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By the infinite grace and boundless mercy of Allah, this series of volumes is my original work. The appreciation of scientific facts, and the new discoveries from the Quran are all my own and quite unknown to anyone, anywhere, Muslim or Non-Muslims. And for that, the most benign and merciful Allah be praised, for ever, eternally. And thus is all the responsibility of mine. And again Allah be praised. And it is my conviction that it will save the mankind from atomic doom.

                                                GABRIEL   13-9-1980


Chapter No



Bacon's Philosophy


The Baconian culture and the Antichrist.


Effects of Baconian Progress.


Prophecy of the Quran about Atomic hell.


Prophetic warning of the Quran. Quran predicts atomic hell and philosophy of Atomism. A miracle of the Quran


Description of Hotama


The efficacy of the warning of the Quran about the atomic hell     (Debate with Anne Annemarie Schimmel)


"Quran's divine original" an article by M.Sharif Farooq, Chief Editor, daily Jihad, detail of the debate between Author and Miss Annemarie   Schimmel



"Woe unto every backbiter, defamer who heapeth up riches and prepareth the same (for the time to come). He thinketh that his riches will render him immortal (that is his riches will remain with him for ever). By no means, he shall surely be cast into Al-Hotama (the crushing fire). And what shall cause thee to understand what Al-Hotama is? (That is how crushingly terrible this fire is? And how incomprehensibly complex is its phenomenon?  (It is) the kindled fire of Allah (God), which leapeth up onto the hearts. Verily it is a fire closed in on them in outstretched columns".(Quran.Chapter 104-Al Homaza)

            Read this little Chapter. Philosophically it covers the entire field of modern Baconian atomism, and scientifically it covers the entire nuclear phenomenon. And happens to be the only guidance in the world today that leads this world out of the nuclear hell and this modern materialism which is the mother of the Nuclear Hell.





            The name of Bacon (1561-1624), the founder of Modern Philosophy of Atomism is unknown now though his philosophy pervades the entire world. In my view, Bacon is the Satan the second. He seduced the posterity of Adam exactly in the same manner as Satan the first, had seduced Adam. And see the philosophy of Bacon. It is the exact antithesis of revealed religion. I am bound to tell this world strange things but I will not utter a word without a scientific and logical proof. Satan had promised Adam the place of an angel and an eternal kingdom and the revelation of mysteries, if Adam would taste the forbidden tree. This ruined Adam. Bacon's Philosophy, is man's Dominion Over Nature as man's destiny through continuous, systematic research of Science, for man's Material benefit, as a command of God to man. This means, the revelation of the mysteries of the universe and an eternal kingdom over the forces of nature and this has brought Adam's posterity to atomic ruin. The pursuit of moral philosophy according to Bacon is man's repetition of and persistence in the act of Adam's first transgression that of eating the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. The pursuit of moral philosophy is thus forbidden. You might say: Impossible, it simply cannot be believed that Bacon or anyone could have given such a nasty philosophy or could have gone unchecked, for this is a philosophy not only against the revealed religion, but it also sounds fantastic. Then read Bacon's both the works. Both are still extant. Read and Judge. Again you could say, to hell with Bacon's philosophy, we believe in our own religion. You may be told that you follow Bacon's philosophy to its letter without your knowledge of it and to hell indeed this philosophy has carried this world. I will tell you. How is that? See Baconian progress.


            Bacon's philosophy was man's dominion over nature through continuous and systematic research of science for material benefit of mankind in general as the command of God to Adam as man's destiny, forbidding at the same time the pursuit of moral philosophy. That you might not know, but do you know this Baconian progress. It is endless and eternal endeavor to obtain dominion over nature in an ever-increasing manner, through endless, eternal, continuous, systematic, ever-increasing research of Science, for the material benefit of mankind in general. You cannot deny this fact, but see. It is an ever-increasing process. And what does this mean? It means that it will gradually occupy man's mind and time expelling at the same time the thought of the next world and religion, and because it is eternal, it will ultimately expel the thought of the next world and religion completely from man's mind, and this transition is perceptible. No religion therefore except that which is willing to sign the warrants of its own exile could allow this sort of progress. The result of the Science-Christianity-conflict is before the eyes of this world. How science has gradually prevailed and the Christian religion gradually declined to its disappearance. The same could be said of this science, and besides that it is no more than a handmaid of this progress and a mere instrument of the material exploitation of the works of God. The thought of those, therefore who expect to balance this progress with religion is merely a false illusion. You might say, well, we do not want religion. You might well say that, but this world cannot exist in peace without religion, while this progress is sure to cast this world into the atomic hell as its logical end. You might say, well, we will apply a break to this progress at the critical point. I wish you could. But it is simply impossible. This process must necessarily lead to its end, if the application of a break had been possible, no better occasion for such an action could be now when the world despite its knowledge of the ruinous hazards of atomic energy is obliged to adopt atomic energy due to the ever-dwindling sources of harmless or less harmful means of energy. To ban atomic energy means the cessation of the industrial set up, and consequently the famine. To adopt atomic energy means certain ruin of mankind into the atomic hell. Now therefore progress and science or religion. You may be assured on knowledge, that all the boundless confidence of common people in atomic science, and all the expectations of the atomic scientists touching radiations' control, and all the hopes of the politicians in avoiding the atomic war for ever, are only a dream whose interpretation is no other than the flames of atomic hell.

            They who consider this progress as natural and endless are in error. These strong, wide spread monuments of science might disappear in the twinkling of an eye in the event of atomic war, or may be left unoccupied as the memorials of the folly of a species on earth, after the radiations of world-wide atomic energy-for-peace, have annihilated life on earth. And indeed, the signs regarding the contemplation of the works of God, (Ghaur-e-Aayaat) to be found in the Quran in great profusion, do not show any justification of this Baconian progress, nor indeed, do the signs of the conquest of nature (Taskhir-e-Kaayinat) that are to be found in the Quran with equal profusion, show any justification of this Baconian progress. This is the grossest misunderstanding in which the present day Muslims are involved. What they fail to observe when they read the Quran, is the respective objects of the Quran and this Baconian progress regarding the contemplation of the works of God. The Quran nowhere appears to cast so much as a hint on the material exploitation of the works of God through contemplation, and the object of contemplation is to realize the purpose of creation, and the certainty of resurrection, and the remembrance of God and his religion, while the purpose of this Baconian progress is exclusively the material exploitation. Again, as far as the conquest of nature is concerned, it is Allah who always in the Quran has, attributed the act of rendering all this world serviceable to man, and never once is to be found therein an allusion toward man's following the suit or emulating Allah, nor is to be found a hint at material exploitation. Gratitude of man rather is expected by Allah, for this favour. Remarkable also is the term dominion over nature used by Bacon. Neither the Quran, nor any other revealed religion would allow the right of dominion to man. The right of dominion is exclusively the right of Allah. Indeed it might appear in-comprehensible now, but when the real argument has come, that no-doubt will appear conclusive. I mean the atomic destruction through atomic bombs or radiation. There is yet another misunderstanding in the mind of the Muslims. Quran no doubt has enjoined the Muslims to keep armament in readiness. But it has to be decided, whether atomic bomb is a weapon. The scientist has given it out as a means of total annihilation of life on earth, while the Quran has called it by the dreadful name of atomic hell. This progress now is no progress. It is in eddy-now, and it is regression not progression.

            Man due to this notion of man's dominion over nature has developed the notion of Becoming God himself. Dependence on God has dwindled, while full trust is placed in science. The notion of material benefit has changed this mankind into a cloud of locusts, moving toward the zone of atomic spray to be sprayed to death. Contentment, religious sentiment, moral values are disappearing, selfishness, greed, frustration, mental, physical, social, economic, legal and political confusion is on ever-increase. Intensity of hunger and dearth of sources might change this mankind into cannibals.

            Bacon's Philosophy ultimately has failed miserably. Regarding man's dominion over nature, man after his success in steam and electricity is now caught in, the field of atomic science without any hope of success. The Giant Atumbumb appears to be a contestant far too formidable for the dwarfish human being. The end is surely the atomic ruin. Know that there is simply no protection possible against either the atomic bomb or atomic radiation, and there is no possibility despite scientist's optimism, who is guilty of gross violation of the general rule of the methodology of science by recommending the use of atomic-energy-for-peace without first obtaining control over radiation, or providing means of protection to the millions residing in the neighbour-hood of reactors. For this, the scientist may be sued in the court of science. As far as hunger is concerned, Baconian progress has failed to appease it. More production means more demand like fission Chain Reaction. Man's appetite is inappeasable, and will remain so far ever, as was predicted by the Holy Prophet of Islam. Also this Baconian culture shows all the characteristics which were attributed by the Holy Prophet to the Messih-id-Dajjal. And the end of this Baconian progress is sure destruction, there is no doubt about it, but the question is, whether this mankind like a wise pilot will be able to bale out in time or will be consumed by the flames with the plane. No alternative now remains for this mankind but either to perish suddenly under the hails of atomic bombs, deservedly or to die slowly, lingeringly, in the radiations of atomic-energy-for-peace, deservedly. Will this mankind consider?





After you have known the scientific and logical end of this Baconian culture in the flames of atomic hell, observe another, a very abominable destructive side of this culture. Know to your horror that this culture shows all those characteristics to the letter, which were attributed by the Holy Prophet of Islam, (peace be upon him) to the Messih-id-Dajjal (Antichrist) in a famous prophecy. Read the following characterization based on the points of the prophecy of the Holy Prophet.

(1) "Messih-id-Dajjal is one-eyed, left-eyed. On its right eye is a wart of the size of a grape".

            This Baconian culture, this Baconian progress and this Baconian Science are all the three, one-eyed, left-eyed. Their basis is exclusively on materialism and have to do nothing with spiritualism or the next world. This modern science is confined to the five senses and is utterly blind in the spiritual world. Metaphysics, resurrection and the things on that side of the grave are outside its scope. Right eye is metaphorically associated with the spiritual, the left with material. The simile of the grape has its own meanings. It means that there are optic nerves behind, but it is the retina that is obscured by the grape. The same is the case of this Baconian culture and its other appendages. They inwardly have sense to perceive the notion of spiritualism but cannot believe.

(2). "Messih-id-Dajjal will rise from among the Jews".

            The entire mental, philosophical, social, economical, moral and political basis of this Baconian culture is on the Jewish culture. It reminds one of Shakespeare's Shylock. The same desire of this world, the same greed of its wealth, the same usury, the same revengeful disposition, the same wolf in the skin of a sheep. And further do you not see, the Jew as the creator, master, model, guide and the moving spirit of this modern Baconian Culture. And do you not observe the compromise between the Christian and the Jew and the same could be said of every nation in this world today.

(3)."Messih-id-Dajjal riding his donkey will move on the tour of this world".

            Any one acquainted with the history of this modern culture, how it invented its railway engine, and other mechanical means of transport, and how it moved out on its engine on the tour of this earth, and how it completed its tour, will have no difficulty in understanding this statement that is, Messih-id-Dajjal riding his donkey will move out to tour this earth. As far as the metaphor, rather the simile of donkey is concerned, it is well known that since the beginning of history, donkey has been regarded as the symbol of conveyance. This modern age stands as distinct in having its own mechanical mode of conveyance and transport against the donkey of the past pre-modern ages in contradistinction. There are two donkeys. One has been created on biological lines, the other on mechanical.

(4)."Massih-id-Dajjal will carry with him baskets of loaves and will distribute them among his followers".

            The Baconian culture is basically the culture of loaves. They who follow this Baconian culture receive loaves and are better off economically.

(5)."Canals will move along with Messih-id-Dajjal".

            See the map of the world to know that wherever this Baconian culture goes, a network of canals appears there.

(6) ."Messih-id-Dajjal will command the crop to grow, and it shall grow up instantaneously. He will command the cloud to rain and it shall rain".

            The care and the speed with which the crops are grown in this age is a fact worth observing. So also is the process of making artificial rain from the clouds. So that this artificial rain is even used as a war tactics to destroy the crops of the enemy.

(7) ."""Messih-id-Dajjal will have his own paradise and hell".

            But his paradise actually will be hell, and his hell paradise. The entire enterprise of this Baconian culture is an endeavour to create a material paradise on earth. They who follow this Baconian culture enter this paradise, but it is hell. They who ignore this Baconian culture, they are cast into the hell of poverty and disgrace. Yet they are in the paradise. Observable also is the fact, that this paradise of Baconian culture is now in the range of the atomic hell, which has appeared in a very appropriate manner as the divine punishment, and the logical and scientific conclusion of the process of Baconian progress.

(8)."Messih-id-Dajjal will first claim his prophet hood, then God-head".

            This Baconian culture first convinces the people with argument about the validity of its views on the line of prophet hood. Then due to complete dependence on its methods and resources, the people are obliged to treat it as God. Today there is much more dependence of the people on science and technique than is their trust in real God.

(9) ."Messih-id-Dajjal will not be allowed to enter the mosque".

They therefore who will take refuge in the mosque will be able to escape his irresistible enticement.

            Today, the scope of religion is confined to the mosque. Outside the mosque the entire field of worldly matters is ruled by Baconian culture.

(10) ."The letters KFR that is Kafir (Infidel) will be inscribed on the forehead of Messih-id-Dajjal. A believer even though illiterate will be able to read the inscription, let the infidel even if literate will fail to see them".

            The same is with this Baconian culture a Ph.D, D.Sc, F.R.S might well appear ignorant of the true nefarious reality of this Baconian culture, while an ignorant cobbler might inwardly know the pernicious side of the Baconian affair.

(11) ."Messih-d-Dajjal will be a gilder".

            This Baconian culture is a gilder too. Usury softened and diluted is named as "Interest". Gambling is named as "Lottery" and "Racing". Every evil is gilded and made to appear as no evil, even a virtue. Gilding is a prominent, all-pervading feature of the Baconian culture, and affords a very interesting, astonishing study.

(12)."Jesus Christ will kill Messih-id Dajjal".

