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Fellow humans ! I am destined to greet you with a terrific warning. Tis time now to trumpet the doomsday of this science-guided, Baconian culture of progress. Adopt the "atomic- energy -for -peace", and nuclear annihilation of this world is a certainty. Ban the atomic energy, and the result is the cessation of this economico-industrial set up. Hopes, expectations and optimisms of the scientists and the non-scientists to the contrary are but a dream whose interpretation is a blazing hell of nuclear jehannah. Progress, Atomic Energy and Atomic Bombs are a trinity interlinked. The disappearance of one implies the disappearance of the other two. The Annulment of the Atomic War entails the annulment of Atomic Energy as well as of this Progress. Be not surprised. The flames of Atomic Hell are more surprising.

            This modern Progress has its own peculiar and particular features and characteristics. It is a process functioning in accordance with particular laws, and it has its particular stages, and particular results. It is organized, systematic, continuous, ever-increasing and infinite. And it is exclusively a matter of the world. And because it is a matter of the world, and because it is ever-increasing, it must gradually occupy man's mind and time expelling at the same time the thought of the other world. And because it is infinite, it must ultimately expel the thought of the other world completely from man's mind and time. And because faith and revealed religion is based on the other world, the faith and revealed religion thus would be expelled from man's mind and time. It is not difficult to observe this transition. That religion only could allow this sort of progress which was willing to sign the warrant of its own exile. Therefore, either religion or this progress. Men may accept willingly or be helpless to accept a life of Progress without religion. But this culture of modern progress as it is a culture of ultimate ruin. Again it is continuous, ever-increasing, and infinite greed and necessity. Ever-increasing anarchy, endless conflict, burning discontent in an atmosphere of mistrust, distrust, and immorality will ultimately result in a universal war of a race of hungry, enraged cannibals, to mean universal destruction. Are you happy? Again energy is the spirit of this progress. It is in a natural sequence that the chemical, electrical and nuclear energy have appeared in the course of the process of this progress. The fuels of chemical nature having been exhausted in time, the mankind helplessly entangled in the net of economico-industrial set up will be forced to choose between the alternatives, namely, either to adopt atomic energy to atomic ruin or let the economico-industrial set up to freeze with the resulting disastrous famine, transient though. But it will be forced to choose between the alternatives, namely, either to adopt atomic energy to atomic ruin or let the economico- industrial set up it appears that mankind will adopt the course of atomic energy to nuclear ruin. Nuclear ruin or no nuclear ruin. Thus the result of this modern progress is every way the ruin, the universal ruin. Refer to the Prophecy about the Messih-id-Dajaal (Anti-Christ) a Marvel of a Prophecy made by the Holy Prophet of Islam (Peace be upon Him) and you will have no difficulty in finding to your horror, that this Baconian culture 0f modern progress shows every feature which the Prophet of Islam ascribed to the left-eyed, donkey-ridden monster that is the Anti-Christ. This modern science may be regarded as the corollary thereof having the same features. Yet I say not to you that it is the same Massihi-id-Dajaal, though it will destroy this world if it is not destroyed beforehand. This modern progress has grown upon Bacon's Philosophy of modern Atomism, and poor Blake was not amiss when he said" If what Bacon says is right, what Christ says is false". Bacon the greatest benefactor of mankind, may be seen to have done to the posterity of Adam on earth that which the devil had previously done to their progenitor in the paradise. The proof now is no longer a secret. Christ in his first coming had struggled against the ancient atomism of Democritus. If he appears today in his second coming, he will have to struggle against this modern atomism of Bacon.

            Given the circumstances as they now prevail, no alternative appears for this mankind but either to vanish under the hails of atomic bombs, suddenly, deservedly, or to perish under the deadly stings of atomic radiations, slowly, lingeringly, miserably in the form of cancer-ridden chimeras in the age of full-fledged atomic-energy-for-peace when every thing from a power-house to a private car will have its own reactor, and the exploding reactors making a world-wide bonfire of radiations, and changing this earth into a vast hospital of radiation sickness, with Governments tottering under economic pressure to indicate the failure of Baconian progress in fulfilling its promises of plenty and self-sufficiency.

            This world will see the ultimate futility of America-Russia Peace Treaties, and nuclear deterrence, and freeze on nuclear weapon movements, just as it has seen the futility of the hearty Einstein-Russel appeals in the past. This race of Baconian locusts will not rest till it has reached the zones of nuclear spray. These monuments of science appearingly so formidable and enduring, and this world-wide economico-industrial set up will disappear as if by the touch of a magic wand at the appearance of the atomic bombs, or will be left abandoned along with the habitations of the human race as the memorials of a misguided species, after the extinction of life on earth by the long-term effects of the radiations of the atomic-energy-for-peace.

Remember ! This Atomic Hell is the wrath of God enkindled as retribution, though it is not God that will rain the Atomic Bombs from Heaven. It is man himself that will. You will be surprised if you are told that so severe a punishment is the consequence of evils like Slander, engrossment in the Pursuit of Wealth, and undue Confidence in this Worldly life. Yet the fact is even so. Obviously it is a punishment for this modern progress. And because there is no protection possible against the wrath of God, no protection is possible from this Atomic Hell, that is the Atomic bombs and the Atomic Radiations. Cast away every hope of ever discovering any means of protection from the Atomic bombs or from Atomic Radiations. And I speak this not at haphazard. Nor is this in any way the alarmist view. It is the verdict of matter of fact science, inaudible to those only that are doomed. Terrible though are the effects of radiations though unaccompanied by a fearful blast of the Atomic bomb. Will you understand? Ask the scientist for an answer, if he can show you any cause for hope. Nor has the hope that there will be no Atomic War on any basis. Again to think that this earth will be a place worth living in, after a total or a partial war is a thought which reflects little sagacity. And further to expect that mankind will survive the age of the full-fledged Atomic-Energy-for-Peace, or that, mankind of that age will find that age worth living in an expectation which only is delusion.

