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By the infinite grace and boundless mercy of Allah, this series of volumes is my original work. The appreciation of scientific facts, and the new discoveries from the Quran are all my own and quite unknown to anyone, anywhere, Muslim or Non-Muslims. And for that, the most benign and merciful Allah be praised, for ever, eternally. And thus is all the responsibility of mine. And again Allah be praised. And it is my conviction that it will save the mankind from atomic doom.





The Baconian Philosophy and its end.


The natural effects of Baconian Philosophy.

Chapter III.

 Misunderstandings of mankind regarding Baconian philosophy.


Baconian spirit of Antichrist and the works of Al-Samari.


This Modern progress in the light of the three successive chapters of the Quran.


The present state of the nuclear world.


Know the realities of Baconian culture.


Quran treats Baconian atomism and atomic hell.


The prominent points of the prophetic warning of the Quran.


The efficacy of the warning of the Quran about atomic hell.


Abraham Democritus Conflict.


My mission is recommended by the Green Turbaned.


My intellectual struggle.


Address to the Muslims.


Address to the Christians, Hindus, Buddhists, Communists, and the Jews.


A letter to the elite of this age.


The statute of Einstein and that of Ozymandias.


Black's dream of building Jerusalem in England.


The Leviathan of the Bible and the Hotama of the Quran.














It may cause no little surprise to the world, that a fourteen hundred year old scripture should characterize the atomic phenomenon, and predict the atomic bombs and atomic radiations, and characterize the modern Baconian atomism. Yet the greatest wonder is reserved for the scientists and the philosophers that can judge the real worth of the subject. This warning of the Quran is a miracle undeniable either by the scientist or the philosopher, and leaves the scientist in a fix regarding science's denial of the miraculous and supernatural, since the Quran has established the facts of miraculous nature in the field of science itself. Great indeed are the marvels of modern science from Railway Engine to Radio-television, but this marvel of the Quran figures greater than all. And great indeed has been the discovery of Einstein in Equivalence of Mass and Energy and wonderful has been the successful realization of Fission Chain Reaction by Fermi, but greater is this discovery of Atomic phenomenon in the Quran.

                       The warning of the Quran has shown the true reality of the Baconian culture of atomistic materialism, and has pointed to the real remedy of the atomic ills in a way that it appears as if none in this modern age did really know either the reality of this Baconian culture or the real remedy of its ills. The Quran by giving out the causes of the appearance of the atomic bombs has shown the way out by the removal of the actual causes. And no doubt, there is no remedy except by the removal of these causes. If this atomic catastrophe could be avoided, it is merely by removing these causes. It is a powerful warning, far more powerful than the stockpiles, since it is the neutralizer of the atomic bombs and it is the extinguisher of the fire of the atomic hell. It has naturally to be of a nature extremely bitter, yet not more bitter than the taste of the atomic bombs and atomic radiations. Because the disease is extremely serious and very deep-rooted and all-pervading, the remedy could not be but equally drastic. A fortunate humanity ought to accept this treatment with gratitude despite its severity. It is the last, only chance to avail, and appearing in the nick of time, and as the last guidance and last hope of this mankind, its utility could hardly be over stressed. If this mankind is destined to avoid the atomic doom, it shall hearken to this heavenly voice. Here is the Noah's Ark in this fiery deluge, so let him who desires to be saved, embark. Yet if this generation would find itself unwilling or helpless to benefit by it, for, there is the possibility of this generation, or even some following generations to pass away apparently unscathed by the insidious radiations, and even by the blasting atomic bombs, then pray, preserve these my works in some museum, for they shall be needed by some future generation, caught in unbearable miseries, and obliged to find out some guidance to emerge from the atomic pit. They will bless this kind act of yours despite the great wrongs you will have done to them by bequeathing them great genetic debts, and endless troubles.

                       Never in its long history mankind could find itself exposed to so grievous a threat as at present from the atomic devastation. This threat means not only the complete annihilation of life on earth, besides a most disgraceful end of all humanity, all civilization, but also an absolute certainty of the earth being rendered uninhabitable for millions of years to come due to the dispersal of radioactive materials throughout the world as a result of either the fission process carried on in the atomic bomb or the atomic reactors for-peace. This world may any moment be subjected to a hail of atomic bombs and destroyed in a matter of days, hours, even minutes inspite of all the futile efforts on the part of mankind to put a ban on the atomic war. The course of atomic-energy-for-peace may not prove any the less hazardous. Rather the possibility is that in the long run the so-called atomic-energy-for-peace may prove equally if not more destructive and more devastating than the hail of atomic bombs, inspite of all the wishful thinking on the part of those, responsible for the adoption of the atomic energy today or tomorrow. The Quran, fourteen centuries ago has prophesied the atomic hell and has diagnosed the moral and economic causes of its emergence in the clearest of terms. This prophecy of the Quran is the subject of this present book.

                       That an ancient scripture should prophecy atomic bomb fourteen centuries ago in an age completely innocent of modern science, and should perfectly portray the spectacular phenomenon of atomic explosion, may come as no little surprise to the whole mankind in general. But that it should describe the peculiar and distinctive features and all the differentiating characteristics of the atomic energy, that is, the nuclear energy as distinct from any other kind of energy, all in a manner exactly scientific, extremely succinct, and in a way amazingly mysterious, all-pervading and all comprehensive, is something that may leave any knowledgeable scientist aghast with wonder. When we say scientific in this respect, we mean exact science of the present times. And that the prophecy should depict all the various aspects of the philosophy of atomism judging all its moral, religious, ethical, aesthetic and economic principles and doctrines to the consequential appearance of atomic hell, well deserves the notice of this present generation particularly when the causes of  the trouble are clearly illustrated.

                       Thought and views, in all or almost all or the grater part of my works, are, all, almost all or at least in greater part original and my own, nowhere else to be found hitherto. The matter is mainly supplied by the Quran and Science.

                                     YOUSUF GABRIEL

                                            6th June 1980




                    Bacon's Philosophy of modern atomism is the philosophy of this modern age. Bacon's design was the attainment of man's dominion over nature as man's ordained destiny through systematic, organized research of science, for material advantage, for mankind in general, as the actual business of man on earth, and as the express, exclusive command of God to Adam. Can any one in the world reconcile this view with that of the revealed religion? Is the pursuit of material advantage of this world the actual business of man, and is as the express and exclusive command of God to man according to any revealed religion. Christianity, Islam etc.? But the wonder is that the pursuit of moral philosophy according to Bacon is the persistence of man in Adam's transgression that of tasting the fruit of the forbidden tree of the knowledge of good and evil. Man according to Bacon, did in a vain and impious attempt take to the pursuit of moral philosophy merely to give himself the law, and thus deviated from the course fixed for him by God. I might be suspected of playing some conjuring trick on the understanding of the reader, since any one who knows some thing of the religious philosophy can at once see the clear antipathy existing between the philosophy of Bacon and that of the revealed religion. How a philosopher of the caliber of Bacon could have thought of uttering such things. Not only Bacon but the entire world today is the victim of similar misunderstandings, but go read the works of Bacon which fortunately for us are still extant in the world, in the clearest of terms, and see that religion is based on moral philosophy.

                                               Indeed, neither the name of Bacon nor his works are known today, yet the fruit of his philosophy can in this world be seen flourishing in the form of this Baconian, modern progress. And indeed again whether the philosophy of Bacon is known or is not known, the effects of this Baconian progress are there to produce exactly the apostatical, and immoral results of the original philosophy of Bacon. This modern Baconian progress uprising from Baconian philosophy is accordingly continuous, systematic, organized, science-guided, ever-increasing and infinite. And because it is continuous, systematic and organized, therefore, it has entangled this mankind in the economico-industrial set up like a net. And because it is ever-increasing and infinite, it is bound to occupy gradually more and more of the mind and time of man, expelling gradually and proportionally every other thought including the thought of faith and the other world, to a complete, final expulsion.

                    Any one can observe this gradual transition. This progress is not only unbalanced and extreme, but also it is unproportional to and incongruous with the basic design of creation. Having devoured up all the natural resources of energy in earth with alarmingly unproportional rapidity, and in unproportionally huge amounts, it has obliged this mankind --- which is entangled in the industrial net ---to adopt the hazardous atomic energy to the ruinous end.

                    The effort of Bacon in misinterpreting the Bible is clearly comprehensible, while the attempts of the Christian world at finding compatibility between Bacon's philosophy and the teachings of Gospel are not. The argument of the followers of the Quran to seek compatibility between this modern progress and the teachings of the Quran is a deep-rooted and fatal misunderstanding. The object of the contemplation of the works of God, as well as the basic purpose of science in this progress being nothing but material utility, is clearly at variance with Quran's view of this point. So also is the object of man's dominion over natural forces. The signs in the Quran that exhort to the contemplation of the works of God and are numerous in the Quran, are always and at once cited by the Muslims in the justification of the material modern progress. Can any living man, however, point to a single allusion anywhere throughout these signs of the Quran about Fikr-fil-Aayaat, toward the factor of material utility associated with the contemplation of the works of God. Rather the object of the contemplation of the works of God according to the Quran is to find out the purpose of creation, and the argument of the certainty of resurrection, and the day of judgement, and the life in the next world, and indeed the glorification of the Creator. Again the dominion of man over nature in the modern progress is basically for the material utility, whereas, in the Quran, in the signs therein regarding the conquest of nature (Taskhir-il-Kaayinaat) it is Allah always who claims the right of having subjected this universe to man, and thereby does but demand gratitude of man for the kindness, without ever so much as a hint at either emulation or material utility etc. One finds himself at a loss to understand how the Muslims read all that which is in the Quran extant against this temporal world and its wealth, as if nothing such ever existed in the Quran. If the Gospel stands at radical opposition to Bacon's philosophy and its modern progress, the Quran, it must be known, stands at logger-heads with Bacon's Philosophy as well as this modern progress. The spirit of peculiar other worldliness of Christ can be seen to eternally permeates through the basic soul of the Quran, and the greatest proof is found in the sayings and life of the Holy Prophet (peace be upon him) in this respect. The necessity of this age is to rediscover that spirit, that is the spirit of otherworldliness in the Quran. The Quran never was meant to be a book of materialism. Let the sanctity of the Quran be observed. It is but one step, however, now, that the true reality of this Baconian progress will appear in the form of the atomic hell to clear all the misunderstandings of the people.

                    That Bacon's philosophy is exact antithesis to the philosophy of revealed religion can be seen in the facts that no revealed religion has ever given out the pursuit of Natural Philosophy (science) for material advantage as the actual business of man, and as the express and exclusive command of God to Adam. Religion on the other hand has depreciated the exclusive pursuit of world. Trial of man on earth based on moral philosophy in the light of the knowledge of good and evil is the basis of every revealed in religion in direct contrariness to Baconian view. Dominion for man is out of question. That title belongs to God alone. Blake was not amiss in saying "If what Bacon says is right, What Christ says is false". Pride in man's dominion and engrossment in material utility are the characteristics of this Baconian age. The sense of morality has lost significance. Which of the religions would allow this.                                       

                    Men today are generally ignorant of the philosophy of Bacon. Most have not even heard of his very name. But it makes no difference. The fruit of that philosophy exists in the world as a very conspicuous and decisive factor in the form of modern progress. Man's complete defection from the Creator, and the proud, universal attitude of man's dominion over nature, and man's complete confidence in science instead of God, and his pressing interest in and dependence on ever-increasing and infinite scientific research and its material progress, and the fact of proportional decrease in man's thought of God and the other world, and engrossment in the thought of food and wealth at the expense of the thought of faith and religion, and the insurmountable difficulty experienced in the revival of faith and religion, are the clear signs of the effects of Baconian philosophy to show manifestly the error of those who think of any compatibility or any possibility of a compromise between religion and this modern progress,  and have hopes of escape from the logical end of this Baconian process. The final proof is, that no religion, Christianity or Islam, Hinduism, or Buddhism will be able to save this mankind from the resultant flames of the atomic hell that now is fast approaching, if this peculiar process of Baconian progress, continued, and no amount of repentance will be of any avail to any one in the fire of atomic bombs under the radiations of atomic-energy-for-so-called-peace. The giant atumbumb will prove too formidable a rival for man to contest with, and the misinterpreted and misunderstood Quran and Bible will prove inefficacious. Either perfect religion now for safety, or modern progress for destruction. The fact is that the basic purpose of religion and Baconian philosophy collide irreconcilably.

                    In its own way, however, the Baconian philosophy and its modern progress has proved a failure in achieving its ends. The idea of man's dominion over nature has eventually proved to be a failure. Man who a few years hence was pampered by the thought of having more power than all the legendary gods of Ulympia combined, today stands before the exasperated nature's all devouring trident of atomic annihilation as a helpless diminutive trembling in readiness to be consumed by the fire of atomic bombs and atomic radiations without any means of protection any way, anywhere. The idea of man's dominion after all has been exposed. Nor has the appetite of man been appeased in any way. Self-sufficiency has proved to be no more than a mirage. The process of more production has appeared to work on the principle of fission chain reaction. More production means simply more consumption, more consumption and more demand in endless succession and ever-increasing proportions. More demand and more production to infinity, and final expulsion of heath, wealth and life. Baconian view of more production has proved to be false and destructive. Let now the philosophers and the scientists think on the lines of seeing cancer and  Baconian philosophy in one group in the light of the identity existing between their basic characteristics and their final destiny.

                    If the Baconian progress continues, then there is no other alternative for this mankind but either to die under the hails of atomic bombs suddenly and unfortunately, deservedly, or to decay in a slow lingering, miserable manner under the radiations of atomic-energy-for-so-called-peace. All the expectations of mankind in general in the future propensities of science for outlets in the enclosure of atomic energy, as well as the traditional optimism of the scientist in the possibilities of discoveries in nuclear science that may provide the remedies for the atomic ills, are false dreams that interpret nothing other than the flames of atomic hell ablaze. I say this on knowledge that of perfect science. The entire situation of the atomic problem of the world, scientifically, philosophically, logically and theologically is before me in a microscopic form. And I warn you that no protection, whatsoever, will ever be found against either the atomic bombs or the atomic radiations, for it is neither the weapon of war by nature, nor it is the energy consequently. It is the retributive result of the process of the Baconian philosophy of this world, and is the wrath of Allah enkindled against a greedy, slandering brood of world-seekers that believe in the eternity of this Baconian process of wealth-accumulation. That this Baconian progress is bound to perish due to its unnaturalness is certain either due to dearth of energy, or under the hails of the atomic bombs or under the swarms of the deadly radiation of the atomic energy for peace. These formidable, world-wide, science-guided monuments of Baconian progress will disappear like bubbles as if by magic wand, and alas, along with the mosques, churches, temples, scriptures, Bible, Quran and all. Here the question is, whether this mankind will be able to bale out of this Baconian plane or will it go down into the flames along with it; the atomic hell being the logical, scientific and inevitable end of Baconian progress.

                    This Baconian progress is continuous, ever-increasing and infinite. It is bound to gradually occupy the entire mind and time of man, expelling gradually and proportionally every other thought including that of faith and the other world. Now the followers of every religion on earth, the Muslims in particular do exault in the compatibility of their religion with this modern Baconian progress, taking it only as mere progress, and knowing it not as peculiarly the Baconian kind of progress, which increasing its occupation of man's mind and time gradually to infinity could only be allowed by a religion willing to accept its own exile from man's mind and time. It is impossible to call this progress to a halt at any stage before the end of its process in ultimate ruin if it were possible, this mankind would not have been obliged to adopt the atomic energy inspite of their knowledge of its eventual ruin And this modern knowledge is an Erastian curse and a cancer of minds. And the people of East are but artificial magnet in this Baconian machine to become inert with the cessation of the Western current. This progress is now doomed. If atomic energy is not adopted, this progress would vanish without energy; if atomic energy is adopted, atomic energy would destroy it. The question is whether the pilot bales out before the plane has caught fire.

                    Atom to atomic bomb, atomism to atomic hell in the course of Baconian continuous, endless economico-industrial progress is an established, inexorable process. Neither the Gospel nor the Quran could consent to such a philosophy. The most urgent necessity of the present time is to differentiate between the views of the modern Baconian philosophy and the Quran on the object of contemplation of the works of God, and the subject of the conquest of nature. Essential thus is the study of the Baconian philosophy of modern atomism and this modern progress, in particular reference to their peculiar characteristics in comparison to the Quran, lest the followers of the Quran inspite of their hearty allegiance to that book fall into the flames of the blazing atomic jehannah both in this transient world and in the other eternal world, due merely to their misunderstandings. The most disastrous and ignorant notion of the people of this age is that this modern progress will go on increasing infinitely. No but its process now is complete and its end nigh at hand. Ostretching could now be the habit only of those doomed to a painful end in the burning flames of the atomic hell. atomic bombs cannot be kept leashed eternally, nor a universal protection against radiation appears to be a possibility. Await the ever-increasing and wide-spread hatred of atomic phenomenon. The More is known, the greater will be the hatred. And await the dwindling of natural resources, then see the misery, disgrace, pains and mutual conflict of this human race turned unhuman as a result of an unnatural philosophy. Heart-rending thought is the fact of mankind's universal ignorance of atomic science. Politicians ignorant. Scholars ignorant. Theologians ignorant. All the world ignorant excepting a few physicists. This is a mortifying fact. And as an ill omen too.

                    Supposing this world exists by the time the energy sources are exhausted, and there remains only the atomic energy. The atomic powers will then be sole dealers as well as leaders of the world. This thought will surely spur the non-atomic powers in the atomic race well before. Both the atomic and the non-atomic powers, however, will be mistaken. Both will tend to the same conclusion, namely, the nuclear ruin. That world then will be too miserable to live in. That indeed will be an atomic hell of cancer-ridden and miserable chimeras.



                    Bacon's design was the attainment of man's dominion over nature through systematic research of science for material advantage of mankind in general, as the actual business of man on earth, and as the express and exclusive command of God to Adam. Moral philosophy according to Bacon, having been forbidden as man's persistence in the first transgression of Adam, that of eating the fruit of the forbidden tree of the knowledge of good an devil. This had been a peculiar kind of philosophy and therefore has peculiar kind of effects. No doubt men today do not know the philosophy of Bacon except a few, but the effects of Baconian philosophy are there through the Baconian progress, which is itself the result of Baconian philosophy. The man who eats poison would experience the effects of poison, whether he knew any thing about the poison or not.

                    The effect of the doctrine of man's dominion over nature as man's birth-right, is that man has in his pride ventured to become a God himself, and thus defection of man from God has occurred. Today the planting of the banner on the moon is the sign not of the glory of Christ, but of Bacon. Baconian philosophy has made the science as the instrument of the contemplation of the works of God. But the object of such a contemplation is not the glorification of the Creator. It is purely the manipulation of the works of God for material gain. The material gin being the object of science, not only the idea of science as science has been lost in the material gain, and the glorification of the Creator has been lost sight of, but further the whole knowledge has been reduced to the position of merely an instrument of material gain. Thus the knowledge which in the fold of Islam was a blessing has become a curse in Baconian culture. The schools of modern knowledge in the east could be seen as the workshops of devil as against the schools of religious education. The students of modern knowledge have only one end in view, that is the certificates, or knowledge merely for obtaining employment and being able to make a living or accumulating the wealth. The schools of religion produce the students, sober, gentle, God-fearing and respectful. Science being itself blind of spiritual, supernatural and miraculous, and the entire philosophy of Bacon being the source of materialistic views, the mind of man of this age has followed the suit and has denied or has at least depreciated the idea of spiritual, supernatural and miraculous. The result is universal discontent and heart-burning for material necessities. As far as moral values are concerned, although the attitude of Baconian philosophy regarding the pursuit of moral philosophy itself is not generally known to men, the exclusive pursuit of natural philosophy, the basis of Baconian philosophy, is in itself a curse enough to damage the notion of moral philosophy. The disregard of moral values and the neglect of the pursuit of moral philosophy in this age is no longer a hidden secret. The behaviour of this present generation regarding the atomic power behoves not at all to the descendants of Adam, and the followers of Abraham, Moses, Jesus, Mohammed, Krishna and Buddha, while the stomach and never the heart is the object of this Baconian age. This world and not at all the other world is the aim of this Baconian culture. Body and not the soul is the subject of this Baconian philosophy. Moral values have fallen to a level, and allow me to cry that the moral depravity has reached a point, that is enough to sadden the heart of any well-wisher of this mankind. Selfishness and greed have taken the place of every thing else. Destruction is the natural consequence.

                    The state of mankind has now reached a spot where the general effect of Baconian philosophy can be observed vividly: Alas, a race of human beings, engrossed in the pursuit of material progress panting and perspiring and ever scared of the Goblin of poverty, can be seen like so many clouds of Baconian locusts, of various hues, devouring, destroying, wasting whatever came in their way. And having devoured up all that existed in the planes, jungles, oceans, deserts, hills and mountains, now move toward the source of nuclear energy to be sprayed over by the nuclear germicide to find extinction, despite the noisome fumes of the flaming nuclear hell. All ties, fatherly, brotherly, motherly, and sisterly are severed and forgotten in selfishness and greed of wealth, and in consideration of one's self. The sense of sympathy, pity, mercy, humanity, charity, and every humanitarian feeling having vanished, this earth now appears to be inhabited by a race of wisdomized beasts interspersed with Baconian devils. This earth no doubt never was meant to be an abode of unmixed bliss, or complete joy, no matter what the system, what the civilization, what the religion. This earth is a house for man's trial, and is thus the house of sufferings and afflictions. But far grievous is the state of mankind in the Baconian age. People caught up in the universal economico-industrial set-up, and being broiled in the Baconian furnace, still the victims of misunderstandings, consider this age as a great age of great possibilities, not realizing the loss of both the worlds. Their misunderstandings, however, will sooner or later be cleared, for the temperatures of Baconian furnace are fast increasing and will ultimately become unbearable. The hazards of atomic annihilation through the atomic bombs and the atomic radiations are the trumpets of the consequential unpopularity of this Baconian culture and this Baconian progress. If, however, this Baconian system continues for long, then surely, this human race which still shows some humanitarian characteristics will, due to the dwindling resources and intensifying appetite, assume cannibalistic characteristics falling on each other to appease hunger, and tearing into bits, will devour up flesh, bone and all.  Stronger individuals devouring up the weaker ones. The stronger nations devouring up the frailer ones, without a scruple and justifying their acts on this Baconian pretext or that. This is going to be the unfailing effect and the inevitable result of that philosophy which has given out the pursuit of natural philosophy for material gain as man's actual business, and moral philosophy as an impious continuation of the first transgression of Adam that of tasting the fruit of the forbidden tree of the knowledge of good and evil.

                    All natural and physical pursuit and no moral restraint was a very unbalanced philosophy of life indeed, and nothing surprising, if the results are devastating. Universal anarchy, mistrust, distrust, to mutual devastation, were the most natural consequences of a philosophy which had this world alone as its object, and no consideration either of the other world or the moral philosophy as the necessary factors of human life. They who still think that this material progress was the means of the attainment of the necessities of life merely, which their religion allowed, and that this progress could be subjected to the dictates of religion must open up their eyes a little bit more to the actual facts and the prevailing circumstances and the impending hazards, to know that it was not this modern, Baconian progress that could be subjected to any religion howsoever strong and dynamic, but it is the religion that is subjected to this all-pervading, and all-devouring type of progress, and that, instead of having some hopes of one day subjecting this progress to their religion and working this wonder and showing it to the world, they should actually consult the safety of their religion itself against the onslaught of the Baconian ever-increasing, continuous and infinite progress, for surely if this progress continues for long their religion they will eventually find no where, and not even the strongest microscope will be able to show any vestige or trace of their religion in their life. For them it is to pause and ponder over the postulate, whether during the last fifty years it is their religion that has gained on this progress, or whether it is this progress that has gained on their religion. A few years hence, and the people will rush at the call of the hooter of the factory, while the call for the prayer from the minaret of the mosque will be ignored willingly or helplessly. As a proof let them put this progress to a halt now. It is impossible for them to do that without complete renunciation of a progress, which drags them now in chains toward the atomic hell.

                    Communism has not been imported from heaven, it is only the perfected stage of Baconian Philosophy of atomistic materialism, the philosophy of man's dominion over nature for material advantage with the idea of moral philosophy as undesirable. The Westerners who still talk of God, Christ, or Democracy are Baconian not very perfect as yet. The Muslims who still believe in their religion with such sincerity, and indeed are generally eager to revive Islam are to be regarded as Baconians extremely imperfect. The Hindus and the Buddhists too cannot claim much perfectness in Baconian Philosophy. The Communist only, however, can claim with justness the highest attainable perfection in Baconian Philosophy. In the Communist Philosophy it is, that the Baconian values can be seen to have attained to their peak values both theoretically and practically. Bacon sought for man's dominion over nature as man's right. This view naturally is to bring man in conflict with God in the matter of dominion. The Communist world it is, that may be seen to have the highest claim of man's dominion over nature, where the thought of God's dominion is expelled from the mind of man completely. Bacon spoke of the pursuit of natural philosophy (science) for material advantage for mankind in general. The Communist world may be seen like a nest of the honey-bees engrossed in the preparation of honey as one body. Bacon spoke of moral philosophy as a pursuit forbidden The Communist world has shunned the basic idea of religion as sheer opium, whereas the Westerners had given it out as merely an obstacle in the way of progress. Bacon had given a philosophy complete in itself. It has a complete system as a whole, that may be given the name of "Baconio-Shylockio-scientifico-industrial system", and may be seen in its hitherto perfected picture of Communism. The entire life was to be dragged into the Baconian net for dominion over nature and material advantage. Opposition to the dictates of Baconian philosophy in a Baconian society is regarded as unpleasant. Will this cry of Mine against the Baconian philosophy and Baconian progress be tolerated? If there is any hope of my word being heard in this world of today it is because of the appearance and the presence of the most grievous kind of hazards that were naturally incident on the philosophy of Bacon; the atomic bombs and radiations.

                    Besides the philosophic and ethical effects of Baconian Philosophy there have appeared some very scientific results too. Slander, wealth-accumulation and a belief in the eternity of this progress of wealth-increase functioning in modern Baconian progress, the three characteristic features of Baconian philosophy have acted like the three ingredients of gun powder, but have produced the peculiar, atomic powder Slander, wealth-accumulation, and the belief in the eternity of the process of wealth-accumulation through Baconian progress are the three ingredients of Baconian Philosophy. Again the Baconian Philosophy, Baconian progress, cancer and Uranium could be numbered in one group. All the four show the similar characteristics. All the four work on the principle of fission chain reaction and all the four have the same destiny, that is, destruction through atomic fire.



                    A beguiled and bewitched humanity may be seen, with anxiety, to have been involved in grievous misunderstandings regarding this Baconian progress. The degree of the guilt of engrossment in wealth-accumulation and the belief in the eternity of the process of ever-increasing wealth through Baconian progress is under-rated. The significance of the conflict between man's love for God, and man's love for this world has been lost sight of. The dire consequences of these misunderstandings though in sight now, are being ignored.

                    Bacon the trumpeter of this new philosophy was himself the victim of serious misunderstandings. His image of a world full of natural saints and scientific cherubim and intellectual seraphs soaring about in a celestial world that flowed with milk and honey as a result of his new philosophy, proved to be erroneous. Rather a race of locusts that devoured and devastated this earth of God, appeared. His caution against the tendency of falling to immediate gain inspite of his intimate knowledge of human nature in the matter of wealth proved to be a misunderstanding about the type of philosophy he gave to this world. Mankind indeed did incline to immediate gain in the presence of a philosophy which gave out the pursuit of natural philosophy as the actual business of man on earth, and as the express command of God to Adam, forbidding the pursuit of moral philosophy. Thus all the element of sublimity which Bacon had imagined in his philosophy, vanished, rather, his philosophy has evidently produced the ailment like frustration, worry, anxiety, heart-burning and fear of poverty, in a greedy, selfish society that has been rendered devoid of all sense of mercy, charity, humility, domestic love and conjugal comforts. A society that has as a result of Bacon's philosophy forgotten and forsaken the thought of the other world, and having been transformed into the worms of earth is tending in search of utopia towards ablazing atomic hell that will devour up all heir wealth, accumulated after centuries' toil and labour. The results of the Baconian progress now have appeared in a most manifest form that of a raging atomic hell of atomic bombs and atomic radiations. Yet even now this mankind is the victim of misunderstandings about the great propensities of science, and the possibilities of outlets, and avoidance of the atomic consequences of the Baconian atomism. The followers of Bacon move in Baconian desert whose mirage does not produce any water but fire; the atomic fire.

                    How a Christian, a follower of Jesus Christ, and the reader of the gospel should follow Bacon's philosophy with a clear conscience is something beyond man's understanding. Nothing in common appears in the philosophy of Bacon and the teachings of Christ. That the Christian should follow the anti-Christian demon of Baconian philosophy with a clear conscience --- for conscience the Christian certainly has ---could only and with reason, be attributed to the fact of misunderstanding.

                    The followers of the Quran are involved in very peculiar misunderstandings regarding the view of the Quran about this modern, Baconian, systematic, organized, science-guided, ever-increasing and infinite kind of progress. The misfortune is that the Muslims have not so much as heard of the name of Bacon, the giver of this new philosophy, not to speak of his works or his philosophy. Nor the actual reality of this Baconian progress is understood by them, though cursory study of the Quran in this respect reveals most conspicuously the greatest antipathy existing between the Quran and this Baconian progress. This Baconian progress according to the Quran is not only destructive of this present life but also is destructive of the next eternal life that is in heaven, and is productive of atomic hell in this world and is conductive to Hotama of the next world. No subtleties are involved in understanding the view-point of the Quran about the Baconian progress. Only a realistic pursuit of the Quran is the condition. So clearly unambiguous is the Quran on this point, that it is almost difficult not to understand. The very day, however, the Muslims comprehend this point, they will find their destination as well as their role in this critical situation of mankind. It is amazing that a modern interpreter of the Quran or two should give out the achievements of science as the actual aim of the Quran. The entire Muslim nation, however, seems to be the victim of similar misunderstandings regarding the view of the Quran, about this Baconian progress, or else they would be against this Baconian progress, these atomic bombs and radiations.

