Imperceptible complexity and inexpressible horror. A horror which we the  unfortunate inhabitants of this age were doomed to experience. However that which we have hitherto seen of this hellish monstrosity in Hiroshima and Nagasaki is but a negligible fraction, while the real blazing hell of the Atomic bombs is still farther away, but fast approaching. The atom bombs hitherto dropped on human habitations have merely been toy bombs in comparison with the giants which lately have been developed in this civilized age.



(146)Weapons's race



 Blame neither a nation nor any individual for the appearance of this odious doom, the atomic bomb but rather curse that particular set up, which through natural causes eventually brought about the inevitable.This resultant form of a lengthy, logical process, this all-consuming and unrelenting conflagration of atomic giants.O, how amiable, how sophisticated a name, yet so rude in action, so savage in dead,  an apt retribution for so soft spoken a generation, soft spoken but for removed from pity, mercy, lenity, or pathos.Seemingly dulcet but actually morose as if dipped into act of danse-macabre.Will this mankind listen,. 


(147)Extinguishing the Atomic Hell Series

I started writing my “extinguishing the atomic hell series” in 1972. The series was complete in 1982 in fourteen volumes. My views from the beginning were final. The consideration throughout was the truth. The optimism of the Scientist about the atomic future since 1972 has gradually dwindled, while the anxiety of the masses about the atomic hazards has increased. Yet the scientist is still far behind me in picturing the nuclear hazards. He can as yet only see the sun screened by the cloud of dust in the event of atomic war, and the northern region of the world frozen with cold, whereas the state of this world in future due to the radiation hazards in the era of full-fledged atomic-energy-for-peace all over the world is still hidden from his view. . .



No sure cure for radiation injury has hitherto been discovered and none as yet insight. Judging from the difficulty of the matter due to the occurrence of radiation reactions in sub-atomic and generally beyond mans vision regions of matter, and the difficulty of bringing the sub-atomic structure of atoms disrupted by the reactions of radiations back to their original arrangement, the discovery of a sure cure for radiation injury might seem a matter to promise very dubious success. The genetic effects of radiation as is well known


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