                        It is hard to believe that the whole attention of an age noted distinctly for its scientific research, rational criticism and hair-splitting attitude, the age of origin-seeking Darwin, and the mind-analyst Freud should be exclusively entangled in the fruits of the nuclear problem, utterly, entirely, completely unmindful of the roots. The destruction of the Atomic Weapons could at most be likened to the act of picking up the fruits of a tree in a season. The fruits which will again grow in the next season. It is the root therefore of the tree that has to be stuck at, if the annihilation of the fruit is desired. Believe me the roots of the Nuclear Problem may be found in the soil of Ethics. Science is only an instrument. Unfortunately there has not been an author in this modern age whose attention has been drawn towards this fact on which the solution of entire problem depends. To the basic causes therefore. To the causes, if you intend to solve the nuclear problem. Greed is the root, this progress is the body and the nuclear bomb is the fruit of the tree. Radiation may be regarded as the Nuclear Fragrance. And chant the Christ's Sermon on the Mount to scare the grisly, this fiery giant Atumbumb away. On the other hand, every sage and every ignoramus, of this age is prescribing more production and self-sufficiency as the sole remedy of all the present ills, as if adding fuel to the kiln could extinguish the fire. It is a strange logic and far worse than that of the witch-doctor of the past ages of superstition. Discovering the root-causes of the nuclear problem, and exposing the true reality thereof, and teaching nuclear science to this present mankind which deplorably is ignorant of the subject of nuclear science, the subject on which is now staked the existence and plight of the human species, rather the existence of entire life on earth. The following volumes that are the fruit of my life-long endeavour can serve the purpose well. These are all in English and are all unpublished as yet:-


Volume-1. Quran predicts, characterizes and averts the atomic hell.

Volume-2. Atomic-Energy-for-Peace a curse.

Volume-3. Quran versus atomism, ancient and modern.

Volume-4. An essay on Bacon's life in reference to his philosophy.

Volume-5. Quran versus Sir James Jean's" Mysterious Universe".

Volume-6. Democritus enkindles, Abraham extinguishes the atomic hell.


Volume-1. Quran sounds its nuclear warning about the atomic hell.

Volume-2. A Quranic design of the neutralizer of atomic hell, and my mission therein.

Volume-3. The case of atomic-energy-for-peace in the Court of Lord Justice Science.

Volume-4. Atomic Hell the logical consequence of Baconian Philosophy.            

Volume-5. Atomic Hell, Baconian Philosophy, Anti-Christ, Quran and Abraham.

Volume.6 Relation between the Quran and the Bible.

Volume-7 The Quran corrects a philosophy confined to the present day Science. 

Volume-8 Gabriel's Islamic Bomb.  (Published)

            These fourteen volumes comprise the interpretation and explanation of the Prophecy of the Quran about the atomic hell, that is the Atomic Bombs, and Atomic Radiations and the Hellish atmosphere of the Atomic Culture. The discovery of this Prophecy in the Quran is indeed by the Grace of Almighty Allah my own and known to none in the world, Muslim or a non-Muslim. Just as the discovery of Relativity was the discovery of Einstein himself, and unknown to the scientist or the non-scientist. About 36 words of the Prophecy in all, covering the entire philosophy of modern atomism, and the modern atomic science. The text of the Prophecy is as follows:-

“Woe to every backbiter, defamer, who amasseth wealth (of this world) and arrangeth it (against the future). He thinketh that his wealth will render him immortal. Nay, for verily he will be cast into Al-Hotama. And what could teach thee what Al-Hotama is? It is fire of Allah enkindled which leapeth up unto the hearts. It is (a fire) closed in on them in outstretched columns". (Quran-104-Al-Homaza)

            Now let a Philosopher read this prophecy and see for himself, if the description of this modern Baconian, Materialistic Culture of Science-guided Progress as is given by the Quran in a manner so succinct and yet so comprehensive is not really a wonder description. And let the Atomist read the Characterization of the Atomic Phenomenon as appears in this prophecy, and discover for himself how many of the basic, distinctive and distinguishing characteristics of Atomic Phenomenon, the characteristics which distinguish the nuclear phenomenon from the rest of the phenomena, e.g. Chemical, Electrical, and Physical, he can discern and discover for himself in these fourteen words of the Prophecy. I have discerned and discovered therein every distinguishing characteristics of the nuclear phenomenon that science has hitherto discovered, and have recorded in my work. Will this world that now is approaching the brink of its nuclear doom, consider this my claim as a challenge, and will it condescend to examine its validity by reading my work, or is this world doomed to perish in nuclear holocaust, and will therefore persist in its pride of its knowledge, and will regard my work as not worth considering, is not known to me, for the ultimate fate of this earth is known only to God, but what is known to me is that every claim I make is based on factual proofs exactly. It is not possible for me in this brief address to explain the things in detail.

            And remember, you will hear in this my address, things that might appear to you as hyperbolic, exaggerative, fulminatory, boisterous, boastful, even rant-like, yet in reality there is no such thing. The facts described therein are in fact too great to avoid the suspicion of hyperbolism. To call a mountain a mountain is not hyperbolic, though to call a little fish a whale, or a little ant a large elephant is indeed exaggerative. Again if it were possible to render hyperbolic the description of the atomic bomb explosion itself, the attempt would have sounded pleasant in the ears of a citizen of an atomic that is super power, yet the same thing might not appear so pleasant to the would-be victims of that bomb. I am destined to deal with a world drunk with the inebriating wine of Progress in such a way that even the description of its ill-effects and its destructive phenomenon is prone to sound hyperbolic in their ears.

            Know firstly, that the description of Baconian culture of Progress which this Prophecy of the Quran has given would leave a Russel aghast with wonder, for no better and more exact description of this wealth-accumulating and preplanning process of this modern progressive, and world-loving mankind could be expected in an age fourteen centuries in the past, when no trace of the philosophy of Atomism existed. In the same manner the scientific characterization of the atomic phenomenon, the most modern and the most complex of the phenomena, in about fourteen words ------ a feat not probable even for an Einstein to achieve even in the presence of the atomic science-----given by a scripture fourteen hundred years in the past in an age of no science is a fact not likely to fail in casting the Einstein himself in a reverie. Thus it is though this prophecy of the Quran that a Russel and an Einstein, the greatest intellects of their time would be able to understand the difference and distance that existed between the greatest human intellects and the divine intelligence. If my claim to the characterization of the Nuclear Phenomenon by the Quran fourteen Centuries ago be valid, then what reason remains with the scientist or sceptic to deny the miraculous aspect of this Prophecy of the Quran even though Science itself denied the possibility of the miraculous? And while the Prophecy has given out the slander, and the engrossment in the pursuit of wealth-accumulation, and love of this worldly life as evils,, these are not only not regarded as evil in this age, but are on the other hand regarded as desirable, innocent, guiltless and essential, no doubt the sole object of man's life.