            None else can. This Baconian culture can be destroyed only by the otherworldliness, and preference of the next world to this present world. This virtue is associated with the name of Jesus Christ, although it is amply to be found in the Quran also. The Prophet of Islam, (peace be upon him) declared poverty as his pride.

            The Gospel of Jesus Christ has used the word "Anti-Christ" that apparently means as one who is against the Christ or is enemy of Christ. But the Holy Prophet of Islam (peace be upon him) has not merely called him  (a liar, a swindler etc.) but has called him as Messih-id-Dajjal, that is one that appears as Messih but is a swindler, that is he appears in the guise and garb of Christ yet is only a simulant. It is interesting to observe that every thing that Christ did is done also by this Baconian culture, yet the whole affair is of opposite nature. We will see first the resemblance:-


Christ fed a crowd of four thousand with only seven loaves and a few fish. This Baconian culture has made it its abusiveness to feed the people.


Christ healed the sick, restored sight to the blind, and made the lame whole. This Baconian culture has developed the art of healing and has erected hospitals.


Christ raised the dead. This Baconian culture has lavished remarkable attention on this experiment but has not succeeded hitherto.


Christ showed miracles. So did this Baconian culture. It showed the miracles of science. Miracles indeed astonishing.


Christ walked on water. This Baconian culture made iron to float. See iron ships. Christ rode the donkey made by God. The Baconian culture has made its own donkey of iron. See the mechanical means of transport. This factor would raise the Baconian culture to Godhead, as a Creator.


Christ made birds of clay. And breathed in them and they went away flying. This Baconian culture made aircraft and caused it to fly.


Christ heard mysterious voices. This Baconian culture devised radio.


Christ contended with the devil in a dialogue. This Baconian culture produced television.

            Yet there exists exact Anti-thesis between the work of Christ and that of this Baconian culture. Christ did every thing through Spiritual agency while this Baconian culture achieved through material means. Also, the eye of Christ was on the next-world. While the eye of this Baconian culture is on this present world.

            The Holy Prophet of Islam (Peace be upon him) said to the Jews, "Christ came and parted. But you did not recognize him. Now your Christ will come but he will be the Messih-id-Dajjal, the lying Christ". The afflicted Jews did for thousands of years weep in misery for their expected Messiha. The last national conference of their Rabis to investigate the coming of their Messiha was held in Europe in the beginning of this Baconian age. But then they completely forgot their Messiha. As if, they achieved that object for which they used to remember their Messiha.

            In this Baconian age their culture pervaded the entire world. All their sufferings and afflictions ceased and they obtained a place of leadership of this world. They had their kingdom established all over the earth. The Muslims too always had remembered Messih-id-Dajjal. But since a decade they have completely forgotten him. Neither a mention is ever made from the pulpit of the mosque nor in a private conversation. The mention of resurrection, the torments of grave, Messih-id-Dajjal and Mehdi has been substituted by the mention of life, production, progress and science respectively.





A world-shaking and seismic revolution is necessary to uproot this Baconian philosophy and shake away its logical end, that is the atomic hell which is now about to consume this entire mankind in a painful manner. A man who utters such words may well be regarded by this world as one with something wrong with his mind. Though the fact is that all the four thousand million people, that now inhabit this earth without any doubt have a deranged mind and are possessed by the Baconian devil. No less than a burning atomic hell itself is there the authority to attest this very unfortunate observation, nor can, I recommend them a visit to the psychiatrist, for, the psychiatrist himself is the victim of the same Malady. This generation is like the legendary strangers changed into mules by the magic of the princes, but hey know it not that they are changed into Baconian mules by the magic of this Baconian culture.

            No doubt the roots of this Baconian culture are so deep in this earth, and indeed it so overwhelmingly pervades the entire field of human life including the human heart and mind, that nothing short of severe world-wide earth-quake in their mind could remove it and its logical consequence; the atomic hell. But the question is, what kind of a revolution it ought to be, evidently the question of war is excluded. None is at war against any one regarding this Baconian progress. The entire world is of one creed in this field. Every one follows the principles of Baconian progress. Obviously the war of weapons will make the people more dependent on progress for the necessities of war, food and weapons. The only possible way to achieve the end is through the revolution of thought. People have to be acquainted with the true nature of this progress and all the dreadful hazards that are incident on it. My interpretation of Quran's prophecy about the atomic hell serves this purpose best being the only guidance of this kind in the world today or hereafter.

            Late Bertrand Russell had started a movement against the atomic war. But that movement after no great success during the lifetime of Russell died out completely with his death. Today nowhere a voice is heard against the atomic war. The world it appears has either acquiesced in the divine decree or has completely lost the sense of the dire consequences. Russell, however, deserves hearty gratitude of mankind for his sympathetic attitude toward humanity, and his great painstaking. The difficulty of the case is apparent. A few years that have elapsed since Russell’s death have produced some noticeable change in the attitude of the people towards the atomic energy. There appears a great and ever-increasing anxiety in the mind of the people all over the world relative to the increase of their knowledge of the astounding hazards of nuclear science. Yet all this may be regarded as no more than ripples on the surface of the ocean whose depths are still calm. This world is still engaged incessantly in the progress. And because Russell’s analysis of the case was soft and partial, and mine is complete, and harsh, this apparent stir and anxiety of the people against the atomic energy may or may not be expected to favour much my case. Considerations, however, have to be cast away. The matter is one of great urgency. The consequences are to horrid to allow considerations. Come what may. God is my help.

            Regarding the necessity of an earthquake to break the frigidity of the present thought of this mankind, Iqbal has a very vivid impression. He says in a poem:-

(i)         All are imprisoned in the prison which they have themselves built whether they may be the stationaries of the orient or the planetaries of the occident.

(ii)        Whether they may be the hierarchies of the Christian Church or whether they be the Sheikhs of Haram (Kaba), they are devoid of Novelty in word or deed.

(iii)       The politicians are engaged in same old kind of entanglements, and the poet is the victim of the similar indigence of imagination.

(iv)       The world is in need of that Mehdi-in-truth whose look causes an earthquake in the world of thought.

                        (ZARB-E-KALEEM page 44)

            To these categories may now be added the atomic scientist. The atomic scientist now blindly gropes in the darkened labyrinth of nuclear science facing the fiery labyrinthodom of atomic bomb. Many people do not know that no protection is possible against the atomic radiation. Few people only know that no protection is possible against the atomic bomb. The scientist stands in a fix. His optimism is based on no substantial grounds. The earth-quake necessary to break this frigidity of thought is enshrined in the prophecy of the Quran about the atomic bomb. This Baconian progress is based on the love of this world and its wealth. The revolution being an antidote has to be based on Faqr (Poverty) and the preference of the next world to this world. Iqbal has a very appropriate suggestion in this respect. He says in a poem:-

(i)You have asked me the reality of Immamat (divine leadership), May Allah make you like me, a knower of mysteries.

(ii)        The very same is the Imam (Divine Leader of the Muslim Nation) in truth, who would create hatred in your heart for whatever exists at present: That is: Wipes out the sense of worldly loss and profit from your heart.

(iii)       By showing you the face of the beloved in the mirror of death would make life for you harder still.

(iv)       Would heat up your blood by rousing the sense of loss (of the other world), in your mind, and fashion you into a sword on the grinder of poverty.

(v)        The Immamat (Divine Leadership) of any one who would make the Muslim a worshiper of Kings is a seduction of the Muslim Nation.

                        (ZARB-E-KALEEM. Page 46).

            Iqbal has used the word Salatin (kings). If this word is substituted by the word Kharatin which fits well with rhyme and rhythm, the picture is changed to the affair of this Baconian progress, for the word Kharatin means earthworms. The Baconian people of this age are the worshippers of earth worms. Poverty, and death advocated by Iqbal for the revolution are the factors which counteract this Baconian progress. And obviously the worship of this Baconian culture and its material progress advocated by the Imam (the leader of the Muslim Nation) is a seduction.

            Judging from the difficulties of such a revolution, a point worth remembering in Iqbal's Works may be cited as follows:-

"Neither schemes nor are swords of any avail in slavery. If the spirit of certainty appears, the chains are severed. Resolute, unshakable faith, incessant endeavor and love: (the conqueror of the world): are the words of the valiant in the struggle of life".

            A strange allusion is to be found in Iqbal's Work regarding a certain proved seduction. Read the following:-

(i)         "Open thine eye in the mirror of my word and see therein a faint picture of the coming age.

(ii)        "Another proved seduction is in the hands of heaven therein. See the disgrace of the scheme before the decreed destiny".

            Now an example of proved seduction is before my eyes quite vividly. The seduction of Bacon is the same as was affected by Satan that had resulted in the expulsion of Adam from paradise. The seduction was repeated by Bacon (1561-1626), that has resulted in casting the posterity of Adam into the atomic hell. In case of Adam at least there was a possibility for anyone to return to the paradise, but in the case of this Baconian seduction the end is in this transient atomic hell, with a transition to the eternal atomic hell of the next world that is Hotama, the subject of Quran's Prophecy about the atomic hell. Satan had induced Adam to taste the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil on the promise of a change into an angel, and the prize of eternal dominion, and the revelation of internal mysteries. Bacon induced the posterity of Adam to enter the worldly paradise on the promise of the dominion over nature and material bliss and the revelation of the mysteries of this universe through science. Adam was expelled from paradise, and his posterity is cast into atomic hell. This mankind, however, will be saved from the flames of atomic hell by the mercy of Allah.





Now raise the Baconian veil from your eye and see two souls engaged in mutual conflict. One of these is enkindling the atomic pyre for the mankind. The other is endeavouring to put this fire out to save the mankind. Recognize them. The former is the soul of Democritus, the founder of the philosophy of ancient Greek atomism. The latter is the soul of Abraham who was during his life cast into the burning pyre by Nemrud and had emerged, without so much as a hair on his body singed.

            Democritus-Abraham-Conflict might come as a revelation to you, but the struggle began at the very outset of this age of modern atomism. Francis Bacon (1561-1626) the founder of the Philosophy of modern atomism appeared in the West with his new Philosophy. Mujjaddid Aliph Thani (1564-1624) appeared in the East with his reformation. Spinoza (1632-77) gave his philosophy of Material Wahdatul Wajud (that is the Material Unity of Existence) to the West. Shah Walliullah Muhaddith of Delhi (1703-63) appeared in the EAST with his Spiritual Wahdatul-Wajud and reformation. This is not the case of merely the coincidence of dates, but rather a close relation occurs in the subjects of these luminaries. The contest was there without their knowing each other. The providence had so arranged according to a deep-rooted and far-reaching scheme.

            The year of 1905 was landmark in the History of Atomism. It was in this year that Einstein had by his Special Relativity disentangled the research of atomic energy from the disappointing eddy and put it on its course onward. It was in the same year, that Iqbal was sent to the West. Iqbal's eye was opened there to the reality of the Western Culture and was also opened on the Abrahamic Mission. Iqbal who if he had not gone to the West, might have died as a renowned poet of India or even perhaps no poet at all, returned from the West crying:-

            "This age is in quest of its Abraham"

And he had seen:-

            “Fire, the posterity of Abraham and Nemrud".

And had suspected the possibility of a test of the Abrahamitese:-

            "Is the test of any one by any one again purposed?"

And he proclaimed his own role in the Abrahamic Mission saying:-

            “I have been commended to cry the call for the prayers".

            This last poem of Iqbal in toto is the manifest of the Abrahamic Mission. No doubt he only will understand Iqbal who will see him through the spectacle of Abrahamic Mission. Then only it will be known, what Iqbal has done as a crier to prayers in the Abrahamic Mission. Judge his conflict with the modern philosophy in favour of Islamic Philosophy, and you shall know his place as well as his work.

            Then came the most critical year in the course of Atomism. The Great Italian Physicist Enrico Fermi, had in the year of 1942, ultimately and actually opened the gate of atomic fire on this world by his successful realization of Uranium Fission Chain Reaction in Chicago. In 1945 its first flame leapt on Hiroshima and consumed it. The Democritus-Abraham-Conflict had entered in its final round. It was in this very same year of 1942, that in Mussayyib, a place near Baghdad, in my 25th year, Saint Al-Khedhr, the green turbaned recommended me to Abraham for Ibrahamic Mission in a dream, in which I saw also the interpretation of the first 18 verses of the 53rd Chapter (Alnjam) of the Quran in picture including the lots tree (Sidra-tul-Muntaha), which is in seventh heaven as the abode of angel Gabriel and is the repository of revealed scriptures. I at that time could read the Quran though, but without knowing its meanings. Then ensued a most gruesome intellectual ordeal in most adverse circumstances, that resulted in the interpretation of the 36 word prophecy of the Quran about the atomic hell, ranging over 3000 pages in 12 volumes in English languages, a work that according to my conceit, not all the leading philosophers and scientists of this modern age combined could have produced with ease, if at all they could have produced it, and all that knowledge I gained without a teacher, languages, literatures, histories, philosophies, sciences, scriptures, I studied to their classical bounds. How I managed is a question far beyond the scope of Freudian Psychological analysis while to describe the excruciating circumstances in which I completed this pilgrimage is a topic not for a poor John Bunyan to treat. I was simply cast into the atomic hell in which I still find myself and there in the chafing flames I read and I observed and I recorded my observations. I have had an experience unique in all the history of intellect, the case of the divine revelation to the prophets excepted. And remember that I clear myself of every pretext to divinity, or divine authority. Nay even I do not base my work on the divine authority of the Quran itself. It is on the science and the rational logic, the subjects of this age, that my work is based.

            It was in 1964, that Late Bertrand Russel in reply to my letter sent his conclusive word on the destiny of mankind. It was a sad surmise. It was sheer disappointment: "Since Adam and Eve," said Russell "ate the apple man has never abstained from any folly of which he was capable of and the end...... is atomic annihilation". Now, unfortunately the surmise of Russell logically and scientifically was correct. But my discovery of the prophecy of the Quran about atomic hell, saved me from the same disappointment about this mankind later at my death bed. The prophecy breathed hope in that, that by removing the causes of the appearance of the atomic hell which it had given out, mankind may avert the atomic danger, and may yet live. Alas, for Russell, He died without hearing about the prophecy. I was not ready during his lifetime. So also, unfortunately Einstein died without hearing of this miracle of the Quran in the field of nuclear science, his own subject.

