Muhammad Yousaf Gabriel

            How to avert then and avoid this painful atomic doom is the question. Slander,  wealth-accumulation and a belief in the eternity of this modern progress of wealth-accumulation are the factors given out by the Quran as the basic cause of the appearance of the atomic hell, and evidently it is by the neutralization of  these factors, that their effect, that is the fire of atomic hell could be neutralized. And because the mechanical naturalization of the atomic bombs and radiations, appears to be an improbability, the only alternative is to adopt the method offered by the Quran. And thus it is in the light of these facts that are given out by the Quran that the following may be formulated:-


SWE X MC2     (NH) T     D     (NH)   E 


            SWE stands for slander, wealth accumulation, and a belief in the eternity of the process of wealth increase. MC2 no doubt is Einstenian Mass into Speed of light. (NH) T is the resulting transient nuclear hell of this transient world. D of course is the bridge of death to cross onto the next eternal world. (NH)E is the eternal nuclear hell (Hotama) of the next eternal world. CPH is there to cancel out and neutralize the causes of the appearance of the atomic hell. CPH stands for charity, poverty, humility. Charity is there to counteract slander. Poverty to counteract greed of wealth and zeal in wealth accumulation. Humility counteracts pride in wealth and belief in the eternity of this world and its riches. The disappearance of greed and zeal in wealth accumulation will dispense with the necessity of deadly atomic energy and progress. Belief in the transience of this life and the eternity of the next life will help the process of the disintegration of this science-guided industrio-economic system till this world is rid of it to avoid its unutterably grievous results. Hard indeed even to think, but no other alternative left for man.

            And have you observed the continuance of the atomic hell after man's death to the next eternal world in the formula of neutralization given above? Well this is the essence of the entire theme. But for this fact I perhaps might have quailed before the dreadful ordeal that I had to undergo during my lengthy struggle in this subject. If the case of the atomic hell had ended with this transient life, the case could not have been regarded as so grievous despite its unspeakable grievousness. But alas ! The theme moves further into the next world, there into the eternal flames of the eternal hell of Hotama, because the causes of the punishment in the eternal Hotama as given out by the Quran are precisely the same as may be seen in the appearance of this transient atomic hell of this transient world. There is a possibility for some people to escape the effects of this transient atomic hell, just as there is a possibility for some generations to escape the hazards of the atomic phenomenon, but who will escape the decree in the next world. The avoidance of the Hotama of the next world is thus linked with the avoidance of this transient hell of this present world. And the thought of eternal punishment in the flames of the Hotamic hell of the next world is frightful.And in the end allow me to say that this prophecy of the Quran is a miracle undeniable even by the science itself. Who could know these things fourteen centuries in the past and what Plato or Aristotle there was to estimate the appearance of atomic bombs from the philosophy of atomism? Herein is thus a most irrefutable proof of the divine original of the Quran. This prophecy of the Quran is Noah's ark in this universal deluge of atomic  fire and is like the Rod of Moses to devour up the serpents of magicians. No movement against this atomic threat could be conducted except by adopting the lines provided by this prophecy of the Quran. Nor is there any possibility of perfect revival of effective promulgation of any religion without adopting the light shed by it. How dearly I wish meetings with the nuclear scientists to place the case before them and the philosophers of atomism all over the world. What universal metamorphosis do I descry in this world, and a revolution with what difficulties for me. God be my support. In him do I trust as His servant and slave to eternity.