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The term Islamic Bomb having assumed a general and universal notoriety throughout the world and having appeared both in the world press and publications, now appears, at least in outward appearance, to be losing its luster. But the atomic bomb having been the basic topic, it could not be safely assumed that the affair has been finished. No, but the affair will only see its end with the end of the process of the Baconian science - guided progress, (the basic cause of the appearance of the atomic bomb), without any doubt or ambiguity, in the flames of the atomic hell, that is the atomic bombs and the atomic radiations. The atomic bomb is only the one thing. Tagging it with various denominations makes not a whit of difference to its basic function. It is a hell, and calling it by different names is only a calling. It is wrong, to call it as Christian, Islamic, Hindu or Buddhist bomb. Let it rather be called as Baconian bomb, the common bomb. To associate its name with any religion is a blasphemy against that religion, and therefore accountable inspite of the rational, irreligious and scientific outlook of the people of this present age. The atomic bomb is a phenomenon quite peculiarly different from the rest of the phenomena. The Christian bomb will not hesitate to kill the Christians nor will the Communist Bomb ever spare the Communist. The Islamic, the Hindu, or the Buddhist bomb could not be regarded as an exception to this rule. The Atomic bomb with its sophisticated name, that is the nuclear bomb may be regarded as the common grave-digger of this mankind, and will not make any distinction in erecting tombstones on the grave of different peoples.

Books on the topic of Islamic Bomb have appeared in the World Press. These books as well might have been expected, are based on a particular design, and having a politico-journalistic, quasi-technical and strategic approach interwoven with nuclear statutory fabric having a tinge of plaintive hue interlined with reproaches. The overall spectacle of these books is that of a woman accusing, altercating, bickering, hurling defiance at the adversary and expressing regret at the wrong and the folly of the other. Two books of this kind have appeared in English language, and both could be expected to deal with the same questions in the same field, and having similar approach. Even if two hundred had been produced, they would have the same pattern. Such books even if written with admirable ability, in great detail and with exquisite beauty, could excite neither appreciation in me, nor could be of much benefit from my point of view, for they do not touch the real base of the problem, and merely play about in the outer crest of the malady, while my treatment of the topic in my “Islamic Bomb” is basic, philosophic and is concerned with the fundamental points of nuclear science. Let it be remembered, that unless the basic root of this nuclear problem is held, and eradicated, no superfluous or partial treatment will be of any avail, till ultimately the last stage of the process has arrived in the flames of the nuclear hell, to eradicate this mankind, and indeed all life on earth in actual misery, affliction and disgrace.

Of these books one is named as ‘PAKISTAN’S ISLAMIC BOMB’ and is written by Maj. General D.K.Palit and P.K.Namboodiri jointly, both of India. It appears strange to observe that these authors regard the nuclear threat as a universal threat to all life on earth, and they negate the efficacy of the nuclear proliferation treaty, and yet instead of tackling the problem with a view to ridding the world of this plague, they dwell at length and exclusively on the nuclear war strategies, preparations, precautions, tactics of assault and defence besides trying to shift the blame on the other party. How deeply this world appears to have been hypnotized by the nuclear doom, may be judged from these books, whose authors, whether they themselves know it or not, may be seen as men playing with the brands snatched from the fire which is consuming their own house. These authors appear in their seemingly capable discussions of their topic, as completely ignorant of and indifferent to the real nature of nuclear phenomenon and its consequent hazards. How dearly it is wished that they had known, that no other alternative was left for this mankind but either to vanish under the hails of atomic bombs suddenly, deservedly, or to perish, slowly, lingeringly and deservedly under the stings of deadly radiations in misery and affliction after a spell of existence on earth as cancer-ridden chimeras.

These are not just an alarmist’s views. It is not even an exaggeration of the facts nor it is in anyway indulgence in hyperbolism. This mankind that today raves in mad frenzy after the reactors and the bombs will see this process to its Finish. This science - guided, continuous, systematic, ever - increasing and infinite process of wealth - accumulation will explode in nuclear flames and will consume this mankind. And certainly no heavens will ever cry, for it is not the heavens that did wrong to this mankind, but surely it is this mankind itself that has wronged itself .It appears to be in no way amiss to say that merely pruning the branches would no do, but rather the basic causes ought to be removed in order to remove the effects. And what, by the way, happen to be the causes of the nuclear malady? They are the habits of slander, and engrossment in the pursuit of wealth, and the beliefs that, wealth would render them immortal. Unless indeed these causes are removed,  there is no power beneath the heaven and over this earth to save this world from the nuclear doom.

The Book ‘PAKISTAN’S ISLAMIC BOMB’ revolves about the Pakistani nuclear bomb, and the effects of its birth on Indian nuclear programme. The two countries being neighbours with constantly estranged mutual relations. The line of argument assumed by these authors to prove the necessity and the subsequent birth of the Pakistani nuclear bomb is this: that because Israel has the nuclear bomb and Arabs have not, the Arabs will want to have one. Further because the Arabs have the necessary money but Pakistanis have not, and because the Pakistani have the necessary talent for building a nuclear bomb which the Arabs have not, the Arabs will want Pakistan to build a nuclear bomb for the Arabs. And because the Pakistanis and not the Arabs will build the nuclear bomb, it is natural that it is the Pakistanis that’ll be in command of the bomb built by them for the Arabs. But what is really worrying these authors is the point that Pakistanis will retain some nuclear bombs for India, being their close adversary. India will thus be obliged to counteract for safety and integrity and will be dragged reluctantly into the nuclear war preparations.

Suggesting the necessities of options to India against the prospective birth of the ‘PAKSITANIC BOMB’ the authors of ‘PAKISTAN’S BOMB’ write:-

“Clearly it was to Pakistan’s advantage to obtain approval---- and the funds----for an “ISLAMIC BOMB" by projecting the Arab-Israel conflict and the advantages to be gained by injecting an Arab Nuclear Argument into that confrontation. It is also clear that once Pakistan has acquired a minimum nuclear armoury, it will switch the focus of its strategic thrust from the Israel to the Indian conflict, whatever the Arabs might say. And when that happens, an agreement on the nuclear free zone or a joint declaration would be of no help to Indian security. India will therefore have to rely on more credible options”.


They suggest options to India as follows:-

(1)        Going nuclear explicitly, following Pakistani Test, and to make representations for it ahead of the event.

(2)        Expanding its conventional forces, both offensive and defensive, to deter Pakistan’s nuclear threat with a conventional threat of deep thrusts and long scale occupation of territory.

(3)        Using a strategy of uncertainty based on a declared policy of No-weapons but to continue further nuclear tests (including Thermo-nuclear ones) and to accelerate missile developments; and

(4)        Using a strategy of uncertainty based on a declared policy of No-weapons but at the same time preparing a sufficient number of nuclear weapons with the last wires unconnected”.


The Authors further explain the implications of these four options. They write:-

“All the four strategies have their casts in political and economic terms. The first strategy would mean India giving up its “Ideological” struggle for nuclear disarmament, perhaps by adopting the strategy, India would be able to ensure its own security and even gain a political stature in a world dominated by the nuclear cult, but it would mean a major set-back for the humanitarian aim of striving for a denuclearized world. The second strategy would be valid only for a limited period of time, that is, till Pakistan builds up a reasonable stock-pile. It would also be a very costly alternative. The third strategy would call for a reversal of the Prime Minister's personal commitment (which is not the Government’s policy) not to have any more test explosions. The fourth strategy is perhaps the cheapest and the best, and an adversary would expect this of India. The most dangerous scenario for India will be a policy of drift, that is, to adopt an apparently moralistic stand without debate or deep consideration. This would have us to be caught in a state of physical and emotional unpreparedness, which could only lead to a trauma far worse than that we experienced in 1962”-.


            Now the thoughts like ensuring the national security through nuclear preparations, or over-running and occupying the hostile nuclear territories by means of overwhelmingly superior conventional forces, or keeping nuclear weapons with least wires unconnected could hardly match the sentiments like the denuclearization of the world. Such thoughts could be likened to the mutual massacre of the inmates of a ship on fire. Inmates cutting each other’s throats and crying peace. What it is wondered would have been the views of the Late Mahatma Gandhi, the reputed Saint of Ahansa on the point. The poor Mahatma might perhaps have writhed in anguish and washed his hands off the doomed humanity in dismay. The cause of general blindness of mankind could have most easily been imputed to mankind’s general ignorance of the subject of atomic energy and its dreadful, but unavoidable hazards, had not the most learned in this subject been found the blindest of all in their enthusiasms for the atomic energy and atomic weapons. The ignorance therefore could be reckoned as one of the causes at most. The actual causes perhaps lay somewhere else, unknown to this mankind.

The inefficacy of the Non-Proliferation-Treaty and the subsequent spread of nuclear weapons was a factor quite sufficient to expose the reality to any one, but the authors of PAKISTAN’S ISLAMIC BOMB do not appear to find the cue inspite of the fact that they knew the inefficacy of the N.P.T. They write:-

“Ours is an attempt to present to the people of India the real significance of the terms of the so called, N.P.T., how they serve not only to legitimate proliferation among the five nuclear powers (vertical proliferation) but also to provide loopholes for selective clandestine proliferation to countries like Israel and South Africa, while withholding the benefits of the nuclear industry from the nuclear unarmed nations”.


Nuclear Powers are the criminals of the first order for having built the things like the atomic weapons, but to what use the Israel and the South Africa have put their nuclear technology other than building the atomic weapons? The fact that the nuclear powers themselves should restrain others only from having the nuclear power is a fact in itself which goes a long way to expose the moral situation of an age in which we now live, and to expose the reality of the nuclear probabilities in the course of time. The authors of PAKISTAN’S ISLAMIC BOMB themselves reveal the morality of the cultists of nuclear weapons. They write:-

“This book is an attempt to clear the minds of deliberate misinformation and misconceptions built up over the last thirty-four years by the cultists of nuclear weapons. It is a rebuttal of the conventional wisdom on nuclear proliferation and the folk-lore developed by the bards of nuclear weapon nations and their allies in various peace movements and arms control lobbies. Our purpose here is to expose the myth-makers and to demolish the myth”.


But Alas! The pledged iconoclast himself inwardly appears to be a devoted worshiper of the idol which he declares to break to pieces. And the nuclear myth-breaker is seen to have been entangled in the myth himself.

Complaining of the inefficacy of the Nonproliferation Treaty, these authors say:-

“The general impression is that the Non-Proliferation Movement, ending with the Non-Proliferation Treaty which signed by 103 nations, aimed specifically at preventing the spread of nuclear weapons. It is learned that proliferation in fact is taking place freely in the world. As one of the first countries to voice concern on this issue and to sponsor proposals for a Non-Proliferation Treaty, India has been in the fore-front of the movement to control the spread of, and finally abolish, unclear weapons. And yet the concern that we expressed in general terms at the U.N. has now arrived at our own door-steps”.


It is not sufficient to express concern and make proposals in the case of nuclear problem. Here the temptations have to be withstood, storms braved and sacrifices made. The nuclear concern will not remain only at the door-step of nations, but it will actually enter the house and ransack it completely. It is a universal intruder well invited.

The necessity of the hour for the people of India according to the authors of ‘PAKISTAN’S ISLAMIC BOMB’ was to turn hawks. They who stood behind moral legal values and did on this basis opposed atomic bomb were doves. The authors say:-

“Nuclear problems have been debated in India for a number of years now---- then there were the “doves” of this country, a mix of intellectuals, businessmen and a number of faceless people in the government. Their line was to hide behind AD HOC moral legal values that seldom bore relevance to the point at issue but seemed to gain support from various ill-informed success for their anti-bomb stand”.


            It may be remarked that no differentiation could be made between doves and hawks in the event of atomic bomb explosion. It is said, that not the presence of mind, but the absence of mind it is, that is indeed at the moment of the explosion of the atomic bomb. Those devoid of moral legal values will not fare better than the votaries of moral legal values when the moment arrived. How these authors will fare, is not known.

The authors of "PAKISTAN’S ISLAMIC BOMB" basing their faith on the efficacy of nuclear deterrence describe the nature of the nuclear dialogue that emanates from the mutual deterrence of two nuclear powers. They say:-

“The (nuclear) dialogue is such that it at once divides and unites the two nuclear antagonists because of the realization that a nuclear war between them would be so devastating as to make survival of either nation as a viable society a doubtful issue”.


No doubt the theory of mutual deterrence is a time-honored theory. It has no particular or exclusive origin in the nuclear affair but it could well be applied to stick, knife or pistol. But the point which deserves note is that why there is apprehension of the danger of nuclear war between the nuclear powers, after they are all equally possessed of nuclear deterrence? It is the factor of nuclear arms race that supersedes the factor of nuclear deterrence. To stop the arms race between the powers is something which appears as well nigh an improbability. If then this mankind cherishes a desire to avoid the final nuclear holocaust which indeed is something terrible beyond imagination, it has to look somewhere else in order to find the method of eliminating the dreadful danger. People will have to learn to look at the affair from a different angle altogether. It is not possible to extract the fangs of this nuclear serpent. There is no way there but to kill it, for no antidote exists for the nuclear venom. But how to kill this nuclear adder? It has conditions. The destruction of the cause of its appearance only could ensure its death. To expect peace or survival in the presence of atomic bomb is a hope only of the damned and the doomed.

The difficulty with those that deal with the nuclear problem is that they see the thing in its present perspective when only a few powers in the world have the atomic weapons, and only few reactors are there in the world. They fail to peep into the future, in the age of full-fledged atomic energy, when most countries will have atomic weapons, and when a far greater number of reactors will be functioning throughout the world. And although they try to estimate the number of reactors in future, they fail to picture a world in which everything from a powerhouse to a private car will have its own independent reactor, and this earth will appear enwrapped in a maze of shooting stars that is the radiations of exploding reactors?. If they would work up their imagination, so far, they would cease to talk of deterrence and dialogues and monopolies, and would but weep and gnash their teeth in agony, if they could.

Inspite of their firm faith in nuclear deterrence, the authors of ‘PAKISTAN’S ISLAMIC BOMB’ discuss the necessity of the success of the first nuclear battle. They say:-

“But in the case of nuclear battle if we depend upon experience to evolve a new doctrine, we might find that at the first battle it is already too late. It is the first battle that will have to be successfully fought according to an effective (even if theoretical) doctrine”.


If this be the case, then surely both the nuclear antagonist powers will sleep on live embers for fear of nuclear attack. And in order to gain precedence and exploit the chance both will try to neglect the principal of declaring war on the enemy. That will indeed be living a life not worth living and a world not worth living in.

The Authors of the "PAKISTAN’S ISLAMIC BOMB" say:-

“Ours is not a scholarly work, but a presentation of the realities underlying one of the most crucial issue governing the survival of mankind”.


Evidently these authors know that the nuclear issue is one of the most crucial issues and  they know that it governs the survival of mankind. But unfortunately the reality is that the nuclear issue does not govern the survival of mankind. And this is the angle of observation which makes all the difference. What these authors, and almost the entire community of authors in these days believe is that the atomic war could be stopped. And if it starts, it could be survived. And also that the atomic war could be controlled and confined to certain regions. But the actual object in their eyes is the use of atomic-energy-for-peace. They are the victims of illusions and optimisms.

The influence of retribution has blinded this mankind and  it is due to this blindness that they fail to see the glaring  realities so dreadfully grim, so terribly grievous as the effects of atomic bomb and the atomic radiations, and the impossibility of protection against them. They are the victims of a conceit peculiar only to those doomed. They see the dwarfish unarmed man against the fiery giant atom bomb in the arena, and hope the man to win. Their discussions of the nuclear strategies are the discussions of a plan of universal nuclear suicide and nothing else. Is any defence possible against the nuclear bomb? Is it possible to furnish all the individuals residing in the neighbouring districts of reactors with any means whatsoever of protection against the radiations of the leaking and the exploding reactors that would flood the neighbouring districts with deadly radiations?.  Is there any sure cure for radiation sickness, or is there any in sight? Could the mutated genes, mutated by radiations, be detected or destroyed? Or could anything be done after the mutated genes have manifested their existence in the form of abnormal chimera?  Or is the permissible dose of radiation certainly correct? Nay but verily this mankind is determined to throw itself into the flames of a blazing atomic hell, the nuclear jehannah, well merited, well planned.

The emergence of the term Islamic bomb has caused an alarm in the world at large. What will they do when there will in this world be Naga Bombs, Mezu Bombs, Hara bombs, Kari Bombs? When every terrorist gang will have its own stockpile of portable atomic devices? And when every Nomad will have its nuclear armourry in his tent. But that will not be a life of human beings, but a life of Jinns, indeed miserable ones.

And certainly these majestic monuments of science, that appear so strong, so durable, could vanish in a matter of moments in the event of atomic war as if by magic wand. Or they may be left as the memorials of an extinct species as a result of the devastation caused by the radiations of the atomic-energy-for-peace. Facts indeed bitter, yet facts verifiable scientifically.