            This prophecy of the Quran about the atomic hell is a miracle of miracles in the field of nuclear science and philosophy of atomism, so that it is not possible, neither for the scientist nor for the philosopher to deny its miraculous aspect. And this is the sole guidance, to lead this world out of the atomic doom. It is first time in modern history that this prophecy has exposed the true reality of the Baconian Philosophy and its Baconian progress and its logical end. This prophecy is like Noah's Ark in this fiery deluge of atomism. No movement against the atomic danger could be effectively conducted, and no religion could be completely revived or effectively promulgated without adopting the guidelines given by this prophecy. This atomic hell of this world is the replica and representation of the eternal atomic hell that is the Hotama of the next world. The term Hotama has been used by the Quran in this prophecy. The prophecy provides irrefutable proof of the divine original of the Quran.

            This prophecy has an unfailing efficacy. For instance, Miss Annemarie Shimmel, German Jewish Scholar of some considerable renown, in September 1963, in the Punjab University Lahore, fell on her chair indisposed and confounded, when during her lecture against the divine original of the Quran, I proposed to her this prophecy of the Quran, as an undeniable proof of a divine original. She never returned to this country fourteen years thereafter. And when she came, her topic was not the origin of the Quran, but the works of Iqbal, Khusro, Hazrat Sultan Bahu (RA) and Muslim calligraphy. And now poor Miss Schimmel is left miles behind. Einstein and Russell are required to hear and judge. The Ulema present in the lecture, much pleased, asked about my identity. To which Late Allamah Allauddin Siddiqui, the President of the function, afterwards Vice Chancellor of the Punjab University replied," This man has been created in this nation by chance by the providence. If this nation failed to receive of him that particular light and understanding of the Quran which Allah has bestowed on his breast, Allah will never forgive this nation on the day of Judgement".

            My difficulties are to be judged only by the particular nature of my themes. Just as universal, as complex and as intricate are my difficulties. The bitterness of my subject and its unpleasantness is besides. Just imagine a lonely powerless man standing against the relentless desires of a crowd of four thousand million people, that inhabit this earth, heading in a mad rush towards the atomic hell. As far as the bitterness or unpleasantness of my topic is concerned, I am not to be blamed. I would have offered my fellow humans roses, and that had pleased me but I have said that only which the Quran and the Gospel has said, and that which science has said. Mine office has only been of an interpreter. The name of the Quran itself might create difficulties for me. They who believe in it are involved in their own material difficulties and misunderstandings about the view of the Quran regarding the Baconian Philosophy and Baconian progress. They who do not believe in it, might disregard the key of the future destiny of this mankind, that is in my hand, and all the heaps of acts and discoveries that lay about me like the heaps of diamonds and pearls, inspite of a reputation of the West for the love for research and frankness of heart in the matters of intellectual and philosophical pursuits, which they have. The complexity of my work in a world generally ignorant of nuclear science and Radio-biology form another difficulty. In order to receive a review of my work I might be obliged to travel to the end of this world in quest of a competent judge conversant equally with the subjects of Nuclear Science, Radio-biology, Philosophy, Theology, Quran and the Gospel. If Christ, Moses, Krishan or Buddha had been today, they would have embraced this prophecy of the Quran doing their utmost best in propagating it throughout the world. But there is a race hypnotized by the Baconian magic to blindness and is doomed.

            Let the Muslims know, that to fail in the publication, of this prophecy of the Quran, and to deprive this world of Allah of the conclusive argument and only light to escape the atomic doom means to close the mouth of a furious volcano, while the natural consequence is a share in the flames of atomic hell with other nations, and a question on the day of judgment before the throne of Allah regarding their failure in the propagation of the light of the Quran in the world. Also that the causes of the appearance of this temporal atomic Hell and punishment in the eternal atomic hell that is Hotama of the next world given out by the Quran, being the same even if this temporal atomic hell is escaped, no possibility exists of escaping the eternal atomic hell that is the Hotama of the next world. No nation alone can do anything in these circumstances, and the only best possibility is to expose the reality of the Baconian progress and its logical end: the atomic hell by publishing this prophecy of the Quran to the world, so that some collective step may be taken to avoid the grievous doom. No better gift from the Islamic World to this mankind may be expected than the publication of this Prophecy of the Quran in the 15th Century Hijra program to win Allah's pleasure and human gratitude with a possibility  of man's escaping the painful punishment. Nor the Non-Muslims could be absolved from the duty of publishing this prophecy in their own interest and in this interest of mankind in general.





A miracle in the field of atomic science and atomism, a miracle undeniable, and the only irrefutable proof of Quran’s divine original, and the only guidance to escape the atomic doom, indeed, Noah's Ark in this fiery deluge of atomism, and redeemer of mankind from this temporal atomic hell as well as its original prototype, the eternal atomic hell (Hotama) of the next world.... the causes of both these forms of  atomic hell being identical,  this 36 word prophecy of  the Quran by the Grace of Merciful Allah is my own  discovery with my three thousand page explanation of it. Read. The Quran says:

"Woe to every backbiter, defamer, who amasseth wealth (of this world) and arrangeth it against the future). He thinketh that his wealth will remain with him for ever. Nay, for, verily he will be cast into Al-Hotama. And what could teach thee what Al-Hotama is? It is the fire of Allah enkindled which leapeth up onto the hearts. It is (a fire) closed in on them in outstretched columns".  (Quran-104- Al-Homaza).

            Observe now the description of this modern progress of Baconian atomism by the Quran. Quran says, "Backbiter and defamer". Atomism, both ancient and modern, is a doctrinal slander against divine religion. The spirit of critical rationalism, the distinguishing philosophical standard of this modern Baconian age against every premodern age, being perverted to critical slander, and permeating through every phase of human affair, has rendered this age as the age of calumny with its intellectualized slander named propaganda. This age itself is the age of slander. See slander every where, slander, every-way slander. The Quran says "He amasseth wealth (of this world) and arrangeth it against the future". Observe this modern, continuous systematic, organized, ever-increasing, infinite and universal process, of wealth accumulation and increase, and its arrangement for future as distinct from the system of every premodern age. The Quran  says" He thinketh that his  wealth will for ever remain with him". Observe man's faith in the eternity of this modern progress. The Quran says, "Nay, for verily he will be flung into Al-Hotama". Atomic hell as the logical and scientific consequence of this Baconian progress has now appeared. And now observe the distinguishing phenomenal characteristics of atomic phenomenon against every other phenomenon, chemical and electrical in this passage of the Quran. The Quran says"Hotama". Hotama literally means a crusher, and so is the atomic phenomenon. It crushes basic atomic structure irreparably. It destroys atomic nucleus. In no other phenomenon atomic nucleus is so much as touched. The atomic energy is generated by merely breaking the binding of the atomic nucleus. No other kind of energy is generated in this manner. Atomic radiations follow the suit. They cause nuclear transmutations of atoms in inanimate matter while in living bodies they break cell nucleus chromosomes irreparably. This atomic phenomenon is an absolute, universal crusher. Both the basic building block of the universe that is atom and the basic unit of life that is cell nucleus are absolutely irreparably crushed. All the three manifestations of atomic bomb that is Heat-flash, blast and radiations are crushers. Heat-flash crushes the hearts of exposed persons. The blast crushes structures, while radiations crush atomic nuclei and cell nuclei. The appreciation of the Term BREMSTRAHLUNG by the Physicists as highly descriptive when first coined by the Germans for continuous spectrum of rays implied the realization of the crushing trait of atomic phenomenon by the physicists, for, the term literally meant breaking radiation. To this may be added Rutherford's surprise recorded in his diary after his famous experiment of bombarding the Gold Foil with Alpha Particles. "It was the most incredible event that ever happened to me in my life. It was as incredible as if you fired a 15 inch shell at a piece of tissue paper and it came back and hit you", wrote Rutherford. Observe the words like "Bombarding, hitting, smashing, crushing, breaking".etc. in the standard text books of atomic physics, and mark the phrases like "Target Concept, direct action, indirect action, snapping the cable with a bullet, breaking the chromosomes", and sentences like "Radiations hit the cell like a sledge hammer and crush them", in the standard text books of Radio-biology. And in the end mark the phonetic as well as functional identity that exists between the atoma of the scientists and the Hotama of the Quran and wonder. The Quran says "Hotama is fire". And so also is the atomic phenomenon exclusively a phenomenon of energy, and energy is fire. Atomic bomb also is fire. So also are radiations. Baquerrel, the discoverer of Radioactivity was the first to experience a burn on his skin next to the pocket in which he had carried a phial of Radium. The term cross-fire is used in Radiotherapy. The Quran says "Hotama is fire of Allah". The atomic hell has appeared as the result of the worldly ungodly philosophy of Baconian atomism and its Baconian progress as retribution. The Quran says, "Hotama is a fire which leaps up on to the hearts". Atomic phenomenon actually is the nuclear phenomenon, for, the atomic nucleus is involved. This again is a distinguishing feature of the atomic phenomenon, for, no other phenomenon is nuclear. In no other phenomenon nucleus is even touched. Quran's description of atomic fire that is a fire which leaps up on to the hearts or appears in the hearts is confirmed merely by uttering the word, nuclear, since the nucleus and heart are synonymous, and both the orthodox physicists and standard text books of atomic physics frequently use the word heart for nucleus. Two examples only will suffice:-

(1).       "Each fast particle comes from the break up of the very Heart of a single atom the nucleus of the radioactive material". (Vide Physics -Physical Science Study Society Committee -second edition -D.C.Heath and Company Lexinction Massachusetts. July1965 page 130).

(2).       “How many nuclear heart-beats are in the life-time of a radioactive nucleus which lasts only billionth of a second". (Ibid page 21, Short Problems).

Teller in 1939 spoke of taking energy from the heart of atom. The atomic radiations follow the suit and have their actions in the nuclei of atoms and cells. The most spectacular spectacle of atomic fire's leaping up over the hearts may be viewed in the thermonuclear device wherein the fire is produced by the inner fission device is being directed onto the nuclei that is the hearts of the outer fusile material. The thermonuclear is the scientific version of the statement of the Quran, namely, a fire which leaps up on to the hearts. Radiations show a discernible preference for the heart and all that is related to the heart in a living body. They affect the coordination of the function at the level where it is beyond the control of the brain. The bone-marrow and all the blood-forming organs are more sensitive to the effect of radiation than the brain, the nerves and the muscles. The blood relation of bone-marrow and blood-forming organs with heart is known. All the multi-cellular organisms are more sensitive to the effect of radiation than all the unicellular organisms. That the former have a more elaborate circulatory and respiratory system than the latter, is well Known also in the blood relation of circulatory and respiratory system with heart. The action of radiation is retarded in the absence of oxygen and the blood-relation of oxygen with heart is known. Lastly the heat-flash of the atomic bomb explosion kills its victim through shock to the heart. The Quran says, "Hotama is a fire closed in on them". The atomic phenomenon shows peculiar and distinctive characteristic of encompassing. The inverted cauldron like form of the atomic bomb explosion, the continuous series of enclosures of local and global type of radioactive fallout,  the relentless tenacity of the bone-seeking radio-active materials settled in the bones, the appearance of cancers six to thirty six years after the actual exposure to radiation, the appearance of the effects in anaphase inspite of the attack of radiation on the cell in the resting state of the cell, the encompassment of the whole body by the radiation even if only one organ of the body is irradiated, the survival of the lethally irradiated frogs from many months instead of  dying in the usual time interval that of three to six weeks if kept in a dormant state at a low temperature just above freezing point, and the appearance of radiation symptoms as soon as these irradiated frogs are warmed up, and the occurrence of their death thereafter in the usual time interval that of three to six weeks, Alexander Haddow's suggestion that the cancer-producing action of the cancer producing substances might be the result of prolonged interference with normal growth, the encompassment by radiation of mankind to generation, even to their extinction through long-term radio-genetic effects, and the encompassment of this earth by radiation in the age of full-fledged atomic-energy-for-peace are some of the facts which indicate the distinct encompassing features of atomic phenomenon. The Quran says, "In outstretched columns". Besides the symbolically distinctive feature of the outstretched column associated with the atomic bomb explosion, the atomic phenomenon has yet another side of this aspect, namely that the world of radioactivity may be regarded as a world of columns. The 4 cm rise of the Alpha Particle would appear as a formidable column if the size of the particle is seen in comparison to the height it has assumed a football rising in the same ratio to its size would appear in the skies. The cosmic rays present a spectacle of amazing columns in showers, having heights that may cause man's imagination to reel. The Quran says "What could teach thee What Al-Hotama is?" This mode of interrogation implies terribleness of the phenomenon according to the early commentators of the Quran. To this may be added the extreme complexity of the subject of atomic science. The same question today, namely, "What could teach thee what atomic science is"? Could be put to the leading atomists, and their reply would invariably be, "Nothing".

                The Quran has described the nuclear phenomenon, with such accuracy, and has analyzed its characteristics with such precision, and has discerned its distinctive features with so strange a peculiarity that might well come as a surprise to the modern reader, particularly the scientists, and we may well describe a truth without being suspected of resorting to ancient and outmoded style of rhetoric if we say, that the description of the characteristics of the nuclear phenomenon by the Quran, would throw the scientist and the philosopher into ecstatic moods, provided indeed, if the faculty of imagination of these celebrated geniuses have not been completely dulled and dried up, by science, by materialism and by necessity. They will observe with some interest, a fact namely, that, whereas even the fathers of atomic bomb had to depend on practical experimentation in order to gain the knowledge of the characteristics of their invention, the Quran has contained all that knowledge, and something more than that, during these past fourteen centuries since the time when men possessed a knowledge of thermodynamics no more than that which could be derived from a lime kiln or a fire that glowed in their own hearts. The true appreciation of this point could be expected from great atomists of the calibre of Einstein, Fermi, Oppenheimer, Steller and others of note. The Quran contained all this most accurate scientific data about the nuclear phenomenon long before the scientists even had heard the name of the Uranium Fission, nay even the very name of Uranium itself. Let some one approach any of the renowned men of the realm of science and ask him, how much did he know about the various characteristics of the nuclear phenomenon e.g. its heat-flash, its enclosing features, its column raising idiosyncrasy, its radiations and their heart-reaching tendencies, and the global extent of the radiobiological hazard of the fallout before the actual experimentation, of the various processes. The Quran has enumerated and explained all these characteristics of the nuclear phenomenon with such dexterity and clearness that could be the wonder and delight of an atomist. The characterization of the nuclear phenomenon by the Quran are :-

(1) It is a fire.