                    That the Quran has shown a decided preference for the next world to this world, and that the Quran is averse to either the complete engrossment in this world, or in wealth-accumulation, there can be no two opinions, but the misunderstanding arises when this Baconian Progress is regarded as no more than a means of procuring the lawful necessities of life allowed by the Quran, and the means of defence in conformity to the pattern extant in the world. Support for the Baconian contemplation of the works of God through science, is sought in the signs appearing in the Quran that exhort the Muslims to the contemplation of the works of God, yet forgetting the difference between the object of Quranic contemplation of the works of God, and of the Baconian contemplation of the works of God. The other category of the signs of the Quran quoted for this purpose is that is concerned with the subjugation of the forces of nature to man's service, again forgetting the basic purport of such signs and the difference existing between the object given by the Quran and that given by Bacon. The former category of the signs of the Quran is known as Fikr-Fil-Ayyaat, while the latter category is called Taskhir-Il-Kainaat. Both these categories of signs could be seen in great profusion, prominently and conspicuously rendered to show the object. The object of the contemplation of the works of God according to Baconian philosophy as is achieved by Baconian Progress, is no other than the material exploitation of the works of God. No other object is so much as hinted at by Bacon, nor is ever so much as considered by the followers of Bacon. This is not so with the Quran, the Quran although as may be seen has laid unusually great stress on the topic of the contemplation of the works of Allah, has not for once, not so much as in a hint, made any mention of the material exploitation in connection with the contemplation of the works of Allah. Nay, on the other hand the object of contemplation of the works of Allah that has been given by the Quran is, firstly, the discovering of the purpose of this creation, and secondly the discovering of the argument for the certainty of the event of resurrection and judgment, and thirdly the glorification of the Creator. The object of Bacon is purely and exclusively materialistic. The object of the Quran is purely and exclusively spiritual and moral. Here is the great basic misunderstanding, on which depends the attitude of the Muslim world towards this point of very far-reaching and extraordinary consequence. Unless this mystery is revealed to the Muslims, they will for ever be moving on the wrong path and away from their role which they ought actually to play in this drama of the modern atomic holocaust. And there is no difficulty at all. The Quran is there and could be read and understood from this point of view, and no unusually high intelligence is required. Nothing very sublime or complicated is involved. Only a realistic outlook is the necessity.

                    The second category of signs of the Quran mentioned above and generally quoted in this context also deserves attention. When we read the signs about the Taskhir-Il-Kainaat that is the subjugation of the natural forces to men quoted by the Muslims in support of the exploitation of Baconian progress, we again find the difference between the object of the Quran and the object of Bacon. Bacon has recommended the subjugation of the natural forces with the express and exclusive object of attaining to man's dominion as man's original destiny for the purpose of material advantage, while in the Quran it is Allah himself who claims to have  subjected this universe to the service of man, and does for this favour demand gratitude from man. Nowhere throughout the Quran not so much as a hint of either man's right of dominion, or material exploitation of the works of Allah through the conquest of nature, or emulation on the part of man could be observed. It is obviously fallacious on the part of the Muslim to quote such signs from the Quran in order to prove permission of the material exploitation of the Baconian progress, or the right of man's dominion over nature Baconianacally.

                    Another very important misunderstanding that now has involved the Muslims, is regarding the category of the atomic weapons as the weapons of war. In the Quran the Muslims are clearly enjoined to keep their war preparations in readiness against the prospective aggressor. And it is in the light of this particular sign of the Quran that the necessity of the preparation of the atomic bombs is shown. In this connection the first prerequisite is to ascertain whether the atomic bomb could be included in the category of the weapons of war. According to the scientists the atomic bomb is not a weapon of war but rather is the means of complete annihilation of life on earth. None after atomic war remains there to claim the victory. The Quran has called the atomic bomb and the atomic radiations, by the name of "Atomic Hell", the fire of Allah, so that those who perished in this transient atomic hell deservedly, would expect the flames of the eternal atomic hell of the next world, for, the evils that render anyone liable to the punishment of the fire of Al-Hotama of the next world are the same as are the causes of the appearance of this transient atomic hell of this world, and they are none else than the characteristics of Baconian progress. It is high time that the followers of the Quran in order to escape the flames of the atomic hell of this world, and still more grievous flames of the atomic hell of the next world try in all earnest to clear these misunderstandings, and sooner indeed the better, lest they are irrevocably cast into the atomic pit, only because they misunderstood the Baconian progress and the Quran. Perhaps the Muslims have awakened from their slumber a little late. For them it was in the beginning of the renaissance of the West to see, if the programme of the West was correct, to adopt that programme themselves, and in case it was against the dictates and policies of the Quran and was regarded as detrimental to mankind, it was their duty then to stop the West, for then they were in a position to do so. Now they are trodding behind the West to weal or to woe, and little realizing that the path of the West pointed toward the flames of the blazing atomic hell. The Muslims like all other nations are fallen in the atomic hell. And surely it is with one jump that one falls into the well, while hundred jumps could not throw him out of the well, and a lot of courage and understanding will be required by any people who stood against this atomic demons too bewitching, too powerful, and too formidable a demon to contest with.

                    Hindus, the followers of Ram, and Krishen may also be reminded in this respect. The attention of the readers of Vedas may be invited to the fact that a lot of difference existed between the flying planquins which their remote ancestors are reputed to have flown, and this Baconian aircraft that is bound to crash its passengers right into the heart of the Promonic Nurk. Read your Vedas and see if any compromise occurs between the Vedic Philosophy of Maya and this Baconian Materialism Either then, this Baconian Philosophy or your vedas are in the wrong. Let the followers of Buddha too see if anything in common occurs between the teachings of Bacon and Buddha. The Baconian Philosophy does not lead to Narvana. It only leads to a nuclear transmigration of bodies into those of ugly, miserable chimeras.

                    The Quran as the last will of Allah to mankind, for all ages, and with answer to every problem of men, and a remedy to all ills, forbade at the time of its revelation. The creed of hermitage, recommending a balanced life. The case now is opposite. Extreme materialism is the malady. Extreme otherworldliness and spiritualism  is the remedy needed on the principle of antithesis. The Quran stands in no need of borrowing the proverbial otherworldliness and spiritualism associated with the name of Jesus Christ. The element itself is immanent in the Quran, and resorting to otherworldliness and spiritualism is the remedy now. More production does but aggravate the case. It is just to add fuel to the furnace in order to extinguish the fire in the case of this Baconian atomistic materialism. This, however, does not mean that the practice of hermitage and priesthood has become lawful. No, none of this, of that. The extreme materialism only has to be counteracted, and that means the complete eradication of the Baconian progress. It is by such a drastic action only that the object could possibly be achieved, to save this world from atomic hell.

                    Strange utterings These..... Almost ignotum per ignotius. But their truth will appear when all of a sudden hails of atomic bombs will start falling on this earth deservedly, and burning the people and blasting their properties, shooting their ashes into the outer space. Or when the swarms of invisible atomic radiations will have turned the people into the herds of foul, cancer-ridden chimeras, deservedly. This is a mad generation being dragged in chains toward the roaring, hissing, rushing flames of the Baconian Hell. Pride and folly and greed are the particular features of this age of Baconian culture.

                    Every misunderstanding of the Muslims regarding the contemplation of the Work of God, (Ghaur-e-Aayyaat), and the conquest of the forces of nature (Tashkir-e-Kainaat) concerning this Baconian progress may be cleared in one stroke, namely, by examining the variance in the trend, the object and the purpose of the two, that of this Baconian progress and that of the Quran. The same may be said in case of the Christians in reference to their Bible. But here we will be able to give only the basic nucleus of the topic and in reference to the Quran, only. The sight of the Quran seeks the signs of other world and proofs of resurrection and the purpose of this creation in the contemplation of this universe, whereas Bacon's sight drags behind it the stomach and seeks the material exploitation of the works of God, which is not at all the purpose of Quran's contemplation. If this point is understood, then there remains no point in citing the signs of the Quran about the contemplation in favour of this Baconian Progress, as it is. Also the reality of this systematic, ever-increasing and infinite type of progress needs to be carefully understood. Where to will it take this world ultimately, for the atomic hell is its positive destination.

                    We hardly need to remind any one that the basic and exclusive purpose of this Baconian science guided progress in the contemplation of the works of God is the conquest of the natural forces for material exploitation. No other object is there. The purpose of Quran in this respect is quite at variance with that of Baconian progress. Judging from the fact of the infinite, ever-increasing nature of this Baconian progress, the urgent necessity of the clarification becomes clear, since the ever-increasing and the infinite nature of this Baconian progress unfailingly leads this world ultimately into the flames of the atomic hell inspite of the misunderstanding of the people.

                    There is not one sign throughout the Quran about the contemplation of the works of God which so much as ever alludes to the material exploitation, and we will in the following quote some of the signs of this nature as specimens that illustrate the various purposes of the contemplation of the works of God according to the Quran. And in these the factor of material exploitation figures nowhere. Read the following examples to know that the purpose of contemplation of Allah's work is to:-


(1)     Have the certainty of the some purpose of creation and know the necessity of the contemplation of the works of Allah, and escape the fire:-


                    " Lo! In the creation of the heavens and the earth, and (in) the difference of night and day are tokens (of His sovereignty) for men of understanding. Such as remember Allah, standing, sitting, and reclining, and consider the creation of the heavens and the earth, (and say): our Lord, Thou createdst not this in vain. Glory be to Thee! preserve us from the doom of Fire: Our Lord! whom Thou causest to enter the Fire: him indeed thou hast confounded. For evil-doers there will be no helpers. Our Lord! Lo! we have heard a crier calling unto Faith: 'Believe ye in your Lord!, so we believed. Our Lord! Therefore forgive us our sins, and remit from us our evil deeds, and make us die the death of the righteous. Our Lord! And give us that which Thou hast promised to us by Thy messengers. Confound us not upon the Day of Resurrection. Lo! Thou breakst not the tryst".

            ( Quran-III- 190-4)

                    Do you think that a scientist watching the stars in the heaven or a Chemist in his laboratory is inspired with similar sentiments in this Baconian contemplation of the works of God. No never. It is not possible, and there appears to be  not a word for the material exploitation in these above-quoted signs of the Quran. But rather the sight of the universe rouses the feeling and the spiritual necessity of the contemplation. The Contemplation therein alludes to certainty of the purpose of the creation. The purpose leads to the thought of the trial, and the trial entails the possibility of being cast into fire. Allah's help is to besought, and faith in the message of religion is reiterated, and Allah's forgiveness and protection against fire is sought. But this Baconian progress clearly is carrying this mankind towards a fire. To persist in its course means inevitably the doom of fire. Means and ways are to be thought upon for getting rid of this fire, instead of insisting on seeking the permission of this progress in the light of Quran's appeal for the contemplation of the works of Allah. Will the Quran allow you to jump into the fire that you can now see.


(2)                 And it is to be as the remembrance and the reminders; not of the material exploitation but of the doctrine preached by the Quran, and religious realities:-


                    "Have they not then observed the sky above them, how We have constructed it and beautified it, and how there are no rifts therein? And the earth have We spread out, and have flung firm hills, therein and have caused of every lovely kind to grow thereon, A vision and a reminder for every penitent salve".                                                                                                                                   

(Quran L -6-8)


(3)               And it is to discover the certainty of meeting with the Lord on the day of judgment:-


                    "Allah is He who raised the heavens without visible supports, then mounted the Throne, and compelled the sun and the moon to be of service, each runneth unto an appointed term; He ordereth the course;  He detaileth the signs, that haply ye may be certain of the meeting with your Lord".


(Quran -XIII-2)


(4)               And it is to seethe examples and proof of resurrection:-


                    "And Allah it is, Who sendeth the winds and they raise a cloud; then We lead it unto a dead land and revive there with the earth after its death. Such is the resurrection".

            (Quran XXXV-9)


(5)                 And it is to see through the original creation the fact of Creator's ability to produce again the second time that which He has already created. This being the object of observation in a particular branch of knowledge:-


         "Say go through the earth and see how He hath brought forth created beings. Hereafter, with a second birth will God cause them to be born again; for God is Almighty".

                        (Quran XXIX-20)

                    Darwin did this work, but what was his surmise. He linked the man to monkey and never bothered himself about the second creation. The mankind of the present Baconian age, however, may be observed to countenance Bacon's ugly surmise due to Baconian habits.


(6)And it is to know the serious end and the fixed term of creation:-


                    "Have they not considered within themselves that Allah hath not created the heavens and the earth, and all that is between them but for a serious end and a fixed term? But truly most men believe not that they shall meet their Lord".

(Quran XXX-8)


                    "They know only the outward appearance of this present life, but of the next life are they careless".

(Quran XXX-7)


                    Mark the clear mention of the next life against this present one:-


(7)                 And it is to know Allah's powers and his sovereignty:-


                    "He causeth the night to enter in upon the day, and the day to enter in upon the night; and He hath given laws to the sun and to the moon, so that each journeath to its appointed goal; this is God your Lord. All power is His. But the Gods whom ye call on besides him have no power over the husk of a date-stone".              

(Quran XXXV-13)


(8)                  And it is to know the power, kindness

 and grace of God:-                                                       

                    "Verily, God holdeth fast the heavens and the earth that they pass not away; And if they were passing away none could hold them back but He; for He is ever clement, forgiving:.

              (Quran XXXV-41)

(9)                  And it is to see the necessity of gratitude toward God for His boons, and impossibility of Emulation:-


                    "Moreover, the dead earth is a sign to them; We quicken  it, and bring forth the grain from it, and they eat thereof: and we cause springs to gush forth in it; that they may eat of its fruits, and their hands made it not. Will they not therefore be thankful".

            (Quran XXXVI-33-34)


Mark the words, “Their hands made it not".

(10)               And it is to bring the realization that the bestowal of wealth is in the hands of God:-


                    “See they not that God bestoweth full supplies on whom He pleaseth, and given sparingly to whom He pleaseth? Signs truly are there herein to those who believe".

                        (Quran XXX-37)


(11)     Between Bacon's experimental contemplation of the works of God for man's dominion over nature, and Pharaoh's method of contemplation of God against the notion of his own God-head could be seen a mark of resemblance:-


                    "And Pharaoh said” O ! Ye Nobles, ye have no other God that I know of but myself. Burn me then Human, bricks of clay, and build me a tower that I may mount up to the God of Moses, for in sooth, I deem Him a liar".

            (Quran XXVIII-38)

                    Now read the Holy  Quran thorough, and try to find out one sign of the Quran which could be seen to make so much as a hint of the material exploitation in connection with the act of the contemplation of the works of God. It is therefore erroneous to cite Quran's signs about the contemplation of the works of God to justify the act of this modern Baconian Progress. That the entire purpose of the contemplation of the works of God according to the Quran is no other than the argumentation of faith, may be seen in the following sign of the Quran:-

                    "Say consider ye whatever is in the heavens, and in the earth, but signs, nor warners, awail those who will not believe".

            (Quran X-102)

                    If then the entire purpose of the contemplation of the works of God is confined to belief, then how to justify the act of material progress as the result of the contemplation of the works of God. Is the material progress a means of belief? But just as the Quran has said:-

                    "It is not the eyes that grow blind, but it is the hearts which are in their breasts that grow blind".

            (Quran XXII-46)

                    It is the blindness of the heart, which likens the Quran's view of the contemplation of the works of God to that of Bacon without ever perceiving the extreme variance existing between the two. But, the slander, the greed and hope of for ever living in this world amidst its riches have rendered this mankind quite purblind. Indeed none but blind could miss the result of this Baconian progress appearing now clearly in the form of atomic hell. And let it be known that the contemplation of the works of God and the acquirement of material necessities of life are two different subjects according to the Quran. The inventions of the modern scientists could not be regarded as the result of the contemplation of the works of God in the spirit of the Quran, for their purposes is at variance with that of the Quran. We will cite an example of contemplation of God's works from the Bible, to see if the purpose of wealth-acquiring of scientific inventions and that of the Bible shows some resemblance:-

                    "The pride of the height, the clear firmament, the beauty of heaven, with his glorious show; the sun when it appeareth, declaring at his rising a marvellous instrument, the work of the most high, great is the Lord that made it; and at his commandment it runneth hastily. He made the moon also to serve in her season for a declaration of times, and a sign of the world ...The beauty of the heaven, the glory of the stars, an ornament of giving light in the highest places of the Lord. At the commandment of the holy one they will stand in their order, and never faint in their watches. Look upon the rainbow, and praise him that made it very beautiful it is in the brightness thereof. It compasseth the heaven about with a glorious circle, and the hands of the most high have blended his counsel He apepaseth the deep and planeth islands, therein...we may speak much and yet come short; wherefore the sum, he is all".

(The Bible - Ecclesiassicus XLIII-1-27)

                    The sum of all the contemplation of the works of God according to the Bible is that God the Creator is all. No allusion to either the material exploitation or man's right of dominion over nature is there. Where does then the follower of the Bible stand in the Baconian view of progress. Now mark the identity of the purpose between the Quran and the Bible on this subject of the contemplation of the works of God. Then know that it is not the Muslims only that are misguided in this matter, that they infer from the contemplation of the works of God the justification of the material progress that is the material exploitation of the works of God. Bacon the founder of this new philosophy of atomism was the first to beguile the Christendom on this very same point. It was he first who inferred from the Biblic contemplation of the works of God the idea of the material exploitation. The Muslims are only the followers in this respect. To the Muslims of the premodern age, the ulema, the immams, the muffassirs and the muhaditheans, the fact never struck, but it is in the presence of this Western Baconian progress that the modern Muslim Community has taken to this line of thought, and it is erroneous, misleading and destructive. And there is not a point in the entire volume of the Quran touching the contemplation of the works of God, that could not be observed without the recourse to this modern science, and its researches, and its discoveries, and its instruments.

                    After we have discussed the point of Ghaure-Aayyat that is the contemplation of the works of God, let us study the other point, namely, that of Taskhir-e-Kainaat, that is the conquest of nature in the light of the Quran. The entire Muslim community today is of the opinion and indeed with the clearest of conscience, that this modern conquest of nature for material benefits is not only allowed by the Quran but is in exact line with the spirit of the Quran, since the conquest of nature has a decided place in the Quran. But before I quote the Quran on this point, let it be remembered, and I am touching he most important point, that is, whenever, the view of the Quran is sought on any matter of this modern Baconian age, it has to be necessarily viewed in the context of this peculiar and particular Baconian philosophy and progress, this systematic, continuous, ever-increasing and infinite progress. Without this it appears impossible to know the real mind of the Quran in any of these points, since the matter is so very hazy and most likely to blur the judgment. Bacon it must be known, conferred on man the right of dominion over nature as man's destiny. The Quran can never think of such aright for man, for the right of dominion over nature is reserved only for God, while for man is the concession only of utility. After having established the fact, that this Baconian progress isn't in any way compatible with the spirit of Quran we will here quote the Quran to show that in this, as far as this case of the conquest of nature is concerned, it is Allah himself that has throughout the Quran claimed to have rendered every thing serviceable to man, and nowhere man is either exhorted to emulate Allah in this respect or is encouraged to conquer nature with the object of material exploitation. Allah always has claimed man's gratitude for having made everything serviceable to him. What matters most regarding this Baconian progress is that it is inevitably heading toward the universal atomic ruin in the flames of the atomic hell. No question of a compromise with it in any way arises on the part of the Quran or any other revealed scripture. It is, however, for the satisfaction of the people that we will undertake the discussion and will quote the Quran on the point of the dominion over nature. The Quran says:-

                    1.           Quran:"It is He (Allah) who created all the pairs, and appointed for you ships and cattle whereon ye ride. That ye may mount upon their backs, and may remember your Lord's favour when ye mount thereon, and may say: Glorified be he Who hath subdued these unto us, and we were not capable of (subduing them): and lo unto our Lord we are returning".

              (Quran XLIII-12-14)

                    And so there is neither belief in the eternity of the progress involved nor the pride in one's achievements.

                    2.           Quran:-"See ye not how Allah hath made serviceable unto you whatsoever is in the skies and whatsoever is in the earth and hath loaded you with His favours both without and within? Yet of mankind is he who disputeth concerning Allah, without knowledge or guidance or a scirpture giving light".

                          (Quran XXXI-20)

                    3.           Quran: "And He is Allah: there is no God, save Him. His is all praise in the former and in the latter (state) and His is the command, and unto Him ye will be brought back, say: Have ye thought, if Allah made night ever-lasting for you till the day of resurrection, who is a God beside Allah who could bring you light? Will ye not then hear? Say: Have ye thought, if Allah made day ever-lasting for you till the day of resurrection, who is a God beside Allah who could bring you night wherein ye rest? Will ye not then see? Of His mercy hath he appointed for you night and day, that therein ye may rest, and that ye may seek his bounty, and that haply ye may be thankful".

              (Quran XXVIII-70-73)

                    Thus seeking his bounty and the dominion over nature are two different things. Gratitude is the object. The example of Baconian dominion given by the Quran:-

                    4.           Quran: " The similitude of this life is as water which we send down from the sky, then the earth's growth of that which men and cattle eat mingleth with it till, when the earth hath taken on her ornaments and embellished, and her people deem that they are masters of her, our commandment cometh by night or by day and we make it as reaped corn as if it had not flourished yesterday. Thus do we expound the revelations for people who reflect".

                          (Quran x-25)

                    And now there is nothing difficult for any one who can read and understand the Quran to know that the Quran has no high opinion of this world and its wealth against the other world, and has shown a decided preference to the next world against this world, but what might come as a revelation to many is, that the complete love of this world can be correlated with disbelief in resurrection according to the Quran. Please read the following:-

                    "Lo! Those who expect not the meeting with us but desire the life of the world and feel secure therein, and those who are neglectful of Our revelations, their home will be the fire because of what hey used to earn".

(Quran X-8-9)

                    And woe upon woe, the Baconian progress by nature is complete engrossment in the life of this world. Yet many are the victims of deceit concerning it. But their conceit or deceit can not change the course of nature. Atomic hell is the consequence, and a painful end in fire. Let the Muslims now realize the spirit of otherworldliness in the Quran. If the thing appears to be a little too, subtle, equally subtle is the subject of atomic hell.

                    No relation exists between the contemplation of the works of God and the exploitation of the works of God according to the Quran, and prayers have to be preferred to merchandising. The Quran says:-

                    “Oh! Ye who believe: When ye are summoned to prayer on the day of assembly, haste to the commemoration of Allah, and leave merchandising. This (will be) better for you, if ye knew it. And when prayer is ended then disperse yourselves through the land (as ye list), and seek gain of the liberality of Allah: and remember Allah frequently, That ye may prosper".

                          (Quran 62, 9-10)

                    Thus it is clear, that prayer according to the Quran is duty while merchandising is only necessity. And noteworthy also is the mention of frequent remembrance of Allah, and it means that while man's hands are engaged in his work, his heart should be with Allah, all the time. Now suppose the people took their merchandise into the mosque and there prayed as well carried on their trade, then this will be an example of a near analogy with the notion of contemplation of the works of God with the object of the exploitation of the works of God. But trading is not allowed in the mosque. Jesus Christ had in a mood of wrath thrown out of the synagogue the merchandise of the Jews. Nor, it is obvious, Mohammed, Peace be Upon him, would allow the practice of trading in the mosque.

                    The Quran after the signs above quoted has mentioned the instance when the congregation upon hearing the drums of an approaching caravan of merchandise in Medina, left the Holy Prophet in sermon and went out to seethe caravan. Only twelve of the congregation stayed with the Prophet. There was a dearth of food grains at that time in Medina, it is said. The words of the Quran are:-

                    "But when they see any merchandising or sport, they flock thereto, and leave there (O Prophet) standing (in the pulpit), say: the reward which is with Allah (is) better than any sport or merchandising; and Allah is the best provider".

              (Quran 62 x 11)

                    Now remember, that the sermon of the mount is the gist and essence of all the evangelic teachings, and bears the view of Jesus Christ in the clearest of terms, and is decidedly against this world and its wealth. The pioneers of this Baconian age leaving Christ's sermon of the mount, went to the clearly hostile trumpet of the merchandising caravan of Bacon's philosophy. Now if the Christians are asked why did they leave the sermon of Jesus Christ which breaths nothing but the air of otherworldliness and went away to the worldly philosophy of Bacon, and if their reply is, does not the Gospel allow the worldly philosophy of Bacon? Then that'll be a case analogous to the case of the Muslims who say, "Does not the Quran allow the Material Exploitation of the works of Allah by virtue of contemplation of the works of Allah. Is not the contemplation of the works of Allah according to the Quran the same as the exploitation of the works of Allah?.

                    In this context it is worthy of note that Bacon too had derived the justification of his philosophy of the materiel exploitation of the works of God from the doctrine of the contemplation of the works of God. Now anyone who has some knowledge of the sentiment of the gospel respecting this world and its wealth can never with honesty bear the testimony that the slightest resemblance existed between the teachings of Christ and Bacon. And Bacon's misinterpretation of the Gospel was in a most apparent manner so ugly, superfluous and ridiculous that no one even in a dreamy mood was prons to overlook the abomination of the attempt, yet the Western Christendom tired of their religion due to innovating doctrines, and extreme, and universal corruption in their religion, and above all else the intense worldly love, inexpressible tyranny and hypocrisy of their priests, and indeed a lusting Desire of the enjoyment of the feast that was spread by nature, did heartily welcome the worldly materialistic philosophy of Bacon, keeping in view merely its worldly promises, and overlooking completely its grisly, immoral, anti-Christian aspect. It is partly due to this loathsome aspect of Bacon's philosophy that his writings soon went behind the scene and his name even has fallen into oblivion. His progress, however, has prevailed the entire world with a universal flourish. The difference between the attitude of the Christian and the Muslims in this respect has been that whereas the Western Christian took the initiative in the adoption of Baconian Philosophy, the Muslim accepted it only when he found it in full flourish. He too found it to be tasty, too tasty to be proved against the tenets of the Quran or Islam.

                    But the case of Christianity and Islam shows a vivid difference now. The majority of the Christians have lost touch with Christianity, and the outward picture at least, of Christianity is disappointing. Christianity appears to have been lost. The case of Islam is different. Islam itself today may be found as pure and exact as it was at the time of its first appearance in the world. It is the last perfected religion for the entire mankind. It can still provide complete guidance to this world. The notion that time has outmoded. The Quran is based on no grounds and emanates from sheer ignorance. The Muslims still may be found to entertain utmost love for it. The entire Islamic World is boiling with zeal for the renaissance and promulgation of Islam in toto. There is a desire as well as endeavour. There is ambition as well spirit of sacrifice what is needed is the clear understanding of this Baconian culture and the prevailing circumstances. And the correct view of the Quran regarding this prevalent Baconian culture and its logical hazards. And truly the entire world at present is so extremely worried, about the Baconian ills, that it is obliged to understand the truth of Islam. The Muslims however, stand in need of judging correctly the nature of the Islamic revolution, its great extent, its difficulties, and the sacrifice  necessary. Repeating the things heard in the West like a Parrot will be of no avail. Nor the blind imitation of the West will be good in any way.

                    The Muslims will have to peep out of this present shell and will have to look and think for themselves independently. Observation reveals without exception, that the Muslims economic expert repeats merely the few terms that are to be found in currency in the West. He lacked completely any originality and is in the habit of merely churning the Western waters. Muslim scientists are confined to the light of the Western discoveries. The education department is a mere reflection of the Western system of education. Courts have the English, French or German law And throughout, dress, language, thought and demeanour is that of the West. The discussion may be enlarged advanced to places where and very little of Islamic color could be discerned. The answer to any question about the state of the affairs is always the same, and is always this, that the circumstances are compelling. One thing that appears most manifestly is that every individual of the Islamic world today is of the opinion that this existing structure as it is, should be modified and given Islamic Colour. And this arrangement is not generally regarded as temporary but permanent. Ask, what should be the political system in an Islamic country, and the answer will invariably be, either parliamentary or presidential. And why? Because these are near to Islam. But why to seek things near to Islam? Why not Islam itself? Why patching up? It will not work.

                    But the central point around which every other problem revolves is the Baconian progress, which according to the general opinion of the Muslim world is in exact accordance with the Quran, and also indispensable in the present circumstances. That it is in accordance with the Quran is wrong. But that it is indispensable may be regarded as not without reason. What is more correct is that until the determination of getting rid of the atomic hell is made, every thing else is useless. But in order to avoid the atomic hell there is no other way except to eradicate this Baconian progress, for, the atomic hell is the logical and inescapable end of this Baconian progress. Certainly this Baconian progress after enkindling the atomic hell, will destroy, every thing, pride, hope, health, wealth and all. The other side of this matter is that as long as this Baconian progress and its manifestations and its problem exist, the Muslims will be kept obliged to confine their endeavour to modifying this existing structure of things in the colours of Islam, and remaining content with all that which is near to Islam, while Islam itself will not appear. The temple of Somnath, despite modifications and despite labeling it as a mosque could not become mosque as long as the idols remained therein. Nor that grand Idol which was crushed by the mace of Sultan Mahmud could have escaped the blow by virtue of any Islamic name imparted to it.

                    This Baconian progress, whether it is advanced by a non-believer or a believer, cannot escape the flames of the atomic hell. If the Muslims of today find this Baconian progress as indispensable due to the prevailing circumstances of the world, it is equally indispensable to understand the reality of this Baconian progress and its impending hazards. Not one nation, however, but the entire world of nations have to exert collectively. The pigeons fallen in the net did by exerting collectively fly away with the net, escaping the hunter. May be the nations collectively would find some collective programme to escape the tragedy. This work, the sooner it is done, the better. Things painful for me to utter. Bitter and unpleasant for you to hear. A few years hence you could have laughed at me with scorn. Now the atomic hell is my impressive argument. Yet is a little too far at a distance. So you might be inclined to continue your ostriching. If so then go ahead and I say good luck to you and Godsped toward the atomic hell on the trail of your Western masters. And remember no heavens will cry. No angels will sob, well-rid, well-rid will be the only word. Better realize now that still some time for thought is left. Give me some comfort, and diminish my agony, and Allah will have mercy on you.



                    There could be no doubt that the Philosophy of Bacon was the exact antithesis of the teachings of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and the features of the Baconian Philosophy could rightly be regarded as Anti-Christic. Blake who like a sparrow would have wanted to chirp out the raging world-wide storm of Baconianism, however, could not have been amiss in saying:-

“If what Bacon says is right, what Christ says is false".

