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By the infinite grace and boundless mercy of Allah, this series of volumes is my original work. The appreciation of scientific facts, and the new discoveries from the Quran are all my own and quite unknown to anyone, anywhere, Muslim or Non-Muslims. And for that, the most benign and merciful Allah be praised, for ever, eternally. And thus it is all my responsibility. And again Allah be praised. And it is my conviction that it will save the mankind from atomic doom.


"woe unto every slandering traducer who gathereth (wealth of the world) and arrangeth it. He thinketh that his wealth will

render him immortal. Nay but verily he will be  cast into Al-Hotama. Ah, what will convey unto thee what Al-hotama is?

(It is) the fire of Allah kindled, which leapeth up over the

hearts. Lo! It is closed

in on them in

outstretched columns



"Woe unto every backbiter, defamer who heapeth up riches and prepareth the same (for the time to come). He thinketh that his riches will render him immortal (that is his riches will remain with him for ever). By no means, he shall surely be cast into Al-Hotama (the crushing fire). And what shall cause thee to understand what Al-Hotama is ? (That is how crushingly terrible this fire is? And how incomprehensibly complex is its phenomenon?). (It is) the kindled fire of Allah (God), which leapeth up onto the hearts. Verily it is a fire closed in on them in outstretched columns".

                                     (The Quran Chapter 04-Al-Homaza).


            Read this little Chapter. Philosophically it covers the entire field of modern Baconian atomism, and scientifically it covers the entire nuclear phenomenon. And happens to be the only guidance in the world today that leads this world out of the nuclear hell and this modern materialism which is the mother of the Nuclear Hell.


"I draw your attention to the possibility as is indicated by some work of Fermi and Szillard of utilizing the phenomenon of Uranium Fission for the construction of extremely powerful (weight for weight) bombs of a new type, a million times more powerful than conventional bombs. A single bomb of this type carried by boat and exploded in a port, might very well destroy the whole port together with some of surrounding territory".

( Einstein to President Roosevelt August 939)

"On August 2, 942, Man achieved here the first self-sustained chain reaction and thereby initiated a controlled release of Nuclear Energy".

(The Inscription at Stagg Field University of Chicago".


"One event occurred in 945 of such magnitude that it was to revolutionize our relations with the world, and usher in a new era for humanity, the fruits and goals and problems of which we cannot even now fully grasp".

                        ( President Trueman of America, Memoirs 956)


"Since Adam and Eve ate the apple, man has never abstained from any folly that he was capable of, and the end is Atom bomb".

(Bertrand Russel)


"Here is then the problem which we present to you stark and dreadful and inescapable. Shall we put an end to the Human race or shall mankind renounce war? People will not face this Alternative because it is so difficult to abolish war .....There lies before us, if we choose continued progress in happiness, knowledge, and wisdom. Shall we choose death because we cannot forget our quarrels? Remember your humanity and forget the rest. If you cannot, there lies before you the risk of universal death". (An extract from a statement issued in July 955, under the signature of Albert Einstein, Percy W. Bridgman, Leopold Infeld, Herman J, Muller, Cecil F. Powel, Joseph Rotblat, Bertrand Russel, Hedeki Yukawa and Jean Frederic Joliot- Curie"- Science 22, 89-955)


A post atomic conflagration epitaph of humanity by the Author

"Beneath these ruins lie bones, rotten and fossilized, and heaped up ashes of a leporous, cancer-ridden race of chimerical monsters : Once humans, who flourished on this earth as vicegerents of God. As the chosen creation they did enjoy the greatest favours of their Creator, and were created in His image. Then, wronged by no one, they brought all this on themselves by their own hands. Unable to check their unabounding greed, and slandering disposition and forgetting their mission on earth and forsaking their home in heaven, they fell on one another like wild animals and furious beasts, and were thus in a mad frenzy destroyed mutually. The ruins of once flourishing habitations all over the earth yet exist to tell a story, a sad story indeed to sighing stars at midnight".

(The sad author)











Summary of Chapters






Nuclear Theory




The History of Atomism








Commentaries of the Sahabah on Hotama




The characteristics of those doomed to Atomic hell




Twelve pages of " The Mysterious Universe".




Unscientific philosophy of the unscientific scientist philosopher




The terrified unscientific philosopher and The Quran.




Glimpses of the premonitory vision  of the Quran




Accumulation of wealth




How to avert the atomic danger in the Light of the Quran.




A concluding word




Chapter- I

 Nuclear Theory

            (1)        Different modes of energy.

            (2)        The atom and sub-atomic parts.

            (3)        Atomic Number - Mass Number -Isotopes.

            (4)        Fission.

            (5)        Fusion

            (6)        Radiation.

            (7)        Atomic weight.


History of Atomism

1.                 Quran prophecies atom bomb at a time, when atomism had disappeared. Like an arrow shot in air towards a target remote by centuries - atom bomb never a certainty until experimented.

2          Not Democritus but Leucippus the originator of the theory of atomism -- both Leucippus and Democritus atheists--- Their atheism a cause of people's abhorrence and an obstacle in the way of their theory.

3.                        The views of early atomists.

                  The most significant point of their views, namely, that motion of an atom persists until checked - It foreshadowed the law of inertia.

4.               The atoms of Democritus and ideas of Plato.

                  The greatest contemporary thinkers unanimously condemn atomism.

5                The Epicureanism and Atomism -- The Epicureans adopt atomism not for its scientific significance - why  they adopted - Modern atomists and atomism - Epicureans and their rational pursuit of pleasure- Sensualists - Epicurean becomes  a word of reproach.

6               Epicureans completely disregard the scientific aspect of atomism. The poet Leucritus and his famed poem, DE RERUM NATURA.

7.              Stoics opposed to Atomism -- The encounter of St. Paul with the representatives of stoics and Epicureans in Athens.

8.              Not the Epicureans but stoics popular with Romans 

9.              Stoicism and Christianity are at one against    Epicureans.Christianity ultimately emerges completely triumphant ---Epicureanism is completely vanquished --- Christianity the state religion of Roman Empire. The Quran prophecies atom bomb in so called dark ages of the West in 7th Century A.D. -- Opposition to Christianity from every Greek School of Thought completely disappeared.          Atomism is revived in 6th Century A.D. Pierre Gassandi introduces atomism ---DE RERUM NATURA.

10.            Bacon's design ---His attempt at a compromise between materialism and spiritualism unsuccessful ultimately -- Men soon excluded spiritualism.

11.            Dalton's views of atom.

12.            Atom adopts its path to Atom bomb ---accidentally-unexpected discoveries are made in succession --- Einstein evinces theory of special relativity and establishes equivalence of mass and energy as a consequence from it ---Rutherford's concept of atom's structure; a solar system in miniature- Quantum theory of atom is advanced---An element (Nitrogen) disintegrated by bombardment with Alpha Particles -- Neutron is discovered -- Artificial Nuclear Transmutation is achieved --- The phenomenon of Uranium Fission is discovered by Hahn and Strassman in 938 --- The whole subject goes underground by  940 till the end of war.

13.            Now famous letter of Einstein to President     Roosevelt, stating the possibilities of atomic bomb ---  A nuclear fission chain reaction achieved by Fermi in 943.

14.            Atom bomb is built  -- The tragedy of Hiroshima and Nagasaki ---estimated damages.

15.            Hydrogen bomb is produced and nicknamed Hell bomb.



1.     The Text of Quran's Prophecy --- The quality of the translation of the prophecy.

2       It is a warning not a pre-ordained decree- The text of the    Prophecy repeated.

3       The Term Hotama explained. Resemblance between Quran's Hatama and scientist's atom or atoms -- This resemblance a key to door of the secret. The Quran correct and the scientist incorrect respecting the term "atom".

4.      What will convey unto thee what Hotama is ?-- it is something inexpressibly terrible and complex.

5       The characteristics of atomic fire described by the Quran-  Subtle distinctions:-

(i)      It is a fire -- it is known that Heat Flash is one of the two, and the main original constituent of the atomic explosion

(ii)        Fire of Allah kindled :-

            (a)        Its retributive aspect.

            (b)        Its unearthly and solar or stellar temperatures.

(c)        Its vast magnitude and vast areas of its devastation.

(d)        Explosive energy produced by a single 5 megaton atomic bomb far exceeds the explosive energy produced in the whole history of mankind.

(e)   A 20 megaton bomb destroys cities by its blast and its fire, while its Radio-active fallout devastates areas equal to states.

(f)         Nuclear energy destructive for war as well as peace.

(iii)       A fire which leaps up over the hearts :-

            (a)        The Heat-flash--How the heat flash kills.

            (b)        What is Nucleus if it is not the Heart.

(c)   A Wonder: The Quran translates exactly the term Thermo-nuclear when it says: “A fire which leaps up over the hearts".

(d)   Nuclear Radiations --inherent in the nature of Nuclear Fission and atomic explosion --how they leap up over the hearts --Bone Seekers --They attack Bone Marrow -- The function of Bone Marrow is to generate blood --Blood-forming organs attractive targets for radiations --Symptoms of Radiation sickness: Leukemia, Hemorrhages, Fever, Nausea, Vomiting – all these connected with blood and heart -- Multicultural organ -isms with more perfect hearts, more sensible to the effect of  radiations than Uni-cellular organisms with less perfected hearts-           presence of       oxygen to enhance radiations' action, its absence           retards --- the role of oxygen in blood, purification in lungs -- Brain, nerves and muscles least sensible organs of the body to the action of radiations, and far less sensible than heart and whatever is more closely related to it.

        (e)   Nuclear energy generation processes- fission -- nuclear energy -- generated in the heart of atom like-wise in and fusion process.

            (f)         The fire of discontent raging in hearts

(iv)   Hotama a fire closed in on them :- The edifice of Hotama described by the Sahabah (The Companions of the Prophet peace be upon him). How is this fire closed in on them:-

(a)   The Heat-flash -- its abrupt appearance and short duration

(b)   Forty mile round enclosure of fire --by far the larger enclosure is of  Radioactive fallout.

(c)   Operation Alert in the U.S.A. --its estimated results --- Improbability of evacuating so large a mass of affected people -- A global radiological hazard.

(d)   Hotama a huge edifice of fire with a roof on arched vaults supported by outstretched columns of vast extent--portrayal of nominal high-yield atomic bomb on detonation -- a hollow cylindrical column 40 miles in diameter, 0 miles high, covered by a mushroom lid 00 miles in diameter.

(e)   They know that Radiological Hazard is  constituted by mere generation of Nuclear Energy but greed for power and necessity overcomes their knowledge -- no question of purpose whether peaceful or military, Nuclear energy is fatal in every way.

(v)  Outstretched columns - column an essential feature of atomic explosion-one such column already described in 7-D -- a hollow cylindrical column of water in a shallow underwater burst offers a spectacular view.

7. A scene of 0,000, twenty-megaton bombs exploded symmetrically and instantaneously over the earth -- the atomic Samson and the gathering of the Lords.

8          A little Advice.

9          The Hazards of Nuclear Energy.

10        On to the Theological proof.


Commentaries of the Sahabah on Hotama:-

            Remarks of Descriptive nature only quoted:-

1                              Tafsir-Ibn-Abbas

2                               Al-Jalalain

3.                             Tafsir-il-Kabir

4                              Tabri

5                              Tafsir-il-Azim Tafsir -Il-Quran-Il - Azim.

6                              Quotations attributed to the person of the Holy Prophet.                                 


The Characteristics of those doomed to atomic hell

1      Characteristics of that atomic hell bound to be discussed --why deferred.

2.     Nuclear Energy and atom bomb, the result of a process--- The accidental discovery of Roentgen and the choice of Becquerel not out of the impending line, Like Hawk's flight or spying dog's perception -- Atom bomb the egg of the hen of atomism which Dalton reared --Atomism flourished in suitable conditions -- The Three characteristics responsible for the emergence of atom bomb, namely (i) backbiting and slander, (ii) accumulation of wealth (iii) undue confidence in wealth.

3.  All the three characteristics conspicuous in the modern materialistic age -- atom bomb could not have been created without these three characteristics -mistrust between America and Germany --wealth of America -- mankind bear nuclear energy due to their trust in wealth.

4.     Slander and this propagandistical age -- every body engaged in slandering and back-biting every body, slander a sophisticated art in this age --- All for greed-science caused to be involved in back-biting faith -- science-religion conflict at the renaissance of the West, a sad affair for all mankind -- The predisposed mind of the modern unscientific scientist philosopher --Votaries of science ought to have conducted research in religion and to have brought about the necessary reform instead of strangling the faith to death -- Science without the light of faith plays a havoc with men's life.

5      The unscientific philosophy of the scientist philosopher- interesting and instructive in its own way--- Interpretations are placed on the ascertained facts of science and also on hypotheses -- It is a slaughter of philosophy not a philosophy --- A great fact thus disclosed namely, that science cannot give answers to great questions as yet --- Our heart-felt thanks due to the unscientific scientist philosopher.

6.         The examples of the prevailing trends of that philosophy --

(i)   The earth too small to attract interest of so great a Creator.

(ii)  Atoms could happen to arrange themselves in the way they are arranged in a living cell without the control of the Creator, just as a monkey can by chance type off a Shakespeare sonnet.

(iii) This life bound to come to a finish therefore resurrection an improbability.

7.     Now we intend to quote the twelve pages of “The Mysterious Universe" --- The views not of Sir James Jeans -- The views to be found therein in the twelve pages to be shown in comparison with those of the Quran -- The Quran miraculously did anticipate the thought and forestall at times even the very words of Sir James Jeans.

8.     The atrocities of the church nothing as compared with those of the scientist--- the flames which consumed Bruno not worse than those of atom bomb to consume whole mankind -- The absence of the light of faith and that of the fear of resurrection turned science into an all-consuming hell --- There still is a chance to think, though it is the eleventh hour, the next one is to be the zero hour.


The Twelve Pages of "The Mysterious Universe".

1.         The twelve pages of "The Mysterious Universe".

(a)   Twelve pages from "The Mysterious Universe", of Sir James Jeans.

            (b)        A paradox.


2.     Comparison between the trends of the two philosophies, that of the unscientific scientist philosopher and the Quran.


(a)   Material insignificance of life. Quran admits but infers differently.

            (b)        Quran rejects the idea of no interest of the         Creator in life.

(c)   Quran advocates the idea of design, purpose, order and perfect control of the Creator as against the opposite view of the unscientific scientist philosopher.

(d)   Unscientific scientist philosopher bewildered about the origin and purpose of man's existence, but Quran crystal clear and certain        about the point.

(e)   The unscientific scientist philosopher thinks the life to disappear eventually and eternally, while the Quran leads the life on to the next eternal world.

3.  The scientifically unscientific philosophy of the unscientific scientist philosopher is a form of peculiar slander but only the echo of the ancient disbeliever in a modern style -- The thought of a mind predisposed, --- Scientist scrupulously honest in the matters of science but strangely dazed and dizzy in philosophy --- The scientist may prove great asset to philosophy but only if a believer --- The comparison between the philosophy of the unscientific scientist philosopher, as is to be found in the twelve pages, and that of the Quran, divided in three parts:-

(i)      The unscientific philosophy of the unscientific scientist philosopher versus the Quran.

(ii)     The terrified unscientific scientist philosopher and the Quran.

(iii)    Glimpses of premonitory vision of the Quran in the twelve pages.


Unscientific Philosophy of the Unscientific Scientist Philosopher

1    Unscientific philosophy of the scientist that is the unscientific scientist philosopher.


2 Material insignificance of earth and the inference of the unscientific scientist philosopher therefrom:-

(a)     Grandeur of the universe against the tiny little earth --- The zones in which life can possibly exist fewer in number and too small in size --- The universe cannot have been primarily designed to produce life like our own --- Stars according to the Quran not meant to be the abode for life; earth a spacious abode, the righteous shall be housed in lofty mansions in heaven.

(b)  This life contemptible in the sight of the Quran also, but very important as the sowing season to be reaped in the next world.

(c)  If this earth be small then vast gardens are prepared in heaven for the believers, while the disbelievers shall be flung in a place far narrower than even this earth, in hell, chained together.

3. Chance creation -- Earth of a birth accidental and Life the product of a blind play of chance according to the unscientific scientist philosopher- But according to the Quran, everything created with design and plan, for purpose and under strict control of the Creator.

(a)     According to the unscientific scientist philosophy, the birth of mankind either the result of a mistake or accident --- like the appearance of a Shakespeare Sonnet in millions of millions of  pages typed by an unintelligently strumming monkey for millions of  millions of years.

(b)     The unscientific scientist philosopher himself doubtful about the possibility of chance creation of life --- confesses ignorance as to whether a skillful chemist could produce life from the necessary atoms -- if and when life thus created, may well produce a greater revolution of thought than Galileo's Astronomy or Darwin's biology

(c)     According to unscientific scientist philosopher the earth probably a separated fragment of sun.

(d)     Neither the act of the Creator himself, nor the laws of  Nature subject to the conditions of accident --- accident entails ignorance, flaw, and helplessness--- The point exemplified by an instance of a bomb exploded accidentally --- Quran rules out a possibility of accident or chance in the works of God. Rather everything in perfect control of the Creator.

4.   Galileo's Astronomy ---it reminds us of a man walking on his hands, head down, legs up like an acrobat --it has caused human mind to rotate and revolve incessantly along with the perpetual revolution of the earth --Milton's view about the controversy that followed this discovery of rotation --- A sign (verse) of the Quran very suggestive.

5 Darwin's Biology -- not Darwin's Biology but Darwin's Philosophy that matters - Every new discovery in science made an instrument against faith and religion due to the opposition of the orthodoxy -Darwin did irreparable damage to  mankind by imputing a base origin to them --His philosophy really turned them into monkeys-monkeys engaged in boring holes in the roof of humanity -- Darwin's theory not supported by some decisive scientific proof--- based only on speculation and conjecture -- Quran clearly differentiates between men and monkeys ---though not only through form but also through habits  --- Quran is quoted --- Quran very serious about Darwin's view and a stanch antagonist --- Example of the martyr a typical illustration of the difference between the two views that of Darwin and of the Quran --- According to the Quran man's origin not base but noble, yet can sink deeper than the worst of animals.

6  About the lack of Creator's interest in life ---The unscientific scientist philosopher again adamant on the accidental creation of life --- God a magnified man-like being -- Dismissal of every trace of anthropomorphism from our minds respecting God suggested ---Physics to play a greater part in the universe than biology, life therefore cannot claim, special interest of the great architect of the universe --- The Quran asserts God's special interest in life and points to the whole universe constantly engaged in the service of life ---you call God, when you are in distress on sea.

7. Purpose---unscientific scientist philosopher bewildered about the purpose of Man's existence --- The purpose of man's existence according to the Quran is God's worship and life is a trial, just as every thing in the whole universe is engaged in God's worship.

8 The end of the world ---Life according to the unscientific scientist philosopher eventually to disappear from the earth without resurrection ---Quran assures of a resurrection, that men's deeds be judged and rewarded.

9   The Confessions of Sir James Jeans, Quran's views acknowledged.


The Terrified Unscientific Scientist Philoso-pher and the Quran

            This universe terrifying to the unscientific scientist philosopher because of its vast meaningless distances, its long vistas of time, earth's extreme loneliness, earth's material insignificance, indifference and hostility of the universe to life, and because space is traversed, and astronomical bodies bombarded by radiations which are inimical to, even destructive of life --- The Quran clears these misapprehensions and explains, and consoles the unscientific scientist philosopher --- Sir James Jeans confesses the truth of Quran's views on the subject.


The Glimpses of the Premonitory Vision of the Quran in the twelve pages

            The Quran at times forestalls the very words of Sir James Jeans and gives answers -- Such instances quoted in a,b,c,d,e,f,g,h,i,j,k,l,m --- The Quran produces the counterpart of Plato's famous "Simile of the Cave".  


Accumulation of wealth and Wealth Worship

            These are the second and third characteristics of those atomic hell-bound according to the Quran--- The clearest characteristics of the modern age.


How to avert the atomic danger according to the Quran

1.     Blame no one particularly, for the creation of atomic bomb, but rather blame the system and culture which resulted in the form of atomic bomb --- Those responsible for informing the world about Quran's prophecy.

2.     The kind of applause for the atomists, shrieks of cancer-ridden people.

3          The story of a caged tiger.

4.     The efforts of humanity to keep the atomic tiger for ever caged uncertain.

5.   Human history a constant struggle between an inherent love  of pleasure and abhorrence of pain --- The greatest minds always preferred eternal to transitory, sacrificed transitory pleasures and preferred  self abnegation --- This conflict has existed in every pre-modern age --- Spiritualism reached its zenith --- Then faith began to be abused --- Then came a religion balanced between spiritualism and material necessities --- This state persisted for a long time --- Then material triumphed over spiritual --- Faith considered as cumbersome burden --- Materialism prevailed --- Humanity face to face with atomic hell.

6.   Compromise between matter and mind needed --- Places to be allotted to both matter and mind justly --- Let mind be the leader ---Evil be fought out manfully --- Let justice and equality be the rule --- This life but transient ---if life considered permanent everything becomes dark.

7.   A balanced faith needed between matter and mind, body and soul, material and spiritual this world and the next world ---Let mind, soul and the next world take the lead --- Let all be led by faith ---Let the necessities of life be allowed --- Let religion be generalized ---Let men outwardly live in this world, but inwardly in heaven --- soldiers by day, hermits by night --- knowledge without faith dangerous. It has turned into giant atum bumb.

8    An amulet to ward off giant atum bumb and every witch, and every evil including, dirt, poverty, diseases, ignorance --- It ensures universal brotherhood and sympathy and a transformation of thought --- Atomic danger imminent unless the basic causes removed --- Radiological hazard as dangerous as the atom bomb itself - poverty preferable to atomic hell.

9      The codified amulet prepared from the Quran --- It has the form of a beacon of light with seventy candles -- The scientist unable to produce a Neutralizer of the atomic bomb but the Quran can ---It has predicted atom bomb and it can teach the ways to escape the atomic danger --- if this code of the Quran abided by, this world can become a place worth living ---It also ensures the bliss of heaven --- Let the sailors of the boat of humanity pay heed to the advice of the Quran.

10.       The seven sides of the beacon.

11.   The spirit, the light, the outer inscription, the face, the seven sides and the seventy candles of the beacon.


The Concluding word

            The atom bomb does not discern caste, creed, blood , or colour - It is a common foe of all and implies a common cause --Not only death but painful existence -- Future generations of monsters- The truth of faith soon to be manifest --- Let the scientist speak of the grave atomic radiation danger to all mankind --- cruelty of the scientist far exceeds that of the Priest --- No, No-atomic war pacts reliable-Let religious leaders consider their duty --- to save the civilization of Solemn duty of the present generation --- The process to avoid the atomic danger ---Faith, remembrance of the day of judgment, deposition of wealth from usurped God-head to a means and necessity, this world to be subjected to the other world --- The motive and intention behind the act decides the face of any matter --- This life temporary --- cast away greed -- Science to a peaceful use--- Nuclear energy an exception, it is harmful whether used for peaceful purposes or whether as a weapon of destruction, has only one face that of destruction --- Absence of slander, greed, and wealth-worship will automatically dissolve nuclear power into nothing ---eat to serve the cause of God, spend wealth on the needy -- judge men on personal worth --- Need of economic and social justice impelling --- Such injustice the source of most of the troubles of humanity. Horizons over --- cast with calamities- the verdict of time ---Christianity's             involvement in so gross a materialism strange --- Christianity a religion anti-materialistic, anti-wealth, anti-back-biting and anti-slander --- innocent men if consumed by the atomic hell in this world along with those guilty, will be recompensed in the next world.





            I found this warning about the atom bomb in the Quran, and now, it has become a duty incumbent on me, as my faith implies, to make it known to the whole vast mankind. My duty however is to tell only, and then it remains for them to do as they would deem fit. Whether to a hell ablaze, themselves, and along with them their children, in order to be roasted alive, one and all, in a world of cancer-ridden monsters, or by avoiding the hell, that is the atomic hell, on to the path of peace and safety, to their ultimate destination. How little did the atomists know, when engaged in the study of Nuclear Energy, what they were doing? They did no more than apply the keys to the gate of atomic hell. A gate which they eventually did succeed in throwing wide open. The powers then appeared to round up the lowing mankind from every side, like mad cowboys, towards this mighty gate of atomic hell, and whipping them mercilessly with a show of chivalry of course, endeavoured to push them through the gate, with promises of bliss inside: gardens, palaces, rivers, peace, prosperity and indeed everything that could be the desire of one's heart. What else it could be, if it is not sheer madness, that they disbelieve in the promises of Allah about he gardens in the next world as mere fantasy, whereas they believe in the promises of bliss in the Nuclear Energy in this world.

            The prophecy of the Quran about the atom bomb, that is the atomic hell, fortunately enough for mankind, is in the form of a warning, and is based on cause and effect, deed and consequence, and not at all a decree preordained. The Quran has manifestly given the causes that are responsible for the resultant emergence of Nuclear Power and its consequent fruit, the hell bomb. The danger therefore could certainly be averted through repentance and the removal of the basic causes, the causes which have been enumerated by the Quran in most explicit of terms. Nay, the danger even could be averted, a little before the atomic Holocaust has taken place. It is just as the sins of a sinner could be pardoned by the Merciful Allah, on repentance even a little while before death.

            The prophecy, rather the warning about the atomic hell in the Quran is primarily to be interpreted as, and assumed to be, an event of the next eternal world, but, just as fire and garden are there in this world to represent hell and heaven respectively, this atom bomb on earth is to represent the atomic hell in the next world, with the difference indeed, that whereas the victims of the atom bomb on earth might taste death, the victims of the atomic hell of the next world are doomed to burn therein for ever without ever dying. And also, that, while among the victims of Atom bomb in this world there might be people innocent; the inmates of the atomic hell in the next world are, one and all going to be men, judged individually and found deserving of the particular punishment. Those innocent people however who unluckily fell victims to the atom bomb in this world would find ample compensation in the next world for their loss and suffering, in this world, through Allah's unabounding mercy, just like those innocent believers who would fall victims along with other bad people whose evil deeds have incurred the wrath of Allah and the subsequent chastisement, will according to the promise of Allah be compensated on the day of judgment for undeserved sufferings. Those unfortunate people however, whose deeds will justify their punishment in the form of Atom bomb in this world will be doubly punished, that is, both in this world and the next world. If on the one hand they will suffer the punishment of burning in the atomic fire in this world, on the other hand they will be hurled in the atomic hell in next world to burn therein eternally.

            And pray, now, do not call me superstitious or fanatic, or a bigot in anyway (for I may be a man more or at least as enlightened as you yourself might be) if I venture to place before you a fact, curious through and strange indeed, yet not in any way impossible, nor fantastic. To wit, that during my ordeal, an ordeal very gruesome, very blood-curdling and extremely horrible, and you may wonder, what! I say the ordeal of writing this book which you are now going to read. A book which you may think not very different in any way from many other books, yet, there might be men in this very world, possessed of a sight clear enough to discern the truth of my ordeal in the pages of this book, and they might hear the shrieks, cries, laments and thunders of a different kind, not to be found in many other books. But what I want to tell you now is that, during my writing this curious book - a book written in frightening circumstances, circumstances even more adverse than those of Great Milton, when he wrote his "Paradise Lost" - I have remained throughout the subject of two strange powers. One of these I found to be helpful in a mysterious way and working like an under-current. A very encouraging power indeed. The other power, aggressive, hostile, cunning and mischievous. Always in a state of extreme exasperation, always furious to the point of dreadful frenzy, a perfect fright, a picture of horror, a fury insatiate, a terrifying witch with fearful teeth, fiery eyes and covered all over with hair, always in excitement, always in a threatening mood, as if in readiness to snatch away my papers right from my hand, but would not dare, due to the awful majesty of Allah, in whose service I moved. Think me not at all unaware of the age in which I live. A purely materialistic age. An age in which a thing like this would be deemed a mere hallucination, mere fantasy, something sheerly unbelievable. But, what if the spiritual lights have been dimmed to a faint glimmer. What if the celestial edge of human mind has been dulled to extreme bluntness. Yet the human intellect is not as yet so blurred as not to realize the truth of my statement if I explain the thing a little further. Brethren, and fellow human-beings! the power which I say was helpful to me was the personification of the merit of the present day humanity. A power which endeavoured to lead them away from their impending doom, that is the atomic hell. While, the other power which was hostile towards me, was the personification of the guilty part of the conduct of the present day mankind. It endeavoured to the utmost of its ability to drag them towards the pit of punishment ablaze with atomic hell. Both these powers incessantly struggled in a tug of war, and the fate of humanity will be decided according to whichever of these two powers would finally succeed. Do you understand it now? I thought, not the understanding of some sage extraordinary was required to comprehend such a simple thing, but, why, the question arises, these powers thought me to be a fit object of their attention. The answer is equally simple, that both these powers realized the worth of that warning of the Quran which I held in my hand and was engaged in preparing the same for its presentation to mankind. So great has been the worth of this warning in the eyes of the devil that the fiend has been in mourning ever since I undertook this work and has done all that was in his power to deter me from my enterprise. There is every possibility, that mankind may shake its dizzy head at the sound of this warning, and may ponder over the problem, and realizing their folly may repent and thus be saved. A thing not at all to the liking of this constant enemy of the sons of Adam. Indeed so overzealous had this devil been in its endeavours against me, that but for the unabounding grace of Almighty Allah, the pages of this my book might have been scattered all over, the plane which was once the scene of a removable battle fought between Alexander the Great and the brave Poras centuries ago.  And now that I have done my part, it remains for me only to wonder what pranks this resourceful fiend is going to play with mankind in the matter of their acceptance of this book and their subsequent conduct in heading the warning of Allah: their creator, about the Atom Bomb. Our hearty prayer today ought to be, May God give us wisdom, such that we may be saved from the atomic hell. And so also our children and all mankind. That which I have suffered was necessarily the part of my training and will always be.

            That the Quran has prophesied about Atom Bomb must naturally come as a surprise to the world. A miracle has happened in an age of no miracles. It indeed is a miracle and a miracle of no ordinary kind. A miracle in no way less wonderful than that of raising the dead from the graves. Indeed something has been raised to life, that lay dead and buried in its grave for no less than  fourteen centuries. A call sounded at a most propitious moment, when humanity stood in readiness to make a leap into the Nuclear Hell which they have themselves created. Only if humanity would condescend to listen and pay heed to this resounding trumpet of the most beneficent Allah, the most Merciful Creator of mankind, they may still with certainty avert a most painful end. Judging from the present state of distressed mankind, and the nature of horrors, that stand in readiness to fall upon it, no topic could justly be considered as of a more momentous import or in any way of a graver aspect than the one which unfortunately is most neglected, and is entirely ignored by mankind viz. the Nuclear Energy and Atom bomb. Far more grievous is the aspect that of the treacherous Nuclear Radiations in comparison with the atomic blast and raging fires. These radiations constitute a hazard of quite a different nature, of a far more serious nature to humanity.  Mankind have the solace of No-atomic -war-pacts and these are not reliable. They have the satisfaction of safeguards against he Nuclear Radiations, and no safeguards could be a guarantee against the nuclear radiations. What hope of peace is there in a world of many nations and diverse considerations, particularly when the devil is at large to hatch his plots to bring about the ruin of human race. The atomic war in such circumstances may at any time start and seal the doom of miserable humanity. The only sure way of annihilating the danger of atomic warfare lay in the removal of basic causes responsible for the appearance of atomic bomb. The worth of the warning of the Quran about atom bomb manifested itself most conspicuously in the fact that of the enumeration of the causes of the emergence of atom bomb. This warning of the Quran ought to be deemed a God-sent opportunity at a most critical juncture, and if mankind failed to recognize its true worth, there could not be found a precedent as unhappy as that, in the whole history of human race.

            Devil, as I have said, is as free in this age of confusion as it never was in the past, and its chances of success are as great in this age of constant tumult and unrest as were never before. We will tell a story about the devil even at the risk of incurring the title that of old fashioned and outmoded. The story however may be interesting, instructive and to the point, and one which reveals the extent of the ingenuity of the methods adopted by the devil in bringing about the ruin of men. It is feared that in the presence of such a resourceful fiend, the most genuine and well-meant efforts of Nixons and Kosignes to banish the Atomic Warfare, might well, be doomed to final frustration.

            Once, it is said, a man remonstrated with the devil for creating all the broil and clamour amongst men to break the peace of the world. To which the fiend replied, " Brother ! I do not more than dab the wall with a syrupy finger, and the rest of it all is done by humans themselves". This said, he beckoned the man to follow him, and straightway went to the shop of a confectioner. The confectioner sat busily preparing sweet-meats. The devil stood silently watching for a while and then stealthily dipped his little finger in the syrup and silently entering the shop, just made a little dab on a wall by his syrupy finger, and retired to an obscure corner within, and there sat himself down, secretly musing. Presently a few flies gathered on the dab. A lizard propped up from somewhere and sat on the lurk silently behind the flies. The cat of the confectioner mysteriously emerged and crouched behind the lizard. Outside, came a customer to buy sweetmeats for his children, and along with him came his bulky dog smelling and sniffing all the way. The dog sensed the presence of the cat inside, and at once fixed its anxious eyes upon it, and stood wagging its tail in excitement. The scene was by now set, and then a deep suspense for a while ensued. The moment at last arrived. The lizard suddenly made a jump on the flies, the cat like a flash pounced upon the lizard, the dog came at once fell swoop upon the cat. The exasperated owner of the cat threw his syrupy ladle at the dog and maimed it forthwith. The infuriated master of the maimed dog struck the exasperated owner of the cat with club on the head and killed him on the spot. The plot was by now well on its way to final success. The police naturally arrived in the wake, and the awful creak of the hinges of the jail-door, and the hanging noose, and the widowed women and orphaned children, and a life-long mourning, etc. The devil leaving his seat and approaching its complainant- who stood with its eyes wide open in wonder at the mysterious play-slightly patted his shoulder and peeping deep into his startled eyes said, " Look friend, I did but dab the wall with a syrupy finger, and the rest is all done by humans themselves. Why then to whole blame on me for that which others do?".

            Mankind today is in a state of great distress everywhere, both in the east and the west, heart-burning, anxiety and frustration are everywhere as common and as cheap both in the castle and the cottage as the wind that now blows. The spell of science is over and the panic is on the increase amongst humanity in exact proportion to the relative increase in material progress. The higher the piles of commodities and greater the number of factories, deeper the sense of poverty, and fear of hunger. The much repeated terms of the modern times, namely, the peace, progress, plenty and prosperity have come to assume forms, perverted in reality. The scientific progress indeed gave a delighting swing in the beginning, at a time when Macaulay and along with him an innumerable host of master minds had, nothing but praises for the fruitful philosophy of the modern age of science. Bacon the supposed initiator of the modern philosophy of fruit, and the recognized trumpeter of the modern age was unanimously hailed as the greatest philosopher of his times and the true benefactor of all humanity. But alas! the short-sighted followers of Bacon had taken too short sighted a view of Baconian philosophy and having discarded the grand trunk road of a balanced outlook had fallen instead on the delusive paths of pure, ungodly and unspiritual materialism towards immediate gain, and then, quite naturally so, the honey gradually assumed a bitter taste and the illusion of a fast approaching paradise began to show signs of a deceptive mirage. The reaction of nature against those who had proceeded to achieve its conquest for material gains only within this world, and in the absence of spiritual considerations, began to appear in a revengeful mode, and inwardly stirred up, heart-burning, discontent and frustration in the minds, and outwardly led them on to the paths which ended in front of that grisly horror, the atom bomb. Slander, back-biting, mutual mistrust and distrust, excessive greed and complete engrossment in a systematic accumulation of wealth of this world, and an exaggerated and indeed undue confidence in wealth amounting to worship, - in short, all the qualities which the Quran has given out as requisites of the appearance of atom bomb- fused together and finally appeared in the form of Nuclear Energy and its corollary the atomic bomb, together with their issuing fragrance, the atomic radiations. The Nuclear Energy once hailed as a great boon turned out to be a bane and not at all a boon. A feature which darkened even the brighter aspects of science and which eventually is justly to be feared as the killer of science itself along with human race. This Nuclear Energy if not abolished  in time and not supplanted by some harmless means of power, is going to destroy the whole world, there is no doubt about it. Or do I Exaggerate my fears? I say, go ask a scientist. I am no fanatic. I have a balanced mind just as balanced as it would be wished for, But I see a humanity playing an ostrich and I am engaged only in shooing them out of this sand in which they now stand with their heads buried deep and eyes closed, imagining themselves safe in their blindness, and thinking that, just as they cannot see the approaching wolf, the wolf also is not seeing them.

            Humanity, only if it had a little faculty of imagining the horrors of the Nuclear Power, whether used for war or for peace, they would have preferred poverty and indigence without Nuclear Power to plenty and opulence with nuclear energy. Humanity has tolerated the conventional bombs and air-raids in the hope of facilities to be provided by science, but the nuclear energy has come as a killer of all hope. Unfortunately, the general humanity knows little about the nefarious features of Nuclear Energy. They will for ever live absorbed in their own problems of the necessities of life, food and clothing, and will eventually be driven like herds of cattle into the Atomic pit, after a painful existence in an atom ridden age. Let now the rational scientist and the wise politician have courage to stand up to mankind and declare that the atomic-ridden science is soon going to throw all the most contemptible arts of magic, and all the most abhorrent features, and all the most despicable forms of witchcraft of the dark ages into shade, and that, all the toil and labour and patience, perseverance and all the sacrifice of hundreds of past generations of humanity and a history-long endeavour  to build up a civilization worthy of man, is going to be ultimately destroyed by a tiny little invisible atom due merely to the folly of the most knowledgeable and most enlightened age of the whole History of mankind on earth. It is a painful reflection and it reminds me of a little distich of Wordsworth.

                        " To let a creed built in the heart of things,

                        Dissolve before a twinkling atomy".

            Indeed the creed built in the heart of things has been let to dissolve before a twinkling atomy, and we just say, wonderful Wordsworth.

            The bliss of science has turned into a curse, because the element of faith has been discarded and science has become a prey to certain untoward philosophies, if the word philosophy could rightly be applied to them. And if humanity persists in playing the simple ostrich and nothing is done to restore faith to its proper place; and faith in God and resurrection is not re-established in human mind, and if wealth is not deposed from the usurped godhead to its proper place that of a sheer necessity; and science is not diverted towards correct channels; and nuclear energy is not banished, then let all the tape recorders be kept in readiness to record the outcry of harassed mankind, like the outcry of the enraged Northumberland in Shakespeare's king Henry the VIth.

            “Now bind my brows with iron,

            And approach the ruggedest hour that time and spite           can dare bring,

            To frown on the enraged Northumberland,

            Now let heaven kiss earth,

            And let not now, nature's hand keep wild flood confined,

            Let order die, and let this world be no longer a stage to

            feed contention in a lingering act,

            But let one spirit of first born Cain reign in all bosoms,

            That each hear being set on bloody courses, this rude           scene may end,

            And darkness be the burrier of the dead".

            But Northumberland lived in different times, and judging from the maddening circumstances, heart-rending afflictions, inexpressible sufferings and unpredictable calamities of this our modern age, that have dwarfed the troubles of any previous age to a mere speck, a mere storm in a tea-cup, the outcry of the modern Northumberland is going to be far more painful and far more pathetic and indeed far louder due to hundreds of thousands of resounding loud-speakers producing a din and uproar of an unprecedented kind, unknown to Northumberland, just imagine, all the radios of the world magnifying the outcry of the modern desperate Northumberland, crying:-

            "Now lock this world in atomic cell,

            And spark up the flint-hearted retribution to ablaze the        destiny of a miserable race,

            Now, let design expire, let purpose fail, let order die,

            And let the winked edifice of this tottering universe now      kiss earth,

            That, at last the long-sought notion of a fortuitous   concourse of contending atoms prevail, Relentless             Nemesis! Unsheathe thy uncompromising sword and            unleash!

Though much wronged nature! thine innumerable hosts of dazzling adders with mortal tongues, blazing vipers with      hissing venoms, fiery demons with gurgling thunders,           screaming witches with a thousand flaming        spouting          flames,             snake headed Gorgons with a million petrifying             visages, wringgling billions of metero-stinged elephant scorpions,

To be set on a rancorous, a ravenous, and ungrateful species, these slanderous slaves of wealth and the world, unpitying murderers of body and the soul, ill-advised, misguided and proud destroyers of science,             civilization, art, religion, culture, humanity and all, Stir        thy vengeance and let loose thine all devouring hell on        their abominated abode, and turn this globe into a world     of reeking deserts, smouldering debris, whirling storms of scorching sands,  Amidst resounding pearls, of devils jeering laughter, a       foe, over- joyed at so dire a spectacle of ruin, so       ignominious an end of his old adversary Adam's            unwise posterity, And call this Hell the atomic hell A creation of their own hands really".

            And let this be clear to the innocent mankind, that the Nuclear Energy, that is the atomic energy, is poisonous basically. The lethal radiations, Alpha, Beta, Gamma rays and Neutrons, which are inherent in the very nature of the atomic energy, do insidiously and without the knowledge of their victim, cause irreparable damage and of course unspeakable harm to human health. Their presence in the body is only known when the die has already been cast and these radiations, cannot be ejected from the body, once they have entered therein. They are no doubt far more dangerous than any other poison known to man, including arsenic, strychnia and cynides. And if you will allow me to talk a little Greek and Latin to you, it would be said, that the atomic radiations are Thanatoid Perfidia. If all the Venenum of the Thanataphidia within the Regalimen of poison is distilled, it will never approach the mark of atomic radiations, and above all else these radiations are Thanatoid Thanataphidia sans Theriaca Andromachi.  Now in plain language it all means that the atomic radiations are death-like and treacherous and poisonous snakes, such as there happens to be no antidote for their poison. Indeed it is a fact that medical men all over the world have hitherto failed to find any effective treatment of radiation sickness, although they have succeeded in transplanting the hearts. These atomic radiations not only kill - a fact which may not perhaps have mattered too much - but unfortunately enough they are the sure harbingers of a race of monsters begetting monsters multiplying in a cancer-ridden world with a thousand sexual disorders and chimerical developments,  but ask the scientist. He will attest the truth of my statement. It also may come as a piece of strange news to the innocent and ignorant part of the humanity that these radiations distort and destroy human genetic constitution both in males and females, and create genetic troubles of the worst imaginable kind. These radiations are extra-ordinarily perfidious, and may keep lurking in human body, generation after generation, without any sign whatsoever, in a most surreptitious manner, and then all of a sudden may reveal their presence in the body of a parent or a grand parent in the birth of a poor monster baby, just born and piteously staring at the face of its panic-striken parents. Any atomic plant or atomic reactor situated anywhere in any part of the world is a danger sign, because it unfailingly emits radiations, no matter for what purpose the particular plant is being worked. There is no question whatsoever of the purpose, whether peaceful or bellicose. The atomic plant is quite innocent of the phrase that is, "The atomic energy for peaceful purposes". Such a phrase is mere self-deception and could only afford satisfaction to human-beings who are endowed with a natural capacity for feigning themselves deaf, blind or mad or indeed any thing from a wriggling snake to the Creator of this grand universe, but the atomic energy is quite devoid of such a capacity and knows only to emit poisonous radiations whenever or wherever generated, whether for giving light to a city, or whether for taking life out of it, whether with intentions that are peaceful and civilized or whether with aims that are savage and belligerent . A man in these days may dive into a river and come out dry, but no man can generate atomic energy and hope to remain healthy or immutable. Safeguards and precautions against the ill-effects of atomic radiations, cannot be relied upon, even if of the most efficient order. The dumping of the refuse of the fissile materials has been a headache and a plague and in all probability it shall remain so. I am not inventing these facts bout the radiations and then telling you. The scientists themselves are loudest in proclaiming all these facts, and even more, to a deaf humanity. These scientists are extremely honest fellows in matters concerned with science. But if mankind pretends deafness against their cries, they cannot be held responsible for that. Yet the scientists are putting up their utmost endeavour for the advancement of atomism and nuclear energy. If all their enthusiasm emanates from pecuniary necessities, that is quite a different matter, but if they honestly believe that they are doing service either to science or the humanity by propagating Nuclear Energy, I can bet with utmost certainty that they are thus neither doing any service to science nor to humanity, rather they are procuring death for both and also themselves. Let them therefore reflect alone on the matter and see if there is some truth in what I say.

