Atomic hell that is atomic bombs and atomic radiations is the scientific and logical consequence of modern atomism as the retribution for slander, pursuit of wealth and a belief in the eternity of riches. We will discuss the problem point by point:-

1.         Baconian Philosophy:-

            Dominion over the forces of nature through continuous, systematic and infinite research of science for material well-being of mankind in general as man's actual destiny was Bacon's philosophy of modern atomism. The pursuit of natural philosophy was according to Bacon the command of God to Adam, whereas the pursuit of moral philosophy was prohibited. The pursuit of moral philosophy was according to Bacon the repetition of Adam's transgression in eating the fruit of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. Man therefore in an impious attempt taken to the pursuit of moral philosophy in order to give himself the law. Evidently this is a philosophy directly antithetic to the philosophy of revealed religion. Baconís philosophy appears to be an attempt at preparing a paradise on earth in lieu of the paradise from which Adam was expelled, and Bacon's role obviously is the role of the Devil. That which the devil had done to Adam in paradise, Bacon did to Adam's posterity on this earth. Both promised dominion and knowledge. Neither Bacon's name, nor his philosophy is now known, yet his philosophy has surpassed every other philosophy in prevalence. Baconís philosophy prevails over the entire earth.

2.         Baconian Progress:

            This modern progress is the result of Bacon's philosophy. Whether the name and the philosophy of Bacon is known to anyone or not, the entire world in fact today follows Bacon's philosophy by adopting this modern progress. This modern progress is the Baconian progress. It is a complete process with peculiar and particular characteristics, based on the principles of Bacon's philosophy of modern atomism, it is continuous, organized, systematic, ever-increasing and infinite. So also is this modern science, continuous, organized, systematic, ever-increasing and infinite. Now because this progress is ever-increasing, therefore occupying gradually, more and more of man's mind and time, it will gradually expel the thought of the other world from the mind and time of man. And because it is infinite, it will ultimately completely expel the thought of the other world from man's mind. This gradual transition is not something which could be missed by anyone. But religion obviously is based on the thought of the other world. And because it is so, religion stands in constant danger from this progress. Religion stands therefore uncompromisingly at loggerheads with it, and indeed that religion only can allow this modern progress which is willing to sign the warrants of its own exile and death. This argument may not appear so very convincing in itself, but it is supported with another quite silencing, namely the logical and scientific end of this modern progress, namely the atomic hell, that is the atomic bombs and the atomic radiations.

            Now let us see this progress itself. The whole world today believes that this progress will continue for-ever, eternally. This notion is based on fallacy, utter open, vivid fallacy. Fallacy of the doomed. This world is limited. This universe is limited. Manís view, power, everything is limited. Therefore this progress also is limited. This view is not in line with your optimism. But it is a fact. After having conquered steam and electricity, man now is stuck up in atomic phenomenon. This fiery giant atumbumb will consume this dwarfish man. No alternative now is left to this mankind other than either to be destroyed by the hails of       atomic bombs deservedly, or to perish in a lingering miserable death under the radiations of atomic-energy-for-peace, also deservedly. This mankind is now helplessly caught in the universal net of this industrio-economic set up, and obliged to adopt the atomic energy due to the exhaustion of every other source of energy in order to carry on the industrial set up. The presence of full-fledged atomic energy means either the atomic war, or radiational destruction or both. Consider the end of Russels' anti-atomic movement, or Einstein's appeal to forget quarrels, and his warning of total annihilation of life on earth.

            And know that there is no defence against the atomic bomb. Nor is there any protection against the atomic radiation. See sense in the fact that it is not possible to furnish every individual human being among the masses with means of protection against atomic radiation, while the reactors must leak and explode to inundate the neighbouring district with radiation. And the crux of the matter is that there is no control over radiation, and there is no sure cure for radiation-sickness, nor is there any in sight. Man in this respect is utterly helpless. Long-term genetic effects of radiation are surely to change the future generations of this mankind into miserable, cancer- ridden chimeras and nothing could be done. Mutated genes could neither be detected, nor destroyed. They secretly are transmitted from generation to generation, till they manifest their existence in abnormal birth. That abnormality is inheritable. That is monsters beget like monsters. These monstrosities increase in kind and number through marriage, till a large population is involved. That will be a real atomic hell. Atomic bombs and reactors will render this earth as uninhabitable for millions of years. A question may now be asked, namely that," is it in accordance with the rules of methodology of science to give atomic energy in service to man before having control over radiation or rendering it innocuous? It clearly appears that no such control shall ever be had inspite of all wishful thinking and all an optimism. Let men imagine the state of affairs in those times when the atomic energy will be the universal vogue of this world: when from a ship to the car everything will have its own reactor. Then this earth will be a huge hospital of a cancer-ridden humanity.

            Followers of religion in this age are one and all under the impression, that their religion is not opposed to this modern progress. This they deduce from the fact that their religion encourages the contemplation of the works of God, and they infer that this science-guided progress is a kind of the contemplation of the works of God. This is their misunderstanding. They fail to differentiate between contemplating and devouring the works of God. The objects of the contemplation accord of the works of God according to the Quran are utterly different from the object of this Baconian contemplation of the works of God. Also, the fact of complete engrossment in the pursuit of wealth is disregarded. But false notions cannot take the place of facts. Their religion will not be able to save them from the painful atomic doom. Will then it will be said, that religion did not save them? No the truth rather will be that they had gone on that way against the dictates of religion. They had adopted the path which in the sight of religion was a path forbidden.

3.         Antichristic features of the Baconian culture.

            How it  is to be wondered, the followers of Christ could come to a compromise with this modern Baconian progress and this Baconian science, while both these could be clearly seen to have every feature of that antichrist which was minutely described by the Holy Prophet of Islam, peace be upon him. I say not that it is that very antichrist. But what I cannot desist from saying is, that destroy it, before it has destroyed this world fight it out therefore and eradicate it.

4.         Quran predicts and treats this philosophy of modern atomism:

            This Baconian culture of modern atomism is a culture of slander and propaganda. Atomism itself is a slander against the doctrines of revealed religion. And it is the culture of complete engrossment in wealth-accumulation. And the notion of the people about this process of wealth-accumulation is of eternity through successive stages of this progress. The whole attention of this age is on this life on earth. The Quran has described all this, and has inferred from these characteristics the appearance of atomic hell, that is the atomic bombs and radiations and has portrayed the atomic bomb explosion. And because the Quran has given the causes of the appearance of atomic bomb, the danger may be averted by the removal of the causes. The Quran says" Woe to every back-biter, defamer, who amasseth the wealth (of this world) and arrangeth it (against the future). He thinketh that his wealth will render him immortal. Nay, for verily he will be cast into Al-hotama. And what could teach thee what al-hotama is? It is fire of Allah kindled, which leaps up onto the hearts. It is a fire closed in on them in outstretched columns"( Quran-104-Al-homaza).

            Now these sixty two words contain the complete treatment of this modern age of atomism. The philosophy of modern atomism is described while the atomic phenomenon is characterizes, and the atomic bomb explosion is portrayed therein. No Russel and No Einstein could achieve such a feat. It is a miracle undeniable by the scientist, though science denies miracles. It is the sole guidance to avoid the atomic hell. Indeed it is Noah's ark for this deluge of atomic fire. And by the grace of God it is my own discovery. None has known it anywhere in the world.


Allama Muhammad Yousaf Garbriel

Gabriel House Idara Ufqar e Gabriel Quaid e Azam Street Nawababad Wah Cantt Taxila District Rawalpindi Pakistan.