                    Christ preached the otherworldliness, and resurrection, and love for God, against the love for wealth. Bacon preached this world exclusively, without any regard for the next. Christ preached hatred of wealth and warned men against the transient, temporal nature of this life. Bacon preached nothing but wealth and this world and its life. Christ gave out heaven as the real abode of men. Bacon said, this world alone was the actual home of man. Christ taught and practiced spiritualism and taught a belief in supernatural and miraculous and did himself work miracles. Bacon taught and practiced naturalism and recommended natural philosophy (Science), and taught a belief in the substantial miracles of science, and recommended scientific experimentation to work miracles through material agency against the spiritual agency of Christ. Christ reserved the right of dominion for God alone. Bacon conferred the right of dominion over nature on man as man's actual destiny. Christ taught humility. Bacon fostered a sense of dignity and pride. Christ forbade to lay up treasures on earth, and taught the people never to care for the morrow, what shall we eat, what shall we eat, what shall we wear. Bacon's whole philosophy is based on the fact of continuous, systematic, organized, ever-increasing and infinite process of wealth acquirement and its increase and accumulation. Christ enjoined to lay up treasures in heaven. Bacon has nothing like this to think or say. Christ raised the Philosophy of ethics to a level where angles even would stand dazed. Bacon cut the very root of moral philosophy against the natural philosophy (science), of man's, natural dominion and material advantage. Where then Bacon could be said to stand in accord with Christ except for some lip-service to the name of the Saviour. Could some lip-service then be found sufficient compensation for that sickle which Bacon put to the very roots of Christian teachings, and, the same could be said of the Baconian Christian. How, it is to be wondered, any one could at once follow Christ and Bacon. Two masters going in opposite ways to each other. The one pointing toward heaven, the other toward earth, but the story does not end with it.

                    The sprit of Bacon shows some peculiarities touching the spirit of Christ. The observation show that the spirit of Baconian philosophy seems to appear in the guise of Jesus Christ himself in an endeavor to do all that Christ had done in his time. It may also be observed that all that Jesus had accomplished through spiritual agency, the Baconian spirit sought to achieve through material agency. Jesus fed thousands miraculously. Bacon gave the philosophy of Food. Christ restored sight to blind, cured lepers and caused  the lame to walk. The Baconian spirit has sought to achieve all this through medical science. Christ exorcised evil spirits from  men by invocation of Holy name. The Baconian spirit has reached that end by exorcing the evil of superstition from the breasts of men by preaching a philosophy of rationalism. Christ walked on water. The Baconian spirit caused the iron ships to float on the seas, and has invented life-buoy. Christ having formed out of clay creatures in the likeness of birds, and then having breathed in them, they went flying like real birds. The Baconian spirit invented aeroplanes and they went soaring through the air. Christ raised the dead to life. The modern science has always retained great interest in this matter, and has made great efforts in this factor, and has made great endeavours in this respect. No success has, however, been achieved hitherto inspite of occasional, very sensational rumours of a dead dog or something having been raised to life in some particular manner, if, however, it is materially possible to revive the dead, the Baconian spirit will obstinately continue its exertions and will not rest until it has achieved this seemingly unachievable end. For if it would succeed in this miracle, its claim to God-head would assume countenance. Another baffling problem of course is that of rendering the atomic radiations innocuous and giving protection against the atomic bomb and the atomic radiation. Christ rode the donkey, so that the name of that beast has been historically associated with his name. The Baconian spirit has devised its own peculiar means of conveyance and again through material agency, and has produced the mechanical beast of burden to ride indeed in contradiction with every premodern age, and as a characteristically distinctive feature of this Baconian age. Could some one see the resemblance between the two types of donkeys. Christ used to hear the heavenly voice of God. The Baconian spirit has invented, radios, televisions etc. Thus it may be seen that although the Baconian spirit has appeared in the guise of Jesus Christ and has sought to do all that which Jesus Christ had done, yet the work of this Baocnian spirit is found as exact antithesis to that of Jesus Christ, Philosophically, morally, and herein is a tactical factor worth observation.

                    Again, this Baconian spirit being exclusively set on the natural that is material philosophy, and at the same time being completely devoid of spiritual values, it may justly, metaphorically be called a left-eyed spirit, blind of its right eye. Its left eye, however, is exceptionally sharp and keen and quick. Not only this spirit itself, but also its science has the same characteristics. Obviously this modern science is solely concerned with material, substantial. It has no concern with spiritual, supernatural, miraculous, and all its activities are certainly confined to the five senses. Actually it is incapable of treating the subject of spiritual. Therefore, justly, metaphorically, this science too may be called as left-eyed whose right eye is naturally blind. This world of today will wonder at these my queer observation. Indeed these facts will appear to them as very strange. But what I have to wonder at, is, how this world has for so long remained in the dark about  these very clear, and very far-reaching facts. The left eye of this modern science is extremely sharp too. It can pierce through the bowls of earth to the depth of miles, whereas upwards it can penetrate to the heights of millions of miles. World-wide prevalence of this Baconian spirit also deserves notice. There is no nook no corner of this earth where the influential presence of this sprit is not felt. Christians, Muslims, Hindus, Buddhist worlds are all in the grip of this spirit. The philosophy of this spirit being basically that of food and material necessities, apparently then, the countries that would adopt this philosophy whole-heartedly--no doubt at the sacrifice of faith and religion- they would be better off in respect of food and other necessities of life. Canals being linked with the production of food, where-ever there is the spirit of Baconianism there is to be found a network of canals. This sprit has succeeded in making artificial rain, and it is capable of growing crops quickly and with greater production by scientific means and chemical measures, and also by irradiation of seeds. And strangely enough this spirit has its own paradise. Its paradise has appeared as a result of its philosophy, and though seemingly a paradise, and utopia with its plenty and comfort, this paradise of this spirit actually is a hell. Since worry, anxiety, discontent, frustration, heart-burning and indeed the pangs of inner conscience at the loss of the spiritual aspects and utter engrossment in  material slush are some of the factors which change the aspect of this paradise into that of-a-hell. The clearest proof, that the paradise of this spirit actually is a hell, has appeared in the fact that the utopia of this sprit has assumed the form of ablazing, all-consuming hell of atomic bombs and atomic radiations, that now, threaten the very existence of humanity, while this demoniacal spirit is still accepted as a God by the Baconian world, with implicit and explicit belief in its powers, to find means of escape from the atomic hell, and to find means of living.

                    Further observation reveals the basic characteristics of this spirit as typically of Jewish nature. It is not the Jewish people as a race that I mean here, once the chosen seed, remembered by the respectable appellation of the children of Israel, and illustrious prophet to follow. Jesus himself being of the same stock with them, and a great revelation to claim, and greet intellects and pious, men of renown, and a lengthy, painful history. Certain characteristics, however, have come to be universally and inseparably, associated with their name as a reproach, e.g. Inappeasable and endless love of wealth, national pride, seclusive tendency, perfidy and obstinacy. These being the very characteristics of this Baconian sprit, and this age is the age of Jews, their own age. They being the guides, leaders, masters, models, thereof. The Baconian culture that is the culture of this age is the culture characteristically of the Jew. This economico-industrial set up, this banking system, this prevalence of usury nicknamed as interest, this complete engrossment in the world, and this exclusive pursuit of wealth-acquirement and wealth-accumulation, this sovereignty, rather God-head of wealth, this peculiar kind of propaganda, this peculiar attitude toward faith and religion, are, evident, characteristics of this Baconio-Shylockian culture that has been adopted by the entire commonwealth of nations today from one end of the world to the other. And that this Baconian spirit is great expert at guilting. For instance, calling the usury by the soft name of interest, and calling the gambling as lottery, and above all else appearing in the guise of Jesus Christ despite the basic antipathy that existed between the two, are the facts which clearly show this spirit as a master guilter, and skillful swindler and an expert simulant.       

                    This characterization of the spirit of Baconian philosophy might due to the complete identity with that description which the Holy Prophet of Islam has given of the Messih-id-Dajjal (the lying, swindling, simulating Christ) remind one of the Messih-id-Dajjal. I say not that this is the very same Messih-id-Dajjal that was prophesied and minutely described by the Holy Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him). Yet what I have observed regarding this Baconian spirit is open to the observation of every one. It is only the factual observation that I have made. And again whether this is the Massih-id-Dajjal or whether it is not, the philosophy of Bacon and this Baconian progress may be seen opposed to any revealed religion, and its eradication is essential from the religious point of view. Again whether it is opposed to the religious point of view or not, it is for the safety of this mankind that Baconian philosophy warrants opposition and eradication. For if it is not destroyed in time it surely will destroy this mankind and all life on earth along with this mankind. There can be no doubt in it.

                    Identity appears between the work of Al-Samari and that of the modern scientist. When Moses had gone to Mount Sinai to receive law of God, Al-Samari melted the ornaments of Gold that were in the possession of the children of Israel, and Lo! the molten mass appeared in the form of a calf. Then he threw into the mass the handful of the dust which he had picked up from the footsteps of the horse of the angel Gabriel during the march in the exodus, when the Angel in question, led the children of Israel. The calf then began to low. Al-Samari is mentioned only in the Quran. When Moses in great grief asked Al-Samari his design, the reply of al-Samari was:-

                    "I perceived which they did not perceive. So I seized a handful from the foot-steps of the messenger, and then threw it in. Thus my mind commended to me".

              (Ref. Quran XX-96)

                    Resemblance between the method of Al-samari, and the scientist, the angel of Al-Samari and the genius of the modern scientists; and the act of commending by their mind is obvious. The reply of the inventor of the talking gramophone would not be very much different from the reply of the maker of the lowing calf. Moses then said to Al-Samari:-

                    “Get thee gone, for your punishment (in this life) shall be that you shall say (to those who shall meet you). " Touch me not, and there is a tryst (appointment) which you cannot break hereafter. We will burn your God to whose worship you have continued assiduously devoted, and will grind it to powder and scatter its dust over the sea".

(Ref.  Quran , XX-97)

                    Al-Samari was as the result of the curse of Moses ever thereafter infected with fever if some one touched him, while if he touched any one, that man was infected with fever, and the people therefore shunned him, and he shunned the people. The same will be the state of the age of the full-fledged atomic energy. This earth will be bestrewn with the sign posts "Hot, Keep away, touch not", to warn the people all over the world of radioactive materials. Also cancer-ridden people will be shunned. The age of atomic energy thus will be an age of "Touch nots". Nor the end of  these machines of science is going to be any way different from that of the golden calf of Al-Samari, which was burned and ground to powder by Moses and was cast into water. Noteworthy also is the comment of the early authentic commentators of the Quran, namely, that this tryst (appoint) of Al-Samari, might be concerned with the appearance of Anti-Christ who has to complete the mission of Al-Samari. Yet I say not this is the same Al-Samari of Moses that has made his appearance in this modern science-guided age. I have made observations only, which any one else too can see.




                    Baconian philosophy is basically the Philosophy of Material advantage and physical comforts. This modern Baconian progress is exclusively an ever-increasing process of wealth acquirement and wealth accumulation and material facilities. Every man in this world of today may be seen completely engrossed in the pursuit of wealth-accumulation. The Quran regarding this stage of affairs may be quoted as saying:-

                    "The desire of increasing riches occupieth you. Till you come to the grave. Nay, but in the end ye shall know! In the end once more, in the end ye shall know (your folly). Nay, would that ye knew it with knowledge of certainty. Surely ye shall see hell fire. Then shall ye surely see it with the eye of certainty. Then shall ye on the day be taken to task concerning pleasures".

              (Quran 102-Al-Takassur)

                    Mark the stress, indeed very unusual stress that has been laid in the above quoted chapter of the Quran on the certainty of seeing the fire by them that are engaged in increasing riches continually. Is not this single passage of the Quran out of the numerous of this kind enough to open the eyes of those who in reference to this Baconian, continuous, systemic, ever-increasing, and infinite process of wealth-increase are in the habit of saying "Does not the Quran allow progress? Is not Islam a progressive religion?". This Baconian age of Baconian progress surely is the age of material gain and physical comfort. And pleasure. But the Quran says, God will take those to task who sought pleasures. The zeal however, for the truth of religion is comparatively far less. And it is known that the material gains are lost within this world. They are certainly a deal of loss against the good works and the remembrance of religion. The following from the Quran in this respect regarding this age may be quoted with plausibility. It is the chapter next to the one above-quoted. The Quran says:-

                    "I swear by the age, verily man's lot is cast in destruction. Save those who believe and do the things which be right, and enjoin truth and enjoin steadfastness on each other".

              (Quran 103-Al-Asr)

                    But it is not merely the case of wealth-accumulation that exists in this age of Baconian progress. There are two other factors besides, namely, the habit of slander and a belief in the eternity of this Baconian progress of wealth-increase. The result according to the Quran in the subsequent passage thereof is the appearance of the atomic hell:-

                    "Woe to every backbiter, defamer, who amasseth (wealth of this world) and arrangeth it (against the future). He thinketh that his wealth will render him immortal. Nay, for verily he will be cast into Al-Hotama. And what could teach thee what Al-Hotama is? It is fire of Allah enkindled which leapeth up onto the hearts. It is (a fire) closed in on them in outstretched columns".

              (Quran 104 Al-Homaza)

                    The truth of the word of the Quran has found proof in the appearance of Hotama, that is the atomic hell in this very world in the form of atomic bombs and atomic radiations as a result of slander, engrossment in wealth-accumulation and a belief in the eternity of the process of wealth-increase as the Quran has predicted, and the relation of wealth and fire has been proved. Einstein's theory took forty while Quran's theory took about fourteen hundred years to find the proof.

                    To the men of this present age it may with plausibility be said:-

                    "The desire of increasing riches occupieth you. Till you come to the grave. Nay but in the end ye shall know----surely ye shall see hell-fire----then shall ye on the day be taken to task concerning pleasures".

                    This Baconian philosophy of wealth accumulation and physical comforts has created the atomic hell and is confronted with the hell-fire, within this world to prove the word of the Quran.



                    That this mankind at present is generally ignorant of the subject of nuclear science is known, for apart from a notable fraction among the nuclear scientists, the rest of the world, scholar and the non-scholar, scientist and the non-scientist, is quite ignorant of the subject, but what generally is not recognized is the fact that the knowledge of the subject of nuclear science which at present is available is utterly meagre and the subject is as yet in an elementary stage. But such is the complexity of the subject that there is very little hope of any remarkable advancement. Again no protection is possible against the atomic bombs. This dreadful factor is very well known. Nor is there any protection possible against the deadly radiation in the case of the masses in the neighbourhood of leaking and exploding reactors in the world. Radiation kills men on the spot, or it kills men after a period of radiation-sickness. But the worst thing about the radiation is its genetic effects. Radiation mutates genes. These mutated genes move secretly from generation to generation, till in some generation they manifest their existence in the form of abnormal births. This abnormality being inheritable, monsters beget monsters alike. The kinds and numbers of abnormalities increase through marriage, and thus gradually considerable proportions of population are involved amounting to a threat to the extent that of the complete extinction of life on earth after a miserable spell of existence. The following summary will give an idea of the present state of the subject of radiation and Radio biology:-

                    (1)         There is no possibility of providing any protection against radiation to the masses living in the neighborhood of the reactors which are liable to leak, even to explode any moment and inundate the neighboring districts with deadly radiations, and no sign of ever designing a leak-proof, or explosion-proof reactor is in sight.

                    (2)         There are hazards of very exceptional nature incident upon the atomic energy besides that of the atomic bomb. Radiations constitute very serious hazards, while no remedy of, and no precaution against them is in sight at present, nor there is much hope, judging from the measure of difficulty and complexity involved in the subject.

                    (3)         Radiation in any amount is harmful, and no protection or remedy is there.

                    (4)         Radiation produces cancer, yet it can at the same time destroy cancer, not cure it. And nothing could be done.

                    (5)         Radiation is inherent in the very nature of atomic energy, and could not be separated.

                    (6)         There is no protection against radiation except by completely materially covering the source of radiation, and although the source of radiation, such as reactors, etc. could be covered completely materially, yet how all the masses and populations could be covered completely materially and are left completely on the mercy of elements. One incident of the explosion of a reactor is enough to open the eyes of the world to this horrible fact.

                    (7)         Radiation kills some on the spot and nothing absolutely could be done. There is simply no sure cure for radiation sickness as yet discovered and none is in sight. Radiation mutates the genes and there is nothing to detector to destroy them. Mutated genes manifest themselves in some future generation, and nothing absolutely could be done to check or to cure the effects thereof. Thus this mankind may die and become extinct as a result of the long-term effects of radiation and nothing absolutely could be done. The human species at present is being treated as guinea pigs in the world-wide experiment of atomic-energy-for-peace. This mankind and indeed all the living species, and also all the plants on earth could be changed by radiation into miserable, cancer-ridden chimeras and nothing could be done except suffering and dying till all life on earth is extinct.

                    (8)         The atomic energy ought as a rule to have been rendered harmless and safe in the laboratory first, and then only given into the service of man, but it is not so, despite the fact that genetic effects of radiation are irreparable and irreversible, and are known to the scientists.

                    (9)         Even the permissible dose of radiation is not certain. Yet in order to test the condition of permissible dose generations are required to pass away. But the genetic effects of radiation being irreversible and irreparable, and cumulative, no chance may be left to avail the results of the permissible dose till the ruin has been complete, in case the present permissible dose is erroneous.

                    (10)        The radioactive residue is a constant headache, and no sign of solving this extremely dangerous problem is there, except dumping it on either the moon or the mars.

                    (11)        A strange summary indeed, Radiation inherent in the very nature of atomic energy, and capable of bringing untold miseries to mankind to the extent of mankind and all life on earth becoming extinct on earth after a miserable spell of existence, and man being no more than a passive spectator throughout. The leakage and explosion of the reactors being a reality, and the consequent flooding of the neighbouring districts by radiation being a certainty, and the arrangements of protection against radiation for the unfortunate neighbours of reactors being impossible, radiation sickness being the sure result of the exposure to radiation, and sure cure for radiation-sickness being unavailable nor any being in sight. Radiations mutating the genes with dire consequences to human race as well as animals and plants in future generations, and no means at all existing either of detecting, or destroying the mutated genes, or doing any thing after the effects of the mutated genes have appeared. Species to be changed into miserable, cancer-ridden, unrecognizable chimeras to their final disappearance from earth in misery, and this world in sheer helplessness being forced into the flames of atomic hell. And now let us see the state of Radiobiology:-

                    (1)         Clues are there indeed numerous, but the key discoveries have yet to come.

                    (2)         Division of function between cytoplasm and nucleus is not clear cut, and indeed there is considerable evidence for the presence of some genetic factors in the cytoplasm while a considerable amount of synthesis of structural material also occurs in the nucleus

                    (3)         None of the two current hypotheses about the Chromosome breaks is correct, and a theory will have to be evolved which incorporates the features of both.

                    (4)         The nature of injury which holds of the normal cell cycle for a time is not known.

                    (5)         The mechanism by which enzymes can cause specific chemical reaction to take place is not understood.

                    (6)         The reaction that takes place in the synthesis of proteins from aminoacids has so far defied the ingenuity of the chemists.

                    (7)         No convincing reason has been forwarded to explain why there are tremendous variations between different cells in their response to radiation.

                    (8)         It is not possible to base the Radiotherapy of cancer or methods of protection against radiation on a reliable foundation, it is a measure of difficulty and complexity of the subject that not even a tentative answer can be given to the question. The key problem of cancer research is, what stimuli cause a cell to stop dividing when an organ has assumed a correct size, and to repair damage after injury.

                    (9)         The mechanism by which radiation eradicates tumours is extremely complex. The way in which the tumor cells are killed or sterilized is not fully understood.

                    (10)        As yet all the stages between the passages of radiation through the irradiated organs and the final injury cannot be followed.

                    (11)        It is not easy to predict the course and outcome of radiation treatment. No treatment for radiation sickness has been found and no signs are as yet in sight for such a discovery.

                    (12)        Nothing has been found to detect or destroy the mutated genes.

                    (13)        No real cure for cancer has yet been found. Cancer cells are only destroyed by radiation, and it is not the cure that is accomplished.

                    (14)        The most obvious effect on cell is death, yet it is far from easy to define even this drastic change for the individual cell.

                    (15)        No complete explanation can be given for the paradox that although the pathological changes from whole body irradiation are diffused and ill-defined. Yet death occurs with remarkable regularity. This is a sort of a mystery which of all the various kinds of poisons is a peculiarly distinctive characteristic of atomic radiation. Nor even the symptoms of acute radiation sickness can tell much about the cause of death, though they can be summarized. A pathologist carrying out a post-mortom examination on a mammal which has  succumbed after a radiation dose of a few hundred roentgen would find it very difficult to pinpoint death to failure of a particular organ.

                    (16)        No treatment has yet been found which applied some time after irradiation, can reduce the number of mutations since no recovery is possible from mutation, no post irradiation treatment would be expected to restore a mutation. Even that little which has been discovered to be of some effect before irradiation can be considered of little practical use due to the insidious nature of radiation.

                    (17)        No answer can be given to the question whether chemicals can protect against the long-term effects of radiation. Technical difficulties make it extremely hard to measure accurately the mutations produced in Mammals.

                    (18)        It is not known how a dose of radiation sufficient to kill or visibly injure a cell represents such a minute amount of energy that it could only effect a very few molecules, a change totally insufficient to bring about the pronounced biological effects directly. This in fact is a challenge to the scientists.

                    (19)        And it is both a disappointment and a surprise that no effective substance against radiation effect has been found.

                    This thus is the plight of the subject of radiation and Radiobiology. Had there been a margin of centuries, the optimism of the scientist regarding the hopes in future discoveries of remedial nature could have been entertained. But not only the question of margin, but also of irreversible and irreparable and cumulative nature of the radio genetic effects excludes any long-term scheme of research in the field of nuclear science. The optimism of the scientist in this respect is based only on illusions, and the over all situation of the world implies a grievous doom. This world will either be destroyed by the atomic bombs, or will be eaten up by the radiations of the atomic-energy-for-peace, while the scientists will not have yet made any discovery of a remedial nature, nor would have achieved any control over radiation. The case of the atomic-energy-for-peace has to be viewed not in the present perspective of the atomic energy when but a few reactors function in the entire world, but rather in the perspective of some age in future when the atomic energy will have completely prevailed over the world like a net of radiations. This fact ought as a rule to be kept in view when discussing the question of adopting the atomic-energy-for-peace.

                    The plight of this world and its expected end is the natural consequences of the Baconian philosophy of atomism. The expected end of this world is to be reckoned as the dooms-day of the 350 year long Baconian process, and the day of the judgment of atomism. Dreadful is going to be the day when the hails of atomic bombs will thunder down on a miserable, cancer-ridden chemerical, radiation-eaten mankind. That indeed is going to be a horrible day. Horrible equally is going to be the end of this world if destroyed by the atomic bombs before the radiations of atomic-energy-for-peace have eaten up this mankind. And horrible also is going to be the day when the radiations will have made this mankind miserable and driven it to the other world, even if it had successfully avoided the atomic war for a considerable period. The state of radiation and radiobiology which we have exposed ought to serve as eye-opener to all except those doomed.




                    (1)         Know that no alternative now is left for this world but either to perish suddenly under the hails of atomic bombs, deservedly, or to perish slowly, lingeringly under the radiations of the atomic-energy-for-peace, deservedly, according to the cause of natural process.  Illusions of the general mankind or the optimism of the expert scientist regarding the potentialities of science or the remedial discoveries against the atomic ills are only dreams that have no interpretation other than the flames of a blazing atomic hell. This current world-wide experimental adoption of atomic energy on the principle of material utility cum research in the nuclear science employing the actual species that is human species as guinea pigs in so hazardous an experiment as of this adoption of atomic-energy-for-peace, in the absence of any means of protection against radiation for the masses residing in the neighbourhood of leaking and exploding reactors, and without any sure cure for radiation sickness, or any certainty of the permissive dose of radiation, or any means of detecting or destroying the radio-mutated genes, or any thing what-so-ever to do after these mutated genes have manifested their existence in abnormal births, displaying abnormalities of a nature inheritable and multiplicative to the extinction of all life on earth after a miserable spell of existence as cancer-ridden chimeras; meant nothing but sure ruin of mankind and all life on earth knowingly. The atomic energy ought according to the rules of the general methodology of science to be first made innocuous in the laboratory or elsewhere and then only is given in the service of man. Gross violation to the rules of science is being offered in this by a race blinded by the influence of slander, greed of wealth, and a belief in the eternity of the process of wealth-increase, while nuclear science has reached its blind. Giant atumbomb has proved a contestant far too formidable for the conceited man. Exasperated nature now stands with its atomic hell ready to consume a misguided generation completely. If not this present generation, then some future generation certainly will have to pay the due.

                    (2)         Know that this world now possessed by the left-eyed, antichristic, mechanical donkey ridden, swindling, gilting, simulating, demonical spirit of Baconian atomism is being led by the hopes of finding utopia into the blazing atomic hell. This modern science is equally blind of right eye and is only left-eyed. Concerned exclusively with the material it can see nothing of spiritual, supernatural or miraculous. So also is this entire modern Baconian culture. The course of atomism has its end in the atomic hell.

                    (3)         Know that this modern Baconian progress, being of a nature continuous, systematic, organized, science-guided, ever-increasing and infinite, and being unbalanced, is bound to occupy gradually more and more of man's mind and time, expelling essentially and proportionally every other thought, including that of faith and other world, and this progress being infinite, such thoughts have to be expelled completely ultimately. Compromise or reconciliation between this progress and religion can only be possible if any religion is willing to sign the warrant of its own exile and death. The Gospel is its radical opponent. The Quran is its deadliest and most dynamic foe, and will destroy it inspite of the current misunderstandings of the Muslims regarding the Quran's view about this progress, such misunderstandings are surely to be cleared, for, this progress naturally is bound to see its own ultimate destruction, and along with its own destruction the destruction of its adherents. Can not this hypnotized world, this deluded world, see that this progress being unproportional  to the basic design of creation has devoured up all the existing natural resources of energy with unproportional and alarming rapidity, obliging this mankind to adopt the poisonous, and hazardous atomic energy to a complete, ultimate ruin. Now know, that your confidence in science respecting future propensities of science is based on utter folly. Science can give you now only the atomic bombs or the atomic radiations as the remedies of your all Baocnian problems. You have eaten too much of Baconian honey, and now be prepared for the pangs of Baconian ill-digestion.

                    (4)         Know that this world could never be regarded as safe from the danger of atomic war in the presence of atomic bombs, or atomic energy in any form, and this material progress and this ever-increasing anarchy ill-will, mistrust, and the human nature. Man's conceit of dominion over nature is false. More production will never, even to the doomsday appease human appetite for more. The goal of man's self-sufficiency is no more than a mirage. And paradoxically though, this age, this Baconian age is the age of ignorance. It neither knows of Bacon's philosophy, nor it is acquainted with the subject of nuclear science, as it ought to be, with the subject on which now is staked the future destiny of this mankind and the life on earth. Indeed. That little knowledge of nuclear science which hitherto has been available is known only to a few, a very few of the scientists in the world, while the rest of the scholars, politicians, leaders, cannot make the head of the atom from its tail. And no doubt this little knowledge of nuclear science has approached the mark of complete nuclear oblivion, and no further discoveries are in sight, otherwise the designing of an explosion-proof reactor and not the unification of the forces of nature would have been the topic in currency among the atomists, today. These facts can reveal  the actual picture of the present nuclear situation of this world to any one processed of requisite sense, though mankind in general plays the blind.

                    (5)         Know that no religion could be revived factually in the presence of this Baconian progress. This view will assume greater and greater clarity in the light of the difficulties to be experienced in reviving the religion, and indeed in the light of the ever-growing magnitude of the problems created by the Baconian progress. Either religion or this progress ought now to be the rule. Keep no more your heads stuck in the sands of this Baconian, all-devouring progress like Baconian ostriches. The peculiar spirit of otherworldliness associated with Jesus and pervading the entire Quran and the Gospel is now needed to discern the truth of this Baconian culture. Read the Quran from this point of view and you will really understand the true spirit of that book, and you will know the Quran's view regarding this Baconian progress in truth, and you will find the Quran as the greatest antagonist of this left-eyed spirit of Baconian progress. The Quran never was meant to be a book of materialism. This progress ought as a rule to catch fire any moment. Destruction is its logical and scientific end. Whether the pilot will exercise timely discretion to bale out in time is the question. And who could have heard a word against this mesmerizing Samari but for the frightful hazards, of its works, that have appeared within the sight of every one.

                    (6)         Know that the monuments of this economico-industrial set up that look so formidable and durable, can disappear in a matter of moments as if by magic wand in the event of atomic war, or they could be left unoccupied as the memorials of the follies of a race after the radiations have made life extinct on this earth. It is high time that this mankind think of this inevitable fact in spite of their helpless entanglement in this industrial net and it is high time to think of leaving this progress inspite of the temporary though serious hazards, incident on the abrupt abandonment of this industrial set up. They among the votaries of science that are loudest in its praise now, might run with loudest wails, preferring relative poverty to this plenty only if they knew the horrors of the end of this progress in the broiling flames of the atomic hell.

                    (7)         Destruction in the atomic hell is the logical and scientific end of the process of this Baconian atomistic materialism. But know that this mankind will not be allowed to be consumed in the atomic hell, though it did deserve such an end. Know that the conflict between the spirit of Democritus and the spirit of Abraham has begun. The Baconian destruction will not go unchallenged. Abraham was cast in a flaming pyre by Nemrod and had emerged without so much as a hair on his body signed. The modern Nemrod has enkindled the atomic pyre for the mankind of this age of atomism. The spirit of Abraham will again extinguish it. Every step of the enkindlers in the course of atomic pyre is being encountered. This conflict has now entered a decisive stage. In 1905 Einstein by his famous equation of the Equivalence of Mass and Energy cleared the course of atomic energy from the eddy and put it on the move. In the same year Iqbal was sent to the West. Iqbal who would have died as a great national poet of India in India, returned from the West with an Abrahamic Mission, and observed:-

                    "This age is in quest of its Abraham. The world is a temple of idols. And although there are idols in the sleeves of the congregation, yet I have been commanded to cry the call for prayers. There is no God but God".