            About seven years after the publication of ‘PAKISTAN’S ISLAMIC BOMB’ by Maj. Gen. D.K.Palit and P.K.S. Namboodiri, both of India, an article “Bharat and American Bomb", appeared in Indian Express Delhi in 1987, that deserves to be considered just after the discussion of “Pakistan’s Islamic bomb”, because we can thus see the difference in thought that has occurred, and the deterioration in the state of nuclear mania that has appeared within these six or seven years. The authors of “PAKISTAN’S ISLAMIC BOMB” have regarded the nuclear threat as a universal threat to all life on earth, and have negated the efficiency of the Nuclear Non - Proliferation Treaty, and although they have discussed at length the nuclear war strategies, preparations, precautions, tactics of nuclear assault and defence, yet it clearly appears that a sense of regret and the factor of exigency and helplessness constantly pervades their mind. Whereas the author of the article in question (Dr. Ashoke Kapur, an Indian by birth and a Professor of Political Science in the Waterloo University of Canada), wants India to go head-long into the nuclear armament, without so much as a mention of the nuclear hazards, not only in reference to Indo-Pakistan Nuclear conflict but in the international perspective without any fear of atomic war, because the atomic weapons are made not to use them but rather are a show of power and a means of political influence. The Professor of Waterloo University appears to win the Indo-Pak-Nuclear-Waterloo as well as the Waterloo of International politics with one dire yell, forgetting that he did not stand in the field of ancient Mahabharat exhorting the Chariot-ridden warriors to victory, but rather twisted the tails of fiery nuclear war demons of twentieth century. Such a Mackmohan of Mahabharat could neither be regarded as a friend of India, nor a votary of world peace. Applause he might have from the Hawks of India, but there are millions in India, like General Duhra and others who hate atomic bombs, but will they be heard. They may be roasted, alive in the atomic fire, along with the hawks innocently. Russell and Einstein made appeals to mankind to forget their quarrels in order to avoid the third world war that is atomic war. But, did anyone hearken to their appeals. Did the people forget their quarrels. No appeals are of any avail, until the root of the atomic trouble, that is greed is cut. Atomic bomb is only the fruit. Pick up the fruits and others will grow in time. And now let us read the startling article of Dr. Ashoke Kapur. He says:-

            “Dr. Abdul Qadeer’s bomb is not the Pakistani bomb. It is Islamic bomb neither. The fact is that Reagan Administration is patronizing the project of Pakistani bomb, in order to keep both countries, India and Pakistan, on the same diplomatic and military level. In the light of the interviews of Nuclear Experts and politicians which I have taken in Washington, London, Ottawa, and Delhi, I can say, that the Pakistani bomb is a veritable reality. But there are other factors besides as follows:-


(1)    Whether within the Indo-Pak sub-continent or whether in the world at large, the political influence of India depends on its power, including the power of nuclear weapons. If Pakistan owned the nuclear bomb, which India did not, then the neighboring countries will go on the side of Pakistan and will ignore India.

(2)    In order to maintain the balance of power between India and Pakistan, and between India and China, it is essential for India to go nuclear; otherwise, the process of modernizing the Indian military power will prove vain less.

(3)    Americans disregard India only because America thinks India is a weak country. The same is the reason of America’s not selling the Super-Computers to India, and curtailing its aid to India. If India will go nuclear and have its stock-piles of nuclear armament, then America will try to regain the lost India. Further the decision to go nuclear will be helpful in the improvement of high technology industries of India.

(4)   The lesson which we learn from history after the event of Hiroshima is that the atomic weapons are built not for using them, but rather are a show of power and a means of political influence. Let India therefore prepare atomic weapons”.

            These are the thoughts of a Professor, who is presently engaged in writing his book, ‘PAKISTAN’S ATOMIC POWER”, it is not difficult to guess what will be the gist of thought in his book. I am opposed to Darwinian surmise regarding human origin. His ugly surmise, however, if seen in the perspective of the nuclear age, would appear not much amiss.

            Let us now cast a glance upon the contents of the article. Nothing could be farther from truth than the allegation that America patronized the Pakistan’s bomb. India may or may not gain the political influence by dint of atomic stockpiles, but the nuclear India will surely subject itself to ruinous atomic hazards and will have its share in throwing the world peace in jeopardy. Indian atomic bomb would destroy the Non-nuclear Pakistan, but the atomic radiations could destroy a part of Indian population and could make life miserable in the remaining part. While in the case of nuclear Pakistan, both India and Pakistan would be changed into rubble. And if China too joined the holocaust then the entire world would feel the effects of radiations. Even the world war may start.

            Dr. Ashoke Kapur laments that America does not sell super computers to India and curtails the aid to India because America knows India has no atomic power. But forgets that America does not sell technology to Russia, although Russia has an equal number of atomic weapons, and American law forbids any aid to a country which is engaged in making atomic bomb. And lastly about the marvellous lesson which Dr. Kapur has learned from history after the event of Hiroshima, namely, that the atomic weapons are made not to use, but to keep as a show of power and a means of political influence. So conspicuous is this rule that no comments seem necessary. Dr. Kapur, might not wake up to see the world destroyed by the atomic bombs. Yet let the believers in the philosophy of nuclear deterrence know, that Dr. Kapur’s judgment is only another facet of the belief in deterrence, only a little bolder, though as false as could be.

            If it is due to ignorance that Dr. Kapur ignores the side of nuclear hazards, then he ought to assume reticence, and if it is the result of blinding zeal then it is the zeal-ill-applied, very. Such a man could not be regarded as a friend of India. And if he is afraid, he is a very unwise friend. He exhorts his countrymen to jump into the atomic hell. Let the people of India and Pakistan know that the super-powers have enough nuclear fuel to set all this world on fire. A few nuclear war-heads of India and Pakistan would not mean much in the universal perspective. Yet from the economic point of view the affair may prove disastrous, and from the political point of view it surely is the harbinger of nuclear misery and atomic destruction.

            Not all the people of India will be of the same opinion about nuclear armament as Dr. Ashoke Kapur. There are millions opposed to it. General Duhra is an appreciably conspicuous example. Yet they are called as doves. Their misfortune is that the hawks will have the sway, and ultimately when the brave hawks will be roasted alive in the nuclear fire, the poor, soft-hearted doves will experience the same fate. Let it be remembered that unclear fight between the nuclear India and nuclear Pakistan meant the total destruction of both.

            Dr. Kapur has learned a lesson from history after the event of Hiroshima, namely, that the atomic weapons are made not to be used, but are kept only as a show of power and a means of political influence. This indeed is a great lesson. Marvellous and great. I too have learned a lesson after the event of Hiroshima. Namely, that this science-guided, continuous, ever-increasing and infinite process of wealth-accumulation through man’s dominion over the forces of nature, in short the modern progress, the fruit of Francis Bacon’s modern philosophy of Atomism is a scientific and philosophic process beginning with atom and moving on the path of atomism to terminate in atomic bomb that is the nuclear hell. In other words, this humanity is being dragged onto the final destination that is the atomic hell. No power on earth can save this mankind, until and unless the basic cause of the trouble, namely, greed is removed. Do I need to tell the Hindus, that the philosophy of their religion is the philosophy of Maya, which is basically against the worldly greed. Or do I need to tell the Buddhists that the philosophy of their religion, the philosophy of Narvan is an antithesis of worldly greed. Or do I need to tell the Muslims, the followers of the Quran, that Islam like every other true revealed religion is basically opposed to the love of this world, and has the entire emphasis laid on the other world. No doubt it negates the life of Hermitism. But it also does not allow a headlong fall into the wordly life. From this point of view the Muslims of this present age are the victim of great misunderstandings, regarding the Quran’s view about this present science-guided, exclusively worldly culture. Yet this is not the place to go into any detail. The atomic fire that is the atomic bomb and the atomic radiations will show them their mistake. Or, is it necessary to remind the Christian, that the present culture of atomism, the culture of worldly wealth and greed is not at all Christian. It is manifestly Anti-Christian. And its sure end is a very pgainful and very disgraceful fall in the flames of atomic hell, both in this transient and the next eternal world, unless otherworldly greed is eliminated. Though the quality of worldly greed is inescapable from this mmodern science- guided culture. No doubt the very basis of this culture is the worldly greed. It is a culture which is Anti-Christian, Anti-Islamic, Anti-Hinduism, and Anti-Buddhism, indeed Anti-religion. And now back to our topic, our view of the book called ‘THE ISLAMIC BOMB’ and written by our Western friends Steve Weissman and Herbert Krosney, who appear to deny Islamic world the privilege of making the atomic bomb considering it a threat to world peace, while considering at the same time the atomic monopoly as the prerogative of the Western people. The authors show great anxiety about the single Islamic Bomb which is not even as yet made. Which is as yet no more than a doubtful shadow. But they close their eyes completely from the numerous stock-piles of the atomic powers. But for these stock-piles, the attitude of these authors in denying the Islamic World a right to a make or own atomic bomb, would have been considered very friendly and deserving gratitude. They would have been regarded as kindly warners against the presence of grisly blight like the dynamite in one’s house. Do these authors think that by such tactics they shall succeed in keeping people away from the nuclear project? No. They in this way rather enkindle the fire in the hearts of the deprived people, who thus realize that they only are denied the privilege. It is just like awakening the sleeping lions. Indeed the Treaty of Non-Proliferation which denies a right to a certain people and at the same time allows the same right to others has no basis. Its failure is inevitable. Those denied will prepare the atomic bomb as soon as they are capable of doing so, by hook or by crook, in the heat of anxiety about the solemnity, integrity and safety of their countries. The solution is not in the Non-Proliferation Treaties. It is rather in complete and indiscriminate abolition of atomic weapons throughout the world on pain of death. I am totally against the presence of atomic bombs in the Islamic World, but how I can stop them while others have.








            The book "PAKISTAN'S ISLAMIC BOMB” by Indian authors we have already discussed. We will now discuss the book ‘THE ISLAMIC BOMB’ written by Steve Weissman and Herbert Krosney, two western authors. It is a nucleo-political study of the Middle East region. The authors write, “It is due to our anxiety for the sensitive middle East; anxiety amanating from the growing interest of the countries of that region in the preparation of nuclear arms, which means a threat to the world peace, that we have written this book. Four countries, namely, Pakistan, Iraq, Israel and India have in the main been subjected to the study in the book. Pakistan and Iraq, according to the authors, are countries of unstable societies. While Israel and India are Democratic Countries internally stable. The leaders of all these countries, have their reasons and compulsions. They therefore, are prone to exercise less caution than the leaders of the developed Nuclear States. If Pakistan and Iraq go nuclear and have their own atomic bombs, then Israel and India would be obliged to go nuclear publicly and form their nuclear strategies accordingly. That will add fuel to the existing fire. The authors have expressed their alarm at the indiscriminate spread of arms in the unruly and turbulent region of Middle-East by a handful of stable and industrialized countries. The authors fear, proliferation is increasing in alarming proportions.

            The Authors narrate the nuclear history of Pakistan. Bhutto’s meeting in Multan in January 1972, the day, the authors say, “The Pakistani Bomb was born”. Bhutto’s tour of Islamic Countries in quest of money for the nuclear bomb. Colonel Qadaafi’s agreement with Bhutto and willingness to provide the finance for the Pakistani Nuclear project. Bhutto’s negotiations with France for obtaining reprocessing plant. Pakistan’s clandestine purchase of the parts of  uranium enrichment plant, in the Western countries and finally the installation of the Kahuta Uranium Enrichment Plant by Dr. Abdul Qadeer in 1975. Iraqi reactor in Oserak is followed by the authors from its beginning to its final destruction by the bombardment of Israeli planes in June 1981. The act of Israeli planes is applauded by the authors, as ‘The resounding direct approach to the solution”. About Indian nuclear project a lot is told and the capabilities of India in the Nuclear field attested by the authors. Indian test explosion in May 1974 is criticized as an event which started most undesirable arms race in the region. Israel’s nuclear struggle is told. It is asserted that Israel possessed 10 to 20 atomic weapons, though Israel denies it. The authors have quoted the Times Magazine’s issue of 12th April 1976, according to which during that war of 1973, at a time when Israeli forces suffered a severe set-back , the Israeli Prime Minister gave orders to keep the atomic bombs ready. Thirteen 20 kiloton bombs were assembled and taken to Phantom jets. But before the bombs were used, the tide turned in favour of Israel and the bombs were taken to desert Arsenals still ready for use. Although Israel denied this report, yet according to the authors, facts proved the event substantially.

            The essence of the argument in the book may be summarized as follows:-

            That because Pakistan has the intention of making the atomic bomb, and because it has achieved the required capability, therefore it will succeed in its enterprise. And  because it is feared that the Pakistani bomb might reach into the hands of the Arabs, and because the Arabs and Israel stand at loggerheads with each other, the nuclear scuffle might start in the unruly and turbulent region of Middle East; and might flourish into world atomic war. The authors therefore deem it necessary that Pakistan should be stopped from making the atomic bomb in the interest of world’s peace.

            The argument of the authors is serene and the sentiment is commendable as far as the thought of world peace is concerned. But let us have a look on the general situation of some countries of the world. The entire world seems to be in confrontation. Pakistan stands in confrontation with India on the eastern border. Russian forces are engaged in fighting in Afghanistan on the Western border of Pakistan. India stands in confrontation with Pakistan on the West and with China on the North. China stands in confrontation with India on the South and with Russia on the West. Arabs stand in confrontation with Israel.  Israel stands in confrontation with Arabs. Iran is engaged in fighting with Iraq. Iraq is engaged in fighting with Iran. USA stands in confrontation with USSR and USSR stands in confrontation with USA. But let us hear their views on the nuclear weapons.

Speaks Pakistan:-

Pakistan : I have no intention whatsoever to build atomic bombs. My nuclear program is purely for peaceful purposes.

Speaks India:-

India : My nuclear program is only for peaceful purposes. However if Pakistan will make the nuclear bomb, I will follow suit.

Speaks Israel :-

Israel : I have no nuclear weapons. Nor do I intend to have any.

Speak Russia :-

Russia : I have stockpiles, but I am not so inhuman as to use them. I am obliged to keep my nuclear arsenals only against the nuclear weapons of America.

speaks America:-

America : I have kept my atomic weapons as deterrent to keep the aggressor away. I do not like even the proliferation of the atomic weapons.

            The oracle speaks that if the delay in atomic war will allow them, every country capable of making atomic weapons will make them. And when war began, they will use them without compunction. A general view of the situation of the world shows that not only the region of Middle East is sensitive but rather the whole atmosphere of the world is sensitive and hot. To single out one country such as Pakistan and declare it dangerous in the present situation of the world does not appear as very reasonable. The conscience of the authors might have kept them certainly uneasy at their decision against Pakistan unless indeed they believed in the full justification of their view. Let it be known that I am strongly opposed to the atomic bomb. I would dislike it even if my father made it. If these authors had tried to stop a country from making atomic bomb purely on humanitarian basis, it would have given me heart-felt joy, for I believe that the atomic bomb is a curse for even its owner. It is not a weapon. It is a divine chastisement. It is harbinger of poverty and misery whether it is in stockpiles or whether is in the battle field.

            The authors are worried about the proliferation of atomic weapons in Middle East. At the same time they fail to realize the existence of thousands of atomic weapons in some countries. They have followed the nuclear odyssey of Middle East, but have ignored the nuclear Iliad of atomic powers. It is a matter of common sense that the proliferation of nuclear weapons in the presence of the privileged class of nations could only be stopped in the non-privileged countries by force. But the force will become weaker and weaker, and the nuclear weapons will spread more and more all over the world. The stockpiles will on the earth twinkle like the stars in the sky on a dark night.

            The authors express their satisfaction at the destruction of the Iraqi Reactor at Oserak. They applaud it as, “the resounding direct approach to its solution”. They are mistaken. If all the atomic reactors and atomic weapons in the world are destroyed, they will again grow like the fruit in the season. Until the root of the trouble is cut, no action will be of any avail. The treaties of Non-Proliferation, the theories of deterrence, the ideas of No-first-strike will evaporate. Not only the Treaty of Non-Proliferation of atomic bombs will fail and atomic weapons will spread, but also all other appendages of this Baconian culture, namely, population, narcotics, terrorism, immorality, misery, dispute, selfishness, anxiety for the cruel necessities of life will proliferate, till the atmosphere of the world gets so hot that it will burst into atomic flames to reach the logical conclusion. No protection is possible from the atomic bomb, nor any protection is possible against the atomic radiations. And it is well known by the blinded scientists of the blinded world. Even now it appears that no alternative is left for  this mankind but either to perish under the hails of atomic bombs suddenly, deservedly, or to die a slow, lingering miserable death under the deadly stings of the atomic radiations. Imagine the state of a world when every powerhouse, ship, factory, aeropalane and even the private car will have its own reactor. The atomic hell cares not for faith, religion, creed, colour, nationality, riches, poverty. It will destroy them that pride in their wealth, and have confidence in its continuation. The Muslims, the Christians, the Communists, the Hinds, the Buddhists, the believers and the atheists will all meet the same end in the flames of the blazing nuclear jehannah. The nuclear iconoclast will scatter the statue of Einstein, the God of Scientists and the originator of the Theory of Relativity, into smithereens, but none will see them. Yet the world behaves like the old American who stamped the earth with his foot and cried, America cannot be destroyed. Who can tell the simple old man, that he could hardly have time to stamp the earth twice before American could be changed into scattered heaps of ash and soot.