            The basic reason which is given in favour of Nuclear Energy is, that, it constitutes an inexhaustible source of power. Be it even so, but is the deal acceptable to any human being worth the name, if he is told both the pros and the cons of the matter. I say, would you choose to die a leper yourself and bequeath to your posterity monstrosity in heritage in return for nuclear power, or, would you not prefer a healthy life for yourself and a healthy legacy for your children, to power that is to be derived from nuclear energy. But, if you still persist to have plenty, a plenty of food and clothing, do you need to be told that the plenty through nuclear energy brings indeed plenty, yes, but the plenty of not eatables only, but also the plenty of pain, panic, disease and distress and if even then you vote for nuclear energy, is there no mental doctor in your neighborhood, that may test the soundness of your brain, and is there no insurance company in your vicinity that may ensure your head for a thousand measures of nuclear energy in hard currency. I say, let the masses all over the world be told all about the nuclear energy, and then let there be a census, to see how many of them vote in favour of nuclear energy, how many mothers there're who want their children to turn monsters for a few additional morsels of food, how many fathers there are who like to be hurled into the atomic hell along with their children that they may get a few additional calories of fuel. And again, we ask, have all the sources of energy been exhausted that they are clamoring for nuclear energy. The enthusiasts may be requested, that if they are bent on bringing martyrdom to humanity, let them chose some other field and renounce such ideas as Nuclear Suicide, and better still keep this unique honor to themselves and leave innocent mankind alone.

                  Entire responsibility of the ill-application of science and misuse of wealth, and the consequent misery, suffering and afflictions, hazards and dangers, lay solely on the head of those unfortunate people who left faith out as a source of unending troubles, and impedance to progress, and went headlong into exclusively materialistic pursuits, and instead of affecting reform in their religion, in case it existed in a state of corruption, they just decided to cut at its root, and then proceed on the way to progress unhampered and free, little knowing, that in this way they had thrown the load on one side only of the pack-horse and had thus upset the balance. How little did they then realize in their blind zeal for progress that man was not a clay model only, and that he was basically made of two elements namely, that of body as well as soul, matter as well as mind. This was man's basic constitution. How could then, one half of it and perhaps the better half, that is the mind and the soul, be entirely discarded and left to starve without food, a prey to a hundred and one maladies. But they certainly did discard the mind and the soul and lavished all their attention on the body, with the result that the humanity which had sustained its existence through untold calamities, catastrophes and disasters for thousands of years during its long and troubled history in the past, have arrived at the brink of sure, shameful and total destruction within a few centuries in this modern, science guided age.

                        Science-religion-conflict at the very outset of the renaissance of the West has been an unhappy affair, such as has proved disastrous in the long run to mankind at large. The atrocities of a tyrannical church might indeed have been unbearable, while the rational and beneficent character of science might have seemed a great boon, but thanks to the absence of faith that the unfortunate survivors of the atomic conflagration, unfortunate by virtue of their survival itself, sitting like haggard and wretched group of bald vultures of a forlorn desert, on top of a stinking heap of smouldring debris and choking fumes, might be heard as saying with a sad sigh, " Alas for us, perhaps, the amenities of beneficent science were a mere delusion. Perhaps it was at some accursed hour that ill-starred mankind had adopted the course of science. Alas for us! Perhaps the inhuman atrocities of the cruel clergies were preferable to this. O, benign death, why have you spared us miserable creatures? Pray condescend once to visit us and relieve this wretched medley of a painful existence. How we envy the owners of these swollen and stinking bodies. We wish, we were in their place killed and saved this unbearable existence.

            It is earnestly hoped, that scientists and politicians will not treat these sentiments as mere mockery, unless indeed, the dazzle of some pre-ordained decree of cruel fate has blinded their eyes and they are foredoomed along  with the whole mankind to some most unfortunate end. It is my heart that speaks, and the voice of a heart only the foredoomed can pretend not to hear, and blind only can deny the presence of the sun in heaven. Pray, I entreat you, now awake from your slumber and see what lies ahead over the horizons of humanity.

               The world today is thirsty for peace and contentment amidst this maddening uproar and heart-breaking drudgery of Godless materialism. Mankind today pines for long-lost faith in this immoral and unspiritual age, and they now yearn after a world in which science and religion may exist side by side in perfect reconcilement. They find themselves unable to disown science and they feel in their mind a sense of emptiness due to the absence of faith. They cannot relinquish science, without the risk of uprooting the whole economic structure of the world, and they cannot now long renounce faith, for science has been long misused due merely to the absence of the element of faith. Unfortunately science and religion have been kept at loggerheads since the birth of modern science and modern civilization. Their reconcilement therefore seems now a matter of much difficulty. It might be difficult, yet it is not at all impossible, provided certain conditions are fulfilled, namely, that, science and religion, wealth and God, body and soul, matter and mind, this world and the next world, are allotted the places due to them in an atmosphere of faith, faith in God, the day of judgment and the life in heaven, and under complete sovereignty of the Creator.  Science ought to become a servant to faith, the wealth a mere means and necessity. Every act ought to reflect the thought of the judgment of God. Such a reorganization may seem difficult, but when faith is there, nothing is difficult. The world will be seen astonished to see the nuclear energy - now so formidable a problem - dissolved before a creed, built in the heart of things, and the stock piles of the atom bombs will evaporate and disappear like mist before the rays of the rising sun. It will also be seen that mankind could live and happily enough without the agency of nuclear energy, and that the territories could be defended even without atom bombs. The sinking boat of humanity will be seen sailing again in calm and tranquil waters.

                        But, if on the other hand, faith is not brought back amidst mankind, and matters are allowed to deteriorate gradually till at last the stage of atomic conflagration has approached and unfortunate humanity is costumed by atomic fire, then of course those responsible for this unprecedenting heinous deed shall be answerable for it before God, the master of all those innocent creatures who have most mercilessly been cast into the atomic hell. It shall not at all be possible for any one guilty of so terrible a crime to escape the wrath of the creator and severe is His vengeance. It is an uncommon evil to bring a world to such a tragic end. A world which might have taken millions of years to reach its present state of perfection. A garden planted by the Creator and watered and pruned for ages, and at last when the season of its blossoming arrived it was blighted by those for whose sake it was prepared. How woeful a day when the laughters shall be choked and merriments turned gloom. When beating hearts will fail, and the wailing souls caught in the blizzard of atomic bombs shall for ever be silenced amidst the groaning flames of all-consuming atomic hell.


            It was in 1961, that I discovered this warning about atomic bomb in the Quran. I sat in my study engrossed in writing my book “The Mind of the Quran", when during my perusal of the Holy Quran, the secret just like a flash dazzled the eye of my mind. It indeed was a discovery, more startling and more important than all the greatest discoveries of science united, including atom bomb itself, and far more important than Galileo's astronomy, Darwin's Biology, Newton's Gravity, Einstein's Special Relativity. God at last had taken mercy on miserable mankind and had risen to the occasion. Mighty hand of truth had eventually appeared to give battle to the pernicious tendencies that led the helpless humanity like dumb, mute, blind victims to atomic shambles.

                        I myself was dead certain about the truth of the prophecy, but to satisfy a sceptic world it was necessary to provide a proof in exact accord with the prevailing spirit of the age, the age of science. A scientific proof therefore was essential. Judging from the particular complexity, novelty and ambiguity of the topic of atom bomb, it was quite natural that the prophecy within the Quran remain a secret and be discovered only after the actual object of the prophecy has made its appearance before the world. The prophecy was a wonder in itself, and the wonder was further augmented by the aptness of the commentaries of the earliest commentators of the Quran, namely the Sahabah (disciples of the Holy Prophet, peace be upon him), who had the honour of hearing from the mouth of Prophet himself.

            In an age like this in which the scientific proof be a criterion for judging every thing, it was justly feared that without a scientific proof and a perfect corroboration of the prophecy by the actual facts of nuclear science, the whole affair would be treated as a mere fantasy, and therefore my personal certainty would prove of little avail either to myself or the world at large. Nor the affair could be left away without a deep sense of gross injustice and great wrong to mankind, for it is not hard for anyone endowed with average understanding to at once realize both the urgency of the matter and the effective role which such a prophecy could play in saving mankind from a dreadful doom. It was a sure neutralizer of the atom bomb. An efficacious antidote against all the venomous characteristics which tended towards the destruction of humanity through nuclear weapons. A sure means of the survival and a hope for the revival of humanity, and a guarantee against the painful extinction of human species, a miracle of miracles, and an inestimable boon of the Beneficent and Merciful Allah, the prophecy possessed my soul, so that I thought, no toil, labour or sacrifice would be too much for a matter so great and so beneficial to fellow human-beings. And I believe in the light of my conscience, that I did all that  I could, in my humble way to achieve the scientific proof of the prophecy and to lend it a form presentable to humanity as a result of many years' toil and labour and perhaps sweat and tears too, if you can understand.

            My difficulties are great and many. The ones that concerned myself personally I need not mention. But the main difficult incident on the topic itself has come to present itself in a formidable form. Namely, that the true appreciation of the subject, entails a set of pre--requisites not generally to be found together in a single person. It is hard to find one endowed at the same time with thorough understanding of science as well as that of Quran and Arabic language, and endued with a veracious mind, perspicuous intellect and keen sense of sympathy for the world-wide humanity. Darwin's Philosophy is generally and justly considered as a difficult subject, and implies deep understanding, yet that philosophy would not impose conditions of so diversified a nature for its true appreciation as this prophecy under discussion would essentially impose. Men of scientific caliber that of, say, Einstein, and the Philosophical caliber, say, that of Russell, and the Theological caliber, say, that of His Holiness, would indeed be available, but none of these could claim a thorough knowledge of either the Quran or the Arabic language, and also that they may be specialists only in their own respective fields. On the other hand, although there would not be a dearth of men learned in Quran and the Arabic language within the Islamic Counties, a few amongst them could be justly expected to be well versed in the matters of science or modern knowledge. Indeed, and yet, no mistaken notion of over-estimated and unsurmountable difficulties of the matter be entertained. Such high qualifications which we have desired are required only for extraordinary appreciation of the subject. Men so highly gifted would be enraptured by the topic and thrown into ecstasies according to their individual capacity. Otherwise as far as general understanding of the subject is concerned, there exists no such intricacy as would baffle an average understanding. Being situated in a place far removed from all the acknowledged centres of science and learning, and the scientific and philosophical societies, I am obliged to rely on the good sense and charitable thoughts of the intelleigensia all over the world. Whosoever has recognized the truth of this prophecy, rather the warning, it is well in the wide interest of the humanity that the same be treated with sympathy and be given the publicity it rightly deserves, that perchance they may reflect and be saved. The circumstances of humanity today warrant a wider and broader outlook - let not our petty considerations in any way veil our understanding or obscure our vision, when we see that the very existence of mankind is at stake. It is my heartfelt conviction that the people all over the world, irrespective of their cast, colour, creed, country or religion, inclination, aptitude or considerations, will view this prophecy with the regard it deserves, and will lend their sympathies, in the name of humanity, and for the sake of their own home, hearth, children and all, since the nuclear explosion respects no such thing. It is a common foe, let us make it a common cause, or else nothing will be left, may, but you will not even have a chance to mourn your dear ones and your near ones. May God bless you with understanding and endow you with wisdom that you may discern the facts and avoid the approaching calamity. Amen.

            A fact which I cannot forebear from mentioning, and which has caused me no little embarrassment in the course of my writing a part of this book, has been the selection of an appropriate title for the unscientific scientist philosopher, during some philosophical discussions. This is not an individual, but actually is a symbol of a particular creed of philosophers, responsible for evolving a peculiar philosophy from the ascertained truths, and hypotheses, and propositions of science, by placing philosophical interpretations there-on. I have called him unscientific philosopher. He deserves the epithet, that of philosopher, since he has discussed philosophy; and he deserves the name of scientist, because he has tried to base his philosophy on the facts of science, but I have called him unscientific, because he has violated the rule of science in that he has not always produced the scientific proofs of his inferences, and has taxed his discussion with so many, "ifs", and "buts",  and "perhaps", and, " we cannot speak with any certainty", and "we don't know the answer", and has indulged so much in idle unscientific speculation and conjectures, and indeed in a manner so awkward, that, it is hard to think of any other, more befitting title for him than, " The Unscientific". All this I did, in order to distinguish him from the real scientist, for I did not like to do injustice to the scientist himself, and I think I have a heartfelt regard for the scientist for his scrupulous honesty in the matters of science, and his toil, labour and sacrifice for the physical welfare of humanity. Another appreciable quality of which the scientist as a rule is possessed is his regard for the facts as against the authority. He is prone to judge a thing on principle of science and then accept or reject accordingly, irrespective of his personal likes and dislikes. But our unscientific scientist philosopher has shown no such quality. He has basically a predisposed mind and all his endeavour has been to prove the desires of his own heart, and the images formed by his own mind, and force his decisions on science. I have made all this lengthy statement, merely with a view to make a distinction between him and the pure scientists. This fact should always be borne in mind while reading this book.

            Another fact which seems to be susceptible of creating much misunderstanding, and indeed a very unpleasant one, and which warrants a particular clarification is, that, because the philosophy of the unscientific scientist philosopher I have entirely quoted from the first twelve pages of the famous and really admirable book " The Mysterious Universe" of Sir James Jeans, there exists a great plausibility that the reader may attribute all the thought contained therein to Sir James Jeans himself. Far it be from the truth. Sir Jeans have merely reproduced the thought of a group of a particular type of philosophers. His own thought he has shown in the last chapters of the very same book and is quite different, quite sober and quite serene. It is hard to believe that a scientist and intellectual of the caliber of Sir James Jeans would commit such gross follies, and found fall into such unique absurdities as are in his first twelve pages. yet it could in no way be treated as an impossibility. The light of faith is quite independent of knowledge and intellect. Sir Jeans, however, has done well by including his own views in the end of his book. Otherwise the style in which he has written the first twelve pages of his book would leave no doubt that the thought expressed therein were his own. It pains me to say, but the fact is that, views such as our unscientific scientist philosopher have entertained, would do but an ill-service to science itself. Grievous wounds are inflicted in the heart of science, yet it is hard to believe that the unscientific scientist philosopher was ever aware of this disconcerting realities.

            And now in the end please pay attention, for I am about to say something which is important. Lest you say, tomorrow, we were not told.

            If this garden of Allah, and all his creatures are destroyed in an atomic conflagration, then everyone responsible for the catastrophe shall be called to account by the Creator on the day of judgment. The enraged Creator of the world, then is well justified in avenging himself on the criminals. His Mercy also finds no bounds. He may forgive everyone, but we must take into account our deeds.

            If this world of Allah is consumed by atom bombs, without this prophecy, rather warning of the Quran, having received the publicity which a thing like this rightly deserves, due either to my indolence, or helplessness, or, the neglect of those who are in a position to cooperate in this matter, then we shall be answerable before Allah on the day of judgment. Allah may ask the atomic powers or others having a share in the atomic devastation of the world whether they had received the warning of the Quran, and had considered, the methods of averting the atomic danger contained therein. To which they may reply in negative. I then may be questioned by Allah, what I had done in making the prophecy known to mankind. If I then say, that I did whatever was within my powers, I conducted a research and sought the scientific proof and then wrote the book, but thereafter, no cooperation came from any where. The Muslims excused themselves, for they thought they had their own problems of a material nature more important and showed utter indifference, and I not being myself in a position to cope with the situation single-handed in an age of presses and publication, found myself quite helpless. The Non-Muslim powers were situated remote from me and out of my reach and I could not afford to approach them. The thing therefore was lost. Then Allah may question the Muslims. They may answer they did not understand the topic of the Prophecy and they had a multitude of other problems before them to solve. Allah may then display the atomic hell before their eyes and may explain to them the text of His prophecy and they may then learn a practical lesson soon . But, if this prophecy has reached all the four corners of the world, and this could be achieved only through the cooperation of all concerned, and then thereafter the world has not heeded the word of Allah, and have failed to remove the causes that the Quran has given out as responsible for the emergence of Nuclear Energy and the atom bomb, and mankind is consequently consumed by the nuclear fire, or has turned monster, then all those who have done their duty that of giving due publicity to this prophecy shall be absolved from the guilt and the responsibility shall be shifted on to the negligent part of humanity. Do you now understand? Or will the terrific blast of atom bomb only start your thinking? But will that then a wail you aught? Or will these Muslims understand only after they have received a practical bath in the nuclear hell?

            And now please listen. The devil may effectively whisper in your ear, " do not hearken to it, it is the Quran, a book in which you do not believe". And unfortunately the world of this arch-seducer of men “the Satan", may please you, but it is something against the dictates of wisdom, and may eventually prove fatal, and it may bring about grievous consequences, but alas! then. O, ailing soul if you could acquiesce in the physical treatment of your body by a doctor apparently of a faith different from yours, why then deny life if vouchsafed by an advice appearing in a book in which you do not formally believe. An advice in no way contrary to the scripture in which you might have believed. There is an overflowing cup of life-giving elexir pure and celestial, whosoever shall accept it shall do so to his own good, and whoever shall reject the same, shall reject it to his own hurt. Blessed are they who take up the word the truth wherever found, and rejoice therein.

            It indeed is most proper that a work of this nature be subjected to extreme scruting, but a few elite and few only through out this vast world, will be able to judge, for an enterprise of this nature entailed Einsteinius scientific genius, Socratic sight of discernment, Darwinian depth of thought, a deep insight into the inner heart of the scripture under discussion, and a penetrating eye to observe the trends, tendencies, ideas, problems and answers to the problems of the modern age. A gruesome ordeal, and a grim fact, and turned more grim due to the fact, that but a few could judge while the applause of the generality of mankind would but be an echo of the recognition by the few elite, in a pioneer work with no model no precedent.

            I do not know when this book will be published, and it is possible, some one may in the meantime try to write on the topic in the light of my two articles, namely, " The Quran and the atomic hell." published in the daily " Pakistan Times", dated 20-2-963; and "Atom bomb Ka Dhamaaka Azzab-e-Elahi hai" , published in the daily " Mashrique (Urdu) Lahore dated 5-7-970, and also several lectures delivered by me before various audiences. But let me warn such people that it is a most difficult and most delicate of all topics, and it is rightly to be feared that such writers despite best intentions may throw the whole thing into utter confusion resulting in irreparable losses to the topic and consequently the mankind itself. This work has to be scrutinized by the most competent judges all over the world, and it is destined to become the by-word throughout as the sole hope of a doomed humanity in which the Yousuf Gabriel is to figure as the martyr. And peace be with you all.

Allamah Mohammed Yousuf Gabriel,Malik abad, Nawababad Wah Cantt,


7th February1 974.




(1)      Mankind has for long made use of the energy of flowing water and the energy given out in the burning of wood and charcoal. The first is an instant of gravitational energy and the second that of Chemical energy (which is essentially electrical in origin). In recent years an entirely new energy process, roughly a million times more powerful than any chemical process, has been discovered. The source of this energy lies in the force called "nuclear force" which operates between the constituents, protons and Neutrons of atomic nuclei. It should be observed that unlike gravitational and chemical energy the harnessing of Nuclear energy, also called atomic energy-demands deep insight and considerable progress in fundamental science as distinct from the empirical arts and crafts. The discovery and manipulation of Nuclear energy has only been possible after a gruesome struggle in the acquirement of systematized knowledge and continuous scientific progress, and a set up of elaborate economic system, for centuries.

(2)   All matter consists of atoms. The atoms are further coagulated into molecules. All atoms consist of a central core, called the Nucleus that is the heart, around which revolve the electrons, like the planets that revolve around the sun. All nuclei are built from two fundamental particles -- protons and neutrons. The neutron is electrically neutral. The proton has a positive charge equal and opposite to the charge of electron. A neutron is slightly --one part in 759 - heavier than proton which has 1836 times the mass of an electron. A neutron outside a nucleus is an unstable particle: It has a half life of about quarter of an hour and decays into a proton and an electron.

The atom:-

       The mass number (A) of a nucleus is a number of neutrons and protons contained in it. The number of protons defines the atomic number (Z) of the nucleus. The atomic number is characteristic of an element, for example, it is one for Hydrogen, 38 for Strontium and 92 for Uranium. For the same element there can exist nuclei having different values of the mass number (A). They are called isotopes of the given element. A nuclear species (Nuclide) is specified by assigning values for Z and A, Thus Z = 92, A=235, generally written as Uranium-235 (U-235). Uranium 238 contains 92 protons and 146 neutrons, making a total of 238 nucleons -- a "nucleon" stands for either a proton or a neutron. The protons and neutrons are most strongly bound in nuclei of moderate mass numbers, and the binding is relatively weak in heavy as well as light nuclei. It is on this account that heavy nuclei liberate energy on fission and light nuclei on fusion.

(3)   The atoms of some elements may have the same atomic number that is the number of protons, but may have different mass numbers that is different number of neutrons contained in the nuclei. For example, the atomic number of Chlorine is 17, that is the Chlorine nucleus has 17 protons. But one Chlorine atom may have 18 neutrons to make the mass number as 35, while another Chlorine atom may have 20 neutrons to make the mass number as 37. Yet they are the atoms of Chlorine, and are called isotopes. This particular kind of variation is of interest to us in this work because the isotopes represent different states of a nucleus that is the heart of the atom. These hearts are in a way in a state of disturbance. The atomic weight is the relative weight of atom.

(4)   Fission Process:-

       Fission means division of a nucleus into smaller nuclei. Of all the fissile materials the Uranium-235 has been discovered as the most suitable for the fission purpose. If a uranium nucleus is broken into two nuclei of nearly the same size, energy will be released. The process in which a heavy nucleus such as Uranium is broken into two intermediate, nuclei with the release of energy is called a fission reaction or nuclear fission.

       When an isotope of Uranium-235 is bombarded with the slow neutrons, fission takes place spontaneously. The neutron strikes at the heart of uranium atom and it splits the nucleus into two approximately equal daughter nuclei, say Krypton and Barium Nuclei, knocking out 2 or 3 (The average is 2.5) neutrons from the nucleus of U-235 atom. These two or three knocked out neutrons strike in turn at the heart of 2 or 3 other atoms and knock out 2 or 3 neutrons each and so on so forth, the process continues. And it is then said that a fission chain reaction is built up. Till the whole mass of U-235 becomes incandescent and eventually explodes with wrath, for, the hearts of the atoms having been disturbed, to an ultra-natural extremity, the resultant commotion has approached a limit, where the natural sustenance becomes an impossibility.

(5)   Fusion Process:-

       In fusion process, simply lighter nuclei are fused together. A fusion process can be realized in a variety of ways, e.g. by bombarding light elements with charged particles obtained from cyclotron and other high-energy-particle accelerators. The fusion process however becomes possible only at exceedingly high temperatures of the order of millions of degrees. The explosion of nuclear bomb using fission chain reaction develops a temperature of the requisite degree and is utilized in achieving fusion reaction in the fusion (that is Hydrogen) bomb. The simplest explanation of this fusion reaction from our point of view could be is that the nucleus (heart) of an atom is fused with the nucleus (heart) of another atom, and the energy is released, when the two hearts are crushed together.

(6)   But the nefarious feature of the whole matter is the radiations that is Alpha, Beta, Gamma rays and neutrons which are essentially emitted in the fission reaction. These radiations are undetectable by the five senses, and are not only poisonous, but perniciously, rather wickedly poisonous. They not only kill, but they also cause leprosy, cancer and inheritable monstrosity. These radiations make no difference whether the nuclear (atomic) energy is produced for peaceful purposes, or as a weapon for war destruction. Thus a phrase like "Nuclear Energy For Peaceful Purposes" is only a misnomer and a self-deception, rather a blindness of deluded Humanity. It is a contradiction in terms.





(1)   We now produce a brief history of Atomism, that is atom to atomic bomb, partly for the purpose of providing the reader with some idea of the paths which atom has traversed during its long journey in twenty five centuries towards its final destination, rather first stage of the destination, the Hiroshima, and partly to show that at the time when this warning about atom bomb was revealed, by the Quran, not a vestige of such a theory as "Atomism" remained anywhere in the world, not to speak of Arabia proper: The inhabitants where of being entirely ignorant then and innocent of any type of Greek Philosophy rather any Philosophy. This fact makes the prophecy indeed more remarkable. The theory of atomism in fact had breathed its last after a doubtful and controversial existence, before the overwhelming pressure of Stoicism (an antagonistic School of Thought) and the Christianity; a religion even more strongly antagonistic towards the atomism. In such circumstances, that is at a time when the theory of atomism did not even so much as exist, a prophecy about the atom bomb, would seem like an arrow shot in space, without any visible target. The arrow, however was shot, which traveled on its way to its target, out of sight, till in fourteenth century of its travel at last stuck its target in 1945, still remaining out of sight of mankind, till about sixteen years after its arrival at its destination, that is in 1961, when it was discovered by me, indeed by the Grace of Almighty Allah. The prophecy which the Quran made about the victory and prevalence of then completely vanquished Greeks against the decisively victorious Persians was a prophecy, according to Gibbon, (the famous author of "Decline and Fall of Roman Empire", such that nothing could be more remote from its fulfillment at a time when it was ventured by the Quran; for the circumstances at that time were in a state, such as, there seemed not the least probability of Greeks fighting back to defeat the Persians. But the Greeks not only repulsed Persian forces and drove them out of the Greek territories but went further to the throne of the Persian Emperor and forced him to accept conditions of a treaty most disgraceful to him. And thus the prophecy of the Quran about an improbability was fulfilled. This was a prophecy which was fulfilled in a very short time but on the other side of the scale is the Prophecy of the Quran about the atom bomb which took more than thirteen centuries for its fulfillment. The theory of atomism lay buried since centuries, fathoms deep, in obscurity when the Quran made a prophecy about its fruits : the atomic bomb. Then centuries more elapsed in a state of humanity tending farther and farther away from the atmosphere which could be congenial to the revival of atomism. But the time arrived at last when the grave of atomism was discovered by some strange chance, and atomism was revived with a flurry that it gradually, came to pervade every branch of science, and eventually at a decisive stage took on unexpected turn and fell on a way: which ultimately and again quite unexpectedly led to the production of atomic bomb. Nay even the atomic bomb was something not quite surely predictable during all its consecutive stages of development and it was believed as a certainty only after it was tested finally. It however proved to be practicable, and proved also its real efficacy and efficiency in the smoke -ridden ruins of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and indeed, put the spirit of Christian mercy in the crucible. Was it not so? Ask Ronald Knox.

(2)   The Author of atomism

       It is to Democritus of Abdera in Thrace (a younger contemporary of Socrates, and nicknamed, "the Laughing Philosopher", because he found human life matter for laughter: as against Heraclitus whom the later tradition called "weeping Philosopher", because he found in human life matter for tears) that the theory of Atomism is attributed though in fact not he but Leucippus was its originator. Little is known about Leucippus, except that he was a Milesian, and that he flourished about 440.B.C. Democritus received the credit because he was responsible for developing the system and making it known. Both Lucippus and Democritus were atheists and their atheism, due to the abhorrence it caused in the minds of the people was largely responsible for the rejection of their theory. It is remarkable to note that when in modern times this theory of atomism was discovered and adopted it was seen that this associated atheism be not revived along with it but somehow and very unfortunately of course, this atheism has found its way into the minds of the modern atom-ridden sceptics, although in a guise most astonishingly queer.

(3)   The early views of the atomists:-

       Following are the views of the early atomists about atomism:-


(a)   The atoms are indivisible and indestructible.

(b)   They move about in all directions in a fortuitous concourse in otherwise empty space.

(c)   Atoms and space are all that exist.

(d)   There're different kinds of atoms, distinguished by differences of shape, but individual atoms are too small to be noticed by the senses.

                 (e) The things we touch and see are made by the arrangement of atoms in groups. Change consists in nothing but their arrangements. There is no alteration  in the atoms themselves.

                 (f)    The motion of an atom persists until checked presumably in collision with another atom since the theory itself denies any other cause.



(4)   This last is most significant of all the Atomists' ideas. It foreshadows the law of inertia, which states that motion needs no cause to preserve it. The cause is necessary only to produce changes of motion. If a thing is moving, it will continue to move, without change of speed or direction, until something forces it to slow down, accelerate, or deviate from its path. This notion upon which Newtonian mechanics is founded, is opposed to Aristotle's view, that a body comes to rest unless there is something to keep it going. Once the atoms have been given a start, say the atomists, their subsequent motions are determined by invariable mechanical laws. The state of the Universe depends only upon its pervious state. Its future is decided by its present. Here is the philosophy of Determinism in its extreme form. The moral implications arising from the necessary denial of free will are obvious and disturbing. Unfortunately, philosophies which are the product of human mind are mostly fragmentary in form and far too limited in scope; for, human knowledge itself is of a nature fragmentary, and human vision extremely limited. The philosophers see an elephant Just as the legendary ten blind men of Hindustan had once seen it. The interpretations therefore of the points of such philosophies are susceptible of many and diverse even opposite conclusions, generally in accordance with the predisposition of the mind of the interpreters themselves. Further such philosophies are the reflections of the disposition of the mind of their makers themselves. Aristotle's mind in order to prove the Omnipresence of the Creator and his design and order thought it essential to subject the atom to the controlling hand of the Creator in its motion, whereas Democritus in order to show the absence of the Creator, design and control imparted the qualities to the atom such as would prove fortuitous concourse of atoms in a designless world without any purpose. Neither Aristotle nor Democritus could see anything beyond this in the atom. In the presence of faith every thing seems  to one's mind as, converging towards the creator whereas in the absence thereof every thing seems to be running away from him. Many a raging storm is seen to be raised in a tea cup during discussions of these subtle philosophies. So short is Man's vision, that Darwin saw no harm to faith in all his philosophy as is apparent from his very genuine remonstrances. But was his philosophy as innocent as he thought it to be in the haze of his zeal for discovery of the truth. We could discuss this very interesting topic at length but we are, I am afraid deviating from our actual topic, the History of atomism. What pranks, that imagination has not played with human mind, and what part that the corrupt and selfish amongst the religious leaders have not played in driving the people away from faith and in creating disgust and hatred of religion in their hearts. And how often two men have said the same thing without understanding each other, and disputing all the same.

(5)   The atoms of Democritus and the Ideas of Plato

       Like Plato, Democritus held the eternal and ultimate reality in the world to be the object not of senses but of the understanding. But he considered the nature of this reality very differently form Plato. It consisted of atoms, that is of indivisible (and therefore indestructible) bodies of a size too small to be detected by our senses, differing from one another in shape (whence he could call them by the same name as Plato gave to his ultimate realities of ideas or forms) moving about in a vacuum or void, though the two worlds were different.

(6)   The greatest contemporary thinkers condemn atomism

       The great influence of Aristotle was cast into the scale against the adoption of such a theory as atomism was. Not the influence of Aristotle alone, but the greatest writing philosopher of ancient time, the disciple of Socrates and master of Aristotle, namely Plato, was vehement in opposition of Atomism. The two hundred years which followed the death of Aristotle, despite the fact, that they were the years of great progress in mathematical and Astronomical science, and were made illustrious by such names as those of Euclid, whose "Elements" was the text book of Geometry for two thousand years, of, ERASTOTHENES, who first used the method by which the size of the earth is ascertained, of ARCHIMEDES, the discoverer of the principle of the lever, of HIPPARCHUS who has been called the true father of Astronomy, yet none of these great thinkers so much as condescended to take the name of Atomism, not to speak of any research or investigation or inquiry. Bacon himself, Bacon the trumpeter of the modern age, Bacon the greatest, ablest and most eloquent advocate of atomism, despite his disagreement with Aristotle on many points stood in perfect agreement with him condemning the blindness of atomism to the evidence of design in the world, as afforded by the existence of the structure too elaborate ever to be explained satisfactorily by a fortuitous concourse of atoms. Bacon was keenly sensible of the danger which lay in our attempts to start our investigations from a consideration of the purpose of nature of which we are but too likely to take very short-sighted views. The apprehensions of Bacon unfortunately proved only too true. The spiritual side of the affair was completely divorced in due course and whole attention having been fixed on immediate material gains so that the result was a world-wide discontent, the remedy for which was prescribed as the raining of atomic bombs, releasing ionizing radiations, plagues, poisonous gases and fires.

(7)   The Epicurean adopts atomism as a symbol

Amidst the universal rejection by all the great minds, there was however a philosophical school which, adopted the atomism as a fundamental part of their system. Its attraction of atomism for this school was not its scientific utility, so much, as its apparent inconstancy with the doctrine of the divine Government of the world, which they regarded as the source of the worst evil that affected mankind, namely the fear of death and of what may come after it. In more modern times, no doubt scientific men have combined a belief in the atomic constitution of a matter with a belief in divine government, but then they have held the atoms to be (as one of them --James Clerk Maxwell -put it), manufactured articles, and the world to include immaterial beings, which were not composed of atoms at all. It seems however, that this idea unfortunately did not work satisfactorily. Once the gate of atomism was opened, the atoms forced out the invisible thought of the immaterial beings and sheer atomism attained complete sway and there are reasons for it far too conspicuous. Anything which could not lend itself to atomic explanation was discarded as unreal and therefore undesirable, because unluckily it was so desired. The ancient atomists too just as their inner wish had so desired had held the atoms to be eternal, and nothing to exist that was not an assemblage of atoms, except the void in which the atoms moved. We find ourselves quite at a loss to understand as to, how the whole world of mind was left out of sight to such intellects as Democritus and some of his followers possessed, except for a doubtful notion, that these atomists had gone into atoms to that sublimity that they thought even the thought itself to be constructed of atoms of an extremely subtle nature in assemblages of different patterns, but again their avowed atheism and their notion of the absence of design negates our view. We should therefore search the reasons of their views in some other field. Democritus was a younger contemporary of Socrates, and in an age in which men like Socrates, Aristotle and Plato flourished in a community, it is hard to believe that such extreme dullness as to be blind to Design in the creation of the Universe, could be found in men hailing from the same community and possessing an intellect in no way contemptibly inferior to their illustrious contemporaries above mentioned. It proves the idea that faith is exceptional boon of Allah and not at depending on either knowledge or intellect.

       The School to whose adoption of atomism as a remedy against the terrors of religion have been refereed was Epicureans. To this school the terrors of religion might have seemed quite formidable. It is sure, but if they could have been raised from their graves to live in this present age of perfection of their choice theory that of atomism, the terrors of death and thereafter would of sure have gone out of their heads at the sight of grizzlies which the life has created in herds amidst the modern humanity, even before death, as a reward for the labours which have been expended in the perfection of  atomism. Epicurus, the founder of Epicureans School and the Chief Rival of Zeno, the founder of Stoicism, recommended the rational pursuit of pleasure. But his ideal was not followed, and excess became the order of his adherents, because he believed and taught that there was no life after death. And although he did not preach that one should make the most of his life, eat, drink and be merry, for tomorrow we die, and there is no resurrection, and recommended refined pleasures, and moderation. But in the absence of the dread of death and the judgment thereafter, to employ moderation seems quite a difficult thing. It is wished that nature of many men were refined enough to pursue refined pleasure, but that alas is not the case. The sensualists found a good chance in the teachings of Epicurus to claim for their lives the sanction of Epicurean principle, that, pleasure is the Chief good at which alone it is reasonable to aim, and the name of the Epicurean very early became a synonym for a sensualist and a reproach.

(8)        Epicurean had no regard for the scientific aspect of atomism

Both Zeno, the founder of Stoicism and Epicurus, the founder of Epicureanism are chiefly interesting as outstanding examples of men who shaped their opinions without regard for truth, according to the needs of their ethical systems. Epicurus adopted atomism, not for its scientific merit, but because its materialism supported his denial of a spiritual life after death. The Roman Poet LUCRITUS was an eminent follower of Democritus. He did much by his poem DE RERUM NATURA, to make atomism known. Yet, although the founder seemed to the poet worthy to be called a God as man's deliverer from the superstitious terrors; to a consistent Epicureans, the intellectual and scientific activity, except so far as it served to dissipate the superstitious dread, it could hardly be more than a refined pastime. It is not thus surprising to find, that the Epicureans contributed little to the advance of science or philosophical inquiry. They adopted as their own the atomic theory of Democritus, but in their hands it was neither enabled to meet the objections which may be raised against it as a theory of the ultimate nature of reality, nor made to exhibit its great capacities as an instrument of scientific description and discovery.

(9)        Apostle Paul encounters the representatives of stoicks and Epicureans in Athens

The Epicureans School was confronted from its cradle by the Stoic, the opponent of atomism. The Stoic gradually prevailed, although for a considerable period these two schools divided the allegiance of a majority of thoughtful men in the countries which at the beginning of the Christian era formed the heart of the Roman Empire. It will be remembered that the philosophers whom the Apostle Paul is related (Acts-XVII-18) to have encountered on his visit to Athens were representatives of Epicureans and Stoics.

The Apostle Paul in Athens and his interesting encounter with Epicu-reans and the stoicKs:-

                      (18)  Then certain philosophers of the Epicureans, and of  the Stoicks, encountered him. And some said, what will this babbler say? Other some, He seemeth to be a setter forth of strange gods: because he preached unto them Jesus, and the resurrection.

            (19) And they took him, and brought him unto AREOPAGUS, saying, May we know what this new doctrine, whereof thou speakest is?

           (20) For thou bringest certain strange things to our   ears: We would know therefore what these things mean.

            (21)  (For all the Athenians and strangers which were there spent their time in nothing else, but either to tell, or to hear some new thing.)

            (22) Then Paul stood in the midst of Mars hill, and said, Ye men of Athens, I perceive that in all things ye are too superstitious.

                  (23)    For as I passed by, and beheld your devotions, I found an altar with this inscription, TO THE UNKNOWN GOD. Whom therefore ye ignorantly worship, Him declare I unto you.

                (24)  God that made the world and all things therein, seeing that he is Lord of Heaven and earth, dwelleth  not in temples made with hands;

              (25)  Neither is worshipped with men's hands, as though he needed anything, seeing he giveth to all life, and breath, and all things;

(26) And hath made of one blood all nations of men for to dwell on all the face of the earth, and hath determined the times before appointed, and the bounds of their habitation;

       (27)          That they should seek the Lord, if haply they might feel after him, and find him, though he be not far from every one of us:

       (28)          For in him we live, and move, and have our being; as certain also of your own poets have said, For we are also his offspring.

       (29)          For as much then as we are the offspring of God, we ought not to think that the Godhead is like unto gold, or silver, or stone, graven by art and man's device.


       (30)          And the times of this ignorance God winked at; but now commandeth all men every-where to repent:

       (31)          Because he hath appointed a day, in which he will judge the world in righteousness by that man whom he  hath ordained; whereof he hath given assurance unto all men, in that he hath raised him from the dead.

       (32)          And when they heard of the resurrection of the dead, some mocked: and others said, we will hear thee again of this matter.

       (33)                                                                                  So Paul departed from among them.

       (34)          Howbeit certain men clave unto him, and believed: among the which was Dionysius the Areopagete, and a woman named Damaris, and others with them.

                                                                                                                (The ACTS -XVII- THE BIBLE)

This preaching of Apostle Paul did not augur well for Epicureanism and along with it the atomism, for with the introduction of Christianity in those parts began sharp decline of Epicureanism which later ended in its dissolution and hence the disappearance of Atomism.

(10) Not the Epicureans but Stoics popular with Romans

It was not surprising that of all the Greek Schools, the Stoic, was the one, which made itself more at home among the Romans, who in less than two centuries after the death of Zeno the founder of that School had become the masters of the Greek speaking world. Love of knowledge and delight in beauty, the indulgence of subtle doubts and the cultivation of refined pleasures were all alike uncongenial to he Roman temper. This was inclined to charge their representatives among Greek professors of Philosophy with a frivolity dangerous to the sense of discipline and public duty, which had hitherto been the mainstay of the roman state. But such suspicions were less aroused by the Stoics than by any of their rivals. If the moral and religious temper of Stoicism thus won it a special welcome at Rome, there was also something in the tamper of the roman people which was particularly congenial to the Stoic philosophy. This was what has been called  " The Sense of Justice and Law"; which marked out the Roman people among all the nations of antiquity and which made the Roman legal system the basis on which the stability of society has ever since been built.

       That the Stoics rather than either the Epicureans or the Sceptics, exercised in the long run the widest influence in an age which was seeking for a religious faith, is to be explained by their attitude of devout acquiescence in the predestined or providential order of the universe.

            (11) Both the Stoicism and Christianity were at one against the Epicureanism and the atomism.

Both the Stoicism and Christianity were at one against the Epicureanism and the atomism in their exacting standards of conduct; and in their faith in the Divine Government of the world. Moreover, the Epicureans saw in the course of nature an eternal play of atoms, without any predestined plot, the Stoics and Christians alike looked forward to a conflagration in which the present frame of things would perish.

            (12) Christianity completely triumphant Stoicism                  vanquished

By the fifth century A.D. the period of struggle among numerous competitors ended in complete victory of Christianity. Atomism consequently disappeared along with the Epicrureanism. Christianity had by that time become the state religion of Roman Empire. Every candle except that of Christianity had by then been extinguished. The whole Empire including the Emperor had embraced Christian Religion.

            (13)  Quran prophesied about the Atom bomb in so called dark age of the West

C.500 to 1000 is a period known as Dark Ages of Europe. The dark ages of the West were called the dark ages, not because the spirit of Christianity was found on the wane or that the sense of the Christian doctrine of the hatred of material world was suspected to on decline, but because the intellectual activity during that period regarding the acquirement of knowledge and learning had been missing. Any inclinations towards atomism were yet out of question. Rather the absence of intellectual activities had hardened the attitude of Christianity against atomism or any such creed which in their eyes was inclined towards the material world. And even if the Christian community had felt the desire of the world inwardly, there was no reason to suspect them of any inclinations towards atomism in its outward appearance because the religious sense of Christians was then at least so strong as to expel any thought of a system associated with atheism, such as Atomism was. At that time, no one could even dream that anything like atomism could ever find its revival in this world. By fourth century A.D. Christianity had become the state religion of the Roman Empire. By fifth century every trace of opposition from any other school of thought had completely vanished. In seventh century when the darkness of the dark age of the West was on its increase, the Quran, in the first decade of that dark century, produced the prophecy about atomic bomb in a country which had to its credit nothing but ages of darkness as long as the memory of historian could take his thought back into its history. A prophecy which was to remain dormant for more than thirteen centuries awaiting its fulfillment. A prophecy at which no human intelligence could venture with utmost surety even a day before the first December 1942, the day before Fermi, the Italian scientist achieved the first successful Fission Chain Reaction in Chicago. It took more than two years after this achievement to build a workable atom bomb; and only about three years before the successful Chain Reaction, Einstein in his letter to President Roosevelt could not assume a tone of certainty, he only had assumed the possibility of the construction of bombs far more powerful than conventional bombs, by utilizing the phenomenon of Uranium Fission.

(14)    Atomism Revived

It was in 4th Century B.C, that Aristotle had thrown the weight of his authority against the atomic theory, and when Galen the celebrated physician of the second century A.D. added his veto to that of Aristotle, atoms suffered an eclipse that was to last for some fourteen centuries. The eclipse was however cleared at last. The Philosophies of Plato and Aristotle, which had employed the faculties of the ablest of men and which held the throne for centuries together were at last destined to fall. These philosophies had worn, many shapes. They had mingled themselves with many creeds. They had survived revolutions in which empires, religions, languages, races, had perished, but were fated at least to leave before the new philosophy, the philosophy of fruit, utility, and progress. Aristotle was deposed, Plato was confined, and the caravan of the west, led by Bacon, " Buccinator Novi Temporis" (the trumpeter of the modern age), raising the flag of Science and Chanting DE' RERUM NATURA, moved on to the conquest of the realm of nature for the good of mankind in general, with Atomism acting as their guide and interpreter all along.

       The knowledge of the atomic theory after its long disappearance was derived from a relic, the poem of Lucretus (Ist Century B.C.) in which the earlier views of the atomists were logically marshalled and brilliantly exposed. It was in the light of the information derived from a relevant pieces of this poem (DE RERUM NATURA) that Pierre Gassandi (1592-1655) the provencal philosopher and a Roman Catholic Priest, introduced the views of Greek Atomists. The unbearable austerity which the Christian church had imposed on its followers, (which exempting the ecclesiastical  leaders who lived like prince) and an equally unbearable urge for the enjoyment of the feast which nature had spread before them, and besides this perhaps a misunderstood example of Islam, had prepared the Christian world for the acceptance of Atomism. The tyrannical church applied the whip, while able men like Bacon took the lead, and atomism came into the view. Gradually and systematically it gained the field completely.

            (15) Bacon's attempt in balancing atomism and spiritualism not successful eventually.

Bacon's design was, by means of inquiries, some of which should be experimental like those of Al-Chemists, but purged from all superstitious taint and directed not towards immediate gain, but towards a thorough-going knowledge, vastly to increase in the long run the dominion of man over nature. To enjoy such a dominion was, he held, the original destiny of our race. But Bacon's discretion was ignored and unfortunate men soon inclined towards immediate gains, and so the higher ideal of Bacon was completely discarded. Nor was Bacon's attempt in adding the practical side of Natural Philosophy to the spiritual philosophy of Christianity successful. For, men left off the spiritual side completely and adopted the material  side. Macaulay has highly extolled Bacon's bringing into view the practical side that is the material and fruitful side of the natural philosophy as against the barren philosophy of Ancient Greek Masters, but unfortunately the desired effects  have not been achieved, due to men's forsaking the spiritual and oral side of the affair and inclining to the material side only. And thus everything spiritual and moral having vanished, the field remained exclusively for atomism, dangerously unbalanced.

