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Articles Collection of Muhammad Yousaf Gabriel in English.
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Articles Collection of Our Authors of Research Group.
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Articles Collection of Anayatullah on Democracy.
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Articles Available in OQASA Articles Bank are taken from different Sources just for Reading of Our Visitors. These Articles relate to International Matters either in favour or against our Opinion.
Islam,Christanity,Jews,Zionism,Hinduism and IR Religeons

As Christians, if you can’t learn to laugh at yourselves then you will only be laughed at.
The pride with which you stick to your particular ways of doing things, refusing to examine
yourselves, only serves to make you look untrustworthy, distant and selfish . . . . Sometimes
I get the impression that “to seek first his kingdom” is to be interpreted as “seek first the
preservation of our own ego, our own traditions, our own cultural baggage, and, oh yeah, by
the way, God is number One!


1.Biblical Base of Zionism.

2.A Perspective on the Jews' Revival in their Land

3.Ad Pitches and Spiritual Warfare.

4.Anglican Church on Verge of Split?


6.Are Jewish People Better Than Others?

7.Are you a Zionist?

8. Antichrist in Pauline Writings.

9.Christian Teenagers and Their Sexual Behavior.

10.Christian Violence in History.

11.Christian Zionism.

12.Zionism today




16.Disgustingly Pro-Zionist, Israel-Lovers.

17. How the NWO, Rockefeller and the CIA changed the Bible to support their cause

18.How to acquire true wealth.

19.Is Religion the Problem Or the Solution?

20.Israeli Policies Could Tear Jews Apart

21.Can Christ's Body Be Discovered?

22.Book: Judaism's Strange Gods

23.Life After Death?

24.Man's Insoluble Problems-Why?

25.Mel Gibson's "Passion of the Christ" AN INTERNATIONAL HOAX

26.Post-independence Zionism

27.Seven More Questions Your Minister Does NOT Want You to Ask

28.Seven Signs of a Falling Nation.

29.SEX Its Unknown Dimension

30.The birth of Zionism

31.The dream realized.

32.The Role of Women Widely Misunderstood!

33.The shaping of Zionism.

34.The Talmud and Communism.



37.Three Messiahs?-or One?

38.Tips for a Happy Marriage

39.What Was the Church Trying To Hide?

40.Who is Jesus Christ?


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