(2) It is fire of Allah, enkindled.

(3) It leaps up over the hearts.

(4) It is fire closed in on them.

(5) In outstretched columns (Quran 104, Al- Homaza).






In this brief, very brief chapter I will not be able to show more than a mere glimpse of all that which I have to show to this world, a world which according to a factual, scientific analysis is surely doomed to a ruin, a universal ruin in the flames of the atomic hell, naturally , justly, deservedly. This world inspite of all the wishful thinking, optimism and ostriching must either vanish suddenly under the hails of atomic weapons, deservedly, or perish slowly, lingeringly, miserably under the swarms of the atomic radiations, also, deservedly. No protection from either the atomic bombs or the atomic radiations is a possibility. No peace treaties will be of ever-lasting avail in an atmosphere of ever-increasing and never abating and universal anarchy till the scientific process of this modern Baconian atomism working in accordance with unfailing and inexorable natural laws has   reached its final stage and burst into the flames, all-consuming flames of all atomic hell, atomism via atom to atomic hell. Such a surmise, if it appears so terrible, so pessimistically denunciative, then let it be known, that Late Bertrand Russell too had arrived at the same conclusion in 1964 when he communicated to me a single sentence which read:-

            "Since Adam and Eve ate the apple, man has never abstained from any folly that he was capable of, and the end is atomic bomb". Thus to Bertrand Russell this world was doomed to the atomic ruin. I too like Bertrand Russell would have died in disappointment about the end of this mankind. But my discovery of the prophetic warning of the Quran about the atomic hell in the year 1961 rescued me from the similar fate, and thereby I realized that an escape from the atomic ruin was a possibility for this mankind in the light of that warning which was in the Quran, and which was by the sheer Grace of Almighty Allah exposed to me, and is hitherto known to neither a Muslim nor a non-Muslim anywhere in the world.

            That an antique book fourteen centuries in the past, should treat the subject of atomic science, and scientifically characterize the nuclear phenomenon giving such characteristics of the atomic phenomenon as distinguish it from the rest of the phenomena, chemical, and electrical  is something which would come as no mild surprise to the modern atomist and radio-biologist, while the fact that the same book, in the same era and in the same context should characterize the culture of modern Baconian atomism is something which would cast the modern philosopher in reverie. And again, that the same book in the same passage should constitute a link between the atomism and the atomic hell that is the atomic bombs and atomic radiations would leave an Aristotle and a Plato, the two celebrated antagonists of atomism aghast with wonder. The affair is such that serves as an outstanding example to show the difference between the human and divine intellect. The difference which the intellects of the calibre of Einstein, Russell, Aristotle and Plato, would best see, they themselves being some of the most outstanding intellects among the human beings.

            This prophetic warning of the Quran thus is the only hope in this all-pervading, a universal and ever-increasing darkness in a world which willy-nilly is being dragged towards the brink of the atomic hell to be consumed. It was on 5th May 1980 that I in good faith dispatched an article containing the characterization of atomic phenomenon by the Quran, to fifteen of the leading physicists all over the world for attestation and on promise that in case the characterization was attested as correct, I would declare to the world the name of the book as well as the formula of neutralizing the atomic bombs and atomic radiations as may be formulated from the text of the passage concerned. Following is the list of the names of these celebrities:-

1.         Dr. Edward Teller, the well - known maker of the hydrogen bomb.

2.         Mr. Gerald Frederick tape, M.Sc., Ph.D.

3.         Mr.Wolfgang Kurt Hermann Panofsky, A.B,     Ph.D. All the three of America.

4.         Sir Denys Haigh Wilkinson, K.T.D.Sc, Ph.D. Sc.D. F.R.S. University of Sussex.

5.         Rendel Sabastian Pease, M.A.D.Sc., FRS.

6.         Sir Arthur Vick. K.T. OBE, D.Sc. Ph.D.LLD,DCL,F Inst P. FIEE, MRIA, All the three of Great Britain.

7.         Statens Karnkraft Inspecktion, stockholm Sweden.

8.         International Atomic Energy Karntner, Vienna   Austria.

9.         Robert Pompe of Germany.

10.       Jacques Yvon of France.

11.       Nobufusa Saito DSc.

12.       Yukawa hideki D.Sc.

13.       Sasaki Yoshitake. All the three of Japan.

14.       Andrey Dmitriyevick Kakarov of USSR.

15.       The Chairman Department of atomic energy Government of India.

The response was that Shirely Petty Secretary to Dr.Teller sent back the article that I may be able to send it to someone else, for Dr. Teller was on extended travel and would be traveling most of the rest of the year also.

            R.S. Pease of England, and Lennart Gillijan of Swedish Nuclear Power Inspectorate, acknowledged the receipt of my letter. Others assumed reticence. Why? This recalls to my mind the case of Muller. H.J. Muller to whom is due the profound, epoch making discovery of the induction of mutations by ionizing radiation in 1927. It is a curious commentary on our times that Muller's paper, originally prepared for the "Geneva Conference on the Peaceful Use of atomic energy" (August 1955) could not be presented and discussed at the conference. Why? Because the discovery in question was regarded as detrimental to those who wanted to move on the path of atomic energy with eyes closed against the hazards. The same, though in a far greater degree, could be said of my discovery. My offer, however, still holds good to the entire community of the atomists all over the world. Herein is opened a new and novel vista of research for the scientist and the philosopher with the hope of redemption of this mankind from a most grievous and most painful doom in the flames of the atomic hell.

            Although it is for the eminent physicists and Radio-biologists to really appreciate the characterization of the atomic phenomenon, yet the measure of complexity is not such that would make the whole thing incomprehensible to a man of average education and understanding. We will now read the entire text of the prophecy which is as follows:-

"Woe to every backbiter, defamer, who amasseth wealth (of this world) and arrangeth it (against the future). He thinketh that his wealth will render him immortal. Nay, for, verily he will be cast into Al-Hotama. And what could teach thee what Al-Hotama is? It is kindled fire of Allah which leapeth up on to the hearts. It is (a fire) closed in on them in outstretched columns" (Quran 104 - Al -Homaza).

            Now the characteristic features of the atomic phenomenon according to the Quran are:

1.         That it is crusher, for the term Hotama literally means a crusher.

2.         That it is fire and is fire of Allah.

3.         That it is a fire which leaps up on to the hearts.

4.         That it is a fire which is closed in on them.

5.         That it raises outstretched columns.

6.         And that it is a phenomenon too complex and terrible, just as is apparent from the question, what could teach thee what Al-Hotama is? These and exactly these are the characteristics of the nuclear phenomenon, and are the characteristics which distinguish the nuclear phenomenon from all the rest of the phenomena, chemical, and electrical. We have now to show in the light of atomic science that these are exactly the characteristics of the atomic phenomenon. The Quran has said:-

            "Al-Hotama. And what could teach thee what Al-Hotama is? It is fire of Allah enkindled which leaps up on to the hearts. It is (a fire) closed in on them in outstretched columns".

            We will treat these points one by one, believing that those among you who do not know atomic science will also be able to follow the theme. The validity of the facts of atomic science included could be confirmed by the atomist as well as the text books of atomic science.

1.         The Quran says "Hotama". Hotama is a pure Arabic word derived from the root-verb Hatama, which means "to break something into pieces" or "to shatter it". Hotama is a descriptive noun and means "a breaker or crusher". That the Quran should call a fire by the name of breaker would at once call to the mind of the scientist the German term 'BREMSSTRAHLUNG" which literally meant "breaking radiation" and was applauded as highly descriptive by the atomists when first coined by the German for continuous spectrum of rays. Not only this, but it has to be observed that the characteristics of breaking or crushing is one of these particular characteristics of the atomic phenomenon which distinguish it from all the rest of the phenomena, chemical, and electrical. Mark the atomic energy appearing by breaking the binding of the atomic nucleus. Atomic and only the atomic energy is generated in this manner and none other. Not only this, but further, the atomic phenomenon may be regarded as the absolute crusher, since its breaking and crushing is of an absolute nature. Atoms once crushed could not be reconstructed by a method of synthesis. Nucleus once disintegrated could not be rearranged in its original form by any means or methods. So completely absolute is the crushing involved in the atomic actions and reactions that the destruction of both the basic building block of the universe, that is atom, and basic unit of life, that is the cell is involved. This again is a characteristic which distinguishes the atomic phenomenon from all the rest. Not only this, but further the atomic radiations that are inherent in the very nature of the atomic phenomenon, show the identical trait of breaking and crushing. In inanimate matter they break the atomic nuclei and cause transmutations of atoms by changing the form of the nuclei. In living bodies, they attack the cell nucleus and break the chromosomes thereof.

            The heat flash of the atomic bomb explosion falls with a crushing impact like lightening on the body and kills the heart of its victim with the shock. The blast of the atomic bomb is terrible crusher of structures, while the radiations of the atomic bomb explosion carry out the process of crushing in the usual way. The first two features may be observed in the conventional bombs also. But what is the crushing wrought by the conventional bombs to that wrought by the atomic bomb.

            This trait, that of breaking and crushing on the part of atomic phenomenon may be observed with conspicuity in all the standard text books of atomic physics that may be found replete with terms like" bombarding, crushing, smashing, hitting, breaking" etc. in the description of the actions and reactions of atomic phenomenon. Likewise the standard text books of Radio- biology may be found replete with phrases like " Target concept, direct action, indirect action, snapping the cable with a bullet, breaking the chromosomes," and sentences like" radiations hit the cells like sledge hammer and crush them", while describing the actions and reactions of radiations to this may be added the words of Rutherford that expressed his astonishment at the crushing trait of the atomic particles. After his famous experiment in which he had bombarded the gold foil with alpha particles, he wrote in his diary, " It was as incredible as if you fired a 15 inch shell at a piece of tissue paper and it came back and hit you. It was the most incredible moment that ever happened to me in my life".

            Lastly back to the question of the phonetic and functional identity existing between the word atomic and Quran's Hotamic. The former being coined or adopted by the scientist and the latter by the Quran. Atom no longer means something indestructible, while Hotama of the Quran means a destroyer and both are concerned with the act of breaking. Do mark the sound of the two words! It appears to be one word. Is this then a mere coincident? No. the exact characterization of the atomic phenomenon by the Quran excludes the possibility. Rather it appears that he who coined the term Hotama, had before his eyes, indeed supernatural penetrating eyes, the entire theme of atomic phenomenon and all the future ages.  The term Hotama being neither Greek nor English enhances the wonder at being so similar a term as atomic even in the Arabic tongue. What other name could be given to this fact if not a miracle? The tremendousness of the crushing capacity of the atomic bomb and atomic radiation is as conspicuously great that needs no allusion.

            The Quran says" Hotama is fire of Allah enkindled". This point involves no complexity. Atomic phenomenon produces energy. Energy produces heat. Heat produces fire. The association of fire with atomic bombs and radiations is a well known fact. But why Allah should associate this particular fire with His own name is the question! The colossal magnitude of atomic fire as well as its incredibly high temperatures might be the consideration. Again if this mankind is consumed eventually by the flames of the atomic bombs or the effects of radiations, as retribution, then rightly this fire may be regarded as the wrath of Allah enkindled. This is a fact which takes the mind of every thoughtful man to the causes and the effects of this great problem. Will this mankind be able to avoid the atomic war for ever or will it be able to guard itself from the hazards that are apparently incident on the existence of the factor of atomic radiation, are the questions that demand the attention of every man that is endowed with the faculty of thinking.

3.         The Quran says" Hotama is a fire which leaps up on to the hearts". Here then is a characteristic of the atomic phenomenon which may be regarded as one most distinctively characteristic and the one, that distinguishes the atomic phenomenon from every other. But this point of the Quran is proved by merely calling the atomic phenomenon by its characteristic name that of : "The nuclear phenomenon". The nuclear phenomenon is called as nuclear because its actions appear in the nucleus (heart) of the atom. That, in no other phenomena, chemical or electrical, the actions take place in the nucleus of the atom is well known. The nucleus therein in all non-atomic phenomena remains untouched to the end. But how the point of leaping up onto the hearts is proved, is the question! The Quran has used the word, "Hearts" while the scientist has used the word, "Nucleus". But the scientist himself uses the word" heart" for the nucleus. The heart with nucleus thus is a synonym. The Quran has not spoken amiss. That the scientist frequently and most aptly uses the word heart to signify the nucleus, may be found in the standard text books on atomic physics. Two out of scores of examples will suffice:-

a). "Each fast particle comes from the break-up of the very heart of the single atom (the nucleus) of the radioactive material". (Vide Physics: Physical science study committee ---second edition-----D.C.Heath and Company Lexinton, Massachusetts, July 1965, pages 130).

b). "How many nuclear heart-beats are in the life-time of a radioactive nucleus which lasts only billionth of a second".

                      (Ibid: Page 21. Short  problems).

            Edward Teller spoke in the year 1939, of taking energy from the heart of the atom. The entire field of action of the atomic that is : the nuclear phenomenon, is within the nuclei of the atoms. The fission as well as the fusion process both take place within the nuclei of the atoms of the fissile and fusile material. The best spectacle, however, of the leaping up on to the hearts that is the nuclei, and the best proof of the word of the Quran may be seen in the case of the Thermonuclear action, wherein the heat produced in the inner fission device is being directed on to the hearts, that is the nuclei of the outer fusile material. Remarkable in itself is the Term “Thermonuclear" in its purport. It clearly means a fire which leaps up on to the nuclei that is the hearts.