(16) Dalton's researches in the field of Atomism

       Newton and Boyle both believed that matter was atomic but the atomic theory was not systematically adopted in Chemistry until it was taken up by John Dalton (1766-1844) - Dalton's modernization of the long neglected atomic theory, marked the end of the previous epoch which had begun with Copernicus, three centuries ago. Dalton's Chief Contentions are as follows:-

(i)    Matter consists of Atoms, which cannot be created or destroyed. Chemical change consists in the combination of atoms which were previously apart, or the separation of those which were combined. There is no change in the atoms themselves.

(ii)   The atoms of a given element, are all exactly alike; and they differ, practically in weight, from those of any other elements. It has been necessary to extend and modify his original Hypotheses; but in modern dress they still play a vital part in chemical theory.

            (17) The theory of atomism falls on its path to atom bomb unexpectedly

The atomic theory fell on the path of atom bomb with almost accidental discovery of X-rays in 1895 by the German physicist Roentgen. This initiated a period of unprecedented progress in physical science. In seeking a possible connection between phosphorescence and x-rays, the French Physicist Becquerel chose by a mere chance, Uranium Nitrate as the substance for investigation and was led unexpectedly in 1896; to the discovery of Radio-activity. This in its turn soon led to the discovery of Radium by Pierre and Mme Curie. In 1905, Einstein enunciated the theory of special relativity and as a consequence from it established the equivalence between mass and energy. The great work of Rutherford on radiations (named by him as alpha, beta, and Gamma Rays) emitted from Radio-active bodies eventually led to the concept of atom as made up of a central core, the nucleus (that is the heart) with electrons revolving around it "a solar system in miniature". Bohr incorporated the Quantum Hypothesis of Plank and Einstein into the Rutherford's atom model and thus formulated his far reaching Quantum Theory of the Atom, in 1919 Rutherford for the first time, achieved the disintegration of an element (Nitrogen) by bombarding it with Alpha Particles. A cloud chamber photograph of the same process was soon provided by Blacket. Chadwick working in Rutheford's laboratories, discovered the Neutron in 1932. In the same year and in the same laboratory Crockcroft and Walton brought about the first artificial nuclear transmutation by bombarding Lithium with Protons accelerated to less than a million volts. New discoveries followed in rapid succession.

       The phenomenon of Uranium Fission was discovered by the German Physical Chemists Hahn and Strassman in 1938. The extraordinary significance of the discovery was soon realized and led to a period of intense cavity in the study of atomic nuclei. By 1940 more than a hundred papers had appeared on this subject. Soon after the whole subject went underground, and no further reference appeared in open scientific literature till the end of the war.

       Although the basic discoveries leading to the realization of the atomic energy came practically all from Western Europe, it was not western Europe, but,  the U.S.A. (soon followed by USSR) which, with its colossal industrial and scientific resources, was the first to harness this basic knowledge to practical ends. Now, however, all the peculiar features of this probable destroyer of mankind are no longer a secret which in early days of its appearance were. It is an open challenge to humanity, starting fiercely at he frightened humankind. Much is being said about putting it to peaceful purposes, but peace and nuclear power cannot co-exist.

            (18)    Historic letter of Einstein to President Roosevelt of America

On August 2, 1939, Albert Einstein wrote his now famous letter to President Roosevelt drawing his attention to the possibility as then indicated by some work of Fermi and Szillard, of utilizing the phenomenon of Uranium Fission, for the construction of extremely powerful (weight for weight) bombs of a new type, a million times more powerful than conventional bombs. " A single bomb of this type, carried by boat and exploded in a port, might very well destroy the whole port together with some of surrounding territory",  said Einstein. The U.S. Government decided to explore the possibility seriously. The first successful realization of a (slow neutron) fission chain reaction in the graphite-pile built in a converted squash court of the University of Chicago's stagg-field was achieved by Fermi on December 2,1942. It is a landmark in the history of Nuclear Science. It led to the construction of a gigantic plant at Hanford on the banks of the Columbia river for the production of Plutonium. Following the work of Urea on diffusion a plant for the production of uranium-235 from Natural uranium was built on Oakridge. Another plan at Oakridge produced uranium 235 employing the principle of electromagnetic separation. The designing of a workable atom bomb was entrusted to the New Los Alamos Laboratory (New Mexico) working under the leadership of Openheimer. Three bombs were produced by the Middle of 1945. One made of Plutonium was tested on the ground at the Alamogordo sands on July 16, 1945. The other two were dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki on August 6 and 9, 1945. Fermi who had achieved first fission chain reaction successfully, failed to achieve a protection against the deleterious reaction of radiations he had played with, and soon succumbed to radiation sickness and left this world to exchange sorrow with the victims of Hiroshima in Heaven. What might have been the topic and trend of these close friends when they met, we are not aware, but it seems probable that at the sheer sight of their old friend they might have taken fright and breaking into a stampede emitting wild shrieks, and screaming atomy, atomy, disappeared in every direction, and leaving poor Fermi: great servant of humanity in sudden surprise and a deeply thoughtful mood at this so unusual behaviour of these strange Hiroshimians.

(19) Hiroshima-Nagasaki tragedy

       August 6-1945 is an unforgettable date. It was on the early morning of this tragic day that the first atomic (U-235) bomb fell on Hiroshima, killing 78,000 men and injuring another 37,000. The second atomic (PU-239) bomb was dropped on Nagasaki on August 9-1945. The number killed was 24,000 and injured 23,000. The two bombs were about the same power, equivalent to 20 kilotons of TNT, but due to the rather uneven terrain in Nagasaki casualties were less there. The bombs were exploded at about 2,000 feet above ground to obtain, as nearly as possible, the maximum area of damage due to the blast of the explosion. The death rate was above 90 percent within half a mile of ground zero (the point on the ground immediately below the burst), above 50 percent between half a mile and one and a half miles. Structural damage was complete (including collapse of earthquake resistant reinforced concrete buildings) within half a mile from ground zero, and most of the houses within one and a half miles were destroyed. Houses upto two miles were badly damaged, and slightly damaged upto about three miles. The explosion because of the very high temperature produced, emitted intense heat radiation causing fatal burns (and almost instantaneous deaths, due to the intense heat and shock of the heat-flash) to exposed persons within about three quarters of a mile of ground zero. Though in general, most of the Japanese atom bomb casualties were due to the combined effects of burns and mechanical injuries, it is estimated that about 60 percent of the deaths (and at least 75 % of all casualties) were due to burning (heat flash and fires), about 20%  due to physical injuries from falling structures and flying debris (as a result of blast damage) and 20% due to other causes including Nuclear Radiation. The damages such as these indeed sounded terrible, and the figures imposing at first, but the later developments in Nuclear Weapons have dwarfed the Hiroshima Nagasaki bombs into mere toy bombs. The damages expected from the Thermonuclear giant bombs are of a quite different calibre. They destroy not cities but states. And for the large scale Nuclear attack, please refer the U.S.A. Operation alert June 15-1955, a mock civil defence exercise, mentioned in subsequent chapter, wherein Hotama  "as a fire closed in on them" is explained.

(20) Hell-bomb is produced

       The first Soviet atomic that is ordinary fission (like the Hiroshima bomb) explosion took place in August, 1949. It was first announced on September 23, 1949, by President Trueman, that US Government had incontrovertible proof that the Russians had detonated a fission device. The US Government immediately decided to go on in for the thermonuclear bomb (the so called H or Super bomb). And on January 31-1950, Trueman directed the atomic energy commission (with David Lilienthal as Chairman), and its general advisory committee (with Robert Openheimer as Chairman), where opinions on the speed and scale of the efforts to go on into the Super had been sharply divided. The conscience of the scientists was perhaps put to severe test. After having seen the catastrophes in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, even the considerations of the national defence could with some difficulty induce some scientists to produce yet another even more terrific atomic bomb than the Hiroshima pattern. Conscience after all smites and its stings may be painful. Yet there was another consideration. Namely, that producing more powerful atomic bombs was no remedy for the great wrong which had been done already by the production of Nuclear Weapons. The production of a more powerful atomic bomb no doubt meant to bring even greater destruction on their own people, for, a greater bomb would be retaliated by yet a greater bomb. The plea of national defence however superseded every other consideration, and a very brilliant and indeed very enthusiastic atomist by the name of Edward Teller, successfully experimented thermonuclear device at Marshal Islands on Ist November 1952, and while the science of destruction advanced by many leaps and many bounds, the earth sighed at so signal an achievement. On November 1-1952, the U.S.A. first tested at Marshal Islands in the Pacific Ocean the thermonuclear device (MIKE); Russia followed the suit. The first Soviet thermonuclear explosion took place in August, 1953. The U.S.A. set off a powerful Thermonuclear explosion at BIKINI ATOLL on March 1-1954. The energy of the explosion being equivalent to about 15 megatons of TNT. In November 1955, the Russians had a thermonuclear explosion abut as powerful as the U.S.A test of March, 1954. Britain, France, China, India and Israel came in the wake like the legendary, "all the five cavaliers from Delhi, and one after another displayed the unique trick of setting off nuclear bonfire and joined the big ones of Atomic Powers. Necessity expelled the mercy from the hearts of men, and none would like to stay behind, forgetting the fact that how many hungry bellies could be fed, how many naked bodies could be clothed, how many sick could receive treatment, how many tearful eyes could be turned into smiles and how many distressed families could be saved from ruin by that money which was spent on a single atomic bomb to destroy them.

(21) No one safe from the radiological hazard

       It was during the March 1954 test explosion at BIKINI ATOLL in Pacific Ocean that a really grim fact dawned on the atomic powers to their horror, namely that the Atomic bomb was a very treacherous slave. It could also rebound towards its own master who had unleashed it on his foe, and thus bring about the ruin of both, may even other neutral peoples all over the globe. It so happened that a Japanese fishing boat with a crew of 23 was lying at a distance of 90 miles from the testing site. The misfortune of this "Fortunate Dragon" that was the name of this boat, appeared in the form of a powdery fallout of the explosion and began to settle on it to announce to the world that the thermonuclear bomb constituted a serious radiological hazard for every one who lived on earth. The frightened crew of the boat rushed towards Japan, and sailing a distance of 2,000 miles in about 13 days reached the port, all sick with radiation. There the Radio-Operator died after a few months, but the rest were saved eventually. It was however, proved beyond any doubt that no one should deem himself safe from the radiological hazard of nuclear energy all over the globe. The news about the potential hazard of Radioactive fallout from thermonuclear weapons burst out of deep secrecy. Twenty three Japanese fishermen announced to the world the first fateful news about the lurking catastrophe that lay in wait for all of us. All the official secrecy proved inept, and the inscrutable Providence of God, decided otherwise. And when the secret come out, through the wrong channels, the shock to the world opinion rivaled the blast of the Hydrogen Bomb itself. Though the world opinion soon slumbered again, on the bed of rosy problems of these days, to wait the real shock that of the real atomic-war. Nothing short of that could possibly have alarmed them.

       We bring the chapter to an end with a question, that is, do you want this civilization to remain or do you want it to go? Is there no sensible man among you to inform you about the dangers of nuclear power, or do you know, but overlook the hazard intentionally, as if you are tired of existence, pray die if you want to, but do not die a death which would prove a Darwin to be in the right in his surmise of your origin. And then a monkey have an occasion to say to his mate, "what a contemptible species among the monkeys these humans, that even don't have a tail and still call themselves a race of monkeys".





(1)   " Woe unto every slandering traducer who gathereth wealth of this world and arrangeth it. He thinketh that his wealth will render him immortal. Nay, but verily he will be cast into Al-Hotama. Ah, what will convey unto thee, what Al-Hotama is. (It is) the fire of Allah kindled, which leapeth up over the hearts. Lo! It is closed in on them in outstretched columns". (Quran -104-Al-Homaza)

       Now this is the full text of the warning (Prophecy) about the atom bomb. Please, read it carefully, and see what you understand by it. Yet, it is much regrettable fact, that the translation, of whatever quality and in howsoever great and grand a language, would never portray the exact picture of the original as a rule. Again due to the necessity of remaining as close to the original in the translation, as the peculiar nature of a scripture demands, the translation would be likened to the meat of a slaughtered body of a living oracle worth millions, when alive. It will be seen however, first, that the characteristics of those doomed to atomic hell, are enumerated, and then the Atomic Phenomenon has been characterized with all its subtle and distinctive features, and lastly the atomic phenomenon in actual explosion has been portrayed.

(2)   The Warning about the Atomic Hell

       Let it be known, that it is a warning and not a decree pre-ordained. But a warning and therefore avertable and avoidable by removing the real causes of the tragedy, the causes enumerated explicitly in the text of the warning, the causes responsible for the resultant emergence of the atomic bomb, and indeed nuclear energy. Let this be known also, that this warning is primarily alluded to the next world, that is the eternal atomic hell in the next eternal world. But just as the fire and the garden are representations of the hell and heaven respectively on earth, this atom bomb is the representation of the atomic hell of the next world on earth. The text of the warning is, as it can be seen, miraculously brief and succinct, yet is most clear and most comprehensive. The tones are oracular. How clearly and completely have all the inconsistencies responsible for the appearance of atom bomb; and also the particular characteristics and the distinctive features of the Nuclear Phenomenon, been described, and how precisely have the atomic explosion been portrayed. All in thirty four words only. We repeat the text thereof. Let the reader see, the characteristics of those atomic-hell bound:-

(a)   " Woe unto every slandering traducer, who gathereth wealth (of this world) and arrangeth it. He thinketh that his wealth will render him immortal. Nay, but verily he will be cast into Al-Hotama. Ah, what will convey unto thee what Al-Hotama is?"

(b)   The characteristics and the distinctive features of Al-Hotama:-

"(It is) the fire of Allah, kindled, which leapeth up over the hearts"

(c)   The portrayal of the atomic explosion:-

       "It (fire) is closed in on them, in outstretched columns"


(3)   Hotama means a hell of fire generated by nuclear, that is, atomic energy with all its attributes, namely, the heat radiation, blast, and radioactive fallout united.

       The word Hotama, etymologically speaking is derived from its root verb "Hatama", which means "to Break Something into Pieces". Borrowing the language of the scientists, we could say;" the process of atomizing". Further inquires into the grammatical conjugations reveal that the inflective form Hattama, that is Hatama with T doubled, assumes, a sense of greater impact, and thus it means, "to smash, or dash to pieces, to shatter". The next inflection, namely, "Tahattama”, "TA" having been prefixed to Hattama, means "to break up, go to pieces, or to be wrecked";  and so also would mean the inflection "Inhatama" that is "in" prefixed to the basic word "Hatama". Further "Hutaam" and "Hitma", being the nouns and mean, "Smitherines, pieces, particles" etc.. Very interesting  use of the word "Hutaam" is seen in the phrase "Hutaam-ud-Dunia", that is the "vanities of the world". These are called as "Hutaam" metaphorically, since they are perishable and must one day be disintegrated. Again the wreckage of a ship is called by the Arab "Hutaam-us-Safina".

(4)        The Resemblance between Quran's "Hatama" and the "Atom" or the "Atomos" of the Scientist:-

The word "Hatama" is purely of Arabic origin. The word "Atom" as is used by the scientist, has been adopted from the Greek word "Atomos". The word "Atomos" means uncuttable, indivisible and indestructible. We will now make our utmost endeavor to show the phonetic resemblance, as well as the resemblance and disparity as regards meanings and purport, between the two words that is "Hatama” of the Quran and "Atom" or "Atomos" of the scientist. This phonic resemblance, amounting to astonishing identity is no secret that has to be divulged. Yet judging from the nature of the topic and impending necessity, we are obliged to show it. The slight phonic difference which is noticeable between "Hatama" and the "Atom" or "Atomos", could well be attributed to the phonic peculiarities of the two different people with slightly variant vocal organs and their accentual variations, and also to the difficulties of transliteration. It may come as a surprise to the reader, if he is told, that the Arabic Alphabet contains no letter, which we could exactly call as T, as it is pronounced for example in the words, tap, test, tip, top, or tucker etc. by the people of England proper, or certain other parts of the world. Arabic language has two other alternative letters, that is a soft T and TUA. The T of this TUA is not the hard one, it is soft one, but this TUA is pronounced not as ordinary soft T, but literally as TUA. Keeping this testy discussion in mind, we proceed to note that although the Arabic Alphabet contains the exact letter H as it is pronounced in English "Hat" etc. Yet it has another character which although may sound something like H to a foreigner, yet it is pity that it cannot be exactly, transliterated into not only English, but as far as my knowledge goes, into any language spoken in the world and needs practice to be correctly pronounced by a foreigner and is something in between the letter H and KH. This peculiar letter is used in Hatama and not simple H. However without falling into such minute complexities, we should conclude that the word which we have transliterated as Hatama with H is strictly not at all the exact representation of the word,  it is meant to stand for that is the Arabic Hatama, and the actual pronunciation of the word Hatama, we have spoken about, by virtue of TUA having been preceded by that untranslatable character, and which  we are always obliged, to write as H in a foreign language is actually far near to the ATUAMA in pronunciation, and not HATAMA. If the reader happens to be so lucky as to have an Arab in his neighborhood, let him ask this Arab friend to pronounce the word HATAMA as is the actual Arabic word which this Hatama stands for, and you will hear him say something like ATUMA with a strange accent on the first A, sounding something between H and Kh.  By all this minute description all that we mean to show, is the miracular nature of this coincidence that of the phonic resemblance of these two words, that is, the Arabic HATAMA and Greek ATOMOS, if coincidence we may justly call it for it is a miracle manifest, that of the Omniscient Allah. It is this resemblance of these two basic words, which actually is the key to the door and the clue to the inner secret of the prophecy. I say this on personal experience, since, but for this phonic resemblance I would perhaps have never been let in, into the real mystery thereof.

(5)   The Quran exact but the Scientist is wrong

       By saying that scientist is wrong in a certain aspect, I do in no way mean to injure the feelings of anyone for whom I feel a heart-felt regard, but I feel myself obliged also to point out a little error which the scientist is himself well aware of and which has had a remarkable mystery concealed beneath it.

       By the Greek word "Atomos" is necessarily meant "something uncuttable, indivisible and indestructible". The same is the meaning of the word "Atomos" in Greek language, and the same was meant by early Greek atomists when they used the word, "Atomos". This word, rather the term "Atomos" was adopted by the modern scientist as "atom", with the same significance, but in time the atom was split up in sub-atomic parts, such as Neutrons, protons, Electrons and positrons etc. So the "atom" remained no more as "atom". It has changed its character. It was no more uncuttable. But the point which interests us most is that, was the scientist unmindful of this fact of this basic change of the character of Atom? Did he not realize the necessity of changing the term with the change of the quality, was the earth allowed to retain its previous designation that is "flat", after it was known that it was not flat, but round. Or was it again allowed to retain its previous quality as stationary when it was discovered that it was not stationary, but rather it revolved around its axis and it rotated around the sun. The answer is No. The word "Flat" was changed to "round", and, "stationary" to "rotating". Why not then, the question arises, this word "atom" was changed for some other correct word, while Greek, Latin and all the dictionaries of Europe lay opened before the scientist and we could not suspect DEARTH of talent amongst the scientist community. Whey then the word atom was not changed and this misnomer allowed to continue. Was the scientist unmindful of this serious flaw or did he neglect the discrepancy. No. We find Sir James jeans regretting this error, on page 45 of his admirable book, " The Mysterious Universe" as saying " Just as the 19th century was drawing to a close, Sir J.J. Thompson and his followers began to breakup the atom which now proved to be no more uncuttable, and so no more entitled to the name of "atom" than the molecule to which the name had pervasively been attached". Now this was the case at a time as Sir Jeans tells us, when the 19th century was drawing to a close. But we have seen the” atom" shattered into pieces completely by the scientist during the first half of the twentieth century. And yet the atom retained its previous name as if it were its inviolable birth-right. All this seems strange, but the fact which excites far greater wonder than all this is, that the scientists had actually called up a conference with a view to discussing this very question that of the error in the name of the atom. But did they discuss the matter? The answer is yes, they did discuss it. But did they change the name of atom? The answer is No. The question is why? After the discussion of the matter however it was --we do not know why or how, decided, to let the "atom" remain as it was. It may seem something extra-ordinarily strange to anyone acquainted with the hard-headed nature of science and consequently the scientist. The scientist, the adherent of the principles of science, as a rule could not be expected to call atom as atom which was not atom but was actually tom, that is exactly the opposite of what the scientist condescended to call it. Why all this happened. Why the scientist did subject himself to the charge of a gross violation of the rules of science, and how did he happen to slight and ignore the basic spirit thereof. It is a very interesting situation and there lay behind it a fact far more formidable than at first is to be suspected. And you might ask, what is that fact so astoundingly tremendous to justify so loud a clamour as this. The answer is that, the power which had been so pleased as to place the prophecy in the Quran about the Atom bomb, the very same power had superimposed itself on the minds of the scientists in their conference, that they so decided as to let the "atom" remain as it is. This they did, at the eleventh hour and they dropped the question when they had reached the last rung of their proceedings. We are tempted to ask this question from anyone who would be sceptic about this our assumption; why if this was not the reason, then the scientists dropped the question to violate the very spirit of science, and of course, in vivid contradiction to common sense, nay even in violation of the general principle of a world in which no one would ever call "ugly" the "beautiful" or "dark" the "white" except in satirical sense. But again the question arises, as to, why the providence was so over-particular, and so very much interested in the  name of atom, that it remain as it is? The answer  to this question is this, that this apparent phonic resemblance as existed between the two words, namely, the Hatama of the Quran and the Atom of the scientist, it was desired to remain, for it was due to this phonic resemblance that the prophecy about the atom bomb, contained in the Quran, could be discovered. But for this resemblance, the eye of the mind could perhaps not be directed to the inner mystery. This, as I have already said, and I say this on my personal experience, for, it was this apparent, phonic resemblance between these two words that enticed me into the actual bosom of the secret, and I indeed by the grace of Almighty Allah discovered it and then corroborated the facts by the actual characteristics of the phenomenon in practice. It remains only to say now in this respect, that the terminology of the Quran, is, found to be exact and correct, for, the word Hatama, as is used by the Quran implies, cuttability and not otherwise while the scientist has been mystified by the providence that he may persist in error.

(6)   The Quran says:-

"What will convey unto thee, (O Prophet) what Al-Hotama is". This expression of surprise implies the extreme terribleness, and extreme complexity of the phenomenon. Imperceptible complexity and inexpressible horror. A horror which we the unfortunate inhabitants of this age were doomed to experience. However that which we have hitherto seen of this hellish monstrosity in Hiroshima and Nagasaki is but a negligible fraction, while the real blazing hell of the Atomic bombs is still farther away, but fast approaching. The atom bombs hitherto dropped on human habitations have merely been toy bombs in comparison with the giants which lately have been developed in this civilized age. The giants which are laid to rest in their dungeons only to be raised at the proper moment for the all-out destruction of humanity. The actual extent of the horror could be narrated by those unfortunate people only who have had the chance of a practical experience, like those of Hiroshima, or like those of Nagasaki, yet it is something, which could not evade human imagination completely. It is very well known at least by the educated class of humanity, that the atomic bomb whether fission, or fusion, is a dreadful and horrifying combination of an all-consuming hell of blazing fires and deafening thunder claps, and striking lightening, raging tempests, and devastating earth-quakes, and invisible storms of poisonous radiations, in short an inexplicable jehannah ablaze on the ruins of this world. Stately buildings, gigantic forts, huge castles, are pulled down and razed to the ground amidst a world of huts of the poor. A world of living human beings, but a few moments ago, are now turned into charred dead bodies. Millions of them mingled with the burnt remains of the beast and the brute. The atomic assaults in lesser degree would bestow on the survivors, agonizing maladies like cancers, chafing ulcers, the curse of monstrosity, and a painful and ignominious end. And if you will allow me to be little antique, I should say, the imagination shudders, heart bleeds and the pen weeps, not only of man but also of the heaven along with man. Yet if the humanity all over the world would pretend to be blind to this global holocaust of Nuclear cannonade now tending towards their home and hearth, then what could be said except that Alas! for ill-fated mankind.

(7)   The Quran describes the Nuclear Phenomenon

       The Quran has described the Nuclear phenomenon, with such accuracy, and has analyzed its characteristics with such precision, and has discerned its distinctive features with so strange a peculiarity that might well come as surprise to the modern reader, particularly the scientist, and we may well describe a truth without being suspected of restoring to ancient and outmoded style of rhetoric if we say, that the description of the characteristics of the Nuclear phenomena by the Quran, would throw the scientist and the philosopher into ecstatic moods, provided indeed, if the faculty of imagination of these celebrated geniuses have not been completely dulled and dried up. They will observe with some interest, a fact namely that, whereas even the fathers of Atomic Bomb had to depend on practical experimentation in order to gain the knowledge of the characteristics of their invention, the Quran has contained all that knowledge, and something more than that, during these past fourteen centuries since the times when men possessed a knowledge of thermodynamics no more than that which could be derived from a lime kiln or a fire that glowed, in their own hearth. The true appreciation of this point could be expected from great atomists of the calibre of Einstein, Fermi, Oppenheimer, Steller and others of note. The Quran contained all this most accurate scientific data about the nuclear phenomenon long before the scientists even had heard the name of the Uranium Fission, nay even the very name of uranium itself. Let someone approach any of these renowned men of the realm of science and ask him, how much did he knows about the various characteristics of the Nuclear phenomena, e.g. its heat flash, its enclosing features, its column raising ideosyncracy, its radiations and their heart-reaching tendencies, and the global extent of the radiological hazards of the fallout below the actual experimentation of various processes, The Quran has enumerated and explained all these characteristics of the nuclear energy with such dexterity and clearness that could be wonder and delight of an atomist.

(8)   The characterization of the nuclear phenomenon by the Quran

       (a)   It is a fire.

       (b)   It is a fire of Allah, kindled.

       (c)   It leaps up over the hearts.

       (d)   It is fire closed in on them.

       (e)   In outstretched columns.

       We will now bring these facts against the actual facts observed and brought to light during the practical experimentation of the nuclear phenomenon.

(i)    The Quran says, "It is fire". Today not only the atomists, but the whole humanity knows that the nuclear energy and the nuclear phenomenon are fire, the whole fire and nothing but fire, but the atomist knows also that the initial radiation of the nuclear device on detonation, the radiation called as heart-flash, and besides this the ionizing radiations are the only ingredients that constitute the nuclear explosion. This heat flash produces intense heat, and the temperatures developed by its heat are of the order of a million to tens even hundreds of millions of degrees. Indeed there are other fires also. Fires colossal in magnitude and terribly devastating, that consume whole cities, but they are started  through convection of heat produced by the initial radiation, and also through damaged electrical appliances or from the adjacent buildings on fire. And also there occurs a terrific blast of the order of an earthquake and constitutes an unspeakable hazard to the dwellings as well as to human life, though in the light of the modern theory of energy, it could be taken as a part of energy itself, or it could be cited as an associated effect of the explosion fire. It is thus practically proved that the nuclear phenomenon is fire.

(ii)    The Quran says "It is fire of Allah kindled". Because:-

(a)   It is a sort of a punishment and is retributive in its character. It appears as a chastisement of Allah, for certain particular inconsistencies on the part of human-beings. It is the resultant form of a continuous process of science. A science misguided and ill-applied due to a particular misguiding philosophy. A philosophy tempered with irreligious and materialistic faithlessness, apostasy and sceptiscism. The fire of atomism consequently appears as a symbol of the wrath of Allah. These untoward tendencies of humanity that are responsible for the emergence of such a fire are enumerated by the Quran as previously stated, namely, a slanderous nature, completely materialistic tendencies, excessive love of accumulating wealth, and unabounding faith therein in the wealth. The inconsistencies which most unfortunately happen to be a particular trait of this modern age of ours.

(b)   The abnormal intensity of the temperatures developed in Nuclear Processes, and unusually vast magnitudes of the atomic fire, and the incredibly large extent of its devastation, when judged against the ordinary types of fire, would with much plausibility be attributed to the name of Allah, the great. Indeed these characteristics of the atomic fire are of such calibre as justly cause human imagination to reel, so much so that if they had not actually been witnessed by humanity, it would have been hard for anyone to believe. Just imagine a temperature of 1500 degrees at white heat, which turns clay into molten slag flowing like a liquid, and then try to imagine a temperature of a million degrees C. The thing is perhaps just beyond human imagination. It only could be remembered as a mathematical computation. But the story does not come to an end with a mere million. For, whereas the atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima developed a temperature of a million degrees, the Nominal High Yield atomic bomb develops temperatures of the order of tens of millions of degrees.  And further in triggering the Hydrogen bomb, the so called, Hell Bomb, the temperatures are developed, which are of the order of hundreds of millions of degrees. Such temperatures certainly are not of an earthly nature but are to be supposed as related to such heavenly bodies as are meant for burning, e.g. the sun and the stars. It is in the heart of the sun or the stars that such temperatures are likely to be found. The fires therefore of the solar or steller nature to be found on humble earth, would seem something unnatural. Such fires could neither be controlled for peaceful purposes, nor could be contained in some container on earth. We simply do not find any container on earth which could possibly hold fires having such terribly intense temperatures as would evaporate every matter to gaseous state. It seems quite plausible therefore, to attribute such a fire to the name of Allah.

(c)      The unbelievable magnitude

           Barely a couple of pounds of Uranium-235 produces energy equivalent to 20 thousand tons of ordinary chemical TNT. A thousand kilograms that is, a metric ton of Uranium-235 would liberate energy equivalent to 20 million tons of TNT. This last is energy of the order of large-scale natural phenomena such as hurricanes and earthquakes. To create such natural phenomena as hurricanes and earthquakes was in pre-nuclear age considered as an act of nature and not man. So it certainly is not without some real possibility, if such a fire is attributed to the name of Allah.

              (d)   The explosive energy produced by a single mega ton (15 million tons) thermonuclear (Hydrogen) bomb far exceeds all the explosive energy produced during the whole history of mankind collectively.

              (e) The heat-flash and blast of a single 20 megaton thermonuclear bomb destroys the largest cities, whereas the radio-active fallout of a nominal high yield atomic bomb devastates areas equal to States. An area only a little less than five hundredth part of the area of the whole surface of the earth. To wit, that 500 such bombs symmetrically detonated on the surface of the earth would obliterate every sign of life from earth after a painful existence for a while.

              (f)   Nuclear Energy is not only destructive as a weapon of war, but in a way, it is also lethal if restricted to peaceful purposes due to its inherent and inseparable atomic radiations. These radiations may bring about a death quick enough, or they may allow their victim a painful existence some-where in a cancer hospital for some time and then put him to a lingering and painful death.

(iii)   The Quran says, "Nuclear fire is a fire which leaps up over the harts".

       This is the point which presents very interesting study and must therefore be read with attention. For, the fires generally are supposed to burn the body, but a fire which leaps up over the heart without having first burnt the body, sounds a bit strange.

(a)   The heat-flash

The heat-flash, that is the initial radiation which appears on detonation of the atomic bomb, with a dazzle brighter than that of the sun, and travelling with the speed of light, that is 186,000 miles per second, and lasting for about two seconds, strikes the exposed persons within its effective range, and burns their skins to dark or brown, killing within a zone (near the site of detonation) instantaneously, and leaving those outside this zone, with painful burns of various degrees. Now we know that persons, who have got their skins burnt in some accident, do not essentially die on the spot. They may be saved by proper treatment. We also know that this heat-flash does not penetrate beneath the skin of its victim, neither of those who may survive its effect nor those whom it has killed on the spot. It does not penetrate beneath the skin of its victims because of its extremely short duration, namely, two seconds or so. The question arises, how it then kills some of its victims on the spot, if it has not penetrated into their body, which remains un-impaired. The answer is that its heat through the lungs of its victim enters the breast, and what with its heat, and what with its  shock, which is indeed unbearably terrible, it affects the heart and chokes it to instantaneous death. Thus it is that the nuclear fire leaps up over the hearts, and without first burning the body, kills its victim by affecting the heart, which expires due to exceeding unbearable agony and terror. There are other fires, colossal and devastating, that are caused by the atomic explosion. They burn men's bodies to charcoal and kill. But these fires are not a part of the original body of the atomic explosion and are only caused afterwards, through convection due to the tremendous heat radiated by the explosion initially in the form of heat-flash.

(b)   Nucleus

       It is not by mere coincidence that the scientist has given the name of nucleus to a certain part of the atom. The nucleus means, the central core, the heart, and the nucleus of the atom indeed is the heart of atom.

(c)   The nuclear energy generation processes

       When we look into the processes of nuclear energy generation, we find the same formula that is, of the leaping up of the fire over the hearts on work. How? Now let us first have a view of the fission process of energy generation. We see a neutron, for example, to assail the (nucleus) of the atom and knock out two neutrons. These knocked out neutrons as if in a retaliative mood further strike at the hearts of other atoms and knock out two neutrons each. The knocked out neutrons in continued succession keep on knocking two neutrons each, in turn till the whole of the fissile mass becomes red hot through anger due to the disturbance of the hearts of the atoms. Finally the cup of the patience of enraged mass overflows and it explodes itself with terrible violence. So we have seen how the nuclear energy is generated in the hearts, and how the neutrons have attached the hearts of the atoms. Thus it means that nuclear energy not only has the tendency of leaping up over the hearts after it has been generated, but it also is generated in a similar process that of leaping up over the hearts. The same process can be seen on work in the fusion process of nuclear energy generation. In this case, simply two atoms of lighter nuclei are taken, and the heart (Nucleus) of one atom is forcibly crushed into the heart (Nucleus) of the other atom; The hearts break and the heat (energy) is given out.

(d)   The Term Thermonuclear

       It will be learned with no mild surprise that the Quran has only and exactly translated the term Thermonuclear- as is applied by the scientist himself --when it (the Quran) says, that the nuclear energy is a fire which leaps up over the hearts. How is it? It is thus! The word thermo means "of heat", that is fire. The word Nuclear is the adjective of Nucleus which means heart. Thus the word Nuclear means something connected with heart. The complete term that is thermonuclear would then mean, a fire which is related to the heart. The scientist has coined this term with amazing aptness and has indeed said exactly what the Quran has said in this respect. The scientist says a fire related to the heart. The Quran says a fire which appears over the hearts. Such an act of anticipation on the part of the Quran would seem nothing short of a marvel.

(e)   Nuclear Radiations leap up over the hearts

       The nuclear Radiations, Alpha, Beta, Gamma rays and neutrons are nicknamed by the scientists as bone-seekers because these radiations' tendency that of reaching the bones through the blood stream. There they attack the bone marrow. Now the function of the bone marrow is to generate the blood. They render the bone marrow incapable of generating blood. They attack the blood and destroy its red as well as white corpuscles, depriving it of its nourishing qualities, and rendering it rather a source of torment to the heart due to its poisoned state. Now, the relation of the bone-marrow and the blood, and further the relation of blood and the heart is well known. The attack of the radiations therefore is being directed towards the heart. The next attractive target of these radiations happens to be all the blood forming organs of the body. The connection of these organs with the blood and through the blood with the heart also is well known. Again the symptoms of radiation sickness are leukemia, a disease of blood, hemorrhages, that is blood leaking, also a disease of the blood, fever; also connected with blood, nausea and, vomiting also linked with the heart. The radiations by attacking the blood-forming organs, in truth play something of a war strategy with the heart. They besiege it and stop its blood supplies, by destroying the existing quantities, and preventing the replenishment by destroying the blood producing capacities of organs, until at least the heart succumbs to starvation and expires in acute agony. Further, it is now known, that'll the multi-cellular organisms with more perfected heart and lungs and more elaborately developed circulatory and respiratory systems are far more prone to the effects of radiations than all the unicellular organisms with less perfect heart and lungs and less elaborated circulatory and respiratory systems. This proves a decisive affinity of radiations for the heart and all that is directly connected with it. It has also been discovered that in the presence of oxygen the action of radiations is perceptibly enhanced, whereas in its absence their action is noticeably retarded. Now the connection of oxygen with the heart, in virtue of its role that of the purification of blood in the lungs is a fact of common knowledge. Lastly the recent researches on the effects of radiations have revealed, that, brain, nerves and muscles are the least sensible parts of the body to the effects of radiations. This again would establish the fact of radiations' greater relative affinity for the heart and all that is more directly connected with it.

(f)    The raging fires of discontent

       Last but not the least is the fires of discontent, frustration and anxiety which today is furiously raging in every heart without exception, throughout the whole vast world. This fire, although it has in every age, era and epoch, pestered and tormented poor human  heart, yet in this particular, modern age of atomism, due partly to the peculiar set up of this exclusively materialistic age, and partly due to the absence of faith and moral and spiritual values, it has assumed alarming proportions. To the problems of the necessities of life are to be added the dread of atom bombs, and even more than the atom bombs that of nuclear radiations. Worst even is the plight of those to whose lot have fallen more thorns but little fruit or flower of modern science and its progress. It is not without some aptness, if the first cry emitted by the newborn baby at its birth be interpreted as saying “Alas for me! What shall I do to save my body. How Shall I ever exist, to solve the painful riddle of material necessities in a world poisoned by radiations" while first cry of a baby born in some pre-modern age, could have been interpreted as saying, “Alas for me! What shall I do to save my soul in a world full of snares, and pitfalls? Oh, how shall I be able to go safely back to my home in heaven, whence I came".

       The intensity of such tormenting worries about one's material existence in the absence of spiritual relief, patience, moral fortitude and faith, has made the life of human-beings extremely miserable both in the east and the west. So crushing is the pressure and so fast increasing is the tempo that sooner or later, a stage may arrive that men in acute frustration might prefer death to this life. Then perhaps they may hail the flashing dazzle of the atomic bomb as a surer redeemer of man from all this formidable host of miseries and unbearable agonies of a painful existence. They perhaps may prefer a sudden end through atomic blast to a lingering death which their existence actually would be. Perhaps no pen on earth could describe, and no imagination could truly portray the life of humanity, surrounded by atomic plants, and plagued by atomic radiations. A race of wretched monsters and haggard apparitions, dreading their own shadows and mistaking their own cry for a smile and a smile for a cry. Thinking themselves as smiling but crying, and taking themselves as crying but actually smiling. If that be the plight, a Darwin's perception is not needed to know, that they must be most unfit for survival, and further the impulse of a Freud may not be required to realize that such a race would certainly prefer an atomic holocaust, to tormenting anxiety, the faster the end the better.

       So fast is the process of the change of human mind these days, a change for the worse indeed, that a man going to bed in an attitude quite normal and serene, with perhaps a thought or two of pity and sympathy in his heart, but to your horror you will see him, all of a sudden starts out of his bed, panting, with a fury boiling in his breast, his eyes blood-shot with wrath, cursing violently himself and everyone, and showering abuse, in a hysterical manner for having done any good to any one in the past, or having done any act of kindness, and swearing never to do any such thing to anyone whosoever, from that very moment onward. Lull him to sleep, and then await for yet another surprise. In the midst of sleep he shall start out of his bed again, and swearing bitterest vows to snatch everything from everyone in the world. Aye, the first thing tomorrow morning, by the early sunrise. Just lull him to sleep and perhaps the scared sun will never again arise, in his world. We are living in a world, in which neither there is joy of wealth left, nor there is patience for poverty found, but both joy and patience have joined with worry in mourning. Every emotion has joined every other emotion and all have been fused into one, that is worry. Tears, sighs, hearty laughter have all disappeared. Mind today is a barren desert, with nothing but worry  blowing in every direction over seething fumes. Judging from this fast changing attitude of man, it is not at all difficult to realize, that a time may not be very far, when to real misfortune of mankind, man blinded by an uncontrollable fit of rage, in some unavoidable situation may cast the destiny of wretched humanity into the atomic hell. The most solemn pleaders of  peace and unbreakable treaties may at such a moment prove a singed hair and crumble to dust, hurling a race headlong into a blazing hell from which there is no coming back. But Alas for us! Brother human-beings! would this be the end? I wish it had been so, a complete end, the whole life on earth having gone to a perfect sleep, after a short spell of terror. A storm of shrieks, and then a complete silence. No one to mourn, no one to be mourned. No one to cry. No one to be cried for. This world, to be the abode of silence. Terror silenced into muteness for ever. But is it so? Is it going to be the end of all misery? No. It is not so. The atomic holocaust is not going to be the final remedy. The death is not going to prevail completely. Man shall survive the atomic conflagration. Man to taste the fruits of his scientific deeds further still. Man to see a hell within a hell in a hellish world. The result of his greed, power, wisdom, genius, and ambition. Man tasting the extremes of pain, and agony through by festering ulcers, paining cancers, leprous wounds. Man stinking like a skunk, and covered with swarms of pastering flies. Buzzing and biting swarms of flies licking the puss all over. Man unable to get food and unable to search or procure something to eat. Shivering with cold but having neither clothing, nor even a match-stick to stir fire and warm himself. Man having the saddest thoughts of his past, his past glory, a nightmare, a frightful dream. Burnt and charred skeletons of the symbols of his past glory, his great achievements, the caterpillar, and the aircraft, spread all over, as reminders of a dreadful past, telling a silent tale of shame and folly. Man, stark naked, and man's mind stark mad, a mind shattered into pieces. State of man, inexpressible, state of man's mind unspeakably miserable, and strange. Man neither raving in madness, nor crying in sorrow. The word gloom, no indeed no word could express man's state. What happened. How, where, and why? Neither death, nor even life. Man to forget the notion of death, and the thought of life. What  is death, what is life? What we were, what we are. What are we, what is this. What are these dark images. What, are these sparkling ones, what is this that moves, what is that does not move. Blurred. Everything blurred in a post atomic war ruin.

       And now imagine, if this be the state of a post atomic war humanity. But the real state we are not able to express. Nay, even if all the great pens, and all the great minds of humanity that ever existed on this earth, join together to express the state of a post atomic-war humanity, would not be able to describe a shred. The thing itself is just beyond expression. And of course equally beyond expression is the pigheadedness and obstinacy of this present folly-ridden self-conceited and ill-starred generation of ours. What if I cry my throat sore, nay, if all the well-meaning individuals throughout the present mankind join in a chorus to cry their throats sore, who is going to head their exertion. This knowledge-drunk and power-eaten generation of dark-hearted, brain ridden computers of a wretched humanity will never stop, until it has found the bottom of the affair, but let us now stop that we may talk here to this group of a picture of misery, these men here, of a post-atomic era sitting in a group, as survivals of the atomic-war. No, they are not in a mood to talk. They just look at us, and stare and they turn their eyes away from us, in disgust. Look, here comes a man, one of them. He seems to be a bit more loquacious. Hey, man, here, all hail! how now, what, have you to say. What are your impressions about all this. No. This man in his face has more of a wild surprise, than any desire to talk. Hey, man, we said, what is your impression about all this. Gentlemen, why you ask me. This whole world, these haggard faces and all here is an impression in itself. Are you blind? Can you not see? Or do you joke. No, man, we certainly are not in a mood to joke, but pray tell us your impression. Right, then, if you ask my impressions, then listen. My impressions are, that every princely unprincipled priest, that had a share in making Christianity a dread, be skinned alive, before my very eyes, that I may hear his shrieks. And my impression is, that every man who had a hand in the revival of atomism at the expense of faith, should be brought right here before me and skinned alive, with this very blunt knife which I have in my hand, and then cast before my eyes into fire, here in this smouldering debris, that I may smell the stench of his burning flesh and fat. And my impressions is that all those that have been responsible for the worldly greed, and despondency, negligence, and insensibility of the Muslim community, be brought, I say right here, and the Quran be brought along with them, and a passage found in the Quran in which the atomic hell has been described. Then a hell on that very pattern, to the minutest detail be prepared, and then, let every one of those lovers of this world,  they that had failed in doing their duty, their duty towards mankind by withholding the light of the Quran, neither abiding by it themselves, nor giving it to any one else, be brought right here, that I might see with mine own eyes, the truth of that scripture, come true: The scripture, meant to oppose atomic-war and to save mankind from every conflagration and to lead the caravan of humanity to their destination in peace and prosperity. I have seen the leaves of that very book being consumed by the leaping flames of the atomic-fire as were devoured the bodies of its followers. And my impression is that every dared scientist who made the atomic bomb, and every devilish politician who aided and abetted the enterprise, should be brought right here now and right before my eyes be speared to death and flung into this endless sea of seething fumes. And that helpless man: Gabriel, in whose inanimate hands the greatest of prophetic warnings remained unpublished, let his back be bared and mercilessly lashed till he breathed his last, amidst a raging tempest of jeering hovels. These are my impressions, Gentlemen, and now, please, we will be grateful to you to the deep most nucleus of our heart if you could guide us to some way, that we could put this painful existence of ours, to and end. O benign death, O beneficent death, we call you, pray be so kind as to pay so much as a visit to these sooty shambles here, and relieve us from this torture for ever, for ever.

