It might be argued in this respect, that Islam will succeed in creating an atmosphere of Good will and no war. And the possibility of war and atomic war will be annihilated. And that the scientists will by and by achieve a control over the hazards of atomic hell. What I am obliged to say in this respect is that no hope could be as false or more absurd than these. The misfortune of this mankind is that most people are ignorant of the subject of atomic science.And also that they consider science as powerful and as wise as God himself. They do not know that the world of science is stuck up in atomic phenomenon. Man finds himself utterly helpless in this field. Atomic bombs and reactors look like things very imposing. But the actual thing is to achieve control over radiations and to discover sure cure for radiation sickness.





Who would need a Socrate to tell him of the fire of discontent which is raging in every heart today both in the East and the West. Nor is it very difficult for anyone to understand that the causes of this heart-burning, discontent and frustration in our age are exactly those that are responsible for the emergence of atomic bomb, namely complete materialistic engrossment in the world, accumulation of wealth in an age of checkbooks, computations and the science of statistics, w



A world-shaking and seismic revolution is necessary to uproot this Baconian philosophy and shake away its logical end, that is the atomic hell which is now about to consume this entire mankind in a painful manner. A man who utters such words may well be regarded by this world as one with something wrong with his mind.Though the fact is that all the four thousand million people, that now inhabit this earth without any doubt have a deranged mind and are possessed by the Baconian devil. No less than a burning atomic hell itself is there the authority to attest this very unfortunate observation, nor can; I recommend them a


:(124)The heat-flash.

 The heat-flash, that is the initial radiation which appears on detonation of the atomic bomb, with a dazzle brighter than that of the sun, and traveling with the speed of light, that is 186,000 miles per second, and lasting for about two seconds, strikes the exposed persons within its effective range, and burns their skins to dark or brown, killing within a zone (near the site of detonation) instantaneously, and leaving those outside this zone, with painful burns of various degrees. Now we know that persons, who have got their skins burnt in some accident, do not essentially die on the spot. They may be saved by proper treatment.



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