            How to escape the dreadful doom is  the question. Super powers say, check the spread of the atomic weapons in non atomic countries and every thing will be OK. The sages say forget your quarrels, and there will be no third world war. Other ills like hunger and disease will be eliminated by more production. All these three prescription are failures. Non proliferation is impossible. Quarrels are on the increase. Hunger and disease is increasing in proportion to the increase in production. Bertrand Russel died disappointed. In 1964. He wrote to me, “Since Adam and Eve ate the apple, man has never abstained from any folly that he was capable of, and the end is the atomic bomb”. Was Russell amiss in his surmise? Certainly not.

            How to escape the atomic doom ? The philosophers of this modern age have failed to expose the real cause of the trouble. Their view has been limited to the quarrels and production. The study of this Baconian modern atomism reveals that it is a culture of science-guided process of systematic, ever increasing, continuous and infinite progress, which is a means of wealth accumulation appearing as if this process will continue forever. Thus engrossment in wealth accumulation and a notion of the eternity of this process of wealth accumulation are the manifest characteristics of this particular culture. A study of the subject from Galileoe’s Astronomy through Darwin’s Biology to Einstein’s Relativity, and from the Railway engine to the Hydrogen Bomb reveals explicitly that the desire of wealth and worldly facilities have been the incentive. The accumulation of wealth became the sole object of man’s life, and wealth assumed the form of a deity to be worshipped all over the world with a belief in its eternity. The influence of faith gradually dwindled and the sense of religion almost vanished. Thus the root of the trouble is greed. Another feature of this culture is propaganda which has assumed the intellectualized form of slander and backbiting in this age. And just as when these ingredients of Dynamites combine, the result is explosive, when these three ingredients, namely, the propaganda, engrossment in wealth accumulation, and belief in the eternity of wealth combines, the result is atomic explosion. The atomic fire is the scientific, philosophical and logical result of these three habits. To escape, therefore, the horrible atomic doom in the blazing fires of atomic hell, the eradication of these three habits is essential. Yet it is hard for any one to believe that there is anything evil in these habits. They are so blinded by the intensity of the urge of greed, yet there is not a religion that has not condemned, exclusive love of wealth, and habit of slander. This surmise and its implications might appear as impracticable in the prevailing circumstances but the consequences are inevitable and to every sensible man frightful.

            Painful indeed and thought-provoking fact discovered in the book is the message, ‘THE BHUDHA IS SMILING’ the message that was sent to Delhi on the successful test explosion of India in 1974. No worse example of the degree of degeneration of human mind could be cited. Bhudha, the symbol of peace and mercy, to smile on the abominable site of a demon that burned the people alive in millions, and made the life on earth miserable. Nay, but Buddha at the site of horrors wept bitterly and turned his face away. If Budhah smiled at the nuclear powers of India, and Christ smiled at the Christian prowess in Hiroshima, and Moses smiled at the nuclear prowess of Israel, and Mohammad Peace be upon him, smiled on the nuclear prowess of the Muslim, then on the day of the demonstration of the nuclear prowess of these powers, when this earth will pose as the blazing nuclear jehannah, Satan will smile at the spectacle. The spectacle that proved the truth of his word, when he had said to God,  “O God, I will not leave one of this man’s posterity to walk in your way”.

            Muslims have not even taken offense at the hateful name, ‘THE ISLAMIC BOMB. They are so entirely engrossed in the world of materialism that in search of a few material benefits they are willing to swallow every insult. They can see the material benefits but they are blind to insults. Christians, Jews and Hindus can see one Islamic Bomb yet unborn, but are blind to those hundreds of thousands of deadly nuclear things that lay in the arsenals of the atomic powers. Mankind at large can see the trivial facilities of science but is totally blind to the havoc that the nuclear weapons and nuclear radiations are going to play with their life. The religious minded can see the religion dwindling in proportion to the increase in materialistic activities with the increase of progress, but cannot foresee the time when the religion will ultimately vanish before the all-time occupation of man’s mind by the materialistic activities. This universal blindness of one eye, the right eye, is a subject of research. There is a reminiscence of antichristic blindness of right eye in this feature so universally and so clearly to be seen in the present-day world. While the world of machines could be traced back to the golden Calf of Al-samari  "the touch me not”.

            I say not to you, that this Spirit of this modern science-guided age of materialistic atomism is the same Dajal as was predicted by Holy Prophet peace be upon him , but what I can say with certainty is that it is an evil spirit and it will roast this mankind alive in a nuclear kiln. Therefore in order to save the mankind, the destruction of this demon is necessary. It is the duty of the Muslims, the followers of the Quran to stand up against the atomic hell, and stop the nations from making the atomic bombs, and force the atomic powers to destroy their atomic stockpiles. This world will be grateful to him who will save the mankind from the painful atomic doom.

            In 1945, after the catastrophe of Hiroshima, Ronald Knox wrote in his book, ‘GOD AND THE ATOM,’ Heavens preserve us from the Nuclear baptism, I happened to read this book in 1970, the book was so well written, it was so impressive that it could have changed the mind of mankind. But nothing happened. It appeared only as the first severe shock of the unbelievably great confrontation caused by a single bomb. The book is written on philosophic pattern and does not contain the harrowing tales of the dreadful nuclear hazards. The book proved to be no more than a sigh of repentance and sorrow. The world went on with nuclear programme. Who could stop any one determined to jump in  the fire. Ronald Knox stated future probabilities in the world of religion, pined for a person with unusual capability, to appear and save the world. He wrote:-

            “And I suspect that the atom will be the totem of irreligion tomorrow, as the Amoeba was yesterday. Meanwhile we have to reckon not only with the attacks of our enemies, but with the inadequate apologies of faint-hearted friends. There will be an intensified demand for the kind of apologetic which gives up the notion of religious certainty, and attempts to rally the sporting spirit of our compatriots in favour of a balance of probabilities. There will be fresh attempts to dissociate natural theology altogether from our experience of the world around us, to concentrate more and more on arguments derived from the exigencies and the instincts of the human nature itself. Meanwhile, the seminary trained theologian, with all the wisdom of the centuries at his fingertips, will find himself more than ever talking a strange language, more than ever at cross purposes with the SHIBBOLETHS of an atomic age. So it will go on, I suppose, till we find someone with enough courage, enough learning, enough public standing to undertake the synthesis; there is a battle royal, long overdue, which has still to be fought out a the academic level”.

                 (GOD AND THE ATOM  page 18)

            Sense of religion has fast dwindled during the years after the tragic event of Hiroshima. Mankind is so engrossed in the struggle for the necessities of life, and the governments are so anxious about the solemnity and integrity of their countries, that the sense of religion has disappeared from the Human mind. Though in the western countries in recent years clergy has stood up against the atomic bombs, but to no tangible avail. However, nearer the nuclear hazards approach, the greater will the anxiety of the people be, and stronger will be the endeavour against the abominable thing, the nuclear bomb. But that which Ronald Knox has said about the person to fight the Royal Battle, let it be known that the fighter of the royal battle was engaged in struggle even at the time when the book GOD AND THE ATOM  was being written in 1945. I was assigned the Mission in Mussayib in Iraq in 1942. The Abrahamic Mission to warn this world about the horrors of the atomic hell. Since then I am engaged in a gruesome struggle, and now I have fourteen volumes in English complete that treat the entire subject of atomism, from Democritus to the atomic bomb. This world will  be saved from the nuclear jehannah, God willing, Insha Allah.

            A certain amount of discretion is necessarily to be exercised by any one who writes a book. Particularly so, if the book treats some international topic. A casual slip on the part of the writer may throw a world in convulsions and do unpredictable damage to the peace and solemnity of the entire mankind. Did not the authors of "THE ISLAMIC BOMB" realize that such a name of the book will mean insult to the entire Muslim community and injure their feelings severely. Was it not possible to choose some other appropriate name, for example, “The nuclear threat increasing in the Middle east” etc. Do the authors think that they have rendered any service to humanity or to any block by making the name of their book so conspicuous as to arouse the antagonistic feelings of two regions of the world, and to create rivalry and enmity between them. Feelings may smolder and may not find way to expressions, but the checked feelings do erupt with greater intensity in time. The book could have been written in a different way with better acceptability and better results.

            They wonder whence Pakistan got the uranium. They know that Israel got uranium and they know that India got uranium, but why should they think it difficult for Pakistan to get uranium. If others could sow radium and grow uranium, and could raise nuclear winds to feel the nuclear whirlwinds why not Pakistan. All the declarations of Pakistan’s Government, that Pakistan had no intention of making the atomic bomb are ignored. No one believes no one in this nuclear affair--- so unblessed is this theme. These authors could not be blamed. It is the urge of the process of atomism that drives the human mind towards the logical conclusion of the process, namely the atomic hell. Their next books should be, “Nuclear Mania on the Increase in the world”, but one rebuke from these authors can bring my entire argument to nothing. They can well cry:-

"Hold thy peace, thou unwitty antagonist of our Lord the Nuclear Bomb, our saviour, the only saviour, who can dissolve all our woes in the twinkling of an eye”.

            They can well say this, and this with truth. Though the situation is not as yet so dismal. The more the knowledge spreads about the real situation, and the more the people know about the woeful hazards of the nuclear power, the more unfavourable becomes their opinion. The opposition movement is on the increase in the countries that have stockpiles. The antagonistic feelings are even permeating the countries that have no atomic weapons. The anti nuclear movement will increase in proportion to the increase in troubles. Let us not be disappointed. And let us try with all our heart to save this world from the shameful and painful end in the flames of the blazing nuclear jehannah.






            Islamic Bomb, and what is the Islamic Bomb? Is it the atomic bomb which is the symbol of misery and destruction? Miseries that no Milton and no Bunyan could have a heart to describe. In short is it the atomic bomb that certain powers in the world today possess and style themselves as Super Powers? No. Indeed not. The Islamic bomb is not a nuclear bomb. It is a bomb of logic and reason that annihilates the entire possibility of atomic war and saves the world from the miseries of atomic hell, both of this present world as well as of the next eternal world. It is a miracle that the Quran should treat the subject of atomism and atomic science, and warn against the atomic hell at a time when no one in this world could even dream of the things like atomic science and atomic bomb. The Quran enjoins its followers to keep their war-preparations in readiness against the enemies. But unfortunately the atomic bomb is not a weapon of war. It is the divine punishment. And there is no protection against the divine punishment, nor is there a way of escape. There is no protection against the atomic bomb or the atomic radiations. The scientist has called it, “The total annihilation of life on earth”. The Quran has named it HOTAMA, the atomic hell. No one remains to claim victory after the atomic war. The survivors would envy the fate of those who died. The Quran points out the malpractices as the cause which when reformed, would mean the disappearance of the effect that is the atomic hell automatically.

            And what would you call the atomic-energy-for-peace? Energy. No it is not energy. It is curse. It only is the temptation, the bait to draw this mankind into the atomic hell . In case this mankind did succeed in delaying the atomic war for sufficient interval, then the atomic-energy-for-peace would take the toll and would destroy life on earth including the mankind in a painful, lingering, miserable manner due to the long-term and the short-term effects of atomic radiations inherent in the very nature of atomic energy. This also is not merely an alarmist view. There is no bigotry, no fanaticism in it at all. Yes, every Radiobiologist who happens to have the knowledge of his subject will attest the truth of this very sober, very matter-of-fact statement. Because there is no general, universal protection possible for mankind against the radiations whose genetic effects are irreparable, irreversible, cumulative, inheritable and multiplicative, and are capable of changing this mankind into cancer-ridden , imbecile, diseased, stinking chimeras before making them extinct. This equally applies to all species of animals and plants. One has only to look a little farther into the future to see the real picture which is inevitable. Surely the influence of the causes of the appearance of the atomic energy, and the gravity of the impelling doom has rendered the mankind, the scientist and the non-scientist so blind as to give themselves up to the universal and long-term experiment of atomic energy as guinea pigs inspite of the knowledge of the grievous hazards, and on the only hope of someday, somehow, stumbling at some discovery which might prove a remedy for the atomic ills and hazards in the course of the universal atomic experiment that of adopting the atomic-energy-for-peace universally. A discovery not at all in sight, anyway. If the recent incident in the atomic reactor in America and the unprotected state of a million people in the neighbourhood of the unruly reactor, and the panic of the American Government has not opened the eyes of mankind, and countries in the world still clamour for the atomic reactors for the atomic-energy-for-peace, then what other event will. But unfortunately the exceptionality of the case of the atomic energy is that once the mankind has adopted the atomic energy for even a short time, the die will be cast and no repentance will be of any avail. There is no protection against the atomic radiations.

            What is the Islamic Bomb?  What is the extent of its destruction? Is it inferior or superior to the existing Nuclear Bombs. The Islamic Bomb is not a Nuclear bomb. It is a warning of the Quran about HOTAMA, the Nuclear jehannah. (Quran 104-Al-Homaza). The Quran therein deals with the Modern Baconian atomism to its logical end that is the atomic hell. The Quran threatens the followers of the three basic evils, the characteristics of the modern Atomism with punishment in the flames of Hotama, the Atomic Hell, and thereafter describes the Nuclear fire giving such characteristics as distinguish the Atomic Phenomenon from the rest, e.g., chemical, electrical etc. in so masterly scientific a manner, and with such brevity and precision, that a poor mortal like Einstein would hear and marvel at the clear supremacy of the Divine. Just imagine the state of my mind, when in 1962 the discovery of the philosophic and scientific interpretation of the prophecy came upon me. To this day I have struggled alone. No one shared or could share the field with me. This world could escape the atomic hell, only, by removing the cause, that is the three evils which the Quran has pointed out. The warning of the Quran falls like lightening upon those who believe in resurrection and the next life, because the three evils  to justify the punishment in atomic hell are the same as may be seen today in vogue, universally while HOTAMA is the eternal atomic hell of the next eternal world. This transient atomic hell of this transient world is only the replica there of. It is simply impossible for anyone to deny the miraculous aspect of this  prophecy recorded fourteen centuries ago, nor is there any probability for any one to reject this argument as a proof of the Divine Origin of the Quran.

            Whether the atomic powers will destroy this world and will thus destroy themselves along with the world in the nuclear suicide, and whether the Muslims will succeed in preparing their own atomic hell, or whether this actual Islamic-Atomic-bomb-neutralizer will save this world of Allah from the painful annihilation of life by the atomic bombs and the atomic radiations is known to one who is the Creator of this Creation himself. But one thing which could be said with certainty is, that if this world is destroyed by the atomic annihilation, the tragedy will happen quite deservedly. And what we can say to that except alas. But let us not be the victims of dismay and disappointment. And let us pray to Allah the Most Merciful Allah, He has the power to give this mankind sight to see the reality, and He has the power to endow the mind of this now maddened humanity with serenity and right judgment, so that they might be able to see and discern their error, and the error of the path they now track in an ill-applied zeal. What greater and surer sign of madness in this present-day mankind is necessary to be observed than that the atomic powers should be proud of the title Super Powers merely on the dint of their possessing the stock-piles of atomic bombs, the means of destruction even of their own, and that they should sincerely believe that they will forever be able to put a curb on the proliferation of the atomic energy to save this world from the atomic anarchy whose frightful storms are now brewing to throw this world in utter nuclear confusion. There are signs everywhere in very conspicuous colours, but alas, when men choose to play the blind, or when the influence of certain causes turns them blind, they fail to see even the clearest of signs. The recent incidents, in America, of the leaking of some of the atomic reactors, and the alarm and misery in the public was well as the Government circles at the situation might prove vain in the course of increasing confusion. The influence of the grievous doom is too impelling to allow a streak of the light of reality. The clouds of trouble on the horizon are too glaring to be missed by any one, but will anyone pay heed to them and set up a hue and cry, or if any one sets up a hue and cry at the sight of this rising fire, will any one care to make response.

            Or will you say, as you have been saying, as if by habit till now, Islam not only allows the progress of science, but even these achievements of modern science are the actual aim, and the object of the teachings of the Quran. But, have you ever tried to think that this modern science is by nature an infinite process, on which is based this modern material progress which also is infinite by its nature. Both have to move infinitely with ever-increasing tempo, employing and manipulating gradually the greater, ever-greater part of man’s mind and time, expelling the reform gradually the thought of religion, and the thought of the next world, and the thought of God. It is not the mere fanciful thought, nor it is only a work of a delusive imagination. The fact could be confirmed by observation. Put to your scrutiny the gradual state of religion against the affair of the material progress during the past fifty, forty, thirty, twenty, ten, five, two, one year, nay six months, three months, three weeks, two weeks, two days, one day. Compare yesterday’s state with today’s and you will not miss the gradual deterioration in the state of religion and the increasing occupation of man’s mind by the affair of the world. It can be easily seen that ultimately the religion will be completely expelled from man’s mind and the thought, and occupation of this world will reign supreme as the sole affair, but Alas; only for one end, that is, atomic destruction.