       It may, however, be erroneous to assume, that the maladies of greed, discontent and distress, were of only recent origin, and that they did not exist in any pre-modern age. Complete contentment of freedom from greed or distress never were the lot of man, since the appearance of humanity on earth. This earth has never been an abode of unmixed bliss. The love of wealth and the world were ingrained in the very nature of man. The worry of material needs and the thought of luxury and enjoyment has always pester human mind. Pain and fear have always been his companions of man. Thousands of years ago, when this earth was scantily populated, and large tracts of land, pastures, meadows and jungles lay vacant, even unobserved, the worry of material needs and a sense of scarcity and the distinction of poverty and opulence did exist amongst mankind. There was no problem of population. Rather the increase in population was aimed at. There was no dearth of land, rather, men to plough the land were wanting, and of course, peace and security to make harvesting possible. But the difference between the modern and any pre modern age is that whereas in every pre-modern age has existed in some form or the other, a philosophy of anti- materialistic nature, a philosophy which constantly kept reminding men of the transitory nature and perfidy of this life, as against the eternal life hereafter; a philosophy to prefer spiritual to material, celestial to terrestrial, a denunciatory philosophy of self-abnegation, preferring always, mind to matter and soul to body, the other world to this world, in order to soften the severity of man's natural greed and excessive desire of worldly things and power; the modern age has plunged itself into the materialism completely and exclusively, casting away every consideration, of death, of other world, of the day of judgment, of mind, sprit, morality and all, headlong into the pursuit of material necessities of this material world. There is no thought whatsoever of the transient, unreliable and perfidious  nature of this world, or its snares and its pitfalls or of the last judgment of Allah on the day of resurrection which simply is denied and hence not dreaded. The standards of success and failure culminate in death and nothing whatsoever thereafter. Man therefore has become daring in sin and perfidy. There, nothing exists to have some salutary effect to bring much needed relief from the constant drudgery of a purely materialistic type of life. There nothing exists to alleviate the pains and sorrows of a materialistic mind, except the remedies of a material nature, remedies, which instead of affecting the desired relief, further accentuate the malady and thus, aggreviate the matter, and made the things worse. It is just as to add fuel in order to put fire out. The men of pre-modern ages, due to that particular philosophy of world hatred, and belief in the transitory nature of this life, and hope in the life to come, bore hardships, calamities and vicissitudes of life with patience, and as they say, philosophically. A few more, days, and all this would come to an end, they would think, and another life, after this is over, awaits. A life worthy of greater consideration, than this temporary stay, here in this earth. They ventured at great sacrifices due to their hope in the reward in a better and reliable world. They did everything with a sort of a submissive eagerness, and devout acquiescence, and thus achieved a mitigation of pain and misery. We shudder at the thought of the atrocities perpetuated by those who appeared in those long past simple times as tyrants, those clever hypocrites, who played upon the simplicity, and superstition of the ignorant people, and sold falsity in the guise of sainthood. But they, who had suffered on their hands, perhaps had little to complain, partly because: besides the false pretenders of sainthood, there always existed at least some genuine saints and partly because they thought all that happened was merely transitory and therefore of not much importance. But what about our modern world.  The false saints of the past have appeared in modern apparel, same history is being repeated. At least the crafty priest of the past, did not create for his victims something like atomic hell. He did not at least fill the world with atomic radiations. This lurking death, unseen, untouched, untasted, unheard and unsmelt. And this raging hell of discontent was not so. It never raged with such fury in the past ages, despite the horrific, tyranny of both priest and the prince, and tyrannical needs and necessities of life in addition. Now reform and not complete annihilation of that philosophy of the past is the need of the hour. Let men search for a philosophy which could strike up a balance between extremes. Let, the spiritual balance the material. Otherwise the load thus unbalanced would take humanity down to the bottom of the sea of miseries. Let this be done, or let men be prepared to live  in a world replete with fiery scorpions and stinging snakes, and die a death at which the heavens even may shudder.

       Man today is raving mad after the material world, material progress, material comfort, material safeguards, material remedies in a braying hell of materialism. A hell raging with an unprecedented fervour. Men are, by virtue of the modern system compelled to go headlong into the material pursuits. They have prepared chains for themselves, and have themselves bound themselves in them, those chains, and are being dragged on to the hell, by a sort of a willing helplessness. No body can stay out. Any one stopping to look behind, would be crushed under the feet of the dragging column of humanity. Everything seems to have left the human mind, except indeed, a worry about food, about clothes, about abode, and about every material necessity of life. History fails to produce any past age in which men were so hard pressed by the necessities of life. Yet the question is, that have they, despite all these unusual, and whole-sale exertions in the search of worldly necessities, achieved their object? An object for which they have forsaken faith, and have severed themselves from their God, and forgotten everything about death and, all that is thereafter. An object for which they have broken their ties with the past, have subjected their future to imminent risks and dangers: risks and dangers unprecedented in the whole history of human adventure, and have sacrificed their very hope in the life in heaven. The answer, after having summed up everything, is unfortunately: No. After a few pleasant whirls and inebriating swirls on the wheel of the material progress, at a time when men of Macaulay's intellect had nothing but unending praises for bacon, the trumpeter of the modern age, and an able advocate of atomism, the speed of the wheel gradually increased to such alarming proportions that a tormenting dizziness seized the whirling heads of swirling humanity, till their eye-balls started out of sockets, as a result of extreme effort to keep hold of the flying wheel, and, now, we, still hungry, and we still wanting clothes, medicines and all, see before us the horror of atomic monster, with its flaming eyes and poisonous breath, to devour us all, in response to our request for food and garment. Food to fill our hungry belly and garment to conceal our shame, medicine to cure our ills, and fees for our school going children. Alas for us! When I recall to my mind, the state of character of men of God in these parts of the world only about a half century, ago, those men, seem to me angels, or at least human -beings in comparison with the prying wolves, and cunning foxen of today, penting, prowling, ravaging, ransacking wolves, in packs, sans thought, sans regard, sans peace and sans humanity, pity, mercy, charity.

       Mankind, in its all pre-modern history shunned, hated, and quelled the advancement of science. Right from Socrates, Plato and Aristotle to every sensible philosopher of pre-modern age, there has not been one who has not detested the appearance of science. The advance of science and the thought of material progress on the lines of science have never in the past human history been to the liking of mankind. The things as they stand today at least, furnish a proof of the better judgment of those ignorant people of the past. It is only once in all the human history, that is in this modern age, that science had a chance to display its worth, that today it has all the field solely to itself, but unfortunately, that which the ancient people had dreaded in science has come true. Men indeed, have so plunged, themselves in the material world that it would seem as if they were irrevocably and for ever lost in it. The ability which was needed to keep the things in balance has not been shown. The leaders of science and the scientific world have thought of faith as an enemy, and therefore directed all their endeavours towards annihilating the same, little realizing, that faith was something indispensible to man. And thus the things have reached a stage where we can see then today with horror. Yet the things are not past cure. There is still, one and only one chance, provided that the blindness of humanity does not prevail to the end to the dreadful end.

       There is darkness, darkness and darkness around. All that light, the light of Adam, the light of Noah, the light of Abraham, the light of Moses, Jesus, and Mohammed, has disappeared behind the illusive veil of modern knowledge, a knowledge which constitutes a basket of bread and on dilated, unappeasable belly, wrapped up in a dark, lusty, selfish, miserable and squeamish brain. A gastric knowledge comprising gastric philosophy, a gastric thought, gastric attention, gastric considerations, in a gastric world. Its maladies are gastric, its remedies also gastric. Its joys, its sorrows, its worries and delights, its smiles, grims, frowns are gastric. Its problems, including that of population are one and all of a gastric nature, and so are the keys, clues and solutions, of a nature basically gastric. And is not the Hydrogen bomb, a scientific remedy of the problem of population, of a gastric? Smell and hue? If not Hydrogen gas of a gastric origin? And is not the problem of population basically gastric? And gastric is the light of this age of lights, and so is its darkness of a gastric nature. Its problems gastro-enteric, its leaders gastronomes, its science gastronomy and hence its philosophy ought to bear the name of "Gastronomism". In gastronomy it has its origin and in gastronomism it shall be dissolved ultimately just as salt is dissolved in water.

       Yet there is still a chance of light in this blinding darkness. I said: yes, there is still a chance, if the torch of faith is once again lit. Recall to your dazed and dizzied mind the part which the Christian training played in the past to bring about the success of renaissance of the west and the subsequent scientific progress, without that training, despite the tyrannical priest and the corrupted church, despite the dark superstition and fanatic bigotry, the modern scientific enterprise could never have been achieved. Indeed all the pre-requisites of their success: the spirit of contemplative research, honesty of purpose, faculty of concentration, sense of clean business, patience, perseverance, humility, sympathy, cooperative attitude, acquiescence, in mutual coordination, a charitable disposition, humane considerations and several other traits were bestowed on the people of the west by their religion and were imagined in their mind during their past ecclesiastical training for many centuries. Without these qualities, their success in their great enterprise would not have been only dubious but definitely uncertain. And do they not see, that their movement after having reached a certain pinnacle at a dizzying height is now going to strumble to the ground for no other reason than that they had excluded faith from their affair, and that the reminiscent features bestowed of their past faith had gradually dwindled and disappeared.

       A minute scrutiny reveals some shining features of modern civilization, so much so, that its destruction despite such good qualities would due merely to lack of faith and incorrigible hard - headedness of some of its guides and leaders, seem a real tragedy. It has thirst for knowledge and an aptitude for discerning the truth regardless of all the weight of authority to the contrary. A scientific method and rational attitude as against legend and myth. A sense of human liberty and basic human rights. A clean sense of business and most scrupulous honesty in trade and transaction. A sense of cleanliness, order, justice, sympathy and punctuality, a constant endeavour to bring about physical comfort and material welfare, and a perpetual campaign against poverty, disease and ignorance. A remarkable quality of patience, perseverance and fortitude and a heart-felt desire for peace, plenty, progress and prosperity. All these are very commendable desires and worthy ambitions, and humane considerations, but an exceptionally great and rare virtue is their exercise of sagacity to judge a thing, and weight it and readily accept the same if found sound and correct, even if not to their inner liking. No less remarkable are their trends against disposition and tyranny, and their sense of human equality, equity and democracy, though there be except ness every where.

       But alas! This beautiful civilization is now going. No power beneath this sky can rescue it from utter annihilation unless indeed the basic flaws and consequent corruptions are removed in time. Namely the habit of slander, back-biting and the resultant mistrust and distrust, wholesale engrossment in material pursuits and accumulation of wealth in an atmosphere completely devoid of moral and spiritual values and besides that wealth worship. It is needless to say, that if these faults are cleared, men shall become sober and serene, and the veils of darkness shall automatically be removed from their eyes, and then the thoughts of nuclear power will be cast away and forgotten, and men will have a greater consideration of their next life in heaven and the day of judgment, and thus nuclear energy and its formidable offspring, the atom bomb will disappear leaving mankind in eternal peace and safety. Atomic power which at present is being looked upon as a boom will then appear as abomination and monstrosity unbearable.

(IV) Lo!  (It is) a fire closed in on them in outstretched columns

       Now, then, this fire is, a fire closed in on them! The Sahabah, that is the companions (disciples) of the Holy Prophet, said, " It is a fire, enkindled in a huge edifice with a roof on arched vaults supported by columns of vast extent". And now let us see in the light of the practical facts of Nuclear phenomenon, whether this fire is a fire closed in on them.

(a)   The heat-flash

       The hat-flash which we have already described as the initial radiation of the atomic explosion, a radiation which appears within a fraction of a second on detonation, and which travels with the speed of light, that is 186,000 miles per second, and lasts for only about two seconds or so, and is the only original body of atomic explosion besides the atomic radiations. It begins within a fraction of a second on detonation and after only two seconds disappears. But within these two seconds it completes its work, that of burning the skins of the people, in its effective range. The other effects of the atomic explosion, namely the blast and the atomic radiations complete their process within ten seconds at most. That is, the process of the atomic explosion begins within a fraction of a second and is complete within ten seconds. The effective range of the atomic explosion might be as far as eighty miles. Now, then who is the man, and what are the means to carry him out of the effected zone within a fraction of a second or two seconds or ten seconds. No, but the die is cast, and the destiny of those unfortunate people who happened to be within that enclosure is spun. There is no exit in case of the atomic explosion. They are in a pan, in a fold, in an enclosure. The fire is closed in on them.

(b) The story does not come to an end with this forty miles enclosure of atomic fire. The area of radio-active fallout is even larger. it may be 7000 square miles, or it may be 100,000 square miles. Nay, even it could be as large as the whole surface of the earth. For the March, 1956 test explosion (a 15 megaton bomb) it was 7000 square miles. The hazard depending on meteorological conditions and particularly the wind velocities. It may cover an area upto 100,000 square miles. Now all the persons in the fallout area must have been exposed to a large dose of deadly radiation. They must be evacuated to a safer place within a day or so following detonation, if they are to escape serious consequences. But Alas! The evacuation of so large a mass of population in so short a time is not a probability. It cannot be considered a practical thing even for a highly industrialized country. Further, where would be found a safe area, particularly in case of war, to provide a shelter to such a huge mass of evacuated people! Alas! The fire of atomic explosion has been closed in on them. A fire so treacherous as to turn back on the house of its master, who, a few moments ago had unleashed it on his foe. And then after having consumed the house of his foe, it would turn back on him and reduce his house to a heap of hot ashes.

(c)   Hotama a huge edifice of fire

       Now, just as the companions of the Holy Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) had described the Hotama as a huge edifice of fire with a roof on arched vaults supported by columns of vast extent, the atomic explosion certainly is a huge edifice of fire, with a roof on arched vaults, supported by columns of vast extent. We shall now describe, how it is, let us take for example, a nominal high yield fission bomb (surface burst).

       Now suppose the bomb is detonated. See the fire ball, being in close contact with the earth, it has produced a gigantic crater a mile in diameter. Now the fire ball is rushing upwards, expanding and cooling. It now has assumed a diameter of three miles, strong upward air currents follow the rapidly rising ball carrying with them dust and debris. In a few minutes the explosion cloud has reached the tropopause at a height of 40 thousand feet. It has met here the temperature inversion in the atmosphere which has considerably slowed down its upward motion. Now see the cloud has literally expanded into a "Mushroom" 100 miles in diameter, placed on top of a stem of diameter about the same as that of the fire-ball (3 miles). The central portion of the cloud (head of the stem) still continues to push forward, reaching 80 thousand feet in about 10 minutes, but because of the marked increase in the temperature with height in the higher levels of the stratosphere, it cannot go much beyond 100,000 feet (20 miles) and there the head of the stem is changing into a thin layer by the stream of the prevailing current of air. This current of air shall keep this layer of fallout in circulation around the earth for many years, say ten years. During this period the particles of fallout will gradually keep on settling all over the earth, on crops, plants, soil and the sources of water etc. Now, this fallout being radioactive it will affect every thing it will come in contact with, and produce terrific results. The cow will eat the crop. You will drink its milk. The milk is radioactive. The next generation, or any other future generation will be born in the form of monsters. The disease of cancer will widely spread. The plight of humanity will then be most miserable. Alas! For them. But let us revert to our edifice of the atomic bomb.

       We have portrayed the picture of the atomic explosion to you. Now please bring that picture before the eye of your mind, and see, a column three miles in diameter, ten miles high, a mushroom 100 miles in diameter resting on top of it. Now, in view of the fact that the effective range of such a bomb would be about 40 miles around, just imagine a hollow, transparent, cylindrical column 40 miles in diameter, rising upward, to meet the lower edge of the 100 miles' mushroom, the mushroom covering this 40 miles cylinder like a lid, and itself resting on the central three-mile round column, which stands like the central pole of a tent. Now the picture of the atomic edifice is complete, and it is all fire. How, majestic, how awe-inspiring. But just have a peep into the interior of it. O! what a havoc is being played therein. A storm of fires raging and consuming every thing. Mad earthquakes furiously pulling down buildings. Man, women, children, and brutes being roasted alive for the feast of the devil, and so on so forth in a fire closed in on them. A fire from which there happens to be no exit, no emergency door.

       But our picture of the edifice is not yet complete. It has not been fully described. Further an earth wide edifice has also been built. Just look up please, and see, above the mushroom. The upper column that of the upper story of the edifice is resting on the head of the lower central column, and rising further ten miles into the stratosphere. There, its head is melting into a layer of fallout. The layer which keeps on circulating around the earth for ten years. Now please keeping this double storeyed edifice into view, just see, all over the earth, the atom bombs symmetrically planted and then detonated simultaneously. Say 1000 atoms bombs, or say 10,000 atom bombs and see 10,000 columns rising to the height of ten miles, and there see the mushrooms like arched vaults resting on top of these 10,000 central columns, and then see from every column another column shooting upwards and reaching a height of twenty miles and there spreading itself into a layer of fallout. Then see this fallout spreading and joining to make a perfect spherical roof above the earth: whole of it. The picture now is complete. Just see the edifice with its majestic columns, its mighty mushroom-arched vaults ad its universal roof, and inform the inhabitants of Mars if there be any, of this grand achievement of demizens of the earth. Or if, you be so touched at this  fate as to cry, then retire to a corner and weep to your heart's content, and wonder how the fire is closed in on them, all of them including yourself, in a universal, world-wide enclosure.

(d)   And if there be still any doubt about this "Closing-in-on" nature of this fire, we will refer to "operation alert" of the U.S.A. A mock exercise of Nuclear attack which proved beyond any doubt this "closing-in-on" character of Atomic fire:-

        "Operation Alert June 15, 1955, the first US National-wide civil defence exercise based on a mock attack using Nuclear weapons".

"It was assumed that 60 cities were struck by 61 bombs varying in size from a Nominal bomb to a 5 megaton bomb. The warning time (that is the advance information of the attack) allowed was about three hours. Based on the data collected by the bomb damage assessment group of the federal civil defence administration, it was estimated that at the end of the first day of the attack more than 8 million people would have been killed, and another 8 million would have died a few weeks later. About a quarter of the deaths would have been caused by radio-active fallout. It was also estimated that the attack would have damaged more than 11 million dwelling units and rendered about 25 million people homeless. In New York alone a 5 megaton bomb (surface burst) would have killed about 3 million people (38 percent of the population) and  injured another 23 percent. Of every 8 New Yorkers about 3 were estimated killed and 2 injured. Civil Defence officials said that the nation was far from being ready to withstand a nuclear attack. And who could withstand the Nuclear Attack when the enkindled fire of Allah was closing in on them. This was a mere mock attack, and unluckily the things in a real nuclear attack with real atom bombs raining on the heads of a blinded people would be not quite so easy to imagine, and there, neither would be the bomb assessment groups to asses the damages, nor the civil defence officials, to give their opinions about the readiness of nation.

       To this is to be added the following piece of information in order to understand the international closing-in-on-them character of the nuclear fire:-

       " When referring to a full scale Nuclear Assault, Lt. General James Gavin (Chief of the US Army Research & Development) in his testimony to the US Senate Sub-Committee, investigating comparative  Air Power is reported to have said, "Current planning estimates run on the order of several hundred million deaths that would be either way depending on which way the wind blew. If the wind blew southeast they would be mostly in the USSR although they would extend into the Japanese and perhaps down into Philippine area. If the wind blew the other way, they would extend well back into western Europe". And thus it would mean that no one, friend or foe or neutral would deem himself safe from the deadly radiological hazard. No mater in which part of the earth one lived. The atomic fire has closed in on them from every side and a check on the wind could not be imposed.

(v)   Quran says, " Outstretched columns": that is, a fire closed in on them in outstretched columns:-

       We have sometimes written in this chapter columns of vast extent. This does not seem to be the most exact translation of the word which is used by the Quran. The nearer translation might seem to be outstretched columns, just as a pot marker draws upward the clay pot while moulding on his wheel. The Quran always would use a basic expression, and suppose tomorrow it is proved, that over every little microscopic nucleon in fission a column is built up, and this column is not going to be of vast extent, although in proportion to the size of the nucleon it may be judged as a vast extent. These however are sheer subtleties, let us proceed with our point.

       A column is a characteristic feature of an atomic explosion. The terrific fire bell rises upwards dragging behind it a column of fission products, vapourised dust and debris. It is a fascinating scene to be hold. Sensations of awe and wonder unite to impart to the mind of the spectator of this enkindled wrath of Allah a strange inexpressible feeling. A column so grand rising so majestically to such formidable heights. If the reader remember aright, one such column we have described previously in D-IV, which if so desired, could be recalled to mind. A column is an essential feature of atomic explosion in air, surface, underground or under water burst. Though in case of deep underground or deep underwater bursts, it may be muffled up by the enormous weight of earth or water. Most spectacular view is presented by the column in case of a shallow underwater burst. The BIKINI (1946) test (Baker) was a shallow underwater explosion. Generally, in the shallow underwater burst, the detonation takes place at the depth of about 50 feet. The first thing seen in "BAKER" was flash of light, much less luminous than for air burst as the fire ball broke through the water surface. A column of water in the form of a hollow cylinder (Plume) with a straight stem rushed upwards. In 15 seconds it was a mile high and attained its maximum height of about a mile and half within a minute; the stem was one third of a mile in diameter, and the "Mushroom head" about a mile and half across; the water contained in the column was of the order of a million tons. Due to the force of explosion the water present in plume was in a state of fine drops, and the subdivision was carried further as the water column began to fall after it had attained its maximum height. From the base of the column there rolled out a white ring of mist (named "base surge") at a speed of about fifty miles per hour. (This was an unexpected phenomenon). After about three minutes of the explosion, rain began to fall from the bottom of the expanding surge, and soon the outward spreading slowed down and altogether stopped in another two minutes. The base probably covered a total area of more than five square miles. It carried a part of the fission products, but it is likely that the major fraction of the fission products was in the mushroom top.

(9)   HOTAMA

       The view of atomic hell enjoyed

Now that we have brought our discussion of Al-Hotama to an end, and have displayed a corroboration by practical facts of the phenomenon of Nuclear explosion, so that the whole thing has received a scientific treatment as was promised by us in the very outset, and has borne a countenance aptly to be recognized by the scientist, let us proceed to celebrate this greatest ever achievement of human mind, this deadliest harbinger of death and destruction, namely the "atom bomb" and enjoy for awhile its awe-inspiring flourish proudly.

       And now, please, close your eyes, and imagine your self to be sitting on Mount Everest, the loftiest peak of the tallest mountain on earth. The whole earth is before your eyes. But you are shivering with cold. Yes, indeed there is much cold over there. But see the marvel of the mind, the like of which has not hitherto been discovered by the scientist. Yet it is a marvel. This human mind. The lofty peak which Sir John Hunt was only able to conquer after great hardships amongst torturous hosts of blood-sucking leeches  and amidst blinding blizzards, and indeed loss of human life, you can feel under your very feet and can touch the pole of that flag which colonel Hunt had planted there as a sign of victory. And indeed the great atomists have had to subject themselves to risks and hazards even greater in order to conquer the loftiest pinnacle of mount atomism and there revive the giant atumbumb that lay dormant in his cave: "nuclear energy" snorting, and cage him to be brought to the earth as a wonderful piece of exhibition.

       We can just sit and close our eyes and imagine a real display of unusual feats of our giant atumbumb, without in any way taking so much trouble as to travel to the mosquito infested BIKINI ATOLLS or, Marshal Islands in peace-less and much disturbed pacific ocean. Now please see the imaginary display of nuclear phenomenon and then send your report that we may read. In the mean time we will occupy ourselves with some writing.

       Thank you, Sir, we have received your valuable report and we reproduce the same that others may read. Following is the text of the report:-

       "Wise leaders of all the nations that occupy any part of this earth of God, arrived at an agreement unanimously, about the instantaneous destruction of mankind, which they honestly believed to have out-grown and far too old and overpopulated. It was right time they reiterated these wise leaders that some new species had a chance to appear and grow. They also agreed, unanimously too, to a suggestion made by a very system-loving member of that grand assembly of nations of the world called U.N.O., that this highly merciful act that of the destruction of this miserable humanity could take place in accordance with some preplanned and well organized system. The points of this very ingenious proposal were, "firstly that the humanity should be accorded the honour of being despatched with atom bombs of the choicest kind. Secondly, that the atomic bombs should on a pre-agreed time and point be planted in exact symmetry all over the face of the earth, without depriving any part whatsoever of this privilege and thirdly that the bombs be exploded on the zero hour, previously agreed to by all the members on most democratic basis. The exact time of explosion be well advertised, lest some one due to ignorance remain in some underground cell and miss the unique favour of the first dazzle of the great heat-flash ". It was further rumoured, that the scheme caused a great commotion in the low animal world, but it was decided to ignore completely the objections of so low creatures as stupid beasts. 10,000, twenty mega-ton bombs were at once offered by more illustrious powers. Three awards were soon, announced for the powers that had donated the greatest member of the Choicest atom bombs very kindly, and were offered atomic wreaths of exquisite beauty for their graves. The bombs were then transported to the appointed places by air, in a manner unusually swift and in exact contrariety to the general tradition of the wriggling U.N.O. Soon the bombs were planted with great ceremony in their proper places like trees of the legendary garden of Eden. Engineers now awaiting anxiously the Zero hour, which at last arrived.

       The much eagerly awaited hour arrived at last. Anxious humanity rushed out of their homes with shouts of joy and Hurrahs. The bombs were detonated, simultaneously, all. The earth shook, mountains trembled, the remotest heavens echoed the gurgling thunders and you saw to your amazement 10,000 colossal columns majestically rising in perfect symmetry and with perfect majesty over the entire face of the earth. Over-awed by the enchanting grandeour of the spectacle as if in a dream, and in order to have a better view of the whole scenery, you pressed the button and with the speed of light reached the Mars along with your observatory and all. There sitting on the planet Mars you beheld through your telescope, in quite an ecstatic mood, the bewitching scene of beautifully rising columns, and their spectacular Mushrooms, and their charming colours, and you thought that perhaps a world of grandest palaces was in creation for the souls of all the deceased Emperors, Kings, and lordly Princes of the past, or else that the earth perhaps was being transformed into a universal amphitheatre for the inerplanery boxing bouts or tiger-man fights or inter-stellar centenary oratorical competitions and cultural shows. It seemed all wonderful. Columns developing  mushroom tops, mushrooms dilating and uniting with mushrooms like lofty clouds, and forming a complete spherical roof over the earth. A roof supported by massive pillars of fascinating hues and colours. Every column rising, and a grand palace, eighty miles across rising around it to the ultimate height of ten Miles, illuminated with dazzling lights, with various degrees and multifarious hues of illumination. Then to your real inward joy and admiration you saw the commencement of the upper story. The heads of columns shot upwards and reaching a height of twenty miles, there, their tops began to melt and spread in glistening sheets of mercuric shades. The sheets gradually spreading and joining together to form the roof of the upper storey in a spherical form, but visible to you the half of it only in the form of a hemisphere. O, how beautiful is the scene thou spectator on the Mars. How very fascinating, how very enchanting. But pray condensed to descend a bit lower and come down to earth. The dazzling lights that thou seest, in these princely chambers are the burning pyres of human beings. These majestic edifices which thou thinketh to be the Royal palaces  are huge, eighty miles across and ten miles high inverted cauldrons, containing fires mingled with human bodies, millions of them, men, women and children. Sparkling in your view is not the grand assemblage of royal palaces, nor even some grand amphitheatre, it is only the Hotama. The atomic hell ablaze, and ready to devour a race of back-biters and slanderers, that are greedily engaged in gathering wealth of the world, and adoring it to the degree of worship.

       Yet an amphitheatre it is in a way. An amphitheatre raised at the Gaza of modernity by the modern Philistines, on columns of greed, and designed and constructed by modern science. On these columns, brethren, stands leaning the great atomic Samson, with his hands around these massy pillars, watching for the occasion, this Atomic Samson to say to these philistine lords of modern times- who have put the Nuclear Samson to a display of his strength to peaceful purposes --"Hitherto Lords, what your command imposed for peaceful enjoyment, I have performed working your Nuclear Reactors, power houses and mighty ships, as reason was obeying , not without horror or delight beheld. Now, if on my own  accord, such other trial I mean to show you of my strength, yet great as with amaze shall strike all who behold". This uttered, straining all his nerves, he would bow as with the force of the wind and waters spent where mountains tremble. Those massy pillars with horrible convulsions to and fro, he would tug, he would shake, till down they would come and draw the whole sky-high and sky-wide roof after them with a burst of deafening, thunder, upon the heads of all those who sat beneath. The Presidents, Prime Ministers, Scientists, Philosophers, Priests and Doctors of the  whole world, along with the whole world of earth's denizens, turning the world into "A dungeon horrible on all sides round, as a huge furnace flamed, but from those flames no light but rather darkness visible, to discover the sights of woe, regions of sorrow, doleful shades, where peace and rest can never dwell, hope never comes, that comes to all, but rather an endless torture still urges in fiery deluge fed with every burning sphere unconsumed".

       And if you think it to be Royal Palace, then it is like the palace which a widowed Queen of ancient Egypt had built on the bank of  Nile in remote antiquity to avenge herself on the unweary murderers of her husband. There she invited them to a feast, and going out of the hall on some pretext closed the door from outside, and opened the water duct, which she had pre-arranged. Water rushing into the hall drowned then one and all, and the hall turned into their graves. In the same way the lady Nature may also avenge herself on those who had murdered her laws and principles.

(10) Science today holds a complete sway over all mankind. The body as well as the mind of humanity are in its grip. So strong is its hold on human thought these days, and so deeply set are its roots in the economic fabric of the world of today that it could not be uprooted without at the same time completely upsetting the whole economic structure of the world. Yet on the other hand, the unprecedented havoc which the science itself is going to play with mankind, sooner or later, perhaps sooner, is a calamity of a nature far worse, that amounts to complete destruction one to all of the ill-fated race. It has already prepared its hell, the atomic hell, a hell of the worst kind, and it is now in the process of accumulating fuel and awaiting some pretext for enkindling the fire. It is a hell in which men will at once perish, but the survivors may have no joy to live in a world which has witnessed the atomic hell. Poor wretched lepers these survivors, will have a reason to envy the doom of those who perished in that hell, and got rid of existence. But ask, science, and it will tell you the facts and will absolve herself from all guilt, and instead will throw all the blame on your head, and quite justly so. It is not the science, but it is you that have been guilty of systematically misapplying, and ill-applying it. Science is but a slave. She is there to obey your commands. You set out to conquer the realm of Nature for the material well-being of mankind in general. But you completely forget, the sentimental side of the affair, so that material gain and material gain only remained the whole purpose of your research and your practical application of science. The providence, for your neglect of faith and your complete discard of moral and spiritual values, and complete disregard of resurrection and the day of  judgement looked askance at you, and your excessive greed was favoured by your illuck and misfortune, and such channels were by chance opened for you, that within a period of only half century, that is from 1895- through the discovery of X-rays by Roentgen to 1942 - through Fermi's successful achievement of fission chain reaction - you found your ultimate goal, the atomic hell before you. You adopted wealth as your deity and you forsook God, the giver of wealth. But your wealth only made the construction of costly, destructive affair: that is "atom bomb" : possible for you. If you will sit down and think for a while coolly, you perhaps will realize the truth of these hings. So utterly disappointed was Late Bertrand Russell, the well-known English Philosopher, that the Pamphlet of golden hue which he sent me in response to my outcry about the impending atomic danger to a slumbering humanity, contained only one sentence, namely:-

"Since Adam and Eve ate the apple, Man has never abstained from his follies, whatever he was capable of, and the end is "this sentence was completed by an exquisitely beautiful photograph of atomic explosion".

This pamphlet contained some very interesting caricatures to constitute the history of mankind. Firstly, Adam and Eve were shown, holding one half of the apple each and there the serpent was seen lurking with its forked tongue above them. Then two towers were shown, on which stood men in a mood of confrontations equipped with arms and weapons of diverse kinds, and below them was shown a man made into a  horse with another man riding him. And in the end was of course seen fixed, the picture of atomic explosion. Was then the sage right in his surmise? Is this world going to end with atom bomb? Was then the unfortunate humanity really destined to perish through atomic conflagration? Was the thing finally settled, and was there no hope left? Was, the disease past all cure, or was there any hope of a remedy? Such were the questions that arose in my mind. After a lot of thinking I said to myself. Well, the humanity might have been doomed to atomic hell. I do not know. Nor it is in my power to stop them from jumping into the pyre, if they would so chose. But the thing which surely is in my power is, to set up a hue and cry. To cry my throat sore, till no more crying is possible; like the bereaved parents of Lucy Gray in Wordsworth's poem. But when all hope is lost in the last perilous footprint of Lucy in the treacherous snow, to show that the poor child was lost for ever, and the cruel hand of inevitable death has ultimately closed mine eyes, then, no doubt, it is quite perceptible, that a species which inspite of certain knowledge would not abstain from the folly of swallowing arsenious pills of deadly poison like uranium-235 would die. Alas for me! How could they be expected to heed a warning of anyone; but ours is to cry, to cry our throat sore, till we can cry no more, Just a duty of a fellow human being towards fellow human beings, till death parts us for ever. Though it, this crying might not be so easy as it may seem. They may say, they would but use nuclear energy for peaceful purposes and escape its harms, but something alike was said by the infidel son of Noah, when he in response to the entreaties of his father to embark the boat had said, "I will hide myself to the top of these mountains to escape the flood". But that day no mountain top nor any other safeguard could be of any avail against the wrath of God. They also may talk of safeguards against atomic radiations. But what safeguard is there to prove 100 percent effective against the radiations. Even if there be but one percent hazard present, then is not that one percent eventually fatal to humanity. What more could be said, in this respect, you greedy seekers of wealth and power, come, either forsake this deadly bane of cancers and better let mankind be starved to death, if no Nuclear Power means starvation, or else  be prepared for the painful end. You will never be left to long enjoy the fruits of Nuclear energy. It is for an exceedingly short spell of power that you risk the existence of a miserable race. Nay but the greed for wealth, has blinded you, that you fail to se thundering monster greeting at few steps from your door. Now pray see seek the light of faith, and sober your maddening passions. Balance your life, that contentment may come, and open your dazed eyes to the grimmest of facts, which you now but faintly perceive. Balance your life between spiritual and material. Cast away this venom of Nuclear Energy from science, and put science to the service of humanity. Make your conquest of nature subject to the will of God. Put your trust in humanity and procure a sense of mutual sympathy. Live and let others live. Do not drag the world of God behind you into the atomic hell. Cast away from your mind, the thought that you will long enjoy the nuclear power. Rather you will soon find yourself under the hail of atomic bombs, but then any thought of repentance will not avail you more than naught. The rabble of this world, the poor and ignorant part of humanity, will soon learn of the havocs that this nuclear energy can play with them, and their reaction is a certainty. Then the atomic bombs will not be able to save you from their curse. The curse of poor, helpless people that are dragged right from the hell of poverty into the hell of atomism.

       This life is much more than most people have come to think of it. It is not merely the question of existence. There also is the consideration of another life, eternal and everlasting in heaven, and basically dependent on this present life. Let men therefore put up an earnest endeavour for the betterment of that life after which there is no death. No exit. They who can destroy the world with atomic bombs, if they think, that this only is the life which we live and we die, and there is no more of it. They indeed are the victims of most terrible mistake. No but they shall see, with their own eyes, the Creator seated in his throne to question their deeds on earth, one to all, beginning to end. Moment to moment. Alas then! Alas for them! poor lost souls, what shall they do to save themselves from the torture of eternal fire. I say, there might not be a resurrection, but suppose it did happen to be there. What then. Do they think, that their pleasure in this life, or the afflictions of the believers, will make a whit of difference. Nay, Nay, even, if the believer lived in troubles for Allah's sake against evil, and then suppose if the resurrection did not occur, will it make a jot of difference to him, that he had passed this transitory life of a few decades without ease. But this is not the reality. The believer is the happiest man on earth in that, his afflictions are transformed into inward joy. His hope is his greatest asset. Whereas a non-believer and a septic can have no peace of mind, and though it may seem a paradox, yet a fact it is. A non-believer has no peace of mind, no contentment, no joy of heart, no hope in hereafter, even if living in palaces of gold in gardens.  Let someone have a peep into his inward mind to see hell full of wrinkling scorpions in the shapes of material luxuries. He has not known the joy of faith, which is the lot of a believer and a believer only. And peace be with all of you brethren. Fellow human-beings ! believe me, a believer can create gardens, can turn this whole world into a garden of bliss, real material garden, with all these fruit-bearing trees without feeling any necessity for a recourse to hateful things like Nuclear energy, and living miraculously both within and without the garden.

(11) And now before we proceed, we may be liable to a charge of gross negligence, namely, willful concealment of facts for personal considerations, if we fail to declare on top of our voice and in extreme earnestness, that nuclear energy is destructive in itself, irrespective of its mode of use, whether for purposes peaceful and beneficial or whether for war and destruction. Its peaceful endowments are equally hazardous due to its pernicious radiations. Every Nucleon shot in the heart of an atom in order to generate nuclear energy whether for a powerhouse, or whether for an atomic bomb, is like a deadly shaft driven through the heart of man's peace and existence. And unfailing harbinger of a cancer-ridden world of imbecile, dull-headed, infirm and low browed monsters, every nuclear reactor or any other atomic plant, nay even so much as  a single atomic fission is a constant source of anguish and suffering. No two things are more unlike each other than atomic energy and peace. If any two things cannot coexist, they are nuclear energy and security. Let men, it is our earnest appeal, eat less and curtail material necessities, rather than resort to such a dangerous source of power as Nuclear energy is. you may not head my word now, but your children will be cursing your memory. It is not even impossible that you might yourself be cursing the day, the hour, and the moment when nuclear energy was discovered. If you will allow the generation of nuclear energy to continue, you will have to wipe your hands off your own generation. If humanity will not stop its generation after its hazards have been known, merely because it is an additional source of power, then humanity has indeed become mad and blind. To allow nuclear energy in the hope of artificial safeguards is just as good as to swallow poison due to an implicit trust in the efficacy of an antidote. The world shall soon see, that despite strongest safeguards, cancer, leukemia, hemorrhages, unusual and unheard family troubles, unusual and grievous domestic afflictions, saddest disruptions of conjugal fidelity, and unusual spread of inherited and inheritable forms of loathsome monstrosities, will become the plague of humanity, clearly to be traced to the Atomic plants all over the world. Thoughtful people everywhere have read the tale of wives of certain employees of an atomic plant with concern. These wives, it was told, banished their husbands for fear of getting paralyzed or begetting monsters, following a rumour of a leakage of radiations from the atomic plant their husbands worked in. The name of the plant was given as Windcastel, at white heaven England. Windcastel is no longer a Windcastele, and the white heaven has been tarnished to Black- hell due to the presence of an atomic plant in its vicinity. It is first page of a lesson which humanity has to learn, or will they take lesson only when the stage of study shall have elapsed. This story may at present be treated as a joke, but who knows, that very soon, the trail which these scared housewives have blazed, may assume a universal character, and the news papers would not be able to report every instance due to the unimaginable redundancy of cases and scarcity of space. Cruel might have been the deeds of vandals and hologs of the past, but unprportionally heinous is the cruelty of these kind hearted and civilized destroyers of humanity in this present age through invisible radiations.




The early Commentators of the Quran and Al-Hotama

       We had in the outset promised that after producing scientific corroboration of this prophecy by the practical evidence of the Nuclear Phenomenon, the theological proof will be sought through the Commentaries of the earliest, the most authentic commentators and interpreters of the Quran, namely, the Sahabah, that is the companions (disciples) of Holy Prophet (peace be upon him). We shall here produce the quotations mostly, that are of descriptive nature, for such only of the quotations as are of descriptive nature, serve our purpose in this place. We have quoted, from the most widely acknowledge sources as are listed below:-

(i)      Tanwir-Il-Miqyas Min Tafsir Ibn Abbas by Tahir Mohammad Ibn Yaqub Al-Firoz Abadi Ash-Shafai Sahib-ul-Qamus.

(ii)     Tafsir-il-Kabir by Imam Fakhr-ud-Din Razi.

(iii)    Al-Jalalain.

(iv)    Tabri

(v)     Tafsir-Il-Quran -il-Azim by Imam Hafiz Imad-ud-Din Abul-Fida Ismail-Ibn Katheer al Qureshi al Damashqi.

Note: All these commentators had in their mind the Hotama in the next eternal world. Hence no question of death of the agonized heart.


       (a) Quotation begins:-


             "Wail (English translation is "woe").


       "Implies extreme severity of torment. It also means a Pit, a dungeon, A CELL in Hell. It also means a valley of puss and SUPPURATION".  Quotation ends.

Now please see, if the torment and suffering brought by the atomic explosion to its victims be less severe, in any way, or of a different kind. Then see, if the effective range of an atomic explosion is not like a pit, a dungeon, or a cell in hell. To understand this point perfectly, please, bring to your view, a hollow cylindrical or semi-spherical range of atomic explosion. Is not it a pit, a dungeon, or a cell in Hell. Again see the symptoms of heat-flash burns caused by other raging fires (fires caused through convection after atomic explosion and consuming entire cities), and also the symptoms of radiation-sickness like leukemia, hemorrhages, nausea, vomiting etc., and bring these symptoms in view against the interpretation vis "A valley of puss and suppuration", and then see, if the after-scene of an atomic explosion is not exactly a valley of puss and suppuration. Just imagine millions of ailing bodies, burnt and bleeding, secreting puss and exerting streams of contaminated blood, disgorging vomit.

(b)   Quotation begins:-

       "Nar-ul-Lah-il-Muqadah (English translation is'Fire of Allah kindled'). " It is fire which eats up the whole of the body, till it reacheth the heart". (Quotation ends).

Now please recall to your mind the effects of ionizing radiations of the atomic explosion, and remember how these radiations gradually eat up the flesh of the whole body by stopping blood supplies of the body, and mounting eventually above the heart and killing it. But let this point be borne in mind that because these commentators had the next eternal world in view, when commenting on Hotama, therefore the heart in their commentaries must for ever live and suffer agony without the relief brought about by death. But our subject is the representation of the atomic hell on the transitory earth, therefore the victim here-of can succumb to the agony and die. Yet verily, they who will deserve shall be cast into the eternal Hotama in the next world: the heart there to suffer eternally, without experiencing death.

(c)   Quotation begins:-

       "Musadah Fi Amad-im-Mumaddadah (English translation is 'closed in on them in outstretched columns'). " Columns of fire having considerable depth". Quotation ends.

(d)   Quotation begins:-

       " Homaza is a backbiter, while Lomaza is a slanderer to one's face". Quotation ends.

(2)   Quotations from Al-Jalalain:-

       (a) "Naru-ul-Lah-hil-Muqada (English translation is "kindled fire of Allah). "A fire which is never extinguished". Quotation ends.

       Now please recall to your mind that the atomic device once detonated can never be extinguished until it has completed its whole process, that of Heat Flash, blast, and radiation emission (ionizing radiations), as already mentioned in previous pages of this book, the process of atomic explosion takes but at the most ten seconds for its completion. The other fires, which are started afterwards through convection may rage for a considerable time, but they are not the subject here, because they are not original part of the atomic explosion. The thought of the worthy commentator however was fixed on the Hotama in the next eternal world, so that the Hotama there must remain ablaze for ever. We were to be the unfortunate people to witness its representation on earth.

       (b) Quotation begins:-

            "Innaha Alaihim Musadah-Fi-Amad-im Mumadd-adah.  (English translation is a fire closed in on them in outstretched columns) " The fire is going to be enkindled in cylindrical columns, the victims having been put therein, the cylinders are to be closed". Quotation ends.

Now this is the exact picture of the atomic explosion. The victims are actually put in the 80 miles hollow cylinder which is afterwards closed by the mushroom lid. Such commentaries are simply wonderful.

(3)   Quotations from Tafsir-il-Kabir, by Imam Fakhrud - Din Razi

       (a) "Al-Hotama". "A fire which grinds to powder whatever is cast therein. A fire which crushes bones, eats up flesh, till at last it attacks the heart". Quotation ends.

It is no hidden secret now that the atomic explosion, due both to its intensity of flame, and its blast pulverizes every thing to powder, within its effective range. The fire which crushes the bones is that of the atomic radiations, which are nicknamed by the scientist as bone-seekers, because they at first attack the bones and eat up the bone marrow, and render the bone-marrow incapable of producing blood, which is its primary function. Then they attack the blood and destroy its red and white corpuscles and render it incapable of giving nourishment to the body. The blood supply thus having been stopped, the flesh is eaten up and the victim is left a mere skeleton. Thus eventually they mount above the heart. These commentaries excite wonder.

Resemblance between the function of Back-biting and Hotama:-

(b)   Quotation begins:-

       "The back-biter eats (metaphorically) the flesh of the person whom he back-bites. The fire of Hotama also eats up the skin and the flesh of its victim". Quotation ends.

Therein is to be found a real correspondence between  the sin and the punishment. Therein also is a point to provoke our thought and see, how appropriate is the link between the peculiar and particular characteristics of the people of this modern age, and the characteristics of the Nuclear Energy. These we have described in this book more than once, and perhaps the reader might have memorized them by now. A point in this commentary about the eating up of the skin by Al-hotama describes a very particular fact, that is, the heat-flash burns the skin and the festering skin is eaten up. A very peculiar character indeed of Heat-flash, to wit, " It never penetrates beneath the skin and burns the skin only". These commentaries are simply wonderful.

