Islamic Bomb and what is the Islamic Bomb? Is it the atomic bomb which is the symbol of misery and destruction?Miseries that no Milton and No Bunyan could have a heart to describe. In short is it the atomic bomb that certain powers in the world today possess and style themselves as Super Powers? No. Indeed not. The Islamic Bomb is not a nuclear bomb. It is a bomb of logic and reason that annihilates the entire possibility of atomic war and saves the world from the miseries of atomic hell, both of this present world as well as of the next eternal world. It is a miracle that the Quran should treat the subject of atomism and atomic science, and warn against the atomic ,




Now the phrase Messiah-id-dajjal means a lying, simulating glutting Christ, who pretends to be the Messiah, but is false. We will now treat the topic of messiah-id-dajjal in the light of the description of the prodigy as is given by the Holy Prophet of Islam peace be upon him, I say not to you that this Baconian culture is that very same Messiah-id-Dajjal as was prophesied by the prophet, but what I will show in that it has al those characteristics most easily and clearly observably by any one. What, however, I insists on saying is that this Baconian philosophy and this Baconian progress and this Baconian culture deserves to be opposed by the believers, and needs its eradication as a noxious weed, or, if it is not eradicated in time, it surely will destroy



(151)The effects of Jesus’s spiritualism and Bacon’s materialismOn the present world

Of  Jesus was a light as shining as of the truth. It appeared and it dazzled and it left a dazzling reflection in the eye of mankind to the day of judgement. Jesus was the harbinger of pure spiritualism, and was a destroyer of materialism. Bacon in seventeenth century arose as the champion of materialism and as an antithesis to Jesus Christ. Of all the false prophets who simulated Jesus, Bacon has been one most successful. His philosophy gained universal acceptance, and was very deceptive. It promised a paradise on earth, and after a few glimpses of bliss, it has turned this earth into a hell, and is now ready to be consumed by the atomic hell, the logical consequence of Bacon’s philosophy of modern atomism...



The scientist is an honest fellow. Honest and sincere. Sincere and sympathetic and deserving the heart-felt gratitude to entire mankind for risking his health and life in his endeavour to render atomic energy safe for utility. His views might be erroneous. His hopes might prove false. But his right to gratitude could not be denied him. This case of atomic energy has involved him in a situation most perilous and has thrown on him irresponsibility that is heavier than death itself. The consequences of his endeavour in the field of atomic energy might place him in a situation so unpleasant, so irksome, even abominable as may hardly show a precedent in history. He is not all praises for atomic energy. We know. In the heart of hearts he seems to be well aware of the extreme precariousness of the situation. But he is in a fix. He finds himself on the horns of a dilemma. His inner urge to render atomic energy safe for use is irresistible...


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