Bacon's design was the attainment of man's dominion over nature through systematic research of science for material advantage of mankind in general, as the actual business of man on earth, and as the express and exclusive command of God to Adam. Moral philosophy according to Bacon, having been forbidden as man's persistence in the first transgression of Adam, that of eating the fruit of the forbidden tree of the knowledge of good and evil. This had been a peculiar kind of philosophy and therefore has peculiar kind of effects. No doubt men today do not know the philosophy of Bacon except a few,




The schools of modern knowledge in the east could be seen as the workshops of devil as against he schools of religious education. The students of modern knowledge have only one end in view, that is the certificates, or knowledge merely for obtaining employment and being able to make a living or accumulating the wealth. The schools of religion produce the students, sober, gentle, God-fearing and respectful. Science being itself blind of spiritual, supernatural and miraculous, and the entire philosophy of Bacon being the source of materialistic views, the mind of man of this age has followed the suit and has denied or has at least depreciated the idea of spiritual,



The state of mankind has now reached a spot where the general effect of Baconian philosophy can be observed vividly. Alas, a race of human beings, engrossed in the pursuit of material progress panting and perspiring and ever scared of the Goblin of poverty, can be seen like so many clouds of Baconian locusts, of various hues, devouring, destroying, and wasting whatever came in their way. And having devoured up all that existed in the planes, jungles, oceans, deserts, hills and mountains, now move toward the source of nuclear energy to be sprayed over by the nuclear germicide to find extinction, despite the noisome fumes of the flaming nuclear hell. All ties, fatherly, brothers, motherly,




This earth no doubt never was meant to be an abode of unmixed bliss, or complete joy, no matter what the system, what the civilization, what the religion. This earth is a house for man's trial, and is thus the house of sufferings and afflictions. But far grievous is the state of mankind in the Baconian age. People caught up in the universal economico-industrial set-up,and being broiled in the Baconian furnace, still the victims of misunderstandings, consider this age as a great age of great possibilities, not realizing the loss of both the worlds.


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