The authors of " Pakistan's Islamic bomb" ( Mr. Steve Weissman and Mr. Herbert Krosney) in their book express their satisfaction at the destruction of the Iraqi reactor oserak. They applaud it as, " the resounding direct approach to its solution". They are mistaken, if all the atomic reactors and atomic weapons in the world are destroyed, they will again grow like the fruit in the season. Until the root of the trouble is not cut, no action will be of any avail. The treaties of Non-proliferation, the theories of deterrence, the ideas of No-first-strike will evaporate. Not only the Treaty of Non-proliferation of atomic bombs will fail and atomic weapons will spread, but also all other appendages of this Bconian




It is high time now, that this world judge and weigh the facilities of this Baconian progress, against the miseries of  its offsprings, the atomic bombs and atomic radiations, and decide the matter once for all, for the margin now left is too narrow. Only if a whiff of the nuclear miseries and atomic afflictions is felt by this mankind, they would curse and stampede away shrieking in fright like the Hiroshima's in heaven at the sight of Enrich Fermi, Robbert Oppenheimer. But unfortunately, men, from the groom to the sovereign, are all as ignorant of the nuclear science, as any of the



 How to escape the atomic doom? The philosophers of this modern age have failed to expose the real cause of the trouble. Their view has been limited to the quarrels and production. The study of this Baconian modern atomism reveals, that it is a culture of science-guided process, systematic, ever-increasing, continuous and infinite progress, which is a means of wealth accumulation appearing as if this process will continue forever. Thus engrossment in wealth accumulation and a notion of the eternity of this process of wealth accumulation are the manifest characteristics of this particular culture. A study of the subject from Galileo's astronomy through Darwin's biology to Einstein's




The Quran has twice claimed in most explicit terms to contain all knowledge that concerned humanity. And has challenged the world to produce a chapter like it, when I was asked that Quran was not the book of science, it was only the book of religion. How therefore, the treatment of the subjects like atomic science, the atomic bombs and atomic radiations could be expected in a book religion. To which my answer  was  that the Quran is a book of a religion but a  perfect and complete religion answering every thing that was concerned with  humanity. If the destruction of the habitations of Sodom and Gomorrah received a mention in the Quran, while these habitations were no more than a negligible part of a modern city, how then the mention of a destroyer which would not leave so much as a blade of grass unburnt from one


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