                    These are the words that sound like the creed of Abraham. In the year 1942, Enrico Fermi, great Italian Physicist succeeded in opening the gate of atomic fire by successful realization of the fission chain reaction in Chicago. And in the same year in Mussayyib a place near Baghdad a man in his 25th year, and able only to read the Quran without knowing its meanings, and with negligibly meagre knowledge otherwise, was in a vision shown the strangest things of the highest divine, celestial order, and was therein recommended by the Green-turbaned one, for the Abrahamic Mission to the glorious one present. This man thereafter to this day in 1980, engrossed like one prepossessed in the acquirement and assimilation of knowledge of the highest classical order, both ancient and modern, languages, literatures, histories, philosophies, sciences, scriptures, is at last ready to present this mankind with fourteen volumes of the most momentous import, all based on the Quran and Science, as the result of a lengthy, gruesome ordeal, in a life full of such afflictions as no Bunyan or Dante could find a heart to describe, nor ever a Freud or a Jung could analyze how all this could have been possible without a human teacher and how such dizzying heights of knowledge could have been gained by such a man in such circumstances.

                    This man is no other than me, myself, this humble servant of humanity. My Mission is to show the antipathy existing between various, rather all religions and this Baconian philosophy, and to warn this mankind against its inevitable hazards. And to show the views of the Gospel and the Quran about this modern Baconian progress, and clear the misunderstandings of Muslims, Christians, Hindus, Buddhists, Communists and the Jews about Baconian Progress. Having strange, unusual and unique success in the Quran and the Biblical Scriptures. And since I have ultimately emerged with the answer.

                    I have by the grace of Almighty Allah discovered in the Quran miracles respecting this Baconian Philosophy, miracles undeniable by the scientists or the philosopher. Miracles that fall like the Rod of Moses on the Serpents of Baconian Magic and devour them up out of existence to save this hypnotized mankind from the dreadful doom. But remember, that my works are based neither in any way on my own divine authority, nor even that of the Quran. It is on the exclusive criterion of science and logic, the criterion of this age, that my entire work regarding this Baconian age is to be judged. Out of the innumerable instances of Quran's miraculous anticipation I will quote in this work, but one, that of the most momentous import, and far-reaching effects in the present affair of the world. Herein I will produce that design of Noah's Ark in this present deluge of atomic fire which the Quran has, indeed by the mercy of Allah, provided for this mankind. It is strange coincidence that my birth date is 17 February 1917, the day and the Month of Noah's deluge. The design of this Ark is to be found in the 104th Chapter of the Quran comprising but 36 words in the original text. It has taken me volumes to explain this design of the Quran.



                    The Quran characterizes the Baconian progress of modern atomism and characterizes the nuclear phenomenon and gives the causes of the appearance of the atomic hell of atomic bombs and radiations to avert the atomic threat. Bacon's Philosophy of modern atomism is a complete antithesis of revealed religion. The result of Baconian Philosophy that is this modern progress, a progress unbalanced and unproportional to the basic design of creation has naturally brought this world to the verge of inevitable atomic annihilation. The Quran now takes up the field to extinguish the atomic hell and save the mankind. It says "Woe to every backbiter and defamer, who amasseth wealth (of this world) and arrangeth it (against the future). He thinketh that his wealth will render him immortal. Nay, for verily he will be cast into Al-Hotama. And what could teach thee, what Al-Hotama is? It is fire of Allah enkindled which leapeth onto the hearts. It is (a fire) closed in on them in outstretched columns".

              (Quran Al-Homaza-104)

                    This temporal atomic hell comprising atomic bombs and radiations is the transient prototype of Al-Hotama which is the eternal atomic hell in the next eternal world.

  (1)              The Quran says “Backbiter, and defamer". Now the doctrines of atomism both ancient and modern are a slander against revealed religion. In ancient Greek atomism, the doctrines of the fortuitous concourse of atoms meant a slanderous denial of the religious doctrine of the divine government of the world, and further the atomic doctrine of the indestructibility of atoms and the consequential eternity of this universe implied an impossibility of resurrection. While the doctrine of the pursuit of natural philosophy as the actual business of man on earth and the prohibition of moral philosophy as is the case of modern atomism of Bacon, means a slanderous denial of the basic religious doctrine of man's trial on earth. Thus implying a denial of morality, law, divine government, resurrection and all. The indirect undermining of the religious doctrines by both the ancient and modern atomism without direct atheistical opposition is an attitude that may justly be regarded as slanderous. The rejection of miraculous and supernatural by the Baconian critics of Bible on the criterion of science and rationalism, and the reduction of the person of Jesus Christ himself to a mere fable is reminiscent of the basic slanderous attitude of the philosophy of atomism. The change of the meanings of the word propaganda to slander in this age furnishes peculiarly a proof of the prevalence of slander in this age. In fact this age in itself is conspicuous for the habit of slander, carping, backbiting, defaming. Nothing therein escapes the fangs of slander except wealth. No two persons meet but to slander the third. No subject is discussed except in terms of direct or indirect slander.

                    (2)         The Quran says" He amasseth wealth of this world and arrangeth it for future". And indeed, no more accurate definition and description of this world-wide, continuous, systematic, organized, ever-increasing, and infinite process of wealth-accumulation of this modern progress could be expected. A fact so clear as could hardly need any more explanations. Just observe this modern Baconian industrial and economic set up, and word's engrossment in wealth-accumulation, and continuous future economic link ad infinitum.

                    (3)         The Quran says "He thinketh that his wealth will render him immortal". The belief of this age in the eternity of this process of wealth-accumulation is universal and unshakable even now in the presence of the atomic annihilation. So was the belief of the ancient atomism in the eternity of this universe.

                    (4)         The Quran says "Nay, for verily he will be cast into the Hotama (that is the atomic crusher)". No surer proof now is needed that the belief in the eternity of this progress is false in the presence of the self-destructive character of this Baconian progress and the presence of the atomic bombs and atomic radiations, and the anarchical exhaustion of harmless resources of energy. The Quran has calculated the course of the process of the Baconian atomistic progress with utmost surety and accuracy. The end of the slandering wealth-accumulation in the atomic hell is a must. The only alternative is the redemption through cessation of this progress.

                    And now to the Quranic characterization of nuclear phenomenon. Mark the wonder characteristics which distinguish the atomic phenomenon from all the rest of the phenomena:-

                    (1)         The Quran says "Hotama". Hotama literally means  "a breaker, a crusher", just as the term Bremsstrahlung means "breaking radiation". This German term was applauded by the atomists as highly descriptive when first coined for the continuous spectrum of rays. This particular crushing characteristic, let it be remembered is a distinguished characteristic of nuclear phenomenon, and strangely enough is to be found in none other, chemical, electrical, or gravitational phenomenon. Nuclear energy distinctively is generated by crushing the binding of the nucleus of atom, while no other type of energy is. And absolute crushing takes place. Nucleus once disintegrated can never be rearranged in its original form by any means of synthesis. While in no other phenomenon nucleus is so much as touched, while both the basic building block of the universe, that is "atom" and the basic unit of life that is the "cell" are involved in the process of atomic crushing. Further nuclear radiations crush the atomic nuclei and cause transmutations of atoms, and break the chromosomes of the cell nuclei. The heat-flash of the atomic bomb explosion crushes the heart of its victims, while the blast crushes buildings, and radiations also crush the atomic nuclei and the cell nuclei irreparably. That the books of atomic physics, are replete with terms like bombarding, crushing, smashing, hitting, breaking etc, and so are the books of radiobiology replete with phrases like, target concept, direct action, indirect action, snapping the cable with a bullet, breaking the chromosomes", and sentence like "radiations hit the cells like the sledge hammer and crush them", and the remark, "It was as incredible as if you fired a 15 inch shell at a piece of tissue paper and it came back and hit you? recorded by Rutherford in his diary as the most incredible event that ever happened to him in his life, after his famous experiment of bombarding the gold foil with Alpha Particle, clearly indicates on the part of the scientist, a conspicuous realization of the particular feature of crushing observable in the nuclear phenomenon. But mark the phonetic and functional identity between scientist's atomic and Quran's Otamic or hotamic. It simply is miraculous.

                    (2)         The Quran says "Hotama is a fire of Allah. That which leaps up on to the hearts". This again is a particular characteristic of nuclear phenomenon which distinguishes it from every other phenomenon. The point of the Quran that the atomic fire leaps up on to the hearts is proved by merely the utterance of the word "Nuclear". The atomic phenomenon, actually the nuclear phenomenon, has its actions within the nucleus while the word nucleus and heart both are used by the scientists synonymously, indeed orthodoxically, and Quran is not amiss in using the word "hearts" for nuclei.

                    The following two examples will suffice:-

(a)                  "Each fast particle comes from the break up of the very heart of a single atom. The nucleus of the radioactive material". (Vide Physics-Physical Science Study Committee, second edition, D.C. Heath and Company Lexington Massachusetts, July 1965, page No. 130).

                    (b)         "How many nuclear heart-beats are in the life-time of a radioactive nucleus which lasts only billionth of a second". (Ibid page 21. Short Problems).

                    Teller in 1939 spoke on taking energy from the heart of atom. The entire field of action of the nuclear phenomenon is in the nuclei. In no other phenomenon the nucleus is ever touched. Both fission and fusion in atomic energy generation occur within the nuclei, but the best spectacle of leaping up onto the hearts is presented by the thermonuclear process wherein the heat produced by the inner fission device is being directed unto the nuclei that is the hearts of the atoms of the outer fusile material. Mark the term "thermonuclear" in this context, literally, it means heat connected with nucleus (heart). Nuclear radiations attack the atomic nuclei and cause transmutations of atoms in inanimate matter, and they attack the nuclei of the cells in the living body, and break cell chromosomes. Also they show a preferential attraction for the heart and all that is related to the heart in the body. Firstly they affect the coordination of the function at the level where it is beyond the control of the brain, that is nearest to the heart. Secondly the bone-marrow and all the blood-forming organs are more sensitive to the effect of radiations than the brain, nerves and muscles. The blood relation of bone-marrow, and blood-forming organs with heart is well-known. Thirdly the multi-cellular organisms are more sensitive to the effect of radiation than all the unicellular organism. That the former have a more elaborate circulatory and respiratory system than the latter is known. And known also is the relation between these systems and the heart through blood. This is my personal view. No Scientist has said any such thing. Fourthly the action of radiations is retarded in the absence of oxygen, while the relation between oxygen and heart is known through blood. Fifthly the heat-flash of the atomic bomb kills its victims through shock to the heart. As regards this heart-atom relation Wordsworth was not amiss when he lamented:-


To let a creed built in the heart of things Dissolve before a twinkling atomy.


                    (3)         The Quran says "Hotama is a fire closed in on them". The atomic phenomenon shows distinctive encompassing characteristics. The enclosures of the local and global fallout of the nuclear bomb explosion, and the tenacity of the bone-seeking radioactive materials, and the appearance of cancers six to thirty years after the actual exposure to radiation, and the appearance of the effects in anaphase inspite of the attack of radiation in the resting stage of the cell, and the encompassment of the whole body by the radiation even if one organ only is irradiated, and the survival of the lethally irradiated frogs for many months instead of dying in the usual time interval that of three to six weeks, if kept in a dormant state at a low temperature just above freezing point, and the appearance of radiation symptoms as soon as these irradiated frogs are warmed up, and the occurrence of their death thereafter in the usual time interval that of three to six weeks, and Alexander Haddow's suggestion that the cancer-producing action of the cancer-producing substances might be the result of their prolonged interference with normal growth, and the next encompassment by radiation of mankind, to generations, even to their extinction through long-term radio-genetic effects, and thereafter the encompassment of the entire earth by radiation for  millions of years due to the wide-spread radioactive substances, and the encompassment of this earth by radiation in the age of full-fledged atomic-energy-for-peace are some of the facts which indicate the distinct encompassing features of atomic phenomenon.

                    (4)         The Quran says "Outstretched columns". Besides the symbolically distinctive feature of the outstretched column associated with the atomic bomb explosion, the atomic phenomenon has yet another side in this respect, namely that the world of radioactivity may be regarded as world of columns. The 4 cm rise of the alpha particle would appear a formidable column if the size of the particle is seen in comparison to the height it has assumed. A football rising in the same ratio to its size would disappear in space. The Cosmic Rays present a spectacle of amazing columns in showers, having heights that may cause man's imagination to reel. This is my personal view. No scientist has ever directed his attention towards this point.

                    (5)         The Holy Prophet (peace be upon him) of Islam described the atomic hell. He said:-

                    "Allah will send angels equipped with covers of fire, and nails of fire, and columns of fire. They will cover the doomed with covers of fire, and will transfix them with nails of fire, and then will stretch the columns of fire upward above them. The entire phenomenon will be made so air-tight, that not a whiff of delight will enter from without, nor a trace of agony will escape from within, Allah will forget them on his throne. And will cut them off from his mercy. The inmates of paradise will begin to enjoy the boons of Allah. The inmates of hell will cease to cry for help, and the speech will come to end. Their speech will then be (as the sound of) inhaling and exhaling".

(Quoted from Al-Jallalain)

                    The atomic bomb explosion is a cover of fire. Radiations are nails of fire. The outstretched columns of fire miles high are a spectacle of atomic bomb explosion. All these factors may be imagined to be there in the age of the atomic-energy-for-peace even in the absence of the event of atomic war, and the explosion of atomic bombs. The form, though of these factors will be different.

                    (6)         The Quran says "What could teach thee what Al-Hotama is?". Inexpressible terribleness of the phenomenon was inferred by the early commentators from this interrogative mode of expression. To this may now be added the factor of unbearable complexity of nuclear phenomenon. The question what could teach thee what the nuclear science is?, could justly be put to the nuclear scientist with invariable reply, "nothing".

                    (7)         The fact of the characterization of Baconian modern atomism, and the nuclear phenomenon by a scripture fourteen centuries ago and the inferring of atomic bomb from Baconian atomism, not a priori for a Plato or Aristotle, can be seen to have shattered the notion of science's denial of supernatural and miraculous. The scientist thus has been left in a fix regarding his allegiance to the delimitating doctrines of science. This discovery of Quran's warning by God's grace has been my own. The Muslim as well as the Non-Muslim world is unaware of it as yet. On this warning of the Quran now depends the future destiny of this world. It is the only guidance, and the only hope, and it is the Noah's Ark for this atomic deluge of fire, and is the Rod of Moses for the serpents of the magic of science. It is the extinguisher of the fire of atomic hell. And it is the neutralizer of the atomic bombs, and it is the renderer of the atomic radiations innocuous by the method of eradication. The thirty-six words of this prophecy of the Quran which appear in the original text, have taken me volumes to explain. Nothing of this Baconian world of atomism has been left by the Quran in this prophecy. Is not this a miracle then?



                    It was in the year of 1964 that Sir Steven Runciman, the famous historian of Byzantine Empire delivered my letter to Late Bertrand Russel. The reply came. Besides the acknowledgment of my letter, the envelope contained a small, golden pamphlet that contained, but one sentence and three caricatures. The sentence was the final verdict of Russel on mankind, and it was stooped in utter disappointment. The caricatures depicted the whole and the sole source of man's trouble. The sentence read as follows:-

                    "Since Adam and Eve ate the apple, man has never abstained from any folly of which he was capable, and the end is ........,," an exquisite photograph of the lofty column of the atomic bomb explosion.

                    This implied, manifest, absolute disappointment about the end of mankind. Of the caricatures, the first showed Adam and Eve sitting face to face and holding half piece of the apple each, with the serpent looking on from behind. The second caricature showed two towers opposite to each other, with a group of men standing on each in confrontation, and displayed their armaments in a flourish. The third showed a man on all four, being ridden by another.

                    War thus and mutual tyranny of men was the whole trouble of mankind. The same is the surmise of every philosopher and every scientist of this age. If the war were avoided, every thing would be O.K. And mankind could safely enjoy the fruits of this progress, they think. How cursory is thus their reading of the trouble. Their sight touches merely the outer crest of the matter. Here then we see the difference between the ken of mortals and the supernatural intelligence of the revealed scripture. The entire crowed of the philosophical prodigies and celebrities of this age touch only the outer crest, and yet, both the actual cause and the effect are before their eyes, but the Quran fourteen centuries in the past, at a time when, neither a trace of the actual cause, nor a vestige of the final effect was there, reached the heart of the matter, and gave the exact cause and the exact effect. Read the following prophetic warning of the Quran about the atomic hell, and then realize, that it has been impossible for the sages of this age to know the true nature of the Baconian philosophy and its progress before reading the word of the Quran about it. The Quran says:-



"Woe to every back-biter, defamer, who amasseth wealth (of this world) and arrangeth it (against the future). He thinketh that his wealth will render him immortal. Nay, for verily, he will be cast into the crusher (Hotama) and what could teach thee, what the crusher (Hotama) is? It is enkindled fire of Allah, which reaches unto the hearts. It is (a fire) closed in on them in outstretched columns". (Quran -104-Al-Homaza).

                    Russel died in disappointment. So would I, but for my discovery of this warning of the Quran. Mankind could avoid the atomic annihilation by removing the causes of the atomic threat which the Quran has given in such a clear, manifest way. But let us compare the view of the modern intelligencia with that of the Quran. The whole trouble according to the modernist is the belligerent spirit of man, and in case war was banned, the situation would be safe and the fruits of progress could be enjoyed. The Quran has gone deeper. It has mentioned the causes such as slander, engrossment in wealth accumulation and belief in the eternity of the wealth-increasing progress. War only is the result thereof, and a means of the use of the atomic bomb and radiations. The modern wise-men are prepossessed with the idea of atomic war, and have utterly and entirely ignored the other side, that is the hazards of the atomic-energy-for-peace, and its root, the Baconian progress. This is a confused sort of thought. They seem to keep the root and think to avoid the fruit. Quran has outright condemned, the root, that is the greed of wealth, the stem that is this systematic progress, and its fruit the atomic bombs as destructive., if, however, the wise men of this age are inwardly disappointed, then here is a hope which the merciful Creator has so kindly given to man, and a true guidance.

                    A few years ago this world was thrilled by the news of the discovery of some Biblical literature found in some urns and caves. Here now is a discovery of the Quran, that had for fourteen hundred years remained concealed from the eyes of man as if in an urn in a cave, and is of a nature that the thrill itself would be thrilled by it. It has the light and guidance for the doomed mankind, even such a light and such a guidance that can lead this mankind out of the danger of atomic conflagration toward peace, safety and prosperity. It is the first time in modern history, that the true nature of the Baconian atomism and this Baconian progress has been revealed, and thus all the confounding maze of universal misunderstandings about this Baconian culture has been cleared. The Baconian atomism, its progress, and the achievements of modern sciences have been condemned due to their inseparable association with the engrossment in the pursuit of wealth-acquirement which in the case of this particular Baconian progress could not be brought to a stop anywhere to infinity. More production, and still more production is the universal cry of this age as the only remedy of the present day ills. This is like adding fuel to the furnace in an endeavour to extinguish it. The remedy rather lay in reverting to the philosophy of self-abnegation and other-worldliness.

                    There is no movement in this world against the atomic phenomenon or the atomic bomb at present but in case any such movement ever starts, no success could be guaranteed without taking to the guidelines and basic principles furnished by this warning of the Quran. Also, no attempt and no endeavor will prove much fruitful in the revival or the renaissance of religion, without first understanding this warning, and adopting its guidelines practically. Religion has no hope of its establishment or promulgation in the presence of this Baconian progress. The revival of religion, has to follow the destruction of this Baconian progress. The Islamic Countries will in time realize the truth of this condition. Let the weary pilot bale out of this plane before it has caught fire and exploded. Have not the appeals of all celebrities failed against the atomic bombs?

                    That this Quran should characterize the Baconian progress of modern atomism in the most exact manner fourteen centuries ago at a time when neither a vestige of the ancient Greek atomism existed, nor it would have been possible for any one to predict its revival in any future age, and that this Quran should describe and characterize in a most scientific manner the atomic phenomenon, giving those characteristics which distinguish the atomic phenomenon from every other, the chemical, the electrical, and gravitational, portraying the atomic bomb explosion, and giving so phonetically and functionally identical a name as Hotamic to the atomic phenomenon, and inferring from the Baconian progress the resultant appearance of things like atomic bombs and atomic radiations, something not within the reach of a Plato or an Aristotle, are the facts which render the whole affair as undeniably miraculous, and are far beyond the ken of human mind. Yet the point on which I must lay the greatest stress is that this atomic hell of this transient world is only the transient replica, the mere representation of that eternal atomic hell (Hotama) of the next eternal world which is in heavens. The fact, however, that the causes of the appearance of this transient atomic hell of this world, and those evils which according to the Quran render any one liable to the punishment in the eternal Hotama of the next eternal world are the same is worth considering. Even if this transient threat of the transient atomic hell is escaped, those deserving will not be able to avoid the threat of the eternal Hotama of the next eternal  world. This simply sounds dreadful.

                    This warning of the Quran is the only hope of this world. What would have been the practical attitude of Russel and Einstein towards this warning of the Quran, I do not know but what I know for sure is that they could not have doubted, or denied its marvellous truth, for none could deny the scientific facts and the irrefutably logical argument. In fact it is the design of the Noah's Ark for this fiery deluge of atomism, and the doomed only would refuse to embark it. One blast of atomic bomb, or one attack of radiation sickness will clear the sight of this age, but the repentance then might prove futile. And it is the Rod of Moses for the Serpents of the magicians of this modern science. To think that the atomic bombs will for ever deter war, or that more  atomic bombs will command greater force, or that every country ought to have atomic bombs for defense is a logic which did presage shear madness and was a sure indication of mental bankruptcy of this Baconian age.

                    Quran's formula of the Disappearance of the atomic hell, that is the atomic bombs and atomic radiations:-


SWE x MC2 = (NH) T ------SYMBOL 174 \f "Symbol"D-------SYMBOL 174 \f "Symbol" (NH) E ÷ CPH


                    Where SWE stands for Slander, Wealth-accumulation and a belief in the Eternity of the process of wealth-increase of this modern progress. MC2 is Einstein's (Mass X Speed of Light). (NH) T is the Nuclear Hell of this transient world. D of course is the bridge of death. (NH) E is the Nuclear Hell (Hotama) of the next eternal world. CPH stands for Charity, Poverty, Humility, Charity counteracts slander. Poverty counteracts greed and incessant zeal in wealth accumulation. Humility counteracts pride in wealth and the belief in the eternity of riches. SWE thus is cancelled out by CPH. Modern progress is eliminated, eliminating the necessity of atomic energy. Elimination of atomic energy would result in the elimination of atomic phenomenon, atomic bombs, atomic radiation, rendering this world safe from nuclear danger. This formula of the Quran is the only formula to save this world from atomic hell. If there exists in the world any other formula for the neutralization of the atomic hell, that is the atomic bombs and atomic radiations, let some one speak. Hope in finding some remedy in future is only dreamy optimism. Science can never devise any thing to render atomic bomb or atomic radiation innocuous. Take the remedy therefore with gratitude from the Quran and save this world from being broiled in the flames of the atomic hell.



                    Iqbal wondered when he first observed in Europe the libraries there bestrown with the books written by the ancestors of the Muslims, and there in his Poem of Lament he quoted the verse of Ghani Kashmiri, a notable saint poet of Kashmir:-

                    "Behold O Ghani! the dark misfortunate of Jacob, that the light of his eyes doth illuminate the eye of Dhulaikha".

                    The same or nearly similar experience I had when I read the commentaries of the early authentic commentators of the Quran like Abdullah Ibn Abbas, Al-Jallalain, Jarir Tabri, Immam Fakhruddin Razi and Ibne-Katheer, may Allah be pleased with them all. Therein I observed with wonder and with delight, that their comments about the fire of Al-Hotama could have provided food for thought to modern thinkers and would have provided guidance to the nuclear scientists, or at least would have warned them of the peculiar terribleness of the atomic phenomenon, and the causes of its creation. These commentators have not only discerned the peculiarly distinctive characteristics of the fire of Hotama, but also have made remarks that would be the wonder of every nuclear scientist. For instance Imam Fakhruddin Razi says:-

                    "The fire of Hotama though it overwhelms the heart of its victim, yet it burns not the heart, for the burning of the heart implied death and death was not in the next world".

                    There could not have been expected yet another better description of the fire of Hotama and the fire of this atomic hell, with the difference, however, that the fire of this present atomic hell can kill the heart, though it does not burn it. It is only the replica and a temporal and transient representation of the eternal Hotama of the next world wherein there is no death. The example of the heat-flash of the atomic bomb may be quoted, which does not burn the heart though overwhelms it. The early commentators, however, had the thought of the next world only, since hell is always associated with the next world. A very remarkable point which appears from the commentaries of these commentators is that the companions of the Holy Prophet (peace be upon them) had discerned the distinctive character of the fire of Hotama as distinguished from that of the ordinary fire, and that they used to hold discussions about the characteristics of the fire of Hotama and the strange modes of the punishment in outstretched columns, to show that the topic of the fire of Hotama was one that permitted discussion and investigation. Again the Unanimous definitions of the fire of Hotama as is given by the commentators is amazingly characteristics, namely "that the fire of Hotama is a fire in which whatever is cast is ground to powder by the intensity of the heat".  This definition reminds me of a debate which I had with Miss Animarry Schimel, a German Scholar of Jewish origin and of remarkable scholarly renown. The impression of the rapidity with which she shot back this definition at me in her reply to my question years ago is still fresh in my mind.

                    It was in September 1963 that I visited Lahore (Pakistan) where I met Late Allama Allauddin Siddiqui, then Head of the Department of Islamiat of the Punjab University, and he wept when he saw me. A German lady scholar, he complained to me, had flouted their beards. And He told me further that she had delivered six lectures in the Punjab University and that she was to deliver her seventh (last) on Wednesday from three to five. And that she denied the Quran's divine original and that she thought that the Holy Prophet (Peace be Upon him) was actually the writer of the Holy Quran. And then he pointing to me said, perhaps you have been fetched by Allah for this purpose, that of saving the honour of the Quran. I invite you to the lecture. Pray do come. I heard the Allamah and I thought "to deny Quran its divine original and call it the work of the Holy Prophet (Peace be Upon him) meant to put a scythe to the very root of Islam, proving it to be a mere imposture".

                    On Wednesday, I sat in the lecture room in the left corner of the first row. About twenty Ulema of notable standing were present there. Four of the clergy were also present. Allamah himself was in the chair. The lady arrived and the lecture began and went on for about one hour. The lady had a long list of such mistakes as according to her were to be found in the Quran, and because it was human to err and not divine, therefore it was apparent that the Quran was the work not of God but of a mortal, post hoc ergo propter hoc. After about an hour the Allamah dragging his chair behind him came to my left and there took his seat and sat. When I asked him the reason of his move, he said "Brother! I had great expectations in you and you sit mum. I in chair can say nothing. Here now I may say something to clear some mistakes of the lady". To which I asked if the Quran belonged to him, to which he said, "No" and I asked whether the Quran was mine, I had written that. To which he said, "No". Then I said:-

                    "Allamah Sahib! He who has revealed the Quran to the Prophet Mohammed (peace be upon him), he can defend the honour of His Quran. But rather let the knowledge and the audacity of the lady be appreciated. The lady then had paused. I then stood up and addressed the lady. The following dialogue followed between me and her:-

                    I: Excuse me Madam! By you leave, I have not had the honour of hearing your past six lectures. I do not know what did you say. I am honoured by my presence in this present lecture, and thereby I gather that you deny Quran its divine original and you think that the Holy Prophet (peace be upon him) has been the author thereof.

                    Madam: Yes! It is my conviction. You prove it otherwise.

                    I: I am not a man of debate Madam! Debates generally mean to churn waters. You have adopted one line to prove your point, namely by pointing out faults and mistakes existing in the Quran to prove the human origin thereof. I leave this line completely to you, and take to another, namely, I show you something in this very Quran which no Prophet, no Soothsayer, no Astrologer, and no Clairvoyant could have ventured to say in an age in which the Quran was being revealed, and none then could reveal that matter, except one, that is the Omniscient Creator of the world, to prove that the Quran could not have been the work of any one except Allah. Nor an alteration has ever been made in the Quran, thereafter.

                    Madam: What's that?

                    I: The Quran characterizes the atomic hell, but pray first tell me, when the Quran was revealed, or according to your conviction, when it was being composed by the Holy Prophet (peace be upon him) ? In secret?

                    Madam: 1380 years ago.

                    I: And when the atomic bomb was revealed to the world?

                    Madam: In 1945, American bombers dropped two atomic bombs in Japan, on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

                    I: Does any distance exist madam! Between these two dates ? 1945 and 1380 years ago?

                    Madam: Yes! There are centuries intervening between.

                    I: Then pray Madam! Look into your conscience and say if 1380 years ago, in a country famous only for ignorance, in the city of Mecca, an illiterate person, writing his book in concealment and in pure Arabic and naming it Quran, could have predicted the atomic bomb, giving out the causes of its appearance, portraying it and characterizing the nuclear phenomenon in  scientific manner.

                    Madam: Are you in senses?

                    I  think I am Madam! For I have said nothing that might presage insanity,  or show any derangement of mind.

                    Madam: Quran is not a book of science. I have read the Quran. Nor any of your Ulema have mentioned any thing like that.

                    I: In that, that you have read the Quran and you have nowhere found anything like that, or that none of the Muslim Ulema have ever mentioned any such thing to exist in the Quran, you are right, but that the Quran is not the book of science you are mistaken, for if science is no more than the knowledge of those natural laws that have been created by Allah himself and which govern this universe, then they must naturally exist in the Quran, since you might have read in the Quran during your study, the claim which the Quran has made, namely, to contain every example for man, and which is the example in the history of man that could be considered greater than that of the atomic hell which can, and is now about to devour all life on earth from the East to the West. The Quran does contain the example of the atomic bomb as certainly as you stand there, and as I stand here, and as the Quran exists in this world in its pristine form and purity.

                    Madam: Well! Proceed, show.

                    I: Madam ! Repeat Chapter Al-Homaza.

                    Madam: I am not Hafiz. (That is "cannot repeat the Quran from memory").

                    I: Shall I repeat it for you then, or shall I fetch the copy of the Quran?

                    Madam:You recite it. If you shall recite it wrong I shall catch you. I know the Quran.

                    I: I ask protection of Allah from the snares of the devil. In the name of most merciful and benign Allah. "Woe to every backbiter-defamer, who amasseth wealth (of this world) and arrangeth it (against the future). He thinketh that his wealth will render him immortal. Nay! For verily he will be cast into Al-Hotama". What is this Hotama Madam! (The answer of Madam came back at  me like a backshot, that would remind me of Rutherfor'ds experience with Alpha Particles he shot into the Gold foil).