            Secondly, that it was not for a Plato or an Aristotle to see or establish a sequential link between the materialistic philosophy of Atomism and the appearance of the Atomic Hell, that is the Atomic bombs and Atomic Radiations, although both these celebrities were them-selves recognized as the most inveterate antagonists of the ancient atomism of Democritus. Surely the Plato and the Aristotle would be thrown aghast with wonder at the discovery of this link which the Prophecy has seen fourteen hundred years before the appearance of the fact. To them also the difference and the distance between the greatest of human intellects and the divine intelligence might clearly appear.

            The most useful aspect of the prophecy, however, is the mention of the causes of the appearance of the Atomic Hell. Thereby we see that by the removal of the causes mentioned, and indeed by their removal only, their effects could be removed. To wit that by the removal of this modern progress the danger of nuclear annihilation could be removed. Thus we understand that the destruction of mankind in the nuclear hell is not a decree pre-ordained, but it rather is an affair of condition, and could possibly be avoided. You might be surprised to know that it is the Quran that has in this Prophecy pointed out the causes of the appearance of the Atomic Hell, first time in this world. But you will be surprised even more to learn that no Philosopher in this modern age, this age of scientific research, Philosophical enquiry, critical appreciation, this age of origin-seeking Darwins and Darwinians, hair-splitting Freuds and Freudians, has ever tried to peep into the causes of the nuclear trouble, and no philosophical inquiry whatsoever has ever been conducted to investigate the root-causes of the nuclear fruit. Rather the whole attention of the thoughtful people is engaged on avoiding the atomic war and putting the atomic energy to peaceful purposes. No one has hitherto pointed out that the enquiry of the nuclear problem takes us right into the heart of ethics. In fact no man in this age has ever doubted the correctness of this modern progress and the validity of this Baconian culture. The tree of progress to them is, beneficial, valid, correct. The nuclear problems are only like thorns that could be removed. That is why when every one is hearing the cry of more production and further progress to self-sufficiency as the remedy for all ills, the cry never strikes to anyone that it meant only to add fuel to the kiln in order to extinguish the fire. The necessity actually was to cut the root of the tree. Even Russel saw a paradise of Bliss for this mankind in the course of progress through atomic energy, in case this mankind forgot its quarrels. I have yet another surprise for you, namely, that it is on two points that now the existence and future well-being of this mankind is staked, while on both these scores this mankind of this age of knowledge and science is generally and mostly ignorant. One of these is the root-causes of the nuclear problem, the other of-course is the atomic science. The first that is the causes of the nuclear problem, is known to none except one that is myself, in this entire world of today. The second is known only to the atomists while the entire non-scientist intelligentsia, including the most learned ones is ignorant of the second, that is atomic science. That only the Quran should point out the basic causes of the nuclear trouble to this age is another point to show the difference and the distance between the human intellect and the divine intelligence.

            Drastic no-doubt might appear the measure prescribed by the Quran, namely, completely eradication of this modern system of progress to eliminate the danger of nuclear ruin, yet appearing drastic only to a generation steeped knock-deep into the Baconian marsh of this modern progress. A generation inebriated by the wine of wealth and physical comforts, and being helplessly dragged in the net of a universal economico-industrial set up like fish toward the nuclear harbour to be roasted there, along with their children in the nuclear ovens. Drastic indeed, but only until the horrifying squadrons of fiery giant autumbumbs and the pestering swarms of deadly radiations have appeared to consume this world.

            The great English philosopher Late Bertrand Russel died in disappointment about the end of this modern mankind. The Gold little pamphlet which he so very kindly sent me in 1964 contained only one sentence which read:-

“Since Adam and Eve ate the apple, man has never abstained from any folly, that he was capable of, and the end is ........  (an exquisite photograph of atomic bomb explosion)."

            The pamphlet contained a few caricatures which indicated that war and suppression was the most manifest of human follies in the sight of Russel. My judgment is that even if war is completely abolished from this world in the presence of atomic-energy-for-peace for this progress, this mankind will perish under the stings of radiations in an age of full-fledged atomic-energy-for-peace when from a power-house to the private car everything will have its own reactor, and the exploding reactors will make a universal bonfire of Radiations. Russel died in disappointment, and so would have I, but thanks to this my discovery of the prophecy of the Quran which fostered hope and expectation in my heart, and I produced a work based on the prophecy, that might perhaps save this world from the tragic atomic doom. How dearly do I miss Russel and Einstein. How helpful they would have proved to me by making a due appreciation of my work for the benefit of this world.

            There are people who say, well, die we must one day. What difference it would make if by atomic bombs or by atomic radiations. They appear to be mistaken. They not only forget the untold and unheard of miseries that are associated with the nuclear affair, but also they are ignorant of yet another ,extremely horrible fact. They do not know that this nuclear affair is not restricted to this transient world only, but it moves onward, onto the next eternal world, where an eternal atomic hell is lying in wait. This temporal atomic hell of this world is only the replica and the representation of that eternal atomic hell which is in the next eternal world and which is called by the Quran by the name of Hotama in the prophecy under issue. Just as ordinary fire is the representation of the ordinary hell of the next world. We understand that the evils responsible for the appearance of this transient atomic hell, as we can see them, are exactly the same as are mentioned by the prophecy for the punishment in the Hotama of the next world. They therefore who deserved the transient atomic hell of this present world, even if they chanced to escape this atomic hell unscathed to the next world, there they will find the Hotama, the eternal atomic hell awaiting them without any possibility of escape. Also, this mankind now appears apprehensive of the danger of atomic war only, but is ignorant and unmindful of the fact that it even now, in the absence of the atomic war, is in a sort of a hell unfelt due to the hypnotizing and inebriating influence of the increasing wealth, physical comforts and indeed the hope of self-sufficiency and security. Only if they could observe their discontent, apprehension, fear, frustration, heart-burning and worry. Their panting, perspiring, their running, rushing, their hustlings and bustlings, their sufferings, their sorrows and their misery, till in the wilderness of this progress, in quest of self-sufficiency, they have fallen prey to atomic venture to perish. And that even might not mean an end to their misery, for the eternal atomic vultures will welcome them in the next world.