(c) Quotation begins:-

      "The fire enters at the sides, then it reaches the breast, and at last enters the heart". Quotation ends.

It is well known, that the heat-flash of the atomic explosion strikes the body at the sides. The side which happens to be towards the coming heat-flash. Then it enters the breast through lungs and lastly affects the heart. The same way is adopted by the atomic radiations, which enters the blood stream through that side of the body which confronts them. Then through the blood they take their way towards the breast and the heart.

(d) Quotations begins:-

 " The heart being an organ most sensitive of all the organs of the body is thus most sensitive to anguish. There is not one organ in the whole of the body which reacts to agony with such acute sensitivity. It even reacts to the least amount of anguish, with great sensitivity. Then imagine its plight if hell-fire be plunged into it. Yet (the strange fact is) that although the fire of hell of Al-Hotama has completely overwhelmed it, yet it is not consumed thereby. For had it been consumed (by the fire) it must have died, (and hence become insensible to anguish). It rather would remain in a state which neither is death, nor is yet life. By the phrase. "A fire which mounts above the hearts", is meant that it descends into the heart via, the flesh. The choice of heart for this punishment is made due to its great sensibility. Also, that it is this organ, that is, the heart which happens to be the seat of disbelief and other untowards and heretical views". Quotation ends.

       " The heart despite the fire having completely overwhelmed it, is not yet burnt by fire", says this great commentator. A fact which is most conspicuous in the action of heat-flash, that is the atomic fire, that although this heat flash has completely overwhelmed the heart, so much so, that it would kill it on the spot, yet it has not at all burnt it. Now the difference between the atomic hell of the next world and this present world is, that whereas in the next world there shall be no death for the heart, in this world it may die. Otherwise all the remaining peculiarities are identical. Please mark the method, of analysis undertaken by this worthy commentator. Mark his scientific and rational and philosophical approach, but the real greatness of his interpretation lay in the fact, that all his views emanated directly from the theological tradition and were exactly the reflection thereof, and in no way overlapping, exceeding, protruding or contradicting the original source.


(4)   Quotation from Tabri:-

       (a)  Quotation begins :-

       " Innaha Alaihim Musadah (English translation is " It is fire closed in on them").

“There is going to be a man, in one of the departments of Hell, crying perpetually for a thousand years, O Benign Allah, O Merciful Allah. Allah (out of mercy) will command the angel Gabriel, go, take my servant out of fire. Gabriel (in obedience to the commend of Allah) will go, but, finding the fire closed in on them will return and say, O Allah! The fire is closed in on them, Allah will say, go and open it, and take my servant out of it. The man will thus betaken out of fire and placed outside the paradise, till Allah will cause his hair, flesh and blood to reappear". Quotation ends.

It would mean, that the fire of hell had caused the hair of that man to fall, and that it had eaten up his flesh and that it had dried up the springs of his blood. All the three conditions are identical with the case that of atomic radiations. The Atomic radiations affect the hair of their victim, so much so, that a white patch of hair appeared amidst the jet black hair of a little girl affected by radiation in one of the neighboring Islands of the atomic explosion test site in pacific ocean. This particular patch of hair was the target of the attack of radiations and appeared like the white bull-eye. The flesh of the victims of radiations is eaten up and the springs of blood are dried up, as the experience has explicitly proved.

(b)   Quotation begins:-

       "Innaha Alaihim Musadah fi Amadim Mummadah" (English translation is " It is fire closed in on them in outstretched columns"). “The victims are first to be put in the cylinders and the cylinders are then to be stretched upwards". Quotation ends.

Now, please call to your mind the actual scene that of detonation and the explosion, and the subsequent, gradual, upward trend of the explosion column. Prior to the detonation, the victims are put within the area that of the effective range of the explosion. Then the detonation takes place. Then the column is gradually drawn upwards to its maximum height, and the scene is complete.

(c)   Quotation begins:-

       "Amad-im-Mummaddah (English translation is "The outstretched columns)."  They are going to be columns of fire of vast extent. Qatadah (a close companion (disciple) of Holy Prophet), is quoted to have said, " We (the companions of Holy Prophet (peace be upon him), used to discuss Hotama and express the opinion that they are to be columns through which the victims were to be tortured with fire". Quotation ends.

Now the experience shows that, the atomic explosions are columns and they are of fire, and are of vast extent, and that the victims are tortured through them by fire.

(5)   Quotations from Tafsir-il-Quran-Il--Azim by Ibn Kathir

       Quotations begins:-

       "Amad-im-Mumaddadah (English translation is "Outstretched columns). " Some said, these columns are to be of iron, the others were of the opinion, that they were to be of fire". Quotation ends.

       Now, the majority have been on the latter side, that is these columns were to be of fire. But the former opinion, regarding the iron structure of the columns could well be applied to other bombs, of the conventional type. They are columns of iron, filled with fire in the form of dynamite, etc. Incendiary bombs even provide a still more closer resemblance.

(6)   The Quotations attributed to the person of Holy Prophet himself:-

       Quotation begins:-

       (a) "Allah shall appoint over victims, angels equipped with covers of fire, and nails of fire and columns of fire. So, the angels shall cover the victims with the covers of fire, and shall transfix them with the nails of fire and will stretch the columns of fire upwards. whole thing shall be rendered so overtight that neither relief could enter therein, nor agony could find exit from within". Quotation ends. (is quoted by Jalalain).

It seems hard to find another description of atomic explosion, with all its various characteristics and constituents more exactly than this description. The atomic explosion is exactly a cover of fire. It resembles a cauldron of fire inverted. The rays of ionizing radiations, that is Alpha, Beta, gamma rays and the Neutrons, are best described as nails of fire and they pierce through the body of their victims and pin them down so that they cannot escape from the field, until the process of the atomic phenomenon is complete. These stretching upward of the columns of atomic explosion we have more than once explained and by now, in the light of practical experience, the fact remains no longer a mystery to the whole vast mankind over the earth.

       (b) Quotation begins:-

       “The angel gets hold of the victim and placing him over the knee, breaks him like a wooden stick, and then casts him into the fire". Quotation ends.

This placing of the culprit on the knee by the angel and breaking him like a stick of wood may be referred to blast effect of the atomic bomb. To understand the thing perfectly we first must understand the method of destruction by the blast. The first effect of a blast wave on a structure is that of gigantic hammer blow. When the shock front of the blast wave reaches the rear end of the structure, it is completely surrounded by the wave, and the effect of the blast pressure is to squeeze or crush the structure: Let this process be carefully understood in order to corroborate it by the process that of " Placing on the knee and breaking it like a stick of wood". The shock wave would place a structure between its two knees and then squeeze or crush the structure to pieces. The duration of the blast of a nominal atom bomb is of the order of one second, more than a hundred times what it is for conventional bomb, while the positive pressure phase for a 20 megaton bomb is about 10 seconds. Now what will this monster not do with structure in so long duration and so strong a blast? It is interesting to observe that the blast of a smaller bomb of nominal size will not break the back bone of man, man's body being remarkably resistant to damage by blast wave in air, but larger atom bombs by mere blast of say a peak pressure of the order of 200/250 LB/in 2 would cause general bodily damage of serious kind. Hemorrhage is caused in the lungs and at other places where tissue has an internal boundary surface with an air or gas cavity, and ear drums burst. Man copiously bleeds through throat and nose, and bleeds within, because the whole body internally has been crushed and broken. yet, the angels are not to be confused and confounded with the laws of nature. Angels are a separate, species of rational, thinking beings, whereas the laws of nature and natural forces are in themselves mute, and working only under the control and command of the Creator, without freewill to think or act.



(1)   From the field of Science we now deviate to enter the field of Philosophy in order to discuss the characteristics, attributed by the Quran to those atomic hell-bound people: the characteristics responsible for the resultant emergence of atomic hell, and which having guided the basic motives behind the scientific discoveries and inventions, and having led them onto such paths as culminated consequently in their natural destination: that is the atomic hell. The Quran elaborated these characteristics in the beginning of the text of its prophecy, but we have purposely deferred the same to this place, at the end of our discussion of the Nuclear phenomena, in order that, let the reader first be acquainted with all the necessary details of the actual phenomena, that perhaps he might be well able to understand the nature of such characteristics as had been responsible for the emergence of such dire consequences, and had engendered so universally ignominious a ruin of all mankind, and which in the absence of these horrors might merely seem ordinary matters of routine.


(2)   The emergence of Nuclear Energy and the subsequent appearance of its crowning glory, its golden fruit, the atomic bomb should not be taken as something "accidental" or the product of mere blind "chance". There happens to be nothing of haphazard nature in it throughout. Rather a conspicuous process, continual and consequential, is to be traced, in its gradual progress, from the beginning to its end. The only two points which may be found to present an appearance of blind chance or hazards, out through the twenty five century long history of Atomism are, firstly the accidental discovery of X-rays by the German Physicist Roentgen in 1895. And secondly, the French physicist Becquerel's haphazard choice of Uranium Nitrate, (as the substance of investigation - by a single good fortune, as some-one elated with its subsequent success might tell) while seeking a possible connection between phosphorescence and X-rays and led unexpectedly in 1896 to the discovery of Radio-activity. But was this all the result of a chance play. The Philosopher, who would give out the creation of the earth as accidental, and this life as the product of blind play of chance, might say so also regarding the two chance-like instances mentioned above. But we see in this case, the element of chance no more involved than chance guidance of a hawk's flight towards a pigeon or a spying dog's direction towards the hideout of a thief. Why not, we ask, Mr. Roentgen or Mr. Becquerel were led by the chance to something which did not possess the pernicious attributes which the Nuclear Energy did possess, for, that would have meant complete negation of our theory regarding the basic connection between the three untoward requisite characteristics prevailing amongst humanity and the atomic hell. The atomic bomb, no doubt is the fruit of the tree of atomism which Democritus planted in 500 B.C. or we could say, it is the egg of the hen of Atomism which Dalton reared in 19th century A.D. The whole history of this egg from the first conception to the actual laying could with utmost accuracy and indeed much amusement be traced in the research and discoveries of the atomists from Dalton to Oppenheimer. So long as, atomism, after its first appearance 2500 years ago, the conditions remained uncongenial to atomism, it remained quelled and suppressed, but when in time, centuries later, the circumstances changed and the conditions became suitable to its growth, it flourished, and blossomed, and fruited. As log as faith remained the dominating power in human affairs, atomism had no chance, but as the power of faith flattered, and the materialism got hold of the human mind, so that the accumulation of wealth, in an atmosphere of wealth-worship, and back-biting and slander against faith became the universal vogue, atomism assumed utmost popularity and led the whole vast field of affairs, to a logical end.

       The three characteristics responsible for the production of atomic hell as enumerated by the Quran in this prophecy, rather warning and which if reformed, the danger of atomic conflagration could possibly be averted, are as follows:-

(i)    "Woe unto every slandering traducer". The accusation implies, a calumnious temperament given to slander and back-biting. This temperament in modern times is not only apparent in Men's general character individually and collectively, but a very queer study is offered, when particularly its modernized activity against faith is subjected to our view. This field offers a very interesting as well as instructive study, and which unfortunately has received not the attention it actually deserved. In this work, we will try to do some justice to it. Quite a new thing, and so perhaps may be found of some interest, particularly because, it has been judged in the light of the Quran and against a philosophy which has hitherto not been shown anywhere in this particular way.

(ii)   The Quran further says" Who heapeth up the wealth (of this world), and arrangeth it". This implies a complete absorption, in the material affairs of a material world, without any consideration of the spiritual side, or the next world in heaven.

(iii)   And Quran further says, " He thinketh that his wealth shall render him immortal".

       It indicates the tendency of excessive and undue confidence in the potency of wealth, amounting to a faith in it, a faith in its ability to bestow immortality on its possessors. A quality indeed attributable only to God, and God only. Such a belief implied a denial of resurrection which could only be possible after death, and therefore unthinkable in case men existed in a state of immortality and hence the denial of God's final judgment and so also the life in heaven.

       Now the habit of back-biting and slander invariably would produce mutual mistrust and distrust among men both individually and collectively. Whole-sale engrossment in the accumulation of wealth and in the affairs of the world leaves neither mind nor time for the remembrance of either God or the other world. Complete faith in Omnipotence of wealth is tantamount to a complete disregard of God: the giver of wealth, for, men, like the legendary caron consider their wealth as the result of their own ability. Again a notion, that of immortality, achieved through wealth within this transitory world as stated above implied a denial of the resurrection, judgment, the next life in heaven and all.

(3)   All these different qualities and characteristics and all these various traits, we are so very sorry to observe, exist in such enormous, rather in such alarming proportions in this present modern age of ours, and they have come to manifest themselves in colours so very conspicuous in comparison with all the ages of the past, that they would perhaps with quite a plausibility be characterized as the distinctive features of this present age. And how so very regrettable would have seemed this state of affairs to men themselves, if the fact would come to their own knowledge, namely that, but for these three peculiar characteristics which the Quran has enumerated as the cause of the emergence of atomic hell, the atomic hell could not have been created. Firstly, because, and we know of sure- that the people of America were never so callous-minded, so merciless, or so completely devoid of human considerations as to build-up such a monstrosity as atomic bomb, had they not been guided by the fear that Germany was possibly already engaged in the field, and if it succeeded, the consequences would be catastrophic for the allies. Nor is it possible that they would have built up the monster of a still greater calibre in the form of Hydrogen or hell bomb, had they not been prompted by the incontrovertible evidence that the Soviet had detonated a fission device and thus they would loose the contest. Nor do we believe, that Russians would have manufactured so grisly a terror as the atomic bomb, merely to destroy fellow human-beings, had they not seen the two, dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. To break the monopoly of the U.S.A. in nuclear field they thought it as essential. All this is the work of mistrust and distrust. And these twins happen to be the offspring’s of lady back-biting and Mr. Slander esquires. Secondly, that but for the colossal scientific and industrial set up and the unbelievably vast accumulations of American wealth, so costly a demon as the atomic bomb could not possibly have been manufactured. All the wealth of the Emperors of a pre-modern generation united could not perhaps have sufficed to build up a single atomic bomb. Thirdly, that, it is, due merely to their faith in death-checking attributes of wealth that the present day human race is embracing the death-like nuclear energy with the confidence of a snake-charmer despite their knowledge of its certain fatality. In fact these three characteristics which have been given out by the Quran as the cause of the nuclear energy, have, like an inebriating drug made modern mankind blind to the mortal effects of nuclear power, and they shall remain so as long as these characteristics persist. Then either they shall cast them away and will avert the hazard, or, they shall in the same state of drunkenness plunge themselves into the flames of atomic hell. And unfortunately the crux of the matter is, that, to advice them today or give them warnings of atomic danger is like giving advice against drunkenness to a man who happens to be in a state of drunkenness. A danger sign , with a skull and bones on a road corner means nothing to a motor driver raving in a sate of drunkenness, and singing delarara, ra, ho, hiccoo, hic.

(4)   This habit of back-biting and slander in our modern propagandistical age is no hidden secret. Every body is engaged in back-biting every body. Everyone is slandering every one. Only that the practice has assumed a form of modern sophisticated art and has become a part of our culture. And in the guise of this well developed art, individual is engaged against individual, nation against nation, sect against sect, creed against creed, cult against cult, back-biting and slandering, and the main motive behind all this is exclusively the worldly greed.

       It is with due regret, that we observe, that science itself has also been involved and has been made the instrument of back-biting. We are not here to sum up the extent of the guilt of the tyrannical church (as the writers themselves reflect), nor we are to tempted to attempt an assessment of the justification of the retaliative tendencies of the votaries of science against the church at the time of the renaissance of the West and the birth of modern science. The topic being very delicate, and one warranting fuller treatment and extremely cautious approach; and one which is out of our scope in this present work. We will only content ourselves by saying, that this science-religion conflict, whatever its causes, has been an extremely sad affair for the whole mankind. Leaving all irrelevant discussions out at present, we will skip to a place where with some unusual abruptness, we will now begin to say, that somehow, from Galileo's astronomy to Darwin's Biology, and from Newton's Gravity to Einstein's relativity, there has not been a discovery in the whole field of modern science that did not emerge as the subject of a science-religion controversy and a serious conflict. Later on a school amidst the scientists arose, who made it their business, to deny the doctrines of faith on the dint of the ascertained facts or hypotheses or propositions thereof. The predisposition of mind is seem to play very decisive role in this philosophy in question. It however has provided us with a type of a philosophy which can be termed as the most typical of modern back-biting and slander, because, this is the back-biting against faith, and it has been employed on the grounds of modern science. The merit of such philosophy shall be put to test at a proper place later on in this book. We have no mind here as we have said, to give our judgment in this science-church conflict, but so much only we shall say, that the votaries of science, at a time when they had found themselves able, and were in a position to do so, they ought to have put up an endeavour with a gusto equal to their gusto in science, to make a thorough  research in religion and thereby ought to have conducted a reform in it instead of striving to strangle it to death in order to get rid of this supposed embarrassment. Their science in the absence of the controlling authority of faith consequently came to play a havoc with their own and with all of the remaining humanity's lives. Material progress, they have indeed made to an unusual degree, but alas! to what end.

(5)   The unscientific philosophy of the unscientific scientist           philosopher

       very interesting and very instructive in its own way, and indeed very amusing, is the philosophy which some of the scientist philosophers have evolved from the science by placing their own interpretations on ascertained facts and hypothesis thereof. In so doing they have in a very amusing manner made a general slaughter of religion, philosophy, logic, science and everything. But in spite of all this carnage, a great fact which they have brought to the knowledge of the general body of humanity, a fact generally unknown, is about the limitations of science and the present level of scientific knowledge. Which in fact is hopelessly low. Science is openly declared as unable at present time to give answer to the greatest questions which have so long haunted human mind. They, also, deserve our heart felt gratitude for having provided us with an unmistakably modern type of back-biting and slander, though in fact is only the modernized echo of the ancient doubt and disbelief.

(6)   The examples of the prevailing trends of that philosophy

       (i)  The science has discovered, that, this earth on which we live, is far too small, a mere microscopic fragment of a grain of sand in comparison with the incomparably great magnitude of the universe. This material insignificance of earth has led the unscientific scientist philosopher to infer, that the great architect of this grand universe could have no special interest in either this tiny earth or the puny life upon it. And since the kind of life we know on earth is suspected by him to exist on earth alone, its comparative insignificance would render it liable to be judged as a by-product only. Any probability therefore of design, purpose, resurrection, judgment or life in heaven could not be entertained. As far as purpose of man's existence is concerned, because science is unable to give some idea about it, man therefore has to be bewildered.

(ii)  The atoms have been discovered by science to exist in some particular arrangement in the living cell. And because a monkey blindly strumming on a typewriter for untold millions of years stood a chance to type off a Shakespeare sonnet, and, because the monkey stood a chance to type off a Shakespeare sonnet and because in the light of this example, atoms might happen to arrange themselves in a way in which they are arranged in a living cell, therefore POST HOC ERGO PROPTER HOC, life could be of accidental nature and the product of blind play of chance, and hence no probability of a design, order, purpose, control, resurrection, judgment or the other world.

(iii) It has been scientifically realized, as physical and astronomical principles have shown, that life must eventually cease to exist on earth. Science being unable to show the possibility of any revival of life after the entropy had attained its climax, therefore life were to be considered as for ever lost, with no possibility of a resurrection, and so on so forth. We frankly own ourselves quite at a loss to recognize the true merit of such a philosophy. Again, we might be utterly mistaken, but we think that a butcher is far more competent in his own art than this our philosopher is found labouring in the shambles of philosophy.

(7)   We now intend to quote the twelve pages from "The Mysterious Universe" of Sir James Jeans. Within these few pages the wonder-pen of Sir James has set all the most essential points of the philosophy of our unscientific scientist philosopher in an amazing array. In view of the style which Sir Jeans has adopted in stating the facts, there is every likelihood of a misunderstanding that the thought is his own, but it is not so, and we are again obliged to sound a warning that the words but not the thought belong to Sir Jeans.

       We intend to show the Quran's views against the views to be found in these twelve pages, with a belief that this comparison will be found interesting, particularly because there are instances of Quran's having based its point on the very same fact of science, on which the unscientific scientist philosopher has happened to base his, yet the two inferences emerge in diametrical opposition to each other. Another very interesting feature of the study is the presence of instances wherein the Quran has anticipated the thought and has at times forestalled the very words of Sir James Jean's writings quite miraculously. The Quran has claimed to contain every example, which claim, as it shall be seen, the Quran has amazingly brought to a proof.

(8)   The reader shall see in these pages, how the truths which science had discovered, and which could have served as aids to augment the light of faith have in the hands of a sceptic turned into layers of darkness in his endeavour to obscure the light of faith. How very often we have wished during this study, the presence of this unscientific scientist philosopher before us that we may tell him of the atrocities perpetuated by the tyrannical hierarches, cruel prelates, merciless Bishops, and inconsiderate Popes on Christendom, but would only ask him into what hellish corners of existence our benign scientist has driven the whole mankind today, and to what abominable end it is going to bring the whole world of God tomorrow. Indeed the flames which consumed one Bruno by the decision of the inquisition, were not worse than the flames of atomic hell into which the whole mankind is going to be driven by the scientist, nor was the souring whip, and torturing rack of the clergy after all worse, at least we may now think, than the piercing cancer-ridden rays of nuclear radiation. Neither did the faith in church imply anyway the birth of monsters in an ulcer-ridden humanity. How little this our philosopher has known in his zeal for apostasy that this philosophy dealt the last deadly blow to science itself. Because it is such apostatic philosophy that caused ill-application and misdirection of science to its atomic end, the end which will bring humanity to its end, and the end of science along with it. Only the devil can be happy with such philosophies, because they serve to bring about that kind of end to humanity, which he so much desires. it will be seen that this philosopher has done no more than echo the doubts of the ancient disbeliever, except that he has sought to prove the points on the basis of modern science, and in so doing he has marred the basis of science itself. He has committed a glaring blunder in denying whatever the science was unable to prove, literally realizing that present day science in the realm of knowledge blinked in wonderment, dumb and mute in the arms of Mother Nature. The absence of light of faith and that of fear of resurrection has turned science into a consuming hell. Yet there is a chance left. Will mankind therefore condescend to lend a thought to the matter, or will they allow the things as they may come. It is the eleventh hour; the net will be the zero hour. Pray watch for the first atomic bomb detonated, and say your last prayer, only if you will ever be allowed.              



(1)   (a) " A few stars are known which are hardly bigger than the earth, but the majority are so large that hundreds of thousands of earths could be packed inside each and leave room to spare. Here and there we come upon a giant star large enough to contain millions of millions of earths. And the total number of stars in the universe is probably something like the total number of grains of sand on all the seashores of the world. Such is the littleness of our home in space, when measured up against the total substance of the universe.

       This vast multitude of stars are wandering about in space. Some form groups and journey in company but the majority are solitary travellers. And they travel in a universe so spacious, that it is an event of almost unimaginable rarity for a star to come anywhere near to another star. For the most part each voyages in splended isolation, like a ship on an empty ocean. In a scale model in which the stars are ships, the average ship will be well over a million miles from its nearest neighbour, whence it is easy to understand why a ship seldom finds another within hailing distance.

       We believe nevertheless, that some two thousand million years ago this rare event took place, and that a second star, wandering blindly through space, happened to come within hailing distance of the sun. Just as  the sun and moon raise tides on the earth, so this second star must have raised tides on the surface of the sun. But they would be very different from the puny tides which the small mass of the moon raises in our oceans; a huge tidal wave must have travelled over the surface of the sun, ultimately forming a mountain of prodigious height, which would rise ever higher and higher as  the cause of the disturbance came nearer and nearer. And, before the second star began to recede, its tidal pull had become so powerful that this mountain was torn to pieces and threw off small fragments of itself, much as the crest of a wave throws off spray. These small fragments have been circulating around their parent sun ever since. They are the planets great and small of which our earth is one.

       The sun and other stars we see in the sky are all intensely hot --- for too hot for life to be able to obtain or retain a footing on them. So also no doubt were the ejected fragments when they were first thrown off. Gradually they cooled until now they have but little intrinsic heat left, their warmth being derived almost entirely from the radiation which the sun pours down on them. In course of time we know not how, when or why, one of these cooling fragments gave birth to life. It started in simple organisms whose vital capacities consisted little beyond reproduction and death. But from these humble beginnings emerged a stream of life which, advancing through ever greater and greater complexity, has culminated in beings whose lives are largely centered in their emotions and ambitions, their aesthetic appreciation, and religious in which their highest hopes and noblest aspirations lie enshrined.

       Although we cannot speak with any certainty, it seems most likely that humanity came into existence in some such way as this. Standing on our microscopic fragment of a grain of sand, we attempt to discover the nature and purpose of the universe which surrounds our home in space, and time. Our first impression is something akin to terror. We find the universe terrifying because of its vast meaningless distances, terrifying because of its inconceivably long vistas of time which dwarf human history to the twinkling of an eye, terrifying because of our extreme loneliness, and because of the material insignificance of our home in space --- a millionth part of a grain of sand out of all the sea sand in the world. But above all else we find the universe terrifying, because it appears to be indifferent to lifelike our own; emotion, ambition and achievement, art and religion all seem equally foreign to its plan. Perhaps indeed we ought to say it appears to be actually hostile to life like our own. For the most part, empty space is so cold that all life in it would be frozen, most of the matter in space is so hot as to make life on it impossible, space is traversed, and astronomical bodies continually bombarded by radiation of a variety of kinds, much of which is inimicable to, or even destructive of life.

       Into such a universe we have stumbled, if not exactly by mistake, at least as a result of what may properly be described as an accident. The use of such a word need not imply any surprise that our earth exists, for accidents will happen, and if the universe goes on for long enough, every conceivable accident is likely  to happen in time. It was, I think, Huxley who said that six monkeys set to strum unintelligently on typewriters for millions of millions of years, would be bound in time to write all the books in British Museum. If we examined the last page which a particular monkey had typed and found that it had chanced in its blind strumming, to type a Shakespeare's Sonnet, we should rightly regard the occurrence as a remarkable accident, but if we looked through all the millions of pages which the monkeys had turned off in untold millions of years, we might be sure of finding a Shakespeare Sonnet somewhere among them, the product of blind play of chance. In the same way, millions of millions of stars wandering blindly through space for millions of millions of years, are bound to meet with that special kind of accident which calls planetary system into being. Yet calculation shows that the number of these can at most be very small in comparison with the total number of stars in the sky, planetary systems must be exceedingly rare objects in space.

       This rarity of planetary systems is important, because so far as we can see, life of the kind we know on earth could only originate on planets like the earth. It needs suitable physical conditions for its appearance, the most important of which is a temperature at which substances can exist in the liquid state. The stars themselves are disqualified by being too hot. We may think of them as a vast collection of fires scattered throughout space, providing warmth in a climate which is at most some four degrees above absolute zero-- about 484 degrees of frost on our Fahrenheit scale-- and is, even lower in the vast stretches of space which lie out beyond the Milky Way. Away from the fires there is this unimaginable cold of hundreds of degrees of frost; close upto them there is a temperature of thousands of degrees, at which all solids melt, all liquids boil.

       Life can only exist inside a narrow temperate zone which surrounds each of these fires at a very definite distance. Outside these zones life would be frozen; inside, it would be shrivelled up. At a rough computation, these zones within which life is possible, all added together, constitute less than a thousand million millionth part of the whole of space. And even inside them, life must be of very rare occurrence for it is so unusual an accident for suns to throw off planets as our own sun has done, that probably only about one star in 100,000 has a planet revolving round it in the small zone in which life is possible.

       Just for this reason, it seems incredible that the universe, can have been designed primarily to produce life like our own; had it been so, surely we might have expected to find a better proportion between the magnitude of the mechanism and the amount of the product. At first glance at least, life seems to be an utterly unimportant by-product; we living things are somehow off the main line.

       We do not know whether suitable physical conditions are sufficient in themselves to produce life. One school of thought holds that as the earth gradually cooled, it was natural, and indeed almost inevitable, that life should come. Another holds that after one accident had brought the earth into being, a second was necessary to produce life. The material constituents of a living body are perfectly ordinary chemical atoms--- carbon such as we find in soot or lamp-black; hydrogen and oxygen, such as we find in water; Nitrogen, such as forms the greater part of the atmosphere; and so on. Every kind of atom necessary for life must have existed on the new-born earth. At intervals a group of atoms might happen to arrange themselves in the way in which they are arranged in the living cell---indeed, given sufficient time, they would be certain to do so, just as certain as  the six monkeys would be certain, given sufficient time, to type off a Shakespeare Sonnet. But would they then be a living cell? In other words, is a living cell merely a group of ordinary atoms arranged in some Non-ordinary way, or is it something more? Is it merely atoms or is it atoms plus life? Or, to put it in another way, could a sufficiently skillful chemist create life out of the necessary atoms, as a boy can create a machine out of "Meccano" and then make it go? We do not know the answer. When it comes it will give us some indication whether other worlds in space are inhabited like ours, and so must have the greatest influence on our interpretation of the meaning of life---it may well produce a greater revolution of thought than Galileo's Astronomy or Darwin's Biology.

       We do, however, know that while living matter consists of quite ordinary atoms, it consist in the main of atoms which have a special capacity for coagulating into extraordinary large bunches or "molecules".

       Most atoms do not possess this property. The atoms of Hydrogen and Oxygen, for instance may combine to form molecules of Hydrogen, (H2 or H3) of Oxygen or Ozone (O2 or O3), of water (H2 O) , or of Hydrogen Peroxide (H2 or O2), but none of these compounds contains more than four atoms. The addition of Nitrogen does not greatly change the situation; the compounds of Hydrogen, Nitrogen and Oxygen all contain comparatively few atoms. But the further addition of Carbon completely Transforms the picture; the atoms of Hydrogen, Oxygen, Nitrogen and Carbon combine to form molecules containing hundreds, thousands and even tens of thousands of atoms. It is of such molecules that living bodies are mainly formed. Until a century ago it was commonly supposed that some "vital force" was necessary to produce these and other substances which entered into the composition of the living body. Then Wholer produced Urea [CO (NH2)2], which is a typical animal product, in his laboratory, by the ordinary processes of chemical synthesis, and other constituents of the living body followed in due course. Today one phenomenon after another which was at one time attributed to "vital force" is being traced to the action of the ordinary processes of Physics and Chemistry. Although the problem is still far from solution, it is becoming increasingly likely that what specially distinguishes the  matter of living bodies is the presence not of a "vital force" but of the quite common-place element Carbon, always in connection with other atoms with which it forms exceptionally large molecules.

       If this is so, life exists in the universe only because the Carbon atom possesses certain exceptional properties. perhaps Carbon is rather noteworthy chemically as forming a sort of transition between the metals and nonmetals, but so far nothing in the physical constitution of the Carbon atom is known to account for its very special capacity for binding other atoms together. The Carbon atom consists of six electrons revolving around the appropriate central nucleus, like six planets revolving around a central sun; it appears to differ from its two nearest neighbours in the table of chemical atoms, the atoms of Boron and Nitrogen, only in having one electron more than the former and one electron fewer than the latter. yet this slight difference must account in the last resort for all the difference between life and absence of life. No doubt the reason why the six electron atoms possess these remarkable properties resides somewhere in the ultimate laws of nature, but mathematical physics has not yet fathomed it.

       Other similar cases are known to Chemistry. Magnetic Phenomena appear in a tremendous degree in Iron and in a lesser degree in its neighbours, Nickel  and Cobalt. The atoms of these elements have 26,27 and 28 electrons respectively. The magnetic properties of all other atoms are almost negligible in comparison. Somehow, then, although again, mathematical physics has not yet unravelled how, magnetism depends on the peculiar properties of the 26, 27 and 28 electron atoms, especially the first. Radio-activity provides a third instance, being confined, with insignificant exceptions, to atoms having from 83 to 92 electrons; again we do not know why.

       Thus  Chemistry can only tell us to place life in the same category as magnetism and Radio-activity. The universe is built so as to operate according to certain laws. As a consequence of these laws, atoms having certain definite numbers of electrons, namely 6,26 to 28 and 83 to 92, have certain special properties, which show themselves in the phenomena of life, magnetism and Radio-activity respectively. An Omnipotent Creator, subject to no limitations whatever, would not have been restricted to the laws which prevail in the present universe; He might have elected to build the Universe to conform to anyone of innumerable other sets of Laws. If some other set of laws had been chosen, other special atoms might have had other special properties associated with them. We cannot say what, but it seems a priori unlikely that either Radio-activity or magnetism or life would have figured amongst them. chemistry suggests that, like magnetism and Radio-activity, life may merely be an accidental consequence, of the special set of laws by which the present universe is governed.

       Again the word " Accidental" may be challenged. For what if the Creator of the Universe selected one special set of laws just because they led to the appearance of life? What if this were his way of creating life? So long as we think of the Creator as a magnified man---like being, activated by feelings and interests like our own, the challenge cannot be met, except perhaps by the remark, that when a Creator has once been postulated, no argument can did much to what has already been assumed. If however we dismiss every trace of anthropomorphism from our minds there remains no reason for supposing that the present laws were specially selected in order to produce life. They are just as likely, for instance, to have been selected in order to produce magnetism or Radio-activity indeed more likely, since to all appearances physics plays an incomparably greater part in the universe than biology. Viewed from a strictly material stand-point, the utter insignificance of life would seem to go far towards dispelling any idea that it forms a special interest of the Great Architect of the universe.

       A trivial analogy may exhibit the situation in a clearer light. An un-imaginative sailor, accustomed to tying knots might think it would be impossible to cross the ocean if tying knots were impossible. Now the capacity for tying knots is limited to space of three dimensions, no knot can be tied in a space of 1,2,,4,5, or any other number of dimensions. From this fact our unimaginative sailor might reason that a beneficent Creator must have had sailors under his special patronage, and have chosen that space should have three dimensions in order that tying knots and crossing the ocean should be possibilities in the universe he had created --in brief, space was of three dimensions, so that there could be sailors. This and the argument outlined above seem to be much on a level, because life as a whole and the tying knots are pretty much on a level in that neither of them forms more than an utterly insignificant fraction of the total activity of the material universe.


       So much for the surprising manner in which so far as science can at present infirm us, we came into being. And our bewilderment is only increased when we attempt to pass from our origins to an understanding of the purpose of our existence or to foresee the destiny which fate has in store for our race.

       Life of the kind we know can only exist under suitable conditions of light and heat, we only exist ourselves because the earth receives exactly the right amount of radiation from the sun, upset the balance in either direction, of excess or defect, and life must disappear from the earth. And the essence of the situation is that the balance is very easily upset.

       Primitive man, living in the temperate zone of the earth, must have watched the ice-age. Descending on his home with something like terror; each year the glaciers came farther down into the valleys; each winter the sun seemed less able to provide the warmth needed for life. To him, as to us, the universe must have seemed hostile to life.

       We of these later days, living in the narrow temperate zone surrounding our sun and peering into the far future, see an ice-age of a different kind threatening us. Just as Tantalus standing in a lake so deep that he only just escaped drowning, was yet destined to die of thirst, so it is the tragedy of our race that it is probably destined to die of cold, while the greater part of the substance of the universe still remains too hot for life to obtain a footing. The sun, having no extraneous supply of heat, must necessarily emit ever less and less of its life-giving radiation, and as it does so, the temperate zone of space, within which alone life can exist, must close in around it. To remain a possible abode of life, our earth would need to move in ever nearer and nearer to the dying sun. Yet, science tells us that, so far from its moving inwards inexorable dynamical laws are even now driving it, ever farthest away from the sun into the outer cold and darkness. And, so far as we can see, they must continue to do so until life is frozen off the earth, unless indeed some celestial collision or cataclysm intervenes to destroy life even earlier by a more speedy death. This prospective fate is not peculiar to our earth, other suns must die like our own, and any life there may be on other planets must meet the same inglorious end.

       Physics tells the same story, as astronomy. For, independently of all astronomical considerations, the general physical principle known as the second law of thermodynamics predicts that there can be but one end, to the universe --a "Heat-death" in which the total energy of the universe is uniformly distributed, and all the substance of the universe is at the same temperature. This temperature is going to be so low as to make life impossible. It matters little by what particular road this final state is reached; all roads lead to Rome, and the end of the journey cannot be other than universal death.

       Is this then, all that life amounts to-to stumble, almost by mistake, into a universe which was clearly not designed for life, and which, to all appearances, is either totally indifferent or definitely hostile to it, to stay clinging on to a fragment of a grain of sand until we are frozen off, to strut our tiny hour on our tiny stage with the knowledge that our aspirations are all doomed to final frustration, and that our achievements must perish with our race, leaving the universe as though we had never been?

       Astronomy suggests the question, but it is, I think, mainly to physics that we must turn for an answer. For astronomy can tell us of the present arrangement of the universe, of the vastness and vacuity of space, and of our own insignificance therein, it can even tell us some-thing as to the nature of the changes produced by the passages of time, but we must probe deep into the fundamental nature of things before we can expect to find the answer to our question. And this is not the province of astronomy, rather we shall find that our quest takes us right into the heart of modern physical science".

       (The Mysterious Universe page 1 to 12)



(b)   Now, the inability of a scientist in recognizing order, design and plan in the universe is nothing short of a paradox. Referring to the twelve pages last quoted some amazing facts have come to light. The unscientific scientist philosopher has shown after some real painstakings, the probability of life being the result of a mere chance play of atoms. We have read this with care, and have found, that there, could not be found a wonder greater than that, that a man whose whole mind be always and in  every way taxed with the questions of cause and effect, act and consequence, laws: natural, inexorable and scientific, plans, designs, plots and projects, propositions, theories, hypotheses and formulae: the man who would not stir a finger without the use of balance, and would not wink even without telescope; whose note-book be from end to end filled with equations and square roots; who could state no fact without the use of a language which consisted of words and terms such as rule, principle, law, concept, notion, perception and the like; even such a man should turn purblind  in the presence of glaring facts like design, plan, and order, that pervade the whole universe from one end to another, and he would further show bewilderment at the purpose of man's existence, or the destiny which fate had in store for human race, not realizing in his predisposed zeal, that by denying design and purpose he did actually negate the truth of science itself, the very science on the dint of whose discovered truths he sought to deny design and purpose; the science which pervaded his mind like the soul. Alas for us humans. The very person from whom we expected light and clues to our problems, and encouraging word in our afflictions, be seen to grope his own way stumbling along a darkened labyrinth of doubt and uncertainty, stumbling and moaning in pity-exciting tones and drifting astray towards ever darker corners and gloomier glides, while mankind hand-cuffed and fettered is being helplessly dragged towards a varying, honking, and hissing hell in its fury; ablazed with materialistic fires, fanned by a storm of greed.


(2)   Comparison between the trends of the two philosophies, that of the unscientific scientist philosopher and the Quran:-

       The philosophy as is to be found in the twelve pages has been read and its trends realized. The comparative philosophy of the Quran we will show later , but to acquaint the reader with the expected trends of relative philosophies we intend to give a brief idea now in comparison, in the following:-

(a)   Life insignificance to the unscientific scientist philosopher, therefore unworthy of either the creator's special interest, design purpose, or subsequent resurrection, judgment and the other world. But Quran whereas it recognizes the incomparable grandeur of the universe against tiny little earth and admits the insignificance of life. Yet, in view of the significance of the other world, presents this present life as important for its being the basis and the sowing field for the other world. and further, as a proof of creator's special interest in this present life, the Quran points to the whole universe engaged in the service thereof.

(b)   The unscientific scientist philosopher has considered earth as of accidental nature and life as the product of blind play of chance. But the Quran has denied out-right any such possibility and has assured of creator's prefect vigilance and complete control to the minutest detail throughout the creation.

(c)   The unscientific scientist philosopher has shown only bewilderment regarding the purpose of man's existence, whereas the Quran has explicitly given the purpose of their existence as the worship of Allah, and a trial, as to "who among them is to be best in conduct".

(d)   The unscientific scientist philosopher has considered the end of life as final without any probability of resurrection or revival, and has lamented the destruction of man's achievements with the end of life, but the Quran has given out resurrection as an inevitable variety, and the achievement of Men to accompany them onto the next world, for assessment and reward, in an everlasting world.

Note:-  The Quran could not have anything against the science proper. That is, the ascertained knowledge of the laws of nature as based on provable truths. But such a philosophy as this which the unscientific philosopher has produced, could in no way expect Quran's recognition.

(3)   This scientifically unscientific philosophy of the unscientific scientist philspher, a peculiar form of modern back-biting and slander:-

       This philosophy as has already been said, is no more than an echo of the ancient philosophy of the ancient disbeliever, but its particularity is in that it has sought to prove its points through modern science. It could be said about it, that it is a modernized type of back-biting and slander against faith and religion. Yet the strange fact that would emerge from the line of its argument is that, the scientific facts on which it has sought to base its argument against faith, could with equal perhaps greater plausibility be used in favour of faith. Another point which deserves greater notice and excites feelings of real admiration in our heart is the scientist's scrupulous honesty in matters of science and his really admirable discernment of various scientific values to a most minute degree of various shades. He evinces a very reliable knowledge of the existing state of every point of science to its highest limit hitherto achieved; its flaws, discrepancies, its merits, the degree of its reliability and its future possible trends and scopes, in contrariety to some non-scientist writers, who sometimes venture to treat purely a topic of science. The disposition of their mind, and the play for their emotions, and particularly insufficient knowledge and understanding of all the various corners of science, their pens are seen to play the pranks of a nature which are worth seeing, and rarely fail to excite either laughter or contempt or both. For example, whereas Sir James Jeans, while explaining his hypothesis about the separation of earth and other planets from the sun, has described the whole thing in a language which clearly shows the suggestive nature of his view, the non-scientist in repeating the very same thing would reproduce the same as a proved variety and a most ascertained fact of science. But the dazzle which the unscientific scientist philosopher hasn't been able to bear is that of faith. Like a bat who, though, extremely dexterous in the darkness of night is seen to be quite helpless during the day in the presence of sun's light. I, however, despite all my extreme philosophical differences, have entertained a real regard for the unscientific scientist philosopher due merely to his spotless honesty, immaculate conduct and creditable knowledge of science; yet, for his lack of faith I could not blame him, since faith is a gift of God, and no amount of knowledge could procure that quality in case it were not there. No teacher, or preacher, or sign can create faith if not given by God. But God's grace is affluent, and His Mercy Unabounding. He can give the gift of faith to anyone any moment. Springs have been found to gush forth from the heart of rocks, and most obstinate of infidels have been known to become leading among the faithful. If then by the Grace of the Beneficent and Merciful Allah, our present-time unscientific scientist philosopher would ever feel the inebriating dazzle of faith in his heart and the truth has dawned on him, surely he will prove a real asset to mankind due to his great knowledge of science and his honesty, and then he will be found to the joy of believing world to employ the same facts of science in favour of faith, design, purpose, order and divine government which now he is found to be citing against faith. The science, then, which at present has become a curse and a terror for humanity due to the absence of the light of faith, will become a bliss and a blessing, and will instead of preparing pyres for a miserable humanity, plant gardens in a world free of poverty, disease, ignorance, dirt and envy. A world which today despite its ever growing heaps of commodities, despite its dazzling shows of luxury, and despite its cars, cameras, radios, televisions, clinics, and cinemas , its aeroplanes , appolos, sea-ships and sky-scrappers is a frightful hovel of miseries, will become a place worth living, and struggling peacefully toward the destination, real destination: The Heaven.

       And now, in the next chapter we begin with the comparison between the two philosophies that is of the unscientific scientist philosopher and the Quran, in reference to the twelve pages. We have divided the whole thing into three main parts namely:-

  (i)             The unscientific philosophy of the unscientific scientist philosopher versus the Quran.

       (ii) The Terrified Scientist and the Quran.

       (iii)            Glimpses of Premonitory Vision of the Quran                                in reference to the twelve pages.

       But before we proceed, let us say, that Sir James Jeans have very skillfully depicted the present state of the modern science in an exact perspective, and further have shown, and very clearly, the inability of the present day science to furnish mankind with the answers to the questions of highest order.




(1)   Material insignificance of earth and life to imply (according to the scientist philosopher) absence of design, purpose, order and interest on the part of the Creator:-

(a)   Grandeur of the Universe against the tiny earth

       " A few stars are known", says the unscientific scientist philosopher, " which are hardly bigger than the earth, but the majority are so large that hundreds of thousands of earths could be packed inside each and leave room to spare; here and there we come upon a giant star large enough to contain millions of millions of earths. And the total number of the stars in the universe is probably something like the total number of the grains of sand on all the seashores of the world. Such is the littleness of our home in space when measured up against the total substance of the universe".

