(105)Our nuclear problems?

          Books on the topic of Islamic bomb have appeared in the world press. These books, as well might have been expected are based on a particular design, and having a politico-journalistic, quasi-technical, and strategic approach interwoven with nuclear statutory fabric wit a a tinge of plaintive hue and interlined with reproaches. The overall spectacle of these books is that of a woman accusing, altercating, bickering, hurling defiance at the adversary and expressing regret at the wrong and the folly of the other.Two books of this kind have appeared in English language, and both could be expected to deal with the same questions in the same field, and having similar appraoch.





The fire of discontent, frustration and anxiety, which today is furiously raging in every heart without exception, throughout the whole vast world. This fire, although it has in every age, area and epoch, postered and tormented poor human heart, yet in this particular, modern age of atomism, due partly to the peculiar set up of this exclusively materialistic age, and partly due to the absence of faith and moral and spiritual values, it has assumed alarming proportions.



No amount of wishful thinking could avail anything in this most crucial of all the matters, this most excoriating of all the problems, and the most catastrophic of all the calamities. The period of wishful thinking is long past. And the disease is inherent in the very nature of the problem. The system of this Baconian culture is the essence of samario-antichristic bane appearing in the form of this science-guided, economico-industrial set up, that would admit of no remedy except death. "Hell trembled at the Hideous name, and sighed



 It is most interesting astonishing and absorbing topic of  a universal nature and one of most momentous import, but in so brief an article I would no more be able than to give a bare skeleton, and hardly even all the basic features. I on my own part have no reason to doubt that the topic will be most welcomed very where the humanity exists. Quran says " Woe to every backbiter , defamer, who amasseth wealth (of this world) and arrangeth it(against the future). He thinketh that his wealth will render him immortal. Nay, for verily, he will be cast into Al-Hotama. And what Al-Hotama is? It is fire of Allah enkindled which leaps up onto the hearts. It is a (fire) closed in on them in outstretched columns" (Quran 104-Civ-Al-Homaza)


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