            The atomic radiations not only show the nuclear characteristics by having their actions within the nuclei, whether in inanimate matter or whether in the living body, but further by showing a particular attraction for the heart or whatever in the body is related to the heart. They present the point of the Quran touching the heart in a manner so quaintly suggestive as deserves the notice of scientist. Radiations affect the coordination of the function at a level where it is beyond the control of the brain, Bone-marrow and all the blood-forming organs are more sensitive to the effects of radiations than the brain, the nerves and the muscles. Multi-cellular organisms are more sensitive to radiation than the unicellular. This fact may be attributed to the better development of the circulatory and respiratory system of the multicellular organisms. The blood relation of the circulatory and respiratory systems with heart is known. The action of radiations is retarded in the absence of oxygen and again the blood relation of oxygen with heart is known. Heat flash of the atomic bomb kills its victim through shock to the heart. Mark the factor of blood relation in all these above mentioned instances.

4.         The Quran says "Hotama is a fire closed in on them". The atomic phenomenon shows encompassing characteristics distinctly. The fallout enclosures of the local and global kind, the tenacity of the bone-seeking radioactive materials, the appearance of cancer six to thirty years after the exposure to radiation, the appearance of the effects of radiation on the cell in anaphase inspite of the attack of radiation on the cell in its resting stage, the encompassment of the whole body by radiation inspite of the irradiation of one organ only, the survival of the lethally irradiated frogs for many months instead of dying in the usual time interval of three to six weeks if kept in a dormant state at a low temperature just above freezing point, conditional to the appearance of radiation symptoms as soon as the frogs are warmed up and then the occurrence of their death in the usual time interval that of three to six weeks, and Alexander Haddow's suggestion that the cancer-producing action of the cancer-producing substances might be the result of prolonged interference with normal growth, and the encompassment of mankind to generations by radiation, even to the point of extinction through long-term radio-genetic effects, and thereafter the encompassment of the earth by radiation for millions of years due to the wide-spread radioactive substances, and also the encompassment of earth by radiation in the age of full fledged atomic energy for peace, are some of the facts that indicate the distinct encompassing features of the atomic phenomenon.

5.         The Quran says" Outstretched columns". Besides the symbolically distinctive features of the outstretched column associated with the atomic bomb explosion, the world of radioactivity may be seen as a world of columns. The 4 centimeter rise of an alpha particle if seen in comparison to its tiny size with the height it has assumed may be regarded as to have constituted a column. The cosmic rays may be regarded to have risen in columns whose dizzying heights might cause them mind to reel.

            The Quran says "What could teach thee what Al-Hotama is?" Judging from the complexity of the nuclear science the same question may be put to the nuclear scientist and the answer would invariably be. Nothing. The terribleness of the atomic phenomenon is besides.

            Now if this characterization of the atomic phenomenon, the most complex of the natural phenomena is correct, and it certainly is correct, then what reason there remains for a scientist to deny the possibility of a miracle. How he could deny this miracle of the Quran. Again if none other than God himself could know the phenomenon of the atomic hell at the time when the Quran  was revealed, then surely no more irrefutable proof of the divine original of the Quran could be needed.

            We cannot leave the first part of this warning of the Quran about the atomic hell un-mentioned, for both the parts form an indissoluble entity and are interlinked inseparably. Also the topic cannot be completed without the treatment of the warning in Toto.

The text of the first part of the warning is:-

            "Woe to every backbiter, defamer, who amasseth wealth (of this world) and arrangeth it (against the future). He thinketh that his wealth will render him immortal. Nay, for verily he will be cast into Al-Hotama".

            Herein then may be found the characterization of this culture of modern science guided Baconian atomism. These characteristics, namely, slander, engrossment in wealth accumulation, and a faith in the eternity of this process of wealth-accumulation are not only the particular characteristics of this modern Baconian culture, but also form the basic cause of the appearance of the atomic hell, that is atomic bombs and atomic radiations. Indeed Aristotle and Plato, though strongly antagonistic to the theory of Atomism, could not have seen so far as to find a link between atomism and atomic bombs. Here again is a point which differentiates between the greatest of the human intellects and the divine intelligence. Quran could see so far.

            We will now show that the characteristics before-mentioned are exactly the characteristics of this modern culture of Baconian atomism.

1.         The Quran says" Back-biter, defamer". This is the age of slander, universal slander which has been intellectualized and named propaganda. This is a peculiar feature of this age.

2.         The Quran says" He amasseth wealth (of this world) and arrangeth it (against the future)". No better description could be made of this modern, science-guided, continuous, systematic, organized, ever-increasing, infinite and universal process of wealth-accumulation and its systematic arrangement for future, known by the name of progress. This is a peculiar and particular feature of this age.

3.         The Quran says, "He thinketh that his wealth will render him immortal". Mark the faith of this age in the infinite continuity of this progress through five yearly plans to the ultimate goal of self-sufficiency. And see their solicitude about the continuity and stability of the monuments of progress and property. They behave as if they have to live for ever in this world.

4.         The Quran says," Nay, for verily he will be cast into Al-Hotama (the atomic hell)". Atomic hell (the atomic bombs and atomic radiations) is the inescapable, logical end of these characteristics. The notion of eternity on the part of the backbiting wealth accumulator is thus falsified.

            The people of this particular age, even if they escape the atomic war and atomic radiations, they will not escape the Hotama, that is the atomic hell of the next eternal world, because the causes of both this transient atomic hell and the eternal atomic hell (Al-Hotama) are the same. This transient atomic hell of this world is the representation of the eternal Hotama of the next eternal world.

            This warning of the Quran is the only hope of this mankind and is as the Noah's Ark for this deluge of atomic fire. No anti-atomic movement in the world can achieve success nor a religion could be completely promulgated without adopting the guidelines appearing in this warning.

            This 36 word prophetic warning of the Quran has taken me nineteen years to treat, and now the following volumes in English are ready with me for publication, as a test of the Muslim and the non-Muslim world.

Gabriel's extinguishing the atomic hell series:

Volume-1.Quran predicts, characterizes and averts the atomic hell.

Volume -2    Atomic-energy-for-peace a curse.

Volume-3.  Quran versus atomism, ancient and modern.

Volume-4. An essay on Bacon's life in reference to his philosophy.

Volume-5. Quran versus Sir James Jean's " Mysterious Universe".


Democritus enkindles, Abraham extinguishes the atomic hell.

Volume-7.Quran sounds its nuclear warning about the atomic hell. 

Volume-8. A Quranic design of the neutralizer of the atomic hell and my mission therein.

Volume-9. The case of the atomic energy for peace in the court of Lord Justice Science.

Volume-10. Atomic hell the logical consequence of Baconian philosophy.

Volume-11. Atomic hell, Baconian philosophy, Anti-Christ, Quran and Abraham.

Volume-12. Relation between the Quran and the Bible.

Volume-13.The Quran corrects a philosophy confined to the present day Science. 

Volume-14.Gabriel's Islamic Bomb.

            Fourteen volumes in Urdu languages are besides these in English, on various topics.

            I have written letters in this respect to the King of Saudi Arabia, and to Ayatullah Khumaini of Iran, and to the Secretary General of UNO and to His Holiness Pope Paul II and to Allamah Mohammed Asad Tangier, and to the Presidents of Libya, America and Russia, and to the Prime Ministers of India, Canada and Japan, and to the Sheikhs of Arab Emirates. The Replies of Pope and the Prime Minister of Canada I have received from the rest I am awaiting an answer.

            The Question arises, why a man in my position and my circumstances should submit to such a torturous ordeal for forty years for nothing? The answer to this question is that in 1942, my 25th and the year of Fermi's successful realization of Uranium Fission Chain Reaction in Chicago, I was in Mussayyib in Iraq recommended by the Green Turbaned Saint Al-Khidhr to Abraham for the Abrahamic mission in a dream. The mission ultimately proved to be that of warning this mankind against the hazards of atomic hell. And it is my conviction that this mankind will be saved from the atomic doom, I at the time of my dream had but negligibly meager knowledge, but thereafter like a man proposed I learned languages, literatures, philosophies, sciences and scripture, indeed without a school or a teacher, and was throughout obliged to work for living. No Bunyan could find a heart to narrate this forty year long afflictive pilgrimage, nor a Freud could find a method to subject my intellectual achievements to psycho-analysis. I have no claim on my dream. Rather let my work be read. A conference of the eminent atomists and Radiobiologists, and the publication of these volumes is the necessity. Difficulties are great, but God be on my side to help. My appeal in this connection is to entire mankind for the sake of their children and their children's children. Einstein in 1939 invited the attention of Roosevelt toward the possibility of making a bomb a million times more powerful than the conventional bomb I now invite the attention of the elite to a possibility of destroying that bomb for the safety of mankind.

            Benjamin Creme of London, sought his Christ, Lord Maitreya in Bricklane, East London among the Pakistani community, and could not find him there. It was the mission of stopping the third world war that Benjamin Creme had assigned to his expected Christ. Declining outright any such title or nomenclature precedence I declare to this mankind my mission which is the annulment of the possibility of atomic ruin of the world. An Astrologer of Pakistan by the name of Ghazi Munajim has declared the presence of a spiritual personality like that of Benjamin Creme's Lord Maitreya in the Punjab itself, a province of Pakistan, but cannot tell who or where, yet believes that his presence itself will set the things aright in the world. I say a substantial process and a revolution will be necessary to save this world from the atomic ruin.

            And now before I bring this chapter to its end, let me point to a very relevant and yet very strange coincidence, It was in September 1963, two years after my discovery of the prophecy of the Quran about the atomic hell, that Miss Annemarie  Schimmel, a renowned German Scholar, delivered a series of lectures in the Punjab University Lahore. Her last lecture was about the origin of the Quran. And it was this last lecture that I by a mere chance happened to attend. Her view was that the Quran could not have been the word of Allah, because according to her there were mistakes in it, and because it was for man to err and because God could never err, therefore the Quran could not have been regarded as the word of Allah and obviously it was the work of the prophet of Islam. It was there that I found a chance to point to the prophecy of the Quran about the atomic bomb, and there I explained the text to her as a sure proof of Quran's divine original, for it was not for man to know this in those days when the Quran, was being revealed, and it was God only who could have known it then, and therefore it was the word of God only that the Quran could have been. My thanks are due to Miss Anne Mary Schimmel for the manner in which she then convinced me of the truth and the efficacy of the prophecy in Question. And now in the end let us all pray to God that He through his boundless Mercy save this mankind from the painful and disgraceful atomic doom which now confronts us all. Amen.


            It is most interesting astonishing and absorbing topic of a universal nature and one of most momentous import, but in so brief a chapter, I would no more be able than to give a bare skeleton, and hardly even all the basic features. I on my own part have no reason to doubt that the topic will be most welcomed every where the humanity exists.

                Quran says: Woe to every backbiter, defamer, who amasseth wealth (of this world) and arrangeth it (against the future). He thinketh that his wealth will render him immortal. Nay, for, verily, he will be cast into Al-Hotama. And what Al-Hotama is? It is fire of Allah enkindled which leaps unto the hearts. It is a (fire) closed in on them in outstretched columns".



            Hotama means a hell of fire generated by nuclear that is atomic energy with all its attributes, namely, the heat radiation, blast and radioactive fallout. This word etymologically speaking is derived from the root verb (purely Arabic) HATAMA, which means "the process of breaking something into pieces", or "reducing something into particles". In scientific language we could say, "The process of atomizing". The noun from the root verb HATAMA is HITAMA which means a smitherine. Keep in your mind the identity between the two words that is the Arabic word Hatama or Hitama and the English word Atom or its origin the Greek word Atomos, both as regards sound and meaning. Further, first etymological inflection of Hatama is Hattama, that is T is doubled. It means to shatter something to pieces. Second inflection is Tahattama, which amounts in impact to explosion. The Inhatama means, to be broken into pieces. Hutaam-ud-Dunia signifies the vanities of the world, which are perishable. And so also the term Hutam-us- Safina which means, the wreckage of the ship.

                Now the word Atom has been adopted from the Greek word Atomos. Atomos means that which is uncuttable. The word atom therefore as is used by the scientist seems to be a misnomer since the atom has been broken into sub atomic parts, e.g. electrons, protons, neutrons, positrons etc. On the other hand the word used by the Quran that is Hattama, is correctly used. It is surprising to note that, the scientists gathered in a conference in order to coin some suitable term in place of atom, but after discussion they decided to leave the thing as it is. All this in contradiction to the basic spirit of science and its dictates. In this context we could with plausibility make a conjecture that the very same power which had placed the prophecy about the atom bomb in the Quran, it had also so managed the mind of the scientist as to let atom remains atom due to the phonic resemblance between atom and Hatam, so that when the time came, the discovery of the secret in the prophecy be made possible. This phonic resemblance between these two key words served as the clue. Without which even the most exact corroboration of the descriptive facts contained in the prophecy would find a little difficult recognition.





            The Quran says," What will convey unto thee what Al-Hotama is? This question implies the strangeness of the phenomenon as well as its terribleness. The Quran however proceeds with the description of Al-Hotama. It is a miraculous description. The topic just as the Quran has said, is, too deep too high and far too intricate. To appreciate it fully, the knowledge of science, philosophy, theology, the Quran and the Arabic language is necessary.

                The Quran says, " Hotama is the fire of Allah, kindled, which leapeth up over the hearts. It is closed in on them in outstretched columns". And now the five characteristics of the fire of Hotama.


1.         Fire :The nuclear explosion is fire. It has two main constituents, namely the heat-flash and the ionizing radiations. Both these are fire. The heat flash is the initial radiation, more dazzling than the sun. It appears at a minute fraction of a second on detonation and lasts for but two seconds. The ionizing radiations, that is alpha, beta, gamma rays and neutrons are inherent in atomic explosion and appear as fission products. There is indeed the blast as powerful as earthquake, but it is only an associated effect. And there are colossal fires that consume whole cities, but they are started through connection, or due to damaged electrical appliances. Sixty percent of deaths and seventy five percent at least of all causalities in Hiroshima were due to fire.