            I will tell you now something about my work, that is, the interpretation of the Prophecy of the Quran about the Atomic Hell, fourteen volumes, all in English, all unpublished, and mentioned before and you will hear in this respect things appearing as hyperbolic and boastful, but time will prove that they are statements, just, exact and sober. This work brethren is as you too will know in time the only light and the sole guidance in this world to lead this distressed mankind out of the Nuclear Hell. This is the Noah's Ark for this deluge of atomic fire. No anti-nuclear movement in this world, and no endeavour to revive religion can ever succeed in this age without adopting the guidelines and basic principles given in this work. The views expressed therein are hot, not, however, as hot as the nuclear explosion. Are indeed stingy, but not so as the stings of deadly radiations. And are unpleasant yet not so unpleasant as the spectacle of cancer-ridden human beings turned chimeras. But who is to be blamed for all this embarrassment? Not I. I have said only that which the Quran has said, attested indeed and confirmed by science, and that which the Bible and the Gospel of Jesus has said. Again the name of the Quran may not sound very pleasant to some. What, however, I can assure is, that once this mankind has had a mere glimpse of that grisly called the fiery giant atumbumb, it will not be capable of finding itself hesitant to fly even into the lap of the devil himself for refuge, if some hope of refuge appeared there. Quran after all is a book of guidance and claims divine original and has a right to guide the mankind toward peace. Let it be remembered, however, that although it is the Quran that has initiated the case, yet it is science that has furnished the proof thereof. The Bible has had its due share in the work and has found a place of honour due to it. Nay even the Hindu Philosophy of Maya and the Budhist Philosophy of Narvana has received treatment therein. If the Christ, the Mehdi, the Kulkai Autar or Budha were today, they would be found most zealous in the publication and the propagation of this work throughout the world and in every language. This work has no fore-runner and may have no follower. My conceit of it is that all the intellectual celebrities of the age combined would find it hard to produce the like of it, which I have indeed by the Grace of Merciful God produced single-handed and alone.

Fellow humans!  This Baconian culture is proved to be false and its end now is in sight. You may hereafter wander in the wilderness of this Baconain culture for centuries in quest of self-sufficiency, and in the hope of peace, and control over this nuclear problem, to be the prey of nuclear vultures only. Ever-increasing feeling of hunger and poverty will be your lot in spite of the mountainous heaps of commodities. Ever-increasing and endless anarchy, strife, discontent, fear, mistrust, arson sabotage and homicide will prevail all over the world. The battlings and rattlings of nations, sects and individuals which you see now everywhere will not, abate but will for-ever increase, till the fire has spread all over the world and has assumed international character and has involved the entire world to bring about the total annihilation of entire life on earth.

Fellow humans! Times are coming when you will sigh and wish for the atomic war to rid you of a life unbearably miserable.

Fellow humans! It has fallen to my miserable lot to remind you of the terrific denunciations with which Moses warned the children of Israel on Mount Gerizim and Mount Ebal in his last address to his people, in case they failed to hearken the voice of God, their Lord. Those are the denunciations that cause any one to shudder, and the human history has failed to produce another address like that. Just read the Bible, Deuteronomy Chapter XXVIII. What I have to inform you in this respect is, that today it is not the Jewish race only but it is, the entire mankind that may be seen as the victims of the terrible denunciation made against the Children of Israel in the address of Moses. For instance, " Is not the rain of this earth now the powdery nuclear fall-out, and will it not continue to fall on earth till this entire mankind is destroyed". But read the entire content of the Chapter-XXVIII.

Fellow Humans! I make a universal and earnest appeal to you for the publication of my work, in the name of humanity and implore you to show sense and cast away all prejudice to consult safety.

            I may not make any divine pretensions, or claim any titles like " the Christ, the Mehdi, the Kulkai Autar or Budha", but what I am bound to inform you is, that these volumes which I have produced after a life-long struggle, have been produced under the supervising eye of the providence just as Noah had built his ark under the supervising eye of the providence. There is no alternative for you now therefore but either to publish these volumes or to be prepared for nuclear ruin. If you will assume indifference, you will see the mysterious providence at work against you to bring calamities upon you from sources that might be secret and unknown to you. Fear God therefore and show sense.

Jews ! You are the guides, the leaders and the masters of this age of  Baconian culture. Indeed, you have found your Messiah in this anti-Christic, Baconian culture, and you are the Hierarchs of this world-wide, anti-Christic, Baconain church. All the rest of the nations are your proselytes. Beware therefore and repent, read the Chapter-XXVIII of Deuteronomy, and try to assess the portion and proportion of your destruction when the final moment arrived.

Christians! You are the victims of the Baconian culture of modern materialistic atomism, the un-Christian, anti-Christian and anti-Christic culture, and remember you stand  accused of spreading it all over the world, and  consequently dragging behind you the entire world into the flames of the atomic hell, the logical and scientific consequence of the Baconian culture. Beware therefore, and repent and read Christ's Sermon on the Mount, and know, that the Christian banners planted on the moon or  the mars refer to the glory not of the Christianity or the  Christ, but of Atomism, Francis Bacon and Antichrist. The banner on the moon is ozymendian reminiscence.

Muslims! You slavish followers of this Philosophy of modern progress, you have come to consider this modern  progress as an article of your faith, and compatible with the views of the Quran. You are the victims of a  misunderstanding that will cast you into the flames of  the atomic hell both in this world and the next world. Can you think that the teachings of the Quran could  lead its followers into the nuclear jehannah.Your misunderstanding emanates from the fact that you fail to differentiate between the purpose of the Ghaur-fil-Aayat (contemplation of the works of Allah) which the Quran has given, and which this Baconian progress has adopted and the same may be said of Taskhir-il-Kayinat that is the conquest of nature. The Quran may be seen pointing upward in this respect, while this Baconian Progress as may be seen not only points downward toward the earth but even changes its adopters into earth-worms. Read the Quran in comparison with the Baconian philosophy and you will see the difference. The Quran never was a book of Materialism despite its licence for the human necessities of life, if you fail to realize the fact even in the presence of the most manifest of the proofs, that is this atomic hell, then you will only see the fact in the flames of the Nuclear Jehannah, Al-Hotama, as the Quran has with miraculous appropriateness called it. Read the Chapter Al-Homaza and dread. You are being guided aright in these lines, and indeed for your own benefit, lest you say tomorrow, you were not told. My views can be seen attested by every authentic commentator of the Quran from Abdullah Ibn Abbas to Shabir Ahmad Usmani. Your helplessness in this universal economico-industrial set up is an excuse not acceptable to the inexorable laws of nature.