                    Madam:Your commentators say that it is  a sort of a hell in which whatever is cast is ground to powder through the intensity of the heat. (Scientist's answer would have been "It is a particular phenomena in which the substance is atomized due to the intensity of temperature".

                    The rapidity and the salacity of the Madam in here answer came to me as a wonder mingled with delight and I inwardly admired her remarkable display of knowledge, and she had proved my point without knowing it.

                    I: This Hotama Madam! is derived from the root verb Hatama. Hatama is a word of pure Arabic origin. Just see its phonetic and functional resemblance to the word "atom", which is of Greek origin adopted by the scientists. Then mark the various inflections such as Hattama, Tahattama, Inhatama, Inhitaam, Hitaam-ud-Dunia, Hittam-is-Safina etc. And see thereafter the Quran describes the fire of Hotama saying “It is fire of Allah enkindled, which leaps up onto the hearts. It is a fire closed in on them in outstretched columns". Madam! When the atomic bomb explodes the shock of heat-flash hits the hearts, and blood gushes out of the nostrils, and the victim falls on its knees dead. However Madam! Have you ever seen the atomic bomb explosion?

                    Madam: No. If I had seen it, how I could have been here?

                    I: Have you seen a photograph of the atomic bomb explosion?

                    Madam: Yes. That I have.

                    I: Is there any outstretched column?

                    Madam: Yes! There is one miles high

                    I: That is what the Quran has said "Outstretched columns". Lady virtually appeared to have succumbed to the debate. She collapsed to her chair and appeared visibly indisposed. Her loss was immense. Her life-long study of the Quran had been proved as erroneous in a matter of moment. For ten years thereafter she never returned to Pakistan, as far as my knowledge goes. And when she came, her topic was not the human origin of the Quran but she had written most excellent books on Iqbal, Sultan Bahu, Amir Khusro and other Sufi Saints of Islam. My over all conceit of her is one of gratitude. Not all the Ulema of Islam could have rendered me the service which she was suitable to do. Howsoever the Ulema had been impressed by my discourse, they could not have given a verdict as certain, and a proof of the validity of my discovery of Hotama as sure as did that learned lady by her fall in her chair and by the cessation of her topic of the origin of Quran thereafter. It might come as a surprise to most that at that time that is after about three years of my discovery of Quran's prediction of atomic hell, I did not even know the structure of atom, nor had I so much as seen a book on atomic physics. Such has been the guidance in my course as, not a word, not a point, not a thought, more or less was granted to me than was necessary for my mission at a particular point of my course. Noteworthy is the sequence of events in my lengthy course. It was after 1971 that the knowledge of atomic physics and radiobiology burst upon me, and the books were supplied to me in the strangest of coincidences. So that now the state is different. Einstein would not be ashamed to sit with me, and perhaps I would suggest him certain guidelines in his own subject such as would save him from considerably unnecessary trouble and toil.

                    The Ulema present in the lecture highly pleased with my demonstration, asked Allamah about my identity, and it was in response to their inquiry that the Allama spoke about me those memorable words, namely, that:-

                    "This is a man which Allah has been created in this nation by chance. If this nation will fail to receive that light of the Quran which Allah has bestowed on his breast, Allah will never forgive this nation to the day of judgment. Another one like him will not appear in this nation".

                    The efficacy of this warning of the Quran is unfailing, since this warning of the Quran about the atomic hell is a miracle most manifest. No scientist, no philosopher can doubt or deny it, with reason. It has exploded the notion of the denial of miraculous and supernatural by science and not all the works of the votaries of Baconian philosophy combined could withstand it. Nor all the stock-piles of atomic bombs in the world could stand its powerful neutralizing effect. As the only guidance to avoid the atomic ruin and the last hope of mankind it has appeared so that a mankind destined to meet a doom preordained only might miss it or neglect it. My conviction is that it will save this world from atomic ruin.



                   The result of the Baconian atomistic materialism according to the Quran (that now in the practical form has appeared as the atomic hell that is the atomic bombs and the atomic radiations) is inevitable. Thus it is that the inexorable laws of this universe have been decreed. The leaders of the modern opinion could not have been unaware of this inevitability of the atomic ruin, after at least the appearance of Hydrogen bomb the appeals of the scientists including Einstein in this respect may be taken to indicate their awareness of the impending tragedy. Their heart appears to be throbbing with their appeals when they entreated the mankind to forget their quarrels in order to avoid the atomic war that meant the complete annihilation of all life on earth including the mankind, they, however, added in their very sincere appeals the hope of  a paradise obtainable through the pursuit of the atomic-energy-for-peace. Their appeals were obviously lost in wilderness, and the building of atomic bombs, and the nuclear tests continued and still continue. Their appeals inspite of their great names had no effect, and actually could not have any effect, for their appeals were not based on exact logic, and stood not on a solid basis. Men could hardly forget their quarrels in a culture which really is based on the bone of material contest, and no paradise was there in the atomic-energy-for-peace, and no remedy was there of the atomic ills except the complete eradication of atomic phenomenon. And the eradication of atomic phenomenon was not only not possible without the simultaneous eradication of the Baconian progress, but also that the eradication of the atomic phenomenon implied natural, automatic eradication of the Baconian culture and progress due to the dependence on atomic energy, the dangerous energy, that was to be adopted due to the unavailability of less harmful energy. Bertrand Russell figures as a very prominent person in the struggle against the atomic war, and he justly deserves great credit for this, indeed real heartfelt gratitude of mankind for his sincere exertions and painstakings, and although he knew that the end of this Baconian progress was nothing but atomic ruin, yet he believed in the scientific utility as long as mankind could avoid atomic war. Whether if Russell had gone all out against the atomic phenomenon, atomic bomb and atomic energy, then would some one have heard him in this world or not, is the question, though his anti-atomic bomb endeavour was like the appeals of scientists, lost in the all-devouring process of Baconian progress, so that this world now has no other alternative but either to perish under atomic bombs or to vanish under the radiations of atomic-energy-for-peace. Universal anarchy, tension and conflict is inexorably on the increase to flung this world into the atomic hell as a consequence of Baconian progress, any moment, any how.

                    And although so far as the natural laws are concerned this mankind may be justly declared as doomed to the flames of the atomic hell, yet will this mankind be left to perish in the atomic conflagration? And although apparently the roots of this Baconian progress with its world-wide ecnomico-industrial set up appear to be so deep, and this mankind appears to be so irredeemably entangled in it, and the adoption of atomic energy by this world is so unavoidably inevitable and indeed so unfailingly disastrous, that it is hard for any one in proper senses to think of escaping the atomic doom, yet the question is, will this mankind be forsaken to be lost in this manner? The answer to this question is "no", it shall not be so, the other question is How? The answer is that where the natural laws seem unfailingly inexorable, there the spiritual, supernatural and miraculous aspect will superimpose itself on the natural and save this mankind from the atomic havoc through the intercession of a great sympathizer of human race, and the subsequent abolition of Baconian progress. The sympathetic spirit of Abraham with all its proverbial zeal for unseen God, and God's true religion, and man's safety will rise the solicitous agent, and then this Baconian culture and Baconian progress will disappear as a result of Democritus-Abraham conflict. This world tired of Baconian miseries, abominations, and scared of the dreadfully destructive hazards of Baconian atomism will cry for some such agency as might rid this world of this Atomistic materialism. This world has as yet to live to see the blissful, and unusually prosperous age of Islam as the universal religion of  mankind as has been predicted by the Holy Prophet of Islam, peace be upon him. This mankind will escape the completely devastating atomic hazards, either of atomic bombs or of atomic radiations. Judging from the intellectual attainment and the ability of universal, international outlook, this present mankind may be regarded as an ideal society for such a transition.

                    There is no alternative left now in the world, according to the natural laws, of the process of this Baconian progress in operation, except that this Baconian progress should destroy itself and along with it destroy this mankind. If, therefore, this mankind will be saved from the Baconian destruction, it will be by spiritual agency, and as a result of complete disappearance of this Baconian atomistic progress. The appearance, in the world of a miraculous warning of the Quran (104-Al-Homaza) as the supernatural light and guidance to avoid the atomic pit provides a most veritable proof, that the providence is willing to save this mankind from the fast approaching doom. The fact that of conflict between two opposite forces in this world is no unusual thing. This universe itself is created basically on this very principle of conflict between darkness and light. Evil set against good, so that not a prophet of Allah appeared that had not his adversary. Abraham in his time had one such as Nemrud. Nemrud had cast Abraham in the burning pyre. Abraham emerged from the flames without so much as a single hair singed on his body. Today the Baconian Nemrud has enkindled the pyre for all mankind. History repeats itself. The difference only is that while the ancient Nemrud had enkindled a pyre of ordinary chemical fire, this modern Nemrud has enkindled the atomic pyre. With a very sophisticated name that of nuclear pyre, and has called it nuclear power while it actually is the nuclear pyre. The spirit of Abraham out of sympathy for the creation of Allah has risen to contest with the spirit of Democritus. Democritus enkindling the atomic fire, and trying to raise it to a raging, roaring pitch, Abraham endeavouring to extinguish it. Democriteans are enkindling the atomic fire, though with no evil intention, or ill-will to mankind, and rather doing it as a service to mankind in their own way. The Abrahamites will put up their endeavour to extinguish this fire, with a determination to go to any extreme that would be necessary to achieve that end, even to the complete eradication of the Baconian progress, Baconian culture and all. The contest has begun. Democritus with his group is long in the field enkindling the atomic pyre. Bacon, Spinoza, Darwin and Einstein can be discerned with Democritus. Abraham too has taken up the field for this royal battle. Moses, Mohammed and Jesus (peace be upon them) may be discerned with Abraham ready to give a battle to the Baconian demon that has possessed the entire mankind in a most bewitching, most seductive manner. This demon will be defeated and killed. Its atomic hell will disappear of itself and this world will be redeemed from its clutches and entered into an age of real peace and real prosperity.

           The Abraham-Democritus-conflict has been there since the appearance of the Baconian devil in this world. Because this demon made its appearance in the Christian world, it was the Christian world that directly opposed it, but unfortunately failed against its formidable powers of seduction, and certain genuine grievances of Christendom against their religion and their priests. In the Islamic World the conflict can be seen long before this demon made its appearance in the Islamic World. Sheikh Sarhindi was the contemporary of Bacon and was engaged in correcting Akberian Heresy. Shah Walliullah Muhadith of Delhi was the first to perceive the approaching shadows of this demon at the time when the English were gaining the possession of India, and bringing with them the Baconian progress. He as a young man had left for Mecca and Medina. There he had spiritual allusions and accordingly he returned to India and there set himself to the work of reformation among the Muslim Community. His most creditable feat has been his translation of the Quran in Persian language first time in history. His two sons in turn translated the Quran in Urdu language. And it is to the presence of these urdu translations that most of the knowledge of the Quran among the educated Muslim classes in Indian sub-continent may be attributed in the period of foreign domination when the knowledge of the Quran would have been lost in the oblivion of modern knowledge. To these Urdu translations could be attributed all the subsequent developments of Muslim India. Then came Hali who mourned the decline and fall of the Muslim Community. Then Iqbal, who expostulated with God for the deplorable condition of the Muslims and did indeed revive the Islamic spirit among the Muslims in a most effective manner, exposing the noxious realities of the Western culture and illustrating the truths of Islam. Few have understood the true reality of this Western culture and the real nature of Islam more than Iqbal in this age. The light he has given of Islam is an asset invaluable. And now, I the humble slave of Allah, and the meager servant of the Quran have in hand Quran's treatment of this Baconian age, a light and guidance of the Quran to void the atomic pit. The only light and the only guidance and the only hope of this world. After the dirge of Hali, and the remonstrance of Iqbal, now this dire yell along with the brilliant dazzle of the Quran to expel the Baconian darkness from this world, and save this creation of Allah from the frightful doom in the flames of the atomic hell, Muslims and Non-Muslims alike.

           That the course of the atomic energy has been regularly covered by the divine scheme of Abrahamic contest may be proved from the following examples. It was in the year of 1905 that Iqbal was sent to the West. And it was in that same year that Einstein had by his famous equation E=MC2, the theory of Mass Energy Equivalence cleared the course of atomic energy from the difficult eddy in which it was then entangled. Had Iqbal not gone to the West, the great probability is that he would have died either as merely a great national poet of India, or as merely a great national  poet of Muslims. It was during his visit of Europe that his eye was opened to the great Abrahamic Mission which changed his entire outlook, necessarily for the ultimate extinction of Einstenian hell, and he thereafter chanted:-

           "There is fire. There are the children of Abraham, and  there is Nemrud. Is again the trial of someone by someone intended?".


           "This age is in quest of its Abraham. The world is but a temple of idols. There is no God but God. Although idols are in the sleeves of the congregation. I am commanded to cry the call for prayers, there is no God but God".

           He continues in the same poem the most direct condemnation of this Baconian progress that exclusively is the business of this material age that acquires wealth and the things of the world. Iqbal says:-

           "You are doing the trade of deceit which is the deceit of profit and loss. There is no God but God. This wealth, these relations and these attachments are but the idols of conceit and illusion. There is no God but God. This chant is not dependent on the season of flowers. Whether spring or autumn, there is no God but God".

           Read this poem to the end as the manifesto of Abrahamic Mission. Mark the vivid Abrahamic Spirit in the entire poem. He who would like to understand Iqbal, let him see Iqbal through Abrahamic spectacles.

           1942 is another year in the History of Atomic Energy that has its own unique significance. It was in this year that the first successful realization of fission chain reaction was achieved by Enrico Fermi, the Italian Physicist in Chicago. The experiment opened the gate of atomic energy and atomic bombs and the subsequent atomic devastation of the world. It was in that very year that I was assigned this Abrahamic mission in a vision in Musayyib near Baghdad without my knowledge then of either Fermi or Einstein. It was my 25th year and I then could read the Quran without knowing its meanings. My education was then quite meager. And it is by the grace of Almighty Allah if I have achieved that which was well-nigh impossible in the field of knowledge in given circumstances. And Allah be praised, for I entertain no claims. Nor I deserve any credit in this respect. For decades, however, I have burned in the heat of atomic hell. If, my work saves this mankind from the flames of atomic hell, my pains are well rewarded even if I am long dead and gone. May My Allah save this world from atomic jehannah. Amen.

           This world shall see the truth of my mission. This world shall see the seeming impossibilities rendered ;possible and achieved. This world will know that the God of this world as yet lives, and that He is most potent and is most Merciful. This Baconian seduction will prove transient and will vanish. Faith and simple life of premodern age will again be the vogue. Men will talk of this beautiful nightmare and will wonder at this strange experiment. This three century long unique development in man's history will pass away to leave this world in contentment.



           It was on 17th February, 1917 the day and the month of the transitional deluge of Noah, against the fiery deluge of this present age, and the year of Lenin's Revolution, and the years of the world war-II, that I was born in a village in Salt Range, Valley Soan Sakeser, Khoshab (Khabekki),  a trace which now forms part of Pakistan. My first reflection of this house of trial was a pair of lefty hind legs of camel when I was barley an infant a few months old. My mother sat in the right hand side planquin of the camel, I in her lap, and when the camel began to rise, the rope snapped and the planquin fell and I was tossed from the lap of my mother, and fell behind the legs of the camel which had by then risen. Spectacle of the two lofty, ozymandian hind legs of the camel is still fresh in my memory. And when many many years later one day I happened to mention the incident to my mother, she was visibly surprised, and she said “How you can remember. You were  barely a few months old then. You might have heard it from some one". How little did then I know, what this abnormal memory was to do with me in my life in this world. Many a reminiscence of the glimpses of Wordsworthian nature in my very early years I have still fresh in my mind. In modern kind of Schooling or the school I had no interest. After a reluctant attendance in a school I left without sitting even in the matriculation examination. My father succumbed to the grief at the tragic incident and died in disappointment. His great hopes in me had been shattered. Alas for me!

           In my early childhood I saw a dream. I saw, that one of the rooms of our house was in a state of dilapidation. The roof was not there and about four feet of the walls stood. The debris was gathered behind the walls like a support. Presently I saw two beams of torch light falling and waving on the northern wall of the room, and then I heard a sound of the word "Alarum" repeated a few times, Alarum, Alarum, Alarum, issuing from the south at a distance of about a hundred yards or so. Then I saw two horse riders on their horses approaching from the place where the sound of the word "Alarum" had issued in the south. The beams of the light that were falling on the wall actually issued from the foreheads of those two riders. And they by and by approached the dilapidated room. Without hesitating or pausing or looking this way or that way, and advancing their horses and climbing up the eastern wall of the room still ridding their horses and moving on the walls, and making a round on the three walls, and then climbing down the western wall, disappeared. I, to this day remember the smallest detail of that which I had seen, though neither the significance nor the interpretation of the dream I understood till at the last stage of my mission. About fifty years later when I read the life history of Francis Bacon, I knew that he too had seen a dream in his nineteenth year, though I was far too young when I saw the dream. Francis Bacon, the trumpeter of this modern age, when in France, had two days before the sudden and very untimely death of his father, Sir Nicholas Bacon, seen in a dream, his father's house in England covered all over with black mortar. When the sad news of the demise of his father reached him in France, he interpreted the dream he had seen as an Omen of his father's death. His interpretation, however, was only partially correct. His unfortunate dream had a very far reaching interpretation. The untimely death of his father had changed the course of his career, that unfortunately for this mankind led him to his philosophy of atomistic materialism that today prevails the entire world, so that this entire world may be seen now covered all over with black Baconian mortar. About my own dream the particular is, that I do not think, I in those years of my very early childhood had either heard the word "Alarum" or could have known its meaning, though now, in the light of my mission I have its perfect recognition as the fore warning of the particular Alarum that I now raise in this world. Also I am doubtful that I at that time had ever seen either the electric torch or the beam of the electric light.

           In 1942, my 25th year I had another dream to which my first one which I have above mentioned may be linked. In the second dream which I will now mention, I saw again two persons, but in a different prospective. It was in 1942, my 25th year, and the year in which Enrico Fermi, the great Italian Physicist had finally succeeded in opening the agate of the atomic fire and the subsequent atomic hell through his successful realization of the fission chain reaction in Chicago, without my knowledge of either Fermi, Einstein or any such thing as the atomic energy, or the atomic physics, I saw a dream in a place called Mussayyib near Baghdad, a dream, that changed the entire course of my future life. There in my dream I saw that I was somewhere on a plane in Western Iraq or Eastern Syria, for the remote, blue hills of Turkey appeared toward the North in the background. I saw that I stood with my face toward the north, and I saw before me, lying on a bare bedstead that was woven with some coarse material, a man with his head towards the West and feet toward the east, a lean, tall, sinewy, dirty coloured, and slightly swarthy, in supine posture with face upward, and appeared like a skeleton without much flesh and almost nude, tied to the bedstead with ropes. His eyes were closed, but seemed to peep through the minute slit that appeared between the eyelids. He seemed to have been engrossed in some deep, remote thought, and as if in deep agony of mind. I stood looking on the figure for a while. Then I saw that I stood a little to the north, say twenty to thirty yards or so. And there before my eyes I saw a tree, my face still toward the north. The tree was neither exceptionally tall, nor was it very gigantic, and was round above the stem. The leaves of this tree resembled the leaves of the pippal tree, wide and round. On every leaf there sat a small parakeet of green light, all engaged in humming together, in a continuous chant incomprehensible to me. The whole tree appeared to be enwrapped in radiance, I stood looking at the tree for a while listening to the strange humming, and then still further to the north, say about a hundred yards or so I saw myself standing, still facing toward the north, face to face with two men. One of them stood on my left hand. The other stood a little to my right hand. The one standing on my left was a man of small stature, of slight built, and of slightly dark complexion, and having a very lean and sharp nose, and sharp lean features of face. On his head he wore a turban of green colour. It was a turban fashioned like a cap (fez) as the one that the late Grand Mufti Al-Hussaini of Palestine used to wear, and was of green colour. His head was titled on his right shoulder, as if unable to hold it up right due to rigorous religious exercise. But he that stood on my right hand defied all expression. So glorious, so superbly beautiful was he, in appearance he was of a tall and up-right stature, and white radiant colour and sturdy built. He stood upright like a tower with his eyes fixed on some very remote object toward the south, neither making a gesture, nor moving his eye lid. The hair of his head was jet black and reached the lobes of his ears. And he stood without a head gear. His beard was thick jet black, and was of a moderate length, about the length of man's fist. His eye-brows thick, black and linked together. On the whole he appeared to be unimaginably unique paragon of manly beauty with apparently persio-iraquian features. He was taller than me, for I had to raise my eyes to look at his face. And I perceived a sense of strange awe in his presence, and when I stood before him, the word "Ibraheem" (the Arabic counterpart of Abraham) appeared in my mind due to the resemblance that occurred between the upright stature of the word Ibraheem and the upright stature of the person that stood before me. And I thought to myself that I was a candidate for some appointment. And that the one on my left, the green turbaned one, recommended me to the one on my right. The green turbaned looked askance at the one on my right hand without moving his head, and appearing as if trying to know the mind of the one on my right regarding the response to his recommendation. The whole atmosphere was bathed in the flood of moonlight. I awoke with mingled feelings of great joy and great regret. Joy at the dream and regret at my waking up from such a dream.

           In the days I saw this dream, I could read the Quran but without knowing either the meanings or the interpretation thereof. When many many years later I learned the meanings and the interpretations of the Quran, I knew about a Holy one mentioned in the Quran, whom the authentic commentators of the Quran have called Al-Khedhr because he was dressed in green apparel. The Quran has related, and the Quran only, of all the scriptures, that Moses was sent by the command of God to Al-Khedhr to know that particular kind of knowledge which Allah had bestowed on him. Moses, however, found himself unable to learn that particular kind of Knowledge. Al-Khedhr told Moses, that all he did was only by the command of Allah, even if apparently incomprehensible. The general tradition remembers Al-Khedhr as a guide to those who might have lost their way in the wilderness, and that he had drunk the water of the spring of eternity and lived for ever. Besides hat I also knew in the light of the Quran that my dream was a near description of the first 18 signs of the 53rd chapter of the Quran, that describe a scene seen by the Holy Prophet in heaven during his night journey to the throne of God. The Quran says:-

           "By the star when it setteth, your compatriot erreth not, nor is led astray, neither speaketh from mere impulse. It is no other than a revelation revealed to him : One terrible in power taught it him, enduced with wisdom. With even balance stood he in the highest part of the horizon: then came he nearer and approached,  and was at the distance of two bows or even closer and he revealed to his servant what he revealed. His heart falsified not what he saw, what, will ye dispute with him as to what he saw? He had seen him also another time, near the Sidrah Tree, which marks the boundary. Near which is the garden of repose when the Sidrah tree was covered with what covered it. His eye turned not aside nor did it wander. For he saw the greatest signs of his Lord".

                                    (The Quran LIII-1-18)

           These are the signs of the Quran, first ones are about the vision of Gabriel by the Holy Prophet (peace be upon him) and the subject of revelation. And after that are the signs about the Sidra Tree and other great signs of Allah seen by the Holy Prophet (peace be upon him) during his night journey in heavens. The Sidra Tree was in the seventh heaven. On every leaf of that tree was an Angel engaged in adoration. There is the abode of Angel Gabriel and the repository of the four revealed books, constantly recited by angels.

           After I had seen the dream, I became prepossessed by the desire of knowledge for the sake of knowledge, and from the year 1942 to this day in the year of 1981 I have been engrossed in study of various branches of knowledge and all of the highest classical order, languages, literatures, histories, philosophies, sciences and scriptures. The Quran having been the central point of my study, around which every subject revolved. All that I did without a teacher. Fourteen volumes in various languages I have written. Of these two following may be regarded as the key to the future destiny of the mankind that now approaches its grievous doom:-

           1.        Quran predicts, characterizes and averts the atomic hell. Pages 600. English.

           2.      Quran quells atomism and redeems the mankind from the hell of atomism. English. Pages 600.

           Both these volumes are the interpretation of a 36 word "104th chapter" of the Holy Quran by the name of Al-Homaza. The chapter of the Quran is a miracle undeniable. In the same period two other dreams and in the same region that is Iraq I saw. In the first dream I found myself standing with my face toward south. Before me stood a mosque of grand structure and built with red stones. Its gate was at the eastern end of its wall. Before this gate I stood. Presently, fierce wind blew from the West, and it was an atmosphere like dusk, and I slipped into the mosque. There I beheld in the center of the compound a solid, cubical, whitewashed pulpit. In the second dream I saw myself lying on a bare bedstead in the north-east corner of a great stately hall of mud walls most exquisitely rendered and plastered all over nicely with mud. Behind my head on the northern wall I perceived without seeing with eyes or moving my head then picture of crucifix.

           And now whether I had seen any dreams, or not, and whether I had learned all that knowledge without a teacher and in most adverse circumstances or not, is the affair personally of my own. Mankind is bound to see and judge my work on the basis of Quran and Science and argument, and not on any pretensions or claims of divinity or divine sanction. This only is the proper course in this particular age. By what ever agency I gained my object, is concerned exclusively of my own. I have by the Grace of Almighty Allah done my duty, it is for the mankind now to take up the yoke, as the last attempt to avoid the atomic (grievous) doom. Ask not who says it, but see what has been said. All those mystic experiences, that I had, and all those mysterious portents which I have seen, and all those mysteries that were revealed to me during my lengthy and grievous ordeal, warrant a volume and demand time to write. That I have none at present. Take what I have to offer to you at this critical juncture of human history, and deprive not yourself of a guidance and light that could save you from a dreadful doom, and a horrific end.

           Alas for me. The secrets which I guarded throughout my life, I am obliged to divulge, as a necessity. I sense the acceptance of my works by this world a difficult matter. The hold of the worldly philosophy of this modern progress is too strong and this world appears to be helpless; and I am obliged to give an all-out battle. A single, lonely man against  the whole world. God be on my side, and be my help.



           Many a man in human history has had to tell a very thrilling story of the hardships of a struggle in quest of knowledge, and indeed the most difficult is the task of the acquirement of knowledge itself But mine appears to be the strangest and indeed very painful. My early aversion to the exertion for knowledge despite the unique excellence of my mind and memory is a fact which deserves great notice. Mine has been a life of no thrilling events. But was rather a life of constraint heart-burning. And although it has been a lengthy, continuous tale of heart-breaking afflictions, there is nothing that could cause world-wide sensation excepting indeed the queer result of my struggle. I do understand why a goodly number of philosophers have committed suicide in disappointment. Mine, however, has been a case different, for despite the most excruciating experience, I have always been entertained by some inner hope that has supported me throughout. And I have always found extraordinary strength of patience, perseverance and will power to match the magnitude of the huge undertaking. I had to cope with a lot of strange, and constantly increasing problems and required throughout to brave an incessant line of storms, and bear grief, and suffer losses and afflictions on my course toward the ultimate destination which until recently I did not know, but which I always have felt somewhere,  in the heart of hearts.

           I was in a state of prepossession in those days when I had seen the vision in my 25th year. The thought of faith and religion had so powerfully possessed my mind that during most of the waking hours my lips moved repeating the Quran. The state of my mind has never changed since then. Rather it has gradually been intensified. The vision not only had cast me right into the field of mysticism, knowledge and learning, but also opened the gate of a storm in a continued succession of events of every kind that have not even left me now in this year of 1981. Soon I was facing a Court Material on the very serious charge of disobedience to the Command during the war. My crime was no other than disobeying the order according to which the Punjabi Muslims were required to change their head-dress from the turban to the Gorkha style felt hat. The attitude of the members of the Court Martial, however, was very humane, and justice was metted out with visible leniency. I send my greetings now to the members of My court Martial. The Spectacled Major Eshley, the Advocate I still remember by name. Poor instruments in the hand of fate. And I remember still the high mud walls of the prison of Zubair near Basrah in which I served the term of my imprisonment. Soon after my arrival in the prison, a Gorkha butcher of my unit arrived there as a prisoner, and at his sight I remembered that I have refused to wear the Gorkha hat. The Gorkha butcher had fallen on the Subedar Major Sinha with his butcher's knife, and almost killed him maiming him for life, because the Subedar Major had provoked him to that extent by not admitting his application for repatriation to India tendered on the plea that his house had fallen and that his family was buried therein. God alone knows the truth or otherwise of the plea. Some months Later the offender arrived in the jail. The maimed Subedar Major was deprived of pension rights, and the assailant was sentenced to seven years rigorous imprisonment. I neither had any interest nor any connection with the tragic event. The Subedar Major, however, was the person who had played a major role in my case by kindling the fire unnecessarily in order to please the Colonel. By relating this event I mean to show, the state of my mind then. See the crime, the charge and the risk braved. Col. Macleu was the Commandant of the Unit. So incomprehensibly beyond human ken are the doings of the providence. From 1942 to 1961 engrossed in study without a teacher, I had no notion of what the hands of destiny had determined for me.

           In 1961 the discovery of the prophetic warning of the Quran about the atomic bombs and radiations gave me some idea of my mission. And thereafter too the clear picture was in the mind of the providence only. Perhaps this interpretation of the warning of the Quran, I would never have been able to write, but for an incident. In the year 1971 my services were terminated in the department of Auquaf in Lahore, and I was obliged to leave Lahore in search of some means of living somewhere. A person by the name of Abdul Hameed Qadri, a very kind friend asked me to give him an article on the warning of the Quran about the atomic hell, the topic I had sometimes mentioned to him. I promised and occupied myself with writing the article. The result was not an article, but nine bulky volumes that finally appeared in the year 1981 in the form of manuscripts, and written not in Lahore but in a place of seclusion, where I forgot about my employment, livelihood, every thing and was plunged in the work head long, day in day out, at the average of 18 hours a day, wherein my be included a span of four years during which I worked constantly for more than twenty hours a day. I have observed the activity of some mysterious hand that led and controlled my entire course without either my fore-knowledge or my power. My employment for livelihood and a hundred other afflictions would never have allowed me that complete engrossment in the work without which my work would never have been as it now is. I have realized that I was only a tool in the hand of some supreme powerful agency which had carried me to Lahore, a city of Libraries to collect the material for my work, and which had turned me out of Lahore and brought me to Nawab Abad, Wah Cantt for the manipulation of the material collected in Lahore and the final composition of the work meant to save this world from the flames of atomic hell.

