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A Google search of the word ‘Colorado’ reveals a list of websites ranging from the website of the Government of Colorado to the websites of various educational institutions and universities. Among the diverse tourism websites mentioned, the one that catches your eye is A click on the link fills your screen with beautiful ice capped peaks of Colorado. A brief overview of the website further assures the browser that he is at the right web link. The website offers exhaustive information about the State which is vaguely situated in Central USA.

The name Colorado traces its genesis to Spanish’ color red. The Centennial State or Colorful Colorado, as it is commonly called, has Denver as its capital.

Colorado is essentially famous for its winter sports, but it seems to cater to everyone’s hobbies. Fishing, skiing, rafting, rock climbing, camping, hiking, museums, historic sites – you find it all here. Apart from its scenic beauty Colorado has much more to offer.

The state has numerous mountains, the highest peak being Mt. Elbert. It is also the home of the Rocky Mountains. Mountaineering becomes especially delightful during spring season when wild flowers are in full bloom. There is also a Colorado Mountain Club which is dedicated solely to the mountain activities. Colorado also has 8000 miles of rivers, offering water activities all over the state. As a result the first water garden society in the world has been founded here. The scenic beauty of Colorado is enhanced by the fact that water is virtually present everywhere. The best way to appreciate this beauty is through camping and horse riding.

Leaving out the adventurers, Colorado offers a lot to the historians and the philosophers. There is a Colorado Shakespeare Festival organized annually in which hundreds of people gather together to produce the various Shakespeare classics. Dotted with ghost towns and mining sites, the state has enough history available to satisfy everyone’s intellectual appetite. Other attractions include the Colorado Brewer’s Festivals and numerous happening casinos.

If one is on a holiday with the entire family, he may visit the Butterfly Pavilion and Insect Center which is an artificial shelter of numerous insects like centipedes and beautiful butterflies. Other venues can be the Cave of Winds in which one can see the stalactite and stalagmite formation, Colorado Gators which homes alligators, Krabloonik – a kennel of sled dogs and Rock Canyon Water Slide which is a mini water park.. Tiny Town and Railroad are especially liked by children. Started in 1915, this children attraction includes 100 of miniature buildings which includes a toy store, a bank and a church. An open steam train gives a tour of this Tiny Town.

Shopping is the ultimate activity which completes a holiday. And so we have Denver and Aspen the shopping hubs of Colorado. While both are known for its antiques, there are other avenues to indulge in as well.
Colorado is also saturated with boarding houses and lodges, each famous for its own experiences. Accommodation is available of every cost, class and style. The Cottonwood Cove ranch is a cozy niche that offers a variety of outdoor activities and is good for fishing. Snowmass Village is a world class ski resort which offers plenty of summer activities as well. Another unique experience is the Vista Verde which is set in wilderness.
With all these activities to do teamed with a comfortable stay, Colorado is the decisive destination where you should head to.


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Mansi gupta writes about colorado travel topics.

Written by: Mansi gupta

(42)Contract Cleaners - Travel To Expand.

The vast majority of Contract Cleaning Companies are small 'one-man band' outfits that provide basic cleaning to a limited number of clients within a relatively restricted area. This is fine unless you want to make real money and continue growing and expanding. If you restrict yourself to a small locality and operate alone then you have a limited number of potential customers. If you want to be out the front of the competition and challenging the big players in the cleaning business then you must be prepared to widen your horizons.

Much of your competition will be these small cleaning companies who because they have limited overheads will be able to undercut you. However by careful marketing you can put yourself ahead of these and get yourself recognised before them. How to market yourself successfully has been covered in previous articles. Having beaten off the competition by your carefully planned marketing strategy you will still restrict your growth potential if you do not widen your area of coverage.

A planned well managed expansion is difficult to achieve within the cleaning business. Once you start to advertise your services outside of your immediate area you have no idea what the response will be and the golden rule is to never turn down work because that potential customer will never ever return to you if you do turn them away. Consequently you must accept most of the work that comes in and worry about how you might manage it once you have got it.

In the initial period of expansion out of your area there will obviously be a great deal of travelling and extra work and you will imagine that there are just not enough hours in the day to cope with all the work you have taken on. If you are determined to achieve then you will and once you have a few contracts established in another locality you can always employ others to look after them. It is only that initial hurdle that you must overcome. Having done it in one or two places you can then continue to expand as far as your vision will take you. This is the one big problem with franchising because as a franchisee you cannot expand outside of your designated area so you will always be restricted. Think big, act big and you will make big things happen. Think small, be restrictive and small things will happen and you will never escape from this 'smallness'.