Muslims:- Although you stand at present a piece with the entire mankind in the nuclear problem entangled in the same net toward the nuclear jehannah with the rest, yet, by virtue of the fact that my work-----that is these volumes which I have a written ---- is based on the Quran, rather is the direct interpretation of the Quran itself corroborated by science. It appears natural that I should make a particular appeal to you that claim to be the followers of the Quran.

Muslims:- I have to say a lot to you in this perilous situation of the world, yet so grievous is the peril, and such utterly hopeless and deplorable is the situation in which I find myself fallen, that words begin to fail me and my more ---- courageous-----than------twenty------lions heart begins to sink in dismay. Seldom a servant of humanity was fallen in a situation so difficult and so peculiarly queer as I have amidst this inebriated-----by-----the-----anti-----Christic-----deceit. I have produced a miracle of the Quran, greater than which was never produced on earth, a miracle greater than raising the dead, yet I see a veil cast on the eye of even the followers of the Quran by the blinding inebriation of the love for wealth and physical comforts, and I see the ears of even the followers of the Quran stopped. The Muslims ought to have thronged about me with a burning zeal in their hearts for getting it published to the world, as a light to save this mankind from the nuclear doom and as an honour to the word of Allah. On the other hand, I see the Muslim nation in a mood of indifference and am uninterested. Muslims! I need not recite to you the terrible denunciations of Moses which he made against the Children of Israel. The prophecy of the Quran about Al-Hotama is in itself terrible enough. I will say to you only that if you will fail to publish this my work which is the interpretation of the Prophecy of the Quran about the atomic hell, and will thus deprive this mankind of the only guidance for and hope of escaping the most painful and most disgraceful end in the burning flames of the nuclear jehannah both in this transient world and the next eternal work, then here in this world you will feel yourself sitting on a muffled mouth of a live volcano. Calamities and vicissitudes of the worst kind from unknown and unseen sources will be your lot, till the final moment of the universal destruction of this world has arrived, the moment when you will see yourself being dragged with the tail of the Baconian West into the dazzling flames of the nuclear jehannah, the enkindled wrath of God, as helplessly and as slavishly as you have followed the Baconian West in adopting the Baconian Progress in clear contradiction to the word of the Quran. And on the day of judgement you will stand before the throne of Allah answerable, for your neglect of the publication of the guidance of the Quran and your failing the mankind in the moment of greatest peril and distress. If this world of Allah is consumed by the nuclear jehannah without having been published by you this prophecy of the Quran about the atomic hell, then it is you and not the non-Muslim nations that will bear the brunt of the blame. Beware therefore. Fear Allah and repent. There still is some little margin left for repentance for those who may feel inclined to repentance. And remember, if the Muslims will make the Islamic World as a prison to my interpretation of the Prophecy of the Quran, about the Atomic Hell, the wall of the prison will be demolished by the Providence that the Quran may burst through.

Muslims:- I have no power over you, just as I have no power over anyone else, but let the word of the Quran count if you really believe in the Quran. I admit to your right of ascertaining the authenticity and validity of my work. I am aware of my own obscurity. I invite you to judge my work. I will give you every quarter in that respect. But I inform you that in order to judge my work it will be necessary for you to call in a number of the leading Physicists and Radio-biologists, from all over the world to attest the authenticity of the Quranic Characterization of the Atomic Phenomenon, found in the Prophecy about the Nuclear Hell, and a number of noted Philosophers of Atomism, and Philosophers in general from all over the world to attest the truth of the Quranic Description of the Philosophy of modern Atomism as is to be found in the Prophecy about the Nuclear Hell, and a number of the Commentators of the Quran, Commentators who have a commentary of the Quran to their credit. And why the Muslims should grudge such a conference, when many such conferences are annually held in the Islamic World for purposes and on topics which may well be regarded as comparatively superfluous. And why my fourteen volumes should not be published by the Islamic World, when hundreds of Books are being annually published, which if published or if not published would make not the least difference to this world.

Muslims:- Have no apprehensions and no misappre-hensions, I am not going to plunge you in any instantaneous practical revolution by the publication of these my volumes. Nay, but it is only the matter of publishing a few volumes to the world, at first original and thereafter in translations in every language. The seed therein will gradually grow, and the publishers will have the credit. Peoples knowing the reality, nations will get together to chalk out some gradually collective programme to rid this world of the Nuclear Danger.

Muslims:- I had an intention to side-track you and save you the trouble of publishing these fourteen volumes, but I expect difficulties due to the general Baconian helplessness of this mankind, but particularly due to the name of the Quran. I have no mind, nor I find myself in a position in these present circumstances to say to you to do this or do not that, but what I cannot desist from saying to you is that being Muslims, it is not your role to follow the world blindly into the Atomic Hell, but rather your role is to oppose the Nuclear Weapons, and dissolve the Nuclear problem, and stand against these evils manfully like true Muslims to save this mankind from the Nuclear Doom. The world will be grateful to you for your kindness. It is far better than being cast into the Nuclear Pit like a basket of filth and be consumed. No better gift of Islamic World to this distressed mankind in the 15th Century Hijra Programme could be than the set of this work of mine published. No one country alone could do much against this Nuclear Problem. Let therefore this mankind be taught the reality of the Nuclear Problem, so that the nations coming together would chalk out a common, gradual programme to rid this world of the Nuclear Danger.

Hindus and Budhists:- I remind you of the fact that both the Hindu Philosophy of Maya, and the Budhist Philosophy of Narvana are basically opposed to this Baconian Philosophy of modern Atomism, this modern Progress, and that the palanquin of this Modern Progress crashes right into the flames of the promonu - narq that is the Hotama. That is the Atomic Hell.

Atomists:- I implore you to come to senses and realize your responsibility in this Nuclear Affair. Declare to the world the uncontrollability of the Nuclear Power, and improbability of any discovery that might bring the Nuclear Affair within the control of man. And preach to the world the horrible aspects of the Nuclear Hazards. And instead of designing the still more destructive Atomic Bombs, and still more powerful Reactors, leave this noxious profession, take up some other employment somewhere, and make it your mission to teach your fellow humans the nefarious reality of the Nuclear Affair. And instead of dying of Cancer in a Hospital, die as a missionary of humanitarian cause. Tell this world that the Atomic Bomb is not a weapon but it is the wrath of God. And that the Atomic War is not a war but is total annihilation of life on earth.