                                    (The Mysterious Universe page 1)


The area in which life can exist too small

       "The stars themselves are disqualified (for the existence of life) by being too hot. We may think of them as a vast collection of fires scattered throughout space, providing warmth in a climate which is at most some four degrees above absolute zero-- about 484 degrees of frost on our Fahrenheit scale-- and is, even lower in the vast stretches of space which lie out beyond the Milky Way. Away from the fires there is this unimaginable cold of hundreds of degrees of frost; close upto them there is a temperature of thousands of degrees, at which all solids melt, all liquids boil.

       Life can only exist inside a narrow temperate zone which surrounds each of these fires at a very definite distance. Outside these zones life would be frozen; inside, it would be shrivelled up. At a rough computation, theses zones within which life is possible, all added together, constitute less than a thousand million millionth part of the whole of the space. And even inside them, life must be of very rare occurrence for it is so unusual an accident for suns to throw off planets as our own sun has done, that probably only about one star in 100,000 has a planet revolving round it in the small zone in which life is possible".


Just for this reason

" Just for this reason it seems incredible that the universe can have been designed primarily to produce life like our own; had it been so, surely we might have expected to find a better proportion, between the magnitude of the mechanism and the amount of the product. At first glance at least, life seems to be an utterly unimportant by-product; we living things are somehow off the main line".

                                    (The Mysterious Universe page 4-5)

       Now, according to the Quran, the stars are not at all meant to be the habitations of life, they are there either to beautify the world or are signs for guiding men in darkness on land and in sea. The earth alone is meant to be the abode of life and it is according to the Quran well suited for this purpose and is large enough. The Quran's advice therefore against the misleading notion of the unscientific  philosopher is:-


       " O my bondmen who believe! Lo! My earth is spacious. Therefore serve Me only. Every soul will taste of death. Then Unto us ye will be returned. Those who believe and do good works, them verily we shall house in lofty dwellings of the Garden underneath which rivers flow. There they will dwell secure. How sweet the guerdon of the toilers, who persevere, and put their trust in their Lord!".

                                    (Quran 29 ,56 to 59- The meaning of the Glorious Koran", by M.M.Pickthall)

       Thus we see that lofty dwellings are to be expected in the next world by the righteous. This present world is but a temporary abode and is but a base for the trial. A complaint about smallness of earth or the smallness of the zones that could bear life is baseless. But please mark not only in this instance but thereafter, everywhere, how aptly the Quran furnishes the answer and how completely as if it did anticipate the question of the unscientific philosopher beforehand, or had prepared the answer like a living mind after the question was put to it. The Quran has claimed to contain every example and it is hoped that even within these few pages sufficient proofs would be found to justify the Quran's great claim.

(b)   This life contemptible alike in the sight of the Quran, but very important as the sowing season for the other world:-

       If this life is contemptible in the sight of the scientists, it also is contemptible in the sight of the Quran, and is so, exactly on the same grounds i.e. its triviality and its transitoriness. But whereas the scientist has cast it away as worthless, and has considered its end as the final end with no possibility of its revival and therefore of resurrection, judgment and the other world, the Quran declares this life as the sowing season of the crop of deeds to be reaped in the next world, and hence keeps constantly exhorting man to better deeds and warns of the dire consequences of misdeeds or negligence. Misdeeds beget a hell even in this present life, yet the next world is the real object while this present life is only a deceitful provision:-

The Quran's view is

       "Every soul will taste of death. And ye will be paid on the Day of Resurrection only that which ye have fairly earned. Whoso is removed from the fire (of hell) and is made to enter paradise, he indeed is triumphant. The life of this world is but a deceitful provision".

                                                                              (Quran 3  185)


(c)   The garden as vast and spacious as the whole heaven for       the righteous:-

       This earth and the life upon it is congested, constricted and unpleasant, but let it be. This is not your permanent abode. And for the righteous, there is prepared a garden in the Heaven, as wide and spacious as the whole of the heaven and the earth. The Quran says:-

       "Race one with another for forgiveness from your Lord and a Garden whereof the breadth is as the breadth of the heavens and the earth, which is in store for those who believe in Allah and His messengers".

                                                                        (Quran 57 21)

       Those who complain about the smallness of the earth and the insignificance of this life, and make it an issue for disbelief in design and purpose and their denial of resurrection, shall see that the place of unbelievers in the next world is going to be even more congested and more unpleasant, but the righteous shall have a far better abode to live.

 Quran says

       "And When they (the disbelievers) are flung into a narrow place thereof (in the hell), chained together, they pray for destruction there. Pray not that day for one destruction, but pray for many destructions! Say: Is that (doom) better or the Garden of Immortality which is promised unto those who ward off (evil)? It will be their reward and journey's end. Therein abiding (for ever), they have all that they desire. It is for thy Lord a promise that must be fulfilled".

                                                            (Quran 25  13 to 16)


       The earth according to our unscientific philosopher has appeared as the result of an accident, and the life to him is a product of blind play of chance. How could then, design, purpose, meaning or reason be assigned to such a creation, which is merely accidental and is a product of blind play of chance. It indeed is something wonderful to hear from a person  (who calls himself a scientist), such things as chance creation and accidental. The Quran however has based the creation, the whole of the creation, on a purpose and design under strict and uninterrupted vigilance of the Creator. A Creator showing ample interest even in the most insignificance of all the things is his world.


(a)   The Unscientific Philosopher says

       " Into such a (terrifying) universe we have stumbled, if not exactly by mistake, at least as a result of what may properly be described as an accident. The use of such a word need not imply any surprise that our earth exists, for accidents will happen, and if the universe goes on for long enough, every conceivable accident is likely  to happen in time. It was, I think, Huxley who said that six monkeys set to strum unintelligently on typewriters for millions of millions of years, would be bound in time to write all the books in British Museum. If we examined the last page which a particular monkey had typed and found that it had chanced in its blind strumming, to type a Shakespeare's Sonnet, we should rightly regard the occurrence as a remarkable accident, but if we looked through all the millions of pages which the monkeys had turned off in untold millions of years, we might be sure of finding a Shakespeare Sonnet somewhere among them, the product of blind play of chance. In the same way, millions of millions of stars wandering blindly through space for millions of millions of years, are bound to meet with that special kind of accident which calls planetary system into being. Yet calculation shows that the number of these can at most be very small in comparison with the total number of stars in the sky, planetary systems must be exceedingly rare objects in space".

                                    (The Mysterious Universe page 3-4)

(b)   The Scientist Philosopher doubtful himself of chance creation

       " We do not know whether suitable physical conditions are sufficient in themselves to produce life. One school of thought holds that as the earth gradually cooled, it was natural, and indeed almost inevitable, that life should come. Another holds that after one accident had brought the earth into being, a second was necessary to produce life. The material constituents of a living body are perfectly ordinary chemical atoms--- carbon such as we find in soot or lamp-black; hydrogen and oxygen, such as we find in water; Nitrogen, such as forms the greater part of the atmosphere; and so on. Every kind of atom necessary for life must have existed on the new-born earth. AT intervals a group of atoms might happen to arrange themselves in the way in which they are arranged in the living cell---indeed, given sufficient time, they would be certain to do so, just as certain as the six monkeys would be certain, given sufficient time, to type off a Shakespeare Sonnet. But would they then be a living cell? In other words, is a living cell merely a group of ordinary atoms arranged in some Non-ordinary way, or is it something more? Is it merely atoms or is it atoms plus life? Or, to put it in another way, could a sufficiently skillful chemist create life out of the necessary atoms, as a boy can create a machine out of "Meccano" and then make it go? We do not know the answer. When it comes it will give us some indication whether other worlds in space are inhabited like ours, and so must have the greatest influence on or interpretation of the meaning of life---it may well produce a greater revolution of thought than Galileo's Astronomy or Darwin's Biology".

                                     (The Mysterious Universe page 5-6).

(c)   The Birth of Earth, accidental according to the Scientist

       " We believe nevertheless, that some two thousand million years ago this rare event took place, and that a second star, wandering blindly through space, happened to come within hailing distance of the sun. Just as the sun and moon raise tides on the earth, so this second star must have raised tides on the surface of the sun. But they would be very different from the puny tides which the small mass of the moon raises in our oceans; a huge tidal wave must have travelled over the surface of the sun, ultimately forming a mountain of prodigious height, which would rise ever higher and higher as the cause of the disturbance came nearer and nearer. And, before the second star began to recede, its tidal pull had become so powerful that this mountain was torn to pieces and threw off small fragments of itself, much as the crest of a wave throws off spray. These small fragments have been circulating around their parent sun ever since. They are the planets great and small of which our earth is one".

                        (The Mysterious Universe page 1-2).

(d)   No Possibility of accident or chance in the hands of God

       Please mark the tone in all these previous passages of the unscientific philosopher; the passages which are concerned with accidental nature of creation and the blind play of chance. The tone is that of uncertainty throughout and the whole stuff is of a nature hypothetical, conjectural, speculative and doubtful, and not at all in conformity with the spirit of hard-headed, matter of fact, and uncompromising science.

       The use of the word "Accident" in this particular context, that is an act of creation where the Creator himself and the laws of nature are concerned, cannot be allowed. We never thought, until our acquaintance with the unscientific philosopher, that it was in the dullness of human nature not to realize that there cannot be anything accidental about a natural phenomenon. The Creator can never be found dizzy, drunk, ignorant or helpless to allow an accident, even a possibility of an accident. The day of these natural laws showed signs of infirmity, the universe will certainly be disrupted. It is we mortal that are prone to be involved in accident, because of our frailties, because of our ignorance, lack of intelligence, and helplessness. Accident can never take place, unless some flaw appears somewhere, somehow. But how an accident can happen, where God is on the controls himself. While discussing therefore, natural phenomena or anything which is, in direct control of the Creator, the use of such a word as Accident is a fallacy, even blasphemy. Atom bomb may explode accidentally. But the accident has happened due to some fault or negligence. The rules and the laws which govern the explosion will never fail, or change their role. They simply know no accident. It will never be found that the pieces of the exploded bomb would turn into roses accidentally, or that instead of fire the dynamite would produce ice flakes. If, however, our unscientific philosopher means to exclude the design and purpose from the creation and in order to exclude the design and purpose he is obliged to exclude the presence of the creator, and it is for this purpose that he has taken all this trouble that of coining all these fanciful terms like Accidentals and blind chances, by-products and lack of proportions, so then he must know that he has failed and failed miserably in his attempt, that despite our deep regret we are  obliged to tell him so. The design and purpose stand on a far stronger footing to be dislodged by such trivialities. Accidents can happen in the hands of a cab-driver, but the keys of heavens and earth are not in the hands of a cab-driver, they are in the hands of an Omniscient, Omnipresent and Omnipotent Creator, and so says, the Quran, " His are the keys of the heavens and the earth, and they who disbelieve the revelations of Allah- such are they who are the loosers".                                                                           (Quran 39 , 63)

       And He is neither dizzy nor ignorant, to allow an accident; but He is the exceptional hearer and the seer. The Quran says:-

       "Lo! He, only He, is the Hearer, the Seer".

                                                                        (Quran 17 ,1)

       And He is neither so weak nor helpless as to be involved in an accident. The Quran says:-

       " Lo, thy Lord ! He is the Strong, the Mighty".

                                                                        (Quran 11 ,66)

And that:-

       "And With Him are the keys of the invisible. None but He knoweth them. And He knoweth what is in the land and the sea. Not a leaf falleth but He knoweth it, not a grain amid the darkness of the earth, naught of wet or  dry but (it is noted) in a clear record".

                                                                        (Quran 6,59)

       The unscientific philosopher says,  "Millions of Millions of stars blindly wandering for millions of millions of years are bound to meet with an accident", but the Quran is of the opinion, that nothing happens without the will of the Creator, the stars cannot meet with an accident, until Allah willed it, but then it will not be called an accident, but an incident. It is to be wondered, why the unscientific philosopher should prefer the word Accident to incident so unreasonably.

       "It is not expedient that the sun should overtake the moon in her course, nor doth the night overstrip the day, the they float each in an orbit".

                                                                        (Quran 36 ,40)

       No chance business, but an unfailing administration of Allah: Quran says:-

       " He ordereth the course; He detaileth the revelations, that haply ye may be certain of the meeting with your Lord".

                                                                        (Quran 13  ,2)

       The Universe stands firm. No possibility of accident. If ever the universe shall fall, it shall fall by the Will of Creator. The Quran says:-

 " He holdeth back the heaven from falling on the earth unless by His leave".

                                                                        (Quran 22  ,65)

And that:-

       " Verily God sustaineth the heaven and the earth, lest they fail: and if they should fail, none could support the same besides Him".

                                                                        (Quran 35  ,41)

       Allah is always mindful of His Creation. No blind chance business. No question of accident. The Quran says:-

       " And we are never unmindful of our creation".

                                                                        (Quran 23  ,17)

       The Unscientific philosopher thought, that the atoms at times might happen to arrange themselves in the way in which hey are arranged in a living cell and become alive, without the knowledge or control of the Creator but the Quran holds a different view. It says:-

       " And not an atom's weight in the earth or in the sky escapeth your Lord, nor what is less than that or greater than that, but it is (written) in a clear, book".

                                                            (The Quran 10 ,61)


       Our unscientific philosopher has rightly remarked that Galileo's astronomy has affected a great revolution of thought. Indeed a revolution. A revolution not of thought only, but the revolution of mind also along with the revolution of earth. That is, the mind of man was at comparative rest when the earth was considered as stationary. But later, when it was believed that the earth was in rotation, mind of man also assumed rotation along with the earth. Since that day peace has left the mind, and the mind is in constant revolution. The discovery, of Galileo might mean much to the astronomers, but to the humanity in general he did no more than a topsyturvification of the former Ptolemic system. That is whereas ptolemy held the earth at rest by his right hand and moved the firmament with his left around the earth, Galileo after his life-long watching, held the sun stationary by his left hand and moved the earth around the sun by his right. This fact so trivial in itself, has indeed topsyturveyed the whole world. It caused a science-religion conflict so fierce as rent the heavens of humanity's mind. It has reversed the entire outlook of man. It has snatched away all the peace and rest from human mind. It is like a man walking on his hands, head down, legs up like an acrobat. The denizens of this earth who before the discovery of earth's motion had gone about their business with a confidence that the earth beneath their feet, was at rest and reliable; are now seen  in their hard endeavour to catch up with furiously racing earth, they being mercilessly tossed about; their bellies convulsed by the jerks and jumps , their hats flying backwards in the fierce back-rush of wind and they with their mouths wide open struggling to keep their balance, rising and falling alternately. And when we see this our condition, we are reminded of a verse of the Quran which reads:-

       "Is he, therefore, who goeth groveling upon his face, better directed than he who walketh upright in a straightway?".

                                                                        (Quran 67 ,22)

       It is amusing to observe Milton, in the midst of raging controversy about the rotation of earth, chanting his worthy verse and wonderful thought in so detached a manner:-

What if the sun,

Be center to the world, and other stars

By his attractive venture and their own

Incited, dance about him various rounds?

Their wandering course, now high, now low, now hid,

Progressive, retrogressive or standing still,

In six thou seest and what if seventh to these,

The Planet earth, so steadfast though she seem,

Insensibly three different motions move.

       (Paradise Lost Book VIII)

The Quran says also and astonishingly so:-

       "Say: Unto whom (belongeth) the earth and whosoever is therein, if ye have knowledge? They will say: Unto Allah. Say: Will ye not then remember? Say: Who is Lord of the Seven heavens, and Lord of the Tremendous Throne? They will say: Unto Allah (all that belongeth). Say: Will ye not then keep duty (unto him)? Say: In Whose hand is the dominion over all things and He protecteth, while against Him there is no protection, if ye have knowledge? They will say: Unto Allah (all that belongeth). Say: How then are ye bewitched?".

                                                            (Quran 23 , 84 to 89)

       Now whether the earth moved around the sun or the sun moved around the earth, or both moved around each other in a dance, or whether earth moved from West to East or East to West, what should all this mean to us mortals who have but to sojourn for a while in the earth and then leave it as strangers. The significance has to be attached to Him who owns all this. The real Master. And our ability, entity, genius and power be directed towards finding out the reality of Him who created all this that we see, touch, taste, hear and smell but fail to understand further the ultimate reality. And let the Creator be the object of our search, whether through his material works, the objects of our sense, or through the inner world of mind, for, that also is a world in itself, complete. Or else we die, all of us, and our boat sinks in atomic hell.


       Our unscientific philosopher tells us rightly, that Galileo's astronomy and Darwin's biology created a revolution of thought. But even greater change in human outlook has been affected by Darwin's philosophy than Darwin's biology could ever have succeeded to affect. Not the biological facts, but the philosophical inferences as are implied by Darwin's theory of evolution that actually deserve our attention. Inspite of sincere and strong remonstrances of Darwin himself against the complaints of men about the serious damage which his philosophy was doing or was prone to do in time to faith, the fact remains, that the anti-religious movement which commenced with Galileo's astronomy, rightly or wrongly, found its culmination in Darwin's philosophy. By faith is not meant here a popal institution or a set of rituals, but faith in purpose, in Creator and in Creator's current vigilance and final judgment. Darwin's Biology is not the subject. Biology is a set of laws and rules. If at first incorrectly understood, it could in time find correction. And these are but rules and laws not of Darwin but of the Creator. Darwin's philosophy that is the philosophical inferences drawn by Darwin from those rules and laws is our subject. Darwin by imputing a base origin to man and indeed without a decisive proof, has done an irreparable wrong to already distressed mankind, by snatching away from them that pearl, that great power of mind, that mainstay of theirs against every mean temptation, and so, the so called human monkeys would do what the monkeys were by nature wont to. Indeed, a race of monkeys and not human-beings could be carried away by temptation and by folly to create atom bombs and hell bombs for the destruction of human species, or to play the ostrich and tolerate the presence of such a monstrosity as the nuclear power after it was clearly known to be a sure harbinger of an unfailing annihilation of the whole mankind and was further a symbol of a most painful existence of humanity on earth even in its mildest forms. It is with heartfelt sorrow, that one will observe in near future the Darwinian race of humans, one and all, sitting on the roof of the world, like herds of monkeys to your horror, hastily engaged in boring holes with fastest hammers and sharpest chisels amidst a din of constant titter and unending, unintelligible gibberish ratatat, manipulating hammer and chisel with such amazing dexterity as would have surprised Darwin since the monkeys of his time, as he himself has observed, lacked the ability of using hammer correctly. We are so very sorry to remark, but times are fast approaching when to Darwin's own horror the Darwinian race of anthropoids will be seen to drive the last nail in the coffin of humanity with a skill so unusual, as would touch Darwin's heart so deeply, that the gloomy spectacle would bring such excessive grief to his heart, that once dried out lachrymal glands of his petrified eyes would resume lackromose quality once more and tears would gush forth from his eyes copiously and he might easily weep to his heart content at the sad end of this miserable race.

       Whether Darwin's theory of evolution be correct or not, is not the question; so far it has been left without a decisive proof of any kind, and judging from the progress which hitherto has been made in that direction, it is not difficult for anyone to surmise that there exist no sings of a proof, and instead the talent of Darwin's disciples is on gradual decline, but Darwin's philosophy has two facets. It has biology and it has philosophy. It even has another facet that of psychology. Let no one therefore endeavour to conclude, due to insufficient knowledge that the Quran agrees with evolution. It is very deep waters that intervene between the two, and many may be doomed to drowning themselves therein without ever a hope of emerging alive. We have here neither space, nor it seems proper occasion to do justice to this extremely difficult and unusually delicate topic. But what we can clearly say here is, that so far as the philosophy of Darwin is concerned, the philosophy itself and its nefarious influence on humanity, no philosophy on earth could be more repulsive to the sense of the Quran than this philosophy of Darwin. Darwin's philosophy is the most grievous outrage upon faith in a false guise of science. The Quran therefore has lavished due amount of attention on Darwinian views. we may not here quote much, but will endavour to receive enlightenment on some salient features of the subject, by the Quran.

       The Quran has never meant human-beings to resemble monkeys. There happens to be radical difference between the nature of man and that of a monkey. The Quran has always referred to the race of monkeys with extreme contempt and unconcealed hatred. E.g. the Quran likens such men as opposed the truth and calumniated the believers on the basis of envy and mischief, to monkeys and pigs. The Quran says:-

       "Whom Allah hath cursed, him! Worse is he of worst sort. Allah hath turned some to apes and swine, and who serveth  idols. Such are in worse plight and further astray from the plain road".(Quran 5 ,60)

       There is no harm in either studying the natural science or contemplating the origin of man or of the universe. It is rather a desirable aspect. Desirable indeed it is, provided it helps to illuminate one's mind, for here are great lessons in it for the thinking mind. But the egregious folly which Darwin has committed, and consequently, incalculable wrong which he has done to wretched humanity, lay in the fact of his rash, indiscreet and imprudent act, that of depriving man's mind of a time-honoured and unfailing support, a most invaluable support psychologically a thought of noble origin, by imputing an abject and plebian origin to a human race. O! how ill-conceived a thought, how woeful a bane, how indelible an opprobrium, and how painful the story. Bitter anti-religious feelings resulting from a continued oppression by a tyrannical church-as the Christian writers in most lamenting tones forever tell-ran wild at the cruel site of Bruno's burning pyre, and were further fanned by the story of the forced recantations of poor, aged and haggard Galileo in Rome and culminated in convulsive pangs of Darwins evolutionary gastrics to a real misfortune of humanity, a poor miserable humanity shifted but from the hands of the inimical priest to the hands of even a more inimical community namely that of benign scientists who had in store for mankind even more grievous calamities than those experienced on the hands of priest, so much so that the atrocities perpetuated on Christianity by the servants of the Church were to be far out shadowed by the atrocities to be perpetuated by the avowed servants of the whole mankind, that is the kindly men of science, amongst whom Darwin stood most or at least one of the most outstanding, as the most illustrious killer of human mind. The accumulations of atrocities, eccentricities, excesses, tyrannies, and corruptions, both actual and fabled, of all the churches, temples, pagodas and synagogues united would vanish before the heat flash of a single atomic bomb, and if nothing is ever done to bring back faith to humanity, no prophetic genius of Cassandra is needed to foretell the miserable doom which awaits human species. But let us revert to our friend Darwin. Had Darwin been endowed with a little wisdom, he would never have pursued the matter so far back into other dark, so far back into the regions, where no scientific proof could be had to support the theory, and mere speculation were the only guide. Nay even if the evolution were a probable truth, we can say, without in any way giving much offence to the spirit of enquiry, that it was far better for Darwin to conceal  the fact from the eyes of humanity until proved in view of, that irreparable damage which the disclosure of such a fact was apt to do, in case man's origin were not truely and incorrigibly base. It were in the interest of mankind itself, that the ugly conjecture were prudently concealed. For, a lot of good is done to those and by those who think their origin to be noble. It would do any bastard himself ignorant of the stigma, not at all any good to tell him the fact of his base origin. A bastard by birth may turn into bastard by conduct after the grim fact has lighted on his mind and made it heavy with hatred. But if Darwin left adamant, then in true character of a scientist, he must have bound himself to fetch the proof, and then only ought to have spoken of his amusing tale of humanity's lost tail, we say, the Nuclear power is a truth. A truth well supported by proof If then tomorrow humanity is consumed by that truth, what good the discovery of such a truth did to humanity. They shall curse the day when such a truth as this was discovered. We will stake our knowledge of Darwin's philosophy and tell the whole innocent world, that Darwin and his disciples have most miserably failed to fetch a scientific proof of any kind whatsoever. It is all no more than a wretched day-dreaming of sick wandering mind. We ask with all the possible solemnity, "Is Darwin's theory of evolution a truth. Has it been proved. If so, how and where"? So nefarious a theory must never have been made public without first having found the proof of it. I believe I am vexing a little harsh, but, does a thing which brings such destruction, deserve softness. There might be some one who would perhaps be a little displeased at such a treatment of Darwin, but, I say, why those sympathizers of evolution do not exert to find a proof, a final, decisive proof of that theory, and raise Darwin to a place of respect. A few rotten fossils will not do it prove so formidable a leviathan as origin. Is there any hope of a theory finding a proof when the disciples of the Master would not be even able fully to understand, what their master did say. This, the disciples of Darwin do themselves confess. We do however believe that Darwin's philosophy has been proved in one way at least just as certainly as the atomic nuclear theory has displayed its proof in Hiroshima. And the proof of Darwin's Philosophy is most vividly manifest in the ruins of the Hiroshima of human mind, since that philosophy has paid its visit to this once flourishing city.

       And now, after this little diversion let us assume comparison of Darwin's philosophy with that of the Holy Quran. The example which presents a most typical contrast of the two philosophies that is of Darwin and the Quran, is that of a martyr. A martyr according to the Darwinian standards of survival is utterly unfit for survival and therefore a failure, since he was unable to live and he died. Whereas according to Quran's philosophy, martyr has proved to be something even more than those fittest for survival. He has attained immortality. The cycle of Darwin's philosophy would end within this material world but that of the Quran extends to the next world. But before we do that, let me say, that no man ever will know the origin, just as no man will ever be able to know the end of the world.

The Quran says:-

       “Think not of those, who are slain in the way of Allah, as dead. Nay, they are  living. With their Lord they have provision. Jubilant (are they) because of that which Allah hath bestowed upon them of His bounty, rejoicing for the sake of those who have not joined them but are left behind: that there shall no fear come upon them neither shall they grieve. They rejoice because of favour from Allah and kindness, and that Allah wasteth not the wage of the believers".(Quran 3 , 169 to 171)

       In view of the importance of the subject of origin, both of man and of the universe, the Quran has given appropriate attention to it, and vouchsafed it a considerable portion. The significance of the topic is apparent from the fact of the great notoriety which Darwin enjoyed due merely to his choice of the topic. But whereas Darwin has imputed to man a very low origin that of a monkey or some very low animal, Quran has attributed to man, a very noble origin basically, superior even to angels, says the Quran:-

       "And We created you, then fashioned you, then told the angels: Fall ye prostrate before Adam! And they fell prostrate, all save IBLIS, who was not of those who make prostration".

                                                                        (Quran 7 ,11)

God breathed his own soul in man, says the Quran:-

       " Such is the knower of the invisible and the visible, the Mighty, the Merciful, who made all things good which He created, and He began the creation of man from clay; Then He made his seat from a draught of despised fluid; Then He fashioned him and breathed into him of His spirit; and apointed for you hearing and sight and hearts. Small thanks give ye!".

                                                            (Quran 32 , 6 to 9)

       Mans's origin noble but may stoop to the worst. Says the Quran:-

       " Surely We created man of best stature. Then we reduced him to the lowest of the low, Save those who believe and do good works, and theirs  is a reward unfailing".(Quran 95 , 4 to 6)

       This again is another point of great difference between the philosophy of Darwin and the Quran. The fitness of Darwinian survival is confined to encomic and physical fitness. But the Quran has faith and morality in view primarily as is shown above.

(5)   Lack of Creator's interest in life

       Our unscientific philosopher says, the Creator of so great a universe cannot be expected to have some interest in so tiny a thing such as life on earth. This he has deduced from the difference of magnitude and measurements between the universe and the earth. He has shown the incomparable prodigiousness of the universe in comparison to the puniness of the earth. He has brought to his view the colossal material activity of the universe as against the extremely little material activity of life, and on this basis has thought that life could not be expected to form any special interest of the Creator. But a great fact he has left completely out of sight, namely that the whole of the Universe is constantly engaged in the service of life on earth. However, our unscientific philosopher says regarding Creator's lack of interest in life:-

       "Again the word” Accidental may be challenged. For what if the creator of the universe selected one special set of laws just because they led to the appearance of life? What if this were his way of creating life? So long as, we think of the Creator as a magnified man-like being, activated by feelings and interests like our own, the challenge cannot be met, except by the remark that, when, such a creator has once been postulated, no argument can add much to what has already been assumed. If, however, we dismiss every trace of anthropomorphism from our minds, there, remains no reason for supposing that the present laws were specially selected in order to produce life. They're just as likely, for instance, to have been selected in order to produce magnetism or radio-activity-indeed more likely, since to all appearance physics plays an incomparably greater part in the universe than biology. Viewed from a strictly material stand-point, the utter insignificance of life would seem to go far towards dispelling any idea that it forms special interest of the great architect of the universe".

                                    (The Mysterious Universe page 8-9)

       Now the Quran complains that  they overlook the fact that of the whole of this universe having been engaged in their service and still think, life to be insignificant, in order that they may prove themselves free from their allegiance to their God, by accusing God of no interest in life on earth.

       The Quran says:-

       " See ye not how Allah hath made serviceable unto you whatsoever is in the skies and whatsoever is in the earth and hath loaded you with His favours both without and within? Yet of mankind is he who disputeth concerning Allah, without knowledge or guidance or a scripture giving light".

                                                            (Quran 31 ,20)

       Now, is not this answer of the Quran oracular in character? Is it not astonishingly appropriate, and astonishingly complete? But why do you and whom do you call your God when some harm comes to you, if you think that He has no special interest in you. The Quran says:-

       “And when harm toucheth you upon the sea, all unto whom ye cry (for succour) are forgotten (by you), except him alone".

                                                            (Quran 17 , 67)


       "Say: Who delivereth you from the darkness of the land and the sea? Ye call upon Him humbly and in secret".

                                                            (Quran 6 ,63)


       Our unscientific philosopher finding science, unable to give any guidance in the nature of man's purpose or his origin is bewildered by the silence of science on the subject. Says he:-

       " So much for the surprising manner in which, so far as science can at present inform us, we come into being: And our bewilderment is only increased when we attempt to pass from our origin to an understanding of the purpose of our existence, or to foresee the destiny which fate has in store for our race".

                                    (The Mysterious Universe page 10)

The Unscientific philosopher says:-

       “Our bewilderment is only increased regarding the purpose of our existence on earth".

The Quran says:-

       “Like one bewildered whom the devils have infatuated in the earth". (Quran 6 , 71)

Purpose of man's existence according to the Quran:-

"I (Allah) created the Jinn and humankind only that they might worship Me".(Quran 51 ,56)


       “The seven heavens and the earth and all that is therein praise Him, and there is not a thing but hymneth His praise; but ye understand not their praise. Lo! He is ever Clement, Forgiving".(Quran 17 ,44)

       "The thunder hymneth His praise and (so do) the angels for awe of  Him".(Quran 13 ,13)

The precedent:-

The Quran says:-

       “Have they not observed all things that Allah hath created, how their shadows incline to the right and to the left, making prostration unto Allah, and they are lowly? And unto Allah maketh prostration whatsoever is in the heavens and whatsoever is in the earth, of living creatures, and the angels (also), and they are not proud. They fear their Lord above them, and do what they are bidden".(Quran 16  , 48 to 50)

The purpose of life is a trial according to the Quran:-

       "Allah hath created death and life that He may try you, which of you is best in conduct". (Quran 67 ,2)

(7)   The end of the world

       Our unscientific philosopher laments, that life had no purpose, the universe even was not designed for life, and is hostile to it. And, that we die, and with our death would perish our achievements that is, we shall not be raised again and there is going to be no life in Heaven. Says he:-

       "Is this then, all that life amounts to-to stumble, almost by mistake, into a universe which was clearly not designed for life, and which, to all appearance is either totally indifferent or definitely hostile to it, to stay clinging onto a fragment of a grain of sand until we are frozen off, to strut our tiny hour on our tiny stage with the knowledge that our aspirations are all doomed to final frustration, and that our achievements must perish with our race, leaving the universe as though we had never been".(The Mysterious Universe page 11-12)

       He says, our achievements will perish with our race, and, we will leave the universe as though we had never existed, never to be raised again. But the Quran is of different view, that is, their, achievements will accompany them to the next world and will be assessed on the day of judgment, and rewarded accordingly. There they shall remain for ever according to their gains. Either in the hell fire eternally or in the bliss for ever. The answer of the Quran to the above quoted passage of the scientist philosopher is:-

       “And they say: There is naught but our life of the world; we die and we live, and naught destroyeth us save time; When they have no knowledge whatsoever of (all) that; they do but guess".(Quran 45, 24)

       "And man sayeth: When I am dead, shall I forsooth be brought forth alive? Doth not man remember that We created him before, wherefore he was naught?" (Quran 19 , 66-67)

       "And he hath coined for us a similitude, and hath forgotten the fact of his creation, saying: Who will revive these bones when they have rotted away? Say: He will revive them Who produced them at the first, for He is Knower of every creation".

                                                            (Quran 36 ,77-79)

       "He bringeth forth the living from the dead, and He bringeth forth the dead from the living, and He reviveth the earth after her death. And even so ye will be brought forth".

                                                                        (Quran 30 ,19)

       "And Allah it is who sendeth the winds and they raise a cloud; then we lead it unto a dead land and revive therewith the earth after its death. Such is the resurrection".

                                                                        (Quran 35 ,9)

       "And because the Hour will come, there in no doubt thereof; and because Allah will raise those who are in the graves".(Quran 22 ,7)

       Resurrection is necessary, so that injustice and wrongs done in the world of a just creator of a universe based on justice be redressed and full justice be metted out finally. It is all in exact accordance with the laws by which this Universe is being governed. Contemplation can reveal the truth of resurrection and the final judgment of Allah. The Quran says:-

       "Lo! The hour is surely coming, but I will keep it hidden, that every soul may be rewarded for that which it striveth (to achieve)".(Quran 20 ,15)

       "And whoso doeth good  an atom's weight will see it then, And whoso doeth an ill of an atom's weight will see it then".

                                                                        (Quran 99 ,7-8)

       "Lo! the righteous will verily be in delight. And Lo! the wicked verily will be in hell".(Quran 82 , 13-14)

       "Therein they shall abide for ever".(Quran 2 , 25)

To opinion of Quran about speculating unscientific philosopher is:-

       "They have no knowledge thereof. They follow but a guess, and Lo! a guess can never take the place of the truth".

                                                                        (Quran 53 ,28)

       Indeed, all that which our unscientific philosopher has produced in these twelve pages of  "The Mysterious Universe" , most of it is, only guess work and confessions of ignorance. Let the scientist come up with scientific proofs of what he says, and then speak.

(8)   The confession of an intelligent scientist

       In the following we give the confessions of Sir James Jeans which we have found at the end of the same book" The Mysterious Universe". We quote here, only such of his confessions as are related to the part which we have treated hitherto from the twelve pages. Other confessions of the same author will be quoted in a proper place. These confessions, have, brought him in agreement with the views of the Quran on the points concerned.

       "Thirty years ago, we thought or assumed," says Sir James Jeans, " that we were heading towards an ultimate reality of a mechanical kind. It seemed to consist of a fortuitous jumble of atoms, which were destined to perform meaningless dances for a time under the action of blind purpose less forces, and then fall back to form a dead world. Into this wholly mechanical world, through the play of the same blind forces, life had stumbled by accident. One tiny corner at least, and possibly several tiny corners of this universe of atoms had chanced to become conscious for a time, but was destined in the end, still under action of blind mechanical forces, to be frozen out and again leave a lifeless world.

       Today there is a wide measure of agreement, which on he physical side of science approaches almost to unanimity, that the streamed of knowledge is heading towards a non-mechanical reality; the universe begins to look more like a great thought than like a great machine. Mind no longer appears like an accidental intruder into the realm of matter; we are beginning to suspect that we ought rather to hail it as the creator and the Governor of the realm of matter-not of course our individual minds but he mind in which the atoms out of which our individual minds have grown exist as thoughts.

       The new knowledge compels us to revise our hasty first impressions that we had stumbled into a universe which either did not concern itself with life or was actively hostile to life. The old dualism of mind and matter, which was mainly responsible for the supposed hostility, seems likely to disappear, not through matter becoming in any way more shadowy or insubstantial than heretofore, or through mind becoming resolved into a function of the working of matter, but through substantial matter resolving itself into a creation and manifestation of mind. We discover that the universe shows evidence of designing or controlling power which has some thing in common with our own individual minds--not, so far as we have discovered, emotion, morality or aesthetically appreciation, but the tendency to think in the way which, for want of a better word, we describe as mathematical. And while much in it may be hostile to the material appendages of life, much also is akin to the fundamental activities of life; we are not so much strangers or intruders in the universe as we at first thought. Those inert atoms in the primeval slime which first began to foreshadow the attributes of life were putting themselves, more and not less in accord, with the fundamental nature of the universe.

       So at least we are tempted to conjecture today; and yet who knows how many more times the stream of knowledge may turn on itself? And with this reflection before us, we may well conclude by adding, what might well have been interlined into every paragraph that everything that has been said, and every conclusion which has been tentatively put forward is quite frankly speculative and uncertain. We have tried to discuss whether present -day science has anything to say on certain difficult questions, which are perhaps set for ever beyond the reach of human understanding. We cannot claim to have discerned more than a very faint glimmer of light at the best; perhaps it is wholly illusionary for certainly we had to strain our eyes very hard to see anything at all. So that our main contention can hardly be that the science of today has a pronouncement to make, perhaps it ought rather to be that science should leave of making pronouncements: The river of knowledge has too often turned back on itself".

       (The Mysterious Unnerves page 136 to 138)

Quran:-    "And of knowledge ye have been vouchsafed but                              little".

                                                            (Quran 17 , 85).



       The unscientific philosopher says:-

       " Although we cannot speak with any certainty, it seems most likely that humanity came into existence in some such way as this. Standing on our microscopic fragment of a grain of sand, we attempt to discover the nature and purpose of the universe which surrounds our home in space, and time. Our first impression is something akin to terror. We find the universe terrifying because of its vast meaningless distances, terrifying because of its inconceivably long vistas of time which dwarf human history to the twinkling of an eye, terrifying because of our extreme loneliness, and because of the material insignificance of our home in space --- a millionth part of a grain of sand out of all the seas and in the world. But above all else we find the universe terrifying, because it appear to be indifferent to life like our own; emotion, ambition and achievement, art and religion all seem equally foreign to its plan. Perhaps indeed we ought to say it appears to be actually hostile to life like our own. For the most part, empty space is so cold that all life in it would be frozen, most of the matter in space is so hot as to make life on it impossible; space is traversed, and astronomical bodies continually bombarded by radiation of a variety of kinds, much of which is probably inimical to, or even destructive of life".

                                    (The Mysterious Universe page 2-3)

       Now the scientist philosopher has based his fears on certain discoveries viz. that:-

(a)   The earth is a mere fragment of a grain of sand in comparison with the immeasurably vast magnitude of the Universe.

(b)   That the distances of space are unimaginably enormous in   comparison with those on earth.

(c)   That the human history is but a twinkling of an eye as          against the long vistas of time of the Universe.

(d)   That the earth is quite insignificant against the Universe.

(e)   That the Universe is indifferent even, hostile to life like our own.

(f)    That some parts of the Universe are extremely cold while   others are extremely hot.

(g)   That the space is traversed and bombarded by a variety of             radiations which are probably inimical to even destructive of    life.

       Now it is quite apparent that our unscientific philosopher through such a line of thought as this, is merely seeking to augment his intended views, namely that we have stumbled by mistake in this hostile universe, which was not clearly designed for life, and that the Creator had no special interest in life which was merely a by-product, and utterly insignificant, and a creation of a mere blind chance, and that, life did neither display any design, nor it was endowed with any purpose, and therefore resurrection or the final judgment or the life in heaven could not be. The triviality of these complaints about the hostilities of a hostile universe is quite clear, despite the fact that we all have to experience the unbearable hardships brought about by the adverse and inimical features of the Universe in which we live. But the knowledge that we are all on trial here, and that the consequential aspects of either impatience or disappointment may be far more serious in quality and quantity comparatively, we may be well advised not to take such adversities so AU GRAND SERIEUX. But the fact far more puzzling and far more irksome than all the bombardment of heavenly bodies by dubiously inimical radiations is the devout acquiescence in and astonishing reticence of humanity upon the bombardment of our own bodies by the unfailingly destructive and utterly devastating atomic radiations: the creations of our own hands, and strange indeed might seem our subtle apprehensions and our heart touching laments about the negligible bombardment o f cosmic radiations: Radiations whose continual bombardment despite a long duration of millions of millions of years has least perceptibly affected the life on earth, against the radiations which our own hands and our own minds have with perceptible hope and heartfelt satisfaction created, and which must with utmost certainty wipe out all life from the face of earth in a shortest possible time, in an atmosphere of pain and misery unprecedented. We however will present these reasons of their compliant to the Quran and see what it has to say:-

Unscientific Philosopher

“Although we cannot speak with any certainty, it seems most likely that humanity came into existence in some such way as this".


"They have no  knowledge thereof. They follow but a guess, and Lo! a guess can never take the place of the truth. Such is their sum of knowledge. Lo! Thy Lord is best aware of him who goeth right". (Quran 53 , 28 and 30)

       " Proofs have come unto you from your Lord, so whoso seeth it is for his own good, and whoso is blind is blind to his own hurt". (Quran 6  ,105)

Unscientific Philosopher

"Standing on our microscopic fragment of a grain of sand".


"Was not Allah's earth spacious". (Quran 4  , 97)

"The earth ,vast as it is, was straitened for them".(Quran 9 , 118)

Unscientific Philosopher

       "We attempt to discover the nature and purpose of the Universe".


       " Lo! In the heavens and the earth are portents for believers".  (Quran 45 , 3)


       "Verily in the heavens we have set mansions of the stars, and we have beautified it for beholders".  (Quran 15  , 16)


      "As for those who strive for us, we surely guide them to our paths".  (Quran 29  , 69)


      "Say (Unto them, O Muhammad ) : I exhort you unto one thing only: that ye awake, for Allah's sake, by two's and singly, and then reflect".(Quran 34  , 46).


      "Thus did we show Abraham the kingdom of the heavens and the earth that he might be of those possessing certainty: when the night grew dark upon him he beheld a star. He said: This is my Lord. But when it set, He said: I love not things that set. And when he saw the moon uprising, he exclaimed: This is my Lord. But when it set, he said: Unless my Lord guide me, I surely shall become one of the folk who are astray. And when he saw the sun uprising, he cried: This is my Lord! This is greater! and when it set he exclaimed: O My people! Lo! I am free from all that ye associate (with Him). Lo! I have turned my face toward Him who created the heavens and the earth, as one by nature upright, and I am not of the idolaters".(Quran 6 ,76 to 80)


       " Say: Behold what is in the heavens and the earth! But revelations and warnings avail Not folk who will not believe".

                                                            (Quran 10 , 102).


       "We confound their heart and their eyes. As they believed not therein at the first, we let them wander blindly on in their contumacy". (Quran 6, 111)


       “And even if we opened  unto them a Gate of Heaven and they kept mounting through it, They would say: Our sight is Wrong - Nay but we are folk bewitched".(Quran 15 , 14-15)


       " Deem not that Allah is unaware of what the wicked do. He but giveth them a respite till a day when eyes will stare (in terror), As they come hurrying on in fear, their heads upraised, their gaze returning not to them, and their hearts as air".

                                                            (Quran 14 , 42-43)

Unscientific Philosopher

       "We attempt to discover the nature of the universe".

Quran's interpreter

       Nature of the Universe, ---based on darkness and light:-


       “Praise be to Allah, who hath created the heavens and the earth, and hath ordained the darkness and the light".(Quran 6 ,1)

Unscientific Philosopher

       "And purpose of the Universe".

Quran's Interpreter

       The nature and the purpose of the Universe:-


       "Allah hath created the heavens and the earth with truth, that He might recompense every soul accordingly to that which it shall have wrought, and they shall not be treated unjustly".

                                                            (Quran  45 , 22)        


       "It is Allah who hath raised the heavens without visible pillars (and) then ascended His Throne, and compelled the sun and the moon to perform their serious services: every (of the heavenly bodies) runneth an appointed course. He ordereth (all) things. He showeth (His) signs , distinctly, that ye may be assured ye must meet your Lord (at the last day)".(Quran 13 ,2)

Unscientific Philosopher

       " Our first impression is something akin to terror"


       "Verily true believers (are) those whose hearts fear when Allah is mentioned, and whose faith increaseth when His signs are rehearsed unto them and (who) trust in their Lord".

                                                            (Quran 8 ,2)


       “A revelation from Him who Created the earth and the high heavens".(Quran 20 , 4)


       “The Exalter of Ranks, the Lord of the Thrones".

                                                            (Quran 40 ,15)


       "Lord of the seven heavens, and  Lord of the tremendous throne".(Quran 23  , 86).


       “Unto Him (alone) belongeth Majesty in the heavens and the earth, and He is the Mighty the wise".(Quran 45 , 37)           

Unscientific Philosopher

       “We find the universe terrifying because of its vast meaningless distances".


       "O, Ye company of Genni and Men, if ye be able to pass out of the confines of heavens and earth pass forth: (to fly from the power and to avoid the decree of Allah). Ye shall not pass forth save with our sanction". (Quran 55 , 33)

Note: If suppose the boundary of the Universe were the moon, and after the Apollos had crossed the moon, and found nothing beyond that, then the prestige of the Creator might have well been lowered in their view. But how far can they go into the universe to assess the grandeur of the Universe, and consequently of the Creator thereof.


