Once the gate of atomism was opened, the atoms forced out the invisible thought of the immaterial beings and sheer atomism attained complete sway and there are reasons for it far too conspicuous. Anything which could not lend itself to atomic explanation was discarded as unreal and therefore undesirable, because unluckily it was so desired. The ancient atomists too just as their inner wish had so desired had held the atoms to be eternal, and nothing to exist that was not an assemblage of atoms, except the void in which the atoms moved. We find ourselves quite at a loss to understand as to, how the whole world of mind was left out of sight to such intellects  as Democritus and some of his followers possessed, except for a doubtful notion, that these atomists had gone into atoms to that sublimity that they thought even the thought itself to be constructed of atoms of an extremely subtle nature in assemblages of different patterns, but again their avowed atheism and their notion of the absence of design negates our view. We should therefore search the reasons of their views in some other field.




Christianity had become the state religion of the Roman Empire. By fifth century every trace of opposition from any other school of thought had completely vanished. In seventh century when the darkness of the dark age of the West was on its increase, the Quran, in the first decade of that dark century, produced the prophecy about atomic bomb in a country which had to its credit nothing but ages of darkness as long as the memory of historian could take his thought back into its history. A prophecy which was to remain dormant for more than thirteen centuries awaiting its fulfillment. A prophecy at which no human intelligence could venture with utmost surety even a day before the first December 1942, the day before Fermi, the Italian scientist achieved the first successful Fission Chain Reaction in Chicago.


(83)Historic letter of Einstein to President Roosevelt of America

Another plan at Oak ridge produced uranium 235 employing the principle of electromagnetic separation. The designing of a workable atom bomb was entrusted to the New Los Alamos Laboratory (New Mexico) working under the leadership of Openheimer. Three bombs were produced by the Middle of 1945. One made of Plutonium was tested on the ground at the Alamogordo sands on July 16, 1945. The other two were dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki on August 6 and 9, 1945. Fermi who had achieved first fission chain reaction successfully, failed to achieve a protection against the deleterious reaction of radiations he had played with, and soon succumbed to radiation sickness and left this world to exchange sorrow with the victims of Hiroshima in Heaven.



(84)Hiroshima-Nagasaki tragedy

The explosion because of the very high temperature produced, emitted intense heat radiation causing fatal burns (and almost instantaneous deaths, due to the intense heat and shock of the heat-flash) to exposed persons within about three quarters of a mile of ground zero. Though in general, most of the Japanese atom bomb casualties were due to the combined effects of burns and mechanical injuries, it is estimated that about 60 percent of the deaths (and at least 75 % of all casualties) were due to burning (heat flash and fires), about 20%  due to physical injuries from falling structures and flying debris (as a result of blast damage) and 20% due to other causes including Nuclear Radiation.


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