            And now inspite of all this inducement, if this present generation of human beings would not be willing to publish this work of mine, then I pray, let this work be at least preserved in some museum, that perhaps some future generation, being in acute distress and grievous danger might seek the guidance contained therein in order to emerge from the Atomic Pit, which their preceding generations bequeathed to them as a legacy. If, however, a meter is invented, which could measure the continuous deterioration of the Nuclear Situation of the World, the increasing need of this my work could be continually measured in direct proportion.

            But the question is, why a man in my position and circumstances should ever venture to undertake a work of this nature, and undergo an ordeal so lengthy and so afflictive. Why not a Russel or a William James if not a Darwin or a Spinoza? None in the world can give a satisfactory answer to this question except him who has been whipped through this ordeal. That is I. My miserable self. Why I should sacrifice every ambition. Why I should sacrifice every desire. And why I should submit myself to so excruciating an experience, while hundreds of thousands of highly learned persons with dozens of degrees of reputable universities existed in this age of knowledge and Science. When now I look back at my forty-----year-----long intellectual pilgrimage, I see no John Bunyan that could find a heart to narrate my Pilgrimage, and I fail to discern a Sigmund Freud that could own a method to subject the manner of my intellectual attainment to Psycho-analysis. Mine has been an experience which fails to find a precedent in the history of thought, provided that my particular case is examined minutely.

            My answer to this question though a simple one is that I was born on 17th February 1917, with a destiny to fight this deluge of Atomic fire and save this world. 17th February, according to the Bible is the date of the eruption of Noah's deluge, though of water, against this present one, of fire. In my Childhood I saw certain visions which I now understand to be of great authenticity, and presaging great universal events in line with my mission that of saving this mankind from grievous doom in the flames of Atomic Hell. In the year 1942, my 25th and the fateful year in which the great Italian Physicist Enrico Fermi succeeded in opening the gate of Atomic fire on this mankind by his discovery of the formula of "Open Sesame" that is by his successful realization of Uranium Fission Chain Reaction in Chicago, America, I was in Mussayyib, in Iraq, in a vision recommended by the Green-turbaned Saint Al-Khedhr to Abraham for the Abrahamic Mission that of warning this world about the Atomic Hell, and exposing the actual reality of the Nuclear Problem, and teaching this world the methods of escaping the grievous Atomic Doom. I was in that vision shown extraordinary great signs of God. In the same era and in the same place I was shown the crucifix in another vision. I at that time had but negligible knowledge and extremely meager education.

            But, thereafter like a man prepossessed I took to study, and learned languages, and literatures, English, Arabic, Persian and Urdu, Philosophies, Ancient and Modern, Mathematics, its every branch, Arithmetic Geometry and Algebra, Sciences to the Nuclear Science, Scriptures, the Quran and the Bible, the Old and the New Testament, year after year, indeed without a school and without a teacher, and always obliged to work for my subsistence, and the subsistence of a respectable family. Till in 1961I stumbled upon the discovery of the prophetic Warning of the Quran about the atomic hell, and thereby I realized my theme, and set to the research in the subjects involved therein. You will wonder where from I received the books for study from the beginning of my course to its end forty years later. I leave this point to you to wonder about it. Books, however, in hundreds on all the various topics I received and I read them to absorb them and to meditate on the points contained therein, and to make them a piece with my mind. In 1972 I set myself to writing till in 1982 I brought my work to its finish. I have another three thousand pages of writings on various topics in Urdu and in Persian, besides these English writings, all hitherto unpublished and all in the form of Manuscripts. You can judge my labour and industry, but you cannot know of my sufferings and afflictions.

            And now having the key of the future destiny of mankind and all these invaluable treasures of knowledge in my hand, the treasures which never added a groat or a penny to my pocket, I stand groping in darkness in an indifferent world, fearing that these manuscripts will be eaten away by white-ants, for I have no home, hearth, property, or wealth to secure these voluminous writings. Let this, however, be known to humanity, that if these manuscripts are eaten away by the white-ants, it is not merely the leaves of paper but it in fact is the future destiny of this mankind, that the white- ants will eat away. And let this be remembered, that I place no claim on my dreams or visions. All that ought to be regarded as my personal affair. What I insist upon is the perusal of my works on their merit. If my works are published, I would prefer to be forgotten myself by the humanity. Let, however, this be known, that this work, has its own power and thrust. A work claiming the power to destroy all these stockpiles of Atomic Bombs and all these arsenals of conventional weapons ought as a rule to have its own power, a power in fact greater than the stock-piles it has to destroy. Nations, therefore in this world, which will be found wanting in cooperation for the publication of this work will be subjected by the mysterious hand of providence to miseries, sufferings, and calamities emanating both from the sources secret, unknown , and open, manifest.

            "One even occurred in 1945" wrote Trueman ,the President of America in his Memories (1956), "of such magnitude that it was to revolutionize our relations with the world and usher in a new era for humanity, the fruits and goals and problems of which we cannot even now fully grasp. It was the atomic bomb".

            The fruits and goals and problems of the Atomic Bomb are no longer a hidden secret, the atomic destiny of this mankind is apparent. In this utter darkness flashed the declaration of Benjamin Creme about the appearance of the New Christ. Benjamin Creme declared on 24th April, 1982 in leading newspapers of the Western Countries that the New Christ lived among the Pakistani community of Bricklane, East London, and was to declare himself soon. The New Christ according to Benjamin Creme was the name of Christ Lord Maitreya and the Mehdi, the Massiah, the Kulkai Autar and the Budha in his fifth appearance. And that the Mission of his appearance is to stop the Third World War. The significance of this declaration of 1982 was equal to if not greater than the appearance of the Atomic Bomb, the Nuclear Giant Atumbumb, and let me declare outright that whatever might have been the guiding Media of Benjamin Creme, I and  only I, was the object of Benjamin Creme's declaration. It is not the name or the title with which Benjamin Creme addressed his saviour, rather it is the mission assigned to him that counts. To stop the Third World War, which actually means to annul the possibility of nuclear ruin of the world is my mission, and mine alone in the world at these present times. The name or the title which Benjamin Creme has assigned to the expected saviour of this present world, namely, the Christ Lord Maitreya, or the Mehdi or Kulkai Autar or the Budha, does not matter and may even prove detrimental to the actual mission, which in itself is frightfully tremendous. Refer to the Gospel about the second coming of Christ. The Christ said:-

"Then if any man shall say unto you, Lo, here is Christ, or there, believe it not. For there shall arise false Christs, and false prophets and shall show great signs and wonders; in so much that, it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect. Behold, I have told you before. Wherefore if they shall say unto you, behold, he is in the desert; go not forth; behold, he is in the secret chambers; believe it not. For as the lightening cometh out of the east, and shineth even unto the west; so shall also the coming of the son of man be. For wherever the carcase is, there will the eagles be gathered together".