       "That is the measuring of the Mighty the wise". (Quran  36 , 37)


       “And they esteem not Allah as He hath the right to be esteemed, when the whole earth is His handful on the day of resurrection ,and havens are rolled in His right hand. Glorified is He and High Exalted from all that they ascribe as partner unto Him".(Quran 39  ,67)


       “Surely I am nigh. I answer the prayer of the suppliant when he crieth unto Me". (Quran 2 , 186)

Unscientific Philosopher

       “The Universe is terrifying because of its inconceivably long vistas of time, which dwarf human history to the twinkling of an eye".


       "What ! Fear ye them? Now Allah hath more right that ye should fear Him, if ye are believers".(Quran 19 , 13)

       " Lo! We have created every thing by measure. And our commandment is one (commandment), as the twinkling of an eye". (Quran 54 , 49-50)


       "And the matter of the Hour (of the doom) is but as a twinkling of the eye, or it is nearer still. And Lo! Allah is Able to do all things".(Quran 16 ,77)


       "Your creation and your raising (from the dead) are only as (the creation and the raising of) a single soul. Lo! Allah is Hearer, Knower".(Quran 31 , 28)

Unscientific Philosopher

       " Terrifying because of our loneliness".

Quran's interpreter

Allah always with you:-


       “He it is who created the Heavens and the earth in six Days; then He mounted the Throne. He knwoeth all that entereth the earth and all that emergeth therefrom, and all that cometh down from the sky and all that ascendeth therein, and He is with you wheresoever ye may be. And Allah is Seer of what ye do".(Quran 57  , 4)


       " We are your protecting friends in the life of the world and in the Hereafter". (Quran 41, 31)


       “We verily created a man and we know what his soul whispereth to him, and we are nearer to him than his jugular vein". (Quran 50 , 16)


       " There is no secret conference of three but He is their fourth, nor of five but He is their sixth, nor of less than that or more but He is with them wheresoever they may be; and afterward, on the Day of Resurrection. He will inform them of what they did. Lo! Allah is knower of all things". (Quran 58 ,7)


       "Lo! There are above you guardians, Generous and recording, who know (all) that ye do".(Quran 82 , 10 to 12)


       “And of His Signs (another is) that He hath created for you, out of yourselves, wives that ye may cohabit with them and he ordaineth between you love and mercy. Lo! herein indeed are portents for folk who reflect".(Quran 30 , 21)


       “Verily in the remembrance of Allah do hearts find rest !".

                                                            (Quran 13 , 28)

Unscientific Philosopher

       “And terrifying because of the material insignificance of our home in space --- a millionth part of a grain of sand out of all the seas and in the world".


       “Know that this present life (is) only a toy and vain amusement: and worldly pomp and the affectation of glory among you, and the multiplying of riches and children (are) as the plants nourished by the rain, the springing up thereof delighteth the husbandmen, afterwards they wither, so that thou seest the same turn yellow, and at length they become dry stubble. And in the life to come there (will be) a severe punishment (for those who covet worldly grandeur), and pardon from Allah, and favor (for those who renounce it) : for this present life (is) no other than a deceitful provision. Hasten with emulation to (obtain) pardon from your Lord and paradise the extent whereof equaleth the extent of heaven and earth, prepared for those who believe in Allah and His apostles. This (is) the bounty of Allah; He will give the same unto whom He pleaseth, and Allah is endued with great bounty". (Quran 57 , 20-21)


       " But they reject the belief of the hour (of judgment) as a falsehood and we have prepared for him who shall reject the belief of (that) hour, burning fire, when it shall see them from a distant place, they shall see it furiously raging and roaring, and when they shall be most bound together into a strait place thereof, they shall there call for death: (But it shall be answered them) call not this day for one death, but call for many deaths. Say: Is this bitter, or a garden of eternal duration, which is promised unto the pious. It will be their reward and journey's end". (Quran 25 , 11 to 15)

Unscientific Philosopher

"But above all else we find the universe terrifying because it appears to be indifferent to life like our own. Emotion, ambition, and achievement, art and religion, all seem equally foreign to its plan".


       "See ye not How Allah hath made serviceable unto you whatever is in the sky and whatever is in the earth, and hath loaded you with His favours both without and within? Yet of mankind is he who disputeth concerning Allah, without knowledge or guidance or a scripture giving light". (Quran 31 , 20)


       " Allah is He who appointed for you the earth for a dwelling place, and the sky for a canopy, and who hath formed you and hath made your forms beautiful, and feedeth you with good things. This (is) Allah, your Lord, wherefore blessed be Allah, the Lord of all creatures! He is the living (God): (there is) no God but He". (Quran 40 , 64 -65)


       “And hath bestowed on you (the senses of) hearing and seeing, and hearts to understand".(Quran 32  ,9)


       "Which is it of the favours  of your Lord, that ye deny? ".

                                                            (Quran 55 , 75)

Unscientific Philosopher

       “Perhaps indeed we ought to say it (the universe) appears to be actually hostile to life like our own".


       “Hath placed you as the viceroys of the earth and hath exalted some of you in rank above others, that He may try you by (the test of) that which He hath given you. Lo! Thy Lord is swift in prosecution".(Quran 6 , 166)


       “We will surely prove you (by afflicting you) in some measure with fear, and hunger, and decrease of wealth, and (loss) of lives, and scarcity of fruits: but bear good tidings unto the patient, who when a misfortune be falleth them, say , we are of Allah and unto him shall we surely return. Upon them shall be blessings from their Lord and Mercy, and they are the rightly directed".(Quran 2 , 157)


“Allah willeth no injustice to his creatures".(Quran 3 , 108)


       “Allah is full of pity, Merciful towards mankind".

                                                            (Quran 2 , 143)


       “The word from a Merciful Lord (for them) is peace".

                                                            (Quran 36,57)


       “There will be for you on earth a habitation and provision for a while". (Quran 7 , 24)


       “Allah hath promised such of you as believe and do good works, that He, will cause them to succeed (the unbelievers) in the earth, as He caused those who were, before you to succeed (the infidels of their time) and that He will establish for them, their religion which pleaseth them, and will change their fear into security". (Quran 24 , 55)


       “It might be that your Lord will have mercy on you, but if ye repeat (the crime) we shall repeat the punishment and we have appointed, hell a dungeon for disbelievers". (Quran 17  , 8)

Unscientific Philosopher

       “For the most part empty space is so cold that all life in it would be frozen".


       “Have ye observed the fire which ye strike out? Was it ye who made the tree thereof to grow, or were we the grower? We, even We, appoint it a memorial and a comfort for the dwellers in the wilderness". (Quran 56 , 71 to 73)


       “And the cattle hath He created, whence ye have warm clothing". (Quran 16 , 5)

Unscientific Philosopher

       "Most of the matter in space is so hot as to make life on it impossible".


       " And Allah hath given you of that which He hath created, shelter from the sun; and hath given you places of refuge in the mountains, and hath given you coats to ward off the heat from you, and coats (of armour) to save you from your own fool-hardiness. Thus doth He perfect His favour unto you, in order that ye may surrender (unto him)". (Quran 16 , 81)

Unscientific Philosopher

       “Space is traversed".


"And we made the heaven a roof well supported". (Quran 21 , 32)

Unscientific Philosopher

       “And astronomical bodies are continually bombarded, by radiation of a variety of kinds, much of which is probably inimical to or even destructive of life".

Quran's interpreter

       They want only to expel God from his universe:-


       " Say: Who gaurdeth you in the night or in the day from the beneficent? Nay but  they turn from the mention of their Lord".(Quran 21  , 42)


       “He is the Omnipotent over His servants. He sendeth guardians over you, until when death cometh unto one of you, our messengers receive him, and  they neglect not".(Quran 6  , 61)


       “No soul can ever die except by Allah's leave, and at a term appointed".

                                                                        (Quran 3  , 145)

Fear more the bombardment of heavenly wrath:-


       " And when our commandment came We turned those (cities) upside down, and we rained upon, them stones of baked clay, one following another and being marked with fire in the providence of thy Lord ( for the destruction of the wicked)".

                                                            (Quran 11 , 82-83)


      “And terrible was the shower (which fell on) those who had been warned (in vain)".

                                                                              (Quran 26 , 173)


      Note:    And please mark that such a philosophy as this of the unscientific scientist philosopher is as dangerous to the body of science, as is the atom bomb to humanity.

            Now the confessions of the scientist Sir James Jeans in his book " The Mysterious Universe" has again confessed the grounds of such fear as the scientist philosopher has expressed regarding certain features of the universe, as wrong, illusory and baseless. It means another victory for the Quran - Sir James Jeans says:-

       "It is probably unnecessary to add that, on this view of things, the apparent vastness and emptiness of the universe and our own insignificant size therein, need cause us neither bewilderment nor concern. We are not terrified by the sizes of the structures which our own thoughts create, nor by those which others imagine and describe to us. In DU MAURIER'S story, Peter Ibbetson and the Duchess of towers continued to build vast dream-palaces and dream gardens of ever increasing size, but felt no terror at the size of their mental creations. The immensity of the universe becomes a matter of satisfaction rather than awe, we are citizens of no mean city. Again we not -puzzle over the finitness of space; we feel no curiosity as to what lies beyond the four walls which bound our vision in a dream".

       “It is the same with time which, like space, we must think of as of finite extent. As we trace the stream of time backwards we encounter many indications that, after a long enough journey, we must come to its source, a time before which the present universe did not exist. Nature frowns upon perpetual motion machines and it is a prior very unlikely that her universe will provide an example, on the grand scale, of the mechanism she abhors. And a detailed consideration of nature confirms this. The science of thermodynamics explains how every thing in nature passes to its final state by a process which it designated the " increase of Entropy". Entropy must for ever increase: it cannot stand still until it has increased so far that it can increase no further. When this stage is reached, further progress will be impossible and the universe will be dead. Thus unless this whole branch of science is wrong, nature permits herself, quite literally, only two alternatives, progress and death: the only standing  still she permits is in the stillness of the grave".

                        (The Mysterious Universe page 131-132)

       Now that we have seen the scientist confesses his earlier mistaken views as erroneous, it seems interesting to note that whereas the theme of analogy seemed much fascinating to Darwin in his quest for the proof of his evolution; to the physicists the point of entropy it seems to bear some remarkable significance. It also is interesting to note that the Quran too has entertained this problem of entropy, to a remarkable advantage, in a very important direction and in an extremely subtle example. The Quran has sought to prove in this example that of entropy, at once, the pre-ordained design, purpose, inexorable control of providence, and inevitability of Resurrection. we are tempted to cite this example with the purpose that of showing that the Quran entertains every problem to prove its self sufficiency. The Quran says:-

       “When (the soul of dying person) cometh up to (his) throat, and ye at the same time are looking on, and we are nigher (nearer) unto him that ye, but ye see not: would ye not, if ye, are not to be rewarded for your actions hereafter, cause the same to return (into the body), if ye speak truth?".

                                                (Quran 56 , 83 to 87)

       The purport of this passage of the Quran is clear, to wit that the soul of the dying person must pass on to the next stage of entropy, for the entropy must forever increase, until it can increase no further. But the basic difference between the view of the scientist and that of the Quran is immense. That is, that the entropy according to the scientist reaches its utmost end at the time of the death of a person. Culminate in the stillness of the grave, but the entropy according to the Quran does not reach its culminating point with death, and soul must further proceed to its next stage that is the next world there awaiting, till at the resurrection it is to be reunited with its body to see the judgment of the creator and to live eternally in a place ordained by he judge in the light of the relative merit of the person concerned. So the entropy according to the Quran ends only in the next world, a world without death. If we cause the entropy to end in death, so that nothing thereafter would happen, then it means that we leave all the injustice or all the good deeds of a soul unrewarded, something against the principles on which the present universe is based.

       The science may gradually draw nearer to certain truths of faith, but the matter of real joy for mankind would be in the acceptance of the belief in resurrection by science. That day will mark a guarantee for prolonged and joyful existence of science as well as mankind.







       The Quran not only anticipated the philosophical trends of human mind in future ages, but it has at times even forestalled certain writings of some great revolutionary authors of the world. Judging from the pattern of such anticipative glimpses of the Quran it may seem, as if the Quran did expect these questions and writings and had placed the answers well prepared before-hand. Proofs of this nature have already been found in the previous chapters concerning the comparative trends of the two philosophies, that of the unscientific scientist and the Quran, and a discerning eye might not have failed to observe, but we now intend to present a few instances of extra-ordinarily conspicuous colour in this respect. At times the point takes the form of a dialogue between the author of twelve pages and the Quran, while the retorts, repartees, rebukes or consoling remarks of the Quran throw the audience into surprise before the undeniable supremacy, never fainting brilliance, unfathomable and infallible knowledge of the scriptures, sparking amidst astonishingly oracular faculty of an unusual order. If all this is not recognized and acknowledged as a miracle, a miracle of the highest order, then indeed the characteristics of miracle have been misunderstood, misconstrued and misjudged. I have found the highest intelligentsia, and the highest intelligentsia only, spell-bound and amazed, whenever I discussed these topics, and I find no reason why other intelligentsia should fail to be influenced by the same. The effect may not penetrate into the lower strata of the general humanity in its original form, but it may reasonably be expected that even the lower strata may not be deprived of the reflective glimpses of the dazzle.

Allah's claim regarding the Quran is:-


       “Verily We have coined for mankind in this Quran all kinds of similitudes, that haply they may reflect".

                                                                        (Quran 39  , 27)

And verily this Quran of Allah never falls short of so great a claim, provided indeed, that there is a discerning eye.

Unscientific Philosopher says

       “This vast multitude of stars are wandering about in space. A few form groups which journey in company, but the majority are solitary travellers. And they travel through a universe so spacious that it is an event of almost unimaginable rarity for a star to come anywhere near to another star. For the most part each voyages in a splendid isolation, like a ship on an empty ocean".

                                    (The Mysterious Universe page 1)

Unscientific Philosopher

       "For the most part each voyages in splendid isolation like a ship on an empty ocean".

Quran says

       “It is not expedient that the sun should overtake the moon in her course, nor  doth the night overstrip the day, they float each in an orbit".

                                                                        (Quran 36 , 39)

Unscientific Philosopher says:-

       “We believe nevertheless, that some two thousand million years ago this rare event took place, and that a second star, wandering blindly through space, happened to come within hailing distance of the sun. Just as the sun and moon raise tides on the surface of the earth, so this second star must have raised tides on the surface of the sun. But they would be very different from the puny tides which the small mass of the moon raises in our oceans; a huge tidal wave must have travelled over the surface of the sun, ultimately forming a mountain of prodigious height, which would rise ever higher and higher as the cause of the disturbance came nearer and nearer. And, before the second star began to recede, its tidal pull had become so powerful that this mountain was torn to pieces and threw off small fragments of itself, much as the crest of a wave throws off spray. These small fragments have been circulating around their parent sun ever since. They are the planets great and small of which our earth is one".

                                    (The Mysterious Universe page 1-2)

       Now as far as the creation of the earth is concerned, the Quran has its own theory, quite different from this advanced by the scientist. The idea that of the separation of earth from the sun through an explosion, is found enshrined at the same time in the idea of the accidental type of a birth of the earth, but a careful study of the Quran regarding the creation of earth, (and indeed a very careful study is needed to from a correct concept thereof) , reveals, the earth having been separated from the heaped up universe in a rough but fundamental form, a form quite characteristic of its basic, and versatile features at the time of the first eruption of the universe. It was then subjected to the process of its preparation for the birth of life upon it. Life appeared later as the result of a process in which the sun, moon, stars and perhaps the whole of the universe cooperated. A characteristic difference between the view that of the scientist and the Quran regarding the theory of the creation of the earth is that the former has given it out as an accident, and hence without any implication of a design or purpose, whereas the Quran has linked the creation of earth with a preordained design and consequently a purpose. We however find an instance fit to be placed against this notion of the scientist regarding the process involved in the separation of the earth from the sun. The instance in question is to be found in the Quran, and although concerned with a different occasion yet is similar in respect of the mode of the process involved, as will be seen in the similarity of the process involved either in the supposed separation of earth from the sun through the agency of the star, or in the revelation of Allah's message to the prophet through the agency of angel. Although this hypothesis of earth's creation is doubtful in more than one ways, yet, the analogy between the two occasions is very interesting in its own way.

The Quran says

       “By the Star when it setteth ...... when (the angel Gabriel) drew clear to view, when he was on the uppermost horizon. Then he drew nigh and came down, till he was (distant) two bows length or even nearer. And he revealed unto his servant that which he ravealed".

       (Quran: In the beginning of the Chapter: The Star 53)

       Please mark the beginning oath "By the Star". A fact which establishes in a way, apparent relevance of the two descriptions of a phenomenon, that is the one given by the scientist and the other given by the Quran. And though there be basic disparity between the two occasions, there clearly exists an unmistakable resemblance between the two processes even to the minute details. The unscientific scientist philosopher mentions the star. The Quran swears by the star. The star of the scientist appears on the uppermost horizon with all its blinding dazzle and unimaginable power. The angel of the Quran also appears like a dazzling star on the uppermost horizon. The star of the scientist gradually draws nearer and nearer to the sun.  The Angel of the Quran also draws nearer and nearer to the heart of the prophet. The star of the scientist eventually approaches near the sun, at a point where it is exerting a particular amount of gravitational pull on the sun. The angel of the Quran also has approached  within a distance of two bows length or even nearer, where it can exert the spiritual influence to the desired degree. The star of the scientist has raised huge tides on the surface of the sun. The angel of the Quran has raised huge spiritual tides in the soul of the Prophet. The tide of the sun was thrown in every direction in the form of spray, a little before the second star began to recede. The spiritual tides, of the soul of the Prophet were also thrown in all directions all over the earth in the form of revelations consisting of the will of the creator for mankind after the angel returned. Beads of sweat like shining stars it is said, used to appear on the forehead of the prophet always when the process of revelation was over. It also can be assumed that a relief in the scripture to some extent might have as a rule been experienced by the sun after the fragments of the tide were thrown away into space, and the exerting influence of the stars was over. A new world in the form of earth is supposed to have appeared after the visit of the second star to the sun. Similarly another world appeared as a result of the message imparted by the angel of God to the prophet. Yet this Hypothesis regarding the separation for earth from the sun is a mere hypothesis and not at all an ascertained fact of science. The process however which the scientist has narrated in his hypothesis though not a fact, yet is a scientific plausibility and hence we have attempted this analogy. The Quran has quite a different theory of earth's creation indeed a wonderful one.

Unscientific philosopher says

       “Standing on our microscopic grain of sand, we attempt to discover the nature and purpose of the universe which surrounds our home in space and time. Our first impression is something akin to terror. We find the universe terrifying because of its inconceivably long vistas of time which dwarf human history to the twinkling of an eye".

                                    (The Mysterious Universe page 2-3)

Unscientific Philosopher says:-

       “The twinkling of an eye".

The Quran says

       ' Lo! We have created every thing by measure. And our commandment is but one (commandment) as the twinkling of an eye".

                                                (Quran 54 , 49 to 50)


       “And the matter of the Hour of (doom) is but as a twinkling of the eye, or it is nearer still".

                                                                        (Quran 16 , 77)

Unscientific Philosopher says

       “This rarity of planetary system is important, because so far as we can see, life of the kind we know on earth, could only originate on the planets like the earth. It needs suitable physical conditions for its appearance, the most important of which is a temperature at which substances can exist in a liquid state".

                                    (The Mysterious Universe page 4)

Unscientific Philosopher says

       “Liquid state".

Quran says

       “We made every living thing of water, will they not then believe?".

                                                                        (Quran 21  ,30)

Unscientific Philosopher says

       "Life can only exist inside a narrow temperate zone which surrounds each of these fires  (stars) at a very definite distance. Outside these zones life would be frozen; inside, it would be shriveled up. At a rough computation, these zones within which life is possible, all added together, constitute less than a thousand million millionth part of the whole of space. And even inside them, life must be of very rare occurrence for it is so unusual an accident for suns  to throw off planets as our own sun has done, that probably only about one star in 100,000 has a planet revolving round it in the small zone in which life is possibl.

       Just for this reason, it seems incredible that the universe, can have been designed primarily to produce life like our own; had it been so, surely we might have expected to find a better proportion between the magnitude of the mechanism and the amount of the product. At first glance at least, life seems to be an utterly unimportant by-product; we living things are somehow off the main line".

                                    (The Mysterious Universe page 4-5)

       Now apparently the scientist philosopher by presenting a diminutive picture of earth and the life upon it from strictly a material point of view indeed quite obviously means to show its apparent insignificance, in order to further show its purposelessness, and hence, all this endeavour to show lack of proportion. But the Quran is of a different view. To the Quran the whole universe is an impact entity. Life is its fruit. And no disproportion anywhere to occur in the works of Allah. The unscientific philosopher says in this context:-

       “At first glance at least life seems to be an utterly unimportant by-product".

       The Quran says:- Then have another  look!


       “Lift up thine eyes, again to heaven and look whether thou seest any flaw: then take two other views; and thy sights shall return unto thee dul and fatigued. Thou canst not see a flaw in the creation of the beneficent".

                                                            (Quran 67 , 4 to 5 )

Unscientific Philosopher says

       “We do however know that while living material consists of quite ordinary atoms, it consists in the main of atoms which have a special capacity for coagulating into extraordinary large bunches or molecules".

                                    (The Mysterious Universe page 6)

Quran says

       “Created man from a clot (of coagulated blood)".

                                                            (Quran 96 ,  2)

       In an endeavour to exemplify the triviality of life in comparison with the immensity of the universe, and further, puny material activity of life against the huge material activity of the universe, for the purpose of proving the insignificance of life and hence the lack of the interest of the Creator therein, the unscientific and scientific philosopher goes as far as to produce an analogy representing therein the unimaginativeness of the sailor quite wrongly though, and says:-

       "A trivial analogy may exhibit the situation in a clearer light. An un-imaginative sailor, accustomed to tying knots might think it would be impossible to cross the ocean if tying knots were impossible. Now the capacity for tying knots is limited to space of three dimensions, no knot can be tied in a space of 1,2,4,5, or any other number of dimensions. From this fact our unimaginative sailor may reason that a beneficent Creator must have had sailors under his special patronage, and have chosen that space should have three dimensions in order that tying knots and crossing the oceans should be possibilities in the universe he had created --in brief, space was of three dimensions, so that there could be sailors. This and the argument outlined above (the argument about the insignificance of the material activity of life as compared with that of the universe) seem to be much on a level, because life as a whole and the tying of knots are pretty much on a level in that neither of them forms more than an utterly insignificant fraction of the total activity of the material universe".

                                    (The Mysterious Universe page 9-10)

       Now the unscientific scientist philosopher, who, due to his blindness in the realm of mind and spirit, has reproached the believing sailor with so ill-beseeming an epithet, quite unjustifiably though, as may justify an appropriate taunt of the Quran meant for those who denied divine order of the world and the existence of a spirit, and the possibility of resurrection, or existence in the other world. They who refuse to admit a possibility of existence of anything except the substantial matter that essentially is subject to three dimensions, and thus deny the existence of resurrection and the reward and punishment in the other immaterial world, shall be led to a strange site which in this world had seemed to them, as an utter impossibility, namely a mere shade, a mere spiritual thing, yet having assumed in the next world  three dimensions, a characteristically of a material substance in this world, and not only this, but also it is seen there to shoot up sparks as huge as their material castles on earth, this also being a quality of matter and these sparks looking like tawny camels. This they will not only be obliged to observe, but will be further hurled into it to practically experience the true qualities thereof. This will be a shade but a shade of different kind, for it will neither afford a shade, or will it give protection against the flame.

       The unscientific scientist philosopher in his above quoted passage regarding the unimaginative sailor and three-dimensional space, means to show, that, just as the tying knots is a matter of no significance in vast activity of sailing on the oceans, so is the material activity of life, against the vast activity of the material universe, and utterly insignificant in comparison with the total material activity of the whole universe. These are the meanings apparent and outward as found on the outer surface of the analogy presented by the unscientific scientist philosopher. But further, a keen observation, reveals meanings implied and essentially namely that:-

       “We cannot believe that there could be any significant link between such factors as three space dimensions, tying of knots, crossing the oceans, unimaginative sailors and the patronage of the Creator".

       The Quran says:- (and it must be understood as alluding to the Day of Judgment)

       “Depart unto that (doom) which ye used to deny; depart unto the shadow falling threefold, (which yet is) no relief nor shelter from the flame. Lo! it throweth up sparks, like the castles, as if they be camels of bright yellow hue. This is a day wherein they speak not. Nor are they suffered to put forth excuses. Woe unto the repudiators that day".

                                                            (Quran 77 , 29 to 37)


       Now please read this passage of the Quran. The shade falling three fold means, a shade of three dimensional space, and something against the rules of this material world, wherein the shade could not as a rule assume three dimensions. Further, it is to be seen to throw up sparks, and sparks as large as the castles of the materialists, and strangely enough as if to increase the surprise and frustration of the unbelieving materialists, the sparks assume the form of camels, the very camels which they in the world had despised and left off and substituted by mechanical vehicles, the marvellous productions of science, the science for which they had forsaken belief in the spiritual and immaterial things and so also the resurrection and the life in Heaven. After the reader has completely understood this subject, he shall very well enjoy the retort of the Quran against those disbelievers in the spiritual world, and then only he shall realize the appropriateness of our presenting this passage of the Quran against this analogy of the unscientific scientist philosopher with real, heartfelt appreciation of the fact, and will then understand the mistake of imputing so inapt an epithet as, unimaginative to so imaginative a person as our sailor, and will on the contrary dawn upon him the real lack of imagination on the part of our unscientific scientist philosopher who called the sailor as unimaginative due merely to his own deficiency of that quality.

Unscientific Philosopher says:

        So much for the surprising manner in which, so far science can at present inform us, we came into being. And our bewilderment is only increased when we attempt to pass from our origins to and understanding of the purpose of our existence, or to foresee the destiny which fate has in store for our race".

                                    (The Mysterious Universe page 10)

Unscientific Philosopher says

       "Our bewilderment is only increased".

Quran says

       "Like one bewildered whom the devils have infatuated in the earth".

                                                (Quran 6 , 71)

Unscientific philosopher says

       "Primitive man living in the temperate zone of the earth, must have watched the ice-age descending on his home with some thing like terror; each year the glaciers came farther down into the valleys, each winter, the sun seemed less able to provide the warmth necessary for life. To him as to us the Universe must have seemed hostile to life".

                                    (The Mysterious Universe page 10)

Quran says

       “We know those primitive among you and we know those that modern are "Lo! thy Lord will gather them together. Lo! He is wise and aware".

                                                            (Quran 15 , 24-25)


       “Those are a people who have passed away. Theres is that which they earned, and yours is that, which ye earn. And ye will not be asked of what they used to do".

                                                                        (Quran 2 ,134)

Unscientific Philospher says

"     We of these later days, living in the narrow temperate zone surrounding our sun and peering into the far future, see an ice-age of a different kind threatening us. Just like *Tantalus standing in a lake so deep that he only just escaped drowning, was yet destined to die of thirst, so it is the tragedy of our race that it is probably destined to die of cold, while the greater part of the substance of the universe still remains too hot for life to obtain or retain a footing".

                                    (The Mysterious Universe page 10)

The Quran produces a Tantalus too:-

“Those unto whom they pray besides Allah respond to them not at all, save as (is the response to) one who stretcheth forth his hands towards water (asking) that it may come upto his

mouth and it will never reach it. The prayer of the disbelievers goeth (for) astray".

                                                                        (Quran 13 , 14)

Unscientific Philosopher says

       "Physics tells the same story, as astronomy. For, independently of all astronomical considerations, the general physical principle known as the second law of thermodynamics predicts that there can be but one end, to the universe --a "Heat-death" in which the total energy of the universe is uniformly distributed, and all the substance of the universe is at the same temperature. This temperature is going to be so low as to make life impossible. It matters little by what particular road this final state is reached; all roads lead to Rome, and the end of the journey cannot be other than universal death".

                                    (The Mysterious Universe page 11)

Unscientific Philosopher says

       "Universal death".

Quran says

       "Every one ,who liveth on earth will pass away, but the glorious and the honorable countenance of thy Lord shall remain forever".

                                                            (Quran 55 , 26 to 27)

Unscientific Philosopher says

       "Is this then, all that life amounts to- to stumble, almost by mistake, into a universe which was clearly not designed for life, and which, to all appearance is either totally indifferent or definitely hostile to it, to stay clinging on to a fragment of a grain of sand until we are frozen off, to strut our tiny hour on our tiny stage with the knowledge that our aspirations are all doomed to final frustration, and that our achievements must perish with our race, leaving the universe as though we have never been".

                                    (The Mysterious Universe page 11-12)

Unscientific Philosopher says

"As though we had never been".

Quran says

       "As thought they had never been".

                                    (Quran 11 , 67)


       “When our commandment came to pass, we saved Saleh, and those who believed with him, by a mercy from Us, from the ignominy of that day. Lo! Thy Lord He is the strong, the Mighty. And the aweful cry overtook those who did wrong, so that morning found them prostrate in the dwellings, as though they had not dwelt there".

                                                (Quran 11 , 66-67)


       "And when our commandment came, we saved Shoaib and those who believed with him by a mercy from Us; and the (aweful) Cry seized those who did injustice, and morning found them prostrate in their dwellings as though they had not dwelt there".

                                                (Quran 11 , 94-95)


       " The similitude of the life of the world is only as water which We send from the sky, then the earth's growth of which men and cattle eat, mingleth with it, till, when the earth hath taken on her ornaments and is embellished, and her people deem that they are masters of her, our commandment cometh by night or by day, and we make it as reaped corn, as if it had not flourished yesterday".

                                                                        (Quran 10  , 24)

       On the title page of " The Mysterious Universe" is found quoted with much appropriateness respecting that book, the world-famous and history-honored simile, Plato's Simile of the cave. I wondered if the Quran also contained a counterpart of that beautiful simile.

       The Quran has never disappointed me in such matters. In the following I quote Plato's Simile of the Cave, and thereafter that of the Quran:-

Plato's Simile

       "And now, I said, let me show in a figure how far our nature is enlightened or un-enlightened:-

       Behold human beings living in an underground cave, which has a mouth open towards the light and reaching all along the cave, here they have been from their childhood and have their legs and necks  chained so that they cannot move, and can only see before them, being prevented by the chains from turning round their heads. Above and behind them a fire is blazing at a distance, and between the fire and the prisoners there is a raised way, and you will see, if you look a low wall built along the way, like the screen which marionette players have in front of them, over which they show the puppets.

       I see:-

       And do you see, I said,  men passing along the wall carrying all sorts of vessels and statues and figures of animals made of wood and stone and various materials, which appear over the wall?

       You have shown me a strange image and they are strange prisoners.

       Like ourselves, I replied; and they see only their own shadows, or the others, shadows which the fire throws on the opposite wall of the cave?

       True, he said; how could they see anything but the shadows if  they were never allowed to move their heads?

       And of the objects which are being carried in the like manner they would only see the shadows?

       Yes, he said.

       To them, I said, the truth would be literally nothing but the shadows of the images".

                                                (Plato's Republic Book VII).


Plato's description of the inmates of the Cave

       "Human beings living in an underground cave, which has a mouth open towards the light and reaching all along the cave, here they have been from their childhood and have their legs and necks  chained so that they cannot move, and can only see before them, being prevented by the chains from turning round their heads. Above and behind them a fire is blazing at a distance, and between the fire and the prisoners there is a raised way, and you will see, if you look a low wall built along the way, like the screen which marionette players have in front of them, over which they show the puppets".

       Now the descriptive part of the Quran's Simile, which we will hereafter quote in full:-

"We have put yokes on their necks, which (come) upto (their) chins, and they are forced to hold up their heads: and we have set a bar before them and a bar behind them, and thus have covered them with darkness, wherefore they shall not see".

                                    (Quran Chapter -36,8-9 YASIN)

       Both these similes are almost identical in  their descriptive parts. Full text of the Simile of the Quran is as follows:-

       " Yasin (I swear) by the instructive Quran that thou art (one) of the messengers (of Allah sent to show) the right way. This is a revelation of most mighty, the Merciful (Allah) that thou mayest warn a people whose fathers were not warned and who live in negligence. (Our) sentence has justly been pronounced against a greater part of them, wherefore they shall not believe. We have put yokes on their necks, which (come) upto (their) chins, and they are forced to hold up their heads; and we have set a bar before them and a bar behind them, and thus have covered them with darkness, wherefore they shall not see. It shall be equal unto them whether thou preach unto them, or do not preach unto them, they shall not believe. But thou shalt preach (with effect) unto him only who follwoeth the admonition, and feareth the Merciful in secret. Wherefore bear good tidings unto him of mercy and honourable reward. Lo! We it is who bring the dead to life. We record that which they send before (them) and their footprints. And all things we kept in a clear register".

                                                            (Quran 36 , 1 to 12)

A comparison between the two Similes:-


"And now, I said, let me show in a figure, how far our nature is enlightened or unenlightened".


" Yasin (I swear) by the instructive Quran that thou  (O Muhammad) art (one) of the Messengers (of Allah) sent (to show) the right way. This is a revelation of the Most Mighty, the Merciful Allah".


"Behold! Human beings living in an underground cave, which has a mouth open towards the light and reaching all along the cave, here they have been from their childhood".


"That thou mayest warn a people whose fathers were not warned and who live in negligence (Our) sentence hath justly been pronounced against a greater  part of them".


"And have their legs and necks chained so that they cannot move, and can only see before them, being prevented by the chains from turning round their heads".


"We have put yokes on their necks which (come) upto (their) chins, and they are forced to hold up their heads".


" Above and behind them a fire is blazing at a distance, and between the fire and the prisoners there is a raised way, and you will see, if you look a low wall built along the way, like the screen which marionette players have in front of them, over which they show the puppets".


"And we have set a bar before them and a bar behind them, and (thus) have covered them with darkness, wherefore they shall not see".


“To them, I said, the truth would be literally nothing but the shadows of the images".


       "It shall be equal unto them, whether thou preach unto them, or do not preach unto them, they shall not believe. But thou shalt preach (with effect) unto him only who follwoeth the admonition, and feareth the Merciful in secret".

       Plato has assayed the intellectual level of mankind regarding their ability in comprehending the ultimate reality, whereas the Quran has alluded to their ability to accept faith, although the ability of accepting faith may also be taken to mean the ability to judge the ultimate reality, for faith itself is the truth of ultimate reality. Plato has shown no exception, and has judged them all appropriately quite unable to know anything but shadows as the nature of his topic implied. The Quran has shown exceptions although some of them may not be endowed with the quality to accept faith , yet some there are. There seems to be difference of application only between the view expressed by Plato, and that by the Quran. In the last resort indeed man's knowledge even of the most certain kind is only a shadow of the true reality. A reality which will appear to man only after he has expired and is outside this walled fortress of material body, this cave Great indeed is the Quran and marvellous. Never in a book so much knowledge was found packed in so few pages. The best answers to the modern complex problems of humanity could be had from this book, the Quran. And now before we bring our discussion of the unscientific philosophy of the scientist to a close, we consider it our duty to warn that such a philosophy shall surely, work the destruction of science, and indeed much sooner than generally is expected, and that of Mankind along with it.  







(1)   The qualities number two and three of those atomic-hell-bound according to the Quran are: systematic accumulation of wealth and wealth worship. Now none need borrow the judgment of either Bacon or Macaulay to realize that this quality that of engrossment in the accumulation of wealth, and indeed in alarming proportions, is the basic characteristic of this modern age, this age of outstanding and all pervading materialism. A strange fact which can delude no body is that the very existence of anyone in this age is only possible if he has wealth. This queer trait is due to a particular set-up of social and economic system of a materialistic age. This necessarily has resulted in the appearance of bonds, insurance, banks, saving certificates, pass books, saving accounts and scores of other methods of accumulating wealth both on individual and collective basis. If by a miracle some one of some pre-modern age were raised from his grave, he would find no words to express his surprise to see so very many modes of accumulation of wealth tempered with such acute sense of panic for wealth everywhere.

       Baconian Slogan, that is, “On to the conquest of the realm of nature" has actually turned out to be, “on to the accumulation of wealth through wealth-worship by the mankind in general". Wealth as the heart, wealth as the soul, wealth as the body, wealth as the deity, wealth as the Goddess. yes, but alas! a false heart, a false soul, a false body, a false deity and a false Goddess. Mankind dived into the desert of wealth, closing their eyes from everything else, till at last they have appeared as a picture of misery panting in anxiety, with tongues lolling and eyes starting out of sockets. The more they accumulate, the more hungry they feel for accumulation. So overwhelming is their thirst for wealth that for its sake, men all over the world are recklessly engaged in enkindling atomic furnaces to burn themselves, their children, their near ones and dear ones. They are even prepared to consume the whole mankind in atomic kilns. They need wealth and they must get it anyhow, anyway. This is the order of this materialistic set up. Some people, indeed very few, in ancient times are said to have destroyed their children, for fear of poverty. Their mention even today saddens the hearts. One actually shudders to hear such a story. But today, not of course for fear of poverty but generally for acquiring more wealth, this humanity of our times, this civilized generation of human history, is fast preparing to hurl their children in millions and along with their own children, the children of all mankind into burning fires, and blazing pyres alive. The denizens of modern age, enlightened, knowledgeable and civilized, worse than the ignorant, barbaric and rustic savages of the past at whose very mention we proudly sneer, scoff and frown in utter contempt. The worshippers of wealth, the adorers of riches, this deluded race of today who think that they shall for ever progress, and their bank-balances will for ever swell, and they shall never die, forgetting the fuel which they add to the huge explosive pyres, in truck-loads continually and wanting but a slip to fall into the flames. It is a mad generation of maniacs, burning in the flames of mutual hatred, envy and selfishness to a degree which well justifies their ruin by raining atom bombs and hails of atomic missiles, plaguing radiations, I, in the hope of God's mercy will entreat them to avail the only chance which is now left for them and now let them think at least for the sake of their children, if at all a little parental affection is still left in their hardened hearts and stony bosoms. Or else let these wise people feel the earth beneath their feet sinking into the burning hell below. The bewitching sorceress, the Goddess of wealth is sitting most conspicuously in her shrine within every human heart. Never once in the history of mankind, did the whole humanity assume such unity of sentiment as they have in the adoration of wealth these days. Not even one God ever achieved such universal popularity as this wealth has. The death, the other world, or the bliss of poverty is never so much as mentioned and every one is worriedly wheezing over the thought of more. yet, death has not been conquered, by wealth. It shall never be. It may come any moment and it certainly shall come. If death remains unconquered, then, who could avert the final judgment and thence the other world.

       Remember, that unless the three characteristics pointed out by the Quran are not annihilated, and the extinguished torch of faith is not re-enkindled and God isn't reinstated in his place, no power on earth, no treaties, entreaties, no wishful thinking, no policies of balanced war-strengths can save mankind from the dreadful doom, that is, terrible nuclear war. The wealth then but enhance the destruction. The forgotten gate of death will be opened and death will rush out in torrents, but Alas! to what advantage, then Alas! when the destinies have been spun and the die is finally cast. Will you not pay heed then to the advice of your inner conscience, or are you certainly doomed! you wealth-diggers, wealth accumulators and wealth worshippers.

       Now hear O miserable soul! the cry of the new born child and interpret what it says. It says O! How I am going to cope with these problems of tyrannical necessities of life. O thou poor little babe that worried about necessities of life, pray open thine innocent eyes and see thy parents and the parents of millions other little babes like thee all over the world, dancing around their goddess of wealth, and adding all the while, fuel to the world-wide kiln, and if thou couldst see the furious tongues of flames emerging like tongues of fiery snakes impatiently to devour all the babes like you and the elders along with them. And who will hurl you in it but your parents themselves with their own hands and will jump themselves along with you into the depths of that burning hell of atomism. Yes! and alas! I wish I could make you understand that which I say to you, O, innocent little babe. It's wealth, it's wealth that has made this hell possible. Let at least there be now an economic system based on the sentiment of equality, equity and generosity that perhaps the burning pains of human heart be mollified a little, for, most of the troubles of mankind today could well be traced to economic disparity and greed for more, never-ending more.

(2)   And indeed, in their belief, in never-ending cycle of their material progress, their ever-linking five yearly plans, to infinity, could be traced their notion of immortality. Without any fear of death, loss or failure they move on their path of ever-developing economy. It is just as the Quran says:-

       “He thinketh that he shall for ever remain rich and wealthy".

But blessed be the word of the Quran, it further says:-

       "Nay, but he shall be cast into Al-Hotama. (along with his riches)". Let them therefore pause for a while and reflect, that perhaps they may be saved. Perhaps they may escape the atomic doom, a dreadful aspect indeed.

Quran and the accumulation of wealth

(a)   " Let not those who hoard up that which Allah hath bestowed upon them of His bounty think it is better for them. Nay, it is worse for them. That which they hoard will be their collar, on the Day of Resurrection. Allah's is the heritage of the heavens and the earth, and Allah is informed of what ye do".

                                                            (Quran 3 ,181)

(b)   " They who hoard up gold and silver and spend it not in the way of Allah, unto them give tidings (O Muhammad ) of a painful doom. On the day when it (all) will be heated in the fire of hell, and their foreheads and their flanks and their backs will be branded therewith (and it will be said unto them): Here is that which ye hoarded for yourselves. Now taste of what ye used to hoard".

                                                            (Quran 9 , 34-35)

Quran's Interpreter

       Now please read this above quoted sign of the Quran and see if you find any justification for the opinion of those who might accuse Islam of materialistic trends. Yet there is not much wonder in their opinion, but the wonder actually is excited by the enormousness of the properties owned by some of those who claim to be the followers of Islam and the Quran. The Prophet of Islam (Peace Be Upon Him) is said to have given in charity the only two gold coins in his house hold at the moment of his death, saying," Mohammed would not like to meet his Lord in a state that two gold coins be in his possession".

Quran's Interpreter

       Usury the greatest abomination in the sight of the Quran:-

(c)   " Those who swallow usury cannot rise up save as he ariseth whom, the devil hath prostrated by (his) touch".

                                                            (Quran 2 , 275)

Quran's Interpreter

       But when men forget about faith, their success in progress might be easy and full.

(d)   "Then, when they forgot that whereof  they had been reminded, we opened unto them the gates of all things till, even as they were rejoicing in that which they were given, we seized them unawares, and lo! they were dumb-founded".

                                                                        (Quran 6 , 44)

(3)   And wealth worship:-

(a)   "Serve Allah. Ascribe no thing as partner unto Him".

                                                                        (Quran 4 , 36)

Quran's interpreter

       Worship not wealth but giver of wealth:-

(b)   " Adore not the sun, nor the moon; but adore Allah Who created them".

                                                                        (Quran 41 ,37)

(c)   " Yet of mankind are some who take unto themselves (objects of worship which they set as) rivals to Allah, loving them with a love like (that which is the due) of Allah only".

                                                                        (Quran 2 , 165)













(1)   Blame neither a nation nor any individual for the appearance of this odious doom: the atomic bomb, but rather curse that particular set up, which, through natural causes eventually brought about the inevitable: this resultant form of a lengthy, logical process, this all-consuming and unrelenting conflagration of nuclear giants, O, how amiable, how sophisticated a name, this Nuclear energy, yet so rude in action, so savage in deed, an apt retribution for so soft-spoken a generation, so far removed from pity, mercy, lenity, pathos, seemingly dulcet but actually morose as if duped into the act of dance-macabre. I could but write this book, and have poured the blood of my heart, into it, but will they listen, will they pay some heed, will they pause to consider, in a world of dizzied minds, and nodding heads and rolling eyes, all engrossed in thoughts of wealth, more wealth, whole wealth, nothing but wealth.

       It is justly said, that to him who devotes his life to science, nothing could give more pleasure than making discoveries, but his cup of joy is full only when the results of his studies find practical application. But  we are so very sorry to be obliged to add, to this undeniable truth, that whoever be so unlucky as to have been engaged in making discoveries in nuclear science, any thing, that would fill his cup if he would outlive the practical application of his discoveries, it could not have been other than sorrow and regret. And the applause he would receive for his remarkable services, would be the shrieks of burning victims and heart-rending cries of miserable people suffering from painful cancers, and lying in -some inhospitable hospital.


(3)   This tiger of atomism has now been let loose but who will put it back into the cage. A tiger, they say, was once caught in a trap. He tried to get out but in vain. He rolled and bit with rage and grief. A poor simple Brahmin passed by and the tiger cried, "Let me out of this cage! O pious one". "Nay, my friend", replied the Brahmin mildly. “You would probably eat me if I did". "Nay, trust me that shall I not", said the tiger. "On the contrary I shall be forever grateful and serve you as a slave".


       Now when the tiger sighed and wept bitterly, the pious Brahmin's heart softened, and at last he consented to open the door of the cage. Out propped the tiger and seeing the poor man, cried, "What a fool you are? What is to prevent my eating you now, for after being cooped up so long, I am just terribly hungry.” In vain the Brahmin pleaded for his life. The most he could get was a promise to allied by the decision of first animal he chose to question as to the justice of the tiger's action.


