the earth sighed at so signal an achievement. On November 1-1952, the U.S.A. first tested at Marshal Islands in the Pacific Ocean the thermonuclear device (MIKE); Russia followed the suit. The first Soviet thermonuclear explosion took place in August, 1953. The U.S.A. set off a powerful Thermo nuclear explosion at BIKINI ATOLL on March 1-1954. The energy of the explosion being equivalent to about 15 megatons of TNT. In November 1955, the Russians had a thermonuclear explosion abut as powerful as the U.S.A test of March, 1954. Britain, France, China, India and Israel came in the wake like the legendary, "all the five cavaliers from Delhi, and one after another displayed the unique trick of setting off nuclear bonfire and joined the big ones of Atomic Powers. Necessity expelled the mercy from the hearts of men, and none would like to stay behind, forgetting the fact that  how many hungry bellies could be fed, how many naked bodies could be clothed, how many sick could receive treatment, how many tearful eyes could be turned into smiles and how many distressed families could be saved from ruin by that money which was spent on a single atomic bomb to destroy them.