No one safe from the radiological hazard


Muhammad Yousaf Gabriel

      It was during the March 1954 test explosion at BIKINI ATOLL in Pacific ocean that a really grim fact dawned on the atomic powers to their horror, namely that the Atomic bomb was a very treacherous slave. It could also rebound towards its own master who had unleashed it on his foe, and thus bring about the ruin of both, may even other neutral peoples all over the globe. It so happened that a Japanese fishing boat with a crew of 23 was lying at a distance of 90 miles from the testing site. The misfortune of this "Fortunate Dragon" that was the name of this boat, appeared in the form of a powdery fallout of the explosion and began to settle on it to announce to the world that the thermonuclear bomb constituted a serious radiological hazard for every one who lived on earth. The frightened crew of the boat rushed towards Japan, and sailing a distance of 2,000 miles in about 13 days reached the port, all sick with radiation. There the Radio-Operator died after a few months, but the rest were saved eventually. It was however, proved beyond any doubt that no one should deem himself safe from the radiological hazard of nuclear energy all over the globe. The news about the potential hazard of Radio-active fallout from thermonuclear weapons burst out of deep secrecy. Twenty three Japanese fishermen announced to the world the first fateful news about the lurking catastrophe that lay in wait for all of us. All the official secrecy proved inept, and the inscrutable Providence of God, decided otherwise. And when the secret come out, through the wrong channels, the shock to the world opinion rivaled the blast of the Hydrogen  Bomb itself. Though the world opinion soon slumbered again, on the bed of rosy problems of these days, to wait the real shock that of the real atomic-war. Nothing short of that could possibly have alarmed them.


      We bring the chapter to an end with a question, that is, do you want this civilization to remain or do you want it to go? Is there no sensible man among you to inform you about the dangers of nuclear power, or do you know, but overlook the hazard intentionally, as if you are tired of existence, pray die if you want to, but do not die a death which would prove a Darwin to be in the right in his surmise of your origin. And then a monkey have an occasion to say to his mate, "what a contemptible species among the monkeys these humans, that even don't have a tail and still call themselves a race of monkeys".