About the author:

David Andrew Smith runs a successful contract cleaning company that operates throughout the UK

Written by: David Andrew Smith

(43)Convergence in Mobile Devices Drives Travel Technology Adoption and Innovation.

Convergence in Mobile Devices Drives Travel Technology Adoption and Innovation

Consumer Electronics Evolve to Meet Needs for Portability and Relevant Real-Time Information for Travelers

As consumer behavior has evolved into a mobile lifestyle, the face of consumer electronics has shifted. Adapting to a wireless world has led the industry to innovations that cater to the needs for compact and portable products, but also to the convergence of multiple technologies to address society's on-the-go demands. Access to relevant and mobile real-time information and transportability has impacted the evolution of design and the degree of product appropriateness, benefiting today's traveler in business and in leisure.

Norman L. Rose, President of Travel Tech Consulting and Analyst for Phocuswright, a travel research firm explains, "The new world of the always-connected mobile traveler is arriving faster than the industry can adapt. New applications such as location based services (LBS) will become a key differentiator for the frequent traveler and should be considered enhancements to existing customer service initiatives. We are moving away from the view of mobile technology as the next "cool" thing to an understanding that wireless communication is an essential part of the new travel process."

Real-Time Information and Communication: Global Positioning Systems (GPS) has become a feature in demand by travelers that through recent innovations has become a mainstream reality. Jim Schwabe, General Manager of Accessories for Palm (NASDAQ: PALM) explains, "One of the biggest changes that has happened in the past couple of years is the ability to implement formally complex solutions like GPS on a handheld or smartphone. We offer a GPS kit for our Treo smartphones that gives you all the maps of the United States and Canada, and turns your phone or handheld into a complete navigation solution. What is driving the success at this point is that it has reached critical mass in a more easy to use solution. The most important aspect is the ease of use for the person who needs to get from place to place."

Taking the need for real-time information further, Palm also offers a software application Traffic for Treo™ smartphones that utilizes the road sensors and shows the speed that the traffic is moving on the major highways. "You can bookmark regular intersections and this will tell you how fast traffic is flowing and it also reports all incidents, collisions and construction along roads," describes Schwabe.

Focused on improving the ease-of-use and reliability of GPS is Garmin International's (NASDAQ: GRMN) nüvi product, which provides users with a new highly sensitive GPS receiver that is capable of picking up a signal in areas where they may be obstructions such as tree coverage or skyscrapers, with an assortment of additional travel features. The nüvi also combines their turn-by-turn, voice-prompted GPS offering with a real-time traffic interface, language translator, travel books, MP3 player, an audio book player, a photo viewer and a National GEO-coded coupon book. Driving the popularity of this device is not only the functionality, but also the desirable size of the product as Jessica Myers, Senior Media Relations Specialist for Garmin explains, "The nüvi's size is one of the many reasons consumers find it appealing. It's comparable to a deck of cards -- very compact and easy to carry."

AskMeNow (OTCBB: OWHC) looks to answer the needs of the traveler for on-the-go information by enabling subscribers to simply call or text message any question from a mobile telephone or handheld device to receive the information requested in moments. Basic questions are answered for free, while free form AskMeAnything questions are answered for a small automated fee of .49 cents, which is billed to their monthly cellular bill.

Darryl Cohen, CEO of AskMeNow describes, "I think that our service is extremely relevant to the traveler as we are unique in our ability to offer users the AskMeAnything feature, which opens things up to a diverse range of questions providing our customers with access to more information to help them on their way. You can feel a comfort level with us that when we give you information we are using good sources and when you are asking for distinctive information such as places for cheap gas, parking garage locations or even where an affordable family restaurant may be, that we can actually get that information for you. It goes beyond providing the standard options to obtain generic information, we allow travelers to ask unique and specific questions relevant to their personal travel needs."

Real-time video communication has grown in popularity through companies such as Logitech International (NASDAQ: LOGI), through innovative and portable web cam products. The Company's new Quickcam® for Notebooks Pro, which has a 1.3 mega pixel sensor, has technology and bundled software that helps to provide higher quality images in low light conditions such as hotel rooms. The camera comes equipped with a built in microphone with echo cancellation.