            Anyone who will understand this fact, it will be very strange if the same man will insist on his belief that Islam did allow such a kind of material progress, a progress that implied the destruction both of faith and life. Islam does allow the two wheels and two wings, and a balanced life, but what you fail to observe is that in the case of this science-guided, machine-ridden, continuous, systematic, ever-increasing, infinite and eternal progress, that according to Baconian philosophy is the sole object of man’s life for material benefit and dominion over nature, the wheel of religion in general, whether it be Islam, or Christianity, or Hinduism, or Buddhism in every moment being maimed, cankered and twisted under the ever-increasing pressure of the other ever-strengthening and expanding wheel of the ungodly materialism. Islam, no doubt allows the material necessities but how Islam could be expected to allow a sort of progress that would in the long run strangle it and oust it from the field. No doubt there is a possibility of a Muslim’s being deluded in to the belief that the material progress is allowed by Islam, but his knowledge of the true reality of this modern, continuous, ever-increasing, infinite and eternal progress which is based on the idea of man’s dominion over a nature as man’s right and the sole object of his life for material benefits, would open his eyes to the actual reality to realize the nature of the antithesis that existed between the philosophy of Islam and that of this atomistic materialism of Bacon.

            But what about the Christian, the Hindu and the Buddhists? It is not strange to see the followers of these religions declaring the complete compatibility existing between this modern progress as it is and their respective religions. When the blindness descends on the eye of the individual or the community, every thing is possible, just as it is possible for a Christian to see no disparity between the religion of Jesus Christ and the philosophy of Francis Bacon. Even a blind man could see if what Jesus has said is right, what Francis Bacon has said is false. And this modern progress is the fabricated religion of none else but Francis Bacon. And let it be remembered that as far as the attitude towards this world against the next world is concerned, Islam, inspite of its balanced life is not  an inch behind the religion of Christ, only a realistic study of that Quran which  revealed to the prophet of Islam, peace be  upon him, and that Islam which was preached and practiced by him would prove revealing, and a glimpse of the life of the Prophet of Islam and his disciples will teach anyone the whole truth. But alas! the blindness.

            The atomic hell now is the essential result of the modern science. It is the inevitable end. Let this mankind be a little more realistic about the situation. There is no way out. The verdict now is either science or religion. That is either the atomic destruction or safety and peace. The stage of compromise between science and religion is now past. The sooner this reality is recognized the better. Let the nations now subject their policies to a review. There are but two alternatives. Either to take the line of the atomic destruction and follow the path for universal suicide, or to go against this line and stand up to the atomic policy and oppose it and fight against it tooth and nail, and to go to such extreme as might be necessary. No sacrifice is too much to avoid the blazing atomic hell. No greater favour is there than a warning to the fellow humans against this great and fast approaching catastrophe. This then is the bomb which Islam has built. And this is what is to be named as the Islamic bomb. Islam is the religion of peace and blessing. Islam can not plunge either its followers or the rest of mankind and the creation of Allah into the burning atomic hell. If this is to be termed as the Islamic bomb, then it is a bomb that fall not on the creatures of God, nor it destroys them, but it rather has been built to fall on the sources of the atomic hell and to destroy them to save the poor creation of Allah, and fall it must and destroy it must, for if it falls not and it destroys not just now, this world of God is consumed without fail.  There is no wisdom in following the line of the atomic hell blindly like slaves, but rather the wisdom is in trying to avoid the atomic jehannah, and endeavour at the same time to save the fellow humans from this painful and disgraceful doom. This indeed is the supreme wisdom. The supreme Lords of the atomic world today may be clearly seen to play the fool and to play the blind. This is no such thing to prize over. This is no matter of joy, but rather it is a matter for crying and weeping and being sorry. This truth of my word they shall soon realize. The blazing hell may now be seen leaping furiously towards them. The services of a psychiatrist may be recommended to the flushed minds of today, but unfortunately the Freudian Psychiatrist themselves seem to be the victims of the same blindness. The atomic formulas are guarded with utmost care and great pains are taken to keep them secret from the people. But here is anti-atomic formula, and here is a genuine neutralizer of the atomic bomb, given by the Quran in the form of a prophetic warning against the atomic hell and meant not for secrecy but universal publication. This modern progress as it is, according to its full definition, it stands in radical composition to the teachings of Jesus. The spirit of materialism since its rejection of Jesus in his life-time has asserted, exerted, struggled incessantly through ages to hold its sway over the world, till in the seventeenth century it succeeded in beguiling the Christian west into the lap of this material world, through the medium of the Baconian philosophy of Atomistic materialism, and after continuous advancement it has ultimately succeeded in bringing this mankind to the verge of the atomic destruction in the atomic hell. Complete destruction of men, animals, plants etc. that is all life on earth now in view. But none knew that this atomic hell consisting of atomic bombs and radiations was anticipated by Islam and forestalled by its own bomb, the Islamic bomb. This Islamic bomb, however, may be termed as the atomic bomb neutralizer, and the destroyer of the atomic bomb, as was to be expected from a religion of Merciful God.

            This term, the Islamic bomb, has recently been uttered by the strangled spirit of atomic age in desperate cry. But this cry erroneous as it has been, has revealed gigantic fact. Moses had gone to fetch a brand of fire and he stumbled at the glory of Jehovah on mount Sinai. This cry has meant to express a bomb, a something of nuclear structure. But its echo has resounded as the formula of the neutralizer of the atomic bombs given by the Quran and discovered by me, indeed, by the Grace of Almighty Allah. Allow me to correct this their mistake. The Islamic bomb does not happen to be a bomb of any nuclear description. Nor it is there to kill or consume the creation of God. It is wonderful, however, this,  the cry : THE ISLAMIC BOMB:  They have by mistake stumbled onto a formidable fact, as formidable indeed that it could rightly be termed as a revelation. They descried a bomb of fire and there they have stumbled at the glory of jehovah. The event may be referred to as the antithesis of the accidental discovery of X-ray in the history of the atomic bomb. The X-ray, however, led to the course of the atomic bomb, while the discovery of the Islamic bomb leads this mankind out of the trap of the atomic bombs. And remember that the Islamic Bomb was there in the Quran since fourteen centuries,  in the form of mysterious warning.

            The atomic bomb has various descriptions and numerous applications, e.g. Atomic bomb, the Hydrogen bomb, hell bomb, the Super bomb, the thermonuclear bomb, etc. But the Islamic Atomic Neutralizer has only one name, that is the Islamic bomb. The Islamic bomb has preceded the atomic bomb, and so has Abraham preceded Democritus the father of atomism. And so also Moses preceded Bacon, and further Jesus preceded Spinoza. And in the same manner Mohammad preceded Einstein, Gospel of Jesus preceded the Novum Organum of Bacon, while the prophecy of Quran preceded the formula of the nuclear hell by fourteen centuries. The scriptures of God all stand united in condemning the philosophy of atomistic materialism, but the Quran it is that treats this modern philosophy with particularity and emerges as the champion and the spokesman of the Scriptures which now view this age in amazement, mute with grief. The Quran takes the challenge of this formidable foe, this greatest beguiler of all the history of beguiling. The Quran discovers it, describe it, exposes it, and advances to pose itself like a mountain against the mountain. Yet the cunning monster, the simulating giant of atomism will flee before the onslaught of the world of Allah, and will perish. This world will then have real peace, real prosperity and the right destination in view to reach.

            This earth today appears like a pyre and the mankind both in the West and in the East, may be seen busily engaged in carrying the loads of atomic-fuel on their heads in their endeavour to pile the pyre up high. Every one of them seems to be vieing with each other in the pursuit, in coming and going to fetch fuel. It is strange spectacle to behold. How busily they are all engaged. The pyre is their own. The heart of this pyre is known as the nucleus of the pyre. Strange enough, for if any one of them hears the news of a Hindu woman having been forced to burn on the pyre of her dead husband, they sneer at the event as most uncivilized, yet themselves are engaged in the preparation of their own pyre with their own hands. Not only this, but also they may be seen to look askance with indignation and displeasure at everyone else who tries to cast his load of fuel in the nuclear part of the pyre, for every one of them considers as his own exclusive prerogative to dump his load in the part of the pyre which is called as the nuclear part. And yet there is great knowledge in this age. But alas, this modern knowledge of Baconian School is the curse. It is much short sighted. Every one in the world today moves flushed with the inebriating airs of more wealth, more physical comforts, more financial security, and considering this science-guided, machine-ridden culture as endless and eternal. Everyone thinks that this world will go on continually progressing for ever. Nay even those knowledgeable persons who know the dwindling situation of energy resources of the world, and those who know the resultant plight of this world after a world atomic war think in the same way with the ignorant, that this modern progress was to continue for ever. Is this knowledge? This is blind confidence in the powers of science , and an implicit belief in its miraculous powers. And what is science? Why not the science now can carry this mankind out of the difficulty of energy without stooping to the ruinous atomic energy? Why this mankind desptie its sciences obliged to sift the poisonous uranium, and why it is obliged to subject itself to the venomous darts of atomic radiations that can damn this life to the future generations, and all this inspite of the established knowledge of all the hazards of the atomic energy? False are all the hopes of the scientists in some future discovery as remedy of the atomic ills. Let them face the facts with reality and let them cease to play the ostrich in the atomic desert. On what fact of nuclear science do they base their hopes in future. Nay but the impelling influence of the grievous doom it is that has blinded the scientist as well as the non-scientist in the world. There is no alternative now left despite all the science that either this world will be consumed by the atomic bombs or it will decay under the effects of atomic radiations to perish with misery. Or do you say my view only is an alarmist view, merely a poetic outburst of emotion? I say to hell with your science. And if I say to hell with your science, will you call it the alarmist view? Which of the two is correct in this respect? You or I? Do you not see the atomic hell ablaze in the world before your very eyes? Do you see it or not? Can you deny it? Then say with justice whether you are ostriching, and beguiling this world into the atomic hell in the hope getting energy, or whether my views are the alarmist ones? If someone tells you that your house in on fire, will you tell him, go thy way you fool, your is the alarmist view, or will you rush towards your house and try to put the fire out. You tell the world that the genetic effects of atomic radiations move insidiously through generations and then in some generation change the men into chimeras that have the head of a donkey, the tail of a cobra, the paws of a wolf, etc. and that men are then cancer-ridden. And you also tell the world that there is nothing of the cure or control over radiation in sight. And then you recommend the adoption of the atomic poison and continue your hearty cooperation. I say, this material world itself is temporal and transient but particularly this modern science ridden culture is more transient, since it is quite  unnatural. In one day all these lofty buildings of the world may be found in heaps in the event of atomic war, or this world may be seen in ruins after a spell of atomic-energy-for-peace. And yet I give you the margin. Bring forth the discovery that ensures protection against the atomic radiations affecting the millions residing in the neighbourhood of the atomic reactors, and produce some sure cure for radiation sickness, succeed or in devising a leak and explosion proof reactor and let the world see something of that miraculous achievement, and then do come with the declaration that the atomic energy can be allowed to be adopted by the world. You might not succeed in the discovery. You have known the minute, complex and out of man’s power features of nuclear phenomenon. Let now this world pause to think and cease to join the universal suicide club. And remember that the danger of atomic annihilation could only be averted if the causes of the malady would be removed. And what are those causes? These are the habit of slander, engrossment in wealth accumulation and desire for ever living in the world. These are the causes that have resulted in the appearance of and in the necessity of atomic energy. Otherwise, your efforts in more production as the remedy of the ills will bring you more confusion, more distress, more problems. The efforts made in the line of more production and more progress are now to be diverted to the channel counter to the adoption of atomic energy. Little margin is left, this warning may still be deemed as a timely one. Or else be prepared and fortify yourself against the atomic hell already ablaze and rolling towards you, and they only who are blinded by the influence of their grievous doom can now miss it. And remember, this science-guided progress is unnatural, and will end in disaster. In a matter of moments all the toil of centuries will disappears as by magic.

            Mistaken is the tongue that calls the atomic bomb, or the hell-bomb by the name of Islamic bomb or the Christian bomb, or the Hindu bomb or the Buddhist bomb. None of these sacred names have to do any thing with this curse of nature, this retribution of the nemesis and this wrath of Allah. The atomic bomb or the hell bomb is the Baconian bomb, the fruit of the philosophy of atomism. It is the logical consequence of the Baconian design of atomistic philosophy, and it is the scientific result of the research of modern science employed according to Bacon’s design for man’s dominion over nature for physical comforts and material benefits as the object of man’s life on earth. This has been an anti-Christian philosophy, and it has borne an anti-Christian fruit. Christ is its deadliest foe and what Moses  or Mohammad peace be upon them have to do with it. Nor there is any possibility of Krishna or Buddha’s compromise with it. They would all curse it and try to drive their followers away from it. The atomic bomb or the hell-bomb is the result of the research of the modern science which itself is destitute of right eye the symbolical eye of spiritualism. It can see or feel no spirits, it can find no proof of resurrection, and it therefore denies all these entities and insists as a rule on the substantial proof for a belief in these. Its left eye though : the symbolical eye of that which is of material nature, is exceptionally strong. Bacon’s philosophy of atomism which  is the philosophy of this modern age of material progress is also devoid of the right eye and is based mainly on the left eye that is the eye of the material world. The modern progress which according to Bacon’s design is the programme of Baconian philosophy, is equally devoid of the right eye and is dependent on the left eye that is the eye of the material world only. What  then, if this be the case, Christ has to do with it? What Moses or Mohammad peace be upon them have to do with it? And what Krishna or Buddha have to do with it?

            And what is the atomic bomb? A weapon of defence? No. It is not.  Now ask any scientist that has some knowledge of nuclear science. Ask Einstein and he will tell you that it is complete annihilation of life on earth. Ask a man of faith and knowledge and he will tell you that it is the wrath of Allah enkindled. But the Baconian creed of atomistic materialism has completely blinded and completely maddened its followers. From one end of this world to the other end today can be seen the followers of this Baconian creed running, rushing, hurrying, scurrying, panting, perspiring after wealth and hence after the mother of wealth, that is the atomic energy like ever-hungering flocks of locusts. In their hasty!  and unbalanced pursuit of wealth and physical comforts during the past years they have most greedily gormandized all the existing resources of energy, and now caught in a hysterical fit for energy they are crying and they are dying for any kind of energy, but the atomic energy being the only alternative left they are forced to swallow poison despite their knowledge of its pernicious effects.

            What better proof of misfortune besought than that this mankind should fail to realize in economic despair the impossibility of protection against the atomic explosion, and the uncontrollability of atomic radiations, and incurability of radiation sickness, cancer and  gene mutations. Whereas the Scientist in un-scientific optimism should fail to comprehend the falsity of his hope to stumble one day upon some discovery which would solve all these problems, despite having the knowledge of unsurmountable insurgency of the deadly atomic radiations, and the futility of seeking shelter against the atomic bomb explosion, and improbability of the survival of life on earth in case of the atomic war. And surely it is not the man that can subdue the atomic giant, it is the atomic giant that can consume the mankind. Nuclear bomb is not a weapon. Nuclear war is not a war. Nuclear energy is not energy. The whole issue is the retributive wrath of God enkindled. It is the punishment. And to what could you attribute the fact that a Super Power in possession of thousands of atomic bombs should try to impose restriction on certain other nations in this respect in the name of world peace. But who could save those who deserved this divine punishment. If the atomic war does not intervene, and the mankind is allowed to continue, the Super-Power will see with great chagrin the entire world going nuclear in order to bear the nuclear punishment in atomic-energy-for-peace to the logical end that is the radiation doom. The extreme necessity of power for the world-wide industrial set up has rendered the humanity so reckless as to face the devastating hazards of the atomic radiations. Poor dwarf in the clutches of the fiery octopus. It is hard to think how the millions in the neighbourhood of reactors will be provided with protection when the reactors will explode and inundate the neighbouring districts with a flood of poisonous radiations and play havoc with health and life. Ask Russians. Ask Americans. To recommend and allow the use of atomic energy on the hope that someday some discovery will be made to solve the problems of protection from the radiations, is something far worse than the fanaticism of the witch doctor. Just see the irony of times.

            Now cease to cry over the spilling of the atomic milk, for the five thousands sieves of the enrichment plant will not be able to hold the atomic milk and it will be split in the form of atomic radiations to damn its drinkers. It is not in the power of any one country or all the countries of this world united to place a check on the adoption of the atomic energy, but rather it is the causes of the appearance of the atomic energy, namely, the slander, greed of wealth and desire of for-ever living in this world, the causes which the Quran has given for the punishment in the fire of the hell of HOTAMA, the causes which also are responsible for the appearance and persistence of the atomic energy in this world, that have to be eradicated to remove the danger.