           A very interesting feature of my case is that rare spectacle which a man in this present world of three thousand million souls should present as the only one engrossed in a life-long unprofitable pursuit, and that too in a scripture, in this age of Baconianism, and atomistic materialism, this absolutely materialistic age wherein nothing is done without a consideration for material gain. I have all my life been obliged by the necessity to search for some employment here or there in order to maintain myself and my family. My 40 years long struggle in the field of knowledge never added a groat to my pocket. Rather the sorrow of the friends, for the unprofitability and futility of my pursuit, and the wastage of a great mind, and calumny of the unsympathetic observers was the reward. Indeed in the light of the state of the physical capacities and the mental qualities bestowed on me by the providence, and the fire that has been in my heart, and the amount of labour which I expended in my particular pursuit of knowledge, it is not difficult to expect that every honour in political, intellectual, and religious field was within my reach. The place of the President or the Prime Minster of a country, or a General in an Army, or the position of a business magnate was in no way impossible for me to achieve and honorably maintain. But on the other hand the sack-cloth and the floor and constant worry about employment, and perpetual exertion for an honest living, and all the inconveniences and insults that are associated with poverty have been my lot, indeed of my own choice in my ever-miserable life. This is a case that could not have been considered as very unusual in any premodern age, but in this modern age of materialism this may be deemed as very rare. You might be required to travel all over the world in search with very dubious possibility of success to find such a one. Not a word of encouragement, no financial aid, from any quarter whatsoever came at any stage. Whether I had accepted any such aid is the question altogether different. Thanks to my Allah, however, that the qualities of honesty, sincerity and simplicity every where earned for me the love and respect of those who knew me with some intimacy.

           The Question is, why and how, a man in my position and circumstances, merely a bread-winning member of a family tossed from one point to another in search of employment, and at a stage of life after 25, should be seen pouring not for one, not for two but for 40 years at a stretch, day in day out, on the work of such writers and authors as, Homer, Virgil, Milton, Shakespeare, Wordsworth, Blake, Keats, Shelley, Dickens, Gibbons, Darwin, Bacon, Berkeley, Thomas Hobbes, David Hume, Immanuel Kant, Brauch Bendict Spinoza, Gottfrid Wilhem Lebinz, Frederick Wilhelm Nietzsche, Plato, Aristotle, Democritus, Raudaki, Rumi, Attar, Farukhi, Sinai, Qa'anni, Khaaqaani, Urfi, Naziri, Anwari, and Antar Ibn Shaddad, Sir James Jeans, and a lot of the standard text books of atomic physics and radiobiology, early authentic commentaries on the Quran and (the text of) Pentateuch, Psalms, Gospel and Insha, Sauda, Dabir, Annes, Zauq, Ghalib, Shibli and Iqbal. Reading, understanding, meditating on every point and every thought, theory and hypothesis, indeed without a teacher, and without a guide. And without any social, religious, intellectual design, aim or object. Neither English nor Persian, nor Arabic being his mother tongue. And how to account for the provision of books of such a vast variety. This is a question which I myself could not have answered until a little while before the year 1981 when I composed the sign post of my destination. Praised be Allah, the Merciful, how many a scholar has during the discussion of some point of complexity asked me how I had managed to attain to so such knowledge, and how many an Englishmen have during conversation asked me whence I had learned that English. And never once I had found myself in a position to manage a satisfactory answer. And I have here to reveal a point that may be helpful to understand the state of that uncertainty and instability of my financial circumstances, which has during all these decades haunted me incessantly, namely that, on a certain stage of my life I was obliged to take the Masters Degrees from the Punjab University, no doubt privately in order to guard myself against any unexpected rather expected vicissitude. However, I have not been able to utilize this degree.

           By 1974 I had finished the first version of my work on the warning of the Quran about the atomic hell. It was in one volume only, comprising 200 pages. To receive a review on it by some competent man proved to be an experience. The work placed the demands of unusual versatility and calibre on the reviewer. Luckily for me an employee of Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission undertook the work and kindly granted me a favorable review. I sent the work to the then Prime Minister of Pakistan (Mr. Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto) for publication. Another very favourable review was given by the Research Bureau of Pakistan Information Ministry. But then I changed to find a lot of latest standard books on atomic physics recently published in America and I withdrew my manuscript and rewrote the whole to comprise 1200 pages that now await the publication.

           Of the complements which I received from time to time despite my obscurity I will here mention but two. One of those came from Dr. Javed Iqbal the son of Dr. Iqbal, who in his critical appreciation of my poetical works wrote:-

           "The mode of thought is like that of Allama Iqbal, in a way it appears to be the echo of the works of Iqbal, would to God the possibilities of the achievement of that object which the poet had in his mind might appear".

           And indeed no review could have been more truthful. It was in 1963 that the other compliment from Late Allama Allauddin Siddiqui, Vice Chancellor of the Punjab University. In response to the inquiry of a gathering of distinguished Ulema about my identity after some very impressive incident, he said:-

           "This is a man which the providence has created in this nation by chance. That light and understanding of the Quran which Allah has bestowed on his breast, if this nation will fail to receive of him, Allah will never forgive this nation. No other man like him will rise hereafter".

           The list of  my works is as follows. All hitherto unpublished. Their names though have under gone changes:-

           1.      The Mind of the Quran. Pages 600, Year 1963.

           2.      The Quran characterizes and averts the atomic hell. Pages 600, Year 1978.

           3.      Quran quells atomism and redeems the mankind from hell of atomism. Pages 600, Year 1979.

           4.      Life of Bacon. Pages 300, Year 1980.

           5.      Unscientific Philosophy of the modern scientists in the light of the Quran. Pages 300, Year 1973.

           6.      The Islamic Bomb. pages 150, year 1980. (published)

           7.      An abridged version of Quran's treatment of Baconian atomism and atomic hell. pages 100, Year 1980.


           1.      Faqre-Ghauyur. Pages 300, Year 1957.

           2.      Poetical works. Lost except one poem of 200 verses.


           1.      Capitalism, Socialism. and Islam in comparison. pages 900, Year 1969.

           2.      Election in Zoo. Pages 200, Year 1969

           3.      Poetical works (Urdu) pages 300. Year 1963. Then 1980

           4.      A collection of articles published in Urdu dailies and journals. Pages about 5oo. year 1969 to up todate.

           I have poured my blood in these works, and have drained the last ounce of my energy. May Allah accept them and make them useful for mankind. How many a desert, and sea, and mountain in this world, in shivering winters, and perspiring summers that did see a man absorbed in a book amidst a hundred sorrows and as many sufferings, in quest of knowledge for the sake of knowledge. Long before his destination and his object that is to save this world from the grievous atomic doom appeared to him. So much ink and so may words have I expended in the narration of my intellectual struggle, and my intellectual accomplishments. Just see the Irony of my fate. It is a matter more of pity than praise or pride, that I am obliged to take up such a course. Otherwise in the heart of hearts, I do know the meagreness of human knowledge. If  Socrates had realized the fact that he knew not, there is greater reason for me, as a man of this age of knowledge to realize the fact of littleness of man's knowledge. The greater is man's knowledge, the greater is the realization of this fact. But mark the extremity of my painstaking to which I am obliged to resort in this very painful mission. How often the face of Boastful Nietzsche (1844-1900), that miserable pure dupe of Darwin's philosophy, has appeared before my eyes while penning this boastful and at the same time painful chapter of mine. To what extremes man may be driven by the pressure of necessity. Alack-the-day. I am reaping what others have sown.

           N.B. And is now 1982, My work appears eventually as a series of Fourteen volumes named as "Gabriel's Extinguishing the atomic hell series". The names of these books have undergone changes. And because I see that it is hard for a knowledgeable person to believe that such works could have been produced by any one who has had neither a teacher to teach, nor a college to attend, therefore I am obliged to say that, the generation of may contemporaries still exists, and among them are persons who have known my life quite intimately. They can attest my claim. I, however, passed some university examinations upto the Master's degree, but all that privately and merely as a precaution to guard myself against any probable economic vicissitudes that has been a general feature of my life. Yet it is not the method of achievement, but the contents of these works that actually matter.



           Muslims! I remind you of the saying of the Holy Prophet, (Peace be Upon Him). He said:-

           " Muslims! I entertain no apprehension that you will fall to idol worship, but what I fear for you is that you might fall into the love of this world". This saying of the Prophet needs most urgent consideration of the Muslims of today in the light of their present love of this world. The other saying of the Holy Prophet of Allah that needs to be considered today in all seriousness, is that in which the Prophet said:-

           "Poverty is my pride". This saying too needs very serious consideration of the Muslims of today in this age of Baconian wealth-seeking, wealth-priding materialism. Let the Muslims know that this Baconian progress has its peculiar ills, and the peculiar ill has the peculiar remedy. The extreme materialism of this age needs extreme otherworldliness as the remedy, on the principle of antithesis. And let it be remembered that Islam interpreted in terms of merely worldly glory in this age of Baconian materialism will fail as miserably to save this world from the flames of the atomic hell as every other religion of this world has failed. It is high time that the general license of Islam concerning the worldly necessities of life be discriminated from this all-out and all-pervading Baconian progress, and also, let the Islamic view of the knowledge, and contemplation of the works of God, and the subjugation of the natural forces, and the utility of resources be discerned from the modern Baconian view of these matters. Islam has set certain conditions on every one of these facts so that the discerning eye can see the great difference that existed between the Baconian and Islamic views. A closer view reveals the difference and predicts the certainty of a fierce collision, between Baconian views and Islam so that Islam will completely eradicate every trace of this Baconian atomism and its progress from this world in order to save this mankind from the burning flames of the atomic hell that is the atomic bombs and the atomic radiations, and indeed in order to save its own existence from extinction. It is the notion of otherworldliness that Islam will preach in the light of the Quran. The entire philosophy of the Quran is based on otherworldliness (Akhirat) and let the misunderstanding be cleared, before the atomic bombs being to burst, or the radiation has changed this earth into a radio-asylum.

           Muslims! I remind you of your special and most essential duty namely, that of the publication of the Quran to the entire world, and your duty to understand the Quran from the view point of the particular situation of this present-day-world, and the present day special problems of the world, and to acquaint the world with the light of the Quran appearing as a result of your research therein. Difficult work indeed and requiring great painstaking and genius, yet it has to be done. It is not just sufficient to say that the Quran does not oppose the progress, or that the achievements of this modern science are the exact aim and the object of the Quran. The truth is far from it and needs much deep insight into the mind of the Quran. The Quran never was meant to be a book of materialism. It is wonderful indeed to stand before the flames of atomic hell that are issuing from the Baconian progress, and see them and then say, does the Quran oppose the progress? Nay but the Quran encourages the progress for therein is the glory of the religion of Islam and it is a distinguishing feature of Islam. Nay, Islam does not allow this Baconian progress and is its deadliest foe. Islam means to extinguish this atomic fire which is now about to consume this creation of Allah on this earth. Your misunderstanding will only make you a victim of the atomic hell along with the rest of the nations and will not benefit you in any way, nor will it change the course of this Baconian progress which as a rule must culminate in the atomic consumption of this world. Nor it is enough to say only that Islam covers the entire field of human life. No. Let rather this world see Islam promulgated in every phase of human life. It is not Islam, but the Baconian system, it is that is operating everywhere.

           It was Hazrat Imam Shaafi who had said about the chapter Al-Asr, a chapter of the Quran comprising merely 18 words, that even if no other chapter in the Quran had existed, this chapter alone would have sufficed to give guidance to mankind. There is yet another chapter in the Quran comprising but 36 words, and next in succession to the chapter of Al-Asr, by the name of Al-Homaza. The attention of the followers of the Quran all over the world may now be invited to this particular chapter of the Quran. If nothing in the Quran had existed besides this chapter, then even it would have sufficed this mankind to know all that could be known or all that was necessary to know about this modern Baconian atomistic materialism from its beginning to its end, its characteristics, its features, and the methods of avoiding its destructive consequences. This is the chapter that a careful understanding of it will surely clear all the misunderstandings which the Muslims today entertain regarding the views of the Quran about this Baconian progress. Then every thing about it will be crystal clear before their eyes, and they will really understand the mind of the Quran,  and accordingly they will understand their actual role in this age and will find their destination, aright, and then they will work wonders in this world to save this world from the flames of the atomic hell, and will indeed save themselves too along with the rest of the nations on earth, and then they will clearly know this age to be the age of Homazas and Lomazas, engrossed in accumulation of the wealth of this world with a belief in the eternity of this process of wealth increase. And then when they will read this particular chapter of the Quran in the Quran they will wonder and say! Praised be Allah. The revealer of this wonderful Quran, this standing miracle of guidance to mankind, how were we ignorant of it so long.

           Experience will show the Muslims that despite al their hearty sincerity, and zeal, and endeavour and strivings, in the revival of Islam, neither much success in the revival of Islam, nor any sign of averting the atomic danger was there in sight so long as this Baconian progress continued. In ordinary circumstances they could have been allowed to conduct this kind of experiment, that of the promulgation of Islam in the presence of Baconian progress to know the impracticability thereof, but the particular situation of the atomic phenomenon in this world of today would not allow any such margin, and may be that the Muslims realized the truth only when the die was cast and the atomic destiny of this world and their's along with it was spun and they found themselves being broiled in the flames of the atomic hell either under the hails of the atomic bombs or over the stings of the deadly radiations of the atomic-energy-for-peace. Let them therefore dread and shudder at the grievous foreboding of the Quran, who happen to hear of its warning about the atomic hell. And you will realize, if you become the victims of the atomic hell in this world, the horrors, you followers of the Quran! shudder therefore and cry and lament and wail at your misfortune, not indeed so much at your destruction in the flames of the atomic hell, the atomic bombs or the atomic radiations of the atomic-energy-for-peace in this transient world, for the transient punishment will end with the death, but rather shudder at another certainty which the Quran has with all its force declared, namely that, Homaza Lomaza that is, the backbiting and defamer who amasseth wealth of this world, and arrangeth it against the future, and believeth that his wealth will render him immortal, will certainly be cast into the eternal hell of Hotama in the next world. The easiest thing in this world is to know that this Baconian age is the age of proud Homaza Lomaza engrossed in wealth-accumulation believing in the eternity of this process of progress with its five yearly plans, to infinity, if, therefore, the people of the present generations escape the atomic bombs and the effects of atomic radiations, for there is possibility that some generations of this present mankind might escape the flames of atomic hell, there is no possibility of their escaping the flames of the eternal hell of Hotama of the next eternal world, since the adherents of this Baconian culture, fulfill the conditions of the Quran for Hotama. You ! That are Muslims could be among the inmates of Hotama, for as the commentators of the Holy Quran point out, there is no consideration for faith in this particular punishment of Al-Hotama, and the fact is apparent from the text of the Quran, read Surah Homaza, and read the commentaries of the greatest of the commentators of the Quran and you shall know the dreadful truth. Wake up therefore from your lengthy slumber and consult your safety. Let this particular chapter of the Quran hereafter be the topic of your discussion every way and every where. If you scorn to be consumed as contemptible slaves just dragged behind others equally blind into the atomic jehannah. Read the Quran therefore, carefully and mark your path and determine your destination, that perhaps you might be saved from a horrible doom. And if you consider it cowardly to fear death by atomic bombs and atomic radiations, and you therefore do not fear the atomic bombs and the atomic radiations of this world, dread, I pray at least the flames of the horrible Hotama of the next world, the next eternal world, begin to read the Quran in reference to this Baconian culture, and know the reality.

           Muslims ! if you fail to publish this particular warning and the guidance of the Quran to this mankind then know that double punishment awaits you. In this world you will be consumed by the flames of the atomic hell with the rest of the nations, while in the next world you will stand answerable before the throne of Allah as guilty of failing the Quran and failing the mankind. And if you have read in the Quran the claim of Allah that if this Quran were revealed to the mountains, they would be scared, then know that this particular chapter of the Quran, this chapter of Al-Homaza, this warning of the Quran to this mankind is a living specimen of terribleness. This chapter let it be known, is far more powerful than all the stockpiles of the atomic bombs in the world. It can neutralize them, extinguish them. If the Muslims will ignore it, neglect it and will not be able to publish it to the entire mankind of today, then know that this warning of the Quran which has taken me decades to explain and interpret it in 1500 pages, will within the Islamic World hiss, and boil and erupt like a furious volcano and will convulse the areas around it. This warning of the Quran is the last argument of Allah with the doomed mankind, and is, the sole guidance and the only hope of this mankind on earth. It will be doomed as a serious neglect on the part of the followers of the Quran, and they will be liable to serious providential reprisals. Time for sloth is gone now.

           Muslims! I have warned you, and let Allah be a witness between us regarding this very crucial matter. I ask no reward of you. My reward is with my Allah. Yet if you will deprive this creation of this warning of the Quran, and to deprive this world now of this sole guidance against the atomic ruin, is grievous, you will be answerable. And it is upto you now whether to stand up against this atomic hell to save this mankind manfully like true Muslims, or to go slavishly down the atomic hell Yourselves behind the enkindlers of atomic hell. The matter is one that warrants serious consideration. May Allah grant you sight, might, spirit and fortitude for such an undertaking (Amen).



           This problem of the atomic hell is the problem not of any one nation, nor of a set of nations. If this world goes down into the flames of the atomic hell, it goes down together. And if it comes out of it, it comes out together. If Christ or Moses or Krishna, or Buddha were today, they would one and all embrace this warning of the Quran and would exert to the utmost of their power in its propagation and its promulgation, and would not rest till this world were saved from the flames of the atomic hell in the light of this warning of the Quran. No work today in this world is more important than trying to save this world from the atomic doom. And no problem is of greater urgency than this of the atomic bombs and the atomic radiation. And the reality of the Baconian philosophy and the Baconian progress has to be exposed, and the hazards incident on it have to be pointed out to this world, and thus, the world opinion has to be moulded in this respect, so that this mankind collectively could make the policy and take the collective decision to escape this most grievous of the dooms that now is fast approaching to befall this mankind. If it were the question of war, I would have tried to raise formidable armies and taken sword and fire into the heart of this Baconian ill. If it were the question of wealth, I would have endeavoured to heap up riches mountain high, no, it neither is the matter of war, nor it is of riches. It purely is the matter of the realization of a formidable danger, and it is the matter of exposing the reality of the atomic ills, and of revealing the grievous dangers that emanate from it for entire mankind. It is toward this end that I have found my life-long endeavour directed by the mysterious hand of providence.

           My work will actually be evaluated by those unfortunate people that will be cast into the atomic hell and will either be consumed by fire of the atomic bombs or will lie subjected to the deadly stings of insidious radiations of the atomic energy for peace. It is difficult for you today to assess the magnitude of the atomic ills, when but a few reactors are functioning in this world, but shudder at the sight when in the atomic age, this earth will be bestrown with the rectors and the atomic plants and the sources of deadly radiations, and when this earth will become a hospital of radiation-sickness and mental derangement. You can call that age, the age of miserable, cancer-ridden chimeras, and that will be a horrible age. I appeal to you all in the name of humanity. I have no reason for complete disappointment. This world is not as yet so completely devoid of sense as not to understand at all the truth of my views. It was in 1974 when I had with me the first version of my work in one volume, that I just stepped one day into the British embassy in Islamabad. There I telephoned the Secretary of the British Ambassador with a request that I wanted to see His Excellency. The answer was that His Excellency apologized, because some gentlemen were with him at that time, but that, he would send his Deputy Ambassador, and if he were convinced, then his word was as good as that of His Excellency himself. Within a few minutes the Deputy Ambassador arrived and the following went between us:-

           Ambassador:   Yes, what can I do for you?

              I: Sir,  I have written a book. It is a prophecy, rather a warning about the atomic hell, which I have discovered in the Quran. The Quran has given the causes of the appearance of the atomic hell, that is the atomic bombs and the radiations. And so the atomic threat could be averted by this mankind by the removal of those causes. I look to your god offices for the publication of my book.

  Ambassador: You have written the Quran?

  I: Yes.

           Ambassador: You know we are Christians.

  I: Yes . I know.

           Ambassador: How do you expect us to render any help for your book?

           I: Thus My Lord! Supposing you were sick and you were dying, your wife stood awaiting widowhood, and your children stood by your bed weeping. And there were two doctors, one of them a Christian and the other  Muslim. But the Muslim doctor had a recipe that could snatch you from the hands of death and restore you to health to make your wife and your children smile once again. Will you then be so kind as to condescend to receive the receipt of the Muslim doctor despite his faith?

           Ambassador: Yes, why not,  that is the question of my life.

           I: I beg your pardon Sir, inspite of your high status you are but one individual. Here with me is the question of the life and death of all mankind. Here with me is the recipe that can snatch this humanity from the flames of the atomic hell. A couple of 20 megaton thermonuclear bombs will transfix your dear Britani to the bottom of the Gulf. And the people will say, here somewhere used to be an Island called England as appears from the record of Shakespeare, but  nowhere to be seen now.

           Ambassador: What can I do for you?
           I: Sir, I need some addresses of such publishers as might be interested in the publication of a work of this nature. Actually I have sent my book to the Government of Pakistan for the arrangement of its publication; the signs are that they will publish it. For the reviews of the member of the Atomic Energy Commission as well as the research bureau of the information Ministry of Pakistan, are highly in favour of the book. Yet in case some difficulty arose I will have to knock at some other door.

           The Deputy Ambassador himself searched for a considerable time through the Directories and emerged with the names of four English publishers which he had himself typed. And he told me that these were the publishers who used to publish the works of Late Bertrand Russel, and they might be interested in this work for Russel's struggle too had been against the atomic war.

           I left the embassy with a grateful heart at the kindness of the English envoy. But what I had learned was the difference between the two what can I-do-for-yours. Twice was this phrase uttered by the Deputy Ambassador? First at his arrival, and the second when he had my argument. The first one had with it an expression of curiosity mingled with a tinge of annoyance. The second one had in it a clear expression of willingness and gratitude. My manuscript, however, I had withdrawn later from the Government, inspite of the willingness of the Government to publish it, for by then, I had found a set of books on atomic physics published in America and I wanted to improve my work to its possible perfection and completeness, which I did for five years thereafter, to my heart's content.

           Einstein too had appealed to mankind to forget their quarrels if they desired to exist in the presence of hydrogen bomb. I also am appealing to this mankind to forget their quarrels if they desired to avert the painful atomic annihilation. The difference, however, between the appeal of Einstein and that of mine being that Einstein promised, in case the mankind could avoid the atomic war, a utopia through peaceful use of atomic energy. I am afraid I cannot promise any such thing in the presence of atomic energy and its origin, the Baconian progress, and the origin of its origin, the Baconian philosophy. The appeals both of me and Einstein are difficult. The world has seen the effect of Einstein's appeal that failed completely. This mankind has not forgotten its quarrels despite the appeal of Einstein. Einstein's appeal was only impossible, for it was off the pedestal of logic and science. To expect peace in the presence of Erastian Philosophy and atomic bombs and atomic energy and Baconian progress is an error more than manifest. To shove the people into the fire and then say beware of the fire sounds not very logical. My logic is simple and clear. I simply say: Stay away from the fire, and away from its fuel, furnace and all. May I even say extinguish this fire completely. Einstein was the victim of the general optimism of the scientists in the matter of atomic energy while I am not. I find not the least reason for any kind of optimism about the case of atomic energy. Nuclear Science has reached its blind, and nothing short of a miracle could endue it with sight to see any further. But there is no possibility of any such miracle in this respect. The moorings of this world having severed under the strain of the Baconian progress it is now helplessly a drift toward the atomic hell and nothing but ever-increasing confusion, social, political, scientific, economic and philosophical must be the expectation with no hope of reversion. The Quran has appeared with a miracle now to save you. Either accept it, or else no power on earth can save you from the most miserable, most painful and most disgraceful doom in the burning flames of the atomic hell which you have with your own hands prepared and enkindled. Now people of the West, if you had the misfortune of being beguiled by the Baconian devil and have been his instrument in dragging this world behind you into the flames of the atomic hell, now it is the golden opportunity to expiate your deed by adopting this warning of the Quran and leading this mankind away from the atomic pit. Therefore save this world and save also yourselves, for this hell that you have enkindled respects no one and leaves no one in this world. Resort now to any means of defence against atomic bombs or radiations you conquerors of nature and claimants to the dominion over the nature forces. You are now simply trapped without an outlet, defence, protection. You have no protection against either atomic bomb or atomic radiation.

                    Hindus and Buddhists, you share the same doom with the rest despite the remarkable clemency of your faith, and unfortunately, neither your Ahansa nor your Narwana could be of any avail to you in this terrible punishment. Awake therefore from your deep slumber. Where are you now adrift? And Communists! You could in no way feign yourself deaf to the approaching uproar of the flames of the atomic hell. And if you persist in your deafness then know that the terrible thunder of the atomic bombs and atomic radiations will rend you ear-drums. The excuse that America took the lead is not worth-while in this case. Indeed if the Quran of the Muslims and the Bible of the Christians, and the Vedas of the Hindus would be shot into the outer space, due to the misunderstandings of their followers, your sickle and your hammer will offer little resistance to the fury of the all-devouring demon of Baconian hell. Here then the Quran has a marvelous warning and guidance to lead this world out of the atomic danger and save this mankind. Avail this golden opportunity. It all is, in your own interest. To the Jews I deem it my duty to remind of that address of Moses, the last address of that great prophet on the mount, which is replete with such curses and such denunciations and threats that cause one's hair to stand up in fright. Those threats were uttered against the children of Israel in case they forgot the commands of their God, the Lord God of Israel, if Moses were alive today he would behold this entire mankind now a prey to those very same curses which he had uttered in his last famous address on the mount. The Quran now has declared a method of averting those terrible threats. Will not then the understanding minds among the followers of Moses now think and pay head to a warning and guidance that leads this world out of the grievous doom, and a guidance that leads this world out of a burning hell. Here is the last chance, who will avail it. If Moses were today, he would have been the first to embrace it.

                    People remember! that the final destruction is the decreed end of this Baconian atomism in exact accordance with the established principles, and there is little joy if a few generations of this mankind pass away unscathed by the atomic hell that is the atomic bombs or atomic radiations. The effects of atomic phenomenon are both visible, and insidious, and are cumulative, and thus some generation in future must pay the debt with interest. The necessity therefore now is of sensibility. Let the habit of selfishness be now renounced. Let the future generations be saved from the retribution of the greed and selfishness of present generation. It is high time now that every one in mankind pause and think and act. Before your very eyes now is the blazing atomic hell. May Allah grant you the sight that discerns the reality of this Baconian atomistic materialism. (Amen).

         Christians, Hindus, Buddhists, Communists and the Jews! You little understand that you are all in the grip of the same false, seductive, one eyed, left-eyed, antichrist, and you are being carried toward the atomic hell, will you and the Muslims try to understand this reality and act sagaciously to relieve yourselves, or are you satisfied with it. Use sense and be wise, the Baconian philosophy with its progress is logically and scientifically bound to disappear eventually. Do you also want to perish along with it?



   Let now the throbbing pulse of this age stop, and let the heart of this universe cease to beat, let now the sun, the moon, and the stars stay in their course and wait and let the heavens above watch till I have delivered the message of the Quran to this mankind for their deliverance. And let the mankind now hearken to what I have to say, and to what I have said, and ponder on the methods of their redemption from the agonizing doom that now awaits them. Things that I have to utter might appear strange, and out of the general, universal and established curriculum of this age, yet things undeniable, things based on argument and knowledge.

   Mark now the strange doings of the hand of destiny, the mysterious hand of the destiny that had wafted the group of the atomists from Europe toward the soil of America during the world War II by the wind of the Nazi pressure on the Jewish community, so that the result was the appearance of the atomic bomb, the same hand excited my mind and kept it in constant excitement for decades at a stretch, so that the result is the Quranic design of the extinguisher of the fire of atomic hell, and the neutralizer of the atomic bombs in the world. A strange destiny, and mine alone among the entire mankind, yet a very hard gained destiny, which either I myself or my Allah knows, how difficult it has been to attain. I may or may not see the extinction of this fire of the atomic hell with my own eyes, though, the river of that blessed water which I have directed toward it will in due course extinguish it, so that this mankind will be saved from the grievous doom.

   Kings, Sovereigns, Presidents, Prime Ministers, Politicians, Statesmen, Scientists, Philosophers, Scholars, Religious Divines, Industrialist, and Business Magnates, I invite your attention to that historic letter which Einstein wrote to Roosevelt the President of America on August 2, 1939, in which Einstein drew the attention of the American President toward the possibility as then indicated, by some work of Fermi and Szillard, of utilizing the phenomenon of Uranium Fission for the construction of extremely powerful (weight for weight) bombs of a new type --- a million times more powerful than conventional bombs---a single bomb of this type, carried by boat and exploded in a port, might very well destroy the whole port together with some of the surrounding territory. Said Einstein. The US Government decided to explore the possibility seriously! It was particularly guided by the thought that Germany was probably already engaged in this field, and if it succeeded, the consequences would be catastrophic for the Allies. And beginning with the first Government grant of 6000 dollars, the whole project swelled to about 2000 million dollars by 1945. The result of the Einstein's letter appeared in 1945 in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Hiroshima and Nagasaki have been the testing ground only to judge the accuracy and the efficiency of the atomic phenomenon. The entire world is the actual target and sooner or later flourishing cities on this earth will follow the example of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Life on earth since then is only a nuclear forefiet. If, however this mankind is lucky enough to avoid the atomic war, then the atomic radiations of the atomic-energy-for-peace are there as the alternative to take the toll in a miserable manner, inspite of the hopes and the optimism of this mankind in remedial discoveries and outlets in due course.

   Einstein's letter was sent in 1939, whose result is now well before the eyes of this world. Now I write this letter to you in the year 1981 that is about 36 years after Einstein's. Pray give your kind attention to it. And read it carefully that perhaps you may avert the miserable Einstenian doom from this world.

   To the elite of this age:-

   from:        Allama Mohammed Yousuf Gabriel, Idara Tasnifate Gabriel, Main       Bazar, Nawab Abad Wah Cantt. Distt RawalpindiPakistan.