The growth of video communication is attributed in large part to the popularity and improvements surrounding MSN Messenger and Skype that have consumers comfortable with voice and video calling through simple to use software. Complementing this is the widespread availability of High Speed Internet in the home and on the road, which has made this a viable option for communication.

Karen Hoskins, a company spokesperson explains, "MSN came out with Video Conversation recently, which is synchronized audio and video calling software built into their latest MSN Messenger client. Logitech provides the technology that synchronizes the audio and video streams and operates the servers that support Video Conversation. It really makes it easy for people who are already using MSN Messenger to now do video calling.

"In addition, Skype recently put video into their client. We are seeing more and more of this happening. And with the onset of broadband in more homes it has become a more viable solution for people to use voice and video when they are doing their calling. Because they are putting the video into something that people are already comfortable with, it makes it a lot easier for consumers. Video calling then becomes a simple extension from what they are already confident in using."

A common theme driving adoption across a variety of product types is ease of use and relevance to traveler's needs. According to Norman Rose, "To be effective, the platform must use personalization techniques and rich user interfaces to simplify the process and provide added value to the user. Information must be relevant to users based on their specific needs at the time and at their specific location. The key to making this information more situation appropriate is to also combine the location and personal preferences of users to filter the information based on their specific situational and personal requirements."

Portable Entertainment: As digital entertainment has become an important part of normal life, when consumers travel this demand for stimulation does not appear to subside. Sling Media's Slingbox™ can be connected to whatever TV service you have in your home, whether that be digital cable, regular cable, rabbit ear antenna setup, DVD changer, TIVO etc., and allows for remote viewing access. Jeremy Toeman VP of Market Development Management explains, "The Slingbox stays at home, it is always on and it is always delivering you your live TV feed to wherever you are anywhere in the world, accessed remotely through any device with Internet connection whether that is a laptop or a handheld device such as a phone or PDA. Business travelers, who find themselves in unfamiliar environments for extended periods of time, welcome the opportunity to tap into a bit of home through the Slingbox."

Driving the popularity for this type of product according to Toeman is the large percentage of homes with access to High Speed Internet creating the necessary network, in addition to laptops outselling desktops supporting the movement by consumers to a mobile lifestyle. "Internet connections are more available and accessible, combined with Microsoft and other companies leading the charge of making video compression technologies work such that you can stream at low enough bandwidth effectively," adds Toeman.

Moving from in-the-vehicle to on-the-person are XM2go radios (NASDAQ: XMSR), which are the first and only portable satellite radios that capable of live reception. These devices provide access to XM's 160 channels live, with approximately 5 hours of programming; helpful in areas where radio reception is not available. These portable radios also have a built in FM transmitter that can beam the XM radio content to an FM frequency allowing travelers to use even their hotel clock radio to listen. This month, the Company unveiled the next-generation XM2go radios, which play MP3 music files in addition to live XM.

The timing appears right for the XM2go devices according to XM Radio spokesman David Butler who states, "The popularity of XM radio is a combination of high-quality programming and technological innovation. XM offers more entertainment than has ever been made available before on radio. When you combine this variety of programming with the cutting edge technology that XM offers and the desire among consumers for portable convenient products, it is easy to see why XM is one of the fastest growing audio products available."

Coby Electronics Corporation, a manufacturer of portable DVDs, innovates for different lifestyles with slim, sleek, colorful models, and compact sizes. Robert Gee, Vice President of Marketing, describes the applicability of Coby's products, "Consumers are always on the go and products that can fit that dynamic will make a lot of sense to travelers, families etc. For example, these products make a lot of sense for families traveling with kids as a portable means of keeping them entertained."

Convergence of Technology: As consumer demands for mobility increase, the drive for convergence of technology has escalated to suit this trend towards portability. Companies, through innovation, have created products suited for travel that eliminate the need to carry multiple devices by providing all-in-one solutions.

"The nüvi combines combines several different technologies into one device. It helps simplify travel by eliminating the need to carry maps, travel books, coupons, etc. Now a traveler has everything they need in one slim, sleek device that they can easily carry in their pocket," states Myers.