            Now set up no more hue and cry over the sight of a brand of atomic fire moving to and fro in the darkness of the night, for the atomic energy is the play of the devils, and the mischievous spirits will be engaged all the while in spreading this fire to every nook and corner of this earth, and will not rest till this earth is changed into a huge blazing kiln of atomic hell to consume this mankind and along with it the animals and the plants, and to leave this earth no more habitable. Alas ! but no advice could be more honest, or more timely  than to say “ be sober and serene, look into the problem keenly and try to be a little more realistic. Weigh the pros and the cons of the matter well, and then only give your decision. No country will profit by atomic energy".

            The reader might by now have become curious to know the formula of that bomb which Islam has made. The atomic world tries to strictly guard the atomic secrets, whereas the Quran insists on its formula to be published to all the mankind. It is as follows:-

            Woe to every backbiter, defamer, who amasseth wealth (of this world) and arrangeth it (against the future). He thinketh that his wealth will render him immortal. Nay, for, verily he will be cast into Al-Hotama. And what could teach thee what Al-Hotama is? It is fire of Allah enkindled which leaps up onto the hearts. It is ( a fire) closed in on them in outstretched columns”.

                        (Quran civ- Al-Homaza)

            Now mark how the causes of the appearance of the atomic hell are given to mean that the removal of these causes only could guarantee the escape from the atomic doom. And also, if you are a nuclear scientist or a Radiobiologist, try to find for yourself, how much of the nuclear science has been included in these few words. Mark your examination and then read in the following pages my research which will show you that these few indeed very few words of the scripture contained all the basic characteristics of the atomic phenomenon, such characteristics as are the distinguishing characteristics and the distinctive characteristics, that its characteristics which distinguish the nuclear science from chemical science, and make it distinct. Herein has been portrayed the atomic bomb explosion and the plays of the inner nuclear world. And mark the term Hotama. It is identically the fire of Otama or Atoma. See the phonetic and functional identity between the Quran’s Hotama and scientist’s otama.



The Distinguishing features of the atomic phenomenon by the Quran.




This is a brief sketch of my book “The Quran Predicts, describes and averts the atomic hell”. The Quran’s warning about Al-Hotama has been always and justly associated with the next world. The hell of Al-Hotama has thus been regarded as one of the hells of the next world. The fire of the atomic hell of this world, however, is the representation of the fire of Al-Hotama. The atomic hell of this world is the temporal representation and the transient replica of the eternal Al-Hotama of the next eternal world. This is just as the ordinary fire is the representation of the ordinary hell of the next world while the garden is the representation of the paradise of the next world. The causes of the punishment of Al-Hotama are identical with the causes of the appearance of the atomic hell of the present world, and, so also are the definition, the description, the characteristics of Al-Hotama identical with those of atomic hell of this world. Therefore, they who will deservedly be cast into the atomic hell of this world shall be necessarily cast into Al-Hotama of the next world. According to the authentic commentators of the Quran the evils mentioned in the warning are that count, only, and the belief or disbelief is not the consideration. However the stay of the believer in Al-Hotama would depend upon the pleasure of Allah, and he would be taken out of Al-Hotama, while the stay of the infidel therein shall be eternal. Those in this world involved in the punishment of atomic hell undeservedly along with those deserving might in the next world find enough compensation from God for their unjust suffering, for God has unlimited compensation with Him.

The Quran has claimed to contain every example concerning mankind. And indeed the events of the destruction of the Froward tribes like Aa'd, Thamud, Sodom and Gomorah have received the mention therein. But what are those events in comparison to the destruction to be wrought by the atomic hell. Those were but tribes, but the atomic hell is going to destroy the entire mankind, nay not even the human kind only, but certainly along with the humankind, the entire animal world, and also the plants. The mention of atomic hell should be expected then in the Quran. The utility of this warning of the Quran lay in the fact, that it is the only hope of the world and the only guide out of the atomic hell. The causes of the punishment of Al-Hotama which the Quran has mentioned in the warning being identical with the causes of the appearance of the atomic hell, obviously it were by the removal of the causes that the danger of Al-Hotama as well as of the atomic hell could be averted. And it may well be pointed out that it is the Quran only that has pointed out the causes of the appearance of Al-Hotama and therefore of the atomic hell in this manner. Otherwise all the sages of this age are laying all their emphasis on the increase of production as the remedy of all the present human ills. The Quran it is that has pointed to the right direction.

That the Quran should predict, and not only predict but describe the characteristic phenomena of the nuclear science most scientifically fourteen hundred years ago in a dark age should naturally come as no little surprise to the world. The critical appreciation of the subject, however, is reserved for the scientists. How much Einstein is being missed. The Quran has given the entire basic essence of the nuclear phenomena by illustrating those characteristics of nuclear phenomenon which distinguish it from chemical phenomenon. All this in but a few words not exceeding thirteen. The subject of treating the Quran in reference to science is not only very difficult but at the same time it is extremely hazardous. Let none therefore try to venture on the enterprise unless the bottom rock of the truth is felt. Very strong grasp of the subject of science, the ever-changing science, and intimate acquaintance with the mind of the Quran are the prerequisites, and both are not easy to have. And one little slip on the part of the interpreter may throw the entire integrity of the Quran into jeopardy with the ruin of the interpreter himself. Grace of Allah and the light of faith are also the necessities. This discovery of the prophecy of the Quran about the atomic hell is exclusively my own, indeed by the Grace of Merciful Allah, and I feel it my exclusive duty to sound this warning to the entire mankind. Any one who will render some help in this task will not be forgotten by Allah. This prophecy saves this world from the atomic hell and all misery, and proves the divine origin of the Quran beyond any doubt and consequently the necessity of the scriptural guidance to the present day mankind in its present distress. May Allah guide this mankind on to the paths that lead to the real peace and real prosperity. Amen.

The text of the Prophecy:-

"Woe to every backbiter, defamer, who amasseth wealth (of this world) and arrangeth it (against the future). He thineketh that his wealth will render him immortal. Nay, for verily he will be cast into Al-Hotama. And what could teach thee what Al-Hotama is ? It is fire of Allah enkindled which leaps up onto the hearts. It is (a fire) closed in on them in outstretched columns”.

                                    (The Quran CIV -Al-Homaza)

The distinctive characteristics of the atomic phenomenon:-

Now the characteristics of Al-Hotama as given in the prophecy are those distinctive characteristics of the atomic that is the nuclear phenomenon which distinguish the nuclear phenomenon from the chemical or any other kind of phenomenon known. Following  are the characteristics of Al-Hotama and also of atomic phenomenon:-

(1)        That the atomic  fire is Hotama that is crusher.

(2)        That it is fire of Allah.

(3)        That it leaps up onto the hearts.

(4)        That it shows the tendency of encompassing, and it raises columns.


(I)        HOTAMA

The Quran has used the term Hotama, which is a qualitative noun formed from the Root-verb Hatama which means to break anything to pieces. Thus Hotama means a crusher. Mark the phonetic resemblance that is between the two words, that is, “Hatam” and “Atom”. Both these words basically are concerned with the act of breaking, though the word, “Atom” has, the meaning quite opposite to the meaning of “Hatam”. Atom is adopted from Greek and is the adopted form of the Greek word “Atomos”, which means uncut table. The Affix “A” has made all the difference, otherwise the word “Tomos” means cut table. But when the Affix “A” is added to “tomos” the meaning becomes opposite, that is not cut table. Why the name Atom was retained by the scientists is known only to the God of the Quran.


The atomic energy from its beginning, that is from its generation  to the last actions of its radiations presents a series of crushing.


That the atomic energy is generated in a process which involves the breaking of the atomic nuclei is a fact;  and also that the generation of the atomic energy takes place merely as a result of the breaking of the atomic nucleus. In fact, the atomic energy is the binding energy of the atom. The binding energy of the atom is the energy of the binding which keeps the nucleons of the nucleus of the atom packed closed together. When this binding breaks, and the particles of the nucleus disintegrate as a result of the breaking of the binding, the energy is liberated, and is called the atomic energy. No match stick, no sparking system is necessary as is in the generation of the chemical energy. The atomic energy is generated in two processes. Namely the fission and the fusion process. In the fission process the nucleus of the atom is disintegrated and energy is released while in the fusion process the nuclei of several, say four, atoms are crushed together and the energy is released. The method of the generation of atomic energy, that is the method of crushing is the characteristic of the atomic energy which is a distinctive characteristic of the atomic energy and one that distinguishes it from other kinds of energy, such as, chemical or electrical. In no kind of energy other than the atomic energy the energy is produced by the act of breaking and also that in no other energy the nuclei of the atoms are involved. The nuclei of the atoms remain untouched and intact except in the case of the atomic phenomenon. And thus it is that the atomic fire is seen to crush the basic building block of the universe, that is the atom, and thus by virtue of the fact that the atomic fire has  crushed the basic structure of matter in such a way that there is little likelihood of restoring the original structure of the disturbed atomic nuclei, the atomic fire could be called as absolute crusher. The destruction done by the chemical action could be repaired and the thing so destroyed reproduced by the process of synthesis, for the atomic nuclei remain intact. The atomic radiations attack the cell and break the chromosomes of its nucleus with fatal consequences to the cell, thus crushing the basic unit of life. And thus it can again be seen that the atomic fire crushes both the basic building block of the universe, that is atom, as well as the basic unit of life, that is the cell.


The initial heat radiation that is the heat flash of the atomic bomb explosion hits the skin of those exposed like lightening, and burning the skin dark or brown but not penetrating deeper due to the short duration of its existence, kills the victim by crushing the heat with shock. The blast as is apparent from its name is the crusher, and the blast of atomic bomb crushes the strongest buildings to dust. The radiations emitted either by the atomic explosion during its exploding process or by the fission products of the explosion, as is their wont, penetrate the inanimate substances and cause the transmutation of the atoms thereof by crushing and causing the changes in the nuclei of the atoms. In living bodies the radiations crush the nuclei of the atoms and eject the nucleons therefrom. In the cell they crush the nucleus and break the chromosomes thereof with fatal consequences to the cell.


The standard text books of atomic physics may be found to be replete with terms like bombarding, crushing , smashing, hitting, breaking etc. in the explanation of the atomic reactions. There are proofs that atomic physicists marked this crushing  trait of atomic phenomenon with particularity. For instance, when Germans named the continuous spectrum of rays as BREMSSTRAHLING which literally means, breaking radiations, the term was regarded by the atomists as highly descriptive. The crushing attitude of the atomic particles during the historic experiment of bombarding the gold foil with Alpha Particles excited Rutherford to a pitch, that in his diary he records the event as the most incredible that ever happened to him in his life. It was almost as incredible, he commented, “as if you fired a 15 inch shell at a piece of tissue paper and it came back and hit  you”.


The atomic radiation which is inherent in the very nature of the atomic phenomenon shows the trait of crushing just as is the rule of atomic phenomenon. In inanimate matter as mentioned before, the radiations cause transmutations of atoms by crushing their nuclei and changing their order, while in living bodies they knock out electrons from the atoms, and they eject nucleons from the atomic nuclei and they attack the cell and break the chromosomes of its nucleus.


In standard text books of radiobiology one meets frequently with phrases, similes and sentences, like: “the target concept, direct action, indirect action, snapping the cable with a bullet, breaking the chromosomes, radiations hit the cells like sledge hammer and crush them, radiations destroy cancer cells” etc.


The Quran says :-

“Hotama is fire”.

The Nuclear process from the beginning to the end is heat and fire. The nuclear fire starts chemical fires due to the tremendous nuclear heat. For example heat radiated by the atomic bomb explosion having temperature of the order of millions of degrees starts fires in the city. The secondary fires though of chemical and not atomic nature, yet they play their part well to verify the title of hell for nuclear fire. Radioactivity is fire too. Becquerel, the discoverer of Radioactivity was the first to experience the fire of Radio-activity. He found a burn in his skin next to his pocket in which he had been carrying a phial of radium. Edward Teller, the famous maker of the Hydrogen bomb, wrote on page 156 of the book,” Our Nuclear Future”. By Edward Teller and Dr. L. Latter ,“A vicious dragon (reactor) will spit radioactive fire". Radiotherapists use the term Cross Fire in X-ray therapy (vide synopsis of Gynecology by Harry Sturgeon Crossen and Robert James Crossen, 1946, page No. 144). The atomic phenomenon characteristically is a phenomenon of energy, heat and fire.


The Quran says:-

“Hotama  is the fire of Allah enkindled”.

Atomic bombs, hydrogen bombs, neutron bombs, and atomic radiations are the hellish brood of the atomic fire appearing as the punishment for the habit of backbiting and defaming, and engrossment in wealth accumulation and complete interest in the life of this world. Atomic energy is no energy, and the atomic bomb is no weapon of defence. Both are the means of complete annihilation of life on earth, and both are the mother of miseries, afflictions, sorrows and suffering. If the causes of the appearance of atomic fire are not removed in time, then the result shall be, that either this world shall be consumed by the atomic bombs or else in the case of atomic-energy- for-peace,  the atomic radiations,  will consume the world  in a slow decaying manner. Atomic energy, let it be remembered, is an exception to the general rule of the methodology of science that science could be used both for construction as well as destruction. The atomic energy could not be used for construction.. Its initial advantages are only a snare to entice the world into the atomic hell. The atomic energy will defy man’s yoke, and it is the atomic energy and not man that will ultimately emerge as triumphant. The Quran deserves the gratitude of mankind for pointing out the real causes of the trouble, otherwise every sage of the age is prescribing more production and more progress as the remedy of the ills of these times. The Quran has pointed toward the right direction, it is now for the mankind to consider.


The Quran says”-

“Hotama is a fire which leaps up onto the hearts”.


The atomists have used the word nucleus, while the Quran has used the word “Heart”. Nucleus and Heart are synonymous. Arab lexicographers have translated the nucleus as “Heart”, and there exits characteristic and functional resemblance between the two. The death of either the nucleus or the heart means the death of the body. Delicacy and sensitivity is the feature associated with both. It is the atomists themselves that call the nucleus as heart. Edward Teller, in 1939; spoke of obtaining energy from the heart of atom in a lecture on atomic energy delivered by him, (vide The Hydrogen Bomb by James R. Sheply and Clay Blair Jr.pages 48-49), while passages like the following meet one’s eye when reading the standard text books of atomic physics:-

1.         "Each fast particle comes from the break up of very heart of a single atom--- the Nucleus---- of the radioactive material”.

(Vide Physics, Physical Science Study committee -second edition, D.C.Heath and Company Lexington, Massachusetts, July 1965 page 130)

And :-

" How many heartbeats are in the life-time of a radioactive nucleus which lasts only billionth of a second”.

                        (Vide ibid page 21 short problems)

Even the part of the atomic reactor wherein the process of the atomic energy generation takes place is called the heart of reactor (vide Our nuclear future by Edward  Teller and Dr. Albert L. Latter , 1958 , from a photograph of the reactor).


After the identity between he nucleus and the heart is established, let us show how the atomic fire leaps up onto the hearts.

(I)        The Nuclei of atoms attacked in the process of atomic energy generation:-

Both in fission and fusion process of the generation of the atomic energy it is the nucleus of the atom that is involved. In the fission process the atomic particle leaps up onto the nucleus of the atom, and disintegrates it. And energy is released. For instance the Neutron leaps up onto the Uranium-235 atom and ejects two neutrons from the nucleus that is the heart of the atom. The broken nucleus like the broken heart is disintegrated, and energy is released. The two ejected neutrons in turn leap up onto the nuclei of other uranium atoms in the lump, and do exactly as the first neutron had done, to wit, that they attack the nucleus of an atom each, and eject therefrom two neutrons each. The nucleus is disintegrated and divided and energy is released. Thus the neutrons keep doubling and ejecting the neutrons from the atomic nuclei and the operation continues till the whole of the lump of uranium explodes. In fusion process the nuclei of several small atoms, say four, are crushed together and the energy is released. Fusion of an atom is not possible until a heat with a temperature of the order of millions of degrees is available. To produce such a temperature is not within the reach of chemical processes. Atomic fire is therefore required and is provided by means of a fission device. The heat thus produced is directed onto the fusile material, say hydrogen. This process is called as the thermonuclear process and perhaps provides the best example of atomic fire’s leaping up onto the hearts. Hydrogen bomb is the example of the thermonuclear process. A fission bomb is placed inside the fusile material, and hydrogen is spread around it in a shell. When the fission bomb is detonated, the tremendous heat liberated leaps up onto the nuclei that is the hearts of the hydrogen atoms and fuses them in groups of four, and the energy is released. And there we see very clearly how the atomic fire leaps up onto the hearts. This nuclear trait is exclusively of atomic fire and is its distinctive feature. However, by just uttering the name of nucleus, the point of leaping upon the hearts is established, because the nuclear energy is the energy produced from the nuclei that is hearts.

(ii)        Atomic Radiations too leap up onto the nuclei that is hearts:-

(a)      Atomic radiations attack the nuclei of atoms:-

As mentioned before, in inanimate matter they cause transmutations of atoms by disintegrating and changing the order of the nuclei. In living bodies they eject nucleons from the nuclei of atoms, while in the nucleus of the cell they break the chromosomes.

(b)      The effect of radiations is beyond the brain at the level of the heart of life itself:

Radiations effect the coordination of function at the level where it is beyond the control of the brain. It may be said that the they attack the very heart of life itself.