            The fire of Hotama has appeared as wrath of Allah and as retribution, because of a set of inconsistencies which the Quran has enumerated as slander and back-biting, complete engrossment in the accumulation of wealth, and wealth worship.

            The intensity of flame, magnitude of fire and extent of destruction is so great that, it could reasonably be attributed to the name of Allah. Hiroshima bomb developed a temperature of million degrees C. Normal High Yield bombs develop temperature of an order of tens of millions of degrees C, while for the triggering of Thermonuclear bombs the temperatures developed are of the order of hundreds of millions C. Such temperatures are not of earthly but of solar and stellar nature. The earliest commentators of the Quran justly defined Al-Hotama, as " a kind of a hell in which whatever is cast is reduced to powder, through the sheer intensity of the flame".

            Barely a couple of pounds of Uranium-235 liberates energy equivalent to twenty thousand tons of TNT. A thousand Kilograms of Uranium-235 that is one metric ton would liberate energy equivalent to twenty million tons of TNT. This last means energy of the order of large scale natural phenomena like hurricanes and earthquakes.

            The explosion energy produced by a single 15 megaton thermonuclear bomb far exceeds all the explosive energy produced in the whole human history united.

            Whereas the heat-flash, its subsequent fires, and the blast of a single 20 megaton thermonuclear bomb destroy largest cities in the world, the radioactive fallout of such a bomb would lay waste areas equal to states: to wit an area a little less than five hundredth part of the whole surface of the earth. Five hundred such bombs therefore would devastate the whole of the earth, so that unfortunate survivals if any, would envy the doom of those dead, in a dungeon horrible on all sides round as a huge furnace flamed, but from those flames no light but rather darkness visible, to discover sights of worry, regions of sorrow, doleful shades, where peace and rest can never dwell, hope never comes, that comes to all, but rather an endless torture still urges in a fiery deluge fed with ever-burning uranium unconsumed.

            The ionizing radiations of Nuclear energy whether generated with peaceful views or for war purposes are always there and are fatal to human health. So that by and by humanity would be turned into cancer ridden freaks. No remedy has hitherto been found for the perils of radioactivity.


            Atomic explosion : a fire which leaps up over the hearts and a point which presents a very interesting study:-


               The heat flash as stated before appears within a fraction of a second on detonation. It lasts for about two seconds, it travels with the speed of light, it strikes the body of exposed persons within its effective range; and while within a particular zone nearer to the site of explosion it kills its victims on the spot; at greater distances it leaves its victims with serious to minor skin burns. We know that it does not penetrate beneath the skin. How does it then kill on the spot? It kills by the heat which has entered the lungs and has choked the heart to death. The terrible shock also plays a considerable role along with the heat, in bringing about the instantaneous death.


            The name given to the central core of atom is most appropriately "Nucleus". And what is the meaning of nucleus if it is not the "heart, The Central Core, the Kernal".


            This most patent term thermonuclear is no more than the translation of the Quran's phrase, "A fire which leaps up over the hearts". Thermo means "heat" or "fire" and nuclear means "that which is related to nucleus" that is "Heart".


            These radiations, alpha, beta, gamma rays and neutrons are inherent in the very nature of atomic explosion. These radiations entering into the blood stream seek the bones and there attack, the Bone-marrow. The function of bone-marrow is to generate blood. The radiations render it incapable of generating blood, and destroy both the red and white blood corpuscles. The supply of blood to the heart is thus stopped and the heart thus dies of starvation and torment.

            All the blood-forming organs are a very attractive target of radiations. The relation between the blood-forming organs and blood and heart is well known.

            The symptoms of radiation sickness are leukemia; a disease of blood, hemorrhages that is blood leaking also a disease of blood; fever, also connected with blood, nausea and vomiting, also related with heart.

            All multi-cellular organisms with more perfected heart and lungs, and more elaborated circulatory and respiratory systems are without exception more sensible to the effects of radiations than all the unicellular organisms that have less perfect heart and lungs and less elaborate circulatory and respiratory systems. This also proves a decisive affinity of the radiations for heart. The presence of oxygen enhances the action of radiations whereas its absence retards their action. The role of oxygen in the aeration of blood and lungs and heart is apparent. Muscles, nerves and brain are the organs least sensible to radioactivity, whereas, Heart and all those organs that are connected with heart are most sensible to the effect thereof. It proves a particular affinity of these radioactive rays for heart.

            The nuclear energy is generated even on the same principle that is the heart attack. In fission process a neutron attacks the heart of an atom in a pile of fissile material and knocks out two neutrons. These knocked out neutrons as if in a retaliative mood attack in turn an atom each and knock out two neutrons from the heart of atom each. This process continues multiplying the number of knocked out neutrons and so the fission chain reaction is built up till the whole mass of fissile matter becomes red hot and explodes in wrath at the hearts having been disturbed. And so also in the fusion process the hearts (nuclei) of two atoms are crushed together and energy is liberated.


            Who could be unaware of the fire of discontent which is raging today in every human heart. The cause of this heart burning is the present materialistic age, with its peculiar slander and backbiting, excessive engrossment in the accumulation of wealth and wealth worship the very same characteristics which also are the cause of the emergence of nuclear weapons.

4)         The fire of Hotama according to the Quran is "a fire closed in on them". Please bring your imagination into play and enact the scene of an atomic explosion of say a twenty megaton bomb. There is a column ten miles high, three miles across like the central pole of a tent. This column is topped by a mushroom shaped lid, a hundred miles across. Around this column imagine a hollow, transparent cylinder eighty miles in diameter, ten miles high and covered with the hundred miles mushroom lid of the column. This imaginary enclosure is actually the effective range of the bomb in question. The interior of this eighty miles wide cylinder comprises, heat-flash, blast waves inter-woven with radiation invisible rays, interspersed with colossal fires and flying incandescent debris amidst shattering buildings, toppling spires of lofty churches, all enveloped in whirling clouds of a shridden smoke and choking fumes, and indeed unwholesome odour of burning bodies of men, women, children in an atmosphere of wails, unheard, groans uncarved and cries unresponded in an enclosure eighty miles around and ten miles high. But the description of the enclosure is not yet complete. There is yet another story above this awe-inspiring edifice. Raise up your head and see, the central three miles wide column has shot upward from the mushroom lid towards the higher regions above the troposphere into the stratosphere another ten miles. There the head of the column has spread itself into a thin layer of radioactive fallout, to be driven by the prevailing streams of wind around the earth like satellites for about ten years, gradually settling out on the earth, and contaminating vegetation and sources of water, and turning human beings into chimeras and monsters begetting monsters. And thus we see that even the whole earth has been enclosed by the fire of Hotama.

            Also, that the action of atomic explosion starts with heat-flash within a fraction of a second, then comes the blast and lastly the ionizing radiations. All this takes place at the most in ten seconds. Who could, therefore get out of the effective range of the explosion which may be as far as eighty miles, a fraction of a second or even ten seconds. Judging from the number of affected persons which may run into millions the evacuation of such huge masses of people as might have survived the heat-flash and the blast and are affected by radioactive fallout, seems an impossibility even for the most industrialized countries, for the people affected by fallout have to be removed to safer places within a day or two, if serious hazard is to be avoided. Again, whereto they are to be evacuated, where is a safer place to be found in case of war?. In short it is a fire closed in on them.


            An outstretched column and the mushroom top is a characteristic feature of atomic explosion. One such column twenty miles high and three miles across we have already mentioned, but the most spectacular view is presented by the column of water raised in case of a shallow under water.


            The earliest commentators who have quoted the Sahabah (the companion disciples of the Holy Prophet Peace Be Upon Them) have described Al-Hotama that is the atomic hell, in the clearest of terms and have left nothing ambiguous. Space would not permit us to quote all that, from "Tafsir Ibn Abbas", and "Tafsir-e-Kabir" by Imam Fakhruddin Razi, and "Al-Jallaalain", and "Tabri", and "Tafsir-Ul-Quran-Il-Azam" by Imam Ismail Ibn Katheer". These are all the most authentic resources, but in the following we give a few specimens that will provide the reader with a glimpse. All the commentators however, had the next eternal atomic hell in the external world in view. It is we, the unfortunate that were destined to see its worldly replica.


(a) "Wail", (English translation is woe) implies extreme severity of torment. It also means a "pit", a dungeon, a cell in hell. It also means "a valley of pus and suppuration". Now please read this description in the light of the symptoms of radiation sickness already mentioned, i.e. leukemia, hemorrhages, nausea, vomiting and severe heart-burning, in a post atomic assault area.

(b) "Amadim-Mumaddadah" (English translation is outstretched columns)."Columns of fire having considerable depth".


            Innaha Alaihim Musadah Fi Amadim Mummaddadah, (English translation is, a fire closed in on them in outstretched columns. "The victims having been put therein, the cylinders are to be closed".

            Please read this and recall to your mind the process of atomic explosion from detonation to its full development to the mushroom top.

(b) "Al-Hotama is a fire which is never extinguished". The worthy commentator here had in view the atomic hell in the next world. Yet the fire of atomic explosion in this world is also a fire which characteristically cannot be extinguished until it has completed the whole explosion process. Once an atom bomb is detonated, its action will only cease after the heat-flash has appeared, the blast has taken place and the ionizing radiations have been liberated. All this might take about ten seconds. This, however, a transient world and its atomic hell also ought to show this characteristic as against the next eternal world, wherein the atomic hell shall for ever and incessantly burn.

(III) Tafsir-Il-Kabir by Imam Fakhrud-din Razi:-

(a)        "Al-Hotama is a fire which grinds to powder whatever is cast therein. A fire which crushes bones, eats up flesh, till at last it attacks the heart". Now see that the bones are crushed and the flesh is eaten up by the atomic radiations, till at last the heart is attacked. This great Commentator of the Quran has in this context raised come extremely subtle points which he has beautifully discussed.

(b) "......then imagine its (hearts) plight of hell-fire be plunged into it   (Yet the strange fact is) that although the fire of hell of Al-Hotama has completely overwhelmed it, yet it is not consumed thereby". We have seen that the heat-flash, although it burns the skin of its victims, yet it does not neither burn the body, nor the heart.

(IV)     TABRI

(a) Innaha Alaihim Musadah "English translation is it is (a fire) closed in on them". There is going to be a   man, in one of the apartments of hell, crying perpetually for a thousand years, “O Benign Allah! O Merciful Allah. Allah (out of Mercy) will command the angel Gabriel, go take my servant out of fire. Gabriel (in obedience to the command of Allah) will go, but finding the fire closed in on them will return and say, O Allah! The fire is closed in on them. Allah will say, go open it, and take my servant out of it. The man will thus be taken out of fire and placed outside the paradise, till Allah will cause his hair, flesh and blood to reappear". Hair is affected by atomic radiations, springs of blood are dried up and the flesh is eaten up.

(b) Innaha Alaihim Musadah (English translation is "It is a fire closed in on them". "The victims are first to be put in the cylinders and the cylinders are then to be stretched upwards". Recall to your mind the column of atomic explosion being stretched upwards after detonation.

(V)      Quotations attributed to the Prophet by Jallalain:-

"Allah shall appoint over the victims, angels, equipped with covers of fire, and nails of fire, and columns of fire. So the angels shall cover the victims with the covers of fire, and shall transfix them with the nails of fire and will stretch the columns of fire upwards. Whole thing shall be rendered so over-tight that neither relief could enter therein, nor agony could find exit from within".

            It is impossible to find another description of the atomic explosion more characteristic. The effective range of an atomic explosion is exactly like an inverted cauldron. The radiation rays are nails that transfix the victims, and the columns of fire are the columns raised by the fire-balls of atomic explosion.


            The Quran says:" Woe unto every slandering traducer, who gathereth wealth (of this world) and arrangeth it. He thinketh that his wealth will render him immortal. Nay, but verily he will be cast into Al-Hotama".

            The causes thus are given out as slander and backbiting, complete engrossment in the accumulation of wealth, undue confidence in wealth, amounting to worship. Now, it hardly needs the discerning eye of a Socrates to know, that all the three characteristics are the most peculiar and particular characteristics of this our modern materialistic age of propaganda, wealth accumulation and wealth worship. We shall not need therefore any elaboration of the point.

(4) Please, remember, that this prophecy of the Quran is a warning, and hence, if the cause is removed the danger must automatically disappear. The scientist has failed hitherto, in producing any sort of neutralizer of atomic explosion, nor he has been able to find out any treatment of radiation sickness. And so has the strategist, found himself quite at a loss to find any ways of safety or defence against the nuclear warfare. Treaties and agreements will prove but signed hair and the only hope for mankind has appeared in this warning of the Quran. A scripture has at last risen to the occasion, to save humanity and to vouchsafe glory to the world of Allah in his last declared will to the whole mankind. It has taken me two volumes to treat the topic, namely, Quran predicts atomic bomb, and the unscientific philosophy of the scientist. It is a living miracle of the Quran, and the last hope of humanity. Every one may understand the topic, but real appreciation thereof is reserved for the elite only, as are possessed of versatile genius of the highest order.