                      (ST Mathew- Chapter XXIV-23-28)

            Read also the entire Chapter-XXIV and with care. There is a full world of interpretation and explanation therein. But here I have no time to go into the detail. Exert yourself to understand.

            Failure of Benjamin Creme in finding his new Christ among the Pakistani community of Bricklane, East London, disproved the possibility of any preplanned scheme or planting a person there beforehand, or a conspiracy against any nation. Success of Benjamin Creme in spotting out his New Christ there, in Bricklane would have meant to the world a mere hoax, and a plot. And also even the Christ would have failed in gaining acceptance of the Christian and the Non-Christian world. I had yearned long before Benjamin Creme's declaration after London for the presentation of my case there, but the lack of means had prevented me. And in all probability I would have stayed in the Pakistani ghetto of Bricklane, East London. And Benjamin Creme would have had no difficulty in recognizing me there. But my presentation to the world like that would have ruined my mission in the ensuing controversy about the title that of Christ. The declaration of Benjamin Creme, however has proved beyond any doubt that none in the world today existed to claim the title of Christ. And because none in the world today exists to claim the mission that of annulling the possibility of the nuclear ruin of the world, except me, I declare to the world my mission, without giving any consideration to the nomenclative specificity in these present circumstances of the world, and this present attitude of mankind about the divinity or spiritual ordainment.

            Why, the question is, did Benjamin Creme's guiding Media fail to point out the exact whereabouts of the object of his prophecy, for when his colleague Chris Kellan searched for the new Christ among the Pakistani community of Bricklane in East London, England. I was among the Pakistani community, of Nawab Abad, Wah Cantt. Distt Rawalpindi, Pakistan, fuming, fretting, chafing about my mission. The answer to this question is, that had Benjamin Creme's satellite led him to where I then was, just as the star of the wisemen of the East had led them where the child Christ then lay in Bethlehem, and had Benjamin Creme pointed me there out and declared me as the Mehdi, that would have meant to me a Judas Kiss, and I just like every other pretender to the title of Mehdi among the Muslims these days would have come to a grievous instantaneous end, while the affair would have been published as a conspiracy of some Western Anti-Islamic Lobby against the world of Islam. The most baffling question, however, is why Benjamin Creme had not made sure of the presence of the object of his prophecy beforehand in London, he himself living in London, before venturing at so costly and so convulsive a declaration to the world? Surely he could not be regarded as so devoid of sense. Why after throwing the expecting world into convulsions he should confess his failure to find his new Christ in Bricklane? The only feasible answer to this question could be, that the scheming hand of providence deluded him into such a baffling mistake, but why? Only to see Benjamin Creme's declaration made to the world. Again why? Because if Benjamin Creme had made a search beforehand, and had failed to spot his object in Brick lane, he surely would have abandoned his intention, while the providence intended to bring my mission into the presence of the world through Benjamin Creme's declaration.

            Benjamin Creme did neither lie, nor was he a victim of a false hallucination. Upon me now it is to vindicate his honour before the world, and to assuage his pangs of agony. Let him communicate with me on my address.

            And let him know that I have sent him a letter on 23rd June 1982 C/O Information Centre Amsterdam, and Tara Press London, and Tara Centre New York, and the Tara Centre N.Holliwood ,USA. I do not know whether it reached him or not. Nor do I know in what state of mind is he now. I call upon him to cheer up. His name will go in history like a sparkling star in the new age. God willing indeed.

            Poor Benjamin Creme's declaration of the appearance of Christ was as could have been expected lost in the jeers of a disbelieving crowd. The world still entertains hopes in Science and Political Sagacity to avoid atomic war. The atomic weapons are still locked up in stockpiles. And but a few reactors are at present functioning throughout the world. They could accept the Christ only when the degree of their panic has reached a mark where they'll cry in panic for a saviour. May be only under the hails of atomic bombs it is that this mankind will realize the reality of this Baconian Culture and the necessity of a saviour, but then it will be too late. No saviour could neutralize the irreparable ill-effects of Nuclear War.

            If Christ would descend from Heaven in these days, he would find himself in the custody of border post, as a derelict, with no passport and without a nationality and therefore a person an ingratia, Mehdi would have a short shift among the Muslims. Messiah of the Jews would be required to sit on the throne of David and Restore Kingdom to the Jews. Kulkai Autar will find it hard to fix his role in India, while Budha will see all his previous realm to be occupied by Socialists. And remember they are all of them anti-materialistic. It is impossible for them to allow particularly this Baconian Modern Progress, judging it to be the root-cause of all the trouble and a basis for the Nuclear Ruin. It is unrealistic to expect any of them to come to a compromise with this Baconian Culture. And no joy is there for the Christ in the Christian banners planted on the moon or the mars. They reflect the glory not of Christ but of Francis Bacon. And let it be realized, that these stockpiles could not be evaporated, nor this nuclear problem could be dissolved by the spiritual breath or mere prayers. Nay, but a practical anti-revolution substantial basis is necessary to neutralize this process which has reached this stage of Nuclear Annihilation. The revolution shall have to be conducted on the principle of Anti-thesis. And the revolution will be as great and as universal as has been that which has brought his world to the brink of Nuclear ruin. This will need a book of guidance which I have produced after a life-long labour. Christ too will need a book like this, to guide the revolution. It is high time, however, for spiritual saviours to arrive, because this world now stands on the brink of utter ruin, and the atomic war may at any moment begin to declare the end of this world .What they will come for after the ruin. Whom will they then address? The cities in ruins? Whom will then guide? The lurking radiations?