(c)      Radiation's exceptional attraction toward all that is related to heart in the body:-

The decided attraction of radiations for all that which is related to heart in the body as against the brain, the nerves and muscles is a fact. Bone marrow which forms blood corpuscles, and also all the blood forming organs are far more sensitive to the effect of radiation than the brain, the nerves , and the muscles. Further it may be noted that all the multi-cellular organisms, that as a rule are possessed of more elaborated and more perfected circulatory and respiratory system than all the uni-cellular organisms, are more sensitive to the effects of radiation than the unicellular organisms. The relation of the circulatory and respiratory system to heart through blood is obvious. It may further be noted that the action of radiations in the absence of oxygen is retarded. And again the relation of oxygen to heart through blood is well known. Just as is the relation of blood with heart.

(iii)     The heat-flash and radiations of atomic bomb explosion too leap up onto the nuclei that is hearts:-

Heat-flash of the atomic bomb explosion burns the skin of the exposed persons dark or brown, but it has no time to penetrate further into the body of its victims, yet it kills those who happened to be within a certain distance from the zero point by applying shock to the heart of the victim. The atomic radiations whether emitted by the explosion itself or whether emitted by the fission products, also leap up onto the nuclei of the atoms both in the inanimate matter and in the living body, and do also attack the nuclei of the cell and break the cell chromosomes.

(iv)     Atomic fire  is a nuclear crusher. The Quran has said :”Hotama is a crushing fire which leap up onto the hearts”.

            The atomic fire crushes the nuclei of the atoms, hence it is a nuclear crusher, that is the crusher of hearts.

(v)      Atomic fire,  a thermo nuclear crusher:-

The Quran has said  “ Hotama is a fire which leaps up onto the hearts”.

The atomists use the term thermonuclear for hydrogen bomb, for, in the hydrogen bomb, heat is generated by an inner fission device and then the heat is directed onto the outer wrapping of the fusile material, say hydrogen, where the heat impinges on the nuclei of the fusile material, and causes them to fuse together in groups of, say, four.  Here we see the atomic fire leaping up onto the nuclei of the atoms of the fusile material in a clear manner. This term thermonuclear proves the anticipative and scientific miracle of the Quran, and the term thermonuclear it is that brings credit to the atomists for the marvel of a term which is indicative of a proper understanding of the phenomenon and the appropriateness in choosing the term to express the phenomenon. The term thermonuclear and the Quran’s word, namely, “A fire which leaps up onto the hearts”, have been found to be the inter translation of each other, while the thermonuclear process is the one that shows in the clearest of colours the phenomenon of a fire which can be seen to leap up onto the nuclei that is hearts.

We will bring this point to its end by quoting a little couplet of Wordsworth that contains a sparkling truth in relation to our theme:-

            “To let   a creed", says Wordsworth,

            "Built in the heart of things",

            Dissolve before a twinkling atomy”.

Wordsworth lived when the atomic energy as yet,  was not discovered, nor were its effects manifest in any way, yet the couplet of Wordsworth means exactly :-

‘’ To let the  universe built in the nuclear system,

Dissolve before the tempting energy”.

Do you also see the wonder of the little couplet?


The Quran says, “Hotama is a fire closed in on them”. The encompassing trait of atomic fire may be shown as follows:-

(1)      The atomic bomb explosion like a cover:-

The atomic bomb explosion  assumes the form of an inverted cauldron that covers an area of miles. Its radioactive fallout forms yet another enclosure around the first and covers still larger areas. The fallout of the megaton thermonuclear bomb forms a global enclosure that covers the entire earth. No doubt conventional bomb too may be seen to cover an area, yet the atomic bomb holds an in comparatively superior place in comparison.

(2)      Radio-active substances never expelled from the bones:-

The bone-seeking radio-active substances when once have settled in the bones can never be expelled from thence, and the bones of victims long dead could now be found to respond to the radiation detecting instruments.

(3)      Radiation keeps guard over its victims:-

Cancers have appeared from six to thirty years after the actual exposure to radiation.

(4)      Radiation keeps its guard over the cell:-

Radiation keeps its guard over the cell from the resting stage of the cell when the attack is made to the anaphase of the cell. Cell is attacked by radiation in its resting stage but the effects appear only in anaphase.

(5)      The whole body encompassed:-

If one organ only is irradiated, the entire body is encompassed by the radiation:-

(6)      Radiation lays a siege :

Radiation lays a siege to the radiosensitive animals which survive drastic cooling. After a lethal dose the frogs will die, within three to six weeks if kept at ordinary temperature, but if they are stored up in a dormant state at a low temperature just above freezing point, they will survive for many months. However, as soon as these irradiated frogs are warmed up they begin to show the radiation symptoms and will die in he same time interval as the frogs which are not cooled after irradiation. It appears as if radiation laid a siege to the irradiated frogs and attacked as soon as the barrier of cold was removed.

(7)      Suggestion of Alexander haddow:-

About forty years ago Alexander Haddow suggested that the cancer-producing action of the cancer-producing substances may be the result of prolonged interference with normal growth. In other words the prolonged encompassment of the tissue. This, however, is no more than a suggestion and has to be supported by scientific proof  to gain acceptance by the world of science.

(8)      Radiation encompasses mankind, even all life on earth, till it has made them extinct:-

This indeed is the most grievous feature of the radiation effects. Even a very small amount of radiation can mutate the genes. Genes give the form and shape to the different species. Radiations mutate these genes and therefore mutate the particular form of the species and thus it is that the mutated genes cause the birth of abnormal children. The mutated genes move from generation to generation secretly till they manifest their existence in any future generation in the birth of an abnormal child. And this abnormality unfortunately is inheritable and therefore moves on continuously from generation to generation. The kinds of abnormality increase gradually in form through marriage, and so also the number of the persons involved keeps on the increase till the entire populations are in danger of extinction, for the chimerical children are devoid of the ability for survival and do perish after a spell of misery, distress, suffering and sorrow. Alas ! but these are the proved and well established facts of science and could in no way be considered either as fanciful talk or alarmist views. A world full  of cancer-ridden chimeras is to be found in the end of the age of the atomic-energy for peace. All that we have said of the human beings, exactly the same could be said of all animal species and plants that inhabit this earth. Animal species as well as plants shall turn chimerical and shall perish. This world shall be changed into a real and really dreadful atomic hell. Radiations render this earth un-inhabitable even after they have made life extinct on earth.

(9)      The hellish scene of the future atomic age ought to be imagined:-

Mankind even today may be seen to have been encompassed by the atomic fire, and they now find no way out of the trap despite their endeavour to get out of it and despite their full knowledge of the dire hazards that are incident on the adoption of the atomic energy. Like the lazy octopus the atomic energy has caught them in its feelers. Yet what is the atomic energy today? But a few reactors operating in the entire world, that is just a few fires blazing on earth at very great distances from each other. The generality of mankind even have not heard the name of reactor or reprocessing plant, but what a day when this earth will be bestrewn with reactors, old, outmoded, condemned and condemnable being augmented by new entrants every day. It is horrible to know that then every power house, factory, ship, submarine, engine aeroplane, bus even the private car will have its own and independent reactor. The exploding reactors will create a scene of bonfire over the earth, the radiations piercing through the bodies like rays, though invisible and undetectable. This earth will then be like huge ball encompassed by the radiation bonfire, and it will be like a huge asylum of diseases, miseries, afflictions, sorrows, sufferings. Such will be the state of sufferings, that men will forget the sense of suffering. That will be the real atomic hell. The scientists of today are in dire need of a powerful imagination which in these present days of little atomic energy can bring to one’s view the state of those times when the atomic energy will be in its full fledged state in the world, a world of cancer-ridden chimeras.


The Quran  says:- “Hotama is a fire closed in on them in outstretched columns”,

(I)       Outstretched columns of the atomic bomb explosion :-

The Outstretched columns of the atomic bomb explosion has become a symbolic representation and is known to all.

(ii)      Radio-active atomic particles raise columns too:

It is  not only the atomic bomb explosion that raises a column, but rather the Radio-active atomic particles too raise columns by themselves. A single Uranium 235 fission liberates huge energy equal to 200 MeV, and if a Copper atom has to traverse a height of one inch, it has to move a distance equal to 100 million times its own diameter. We find that an Alpha Particle which is much smaller than the Copper atom in size, and whose radius is of the order of 10-13 cm can raise to the height of 3 to 7 centimeters. If we take 4 cm as the average, we understand that the particle has traversed a distance equal to millions of millions of times its own diameter. A football to rise into the air in a similar ratio to its size would move far into the outer space. Gamma Rays despite extreme smallness traverse a distance of 200 yards in air. This ratio is further formidable rather inexpressibly large. Beta Rays move several yards in air. The Neutron in the process of fission chain reaction of Uranium 235 has to move a distance more than ten thousand times its size while rising from one nucleus to another. Yet the neutron is checked by the absorbing nucleus. Otherwise, it can travel far greater distances if left to move unchecked. It means that the feature of raising columns is inherent in the very nature of atomic  phenomenon, and is not confined to the atomic bomb explosion only. Further we find the cosmic rays falling in showers on earth from the outer space. What formidable heights these columns would have. It may also be remembered that the speed of the atomic particles is so fast, (Gamma rays move with the speed of light), that the rising particles would appear like the light of lightening and so appearing like column to our sight.


The Holy Prophet, Peace be Upon Him said:-

“Allah will send angels equipped with covers of fire, and nails of fire, and columns of fire. They will cover the doomed with nails of fire and will stretch the columns of fire upward. The entire phenomenon will be made so very airtight that neither a trace of delight shall enter from without, nor a trace of agony shall escape from within. Allah will forget them on His throne, and will cut them off from His mercy.  The inmates of paradise will begin to enjoy the boons of Allah. The inmates of a hell will cease to cry for help, and speech will come to an end. Their speech then will be (as the sound of) inhaling and exhaling”.

                                    (Quoted from Al-Jallalain).

Now it is hard to find a better description of the phenomenon of the atomic bomb explosion fourteen centuries in the past. The atomic bomb explosion is exactly a cover of fire like an inverted cauldron. The radiations are the nails of fire, and the columns of the atomic bomb explosions are the columns of fire stretched upward.


            The Quran says “What could teach thee what Al-Hotama is”?.

According to the original commentators of the Quran the interrogative mode of the Quran regarding the Hotama implies the extreme terribleness of the phenomenon of Hotama. What does the atomic bomb explosion mean? The most that could be said about it is that it is hell ablaze. Shakespeare would stare aghast at the dire  spectacle of the atomic bomb explosion. Dantes would loose their mind. This is all very well known by every one.  But what is not at all known hitherto is that the state of the world in full-fledged atomic-energy-for-peace is going to be nonetheless terrible. A powerful imagination coupled with the knowledge of atomic science can picture before one’s eyes the miserable state of the atomic age. To the factor of terribleness could now in the light of the manifestations of the atomic phenomenon be added the factor that of the complexity, intricacy, and insurgency of the subject of the nuclear science. It has baffled the scientists and they are forced to grope their way in the dark labyrinth with the danger every moment of falling into some ruinous pit. But for the traditional optimism of the scientist and indeed due to the blinding influence of the causes of the appearance of the atomic hell they would leave and forsake the subject of nuclear science as beyond the human ken and control. But the power of the doom is overwhelming. It is hard to believe how anyone could ignore the spectacle of the entire mankind being roasted alive in the atomic bomb explosions, and of mankind’s being pierced through by the atomic radiations in the atomic-energy -for- peace and being changed into a miserable, cancer-ridden, diseased, lot of chimeras on earth that which is to be changed into a huge hospital and later on a huge grave.


The causes of the punishment of Al-Hotama according to the Quran are as follows:-

“Woe to every backbiter, defamer, who amasseth wealth (of this world) and arrangeth it (against the future). He thinketh that his wealth will render him immortal. Nay, for, verily he will be cast into Al-Hotama”. 

(Al-Quran- CIV- Al-Homaza)

The following, thus are the causes, of the punishment of Al-Hotama:-

(1)      Backbiting and defaming.

(2)      Engrossment in the accumulation of wealth of this world in a continuous, systematic manner.

(3)      Belief in the eternity of their riches.

That is, so  deep an interest in the life of this world as to consider it eternal and to think that the riches will go on increasing for ever.

These are then, and very unfortunately indeed, the exact causes of the appearance of the atomic hell in this world. Backbiting and defaming indeed are the terms that are not very likable but the fact indeed is that these qualities  that appear to us so very ugly and indeed so very loathsome do constitute the basic spirit of the philosophy of atomism that is the philosophy of this age, and therefore of this otherwise very enlightened age. The difference only is that the knowledge and the intelligence have imparted  to the evil of slander a sophisticated and intellectual cast and thus it is that the word propaganda which in the premodern ages meant propagation and publicity has in this age assumed a peculiar meaning that implies slander, though intellectual slander. The critical attitude of rationalism too may be seen to have been tainted with calumny.

As far as the question of the engrossment in the pursuit of wealth accumulation is concerned there could be no two opinions that this modern age is the age of wealth accumulation. According to the scheme of the modern philosophy man has to obtain the dominion over nature for material benefit and physical comforts. Leaving aside the philosophical implications, just see around you in the entire world, and then see if anyone anywhere has any interest other than the acquirement and accumulation of wealth. Wealth is the soul, the spirit, the life and every thing in this  age.

And lastly as far as the question of  their considering their riches  as eternal and increasing  in a systemic, continuous, infinite and eternal manner is concerned, not much thinking, and not much acute observation is required to know that every effort and all endeavour is directed toward making this life perpetual by means of  strong enduring buildings, factories, concerns and other monuments of science. One look on the modern science-guided, machine-ridden, systematic, continuous, infinite eternal progress for self sufficiency shows clearly that it is the effort to perpetuate this life and keep the riches increasing to the utmost achievable limits. Their solicitude for the durability of material works shows the hope for ever living in this world.

Without any fear of contradiction the following signs of the Quran may be cited as applicable to this modern age of atomism:-

“Woe to every backbiter, defamer, who amaseth the wealth (of this world) and arrangeth (against the  future). He thinketh that his wealth will render him immortal. Nay, for , verily he shall be cast into Al-Hotama”.

And it means that even if the people of this age escape the punishment of the atomic hell of this world, they fulfill  all the conditions of the Hotama of the next world . To escape the atomic hazard, however, the causes have to be removed. Are not the causes clearly given by the Quran?



The Quran says: "Verily he will be cast into Al-Hotama ".

The atomic hell is the scientific and logical consequence of the three evils referred to by the Quran as the cause of the appearance of Al-Hotama. The atomic fire appeared as a result of a systematic and continuous process of scientific researches with the object exclusively of material gain and man’s dominion over the natural forces. Like the three ingredients of gunpowder, when  three evils become mixed, the result is atomic hell. It is these same three evils that will now sustain the existence of atomic hell, depsite man’s knowledge of the grievous hazards that are imminent. The Quran has more than once correlated the wealth of this world with fire. They who devour the substance of the orphan wrongly they devour the fire in their stomachs, says the Quran, and that the accumulated gold and silver not spent in the name of Allah will be heated in the fire of hell, and the faces, the backs and the flanks of such accumulators shall be branded therewith. And also that they whose exclusive pursuit in this world is the pursuit of this world, for such there is nothing in the other world except the fire. Very unfortunately, however, the pursuit of the world in this age according to the modern philosophy of atomism is not merely pursuit, it is the main object of man. And more unfortunately still the followers of religions like Christianity, Islam and Hinduism have cleared their conscience by the notion that their religion did allow such a pursuit. Some have said that their religion encouraged such pursuits. While others have said that the material achievements of this modern science were the exact aim of their religion and they add that their forefathers in this respect erred and showed no interest therein while certain other nations adopted that path of progress and went too far toward the destination that of self-sufficiency. Now, however, the situation is crystal clear. The modern material progress is there and its result the atomic hell is there ready to consume all that their science achieved during the past several centuries, and to consume along with their achievements their own lives, and it may happen any moment. Only such as are blinded by the influence of the doom may overlook these possibilities. This world, however, at present plays the blind and is ostriching.







            The decision of science against the adoption of atomic-energy-for-peace is something which should come as surprise just as surprising as the fact that the Quran should, predict, describe, and warn against the atomic hell with a view to averting the atomic danger from mankind. Equally surprising will be the declaration that this age were the most ignorant inpspite of its proverbially great knowledge. This age indeed may be deemed as ignorant, due to its ignorance of the subject on which were now staked the peace as well as the existence not only of mankind but also of all life on earth. We allude to the subject of nuclear science. Not only that all the knowledge available concerning the subject of nuclear science is too elementary and scanty as yet, the knowledge of that scanty portion too is a rarity. The masses all over the world are utterly ignorant of it. The Non-scientist scholars all over the world fare little better. Among the scientist community the nuclear scientist it is that may be expected to know of this subject, but unfortunately few among the nuclear scientists are to be found in the world who really know the subject which in itself is proverbially minute, Proverbially complex, and one that appears to be functioning in regions beyond human ken and defying with relentless insurgency the efforts of man in affecting perfect control and command. We will try to show the situation in the court of science. There we will see the extent of the present day knowledge of man about the subject, and there we will see how far the decision of recommending the atomic energy for peace at present in the present situation is hasty, premature and disastrous. This might be an eye opener.