The Efficacy Of The WARNING OF The Quran About The Atomic Hell:

Debate with Annemarie  Schimmel)


Iqbal wondered when he first observed in Europe the libraries there bestrewn with the books written by the ancestors of the Muslims, and there in his poem of Lament he quoted the verse of Ghani Kashmiri, a notable saint poet of Kashmir: - "Behold O Ghani! the dark misfortunate of Jacob, that the light of his eyes doth illuminate the eye of Dhulaikha". The same or nearly similar experience I had when I read the commentaries of the early authentic commentators of the Quran like Abdullah Ibn-e- Abbas, Al-Jallalain, Jarir Tabri, Immam Fakhruddin Razi and Ibn-Khatheer, (may Allah be pleased with them all). Therein I observed with wonder and with delight, that their comments about the fire of Al-Hotama could have provided food for thought to modern thinkers and would have provided guidance to the nuclear scientists, or at least would have warned them of the peculiar terribleness of the atomic phenomenon, and the causes of its creation. These commentators have not only discerned the peculiarly distinctive characteristics of the fire of Hotama, but also have made remarks that would be the wonder of every nuclear scientist. For instance Imam Fakhruddin Razi says:-"The fire of Hotama though it overwhelms the heart of its victim, yet it burns not the heart, for the burning of the heart implied death and death was not in the next world". There could not have been expected yet another better description of the fire of Hotama and the fire of this atomic hell, with the difference, however, that the fire of this present atomic hell can kill the heart, though it does not burn it. It is only the replica and a temporal and transient representation of the eternal Hotama of the next world wherein there is no death. The example of the heat-flash of the atomic bomb may be quoted, which does not burn the heart though overwhelms it. The early commentators, however, had the thought of the next world only, since hell is always associated with the next world. A very remarkable point which appears from the commentaries of these commentators is that the companions of the Holy Prophet (peace be upon him) had discerned the distinctive character of the fire of Hotama as distinguished from that of the ordinary fire, and that they used to hold discussions about the characteristics of the fire of Hotama and the strange modes of the punishment in outstretched columns, to show that the topic of the fire of Hotama was one that permitted discussion and investigation. Again the Unanimous definition of the fire of Hotama as is given by the commentators is amazingly characteristic namely " that the fire of Hotama is a fire in which whatever is cast is ground to powder by the intensity of the heat".  This definition reminds me of a debate which I had with Miss Annemarie Schimmel, a German Scholar of Jewish origin and of remarkable scholarly renown. The impression of the rapidity with which she shot back this definition at me in her reply to my question years ago, is still fresh in my mind. It was in September 1963 that I visited Lahore (Pakistan) there I met Late Allamah Allauddin Siddiqui, then Head of the Department of Islamiat of the Punjab University, and he wept when he saw me. A German lady scholar, he complained to me, had flouted their beards. And He told me further that she had delivered six lectures in the Punjab University and that she was to deliver here seventh (last) on Wednesday from three to five. And that she denied the Quran its divine original and that she thought that the Holy Prophet was actually the writer of the Holy Quran. And then he pointing to me said, perhaps you have been fetched by Allah for this purpose, that of saving the honour of the Quran. I invite you to the lecture. Pray do come. I heard the Allamah and I thought " to deny Quran its divine original and call it the work of the Holy Prophet meant to put a scythe to the very root of Islam, proving it to be a mere imposture". On Wednesday, I sat in the lecture room in the left corner of the first row. About twenty Ulema of notable standing were there present. Four of the clergy were also present. Allamah himself was in the chair. The lady arrived and the lecture began and went on for about one hour. The lady had a long list of such mistakes as according to her were to be found in the Quran, and because it was human to err and not divine, therefore it was apparent that the Quran was the work not of God but of a mortal, post hoc ergo propter hoc. After about an hour the Allamah dragging his chair behind him came to my left and there took his seat and sat. When I asked him the reason of his move, he said “Brother! I had great expectations in you and you sit mum. I in chair can say nothing. Here now I may say something to clear some mistake of the lady". To which I asked if the Quran belonged to him, to which he said, "No". And I asked whether the Quran was mine; I had written that. To which he said, "No". Then I said  "Allamah Sahib! He who has revealed the Quran to the Prophet Mohammed (peace be upon him), He can defend the honour of His Quran. But rather let the knowledge and the audacity of the lady be appreciated". The lady then had paused. I then stood up and addressed the lady. The following dialogue followed between me and her:-

I:          Excuse me Madam! By your leave, I have not had the honour of hearing your past six lectures. I do not know what did you say. I am honoured by my presence in this present lecture, and thereby I gather that you deny Quran its divine original and you think that the Holy Prophet (Peace be Upon Him) has been the author thereof.

MADAM:          Yes! It is my conviction. You prove it otherwise.

I:          I am not a man of debate Madam! Debates generally mean to churn waters. You have adopted one line to prove your point, namely by pointing out faults and mistakes existing in the Quran to prove the human origin thereof. I leave this line completely to you, and take to another, namely, I show you something in this very Quran which no Prophet, no Soothsayer, no Astrologer, and no Clairvoyant could have ventured to say in an age in which the Quran was being revealed, and none then could reveal that matter, except one, that is the Omniscient Creator of the world, to prove that the Quran could not have been the work of any one except Allah. Nor an alteration has ever been made in the Quran, thereafter.

MADAM:          What's that?

I:          The Quran characterizes the atomic hell, but pray first tell me, when the Quran was revealed, or according to your conviction, when it was being composed by the Holy Prophet (Peace be Upon Him)? In secret?

MADAM: 1380 year ago.

I:          And when the atomic bomb was revealed to the world?

MADAM: In 1945, American bombers dropped two atomic bombs in Japan, on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

I:          Does any distance exist madam! Between these two dates? 1945 and 1380 years ago?

MADAM:Yes! There are centuries intervening between.

I:          Then pray Madam! Look into your conscience and say if 1380 years ago, in a country famous only for ignorance, in the city of Mecca, an illiterate person, writing his book in concealment and in pure Arabic and naming it Quran, could have predicted the atomic bomb, giving out the causes of its appearance, portraying it and characterizing the nuclear phenomenon in scientific manner.

MADAM: Are you in senses?

I:          I think I am Madam! For I have said nothing that might presage insanity, or show any derangement of mind.

MADAM: Quran is not a book of science. I have read the Quran. Nor any of your Ulema have mentioned anything like that.

I:          In that, that you have read the Quran and you have nowhere found anything like that, or that none of the Muslim Ulema have ever mentioned any such thing to exist in the Quran, you are right, but that the Quran is not the book of science you are mistaken, for if science is no more than the knowledge of those natural laws that have been created by Allah himself and which govern this universe, then they must naturally exist in the Quran, since you might have read in the Quran during your study, the claim which the Quran has made, namely, to contain every example for man, and which is the example in the history of man that could be considered greater than that of the atomic hell which can, and is now about to devour all life on earth from the East to the West. The Quran does contain the example of the atomic bomb as certainly as you stand there, and as I stand here, and as the Quran exists in this world in its pristine form and purity.

MADAM:          Well! Proceed, show.

I:          Madam! Repeat Chapter Al-Homaza.

MADAM:          I am not Hafiz. (That is I cannot repeat the Quran from memory).

I: Shall I repeat it for you then, or shall I fetch the copy of the Quran?

MADAM: You recite it. If you shall recite it wrong I shall catch you. I know the Quran.

I:          I ask protection of Allah from the snares of the devil. In the name of most merciful and benign Allah. "Woe to every backbiter-defamer, who amasseth wealth (of this world) and arrangeth it (against the future). He thinketh that his wealth will render him immortal. Nay! For verily he will be cast into Al-Hotama".

I:          What is this Hotama Madam!? (The answer of Madam came back at me like a backshot, that would remind me of Rutherford's experience with Alpha Particles be shot into the Gold foil).

MADAM:          Your commentators say that it is a sort of a hell in which whatever is cast is ground to powder through the intensity of the heat. (Scientist's answer would have been, "It is a particular phenomenon in which the substance is atomized due to the intensity of temperature".

            The rapidity and the audacity of the Madam in her answer came to me as a wonder mingled with delight and I inwardly admired her remarkable display of knowledge, and she had proved my point without knowing it.

I:          This Hotama Madam! is derived from the root verb Hatama. Hatama is a word of pure Arabic origin. Just see its phonetic and functional resemblance to the word "atom", which is of Greek origin adopted by the scientists. Then mark the various inflections such as Hattama, Tahattama, Inhatama, Inhitaam, Hitaam-ud-Dunia, Hittam-is-Safina etc. And see thereafter the Quran describes the fire of Hotama saying, "It is fire of Allah enkindled, which leaps up onto the hearts. It is a fire closed in on them in outstretched columns". Madam! When the atomic bomb explodes, the shock of heat-flash hits the hearts, and blood gushes out of the nostrils, and the victim falls on its knees dead. However Madam! Have you ever seen the atomic bomb explosion?

MADAM:          No. If I had seen it, how I could have been here?

I:          Have you seen a photograph of the atomic bomb explosion?

MADAM: Yes. That I have.

I:          Is there any outstretched column ?
MADAM:          Yes! There is one miles high.

I:          That is what the Quran has said," Outstretched columns". Lady virtually appeared to have succumbed to the debate. She collapsed to her chair and appeared visibly indisposed. Her loss was immense. Her life-long study of the Quran had been proved as erroneous in a matter of moment. For ten years thereafter she never returned to Pakistan, as far as my knowledge goes. And when she came, her topic wasn't the human origin of the Quran but she had written most excellent books on Iqbal, Hazrat Sultan Bahu (RA), Amir Khusro and other Sufi Saints of Islam. My overall conceit of her is one of gratitude. Not all the Ulema of Islam could have rendered me the service which she was suitable to do. Howsoever the Ulema had been impressed by my discourse, they could not have given a verdict as certain, and a proof of the validity of my discovery of Hotama as sure as did that learned lady by her fall in her chair and by the cessation of her topic of the origin of Quran thereafter. It might come as a surprise to most that at that time, that is after about three years of my discovery of Quran's prediction of atomic hell, I did not even know the structure of atom, nor I had so much as seen a book on atomic physics. Such has been the guidance in my course as, not a word, not a point, not a thought, more or less was granted to me than was necessary for my mission. At a particular point of my course. Noteworthy is the sequence of events in my lengthy course. It was after 1971 that the knowledge of atomic physics and Radiobiology burst upon me, and the books were supplied to me in the strangest of coincidences. So that now the state is different, Einstein would not be ashamed to sit with me, and perhaps I would suggest him certain guidelines in his own subject such as would save him considerably unnecessary trouble and toil.

            The Ulema present in the lecture highly pleased with my demonstration, asked Allamah about my identity, and it was in response to their inquiry that the Allama spoke about me those memorable words, namely, that "This is a man which Allah has created in this nation by chance. If this nation will fail to receive that light of the Quran which Allah has bestowed on his breast, Allah will never forgive this nation to the day of judgment. Another one like him will not appear in this nation".

            The efficacy of this warning of the Quran is unfailing, since this warning of the Quran about the atomic hell is a miracle most manifest. No scientist, no philosopher can doubt or deny it, with reason. It has exploded the notion of the denial of miraculous and supernatural by science and not all the works of the votaries of Baconian philosophy combined could withstand it. Nor all the stock-piles of atomic bombs in the world could stand its powerful neutralizing effect. As the only guidance to avoid the atomic ruin and the last hope of mankind, it has appeared so that a mankind destined to meet a doom preordained only might miss it or neglect it .My conviction is that it will save this world from atomic ruin.





(Quran's Divine Original", an article by Mr.Sharif Farooq , Editor -in- Chief Peshawar,

