So unfathomably deep-rooted so universally all-pervasive, so bewitchingly deceptive is this present world-wide cancerous malady of Baconian atomismistic materialism, that man's mind reels before the very thought of it. yet the challenge is the only, inevitable necessity, for, no alternative now is left for man other than either to challenge this all-powerful manner by the doom. Yet, how painstakingly and how innocently everyone in this world, utterly ignorant or entirely unmindful of the dire hazards of this inexpressibly bewitching progress, is engrossed in it day in day out to the end of one's life.




(102)India and nuclear bomb

Dear sir ,Some Indian writers regard the nuclear threat as a universal threat to all life on earth, and negate the efficiency of the nuclear-non-proliferation-treaty, and although discuss at length the nuclear war strategies, preparations, precautions, tactics of nuclear assault and defence, yet it clearly appears that a sense of regret and the factor of exigency and helplessness constantly pervades their mind Whereas some writers and politicians want India to go head-long into the nuclear armament, without so much as a mention of the nuclear hazards, not only in reference to Indo-Pak-nuclear-conflict but in the international perspective, without any fear of atomic war, because the atomic weapons are made not to use them but rather as a show of power and a means of political infleunce.The They appear to win the Indo-Pak Nuclear Waterloo as well as the Waterloo of International Politics with one dire yell,



Not all the people of India will be in favour of nuclear armaments, there are millions opposed to it. General Duhra is an appreciably conspicuous example. Yet they are called as doves. Their misfortune is that the hawks will have the sway, and ultimately when the brave hawks will be roasted alive in the nuclear fire, the poor, soft-hearted doves will experience the same fate.




Nothing could be farther from truth than the allegation that America patronized the Pakistani bomb. India may or may not gain the political influence on the dint of atomic stock-piles, but the nuclear India will surely subject itself to ruinous atomic hazards and will have its share in throwing the world peace in jeopardy, Indian Atomic Bombs would destroy the Non-nuclear Pakistan, but the atomic radiations could destroy a part of Indian population and could make life miserable in the remaining part. While in the case .



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