Majesties, Excellencies, Honours, Reverences:-

   Your kind attention is most humbly drawn towards the certainty as is indicated by a prophetic warning of the Quran about the atomic hell, of designing a very efficacious extinguisher of the atomic fire and the neutralizer of the atomic bombs. A single extinguisher of this mankind designed and constructed would extinguish the atomic pyre completely, and neutralize all the existing stock-piles and wipe every trace of radiations, radioactive materials, reactors, reprocessing plants, out from the earth. It is the only thing of this kind .

 Yours most truly and sincerely,

The servant of humanity.                    


   Pray mark the analogy as well as the antithesis that exists between the two letters, that is that of Einstein and that of mine. There was, when Einstein wrote this letter to the President, a state of such ambiguity and uncertainty in the field of atomic science, and so illusory appeared in the proposed project of atomic bomb and the atomic energy, that no Government on earth could have been induced to invest a great in the research of nuclear science with a view to constructing a bomb, a million times more powerful than the conventional bomb. Nay even if Einstein had promised bomb 20  million times more powerful, no Roosevelt in the world would have acceded to his request, despite the existence of great technical advancement and huge treasures of America. The causes of the success of Einstein in this matter deserve keen notice no doubt, and the same is the state of this my project at present. The same state of ambiguity and uncertainty might prevail at first about this Quranic extinguisher of the fire of atomic hell. But just as the project of Einstein swelled to enormous proportions in time, this my project will pervade this entire earth on which dwell the human beings that could be hurt by the atomic bombs and the atomic radiations. This cry whose faint accents now could hardly be heard will Insha-Allah in time grow into an uproar that even deaf will hear. The causes of my success too deserve keen notice no doubt, while the antithesis that exists between the suggestion of Einstein and that of mine, is quite apparent. Einstein desired to make a bomb million times more powerful, and his desire was gratified by a power-hungry and apprehensive mankind with gratitude. I now seek to extinguish the fire enkindled by Einstein and company. What will be the attitude of a hypnotized and helplessly entangled race toward my exertion is not hard for me to predict, but the sick will seek the cure.

   This world of today strangely enough is not blind and still is blind. President Trueman was obliged to write in his memoire in 1965 "One event occurred in 1945 of such magnitude, that it was to revolutionize our relations with the world and usher in a new era for humanity, the fruits and the goals and problems of which we cannot even now fully grasp. It was the atomic bomb". It appears strange that Trueman should pose a question and should himself give the answer, and should at the same time confess ignorance. The atomic bomb itself is the fruit and the goal and the problem of the era that has been ushered in by the atomic bomb, if this be the state of the mind of the head of the leading nuclear state in the world in the presence of hydrogen bomb itself, then imagine the state of the mind of the general public of this atomic age about the nuclear state of this hypnotized, inebriated, intoxicated, nuclear blind, misguided and ill-informed world of today.

   The elite of this age may please note that, the leadership which would lead this world into the flames of the blazing atomic hell despite the knowledge is no leadership, and the politics which merely engineer the acceleration of this world's speed toward the complete atomic annihilation of life on earth are no politics, and the science which happens to be mainly the means of wealth-accumulation and physical comforts, as well as of the weapons of complete destruction of mankind is no science, and the knowledge which is reduced to a mere instrument of acquiring the material necessities of life is no knowledge, and the progress which ends in complete ruin of mankind is not progress, and a philosophy which considers only this present life, and pays no regard to the spiritual and the other world is no philosophy. Yet this age is the age of misunderstandings, this is an age that is deluded by illusions that are inspired by false conceits.

   But now rejoice and be grateful to the merciful Allah, that the particular warning to lead this mankind out of this atomic trouble, and save it from the hails of the atomic bombs and the deadly stings of the atomic radiations has been discovered in the Quran, and has been interpreted and explained by me in the following volumes:-

   1.              Quran predicts, characterizes and averts the atomic hell, English . pages 600.

   2.              Quran quells atomism and redeems this mankind from the hell of atomsim. English .pages 600.

   3.              Life of Bacon in reference to his philosophy of atomism. Pages 300 . English.

   4.              Abraham extinguishes the atomic fire. English pages 200.

   N.B.  The titles of these volumes have been changed.

   Now may Allah grant you the sight that sees the realities of the things as they really are, and may He guide you out of the way of the atomic hell. (Amen). I have many books ready for publication. That means complete guidance to mankind in this crucial hour.

   Let the Elite, however, realize, that all their comforts, and facilities and the commodities of their luxurious life, cars, bungalows, ranks and places, salaries and remuneration, that may well be attributed to this modern progress and this science are now the guests ready to depart in the flames and fumes of the atomic hell as a token of fare well. Elites, try not to dislike or resist any movement against this progress, and this atomic energy, and this science in consideration of your vested interests. Now seek sense and begin right now to think of the means and methods of riding this world of this Baconian demon, and thus save your own skin before this world is caught in the atomic storm, and let the scientists cease now to build atomic bombs for salary, or patriotism, now you have been told.

   Elite of the world! Know! that I have clear realization of the fact that the odds are against me, utterly, entirely, completely in a world that is blinded by a grievous doom. One factor, however, goes in my favor, namely, the gradual deterioration of the situation of this world. The more the circumstances of this world are deteriorated, and nearer the atomic danger approaches, the greater is the possibility of my word being heard.



   The appearance of Francis Bacon may well be regarded as the second appearance of Satan that had seduced and beguiled Adam the progenitor of mankind in the paradise. The Philosophy of Bacon may be regarded as the Satanic seduction, and the culture of the Baconian atomism may well be regarded as the Satanic culture, that beginning with the materialism tends towards the Communism, a system which shows more perfection of the Baconian creed that of man's dominion over nature through science for material utility and complete disregard of moral or religious values. Exact identity exists not only between the conduct of the founder, his philosophy and the culture produced, but also between the end of all the three.

   Bacon generally is regarded by his admirers, if not the greatest intellect of all times at least the greatest intellect of his own time. Queen Elizabeth however, declared him not deep, "Bacon", she said "hath a great wit and much learning, but in law showeth to the uttermost of his knowledge, and is not deep". The judgment of the English Queen has proved to be much correct. No doubt, Bacon was a great intellect, but if he were even a greater intellect than he actually was, the unusual acceptance and prevalence of his philosophy may be attributed to certain other reasons than the mere intellect. In order to have an assessment of the conduct of Bacon, I will quote Macaulay, a very greater admirer of his philosophy. I will prefer to allocate this unpleasant task to Macaulay. And while I will quote Macaulay, let the reader himself make his own analogical comparison between the character of Bacon and the character of his philosophy and of this Baconian culture in general, and mark the resemblance. Macaulay writes in his essay on Lord Bacon:-

   1.              Bacon was a servile advocate, that he might be a corrupt judge.

   2.              They (Wallar and Bacon) were not malignant, they were not tyrannical, but they wanted warmth of affection and elevation of sentiment ....The hyperbole of Juliet seemed to be verified with respect to them, "Upon their brows shame was ashamed to sit".

   3.              Bacon behind his age. Bacon behind Sir Edward Coke. Bacon clinging to exploded abuses. Bacon withstanding the progress of improvement. Bacon struggling to push back the human mind. The words seem strange. They sound as contradiction in terms. Yet the fact is even so. And the explanation may be readily found in any person who is not blinded by prejudice.

   4.              Neither his principles nor his spirit were such as could be trusted when strong temptations  were to be resisted, and serious dangers to be braved.

   5.              He was by no means a good hater. The temperature of his revenge, like that of his gratitude, was scarcely ever more than lukewarm.

   6.              In his will he expressed with singular brevity, energy, dignity and pathos, a mournful consciousness that his actions not been such as to entitle him to the esteem of those under whose observation his life had been passed.

   And that which Macaulay has to tell us about the end of Bacon in the following may well be applied to this Baconian culture. He says:-

   "In a few weeks (after Bacon had reached the zenith of his fortunes in January 1621) was signally brought to the test the value of those objects for which Bacon had sullied his integrity, had resigned his dependence, had violated the most sacred obligations of friendship and gratitude, had flattered the worthless, had persecuted the innocent, had tempered with judges, had tortured prisoners, had plundered suitors, had wasted on paltry intrigues all the powers of the most exquisitely constructed intellect that has ever been bestowed on any of the children of men, a sudden and terrible reverse was at hand ....impeached, convicted, sentenced, driven with ignominy from the presence of his sovereign, shut out from the deliberations of his fellow nobles, loaded with debt, branded with dishonour, sinking under the weight of sorrows, years and diseases, Bacon was Bacon still .........In such misery and shame ended that long career of worldly wisdom and worldly prosperity".

   Macaulay sums up in the end of his essay the life of Bacon as follows. The comparison between the surmise of Macaulay about Bacon and the state of this Baconian culture may be seen by the reader. Macaulay writes:-

   "I confess, said he (Bacon) in a letter written when he was still young 'that I have as vast contemplative ends as I have moderate civil ends'. Had his civil ends continued to be moderate, he would not have been only the Moses, but the Joshua of Philosophy. He would have fulfilled a large part of his own magnificent predictions. He would have led his followers, not only to the verge, but into the heart of the promised land, he would not merely have pointed out, but would have divided the spoil; above all he, would have left, not only a great but a spotless name. Mankind would have been able to esteem their illustrious benefactor. We should not be compelled to regard his character with mingled contempt and admiration, with mingled aversion and gratitude. We should not then regret that there should be so many proofs of the narrowness and selfishness of a heart, the benevolence of which was yet large enough to take in all races and all ages. We should not then have to blush for the disingenousness of the most devoted worshiper of speculative truth, for the servility of the boldest champion of intellectual freedom. We should not then have seen the same man at one time far in the van, and at another far in the rear of his generation. We should not then be forced to own that he who first treated legislation as a science was among the last Englishman who used the rack that he who first summoned philosophers to the great work of interpreting nature was among the last Englishman who sold justice. And we should conclude our survey of a life, placidly, honourably, beneficently passed. In industrious observations, grounded conclusions, and profitable inventions and discoveries with feelings very different from those with which we now turn away from the checkered spectacle of so much glory and so much shame".

   Macaulay, I am afraid is mistaken in some of the observations he has made in this above quoted passage. Exact correspondence exists between Bacon's conduct and his philosophy. Just such as the conduct of Bacon was, he produced the philosophy. The hen could lay only the hen's and not the duck's eggs. Bacon's philosophy is the exact reflection of his love of wealth and the world. A life passed placidly, honourably and beneficiently would not have produced a philosophy of exclusive greed and covetousness, would not have deliberately perverted the established sense of the scripture. Macaulay, however, missed this fact, because his view of Bacon's philosophy was much favourable then. It is regretted that Macaulay was not today in this world to see with his own eyes the fruit of the Baconian philosophy in the form of the atomic bombs, and atomic radiations. In the following we will give Macaulay's surmise of Bacon's conduct regarding this world and its wealth. It has to be observed how closely it corresponds to this present wealth-seeking culture of Baconian Philosophy. Macaulay says:-

   "His faults were, we may write, it with pain, coldness of heart, and meanness of spirit. He seems to have been incapable of feeling strong affection, of facing great dangers, of making great sacrifice. His desires were set on things below. Wealth, precedence, titles, patronage, the mace, the seals, the coronet, large houses, fair gardens, rich manors, massy services of plate, gay hangings, curious cabinets had as great attraction for him as for any of the courtiers who dropped on their knees in the dirt when Elizabeth passed by, and hastened home to write to the king of Scots that her grace seemed to be breaking fast. For these objects he had estooped to every thing, and endured every thing, for these he had sued in the humblest manner; and when unjustly and ungraciously repulsed, had thanked those who had repulsed him, and begun to sue again. For these objects, as soon as he found that the smallest show of independence in Parliaments was offensive to the Queen, he had abased himself to the dust before her, and implored forgiveness in terms better suited to a convicted thief than to a knight of the Shire. For these he joined, and for these he forsook Lord Essex ...he exerted his professional talents to shed the earl's blood, and his literary talents to blacken the earl's memory".

   Mr. Montague in his "life of Bacon" sought to prove Bacon as a very noble spirited, and innocent man, and tried to clear him of every guilt respecting every imputation that was ever made against his hero. Macaulay in his essay on Lord Bacon has censured Mr. Montague and has proved Bacon to be a greedy man of low principles, and has deeply regretted his conduct. Yet on the other hand and in the same article he has with remarkable ability sought to prove the philosophy of Bacon as most superb, and the best of philosophies that ever appeared among the mankind. No doubt, that which Macaulay has done to Mr. Montage respecting Bacon's life, the same could be done to Macaulay in respect of Bacon's philosophy. If Macaulay has portrayed Bacon in exactly and has during the discussion beaten Mr. Montage Black and Blue deservedly, the same could be done to Macaulay respecting Bacon's philosophy, that could be portrayed in its exactly colours necessarily subjecting Macaulay to a beating to black and blue deservedly. However, My respect and regard for the abilities of Macaulay, could neither be concealed, nor diminished for his mistaking the philosophy of Bacon. Macaulay lived in 19th century when only the bright side of Bacon's side was in the scene, like that of the moon, while the dark side was reserved for the 20th century people.



   Two statues in this world exist to represent two different ages. That of Ozymandias to represent an ancient age. That of Einstein to represent this modern atomic age. Much similarity, may be found between the two, regarding their passions, their features and even their end, so that the statute of Einstein may rightly be regarded as that of the modern atomic ozymandias. The description of the statue of ancient Ozymandias may be read in Percy By Shelley's poetical works, while the picture of Einstein's statue appeared in the newspaper recently. The statue of Einstein, it was told, was produced at the cost of millions. A near glance at the picture of the statue of Einstein was enough for any one who had read Shelley's description of the statute of ozymandias to recall to his mind that particular statute. The two sculptors had recognized those features that were the peculiar characteristics of their models. Ozymandias showed wrinkles of pride, Einstein those of worry. Shelley's description of the statute of Ozymandias is as follows:-

   "I met a traveller from an antique land who said: Two vast and trunkless legs of stone stand in the desert. Near them on the sand, half sunk a shattered visage lies, whose frown, and wrinkled lip, and sneer of old command, tell that its sculptor well those passions read which yet survive, stamped on these lifeless things. The hand that mocked them, and the heart that fed: and on the pedestal those words appear, 'My name is Ozymandias, King of Kings: Look on my work ye mighty, and despair'. Nothing besides remains, round the decay of that colossal wreck, boundless and bare, the lone and level sands stretch far away".

   After the inevitable event that of the atomic war when this earth will have been changed into a vast desert, and when the stature of Einstein that has been moulded with so much toil and skill, will have been shattered into pieces and scattered abroad by the blast of an atomic bomb of some category, then a poet of the calibre and the heart of a Shelley will be needed to describe the state of the statue of Einstein on the report of a traveller, that might be some thing like the following and we produce it with apology to the soul of Shelley:-

   "I met a traveller from a modern, well advanced land, who said: Twenty two hundred large and small pieces of stones scattered on earth in radioactive sand, all dispersed on every side. A shattered visage lies, whose frown, and deeply wrinkled face, forehead and hand tell the depth and magnitude of the problems and, tell that its sculptor well these passions read which yet survive, stamped on these lifeless things, the mind that produced them and the heart that fed: around the pedestal these words appear, My name was Einstein, a god I was called among physicists rings; look on the fruit of my works yet thoughtful and despair, and see, nothing but ruin every where, here, there, near and away, ruin, everywhere ruin, in land and in sea, ruin desolation, devastation, destruction and decay".

   Alas! but where there will be a poet of the calibre and heart of Shelley after the event of the atomic war to accurately describe the state of the statute of the atomic ozymandias of the atomic age. At present, however, we will have to be content with that which has been said above, and perhaps it will do for the present. If, however, this world avoided atomic war and were destroyed by the radiations of the atomic energy for peace, then in that case the statute of Einstein will remain unbroken, showing only such changes as were brought about by the effects of radiation, and will be regarded with  awe and reverence among the universal ruins by the spirits visiting this earth.



   How the author of Ozymandias sang of the coming new age:-


                       "The world's great age begins anew,

                        The Golden years return,

                        The Earth doth like a snake renew,

                        Her winter weeds outworn,

Heaven smiles, and faiths and empires gloom,

                        Like wreck of a dissolving dream........

                       Another Athens shall arise,

                       And to remoter time,

                       Bequeath, like sun-set to the skies,

                       The splendor of its prime;

                       And leave, if nought so bright may live,

                       All earth can take or heaven can give,

Saturn and Love their long repose shall burst,

                       More bright and good,

                       Thank all who fell, than one who rose,

                       Than many unsundued;

                       Not gold, not blood, their alter dowers,

                       But votive tears and symbol flowers".

And how passionately William Blake did dream of building Jerusalem in England's green and pleasant land and      chanted:-

                       "And did those feet in ancient time,

                       Walk upon England's mountains green,

And was the holy lamb of God,

On England's pleasant pastures seen?

And did the countenance divine,

Shine forth upon our clouded hills?

And was Jerusalem builded here,

Among these dark Satanic mills?

Bring me my bow of burning gold;

Bring me my arrows of desire;

Bring me my spear; O Clouds unfold;

Bring me my chariot of fire,

I will not cease from mental fight;

Nor shall my sword sleep in my hand;

Till we have built Jerusalem

In England's green and pleasant land".


                    Blake desired to build Jerusalem among the dark Satanic mills. Yet hitherto the dark satanic mills have prevailed, and have made the possibility of building of Jerusalem remoter and remoter. And every thing has its time. And it is impossible to build Jerusalem as long as these dark Satanic mills exist in this world. But now Insha-Allah, these dark satanic mills will go and the banner of faith will again flourish with unprecedented splendour and unprecedented grandeur, and indeed in an atmosphere of sincerity, piety, peace, plenty and prosperity. Real peace and real prosperity.



                    The Bible stands in a peculiar, particular relation to the Quran while the Quran stands in a peculiar, particular relation to the Bible. This fact may be observed from the point of view of theology, philosophy, and from the point of view of ethics and spiritualism. Both the books spring from the same source and may be seen to form a series in sequence. The Quran, however, being the subsequent and the last, has its form finished and complete. Here we intend to show, in what relation the two books stand to each other in the field of science. We will here see in comparison the treatment of the phenomenon of atomism by the Quran, and the description of certain natural phenomenon by the Bible. The Quran's description and characterization of the modern atomism and the atomic phenomenon may be seen to have been clearly and conspicuously scientific, so that the Quran has even named the atomic phenomenon exactly as atomic phenomenon, giving out exact characteristics of modern atomism and the atomic phenomenon, so that no scientist could have been more factual and more technical in the description. In the Bible I have found the characterization of some natural phenomenon by the name of Leviathan, described by God to Job as a specimen of the powerfulness and terribleness of God's natural phenomena. I will now quote the description of the Leviathan from the Bible. In it will be seen not only the two different standards, that is, of the Quran and the Bible in comparison but also the description will be of real interest to the scientist due to such features of the Leviathan as could be seen in the bomb and other igneous devices of modern science in reference to the natural phenomena and man's control over the forces of nature. In the Bible in the 41st Chapter of Job God says to Job:-

                    1.           CANST thou draw out Leviathan with an hook? Or his tongue with a cord which thou lettest down?

                    2.           Canst thou put an hook into his nose? Or bore his Jaw through with a thorn?

                    3.           Will he make many supplications unto thee? Will he speak soft words unto thee?

                    4.           Will he make a covenant with thee? Wilt thou take him for a servant for ever?

                    5.           Wilt thou play with him as with a bird? Or wilt thou bind him for thy maidens?

                    6.           Shall the companions make a banquet of him? Shall they part him among the merchants?

                    7.           Canst thou fill his skin with barbed iron? or his head with fish spear?

                    8.           Lay thine hand upon him, remember the battle, do not more.

                    9.           Behold, the hope of him is in vain: shall not one be cast down even at the sight of him?

                    10.         None is so fierce that dare stir him up; who then is able to stand before me?

                    11.         Who hath prevented me, that I should repay him? Whatsoever is under the whole heaven is mine.

                    12.         I will not conceal his parts, nor his power, nor his comely proportion.

                    13.         Who can discover the face of his garment? Or who can come to him with his double bridle?

                    14.         Who can open the doors of his face? His teeth are terrible round bout.

                    15.         His scales are his pride, shut up together as with a closed seal.

                    16.         One is so near to another, that no air can come between them.

                    17.         They are joined one to another, they stick together, that they cannot be sundered.

                    18.         By his neesings a light doth shine, and his eyes are like the eyelids of the morning.

                    19.         Out of his mouth go burning lamps, and sparks of fire leap out.

                    20.         Out of his nostrils goeth smoke, as out of a seething pot or caldron.

                    21.         His breath kindleth coals, and a flame goeth out of his mouth.

                    22.         In his neck remaineth strength, and sorrow is turned into joy before him.

23.               The flakes of his flesh are joined together; they are firm in themselves; they cannot be moved.

                    24.         His heart is as firm as a stone; yea, as hard as a piece of the nether millstone.

                    25.         When he riseth up himself, the mighty are afraid: by reason of breakings they purify themselves.

                    26.         The sword of him that layeth at him cannot hold; the spear, the dart, nor the habergeon.

                    27.         He esteemth iron as straw, and brass as rotten wood.

                       28.      The arrow cannot make him flee: slingstones are turned with him into stubble.

                    29.         Darts are counted as stubble: he laugheth at the shaking of a spear.

                    30.         Sharp stones are under him: He spreadeth sharp pointed things upon the mire.

                    31.         He maketh the deep to boil like a pot: He maketh the sea like a pot of ointment.

                    32.         He maketh a path to shine after him: One would think the deep to be hoary.

                    33.         Upon earth there is not his like, who is made without fear.

                    34.         He beholdeth all high things; He is a king over all the children of pride.

              (The Bible: Job:41)

                    We will now apply these particulars to modern machines, bombs, furnaces and atomic bombs, to see with what appropriateness do they fit :-

                    The formidableness and teribleness of the natural phenomena as well as of the modern devices of science in reference to the natural forces may be seen in the following:-

                    1.           " CANST thou draw out Leviathan with an hook? Or his tongue, with a cord which thou lettest down ?".


                    2.           "CANST thou put an hook into his nose? Or bore his Jaw through with a thorn"?


                    3.           "Will he make many supplications unto thee? Will he speak soft words unto thee?"

                    Now these above-mentioned characterizations of Leviathan invariably show the formidableness of the natural phenomena, and of the power-driven machines. yet, no doubt, man in this modern age of science has captivated some of the natural forces, such as steam, electricity, fire etc. But the case of the atomic energy has appeared to be different. It is offering a great resistance to man's control, and it appears hardly possible that man will ever be able to claim complete control on the atomic phenomenon. Yet inspite of this, if man will persist in his endeavours to take the service from atomic phenomenon, he will not be able to enjoy long the service, because the atomic leviathan will eventually destroy him. The Bible has a challenge in this respect. It says:-

                    8.           "Lay thine hand upon him remember the battle, do not more".

                    As regards the atomic power it might be quoted:-

                    9.           "Behold, the hope of him is in vain: Shall not one be cast down even at the sight of him?

                    10.         None is so fierce that dare stir him up, who then is able to stand before me?

                    11.         Who hath prevented me, that I should repay him? What so ever is under the whole heaven is mine.

                    12.         I will not conceal his parts, nor his power, nor his comely proportion.

                    13.         Who can discover the face of his garment?  Or who can come to him with his double bridal?

                    14.         Who can open the doors of his face? His teeth are terrible round about".

                    And indeed the atomic phenomenon and its atomic bomb and its atomic radiation are there as retribution of certain guilts which the Quran has enumerated in the clearest of terms in its warning about the atomic hell .But read the following Biblic hints which could be applied to the modern machines and the conventional bombs, and the furnaces and the atomic bombs, etc. touching design and functioning:-

                    14.         "Who can open the doors of his face? His teeth are terrible round about".

                    15.         His scales are his pride, shut up together as with a close seal.

                    16.         One is so near to another, that no air can come between them.

                    17.         They are joined one to another, they stick together, that they cannot be sindered.

                    18.         By his neesings a light doth shine, and his eyes are like the eye lids of the morning.

                    19.         Out of his mouth go burning lamps, and sparks of fire leap out.

                    20.         Out of his nostrils goeth smoke, as out of a seething pot or caldron.

                    21.         His breath kindleth coals, and a flame goeth out of his mouth".

                    And now imagine the first experimenters of the atomic bomb standing around in anxiety about the working of the atomic bomb that they made the first time. Then by the detonation the atomic bomb explodes and the strong neck of the atomic bob rises upward with terrible force in the form of a lofty column, and the experimenter's anxiety is tuned into joy. Then read the Bible, it says,

                    22.         "In his neck remaineth strength, and  sorrow is turned into joy before him".

                    And the other feature of the affair of the atomic bomb explosion is as the Bible says.

                    25.         "When he raiseth up himself, the mighty are afraid: by reason of breaking they purify themselves".

                    And this fact may well be attested by those unfortunate Hiroshimites and Nagasakites among whom the atomic Leviathan had raised himself up. They also will confirm that:-

                    24.         "His heart is as firm as a stone: Yea, as hard as the piece of the nether millstone".

                    26.         The word of him that layeth at him cannot hold: the spear, the dart, nor the habergeon".

                    27.         "He esteemeth iron as straw, and brass as rotten wood".

                    28.         "The arrow cannot make him flee: slingstones are turned with him into stubble".

                    29.         "Darts are counted as stubble: He laugheth at the shaking of a spear".

                    The iron girders of the strong buildings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki could confirm the words of the Bible:-

                    27.         " He esteemeth iron as straw, and brass as rotten wood".             And indeed the experimenters of the atomic bomb would attest the fact during their under-water burst as the Bible says:-

                    31.         "He maketh the deep to boil like a pot; he maketh the sea like a pot of ointment".

                    And finally, any one who has seen a soaring rocket, or the supersonic air craft in flight, will recall to his mind the description:

                    32.         "He maketh a path to shine after him; one would think the deep to be hoary".

                    The facts, however, are applicable to all the machines in general.

                    The Bible in this description of the Leviathan has provided an excellent specimen of its position in relation to the Quran as regards the root, reference, age, stage, manner and matter. The Quran as may be seen has advanced into the heart of the modern field and has fixed its camera there to take and describe the pictures in a very minute and exact manner adopting the method, manner, language, process and the system of this modern age of science, while the description of the Leviathan by the Bible appears as vague and general. The Quran is championing the cause of all the scriptures of God. It is the fruit, Gospel is the flower, the Pentateuch is the stem, and the scriptures of Abraham are the roots, of the Abrahamic religion of God's unity. The fruit naturally has all of the tree to the root in it. And mark that where as the Bible in its Leviathan has confined itself to a general description of the natural phenomena, the Quran has approached the farthest confines to describe the atomic phenomenon, and has given the perfect scientific description thereof. Read chapter Homaza in the Quran. The gist of the whole matter is that what the description of Leviathan is to the description of Hotama in reference and comparison that exactly is the Bible to the Quran in reference and comparison. Also that the atomic phenomenon is the most complex of all the natural phenomena. It's description by an ancient scripture is nothing short of a miracle.



                    An example of glaring absurdity has appeared in the form of referendum on the adoption of atomic energy in certain countries. The masses all over the world, even the entire non-scientist intelligentsia are utterly, entirely, completely ignorant of the subject of nuclear science, and know nothing of the ruinous hazards that are incident on atomic energy. To ask their choice in the matter of atomic energy is just as to ask the choice of blind in colours, and deaf in music. The instance may well be called as referendum on the choice between poor-life and rich-death. The referendum on nuclear energy actually is a referendum on nuclear suicide. Governments under the pressing needs of food and other necessities of life are obliged to adopt atomic energy. But because of the growing awareness of the people the opposition to the atomic plants is on the increase every where. The Governments apprehensive of popular reprisals are obliged to seek the consent of their people. Howsoever, be the pressure of the necessity, let the dark side of the matter be placed along with the bright side. It is in the interest of the respective governments, and their countrymen, and is further in the wider interest of humanity to apprise the people of all the pros and cons of the atomic energy, and to present a true picture of the whole affair in case any referendum on this topic is intended. Soon, however, the stage of referendum will be past, world-wide riots against the atomic energy will be the common sight everywhere. Only let the people get a wind of the terrible hazards, of the atomic energy, and the painful end. And not the referendum on atomic energy but rather referendum should be the vogue in deference to the call of the times. Let this course be avoided and its dangers removed. Let it be binding on every government to gain perfect knowledge of atomic science. It is most important.



                    The passing away of the Epochal period of fourteen centuries of the Islamic History, and the appearance of the ambiguous, uncertain horizons of the fifteenth century, bears a particular rather extraordinary traditional significance for the Muslims. The beginning of 15th century is regarded as the beginning of some extraordinary revolution in the world. The Muslims accordingly, both in the light of the prevailing circumstances in the world, and in the expectation of the change in the light of the relative prophecies of the Holy Prophet (peace be upon him) of Islam, have chalked up a 15th century programme.

                    Their programme, however in word and spirit is exactly the echo of the renaissance of the West three centuries ago. The difference only being, that whereas the West then had a mind to rid themselves of the tramels of their religion, Christianity, the heart of the Muslims at present overflows with sincere desire of reviving Islam and blending the spirit of that religion with the modern progress, and super imposing the religion on the worldly progress. Progress being the key-note of the 15th century programme of Muslims. It is the progress which they have given out as the sole remedy of all their ills, science being the prerequisite of progress, has received basic attention. Their survival in the world, and a respectable place in the brother-hood of nations, and the necessary power to safeguard their rights, lands and  honor are all to be seen by them in one word, that is progress.

                    Their slogans, however, namely,  "Regaining the past glory of Muslims", appears to be questionable in itself. It is not the glory, but Islam itself, that should be the basic object. Glory comes automatically in the wake in the presence of true Islam, and a real glory indeed. More important even is the necessity of finding out the actual view of the Quran about this modern atomistic progress as it is. Whether Islam condemns or allows this kind of progress is the question. And still more important is the realization of the view of the Quran about the atomic phenomenon and its manifestations: the atomic bomb and the atomic radiations. Whether the Quran regards the atomic bomb as the weapon of war, or whether it is regarded by the Quran as the atomic hell that appears as retribution for certain evils, and is the wrath of Allah, is another question. And also there is the necessity of knowing whether Islam could possibly be blended with this particular kind of progress, or whether religion could be superimposed upon such a culture as this Baconian atomistic materialistic one, or whether any possibility of a compromise between the Quran and this modern progress exists is yet another question. The Muslims, unfortunately, when they speak of the Western Apostatic culture, they have in their view the moral and ethical aspect only of that culture, and the materialistic aspect is ignored completely as one in line with the teachings and spirit of Islam. And when they think of Islam, they think only of the theological, moral and divine aspects of the Quran, again ignoring the anti-Baconian view of that book. Hence the misfortune.