People of this age!  you are a people, callous-hearted and merciless without a precedent in human history. The proof is your Atomic Bombs, incendiary bombs and plague bombs. If you are destroyed by these bombs, it is only justice, since you have made these bombs yourself to destroy fellow humans. But the Merciful God still has shown his special mercy in the production of a work of guidance which I have produced in this dark age. Show gratitude therefore and accept this work of mine and publish it, that perhaps you might be saved from a most disgraceful end in the flames of the nuclear jehannah.

            It was on 5th May 1980, that I sent an article to fifteen of the leading Physicists all over the world. The article contained the scientific characterization of the atomic phenomenon to be found in an antique book that was actually the Quran. I sent the characterization on condition that if it were attested by the Physicists, I would declare to the world the formula of neutralizing the fire of atomic hell as is contained in the same book. The names of these celebrities are, Dr. Edward Teller, Dr. Gerald Fredrick Tape, Dr. wolfgang Kurt, Hermann Panofsky, all of America, Sir Dennys Haigh Wilkinson, Dr. Rendel Sebastian Pease, Dr. Arthur Wick, all of Britain, Statens Karnakreat Inspection of Stockholm Sweden, International Atomic Energy of Vienna, Austria. Dr. Robert Pompe of Berlin, German Democratic Republics . Dr. Jacques Yvon of France, Dr. Nolufusa Sainton, Dr. Yukawa Hideki, Dr. Sasaki Yoshitake, all of Japan. Dr. Andrey Dmitryerick, Kakaror of Moscow, USSR. And Chairman of Atomic Energy Government of India, Bombay. Cast a glance on the list and you'll see the essence of the world of Physicists represented therein. None of them sent me the attestation or rejection. Three only, namely, Shirely Petty, Secretary to Dr. Edward Teller, Statens Stockholm, and R.S.Pease of England acknowledged the receipt of my article, for which I bless them and give them thanks. Let all these my Physicists addressees know, that may article was a historical and epoch-making one. It envisaged the end of an age and the beginning of a new, different one, and it was a wonder of scientific characterization. If it had reached them and is still with them, let them read it. I believe that if they will persue it with that care which is due to it, they possess the knowledge required to appreciate it. It will gain in significance day by day. My offer to them still holds, for not these fifteen only, but for the entire community of scientists. Times are coming that scientist community will be of the most enthusiastic votaries of my views about Science.

            It was on 5th May 1982 that I sent my letters to fifteen of the dignatories all over the world. Of these three are Presidents, namely of America, Russia and Libya, there are Prime Ministers, namely, of India, Canada and Japan. One is a King, namely of Saudi Arabia. His Majesty King Khalid, may he blessed by Allah,  he is no more with us. Two are religious heads, namely Ayatullah Khumeni of Iran, and His Holiness the Pope of Rome. Five are Arab Sheikhs, namely their Excellencies of Kuwait, Abu-Dhabi, Bahrain, Dubai and Sharjah. And of course the Secretary General of UNO Mr. Jevier Perez De Cuellor. Of these one only hitherto has replied, namely, the Prime Minister of Canada. I heartily thank him and bless him. Although, it is quite natural that a letter from an obscure citizen could hardly gain attention of so High Ranking and Pre-occupied personages as these, yet the eye of a connoisseur could hardly fail to judge the exceptional character of the epistle, unfortunately, however, letters considered of little significance are not presented to such high dignitaries. If my letter has been received by them and is still with them in record, let them, I pray, be so kind as to read it, for it holds the destinies of this mankind, as well of their respective countries. My request to them still holds, and I expect them to perform their role in this affair according to their high office and influence. I had requested in my letter to the Secretary General of UNO, that I should be invited to the second session of UNO about the Armament Race, and I received no reply. I ask Mr. De Cuellor, how much success has been achieved in that session. Nay, let Mr. De cuellor note, that the result of the 22nd session will be no better. It was for me, and for me alone to speak there, if any light or any result was aimed at. To some of these my dignified addressees I had made an appeal for funds for the publication of my work. With all that respect which is due to them I request them to realize that to have wealth and ignore the precautionary measures against the atomic war is no wise policy. One atomic war will destroy all the existing wealth on earth, while a little wealth spent in the publication of my work may save all the rest. My request for funds still holds. I have to offer my apology, to the rest of the Heads of the States of the world and worthies for not sending my letter to them. It was only because my means did not allow me. How I managed to pay for the postage for the letters which I have sent, is a tale too sad to tell.

            During the last few months, I sent the list of the names of my books to a number of publishers of England and America. Some sent their apologies and good wishes, others did not reply. Perhaps the names of the books are too formidable for a publisher of these times to consider. While my obscurity perhaps added to their doubts. And may be there are other factors too. It is hard for me to ignore their business or sentimental considerations. In their case I can neither behave as a despot nor can feign myself inconsiderate. But what they cannot at this stage see, and I see, is that these my works are of immortal nature, and are of a genuine universal interest. The entire world will long to read them at least the first edition will go as they say like hot cakes all over the earth. Thereafter, the merit of the work will be the factor.

            And though I have no complaint against the publishers, I have a very genuine complaint against the news-papers of the West, particularly of Britain and America. Not a word of all that I have hitherto sent to them has been considered as fit for publication in those esteemed papers of such countries as have had a reputation for granting a right of view to everyone without prejudice. They may be requested to correct their attitude toward me, despite all the apparent pungency and causticity of views.

            And in the end, now, allow me to invite the attention of the elite of this world, to the now historic letter which Einstein wrote on August 2, 1939 to Roosevelt, the American President inviting his attention to the possibility of making a bomb, million times more powerful than the conventional bomb, as then was indicated by some work of Fermi and Szillard on Uranium Fission. The possibility was seriously explored by the US Government and of course the bomb was successfully made. The bomb before which the entire mankind now stands trembling in terror for life, I on July 21 of 1982 invite the attention of the horrified mankind to the possibility of destroying that terrific bomb as is indicated by the prophecy of the Quran about the atomic hell. Farewell now, fellow humans! I appeared in this world's like a stranger. I lived all this life in this world like a stranger. My sojourn in this earth may end any moment. I have no particular quality to show, except sincerity and sympathy. How dearly I wish that you recognized it before my departure. I bless you, under pray to God, that He save you from the dreadful atomic doom, and may you and your children live in peace and prosperity and in the memory of God and the other world for ever. Amen. If my work is not published during my life-time, it will certainly be published one day to save this world from the nuclear doom. Therefore try to preserve it for the sake of your children, children's children, children's children's children.          

Farewell to you all and Good-by.     July 21st , 1982  END