The term Islamic Bomb having assumed a general and universal notoriety throughout the world and having appeared both in the world press and publications, now appears, at least in outward appearance, to be losing its luster. But the atomic bomb having been the basic topic, it could not be safely assumed that the affair has been finished. No, but the affair will only see its end with the end of the process of the Baconian science - guided progress, (the basic cause of the appearance of the atomic bomb), without any doubt or ambiguity, in the flames of the atomic hell, that is the atomic bombs and the atomic radiations.




About seven years after the publication of ‘PAKISTAN’S ISLAMIC BOMB’ by Maj. Gen. D.K.Palit and P.K.S. Namboodiri, both of India, an article “Bharat and American Bomb", appeared in Indian Express Delhi in 1987, that deserves to be considered just after the discussion of “Pakistan’s Islamic bomb”, because we can thus see the difference in thought that has occurred, and the deterioration in the state of nuclear mania that has appeared within these six or seven years.





Many a man in human history has had to tell a very thrilling story of the hardships of a struggle in quest of knowledge, and indeed the most difficult is the task of the acquirement of the knowledge itself. But mine appears to be the strangest and indeed very painful. My aversion to the exertion for knowledge despite the unique excellence of my mind and memory is a fact which deserves notice. Mine has been a life of no thrilling events, but rather a life of constant heart-burning. And although it has been a lengthy, continuous tale of heart-breaking afflictions, there is



Indians writers regard the nuclear threat as a universal threat to all life on earth, and negate the efficacy of the Nuclear Non-proliferation Treaty, and although they discuss at length the nuclear war strategies, preparations, precautions, tactics of nuclear assault and defense, yet it clearly appears that a sense of regret and the factor of exigency and helplessness constantly pervades their mind. Dr.Ashoke Kapur, an Indian by birth and a Professor of Political Science in the Waterloo University of Canada, wants India to go head-long into the nuclear armament, without so much as a mention of the nuclear hazards, not only in reference to Indo-Pak nuclear conflict but in the international perceptive without any fear of atomic war,



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