            The spirit of sagacity has filed the suit against the nuclear scientist in the Court of Lord Justice Science and has engaged an Advocate. It is an historic case. The galleries of the Court are full to the brim, and, beam with the reverenced, serious and sagacious faces of the scientists of every era of human history, and philosophers from early Greek to the most modern of this age. All occupying their seats according to the order of the era of history and the subject. Faces like Einstein, Chadwick, Rutherford, Fermi, Madame Curie, Muller, Oppenheimer, Teller and many others of the modern atomists and Radiobiologists can be recognized. Philosophers like Socrates, Aristotle, Plato, among hundreds of others of prime note may also be seen in the company. Yet the two faces that appear most conspicuous among this gathering of the notables are of Bacon and Democritus. Darwin sits with a peculiar air of his own. The worried face of Bertrand Russell too could be discerned in a corner. On the whole, air of seriousness, anxiety, and greatness prevails throughout the Galleries. In another apartment may be seen the newspapermen to report the sensational proceedings of the case to the impatient, distressed world around.

            The Lord Justice of Science has taken his seat and the proceedings of the court begin. The Prosecutor General rises to read the accusations. He is heard to read the following:-

NUCLEAR SCIENTIST! You are hereby accused in this Augusts Court of the Lord Justice of Science, of recommending the use of the atomic energy for peace, without first having full control over so exceptionally dangerous a force, and without first providing the means of protection against the deadly radiations to the millions residing in the neighbourhood of the reactors despite the fact that the reactors may explode any moment inundating the neighbouring districts with the floods of pernicious radiations leaving in the unfortunate populations on the mercy of the elements, and without first discovering any sure cure for radiation sickness, or discovering any means of detecting or destroying the genes mutated by radiation, thus throwing the future generations of humanity into grievous jeopardy, and indeed without first obtaining sufficient knowledge of the subject in question nay even being content with the most meager knowledge and being overhasty in recommending the use of atomic energy, a force most insurgent and most unusually dangerous to the health, life and well being of mankind, animal species, and plants all over the world. The honourable court takes the most serious view of your gross violation of the general rules of the methodology of science inspite of your professed allegiance to our Lord the Science. You are charged with the murder of mankind, as the originator and the author of the untold miseries and afflictions and sufferings and the total annihilation of life on earth arising from the long-term effects of atomic radiations, the product of atomic energy, the energy which you now recommended despite your knowledge of the serious hazards incident thereon. The seriousness of the charges is clear. Do you plead guilty to the charges?


            "The truth of the hazards incident upon the adoption of atomic energy could not be denied in the light of the experimental knowledge obtained by the best of authorities. But the adoption of atomic energy we recommend, firstly because of the inevitable necessity of energy, secondly, because we believe that some discoveries might be made during the utility cum experiment process that might solve the problem of the hazards of atomic energy. If the accusation be truthful then it is not we the nuclear scientists that are to be blamed alone, but there is the politician, there is the industrialist and there is the mankind in general to share the blame with the nuclear scientist who is nothing but an instrument in the hands of this present age. Murderers of mankind or the originators of the sufferings of the future generation, we are not, rather we may justly think ourselves as the benefactors of mankind, and there is the proof in this very world so clear that you cannot miss the mark of material bliss on any thing or any place that you may see yourself the world over. I therefore with a clear conscience plead not guilty to the charges that are laid against me as the nuclear scientist".

            Here the Lady Nemesis rises to her feet, and addressing the nuclear scientist cries at the top of her voice:-

            “You may deny the charges now, but if the facts of science are true, and they certainly are true, then a day will come in this very world that these your organs will themselves be witnesses against you. Your cancer ridden body and hands and feet, and your skin, your eyes and your eyebrows shall bespeak the truth of the charges laid against you in this Court of True Justice”.

            In response to the outburst of the Lady Nemesis the nuclear scientist says nothing, only eyes her piteously. The Lord Justice Science then orders the Council of The Plaintiff to proceed with cross examination. The Advocate then rises and begins his questions and the nuclear scientist gives his answers.


Advocate :                  

Do you recommend the use of the atomic- energy-for-peace in the present situation of the nuclear science as it is that is without any protection to the masses against radiation, sinspite of the possibility of the leakage and the explosion of the reactor, and without any sure cure for radiation sickness and without any understanding of the subject for discovering any cure.

Nuclear Scientist

Yes, of course, I do. And I do not only recommend the use of atomic energy for peace, but also I offer my hearty cooperation in the enterprise.


Why so and wherefore?

Nuclear Scientist

Because the need for the energy is imminent. The means and sources of energy are dwindling and the danger is that if no alternative means of energy are discovered, the world may face economic crisis unprecedented in human history and this mankind may face the worst type of famine. The world demands it and we endeavour to the best of our ability to supply the demand.


No doubt the sources of energy are dwindling, and no doubt the world demands it, and no doubt you very sincerely try to supply the demand, but do you know that the atomic energy has some very exceptional, very unusual hazards incident upon it?

N. Scientist

Yes there are some extremely touchy points therein, but we hope to surmount the difficulties in time. As scientist have to be optimistic and have to maintain the hope of one day being able to make some discoveries that may serve as the remedy of all expected atomic ills.


Do you agree that radiation is in any amount is harmful?


Yes. I do.


And that radiation is inherent in the very nature of atomic energy?


Yes! That is right.


And that atomic radiation can involve mankind in many and very pernicious diseases like cancer, radiation sickness, abnormal births to the extent that this entire life on earth may become extinct after a miserable spell of sufferings in the forms of chimeras?


N. Scientist

As far as the principle is concerned, it is possible.  Judging the affair, however, in the present situation of the atomic energy and its scantiness in the world such views may be merely treated as alarmist views. Only a few reactors function all over the world and even the secret genetic effects of radiation that appear in some future generation may be considered well within the margin of safety.


You do accept the truth of the principle and then you call the view an alarmist view, only because the affair is yet in the beginning and the effects may appear in some future generation which is not as yet born.

N. Scientist

Yes! No doubt, it is a fact, yet we are very optimistic that some discovery will in the course of experiment appear that will solve the tricky problems.


Do you think this attitude, this optimistic attitude of yours in the particular case of the atomic energy, this hoping in some future discovery that would appear to solve the problem to be very scientific?


Whether scientific or not, the circumstances force us to adopt this optimistic attitude.


Radiation you say! Is harmful to health in any amount whatsoever, and is inherent in the very nature of atomic energy. Have you sought to find any means of protection against it?


Yes! We have known that the only method of protection against radiation is by completely covering the source of radiation materially.


Is that all?


Yes! We do cover every reactor and every other source of radiation completely materially by means of lead or concrete. Thus do we ensure the protection against radiation? Also a sort of radiation proof dress has been invented, and the employees of the atomic plants are provided with it.


Indeed, but can you cover with lead or concrete every individual in the neighbouring district of the exploding reactor, or is it possible for them to wear that Radiation proof dress you spoke of?

N. Scientist

No! Of course not. The dress is too inconvenient and could not be worn round the clock from birth to death.


But are there no reactors leak proof?


They are not only not leak proof, they begin to leak radiation at times, but they also can explode to inundate the neighbouring districts with the floods of radiations. And the crux of the matter is that every reactor must as a rule Finnish its natural life of about forty years in explosion, besides occasional disturbances. Recently in America one reactor went out of order and unruly, and the American government was obliged to evacuate about a million people from the neighbouring district to some safe place, for if they are not evacuated in time, that is within a day or two, the consequences are to be dire. Besides the death and radiation sickness, the danger of the genes mutation is there that would affect some generation in posterity with disastrous results.



You spoke about gene mutation. What is that and what are its effects?

N. Scientist

Radiation very readily attacks the genes and it mutates them. These mutated genes appear in the form of abnormal births. But these mutated genes secretly move from generation to generation, and then in some generation they manifest their existence in the form of abnormal births. These abnormalities are inheritable, that they move from generation to generation, that is the monsters beget similar monsters. The abnormalities multiply in forms and numbers through marriage. The number of those involved is gradually increased, and it may increase to the proportions that may prove disastrous to the entire populations. Full countries may become the asylums for the infirm and sick, who being incapable to continue their existence on earth would be wiped out from its face after a spell of misery and suffering as poor miserable cancer ridden chimeras.


If so dangerous be the case what means of protection against the radiation you can or you have provided to the unfortunate people who happen to reside in the neighbourhood of the reactors?  Indeed it is certain that you would have looked to this very important point.


Nothing absolutely. Nothing could possibly be done. It is not possible even to detect the gene mutation. Nor there is anything to be done after the mutated gene has manifested itself in abnormal birth. Such is the nature of the affair. It is not possible to cover every individual in the neighboring district of the reactors, and when afterwards the entire earth is covered with the reactors, every individual of the entire mankind, not only mankind, but every species including plants that existed on earth will be within the reach of radiations as an easy prey, and it is hard to imagine into what monstrous and what hideous form the species will be changed in time by the genetic effects of radiation. The occurrence of deaths of a radiation sickness and cancers is besides. There are simply no means of protection to be provided to the generality of mankind and the radiation proof dress to which I have presently alluded cannot be possibly worn by the peoples. It is like a huge sack fitted with goggles to see through. It is very difficult to carry on the normal work while such a dress is on. Again it has as a rule to be worn by every individual on earth round the clock from birth to death like the normal skin without having a chance to change. For there is no time for radiation. It may attack any moment. Even in the bath room. And it is undetectable. In the case of death as a result of the radiation attack, or in the case of radiation sickness, the attack of radiation might be known, but in the case of the radiation attack on the genes, not even a sign will be there throughout the life of the individual inspite of the fact of his genes having been mutated. Mankind,  in case it were obliged to wear such a dress, surely would soon prefer to go without the material boons of atomic energy and cry out against such a dress. Again how to cause every animal and plant to wear the radiation proof dress?.


That means the mankind and all the creation of God on earth is being treated as guinea pigs in a most disastrous, universal experiment.


It indeed sounds, very evil. Yet we have to take it as the lesser evil. The greater evil being the fear of the industrial breakdown and the consequent famine.


The atomic energy may then be treated as the greater evil than the expected famine caused by the breakdown for the industrial set up. Btu let us proceed on our topic. You have told harrowing tale of the Pseudiogenetic effects. Can you do anything to avoid or to avert the danger?


No! Absolutely nothing could be done in this respect. There are no means to detect or to destroy the mutated genes. And nothing could be done when afterwards they have manifested themselves in the form of abnormal children, or even thereafter.


It indeed is grievous to hear all this. It is horrible enough to cause one’s hair to stand on end.


Indeed horrible enough to cause shudders.


Do you still insist on recommending the use of atomic energy for peace?



Yes. I do. For we think a certain proportion of a population may be allowed to be involved in the abnormality brought about by radiation with the sense of safety for the rest of population.


But if this proportion begins to increase and exceed the appointed limits of safety, can you do anything at all to prevent the further growth?


No. Nothing at present, but may be in future in the course of the continuing experiment we come across some new discovery that may provide us with the desired remedy.


Is this a scientist we are listening to? Supposing no discovery came before radiation has done its insidious work?


No. That's not like that. Something at some stage might appear to save the situation. We ought to be optimistic.


            Do you believe in miracles?


            No. That is unscientific to believe in miracles.



To believe in a miracle is better than believing in the possibility of any discovery in nuclear science such as may prove to be the remedy of the nuclear ills judging from the particular nature of nuclear science and the particular nature of the nuclear experiment. Are you sure that some discovery will come at some time?


No. There is no surety. It just depends.


Is it not better then for the nuclear scientist to leave the actual utility of the atomic energy and resort to the laboratory and there make experimentation till the discovery is made, and the question of protection against radiation is solved, and sure cure for radiation sickness is discovered, and then there after only to allow the adoption of the atomic energy for practical purposes?


The course you have suggested is right and proper. But there are difficulties. Firstly that the necessity of the energy is urgent. Secondly, that the particular nature of the experiment of atomic radiation warrants the actual inclusion of the human experiment. The results derived from the guinea pigs may or may not be applicable to other species, and thus there is the possibility of a dire mistake. Thirdly that the experiment of nuclear science requires the lapse of generations before the actual results are obtained.


That is why the human species is being treated as guinea pigs in the experiment of adopting the atomic energy.

N. Scientist



You know that the long-term effects of radiations may prove ruinous to mankind and the entire life on earth. And you say that generations are required to elapse before the actual results of the nuclear experiment appear. Then in case by the time the results have appeared in some future generation, is not there the possibility that the health of mankind would have by then been irreparably impaired, so that if after that atomic energy is abolished, that would be of no avail?


            That is right.


Then allow me to call it the suicidal experimentation and not simply the experiment of science, this adoption of atomic energy.


No.  That is not that. Optimism is the rule of the scientist. We hope for the best.


There are exceptions every where in the world, and this case of the atomic energy may well be taken as exception in the realm of science. Your optimism in the case of nuclear science may be called the optimism of impossibility, indeed a folly.


The nuclear scientist is a scientist and not a philosopher.


Our demand from you is not of a philosophy but of science. We request you to assume scientific attitude. Nor the philosophy is the name of wishful or whimsical dreaming only. The philosopher has to assume the scientific mode of thinking. Your unscientific optimism will damn this world surely.


Let us proceed with the actual topic.


You have prescribed a permissible dose of radiation.




Are you sure about the correctness of that amount?


No. There is no certainty about the correctness of the dose.


Is there any danger if the amount prescribed is not correct?


Yes. In case the amount prescribed is in excess of the actual total amount then considerable damage to health and life of mankind could be anticipated.


Do you still insist on the adoption of the atomic-energy-for-peace?


Yes! I think I do. Continuous experimentation is the rule of science, and this we will carry on.


In spite of the exceptional situation of atomic energy.


Yes of course, we are bound to. Rule is the rule.


Have you ever imagined the state of the future world of full fledged atomic energy with thousand of reactors, and the earth covered with the net of radiations, and converted into an asylum?


As far as the imagination is concerned, I certainly can view the future state of the world with its full fledged atomic energy .Yet to reach to that state experimenting continually is our business. The affair will be dealt with in a practical, matter of fact manner.


Have you ever thought of the miseries, sufferings, afflictions, diseases which will have their origin in the atomic energy. Have you ever shuddered over that, or have you ever shed a tear over that state, or have you ever thought of your share in all that as the discoverer and the promoter of the atomic energy. All the benefits, and boons of science and the scientist will then be swallowed by the miseries created by science and the scientist.


By that time some discovery might have been made to solve the problems.


The discovery already is there that can within moments solve all the problems of mankind.


            What’s that?


            The Nuclear bomb.


That is up to men not to use that method.


How the radioactive residue of the atomic plants is faring?


Oh. That is pretty nuisance. Do what we may with it, bury inland, bury beneath of sea, bury anywhere it certainly will show its nefarious effects.


That is good example for you to take a lesson from.


Necessity over-rules the lessons and blurs every sentiment.


You have confessed complete helplessness in the case of radioactive residue and you have no safe place on earth for dumping that irresistible and insurgent stuff, and you are obliged to carry that to the moon but a moony could dream of doing that, and the poor earth it is and its inhabitants that will have to suffer from that obvious issue. You have confessed your complete helplessness in providing protection to the neighboring millions of atomic reactors. And you have confessed your helplessness in detecting the mutated genes or destroying them, or doing anything after they have begun to manifest their existence in the form of abnormal births, now pray tell us your position In the case of somatic effects that is the bodily effects of radiations.


Excepting cancer which we can destroy with radiation, and that dose not mean cure, we are absolutely helpless in the case of radiation sickness, or the blindness which is produced by certain radiations. No sure cure for radiation sickness has as yet been discovered, nor is any such cure in sight. Nothing can be done to avoid or to cure the injury caused by radiation, whether the cell is killed or mutated or whether it survives is a question of its own ability and the lethal efficacy of the radiation. Man is helpless in the conflict and has no power to affect the response of the cell to radiation. No therapeutic measure hitherto has been of any avail in case of radiation sickness. As far as cancer is concerned, we can destroy its cells by radiation, but cannot cure it in the proposed sense of the word cure. But the crux of the matter is that radiation is a double edged sword. It can destroy cancer as well as create cancer.