                    Where to will this 15th Century Programme as it is (of progress) lead the Islamic world, despite the sincerest desires and most strenuous efforts of the Muslims for the revival of Islam is another question. The answer is quite obvious. It will take them exactly to the point where to the rest of the progressive nations will be carried namely, to the atomic hell. Apart from the question whether Islam could be promulgated in toto or in truth in the presence of this Baconian progress, another question is whether Islam even in toto and in truth could save this world or the Muslims from the atomic annihilation in the presence of this Baconian progress. The answer is a curt and pert no. There is no reason to think otherwise. Again is it right to think that in case the Muslims professed and practiced Islam, their death and destruction in atomic war or through atomic radiations of atomic-energy-for-peace could be regarded as moral and therefore not to be considered? The answer is a clear no. For the appearance of atomic phenomenon and its manifestations that is the atomic bombs and atomic radiations in this world is evidently the result of the same causes that are given out by the Quran as the evils that rendered any one, believer or a non-believer, liable to the punishment of the hell of Hotama; and eternal hell in the next world, wherein the infidels will remain for ever, while the believers will remain therein as long as Allah did wish. And remember that the promulgation of Islam in toto and in fact, in the presence of this Baconian progress is an improbability.

                    This 15th century programme as it is based on material progress means no more than a means of accelerating the step in an atmosphere of increased tempo toward the logical end that is the atomic hell due to the increased enthusiasm. Facts, and not desires; understanding and not misunderstandings should decide the matter. Principles and not the necessities of peoples will settle the affair.

                    The decision against this progress is indeed colossal, amounting to a well-nigh improbability, but he consequences of neglect or ostriching in this matter appear far more calamitous. It is just in right time, that the Muslims may be warned. The 15th century Hijra programme is not that which the Muslims have declared, but the actual programme in the light of the Quran and the prevailing circumstances has to be in a line very different, and may be seen in the following:-

                    1.           Complete eradication of atomic threat to this world, and the root-cause thereof, namely, this Baconian progress.

                    2.           Complete, full and factual promulgation of Islam, on the exact pattern of the Islam in vogue during the blessed Caliphate (Khilafat-ir-Rashidah).

                    3.           Any intermediate house is neither possible, nor a thought of it is to be entertained.

                    Here then is a royal role seemingly improbable, that has to be taken up by some one, if this world is intended to be saved from a dreadful doom amidst the scornful guffaws of the malignant devil. It is with real appropriateness, that the Muslims may be expected to take up the challenge if they scorn to die as slaves in the flames of the atomic hell in the wake of the super powers. Rather it is high time that, the Muslims stand up like one man against the atomic bombs and atomic reactors, and put all this force in the scale against the universal atomic suicide, and save this world and themselves, chanting "Long live Blessed Abraham", and "to hell with cursed democritus". But where to start? Iqbal has a couplet to throw light on this point. " Neither plans nor swords" says he, "will avail thee aught in slavery, if however, the fact of certainty appeared, the chains would be severed". I have never found a better application of this particular couplet of Iqbal than in this instance. Howsoever unpleasant and difficult this undertaking might appear, it is not more difficult than being cast into the burning pyre of atomic hell. What you do not know is that you and all this mankind is going to be thrown in toto the universal atomic furnace sooner or later. Yes, indeed, and there is no way of avoiding that burning pyre except by eradicating this Baconian progress.

                    So unfathomable deep-rooted, so universally all-pervasive, so bewitchingly deceptive is this present world-wide cancerous malady of Baconian atomistic materialism, that man's mind reels before the very thought of it. Out of question no doubt appears a thought of challenging it. Yet the challenge is the only, inevitable necessity, for, no alternative now is left for men other than either to challenge this all-powerful manner by the demon and destroy it, or to waver and ostrich and be destroyed in a most painful, and most disgraceful manner by the demon. Yet, how painstakingly and how innocently every one in this world, utterly ignorant or entirely unmindful of the dire hazards of this inexpressibly bewitching progress is engrossed in it day in day out to the end of one's life.

                    Howsoever formidable, howsoever improbable and appearingly unachievable might this trait of challenging this Baconian culture, and contending with it and uprooting it might seem in this present situation, and howsoever miserably the hearts might sink in the breasts, and the minds faint, it has to be undertaken as the only possible way to avoid the flames of atomic hell, and indeed where there is a will there is a way.

                    But the question is, where to start. How to start, and which of the methods to adopt in this epoch-making revolution? The times were when it was regarded improbable that the rule of Britain will ever be removed from India, but the technique of non-violence succeeded after half-a-century of struggle in gaining independence. A considerable share of the credit goes, though, to the English people. Again thirteen centuries ago, when Islam was in a very grievous danger, Hussain the Grandson of the Holy Prophet of Islam, made a supreme sacrifice of his own life and that of his near ones and dear ones in an attempt to save Islam, and he did ultimately succeed in his mission. Long before Hussain, Abraham had stood before the burning pyre, and was cast in it as the test of his faith. Today this world as a whole stands before a universal atomic pyre, not indeed to be cast in it as a test of faith, but as a result of divine inquisition and natural punishment. Which of the nations on earth will take up the great task of saving this world from this painful atomic doom. Inspite of the fact, that here exist in non-Muslim nations in numerable goodly souls and thoughtful men, this particular duty falls on that nation which is so fortunate as to be the custodian of the Quran. The Muslims may well be warned that if this world of God were consumed by the flames of the atomic hell, then although the act of enkindling this hell is ascribed to the Christian world, yet the blame for it is to be imputed to the Muslim community, for it was the duty incumbent on the Muslims indeed by virtue of their Islam to curb and destroy the modern Baconian atomism as its very appearance in seventeenth century A.D. with the consequent deliverance of mankind from the atomic hell.

                    Woe upon woe, that the Muslims have not only failed in that incumbent duty toward the Quran but also have taken to blaspheming against that sacred book by declaring its teachings compatible with this modern Baconian atomistic materialism, as if the Quran were a book of Erastian Materialism, as if the Quran were an harbinger of the views of Francis Bacon, the views that have resulted in the logical appearance of the atomic hell. Will then, the ignorance, or clear conscience or the misunderstanding of the present-day Muslims save them from other scientific consequences of Baconian progress. Nay, they will certainly be doubly punished. Firstly in being dragged into the atomic hell behind the super powers, in this world, and then on the day of judgment they will stand accused before the throne of Allah for their neglect of duty towards the Quran, and their erroneous judgments regarding Quran's view of this Abominable Baconian modern atomistic progress. Sweet, however, is this modern progress, bewitching its facilities, and helplessness of the present-day man in this respect is besides. But long live blessed Abraham, and, "Down with cursed Democritus". You have been warned, and beware! The Quran never taught a way to atomic hell.

                    Finally let it be remembered, that not only the entire world is involved in the Baconian progress and its result, the atomic consumption, but also, that no one nation, nor even a set of nations could do much in this universally entangled movement. The goodwill, and cooperation of the entire world is the prerequisite in this task, and the most needed aspect of this matter is the universal modification of the world-opinion, and exposure of the reality of the Baconian progress and its dreadful hazards. In this respect, it may be declared, that I have with me the finished work in the form of six volumes in which the entire subject, atomism, nuclear science and Quran is treated to completeness. The universal publication of these works can do all the work which actually is needed and which nations and armies together cannot do without it. The revolution has to be conducted in its light. No nation on earth could be excluded from this good work. And I cannot believe the nations besides the Muslim nation to be so devoid of good sense as not to appreciate this kind of work, or to grudge cooperation and help in the name of and for the sake of humanity. Let every nation open up full mind to this world-saving endeavour, or else be prepared to be consumed by the flames of nuclear hell. Gratitude for their good-will and assistance will not be denied them.

                    Muslims! cease to wonder and wonder in dark wilderness. Take up the yoke now. It is your duty to save this world of Allah from atomic annihilation. Gain Allah's pleasure and man's gratitude and a position of honour among the brotherhood of nations and a felicitous abode eternally in the next world. That should be your mark. If the avoidance of the atomic threat would seem impossible without first eradicating this Baconian culture of Anti-Christic origin and its infinite progress, destroy it and be sure that this world can live and has lived without this science-guided, ever-increasing and infinite type of modern progress. If you fail in this, then, Alas! But the ruin of this world and the ruin of the next eternal world is the most manifest consequence. And remember! because it is impossible to understand the view of the Quran regarding this modern age correctly without keeping the Baconian philosophy against the Quran, a prominent feature of the 15th century programme should be the compulsory study of Bacon's books in educational institutions in the Islamic World. And may Allah save this world from atomic hell. And may He lead us unto the eternal bliss. Amen. No gift of the Islamic world to this present day mankind could be better than this interpretation of the warning of the Quran about the atomic hell as the fifteenth century Hijra gift.



                    Let now the Kings, Sovereigns, Presidents, Scientists, Philosophers, Religious Leaders, Publics and Masses that exist on earth listen that:-

                    1.           The world in which we live is now on the brink of nuclear ruin. Cast away therefore any false illusions. You are at the end of the sky-high Calif. Before you is the blazing atomic hell. Behind is the economic bulldozer pushing relentlessly. No protection against atomic bomb is possible. No control over the atomic radiations could be achieved. Scientist cannot help. Atomic Bombs and atomic radiations are beyond man's power. I say this, on sure knowledge. Do not doubt my assertion. Now either sudden destruction through atomic bombs deservedly, or slow, lingering death through radiations of atomic energy -for-peace, deservedly. No other alternative is possible. Baseless hopes and false expectations do not avail any thing. This world is being cast into the atomic hell as retribution for this modern Baconian, ever-increasing and infinite progress. Neither armies, nor treasures, nor scientists can avert the logical doom. And indeed, a most grievous, most painful and most disgraceful doom of entire mankind, even all life on earth it is. Another danger to mankind, is Communism which no doubt is the perfected form of the philosophy of Baconian modern atomism.

                    2.           This modern Baconian, science-guided continuous systematic type of progress is the root-cause of the appearance of atomic phenomenon and subsequent atomic conflagration. As long as this root-cause is not eradicated, no power on earth, and no religion, Islam, Christianity, Hinduism or Buddhism could save this world from the logical and scientific consequence of modern Baconian progress. Rather the religion itself will be dissolved. Like it or not. It is the established fact. People will tend during the intervening period to take refuge in the economic system of Communism and Socialism. But neither of these systems will prove of any effect in averting or avoiding the pre-ordained atomic doom. Only the people will be deprived of the light of faith, the only hope of mankind for escaping the dreadful end, due to the anti-world and otherworldly tendencies of revealed religion.

                    3.           It is high time now, that this world judge and weigh the facilities of this Baconian progress, against the miseries of its offsprings, the atomic bombs and atomic radiations, and decide the mater once for all, for the margin now left is too narrow. Only if a whiff of the nuclear miseries and atomic afflictions is felt by this mankind, they would curse and stampede away shrieking in fright like the Hiroshimans in heaven at the sight of Enrico Fermi, Robert Openheimer. But unfortunately, men, from the groom to the sovereign, are all as ignorant of the nuclear science, as any of the antedeluvians. Few of the physicists are conversant with that meager knowledge of nuclear science which hitherto is available  and now before their eyes the nuclear blind is drawn.

                    4.           Let this be known, that Merciful Allah out of sheer pity now in the nick of the hour is so pleased as to guide this mankind away from the flames of the atomic hell. In 1942 I was assigned the work in Mussayyib near Baghdad in a dream. The green Turbaned, known in the Islamic Tradition as the Saint Al-khedhr recommended me to another, glorious one like Abraham. In 1980 I am ready with my work that is the light which saves this world from atomic ruin. In 1942, My 25th year I could read the Quran without knowing the meanings, thereafter I learned languages, literatures, histories, philosophies, sciences, scriptures like Quran, Pentateuch, Psalms and Gospel without a teacher, and in most adverse circumstances, and afflictions that neither a Bunyan, nor a Dante could find a heart to describe, and always obliged to seek some employment for livelihood. In a lecture I can throw an English speaking audience in to convulsions leaving them as pictures of wonder. Yet the meanings of this my statement could not be properly understood, nor true purport evaluated, until some of my works are judged. These are the works which could safely be declared as beyond the power of giant intellects of the calibre of Bacon, Darwin, Einstein and Spinoza combined, Remember that I stake not my claim on any supernatural basis. Nor how I learned all this, who taught me and how, is my personal affair, and will remain forever beyond the ken and perception of a Freud or a Jung, Rather, I base my work on knowledge in this age of knowledge. My argument throughout is based on science and logic, and remember that in my works in which I have treated the Quran, I have not based the work on the divine authority of the Quran. Science and logic constitute the criterion of judgment.

                    5.           Look! I hold the key to the future destiny of mankind. The only means of the deliverance of this troubled age. The sole guidance to save this world from the atomic hell. In this age of no miracles I show you not one but a series of miracles of the Quran which no scientist could deny indeed in contrariety to the basic belief of science. Let not this world deprive itself from this last golden chance of survival, peace and prosperity. Following are my works in manuscripts on this subject awaiting publication:-

                    1.           Quran predicts, characterizes and averts the atomic hell. English. Pages. 600. It contains the characterization of Baconian atomism and the characterization of the atomic phenomenon and the causes of the appearance of atomic hell as are found in the Quran. This is a miracle of the Quran in the field of nuclear science, undeniable by the scientist. The removal of the causes means the removal of the atomic threat.

                    2.           Quran quells atomism and redeems mankind from atomic hell. English. Pages 600. Therein the Quran's philosophy is shown against Baconian atomism. This is wonder of Quran's philosophy.

                    3.           Life of the founder of a modern atomism in reference to his philosophy. English . Pages 300.

                    4.           Quran extinguishes the atomic hell. English. Pages 150.

                                 5.         Islamic Bomb. Pages 100/

                    These works constitute the Noah's Ark for this deluge of atomic fire. No movement in this world could be successfully planned or conducted without the guidance of this particular prophecy of the Quran. Nor Islam could be revived, and adopted.

                    My other works, all in manuscripts and unpublished are as follows:-

                    1. Philosophy of the Quran. English

                    2.           Socialism and Islam. Pages 900.

                    This is a comprehensive work fit for reference. This is the first attempt in this age to pose the Islamic System in the light of the Quran and Prophets' tradition, and the works of Aimah (early Muslim Doctors) against the Socialist economic system, and effectively counteracts the socialist system, and checks the socialist advance.

                    The work needs the translation into other languages.

                       3.           Green Book .Pages 300.

4.           Election in Zoo. Urdu pages 300.

5.           Quran extinguishes atomic hell. Urdu

6.           Islamic bomb. Pages 100. Urdu.

7.           Poetical works (Urdu and Persian)

                    Dr. Javed Iqbal, the son of Allamah Iqbal, has declared this work as the resonant echo of Iqbal's thought.

                    8.           Several articles published in various leading Urdu, English dailies of Pakistan , in four volumes. pages 700.

                    All these works are the works of quality and are eternal, immortal. This is the literature of Abrahamic Mission that of extinguishing the atomic hell, and are the works of the future post-Baconian age . Severe was my ordeal in producing these work though, but my difficulties have not come to an end by their completion. I find myself in a world intoxicated by the wine of Baconian atomistic progress. A world in which the followers of every religion have found this Baconian progress as compatible with the spirit of their religion. And, a world helplessly entangled in the net of a universal economico-industrial set up being dragged toward the atomic hell, yet considering this progress as natural, correct and eternal. I cannot be blamed for the contradictory views. I have said nothing but what the Quran and science has said. Dearth of men competent to make critical judgment of my explanation of the nuclear science contained in the Quran, is my perplexing difficulty. Russel is long dead, and no genius with such versatile accomplishments as are required to review my works now exists in the world. God, however is great. He has always been, my support, and he will help me in this critical juncture. Muslims, however, will know the dire consequences if they failed to publish this warning of the Quran.

                       “Every man I will go with thee and be thy guide,

             In thy most need to be on thy side"



                    1.           Complete anarchy will now prevail throughout the world. Every country will fight against every country. Every man's hand will be upon every man's throat. This earth will become an asylum of Cancer-ridden chimeras, and a nest of disturbed hornets.

                             2.  No alternative now remains for this mankind but either to perish under the hails of atomic bombs suddenly, deservedly, or to perish slowly, lingeringly and miserably under the radiations of atomic-energy-for-peace, also deservedly. Any one, scientist, scholar or politician who refutes this statement, he is a victim of false hope. There is no protection against either the atomic bomb or the atomic radiation, now or ever.

                              3.            The entire world today follows Bacon's Philosophy of modern atomism, that is man's dominion over nature as his right through continued, systematic research of science, for the material benefit of mankind in general, as man's purpose on earth, and as God's command to Adam. Moral philosophy according to Bacon is man's persistence in Adam's first transgression of God's command in tasting the fruit of forbidden tree of the knowledge of good and evil. This philosophy is directly antithetic to revealed religion. Moral philosophy and not natural philosophy for material benefit is the basis of revealed religion. Therefore either the philosophy of revealed religion or this philosophy of Bacon. The two cannot coexist.

                    4.           This modern progress is based on Bacon's philosophy of modern atomism. It is continuous, systematic, organized, ever-increasing, infinite, and universal. Because it is ever-increasing, therefore it is bound to expel the thought of the other world and religion gradually from man's mind and time. And because it is infinite, it has to possess man's mind and time. And because it is infinite it has to possess man's mind and time completely and expel the thought of the other world and religion completely. Therefore either this or religion. These two cannot coexist. This modern science also is continuous, systematic, organized, and infinite. And it is the hand-maid of this material progress and is confined to material benefit only. Therefore religion cannot coexist with it. Either this or religion. No break could be applied to this modern progress to keep it in balance. Now ban the atomic energy, and the industrial set up will freeze for want of energy, since the harmless resources of energy are about to exhaust. Adopt the atomic energy and both this progress and mankind with it will be destroyed. Now therefore either life and safety or this progress. These two cannot coexist.

                    5.           You are again warned that no protection against either the atomic bomb or the atomic radiation is possible. Let a scientist contradict my claim with reason or proof. But this mankind now is in a state of intoxication moving toward atomic hell helplessly. Let the scientist now consider the situation and be realistic to save this world and himself.

                              6.            This Baconian progresses is of a nature anti-Christic and anti-religion. The Gospel of Christ stands in radical opposition to it, while the signs about the contemplation of the works of Allah (Ghaur-fill-Aayat) to be found in the Quran could not be quoted to justify this modern progress. Nor even the signs about the conquest of the universe (Taskhir-il-Kaayinaat) to be found in the Quran could be quoted to justify this conquest of nature as is undertaken by this Baconian progress. Let the object of Baconian progress and of the Quran be seen in comparison in this context. The Quran never was a book so gross as to teach or allow the practice of materialism. Due to this misunderstanding of the Muslims it is that the Quran will not be able to save the world from the flames of atomic hell. Baconian object of the contemplation of the works of God, or the conquest of nature is nothing but materiel exploitation, while in the Quran not so much as a hint about material exploitation in this context could be cited. The Quran's view in this respect is quite sublime, and could be achieved without the research of modern science.

                                7.           The spirit of this Baconian philosophy and progress shows every feature of Messih-id-Dajjal (Antic-Christ) as was prophesied by the Holy Prophet of Islam (peace be upon him), I say not that it is the same Messih-id-Dajjal as was prophesied by the Holy Prophet (peace be upon him), but what I can say is that, this Baconian spirit deserves to be opposed and destroyed due to its features in question before it has destroyed this world's faith and life.

         8.      Know that the Baconian philosophy has failed in its objectives. Atomic phenomenon now has challenged man's right to dominion over nature. The fiery atomic giant will consume the dwarfish man. Nor the hunger of man has been appeased. Rather like fission chain reaction the demand over laps the production, and this notion of self-sufficiency has proved to be a mirage that would end not in water but in atomic fire. Atomic Hell is the logical and scientific end of this process of Baconian progress. Mankind now is like a pilot to bale out before the plane has caught fire and burst into flames. Neither Carter, nor Berzhneve can now control the situation of this world. Nor will the stock-piles be able to save America or Russia from the atomic conflagration. The Baconian locust-like mankind is tending toward the region of atomic spray to be sprayed to miserable extinction.

   9.   This age of knowledge and science is the age of gross ignorance. Like a Ph.D. who was drowned when the boat capsized, because he did not know how to swim. This mankind will be destroyed by atomic energy, for, none but a very few in this world have an inkling of the subject of atomic science.  And ask the atomist and he will tell you, that man's knowledge of atomic science today is very meager. Man's knowledge of atomic science will forever remain meager. Atomic science has reached its blind. It is simply beyond man's ken and  control. Mankind's confidence in atomic science, and the scientist's optimism in man's atomic future is a dream whose interpretation is no other than a blazing atomic hell.

   10.  Know that the Quran has a prophecy about the atomic hell, namely, that atomic bombs and atomic radiations. The Quran has scientifically characterized the atomic phenomenon, to the wonder of an Einstein, and has characterized this modern Baconian progress to a Bacon's amazement. The Quran has completely exposed this Baconian progress first time in its history, and has inferred the appearance of atomic hell from the Baconian progress. Mankind may escape the atomic doom, by removing the causes which the Quran has given as responsible for the appearance of atomic hell. And remember, that they who deserved this temporal atomic hell will also be cast into the eternal atomic hell (Hotama) of the next world without any doubt. This prophecy of the Quran is Noah's Ark for this fiery deluge of atomism and is by the grace of Almighty Allah my own discovery. And I have a three thousand page interpretation of this 36 word prophecy of the Quran.

   11.  Remember! That not only the atomic hell is the logical and scientific consequence of the process of this Baconian progress but also a greater proportion of this present-day mankind justly deserves the miserable punishment in the flames of atomic hell. But it is a matter of mercy and sympathy that this mankind will not be allowed to perish in the atomic hell. The spirit of Abraham will rise to extinguish this atomic fire and save this mankind. And know that Democritus-Abraham-Conflict is there since the beginning of this age of modern atomism. The spirit of Democritus is engaged in enkindling the atomic pyre for mankind. The spirit of Abraham is engaged in extinguishing the fire of atomic hell. Mujaddid Alph Thani (1564-1624) against Francis Bacon (1561-1626) the founder of modern atomism, Shah Walliullah Dehlvi (1703-1763) against Spinoza (1632-77) the expounder of material Wahdatul-Wajud, and Iqbal was sent to the West in 1905, the year in which Einstein had cleared the course of atomic energy by his special relativity. And lastly in 1942, the year in which the Italian Physicist Enrico Fermi had actually opened the gate of atomic fire on this world by his successful realization of fission chain reaction in Chicago, the 25th year of my life, I was recommended by Saint Al-Khedhr to Abraham for Abrahamic mission in Mussayyib near Baghdad in a dream. At that time I could read the Quran but without knowing its meanings and I had a negligible schooling.

         Then from 1942 to 1980 I was engaged in intellectual pursuit, rather a gruesome ordeal like a man possessed, day in day out, learning languages, literatures, histories, philosophies, sciences, modern and ancient, and scriptures that is the Quran, and the Bible without a teacher or a school, year after year in circumstances which no Bunyan could have a heart to describe, and achieving that which no Freud could have a method to analyze. Literature in English and other languages ranging over six thousand pages I have produced. Of this three thousand pages comprise the interpretation of the prophecy of the Quran about the atomic hell in English language, a work regarding which my conceit is that not even Bacon, Darwin and Einstein combined could easily have produced. A work that may be regarded as the key to the future destiny of this now doomed mankind. But every volume is unpublished as yet and I have to be solicitous about it as my duty. May my Allah help me. However, remember that my work is based not on any claim or pretension of myself Nor even it is based on the divine authority of the Quran. My work is based on science and logic which has to be the criterion.

         12.            My difficulties are only proportional to my theme which is bitter, unpleasant and against the desires of four thousand million habitants of this world in whose way I have to stand up to stop them from proceeding toward the regions of atomic hell. And it is not easy. With the key of the future destiny of this mankind, and an invaluable treasure of research in my hand I stand helplessly groping in utter darkness while every one around me is engaged in his own material betterment in a mad pursuit unaware and my theme is difficult. Where in this world to find a judge competent enough to honour me with his review of work which demands high competency at once in nuclear science, radiobiology, philosophy and the Quran Yet for the bitterness of my theme, I may not be held responsible, for I have said only that which Quran and science has said.

           13.   I have a reason to remind the Muslims of their duty toward the Quran in the publication of this prophecy of the Quran to the world. If they deprive the creation of Allah of this sole guidance to escape the dreadful atomic doom, they not only go down into the flames of atomic hell along with the rest of nations, and into the eternal Hotama (atomic hell) of the next world, but might be they experience the force of this prophecy even before the last tragic event of the appearance of the atomic hell, for to keep this prophecy unpublished is to muffle up the mouth of a furious volcano. And no gift of the Islamic world to mankind could be more valuable than the interpretation of this prophecy published in the 15th century hijra programme. If Moses, or Jesus or Krishna or Buddha were today they would have been the first to embrace this prophecy and propagate it in the world. Let the Non-Muslims know that this problem of atomic hell is international and no one nation alone could do anything. Let this world therefore unite to remove the doom collectively.



         Many an author has had to encounter difficulties of various kinds. Mine are of the strangest kind. For the past 38 years I have suffered the afflictions, have braved the storms, and have encountered difficulties of the rarest kind. Those difficulties, however, I surmounted, by the grace of Almighty Allah, and have succeeded in achieving my object that of finally completing the interpretation of the warning of the Quran about the atomic hell to mankind in 12 volumes, having based my work on science and philosophy. A work that the giant intellects of Bacon, Darwin and Einstein combined would have found it hard to produce.

           But the difficulties that have now emerged in the publication of my work are of a peculiar kind and have factors that appear to lie beyond my power. Of a long excruciating list I will mention but a few in the following:-

         The immensity of my difficulties is proportional only to the immensity of my theme. It is a challenge to the entire world. it is a bid to save this world from the flames of the fast approaching atomic hell. And imagine the futility of calling a world to a stop, a world that may be seen engrossed in the pursuit of wealth-accumulation in mad frenzy. A world that may be seen engaged with endless fervour in collecting and adding fuel to the atomic pyre for the entire mankind. A world that is  bewitched, hypnotized and enticed by the causes that result in the appearance of the atomic hell. A world that is helplessly entangled in the economico-industrial set up like flesh in a net. It is not merely the question of seeing the publication of a few volumes. David Hume and Charles Darwin even succeeded in publishing their works despite the nauseating nature of their views. I have to encounter the inexorable force, of the natural laws of that process which is most relentlessly driving 3000 million people of this present generation toward the flaming hell of Baconian atomism. The bewitched human species, under the hypnotic effect of modern  progress will not allow the publication of a work which goes counter to their programme of reaching the atomic hell, even if the work were only the interpretation of the word of a revealed scripture, the word of God. The people of the West might forget their enlightened tradition of liberalism, rationalism, relish for research, inquisitiveness about the truth, tolerance, cooperation and encouragement, despite the fact that my work was based not on fanaticism or bigotry, but was entirely based on the hard and fat principles of science. even the scientist himself, might ignore the scientific demeanour and adopt an attitude contrary to the universal dictates of science, despite the fact, that the rays of the approaching atomic hell shone on his worried visage, in the darkness of nuclear blind.

         Muslims, the direct followers of the Quran who might have been expected to exult in so miraculous a discovery in the Quran, specially that the discovery appeared as a saviour of the doomed mankind, and chanting the praises of merciful Allah, with a grateful heart they would have shown a real Islamic Spirit in the publication of such a work thinking it as religious duty incumbent on them, and distributing it throughout the world as a remedy of atomic ills, might show an attitude of utmost indifference as if nothing had happened, for they too like all other nations of the world are the victims of the enchantment of the bewitching modern progress, while the word of the Quran appeared as directly opposed to the characteristics of the modern Baconian progress, but misfortune has always been the lot of any man traditionally, who sincerely ever has endeavored to save a people. None shall remember my sufferings during my ordeal, but the present interest of the people will sere as the deciding factor. Mankind might remember my work, but only when caught in the atomic attack or in the prevailing malady of radiation sickness, and that might avail nothing.

         I am not unaware of the extreme trribleness of my work. It is like a lightening. It is like an earthquake. It is the most terrible blow to the existing system. But I cannot be blamed for that. it is not I, but it is the Quran that has said. It is the Gospel that has said. I only have reproduced. Yet all my work is based on science and logic. And howsoever bitter my work might appear, it could not be as bitter as a faint whiff of the atomic hell. Only if the people had a whiff of the atomic hell, my work would appear to them sweeter than honey, worth publishing in Gold.

         And in the end, a word worth the followers of the Quran. Let the Muslims remember, that if this warning of the Quran is not published to the world, and this world is deprived of this sole guidance for averting the atomic doom, it will not bear its confinement. and the volcanic outburst of this warning of Allah might not be long to appear. God forbid. This is going to be terrible. May Allah save the Muslim world from any such calamity. And may He guide them aright. This I humbly beseech Allah. The Merciful Allah.

         This is a glimpse of my difficulties. Otherwise my difficulties are beyond description. Then see my misfortune. Seeing clearly that the appearance of atomic hell, and the consumption thereby of this mankind is the result of the established process of natural laws, and the fruit of man's own labour, and retribution of certain recognized ills; and having the picture of this mankind that is entangled helplessly in economico-industrial set, and is lost irrevocably in the ever-increasing storm of progress, and is tending onward the logical conclusion with utmost fervour before my eyes, and knowing; that , any attempt to stop them in their course, or any appeal, or argument or advice to them in these circumstances was all futile. I should be obliged, forced, coerced and bound to sound the warning of the Quran despite my humbleness, weakness and insignificance, and despite great hazards, risks, and possibilities. .Just imagine a lonely helpless person to cry to a full world that is caught up in the severest of storms. At times desptie my relentless preparation of my case I have wished to throw myself down a hill. This is the real argument that proves the presence of Abrahamic Movement to save this world from the ruin of atomic hell. And I will by the Grace of Allah, struggle to the best of my ability, to the end. Allah be my help (Amen)