            Since a few years the articles and essays of Allamah Yousuf Gabriel had appeared in continuity. In these essays and articles a particular topic that appeared conspicuous was about the atomic hell and its hazards and the universal destruction of mankind. In the beginning I paid no attention to these articles but when the same topic and the same writer would discuss different aspects of a topic from the Quranic point of view then ultimately the reader is forced to give attention to the topic, particularly when the solution of problem is presented in reference to some divine scriptures and the faith of human beings. Also in the entire world of today, particularly in America, Russia, China, Japan and Europe etc., the topic which receives the greater attention is the same atomic hazards of the future and the atomic destiny of mankind. On one side, man is working miracles in the field of science and is striving from the achievement of every kind of facilities to the end of human diseases; to the extent that by means of artificial heart and artificial liver efforts are being made to revive the dead. While on the other side, upto this time, the most advanced nations of the world have prepared the atomic piles and various germs producing gases to an amount whose one fourth is enough to not only destroy this flourishing world but will cast this world into a sort of a hell whose slightest imagination is enough to cause the human mind to tremble with fear. The great thinkers and the friends of humanity set up demonstrations against the havoc to be wrought by the atomic radiations within these great world powers but all in vain, but the more the treatment is given the worst becomes the disease. Perhaps, in this context the first "Campaign for the Nuclear Disarmament" had started by Bertrand Russell. Some other movements of the same nature are active in those countries. But by the passage of time the atomic destructive activities are on the increase. It is said that the atomic bombs which were dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki and which caused the death of hundreds of thousand of human beings and even today those parts are incapable of any production, were very small bombs of very low velocity. Man has prepared means of human destruction and in the twinkling of an eye the human race would not only be destroyed but also there shall remain no signs of life on earth. When the civilized man sees the uncivilized ways of the destruction he becomes panicky. In January 1963, I had a chance to speak to the head of NATO (which is the greatest defensive organization in Europe and America) General Norstad in company with a group of Journalists of the common wealth. When I questioned about the sudden outbreak of atomic war, the General disclosed that such arrangements were extant that in case of undeclared atomic war within two or three minutes orders of atomic counterattack be given. However, over the continent of Europe due to fear, war planes equipped with atomic weapons keep on hovering for twenty four hours in the name of defensive purposes. If 22 or 23 years ago  the ability to destroy the world within two or three minutes was achieved then today, on what stage of instant destruction will this world be? Allamah Yousuf Gabriel, who offers the solution of every universal problem and presents the methods of preventing the universal destruction in the light of the teachings of the Quran, remains always in the state of restlessness to save the humanity from Nuclear Destruction. Allamah Yousuf Gabriel is a highly learned scholar with unusually great versatility of subjects; is a celebrity among the distinguished Doctors of Islamic Law and Theology; has unusually great understanding of the Quran and shows equally exceptional knowledge of both the Quran and Science. He is a simple man who lives the life of a dervish in seclusion. If he had been in some other country with an organized propaganda machinery behind him then certainly he would have been counted among the greatest thinkers of the world. He would have been declared as a great Harbinger and mouthpiece of world peace and many books would have been written about him and certainly he would have been awarded Noble Prize for peace. But Allamah Yousuf Gabriel who passed M.A. without a teacher and who has equally great command over English, Persian and Arabic etc., lives in a small Mohallah Nawababad of Wah Factory in a very ordinary quarter. If anyone would see him he would not consider him deserving better attention than a simple and rustic villager. However, where there is intellectual greatness there the worldly splendour is not needed. Knowledge has its own delight and that is the delight of satisfaction and contentment; a delight from which the material world is deprived. I knew Allamah Muhammad Yousuf Gabriel by his articles published but I had no meeting with him. One day when returning from Islamabad, I set out to find him and found him in his quarter. He was astonished. I saw him dressed in simple clothes of local ordinary cloth, wearing simple white turban and standard beard. The accent envisaged rural rusticity, wearing a simple ordinary slipper in his feet, declining age but very strong physique. He took me to a small quarter of his son. His son works in Wah factory. This quarter was his. In the adjoining room was the table of Allamah with very ordinary furniture. In every-thing appeared simplicity. I was offered tea in a simple cup. He said to me, “I have rented a room in separation away from here. There I do all my writings". I was gazing at Allamah Yousuf Gabriel in surprise, his simplicity was making its effect upon me. After formal introduction when Allamah began to explain the atomic destruction of the world in the scientific Light of Quran, I sat spell bound and amazed at the enlightening ocean of knowledge that came out from the lips of Allamah. When he recited the English translation of the relevant signs of the Quran in fluent English, I was astonished. And along-with that he stated the details of a debate which he had with famous German Orientalist MISS Annemarie SCHIMEL. Miss Schimmel denied the divine original of the Quran. Allamah Yousuf Gabriel convinced her that the Quran was the book of God and based his debate on the Quranic chapter "Al-Homaza". He shows exceptional great knowledge in the subject of atomic science and atomic radiations. Allamah told me that in 1964 BERTRAND RUSSEL, the famous English Philosopher in reply to my letter wrote, " Since Adam and Eve ate the apple, man has never abstained from any folly that he was capable of and the end is atomic hell". Allamah said that apparently the surmise of Russell was correct. Certainly he was not amiss about the end of mankind as may be seen in the present circumstances, but the prophecy of the Quran about the atomic hell (Chapter-Al-Homaza) is such a miracle in the world of science and philosophy that there is no possibility of refutation either by scientists or the philosophers. The Quran has given the causes of the appearance of the Atomic Hell, therefore it is possible for mankind to escape from atomic doom by removing the causes which the Quran has given as the causes of the appearance of atomic hell. And thus it is due to the hope which the Quran gave to me that I did not follow the suit of Bertrand Russell but rather took my own way in the hope that mankind will be saved from the dreadful end in the Nuclear Fire. The atomic hell of this present transient world is the replica of the Hotama (the term used by the Quran) of the next eternal world and the cause of both the atomic hell and the Hotama are the same and therefore who escaped the punishment of atomic hell in this world they will certainly find the Hotama i.e. the atomic hell of the next world in wait for them. The nature of the debate between Allamah Yousuf Gabriel and Miss Annemarie Schimmel was historic. It was to have very far reaching effects. It was in September 1963 that in the Punjab University Lahore, Miss Annemarie Schimmel had to deliver a lecture form 3'O clock to 5'O clock. The topic was that the Quran was not the word of God but rather the Prophet of Islam, Muhammad (May Peace be Upon Him) had written it. Allamah Yousuf Gabriel reached the Punjab University at quarter to three and found the seat in the first row on the left side. About twenty celebrated Ulema of Pakistan were present. Four Christian Fathers were also there. Allamah Allaud-Din Siddiqui who was the head of Islamiat and thereafter retired as the Vice-Chancellor of Punjab University was in the chair. Exactly at 3'O Clock the learned Scholar Miss Annemaire Schimmel arrived. She took the seat and asked permission to start the lecture and she began to count mistakes that according to her were in the Quran and she kept on enumerating the mistakes upto 4'O clock. At 4'O clock. Allamah Allauddin Siddiqui who was in the chair, dragged his chair and brought it on my left side. I said to Allamah Alla-ud-Din Siddiqui, "Sir! You have abdicated your throne". His answer was, "Brother! I had great expectation in you, but you sit mum. The Ulema also are sitting silent. I being the president have to remain neutral, have therefore brought myself into the audience so that I may be able to say something to refute the view of the Madam ". I said to Allamah Allau-din - Siddiqui, "Allamah Sahib! Is the Quran yours?" He said, "No". Then I said, "Am I the author of the Quran?" His answer was no. Then I said, "To God belongs the Quran and certainly God is the best protector of his word. Let us admire the Madam".(Actually God was making such arrangements that would give Allamah Yousuf Gabriel a chance to refute the Madam. Even when she was delivering the lecture, the act of leaving the chair by Allamah Allaud Din puzzled the lady and she stopped the lecture and thus Allamah Yousuf Gabriel found the chance to stand up and discuss the topic with her.) Madam's lecture was in English. Allamah Yousuf Gabriel stood up and addressed the lady in English. The following dialogue was recorded:-

GABRIEL "Madam! You deny the Quran's divine original because you think there are mistakes in the Quran. Surely Madam There are no mistakes. Quran is free from mistakes. You are mistaken. But there is no time that I may clear those mistakes which you say, are in the Quran. I will therefore leave this side to you and will show you something in this Quran which nobody knew except the God when the Quran was revealed to the Holy Prophet (May Peace be Upon Him)".

MADAM:- "What is that?"

GABRIEL:" Pray Madam tell me, when the Quran was revealed or was written by the Prophet as you think?".

MADAM: "1380 years ago".

GABRIEL "And when atom bomb was made?".

MADAM:-"In 1945 two atomic bombs were dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki in Japan by the American bombers".

GABRIEL The Quran was revealed 1380 years ago while atom bomb was made in 1945. Is there some distance between the two dates?".

MADAM:"Yes! There are centuries intervening".

GABRIEL:-  "Madam! Please look into your conscience and say, was it possible that 1380 years ago in the country of Beduins, in the city of Mecca, an illiterate person (Muhammad, Peace be upon him, was admittedly a person who never had read any book nor had held a pen in his hand to write) would write a book in pure Arabic and name it the "Quran" and in that Quran he would write a chapter about the theory of modern atomism and give the essence of atomic science and portray the atomic bomb explosion, giving the theory of atomism as the cause of the appearance of atomic hell that is the atomic bombs and atomic radiations; all in about 36 words. Do you not consider it a miracle of the Quran?".

MADAM:-"Are you in senses?". Is it possible to find the atomic science and atomic bomb in the Quran because the Quran was written 1380 years ago at a time when there was no modern science in the world while the atomic science appeared in 19th century, and the atomic bomb made its appearance in the world in 1945. Further the Quran is not a book of science, it is a book of religion. Science could not be expected in the Quran. I have myself read the Quran, nor any of the Muslim Ulema has ever mentioned the existence of atomic science or the description of atomic bomb in Quran".

GABRIEL:-"Madam! I never drink hashish, nor have I uttered anything that might envisaged the derangement of man's mind. In reality you only think it impossible to find atomic science and the description of atomic bomb in a book which appeared 1380 years ago when there was no vestige of modern science in the entire world. So far as you think that the Quran is a book of religion and no science could be expected in that book is a notion quite wrong. If you have read the Quran you certainly might have read the claim of Quran in two places wherein the Quran says:-

'We have displayed for mankind in the Quran all kinds of similitudes". The tribes of Aad and Thamud were destroyed by the wroth of God. The Quran mentions their destruction many times. These tribes were no more than a Muhallah of Lahore, that is, were no more than a few hundred thousands whereas the use of atomic bombs in the world atomic war means such a destruction of the entire life on earth from Tokyo to New York that no signs of life would be left anywhere. The Quran which mentions the destruction of the tribes of Aad and Thamud with great zeal, why should it not mention the destruction done by the atomic bombs that would involve all life on entire earth. What about the Quran's claim that of displaying for mankind all kinds of similitudes. Certainly the Quran has treated almost all of the subjects of human knowledge. If no Ulema has ever mentioned the existence of atomic science and the description of atomic bomb in the Quran, there is no wonder because this fact I discovered only last year and have not disclosed anywhere. You are the first person to hear it".

MADAM:-"Show me where is that?".

GABRIEL:" Please read the Chapter "Al-Homaza", the 104th Chapter of the Quran."

MADAM:" I am not Hafiz.(Hafiz means a person who has memorized the Quran).

GABRIEL:" Shall I myself read it or shall I fetch the Quran for evidence?".

MADAM:" You read it. If you will read wrong I will catch you. I know the Quran".

GABRIEL" In the name of God, the Beneficent, the Merciful. Woe unto every slanderer and back-biter who heapeth up riches (of this world) and prepareth the same (for the times to come). He thinketh that his riches will render him immortal. By no means. He shall surely be cast into Al-Hotama. And what shall cause thee to understand what Al-Hotama is?" Pray tell me Madam! What is Hotama?

MADAM:" Your commentators write that Hotama is a sort of fire which grinds the things into powder due to the intensity of its flame".

GABRIEL:" You are quite right Madam. The answer which you have given to my question shows that you really have appreciable study of the Quran. However, the answer which you have given is the answer of the commentators of the Quran that reveals their admirable knowledge. For your information the term "Atom" used by the scientist is wrong for atom means that "which cannot be broken" while the scientist himself has broken the atom into parts. On the other hand, "Hotama", the term used by the Quran means that "which breaks" and this is the term which is correctly used regarding the topic. "Hotama" is a noun derived from "Hatama" which means "to break". Its second form is "Hattama" which means "to break with great intensity. For example you have a glass in your hand and you violently strike it against the rock and the glass explodes into pieces. The last form is "Tahattama" which means to explode. It can be easily seen how far the terminology of the Quran in this context is correct, and how far the word "Atom" as used by the scientist is erroneous. Indeed Madam! When we compare the nuclear explanations given by the scientists to those which are given by the Quran, we can clearly see the difference between the human mind of the scientist and the divine mind of the Quran. The difference is that of a human being and the God." God says, "What shall cause thee to understand what Al-Hotama is?". And thereafter God explains Al-Hotama." It is a kindled fire of God which shall mount above the hearts (of those who shall be cast therein) verily (It shall be as) an arched vault above them, on columns of vast extent. (Quran Chapter-104 Al-Homaza). These are the distinct characteristics of atomic phenomenon, and the characteristics which distinguish the Nuclear Phenomenon from the chemical Phenomenon and indeed from every other kind of Phenomenon to be found in the world. This explanation of the atomic fire as is given by the Quran and apparently very simple, is in itself a miracle of knowledge. No atomic scientist in the world could ever be competent enough to describe the characteristics of atomic phenomenon in the manner in which the Quran has described. The Quran says, Atomic Fire is the fire of God enkindled. No doubt, the millions of the degrees of temperature seen in the atomic fire could never be expected in the Chemical Fire. The Quran says "Hotama is a fire which mounts above the hearts". No doubt, the explosion of the atomic bomb at first kills its victims by giving shock to their hearts. But further study of the subject reveals a particular attraction of atomic radiations for the heart or that which is related to heart. The Quran says verily the atomic fire shall be as an arched vault above them. No better description of atomic bomb explosion could be given. But the research further takes us to the bounds which far exceeds the bounds found by the modern atomic scientist. Pray tell me Madam! Have you ever seen the atomic bomb explosion?".

MADAM:" No! If I had seen the atomic bomb explosion, how could I be here, for that certainly kills the person".

GABRIEL:" Have you seen any photograph of an atomic bomb explosion Madam? Is there any column to be observed?".

MADAM:"Yes!  The column of Hiroshima bomb rose to the height of four miles".

GABRIEL:That Madam!  the Quran says, "On columns of vast extent". The rising column of the atomic bomb explosion rises changing various colours indeed very magnificent to see. For your information, the column of the 20 megaton Thermo Nuclear bomb which is called the Hydrogen bomb and the Hell-Bomb, rises to the height of 20 miles and has a diameter of 3 miles. Madam! If you sat on the peak of Himalaya called Mount Everest, the peak which was conquered a few years ago by Sir John Hunt and his party, and you looked through a telescope, and before your eyes in the plain of Panipat where in the past so many battles have been fought, rose atomic bombs' explosions in one thousand square miles in an arranged symmetry, just as the trees grow in a garden. You would see a magnificent seen of rising columns of atomic explosions changing beautiful colours and rising to the height of 20 miles and there covered by a beautiful roof. You would think that it was a magnificent palace of some great Emperor or some great Amphi-Theatre that was being constructed. No Madam! It was Al-Hotama as is described by the Quran. It is a sort of hell fire in which anything is cast, is crushed into the particles of atoms. The Quran in the beginning of this Chapter Al-Homaza has given the causes of the appearance of Hotama and its replica in this world that may be called the Atomic Hell. The First of these causes is the slander and back-biting which is the habit universally seen in this modern age of Baconian materialism. The second cause is the accumulation of riches which also is the basic feature of this modern culture. The Third cause is the belief that the wealth will keep on increasing eternally. This also is a recognized feature of this science-guided materialism. This belief of the people is so strong that they may be said to think that they will achieve immortality due to their wealth, and that the monuments of their wealth will become immortal. To which the Quran says by no means. Both they and the monuments of their wealth will be plunged into the crushing Hotama. All these three characteristics, namely the slander, the accumulation of wealth and the complete faith in the eternity of the accumulated wealth are the basic features of the theory of modern atomism that is the Baconian Philosophy of fruit and utility. The debate ended with the fall of Madam on the Chair. Madam fell on the chair. There is difference between the sitting on the chair and falling on the chair. She had received a severe shock. Her mission had failed. She had received an answer which really had convinced her of the truth of the argument and had explicitly falsified her own view. In reality, she was converted to Islam at that very moment because she had seen a clear truth of the divine original of the Quran, which she had intended to destroy. She departed. Afterwards, the Ulema, who were the main audience of Miss Annemarie Schimmel, asked Allamah Alla-ud-Din Siddiqui about me because they did not know me because I had always struggled in seclusion. To them Allamah Allauddin Siddiqui said:- "Respectable Ulema! This is a man whom the providence has created in the Muslim Nation by chance. The intellectual light of knowledge and the light of the Quran which the providence has bestowed on him, if your nation will fail to benefit by that then God will never forgive your nation. One like him will not be found in this nation".  


                                                THE END




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