A strange summary indeed and a strange conclusion. Radiation inherent in the nature of the atomic energy, and capable of brining untold miseries to the world and rendering all life on earth extinct after a spell of miserable existence. The control of men over it next only to nothing. The leakage as well as the explosion of the atomic energy reactor being a possibility and the consequent flooding of the neigbhouring districts containing millions of people with deadly radiation a certainty, and the arrangements for the protection of the unfortunate neighbours of the exploded reactor against the radiation nil. Radiation sickness the sure result of the exposure to radiation, and any sure cure for radiation sickness unavailable, nor any sign of any discovery of such a cure in sight. Radiation mutating the genes with dire consequences to future generations, of men, animals and plants, and no means at all either to detect the mutated genes, or to destroy them. The mutated genes to make their existence manifest in some future generation in the form of abnormal births, and nothing there to prevent or to cure the malady. Species to be changed to the mutated genes into miserable chimeras on their way to extinction and no control of man over the situation, and nothing to do but to suffer and perish. The danger of the atomic war associated with the presence of atomic energy for peace and the scientist content with merely avoiding the mention of the atomic weapons as a sign of inherent disgust with the subject. Judging the nuclear scientist as a man of sense and one endowed with the sense of great responsibility he bears, to what his complacent and over-optimistic attitude toward atomic energy be attributed other than the darkness impressed upon the eye by the impelling influence of the three causes of the appearance of the atomic hell pointed out by the Holy Scripture, that now compel the mankind toward the grievous doom of atomic bombs and the atomic radiations.


The nuclear scientist is obliged by the rules of research and experimentation to continue and to carry on the experiment to its scientific end. If the tears that you have entertained and expressed in this discussion be treated by the scientists in the same manner as you have done, then all research and experimentation and consequently the progress will come to an end, and there you can see the results of such an attitude on the part of the scientist. Optimism has to be our rule. It is simply impossible for us to think otherwise. If the scientists suffer in the course of research and experimentation, they take it in the spirit of sacrifice for mankind. The sailor cannot abandon the ship to the storm.


Alas then, it appears that you will give no attention to the proposition of taking the atomic energy as an exceptional case.



The methodology of experimentation in the realm of science entertains no such idea as the exception of anything. All the universe is controlled by the same laws and every thing has to be taken on the same level.


This then is the example of compound ignorance and hence incurable. The subject of nuclear science has done damage to the cells of thought in human brain, and the damage which the nuclear science has done to the cells of human brain appears irreparable and irreversible as in the case of the damage done to the genes by the atomic radiation.


This is philosophy and the scientist is not at all concerned with philosophy. Experimentation, practical, material experimentation is our business and any one who has conversation with the scientist ought as a rule to keep to the scientific side of the problem and must not diverge onto the philosophical implications.


Only if the nuclear radiation too would be convinced by your argument and leave off their habit of stinging the people with deadly rays. Let us, however, revert to science. Has any key discovery, hitherto been made in Radiobiology?


Clues are there, indeed numerous, but the key discoveries have yet to be made.


It sounds strange, when seen against your recommendation of the use of the atomic energy in which radiation is as an inherent factor and indeed very deadly one. But tell us, if anything is known as yet of the details of the fine structure of the nucleus of the cell in the resting stage?


Nothing as yet.


Is the division of function between cytoplasm and nucleus clear cut?


No. It is not. And there is considerable evidence for the presence of some genetic factors in the cytoplasm while a considerable amount of synthesis of structural material also occurs in the nucleus.


Which of the two current hypotheses about the chromosome breaks is correct?

N. Scientist

None, and a theory will have to be evolved which incorporate the features of both.


Is the nature of the injury which holds up the normal cell cycle for a time known?




Is the mechanism, by which enzymes can cause specific chemical reaction to take place, understood?




Have the chemists understood the reaction that takes place in the synthesis of proteins from aminoacids?


No. It has so far defied the ingenuity of the chemists.


Has any convincing reason been put forward to explain why there are tremendous variations between different cells in their response to radiation?



            No. None.


Is it possible then to base radiotherapy of cancer or methods of protection against radiation on a reliable foundation?


No. It is not possible. It is a measure of difficulty and complexity of the subject that not even a tentative answer can be given to the question. The key problem of cancer research is : What stimuli cause a cell to stop dividing when an organ reaches a correct size and to repair damage after injury?


Is the mechanisms by which radiations eradicate the tumors quite simple?


            No.  It is extremely complex.


Is the way in which tumour cells are killed or sterilized fully understood?




Can as yet all the stages between the passages of radiation through the irradiated organs and the final injury be followed?




Is it easy to predict the course and outcome of radiation treatment?


            No. It is difficult.


The most obvious effect of radiation on cell is death. Yet it is easy to define even this drastic change for the individual cell?


            No. It is far from easy.


Can any complete explanation be given for the paradox that although the pathological changes from whole body irradiation are diffused and ill-defined, yet death occurs with remarkable regularity?


No. This is a sort of a mystery which of all the various kinds of poisons is a peculiarly distinctive characteristics of atomic radiation.


Well, this may be taken as an argument for the encompassing trait of atomic energy, but can the symptoms of acute radiation sickness tell anything about the cause of death?


The symptoms of acute radiation sickness can be summarized but they tell us little about the cause of death. If a pathologist carries out a postmortem examination on a mammal which has succumbed after a radiation dose of a few hundred roentgen, he would find it very difficult to pinpoint death to failure of a particular organ.


Has any treatment yet been found which applied after irradiation can reduce the number of mutations? Is recovery possible from mutation?


No. No treatment has yet been found which applied sometime after irradiation, can reduce the number of mutations since no recovery is possible from mutation, no post irradiation treatment would be expected to restore a mutation. Even that little which has been discovered to be of some effect before irradiation can be considered to little practical use to the insidious nature of radiation.


Has any treatment been found for radiation sickness? Or is there any sign at present of such a discovery?

N. Scientist



Has any thing been found to detect, and or destroy the mutated gene?


            No. Nothing.


            Has any real cure been found for cancer?


No real cure for cancer. Only the cancer cells are destroyed by radiation.


Can the chemicals protect against the long-term effects of radiation?


No answer can be given to the question. Whether chemicals can protect against the long term effects of radiation. Technical difficulties make it extremely hard to measure accurately the mutations produced in mammals.


How is it that a dose of radiation sufficient to kill or visibly injure a cell represents such a minute amount of energy that it could only affect a very few molecules, a change totally insufficient to bring about the pronounced biological effects directly?


It is not known, and it in fact is a challenge to the scientists.


Has any effective substance against radiation effect been found?



It is both a disappointment and surprise that no effective substance against radiation effect has been found.


Would to God, that your sentiment of astonishment and surprise in so important a matter touch your faculty of thought regarding your attitude regarding the recommendation of the use of the atomic energy and cause you to pause and think of your recommendation before finding answers to all such questions and find enough patience to wait till full control over the subject of nuclear science has been achieved. This dialogue that has gone between you and me has shown the poverty of man’s knowledge of the subject of radiobiology at present. Though I am not unaware of the sufficiency of the available knowledge of this subject. It indeed is great and is the result of admirable exertions of the concerned scientists who have toiled and laboured day in day out, and their painstaking have been mingled with great ingenuity and appreciable intelligence. Great geniuses all. Judging from the extreme difficulty and complexity of the subject their findings deserve real admiration yet they are sufficient to recommend a stoppage of the adoption of atomic energy till further discoveries that ensured safety from radiation effects. The nature of the subject is such that they have to go a long way as yet before issuing recommendations of the adoption of the atomic energy. Their hasty conclusions are sure to subject the world to ruin. What urgently is desired is the realization of the fact that the margin now left is too short to allow a long term investigation. Instantaneous recoil from the brim of atomic hell is that which is expedient.


            And now my Lord Science!!!  I bring my cross examination of the nuclear scientist to its end. Surely in the light of that which has passed between us the reality which has come to light without any doubt is that the recommendation of the adoption of atomic energy before achieving full control on the subject, and providing safeguards against the effects of radiation means to throw this world right into the blazing hell of atomic energy without any protection. The decision of recommendation on the part of any one is erroneous, hasty, unjustifiable and ruinous, and therefore liable to impeachment, conviction and sentence. The knowledge of the nuclear scientist in the field of nuclear science is as yet too meager, his control on the nuclear phenomenon too little, and the subject of the atomic energy is one that fraught with danger, hazards and implications of so unusual and so unknown a kind, that only if the mankind in general could realize the true picture thereof, and could have but a glimpse of the disasters, catastrophies, destruction , diseases, miseries, sufferings, untold and unknown, unusual and unique, this mankind would run off with hysterical shrieks, Germans before English, English before Americans, Americans before the French, French before Italians, and Italians before Yugoslavs, running and cursing, cursing and running and reprobating and damning the atomic energy as well as its makers, under the terrifying guffaws of the ghosts of the Hiroshimians and Nagasakians. My Lord Science!!! It is thus by adopting the atomic energy for peace without first having the full control over the          natural force involved, and particularly the atomic energy, that the general rule of the methodology of science that science could be used for construction as well as destruction is being thrown into jeopardy, for, the result of this hasty adoption of the atomic energy is going to be nothing but destruction, the initial construction being swallowed by the subsequent damages to final ruin. This attitude of the nuclear scientist therefore could well be marked as a gross violation of the established rules and regulations of science whose allegiance he hitherto has claimed to have professed with all his heart. My Lord Science!!! The Nuclear scientist has more than once asserted his sense of optimism and has always declared it as a necessary element in the course of scientific research and experimentation. The reason for his optimism appears to be in the fact that this present generation unless involved in atomic warfare, would pass away without suffering the damage of the radiation but enjoying only its fruits. A cancer ridden community of nuclear scientist would perhaps renounce such an optimism, it is a lamentable fact that a generation would leave so much debt of genetic load, and debt that is to be paid by their own posterity, their own blood and their own kin. And lastly, your Lordship is requested to give a decree that let the practice of adoption of atomic energy for practical purposes cease forthwith at pain of death, and let not the adoption of atomic energy be undertaken until full control of the subject has been achieved, until every single individual human being, animal and plant is afforded full and complete protection against radiation. Any one violating this edict should be charged with the murder of humanity and every living thing on earth and the plants. If, then it is found impossible to comply with the conditions set above, then let the case of the atomic energy be dropped from the book of science for ever, for ever, for the sake of humanity.






The Lord Justice Science rises to give judgment and hush prevails. The Lord Justice Science then reads his decision as follows:-

“The ability of the counsel, and the honesty and the ability of the nuclear scientist has saved this court a lot of  bickering and haranguing. The case has been conducted  in a most amiable and genial atmosphere. We have a reason to express our satisfaction at the honest and complacent attitude of our votary, the scientist. As far as the case is concerned, it is clear, and so is the decision of this court. Let the practice of the adoption of atomic energy for practical purposes cease forth with at the express command of this court.  Let the nuclear scientist resort to the laboratory for experimentation. Utility-cum-experimentation method of nuclear scientist cannot be allowed in the case of nuclear energy. Mankind cannot be allowed to be made as the accessories of the nuclear experiment, as guinea pigs, for the results of the nuclear experiment might prove dire and the losses irreparable and damages irreversible. Let all the stock piles of the atomic weapons be destroyed forthwith and let no true scientist cooperate in the making of deadly monsters used for no other purpose than the destruction of life and property acquired after such toil and labour, and so highly prized by its owners. The proposition of abandoning the plan of atomic energy for ever is also not out of question. If the scientist at any stage thinks the plan as unfeasible, let him declare it so and sooner the better due to the particular hazardous nature of atomic energy. Radiation due to its long term genetic effects is the drereadfullest thing worth avoiding.

The Court adjourned and there stood someone on the gate. He offered every outcoming personality a leaf of a prepare. A mere fragment like the De Rarum Natura. The following writing was recorded therein.

“Woe to every backbiter, defamer, who amaseth wealth (of this world) and arrangeth it (against the future). He thinketh that his wealth will render him immortal. Nay, for verily he will be cast into Al-Hotama. And what could teach thee what Al-Hotama is? It is fire of Allah, enkindled, which leapeth up onto the hearts. It is (a fire) closed in on them in outstretched columns”.

                                                (Quran- CIV-Al-Homaza)


2.         Response of the Scientist to the decision of science:-

Now let the top scientists of the world call a conference and there declare in the clearest of terms the following to the entire world:-

“We the scientists of the world declare to mankind, that, we had been the victims of grievous misunderstandings. We now fully understand the nature of our nuclear experiment. We solemnly confess that we have done the greatest wrong to humanity in our blind zeal and ill applied enthusiasm. And now let this be known that to provide all the millions with means of protection against radiation is in no way feasible and certainly all the millions are in the danger of the ill effects of radiations, particularly in the case of expanding atomic energy. It is not even in the power of the most industrialized countries to cope with the problems of radiation. As far as the genetic effects of radiation are concerned, man is completely helpless while these effects constitute great hazards that can destroy all life on earth after a span of untold miseries. And as far as the control on the atomic radiations is concerned, it has to be treated as impossible. The reactions of nuclear energy as the name implies are localized in nuclear regions, the regions that are too minute and too remote from any easy control of man. At present it appears not very probable that man will ever be able to have full control or full knowledge of the nuclear reactions of atomic energy. And until this is achieved, it is naturally impossible that either any means or methods of protection against the atomic radiations will be found, or any sure cure for radiation sickness will be discovered. Due to these difficulties and indeed innumerable others already existing and swiftly increasing, we must solemnly and indeed honestly declare the atomic energy programme of the entire world as dropped and banished and sealed for ever as impossibility and as only the means of destruction, without any attempt on ever reviving it anywhere. This has to be treated as a will, to be respected by the posterity that may any time be tempted to resume it under the pressure of economic or industrial necessities. We, scientists have at this very moment our hands off the atomic energy. Any scientist disobeying this decision will be severely treated and the governments of the Commonwealth of Nations are requested to issue instantaneous and strongest edicts forbidding the adoption of atomic energy or any purpose whatsoever. Let the scientist community try to wipe off the blood of humanity from their hands before they begin to appear as an abomination in the sight of mankind caught in inspeakable miseries brought about by the discoveries of the scientists, and let the scientists now cease to act as the instruments of the ambitious but ignorant and unjust people in the world. The same or nearly the same would have been expected from the great atomists that have died and left this world. A very little margin is left and let the opportunity be availed in full before the die is cast. At most a scientist may be allowed to carry on his nuclear experimentation in a laboratory, and not beyond that. But there is no hope of any good results. It is now fully known without any doubt that the atomic radiations will never accept the control of man, nor will man be ever able to provide the means of protection against radiation to every individual human, animal, plant in the world. It is ruinous to ignore both short-term and long-term effects of radiation, the genetic effects in particular.






In my opinion even if the factor of the atomic energy had not risen to cause the alarm to mankind, the end of this modern science, this machine-ridden science that works on the principle of ever-increasing progress to self sufficiency, with a view to attaining to man’s right of dominion over nature for material advantages as the sole business of man on earth too would have been ruin, though not so grievous as in the case of the atomic energy. The conclusion is that the Islamic bomb falls on the atomic hell and the causes of the atomic hell, namely, the science-guided atomism, materialism, infinite progress and all the Baconian philosophy. Now either science and progress and treble ruin or faith in the other world and safety. No third alternative is left.



A Poem of Hafiz Shirazi

            Hafiz Shirazi was a great Persian poet and was titled as the voice of heaven. In previous years the modernists have reached the moon. A singular triumph of the modern science, and an astonishing achievement. Now just read the following translation of a poem of Hafiz, and imagine the poet sitting in seclusion observing the descent of man on the moon and uttering to himself in surprise in the manner of soliloquy, and judge if the poem can be applied to he present - day world:-


“Horizons these full of mischief and seduction

I see

Every one demands material betterment from the days,

Yet every day worse than the previous,

I see,

Fools have all the nectar of roses and sugar,

For the wise their subsistence their heart blood,

I see,

The noble horse is being chafed under the saddle of the beast of burden,

Aye, and around the neck of every donkey a golden  necklace

I see

Daughters all over in fight against the mother,

Sons, all ills posed toward the father,

I see,

Brother has no pity for the brother,

No affection of father for the son.

I see,

Listen to the advice of Hafiz my Lord,

Go, do good,

For, this advice more precious than pearls and gems.

I see"-------

The poet in another poem gives the advice as follows:-

“Do a miracle and break the magic fair.

Make a gesture and ransack the flourish of the fair Samiri”.

The rest of this poem of Hafiz constitutes advice to change the material values by those of spiritual, and may well be read in connection with this present age of science.


                                                The end



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1.           Quran.

2.           Bible.

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11.       Advancement of Learning. By Francis Bacon. Oxford at the Clarendon Press, April 1873.





Mankind is facing danger unprecedented in history. The scientists have judged it as the total annihilation of life on earth, man, animals and plants. But it is more than that it is the atomic hell. The author of Gabriel’s Islamic Bomb has in a missionary zeal from 1942 to 1982 made extensive studies and researches in the relative subjects of atomism and Quran, Bible, Sciences and philosophies. This present volume is one of the fourteen, written on the topic.


Allama Muhammad Yousuf Gabriel is a symbol of universal peace, a model of simplicity, sincerity, sincerity and devotion, a colossal giant of ancient and modern learning, a philosopher, a scientist, a linguist, a theologian, a poet, a researcher, a teacher, and an orator. He has a mission to save this world from the nuclear ruin, the painful and disgraceful atomic doom of adamities. He wants to warn the mankind against the atomic hell and tries to guide them towards safety, while the appeals of the scientists and philosophers have failed. The author was born on 17th February 1917 in khabekki village Soan Sakaser, Khoshab (Pakistan).