As described by Darryl Cohen, "Due to the convergence of technology, cell phones and portable devices have become much more functional and easier to use. At AskMeNow because people have become adept at using small non-qwerty keyboards through the popularity of text messaging and SMS, there is a simple transition to utilizing our service to obtain relevant answers to specific questions."

Companies continue to evolve their products through convergence to meet the growing consumer and traveler expectations. David Butler explains, "We are introducing the next generation of XM to go radios this spring. These will have the added feature of being able to store and play MP3 music files and will have the capability of storing up to 50 hours of XM content verses the 5 hours that the current models allow. Also when you hear a song that you like on XM you can bookmark it and hook the device up to your computer and it will find that song in the Napster library for you to download a permanent copy of the song. So there is a new convergence; not only does it allow you to combine XM with MP3, but it also allows you to buy the songs you hear on XM seamlessly from Napster."

"At Coby, we are trying to address consumer needs through our features as users are looking for multi-purpose products that converge technologies into one unit that is easy to use and fit into their environment," stated Gee.

As the consumer electronics industry continues to evolve and converge technology to meet the demands of travelers and consumers, it appears that innovation will progressively lead to smaller, more powerful and more functional devices and applications to satisfy user needs while away from home and work.

Ann-Marie Fleming Ann-Marie Fleming completed her MBA in the United States, where she attended Webster University. She also holds an Honors B.A from the University of Toronto. She has over fifteen years of experience within the financial industry to include retail banking and brokerage, investment banking, and mortgage brokerage within the United States and Canada, with a firm background in corporate research. Disclaimer:,

About the author:

Ann-Marie Fleming completed her MBA in the United States, where she attended Webster University. She also holds an Honors B.A from the University of Toronto. She has over fifteen years of experience within the financial industry to include retail banking and brokerage, investment banking, and mortgage brokerage within the United States and Canada, with a firm background in corporate research.

Written by: Anne-Marie Fleming

(44)Corporate Coach Hire - A guide to choosing a company for executive travel..


Among business it is becoming more necessary to transport staff and clients between points of business for meetings and exhibitions. Today we are looking at the benefits of cor porate coach hire. As flight prices are reduced it looks to be the cheapest option to resort to airline companies as the cheapest option for luxury travel. Many advertisements offer reduced flight packages from major airports that can look attractive travel incentives for your business needs.

When we asses the actual costs involved this means of travel can be the most expensive.

Firstly, the initial travel to an airport can be a major cost factor. Train fairs, taxis or fuel prices are incurred. Although the actual flight may be cheap the cost of travel to the airport and parking may outweigh this fare. Arrival at the airport destination usually means extra travel to the business location and taxi or train fairs are taken into consideration.

If you need your staff or clients to arrive fresh for a meeting the whole journey could be very exhausting. Also administration time for booking the various tickets can be extensive. A far more effective method of luxury travel can be coach hire, especially if you have group logistics to cater for.

No more waiting for delayed trains or planes. Everyone travels together in comfort and style. Modern coaches offer air conditioning, televisions, music, tables and even hostess services. People are more relaxed with no waiting, queuing or transferring to various means of transport. It is no surprise that many business deals are clinched even before a meeting when clients and staff travel together on an executive coach in this relaxing way.

So what do you look for when choosing a coach hire company. The internet is a great resource as many companies show clear concise pictures of their coaches. Good clean coaches make a good impression for your business. Search for a company in your business area and view the various options. Look out for coaches classed as executive coaches. These usually have all the latest features and fittings and are finished to a very high standard. Mercedes Benz offer excellent vehicles for both lu xury coach hire and minibus hire that are ideal for business travel.

Ensure your driver will be uniformed, this will usually be stated in the coach company profile. Smart courteous driver make all the difference in welcoming and transporting your guests.

Highlights of business travel can be a hostess service. Drinks and snacks make a long journey more pleasurable and add value to your company service.

Air conditioning is a great feature and ensures ultimate travel comfort.

Safety features to consider are does the company offer seat belts and are the vehicles fitted with anti-lock brakes and are the coaches regularly maintained.

Many websites feature an online booking or proposal form and can save a great deal of time when booking.

In summary corporate travel by coach is the most relaxing and personal way to travel than any other form of business transport. The benefits far outweigh flights and your business will reap the rewards.

About the author:

Ronald Balfour is a company development executive for several international bluechip clients.

Written by: Ronald Balfour BA hons

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