       As he went on his way the Brahmin met a jackal who called out, "Why? What's the matter Mr. Brahmin?". You look as miserable as fish out of water". And the Brahmin told him all that had taken place. "How very confusing", said the jackal -when the story had been told --- “Would you mind telling me over again, for every thing has gone so mixed up". The Brahmin told him all over again, but the jackal shook his head as if he were still unable to understand. “It is very odd", said he sadly, "but the tale seems to go in at one ear and out at the other, I will go to the place where it all happened. And then perhaps I will be able to give a judgment". So they returned to the cage, by the side of which the tiger was still awaiting for the Brahmin and sharpening the teeth and claws. “You have been a long time", growled the savage beast, "but let us begin our dinner". "Our dinner" thought the wretched Brahmin as his knees knocked together with fright, what unhappy way of speaking. “Give me five minutes my Lord", he pleaded, “In order that I may explain matter to the jackal here, who is somewhat slow in his wits". The tiger consented and the Brahman told the whole story again not missing a single detail and spinning as long a yarn as possible. “Oh my poor brain", cried the jackal, wringing its paws. Let me see how did it all begin, “You were in the cage and the tiger came walking by". "Pooh", interrupted the tiger! “What a fool you are. I was in the cage". "Oh, Of course", cried the jackal pretending to tremble with fright. “Yes, I was in the cage--No I was not ---dear ----dear". Where are my wits? Let me see. The tiger was in the Brahmin and the cage came walking by. No, that's not it either. Well, do not mind me but begin your dinner for I shall never understand". "Yes, you shall", returned the tiger in a rage at the jackal's stupidity. “I will make you understand. Look here! I was in the cage. Do you understand?". "Yes Please my Lord, how did you get in?". "How, why, in the usual way of course, O, dear me, my head is going to whirl again. Please do not be angry my Lord but what is the usual way?" At this, the tiger lost all patience and jumped into the cage and cried, "This way", now do you understand how this was?"."Perfectly", grinned the jackal as he cleverly shut the door. “And if you'll permit me to say so, I think the matters will remain a as they were". Now we were told this story to end here. But the things developed further. A fierce quarrel broke out among the Beasts of the jungle. The weaker party approached the caged tiger in hope of getting help from the mighty king of the beasts, and after some conversation, they opened the cage on their own accord without even the sulky tiger having asked for it. So out propped the wretched beast. And it is said, that the first thing which he did was to tear these envoys of the beasts and devour them up, flesh and bone. The remaining beasts of the jungle became his prey soon after. The truth of this story may one day be realized by the humanity, rather, the survivors of the atomic conflagration amongst humanity, and there some aged grand pa may relate it to little monstrous brood around him.


(4)   Nixons and Brezniefs are endeavouring hard to keep this atomic tiger caged, just as Einenhovers and Khursheves have done before them and so will their successors in future times. But will they, inspite of their genuine attempts and sincere efforts, be able to jackal this furious monster into its cage forever, while the devil moves free to dab the wall with syrupy finger everywhere. Even if they succeed for a while in their endeavour, who will stop the emission of the venomous rays which the atomic tiger perpetually breaths inside the cage or outside.


(5)   History of human mind reveals a constant struggle between an inherent love of pleasure and abhorrence of pain. But a serious thought of eternity against transitoriness of things has often pervaded the greatest human minds throughout the long history of mankind. In order to seek eternity of pleasure, such minds have scarified the transitory pleasures and have chosen to bear the pains, transitory pains patiently. Bliss, permanent, unmixed and eternal, was their goal. The temporary pleasures of this temporary world were considered by them as a source of eternal pains eventually. While on the contrary, they deemed temporary pains of this temporary world as a source of eternal pleasure eventually, just as excess in food and drink resulted in gastric troubles, and a day long fast was rewarded with added pleasantness in the evening feast. Thus a constant reminder of the evils for worldly greed was forever present to sober the excessive desire of worldly things, and a sort of a moderate behavior was generally achieved. The death and the perfidious nature of this life was forever present before the eye of their mind. A philosophy of this kind was taught in every temple, mosque, monastery, hermitage, nursery or cavern throughout the world as far as the recorded history of man can take us back into the antiquity. The mind was to be preferred to matter, the soul was to deserve more consideration than the body. This world was thought of as a deceitful provision as against the eternal life in heaven. Calamities and vicissitudes were to be borne with patience. Humanity moved on the path of morality and spiritualism, gradually progressing, till these qualities reached a point which seemed something like a zenith. Then a decline began. Faith began to be abused. Falsity began to appear in the garb of truth, and the devil enraged in the guise of a saint. Selfish motives expelled the light of sincerity. The cleverer sort played upon the superstition of ignorant masses. The situation worsened gradually, till it could worsen no more. The very name of religion struck a terror in the mind of people. Then came a balanced religion. All taint of superstition and (undesirable part of the) superstitious dread was removed. Matter and mind, body and soul, this world and the other world were allotted their proper places. The things assumed a happy appearance once more. This state of affairs persisted for a long time. But at last things worsened and another phase appeared. Faith came to be suspected as a mere hoax. The whole atmosphere became so overcast with doubt, mistrust and suspicion that man's eyes saw nothing but pretentious attitudes, feigned piety, concealed falsehood, cloaked ignorance, pretexed tyranny, everywhere and everyway. Faith came to be considered as an obstacle in their way to the feast of nature. A mere superstition. A foul play, and a wall against their path to progress, faith became a word of reproach. The thoughts of mercy, charity and moral fortitude waned, and dwindled also the hope in heaven. A dispute which had emerged with the appearance of mankind, between mind and matter, and had always been decided in favour of mind, started a fresh and terminated in complete victory of matter over the mind, of body over the soul and this world over the next world. Faith was considered as a cumbersome burden, and the conquest of the realm of nature was assumed although with some little thought of faith in the beginning, but gradually the materialism excluded the faith from the thoughts and reigned supreme. Thus life was once again unbalanced, though this time not towards spiritualism but towards materialism. The consequences of unbalances could not therefore be escaped and mankind found itself standing on the brink of atomic hell ready to be plunged in it any moment. A balanced life now, once again is the dire necessity of the world, if this dreadful doom is to be averted.


(6)   An essential compromise between these old adversaries, mind and matter is the need of the hour, since none of these could be discarded, and both are indispensable to man. Yet they have different places and ought to be justly placed. The mind is to be the leader, but it is to be led by faith in turn. The body is to be fed and prepared for good works. In that case sleep and rest also shall be deemed as part of work, since these prepare the body for further work. And every act of kindness shall be deemed as charity. To smile in the face of an afflicted brother, or to lead a blind person on to his way are to be considered equally works of charity. A constant struggle is to be put against evil, evil of every kind ranging from the accumulation of dirt to an act of felony, fraud or tyranny. Let justice, equity and equality be the rule, and let universal fraternity and brotherhood prevail. Let men be judged by worth and not by substance and let every deed reflect the thought of the Day of Judgment. Honourable in the judgment of God is he who fears God more and leads a life of piety. This life is but transient and this world is but a temporary abode. Man's real home is in heaven, whence he came. Those who have made this earth their permanent abode, they have subjected themselves to serious consequences. Their progress has provided a deceit and their light no light but a darkness visible to discover sights of woe, regions of sorrow, doleful shades, where peace and rest can never dwell, hope never comes.


(7)   Humanity today needs a faith of a balanced kind. A life balanced between the mind and matter, body and soul, material and spiritual, terrestrial and celestial, this world and the other world. So that mind and not matter shall lead; matter being but a servant of mind. The soul and not the body shall lead, the body being but a servant of soul. The other world and not this world shall lead, this world being but a sowing field, and life a season for sowing that shall be reaped in the other world. And all being led by faith. Faith in Allah and his angels, his scriptures, his apostles and in resurrection. Let body be allowed food and apparel and other reasonable necessities of life, on condition that it serves the cause of good against evil. Let men live in society and work their way to the paradisical bliss of heaven, under the sovereignty of one common God over this globe under the canopy of heaven. Let wealth be deposed from its usruped God-head and  brought to its real place that of necessity and let this be spent on good works and needy people. Let religion be generalized and brought within the reach of every one. Let every one be allowed the necessities of life, but let not the spirit of self-abnegation and self sacrifice be allowed to die out, and let the feelings of spiritual values be the basic consideration always. Let men live within this world and within the society, yet attached only outwardly but inwardly detached and attached to God and the next world. Let men live like soldiers by day and like hermits by night, leading an unprejudiced life. Let them be moderate in every thing and let them avoid extremities of every kind. An average mark only, since too lofty ideals are for a few select and are fraught with great dangers. Let the requirement of knowledgeable made compulsory but at the same time let it be made subservient to faith, or else it may turn extremely dangerous. Our modern knowledge is one such example, and needs this treatment,. It has in the absence of faith enkindled a hell of a kind unknown to the ancient people of ignorant ages of the past. It has assumed the form of blood curdling terror a grisly, a fright with fiery tongues, and flaming breath, which consumes human-beings to a distance of hundreds of miles, and is called the Demon Attumbumb. A religion with such features which we have described can bring peace and contentment to the distressed humanity and can avert the atomic danger naturally.

(8)   An amulet to ward off the atomic evil

       In the following we present a code formulated from the Quran. We will call this code, an amulet to ward off the atomic evil form mankind, and scare away the giant atumbumb. This code if adopted, and this amulet if worn by humanity, every apparition, ghost, vampire, and which: of greed; of felony, of injustice, of tyranny: and indeed every other evil spirit shall be exorcised out of this modern race. Complete destruction of such evils as dirt, disease, poverty and ignorance also is guaranteed, besides a revival of an atmosphere of mutual goodwill, sympathy, trust and a sense of a universal brotherhood that come in the wake. Millions of hearts all over the world, throbbing together in perfect unison, sweet harmony and affable concord, in a world full of love and sympathy resulting from a transformation of hearts so strange that, hearts filled with hatred and distrust today and desiring destruction of at least that the world of God through a rain of atomic hail and deadly missiles, would feel tomorrow a tinge of mercy, and revival of hope and charitable sentiments. This gloomy earth, and these scowling skies would smile once more on a panic-striken human race.

       And lastly let no one suffer himself to be deluded into a belief that, after the atomic bomb: this personification of certain untoward tendencies of a deluded mankind: has made its appearance in the world, either caution or prudence on the part of ill- fated mankind, amidst a world of unforeseen and unpredictable circumstances, unavoidable vicissitudes, and thousands of undercurrents insidiously converging towards infinite points of probable collisions, might possibly succeed in retaining a hold on this most perfidious of all monsters to the last, nay, even for a very long duration, unless indeed, the basic causes of the emergence of atomic bomb as stated by the Quran are removed. And no doubt when a single atomic bomb, has once been detonated and dropped on any human habitation, any hope of existence either of civilization or humanity, or health, amidst the retaliative cannonade of atomic bombs, ought to be considered as futile.

       The name of atomic bomb is indeed terrible. The very mention of this name strikes terror in the heart of poor helpless humanity. But worse is another face of nuclear energy, a fact which I might have repeated a hundred times in this work, and which I would never feel tired of repeating-- as long as I live and breath, quite unmindful of the charge of unnecessary repetition, namely, the lethal effect of the inherent and inescapable ionizing radiations of nuclear energy, whether nuclear energy be generated for war purpose or whether it be generated for peace purposes.  It will of course be with a guilty conscience if I skip this unusually important reality, without declaring it at the top of my voice to the whole of human species, particularly, when I observe with heartfelt grief, a general tendency on the part of responsible guides of humanity, a tendency which may move any sincere-hearted person to genuine indignation, a tendency that of under-estimating and under-toning the radiological hazard of atomic radiations, on the plea of obtaining much needed power from nuclear energy. I honestly believe, that there isn't one individual in this whole vast world of Allah who might not prefer to see his innocent children half hungry or barefooted to exposing them to radiations and seeing them lepers or cancer-ridden monsters: their miserable plight cutting at the very heartstrings of wretched parents, who would but helpless by sigh and curse the day when this epidemical blight was discovered,  Alas! for poor, ill-fated, ill-starred and ill-advised humanity.

       Now, if faith be prescribed as a remedy for humanity's ills today, and the divine scriptures are to be referred to in search of the treatment, then the Quran certainly occupies a place of honour amongst these celestial guides of human race. And if a patient can condescend to receive the treatment, from a doctor in whose particular faith he does not believe, why then anyone who does not believe in a scripture should refuse to benefit by the guidance which such a scripture may effectually offer, without obligation. Why a thirsty man should refuse to drink from a spring, just because the spring did not happen to exist within the territory of the county of his birth. During my life long study of scriptures, I have found this book, this Quran to contain a great advice. If in the past ages of simple problems it has guided the humanity and has furnished them with satisfactory answers for their simple problems, it has the necessary light to guide the present day humanity and can provide answers to their complex problems. How often I have watched with amazement the very signs (verses) of this book, which in antiquity had provided answers to simple and straight forward questions particular to those simple ages, achieve a transformation in some unknown, mysterious way, to provide, very direct, very appropriate answers to typically modern problems of an extremely complex nature, and particularly characteristic of modern environment: a creation of modern circumstances, and bearing the stamp of modern complexity. With what amazement I found the signs adopting a modern appearance, and in a modern atmosphere converging from different directions to a particular objective like flocks of paradise birds in flight, where they would first identify themselves with the point of discussion, its object and subject, through an apt allusion,  an appropriate hint, or a suggestive reflection, and then discussing the actual problem, in a few judged words in a brief succinct manner, yet clear and astonishingly comprehensive in detail, and thereafter assessing the essence of the actual truth; would finally depart with some weighty aphorism or a piece of heart-touching advice. The clouds suddenly appear in the sky, there is lightening and thunder, the rain pours in buckets, leaving the azure sky brightened clear. The details are sometime described with such exact minuteness and with so exact a bearing on the problem, and indeed with such unmistakable identify with the problem in question, that it seems as if the sign had been revealed against a question put to an oracle for reply.

       A light- house with Seventy Candles:

(9)   The codified amulet which we now present from the Quran, can with some aptness be likened to a celestial, seven sided Beacon of light, with seventy candles. The light-house moulded into a brilliant crown to  outshine the dazzle of the orient sun, and to quell the blinding dazzle, the deafening thunder, and stunning blast of the thermonuclear destroyer of this world of Allah. The scientist it seems will never be able to invent a neutralizer of atomic bomb. The politicians it seems will never be able to guarantee a no-atomic-war pact for ever. But the amulet prepared by the Quran is without a doubt a sure redeemer of humanity from the clutches of this atomic monster. It is the Quran that has predicted the danger of atomic conflagration, and it is the Quran itself that has prescribed the remedy of this unparalleled danger to the mankind at large; and it is definitely by applying the method which the Quran has shown that this disaster can be averted. It is not only the nuclear dread that will be annihilated if this code presented by the Quran is abided by, but surely the long-lost joy, peace and contentment of mankind will return once more in a distressed world. Let not therefore the present day sailors of the whirling boat of humanity refuse the sails and magnetic compass offered by the Quran in so dark a night and so enraged the ocean. That perhaps the boat may emerge from this perilous situation, and move onward on its voyage to its destination, in peace and in safety.

(10) The sides of the Beacon are as follows:-

       (1)            Side No.1: The face of the beacon.

It bears an inscription relating to the guidance and Mercy of Allah, that is the Quran.

       (2)            Side No. 2: is about this world.

       (3)            Side No. 3 : is about the other world.

       (4)            Side No.4 : This life a trial.

       (5)            Side No. 5: Reasonable necessities of life                            allowed to a reasonable extent, and on                                     condition.

       (6)            Side No. 6: Principles of Economics of                                the Quran.

       (7)            Side no. 7: Faith.

       By adopting this code, the habits of slander and back-biting exclusive engrossment in the accumulation of wealth and wealth worship will vanish, and along with it will vanish the threat of atom bomb as well as the nuclear energy. The signs which we have quoted are not a haphazard selection. But rather every sign has a direct and exact bearing on the modern age and its modern problems. Space and time does not permit us to give explanations, let therefore the reader himself try to find the peculiarities of this nature.

(11) The Spirit of the amulet

       "Our Lord! Give unto us in this world that which is good and in the next world that which is good, and guard us from the doom of fire".

                                                            (Quran 2  ,201)

The outer inscription of the Beacon

       "Allah is the Light of heavens and the earth. The similitude of  His light is as a niche wherein is a lamp. The lamp is in a glass. The glass is as it were a shining star. (This lamp is) kindled from a blessed tree, an olive neither of the East nor the West, whose oil would almost glow forth (of itself) though no fire touched it. Light upon light, Allah guideth unto His light whom He will. And Allah speaketh to mankind in allegories, for Allah is Knower of all things".

                                                            (Quran 24,35)

Side No.1. The face of the beacon

       Candle No.1.

       “O Mankind! There hath come unto you an exhortation from your Lord, a balm for that which is in the breasts, a guidance and a mercy for believers. Say: In the bounty of Allah and in His mercy: Therein let them rejoice. It is better than what they hoard".

                                                (Quran 10  ,58-59)

Side No.2 : This world

Candle No.2:

       " Know that the life of this world is only play and idle talk and pageantry, and boasting among you, and rivalry in respect of wealth and children; as the likeness of vegetation after rain, whereof the growth is pleasing to the husbandman, but afterwards it drieth up, and thou seest it turning yellow, then it becometh straw. And in the Hereafter there is grievous punishment, and (also) forgiveness from Allah and His good pleasure, whereas the life is but matter of illusion".

                                                (Quran 57 , 20-21)

Candle No 3

       "Beautified for mankind is the love of joys (that come) from women and offspring, and stored-up heaps of Gold and Silver, and horses branded (with their mark), and cattle and land. That is comfort of the life of the world. Allah! With Him is a more excellent abode".

                                                (Quran 3  ,14)

Candle No 4:

       "Whoso desireth the reward of the world (let him know that) with Allah is the reward of the world and the Hereafter".

                                                (Quran 4  ,134)

Candle No 5

       "Whoso desireth the harvest of the Hereafter, we give him increase in its harvest. And whoso desireth the harvest of the world, we give him thereof, and he hath no portion in the Hereafter".

                                                (Quran 42 ,20)

Candle No. 6

       “Whoso desireth the life of the world and its pomp, We shall repay them their deeds therein, and therein they will not be wronged. Those are they for whom is naught in the hereafter save the fire. (all) that they contrive here is vain and (all) that they are wont to do is fruitless".

                                                (Quran 11 , 15-16)

Quran's Interpreter

       Please read the above quoted sign with care. It exactly describes the state of modern materialistic age. They have moved on the path of material progress and they have been well rewarded in their struggle, but because they forgot resurrection and the next world in heaven, they have found themselves face to face with a raging fire, that of atomic hell even in this world and who knows their lot in the world which is thereafter. Particularly interesting are the two terms used in the above quoted sign, namely the "contrivance" and the "fruits". These are the two very same terms which are the essence of the Baconian Philosophy, and frequently used in bacon's writings, namely, contriving the methods of experimentation and seeking the fruit. Hence the philosophy of Bacon is aptly known as the philosophy of utility and fruit. Bacon himself very sagaciously had tried to balance his philosophy between the material and the spiritual, but unfortunately his followers soon discarded the spiritual side and totally inclined towards the immediate material gains, with the result that the fruit was tainted. First few bites were indeed sweet enough, first few whiffs quite inebriating, first few swings exhilarating. But then a taint of sourcness spread throughout. The sweet taste of the fruit vanished. Inebriation changed into dizziness, the pleasant glide of the swing assumed frightfuly impetuous whirl. Heart-burning spread like epidemic. Discontent and frustration increased in exact proportion to the increase in the fruit, and so the Quran says with much appropriateness.

Candle No.7

       “Such are those who buy the life of the world at the price of the Hereafter. Their punishment will not be lightened, neither will they have support".

                                                (Quran 2 + 86)

Candle No.8:  (And they will never be satisfied)

       " Those unto whom they pray beside Allah respond to them not at all, save as (is the response to) one who stretcheth forth his hands towards water (asking) that it may come unto his mouth; and it will never reach it".

                                                (Quran 13 , 14)

Candle No.9 

       (They will be punished with wealth)

       “So let not their riches nor their children please thee. Allah thereby intendeth but to punish them in the life of the world and that their souls shall pass away while they are disbelievers".

                                                (Quran 9 , 55)

Candle No 10:

       " Then, when they forgot that whereof they had been reminded, We opened unto them the gates of all things till, even as the they were rejoicing in that which they were given, We seized them unawares, and Lo! they were dumb founded".

                                                (Quran 6  ,44)

Note: This actually is the case of modern age of progress and atomic hell.

Candle No. 11

       "Every soul will taste of death. And you will be paid on the Day of Resurrection only that which ye have fairly earned. Whoso is removed from the Fire and is made to enter Paradise, he indeed is triumphant. The life of this world is but comfort of illusion".

                                                            (Quran 3 ,185)

Side No.3 of the Beacon

Candle No. 12:

       " Now have ye come unto Us solitary as We did create you at the first, and ye have left behind you all that we bestowed upon you, and we behold not with you those your intercessors, of whom ye claimed that they possessed a share in you. Now is the bond between you severed, and that which ye presumed hath failed you".

                                                (Quran 6  , 95)

Candle No 13:

       “The abode of the hereafter is better, for those who ward off (evil)".

                                                (Quran 7 ,169)

Candle No. 14:

       " As for man, whenever his Lord trieth him by honouring him, and is gracious unto him, he saith: My Lord honoureth me: But whenever He trieth him by straitening his means of life, he saith: My Lord despiseth me. Nay, but ye (for your part) honour not the orphan. And urge not on the feeding of the poor, And ye devour heritage with devouring greed, And love wealth with abounding love. May, but when the earth is ground to atoms, grinding, grinding, and thy Lord shall come with angels, rank on rank, and hell is brought near that day; on that day, ,man will remember, but how will the remembrance (then avail him) ? He will say: Ah, would that I had sent before me (some provision) for my life! None punsisheth as He will punish on that day! None bindeth has He then will bind. But Ah! thou soul at peace! Return unto thy Lord, content in His good pleasure! Enter thou among My bondsmen! Enter thou my garden!".

                                                (Quran 89 ,15 to 30)

Side No 4 of the beacon:-  This life a trial

Candle No. 15:

       “(God) hath created life and death, that He may try you, which of you is best in conduct".

                                                            (Quran 67 , 2)

Candle No. 16:

       “He it is who hath placed you as viceroys of the earth and hath exalted some of you in rank above others, that He may try you by (the test of) that which He hath given you".

                                                            (Quran 6  ,166)

Candle No. 17

       “Lo! We have placed all that is in the earth as an ornament thereof that we may try them: which of them is best in conduct".

                                                            (Quran 18  ,7)


Candle No. 18:

       "Lo! Had Allah willed He could have made you one community. But that He may try you by that which He hath given you (He hath made you as ye are)".

                                                            (Quran 5  ,48)

Candle No. 19

       “I created the Jinn and Mankind only that they might worship Me".

                                                            (Quran 51 ,56)

Candle No. 20

       “And were it not that mankind would have become one community, (through love of riches), We might well have appointed, for those who disbelieve in the Beneficent, roofs of silver for their houses and stairs (of silver) to mount, And for their houses doors (of silver) and couches of silver whereon to recline, and ornaments of gold. Yet all that would have been but a provision of the life of the world. And the hereafter with your  Lord would have been for those who keep from evil".

                                                (Quran 43  ,33 to 35)

Candle No. 21

       “Your wealth and your children are only a temptation, whereas Allah! with Him is an immense reward".

                                                            (Quran 64 ,15)

Candle No. 22

       “Say: Lo! My Lord enlargeth the provision for whom He will and narroweth it (for whom He will). But most of mankind know not. And it is not your wealth nor your children that will bring you near unto Us, but he who believeth and doeth good (he draweth near)".

                                                            (Quran 34 ,36-37)

Candle No. 23

       "O mankind! Lo! We have created you male and female, and have made you nations and tribes that ye might know one another. Lo! the noblest of you, in the sight of Allah, is the best in conduct. Lo! Allah is Knower, Aware".

                                                (Quran 49 ,13)

Candle No. 24

       “(This lamp of the light of God is found) in houses which Allah hath allowed to be exalted and that His name shall be remembered therein. Therein do offer praise to Him at morn and evening men whom neither merchandise nor sale beguileth from remembrance of Allah and constancy in prayer and paying to the poor their due: who fear a day when hearts and eye-balls will be overturned".

                                                (Quran 24  ,36-37)

Candle No 25

       “O Ye who believe! Let not your wealth nor your children distract you from remembrance of Allah. Those who do so, they are the losers".

                                                (Quran 63  , 9)

Candle No 26

       “Yet of mankind are some who take unto themselves (objects of worship which they set as) rivals to Allah, loving them with a love like (that which is the due) of Allah only".

                                                (Quran 2 ,165)

N.B. Of the objects which could be said to have been set as the rival of Allah could be cited, wealth, which in these days is adored with the adoration due only to Allah.

Candle No. 27

       “Allah enlargeth the provision for whom He will of His servants and straiteneth it (for whom He will)".

                                                            (Quran 28 ,82)        “And if Allah were to enlarge the provision for His servants they would surely rebel in the earth, but He sendeth down by measure as He willeth. Lo! He is informed, a Seer of His bondmen".

                                                            (Quran 42 ,27)

Candle No. 28

       “Vie one with another in good works.  Unto Allah ye will all return, and He will  then inform you of that wherein ye differ".

                                                            (Quran 5  ,48)

Candle No. 29

       “For all there will be ranks from what they did. Thy Lord is not unaware of what they do".

                                                            (Quran 6 ,133)

Side No 5.

N.B. Reasonable necessities of life allowed by the Quran, to a reasonable extent, but on conditions:-

Candle No 30

       “Eat and drink of that which Allah hath provided and do not act corruptly, making mischief in the earth".

                                                            (Quran 2 , 60)

Candle No. 31

       “O mankind! Eat of that which is lawful and wholesome in the earth, and follow not the footsteps of Devil. Lo! He is an open enemy for you".

                                                            (Quran 2 ,168)

Candle No. 32

       “Eat of that which Allah hath bestowed on you as lawful and good, and keep your duty to Allah in Whom ye are believers".

                                                            (Quran 5  ,88)

Candle No 33

       “O ye who believe! Forbid  not the good things which Allah has made lawful for you, and transgress not. Lo! Allah loveth not transgressors".

                                                            (Quran 5 , 87)

Candle No. 34

       “He hath forbidden you only carrion, and blood, and swine flesh, and that which hath been immolated to (the name of) any other than Allah. But he who is driven by necessity, neither craving nor transgressing, it is no sin for him. Lo! Allah is Forgiving, Merciful".

                                                            (Quran 2  , 173)

Candle No. 35

       “Eat of that over which the name of Allah hath been mentioned, if ye are believers in His revelations".

                                                            (Quran 6,119)

Candle No 36

       “O ye who believe! Strong drinks and game of chance and idols and divining arrows are only an infamy of Satan's handiwork. Leave it aside in order that ye may succeed. Satan seeketh only to cast among you enmity and hatred by means of strong drink and games of chance, and to turn you from remembrance of Allah and from (His) worship. Will ye then have done?".

                                                            (Quran 5,90-91)

Candle No. 37

       “There is not a beast in the earth but the sustenance thereof dependeth on Allah. He knoweth its habitation and its repository. All is in a clear record".

                                                            (Quran 11 , 6)

Candle No. 38

       “O Children of Adam! Look to your adornment at  every place of worship, and eat and drink, but be not prodigal. Lo! He loveth not the prodigals".

                                                            (Quran 7 ,31)

Candle No. 39

       “Say: Who hath forbidden the adornment of Allah which He hath brought forth for his bondmen and the good things of His providing? Say: Such on the Day of Resurrection, will be only for those who believed during the life of the world. Thus do we detail our revelations for people who have knowledge. Say: My Lord forbiddeth only indecencies, such of them as are apparent, and such as are within, and sin and wrongful oppression, and that ye associate with Allah that for which no warrant hath been revealed, and that ye tell concerning Allah that which ye know not".

                                                   (Quran 7 ,32-33)

Candle No. 40

       " Allah is He who created the heavens and the earth, and causeth the water to descend from the sky, thereby producing fruits as food for you, and maketh the ships to be of service unto you, that they may run upon the sea at His command, and hath made of service unto you the rivers; And maketh the sun and the moon, constant in their courses, to be of service unto you, and hath made of service unto you the night and the day. And He giveth you of all ye ask of Him, and if ye would count the bounty of Allah ye cannot reckon it. Lo! man is verily a wrong-doer and ingrate".

                                                (Quran 14,32 to 34)

Candle No. 41

       “We gave unto (Jesus) the Gospel, and placed compassion and Mercy in the hearts of those who followed him. But Monasticism they invented -- We ordained it not for them -- only seeking Allah's pleasure, and they observed it not with right observance. So we gave those of them who believe their reward".

                                                            (Quran 57 , 27)

Side No 6

Quran's economic principles

Candle No. 42

       " Lo! Allah enjoineth Justice and kindness, and giving to kinsfolk, and forbiddeth lewdness and abomination and wickedness. He exorteth you in order that ye may take heed".

                                                            (Quran 16 , 90)

Candle No. 43

       “O ye who believe! Squander not your wealth among yourselves in vanity, except it be a trade by mutual consent, and kill not one another. Lo! Allah is ever Merciful unto you".

                                                            (Quran 4 , 29)

Candle No. 44

       “Eat ye of the fruit thereof when it fruiteth , and pay the due thereof upon the harvest day, and be not prodigal".

                                                            (Quran 6 , 142)

Candle No. 45

       “Establish worship, pay the poor due, and bow your heads with those who bow (in worship)".

                                                            (Quran 2 , 43)

Candle No 46

Note: Following is the Key-note of the Islamic Economic System:-

       “They will ask thee what they shall bestow (in alms): answer what ye have to spare. Thus Allah showeth (his) signs unto you, that peradventure ye might seriously think of this present world, and the next".

                                                            (Quran 2  , 219)

Note: That is, prefer the next world, and spend most in the name of Allah, and the same will be paid to you in that eternal life.

Candle No. 47:

Note: Following is the fundament of the Islamic socio-economic system:-

       “Less (the riches) be (for ever divided) in a circle among such of you as are rich".                                      (Quran 59  ,7)

N.B. The Quran enjoins a reasonable division of wealth. A few excessively rich and others extremely poor, is not the ideal of the Quran. A reasonable equality in this matter is sought.

Candle No. 48

       “The likeness of those who spend their wealth in Allah's way is as the likeness of a grain which growth seven ears, in every ear a hundred grains. Allah giveth increase manifold to whom He will. Allah is All-Embracing, All Knowing".

                                                (Quran 2 ,261)

Candle No. 49

       Note: Following is the basis of Islamic Economic System. Allah is the real owner and inheritor.

       “Let not those who hoard up that which Allah hath bestowed upon them of His bounty think that it is better for them. Nay, it is worse for them. That which they hoard will be their collar on the day of resurrection. Allah's is the heritage of the heavens and the earth, and Allah is informed of what ye do".

                                                (Quran 3 , 181)

Candle No. 50

“(Men's) souls are naturally inclined towards covetness".

                                                (Quran 4 ,128)

Candle No.  51

       "And whoso is preserved from the covetness of his own soul, those surely shall prosper".

                                                (Quran 59 , 9)

Candle No. 52:

       “Whoever shall be niggardly, shall be niggardly towards his own soul: For God wanteth nothing, but ye are needy".

                                                (Quran 47  , 38)

Candle No. 53

       “Allah hath blighted usury and made alms-giving fruitful. Allah loveth not the impious and guilty".

                                                (Quran 2 , 276)

Candle No. 54:

       “And how many an animal there is that beareth not its own provision! Allah provideth for it and for you".

                                                (Quran 29 , 60)

Candle No 55

       “They who hoard up gold and silver and spend it not in the way of Allah, unto them give tidings of a painful doom, On the day when it (all) will be heated on the fire of hell, and their foreheads and their flanks and their backs will be branded therewith (and it will be said unto them) : Here is that which ye hoarded for yourselves. Now taste of what ye used to hoard".

                                                (Quran 9 + 34 , 35)

Candle No 56

       "As for those who disbelieve, Lo! if all that is in the earth were their's, and as much again therewith, to ransom them from the doom of the day of resurrection, it would not be accepted from them. Their's will be a painful doom".

                                                            (Quran 5 ,36)

Candle No. 57

       “Lo! those who keep from evil will dwell amid gardens and water--springs, taking that which their Lord giveth them; for Lo! afortime they were doers of good; they used to sleep but little of the night, and ere the dawning of each day would seek forgiveness. And in their wealth the beggar and the outcast had due share".

                                                (Quran 51 , 15 to 19)

Candle No. 58

       “Those who swallow usury cannot rise up save as he ariseth whom the devil hath prostrated by (his) touch. That is because they say: trade is just like usury; whereas Allah permitteth trading and forbiddeth usury. He unto whom an admonition from his Lords cometh, and (he) refraineth (in obedience thereto), he shall keep (the profits of) that which is past, and his affair (henceforth) is with Allah. As for him who returneth (to usury) -- Such are rightful owners of the fire. They will abide therein".

                                                            (Quran 2  , 275)

Candle No. 59:

       “One who believe! Observe your duty to Allah, and give up what remaineth (due to you) from usury, if ye are (in truth) believers. And if ye do not, then be warned of war (against you) from Allah and His messenger. And if ye repent, then ye have your principal  (without interest). Wrong not, and ye shall not be wronged".

                                                 (Quran 2 , 278-279)

Candle No. 60

       “Allah hath blighted usury and made alms -giving fruitful".

                                                (Quran 2 , 276)

Candle No. 61

       “That which  ye give in usury in order that it may increase on (other) people's property, hath no increase with Allah; but that which ye give in charity, seeking Allah's countenance, hath increase manifold".

                                    (Quran 30 ,39)

Candle No. 62

       “But as for him who is given his record (on the day of resurrection) in his left hand, he will say: Oh, would that I had not been given my book, and knew not what my reckoning! Oh, would that it had been death!  my wealth hath not availed me, my power hath gone from me. (it would be said): take him and fetter him, And then expose him to hell-fire, And then insert him in a chain whereof the length is seventy cubits. Lo! He used not to believe in Allah the Tremendous, and urged not on the feeding of the wretched, therefor hath he no lover here this day, nor any food save filth, which none but sinners eat".

                                                (Quran 69  , 25 to 37)

Side No 7:


Candle No 63

       “O mankind Worship your Lord, Who hath created you and those before you, so that ye may ward off (evil). Who hath appointed the earth a resting- place for you, and the sky a canopy; and causeth water to pour down from the sky, thereby producing fruits as food for you. And do not set up rivals to Allah, when ye know (better). And if ye are in doubt concerning that which We reveal unto Our slave, then produce a surah of the like thereof, and call your witnesses beside Allah if ye are truthful. And if ye do it not -and ye can never do it- then guard yourselves against the fire prepared for disbelieves, whose fuel is of men and stones".

                                                (Quran 2 ,21 to 24)

Candle No.  64

       “Whoever believeth in Allah and the last day and doth right-surely their reward is with their Lord, and there shall be no fear come upon them neither shall they grieve".

                                                (Quran 2  , 62)

Candle No. 65

       “And serve Allah. Ascribe no thing as partner unto Him. (Show) kindness unto parents, and unto near kindred, and orphans, and the needy, and unto the neighbour who is of kin (unto you) and the neighbour who is not of kin, and the fellow traveller and the wayfarer".

                                                (Quran 4, 36)

Candle No. 66

       “O ye who believe! Believe in Allah and His messenger and the Scripture which He hath revealed unto His messenger, and the Scripture which He revealed aforetime. Whoso disbelieveth in Allah and His angels and His scriptures and His messengers and the Last Day, he verily hath wandered far astray".

                                                (Quran 4 ,136)

Candle No 67:

Note: Sincerity be the motto, and the motive:

       " It is not righteousness that ye turn your faces to the East and the West; but righteous is he who beleiveth in Allah and the Last Day and the angels and the Scriptures and the Prophets; and giveth his wealth, for love of Him, to kinsfolk, and to orphans and the need needy and the way farer and to those who ask, and to set slaves free; and observeth proper worship and payeth the poor due. And those who keep their treaty when  they make one, and the patient in tribulation and adversity and time of stress. Such are they who are sincere. Such are the God-fearing".

                                                (Quran 2 ,177)

Candle No 68:

       “Say: In the bounty of Allah and in His Mercy: therein let them rejoice. It is better than what they hoard".

                                                (Quran 10 , 59)

Candle No 69

       “Lo! Verily the friends of Allah are (those) on whom fear (cometh) not, nor do  they grieve. Those who believe and keep their duty (to Allah), . Theirs are good tidings in the life of the world and in the Hereafter- There is no changing the words of Allah- that is the supreme triumph".

                                                (Quran 10,  63 to 65)

Candle No 70

       “(On the day of resurrection) neither the riches nor the progeny of those who disbelieve will aught avail them with Allah. They will be fuel for  fire".

                                                (Quran 3 ,10)


               THE CONCLUDING WORD:


       To whatever creed, colour, caste, religion or faith you may belong, the atomic bomb will not discern and burn all alike white, yellow, dark or brown. All human beings are an equal prey of nuclear energy and all have a common cause against this greatest of all enemies of mankind. If it was the question of death only, the case would have been quite different. You could easily make bonfire of this world. But it is not so. It means a painful existence also More painful than any human Mind can imagine. You have all to see with your own eyes your next generation of cancer-ridden, dull-eyed, pitiable monsters. And above all else the shame to which the sons of Adam would be put before the devil who had shown great displeasure at the creation of a lowly anthropoid of mould and had refused the explicit command of the Creator to bow before Adam, and had thus incurred the wrath of God. You may think at this present time of sceptic thoughts, such things as fantastic but you shall realize their truth in due course perhaps soon, when you wake up from your deep slumber.


       Let the scientist remember that the first detonation of an atomic bomb in a war shall prove the first and the last fatal blow to science, and their philosophy such as we have quoted in this book have prepared the way to Atomic warfare. Let, again the scientist not forget his honest role regarding the matters of science as in the past, and let him tell the whole world plainly and selflessly that the nuclear energy due to its inherent ionizing radiations is a danger, deadly and inevitable to the existence of humanity, and let him picture a world of cancer-ridden, impotent and miserable monsters to his fellow human-beings who have come to place at rest in him. Let the scientists clear their conscience by telling the innocent humanity, that the nuclear energy is dangerous whether used in the name of peace or war. Otherwise, O scientists ! you will rightly deserve the epithets far more worse than which the victimized Christian community had coined for the tyrannical priests, and indeed signs are that your atrocities shall prove of a nature far worse than those of the papal origin, nay, but your cruelty will far exceed all the cruelty of all sorts of felons in the whole history of mankind, united. The advantages of power which the nuclear energy may bring to human kind are a mere triviality against the harms which are inherent in the nature of this power. Or contradict my word, honestly but pray do not fall into the superfluous categorization of permissible doses and lethal doses. Every nucleon shot into the heart of an atom is lethal eventually. You will never succeed despite your strenuous efforts in finding any means to neutralize the ill effects of atomic fission. And O, political leaders of nations! you cannot be assumed as ignorant or unaware of the hazards that are incident on nuclear energy. You very well know that in case of atomic warfare your country has no chance to escape her ruinous consequences. You have by now realized that the possession of atomic bombs can no longer be expected to create a wall of terror around your country against your foes, nor it is to remain for long a title of special prestige or a sign of exceptional power, but rather you will soon see in dismay that the non atomic people's  as well as the atomic people, that is whole vast mankind will gradually develop a bitter hatred of nuclear energy in proportion to their fast increasing knowledge of the injurious effects thereof in time of peace and a hail of retaliative atom bomb in case of war. Why not then realize the grim truth in time and be saved. Do you people feel no compassion for your people and indeed poor miserable and worry-ridden mankind of this materialistic age? Why not then live in peace and free from constant threat of nuclear war, and move towards the ultimate destination on the path of peace, love, sympathy and prosperity like good, fellow human-beings and fellow-sufferers of the afflictions of this life on earth, or are you sworn to destroy mankind and along with mankind your own people: nay, even yourselves and your own children. And do you not realize that no-no-atomic-war could be expected to be reliable. Or, is it very pleasant to take the flood of a whole world on your head. Will you sit for awhile alone and think.


       I have to say a word to the religious leaders too. I know you are equally dependent on the tyrannical needs of life, but your peculiar duty towards humanity and your particular station demands a sacrifice of your desires more than anybody else. Will you not recognize then, the urgency of the situation and will not you prove true to the salt and worthy of special place you hold amongst humanity and will you not rise to the occasion, casting away petty little prejudices and other very small considerations, to adopt a pure, crystal clear faith, and a generous, sympathetic and cordial disposition, to work wisely and selflessly according to the demands of the occasion, in all love for him in whose name you work, and affection for his poor creatures who are being now dragged helplessly and whipped mercilessly by cruel circumstances towards a horrible doom, in utter darkness. That, perhaps humanity may be saved and with it the civilization which was once holding such esteem. Man, since the birth of humanity, has kept up an un-interrupted endeavor towards building a civilization through a path of sweat and tears, trial and turmoil, and ordeal, struggling incessantly generation after generation, century after century, rising step by step, age after age, till the fruit of such endless labour came to be inherited by the modern age. It was a most solemn duty of the denizens of the modern age to keep up the standard of that civilization which they had received as a solemn trust from pervious ages, nay, they were even expected to add something to the existing luster thereof and further bequeath it to future generations. But unfortunately despite their endeavors and genuine efforts at enlightenment, and indeed great strides in certain very important factors of civilization, there has appeared a darkness in certain other factors, so much so that the beauty of those bright spots that were the glory of this age, and the characteristic beauty of its civilization, were tainted, so that this fascinating civilization instead of giving peace and life, has come to constitute the most injurious hazards not only to the mind but also the body of the modern humanity. It has come to threaten, with unfailing certainty, the very existence of the human species, nay, every species that now exist on earth. Yet the strangest thing that could be noticed despite their knowledge of these facts, is that there is not a soul who ever stirs or even speaks a word. They all go towards the burning hell, dumb, deaf and blind, spell-bound.

       Now, to chalk out a process to avoid the atomic hell is not such difficult, if men do sincerely want to avoid this danger. Enkindle the extinguished torch of faith. Develop fear of God and the remembrance of the day of judgment in heaven. It is all something but natural to man. Let the wealth be deposed from its Godhead ,and let it be brought down to its proper place, as means and necessity in order to better the life which is in heaven, the eternal life. Let every affair of the world be subjected to the thought of the other world. There is peace, contentment and joy in it. Let men enjoy the feast of this world but only to prepare for the service of God and humanity. Knowledge, power, wealth, science and the world are nothing in themselves. It is their use and the intent behind it that matters. Achieve progress in science but not to destroy but to build. Know that this life is only transient, a short journey. You can never become immortal. Cast away this maddening greed and dwell serene. Let this world be a garden of peace, and not a hell ablaze. Turn your science to a better use, that is to a peaceful use. Let your science turn this abode into a garden of peace, plenty and prosperity, and let not science ever set your house on fire. And know that the rule regarding the use and intent which applies to power, as well as science, knowledge and wealth does not apply to nuclear power, the atomic power as you call it. It is the only exception from the rule. It stands beyond the bounds of the reconcilement, whether used for peace or for war. It is for ever dangerous. It is never at peace with the environment. It has only one face and that is of death. Its generation means destruction, inevitably. Let the habit of back-biting and slander, and complete engrossment in the accumulation of riches, that is excessive greed, and the deification of wealth be abjured, that the atomic power be dissolved in the rays of a sun and caused to disappear like the mist. And let man's life be balanced between matter and mind, material and spiritual, wealth and contentment, this world and the other world. Eat, that you be able to serve God and fellow human-beings. Wear that you may be protected from Cold and heat. Acquire wealth that you spend it on those more needy. Be generous, hospitable, soft-spoken and truthful, but stand against evil manfully. Judge not men on the basis of blood, colour or substance but let men be judged on personal merit. The fear of God and love of good, being the criterion of judgment. Let the sense of equality prevail among you, and let there be strict economic and social justice. Know that it is this economic and social injustice that is the source of hundred and more troubles and is responsible for most of the human misery today and always. Never forget, that extremely bad times are ahead for humanity. Let now the senseless, over-dazed and dizzy race of drunken dupes of wealth, get a little sober and think, and look up towards the horizons, and see carefully, what's ahead. Now if you have looked up and seen the dread spectacle, then sit back to think once for all, that the verdict of the time is that, "Let mankind either ban the nuclear power or else prepare to die a most ignominious death following a most miserable existence". And also, that the nuclear power will never be banished unless the banishment of those characteristics which were responsible for the emergence of nuclear power is affected. Awake therefore and dissolve not the creed built in the heart of things before a twinkling atomy. This was said by Wordsworth, and you will find it prefixed to" God and the atom" of Ronald Knox, who knocks in his book, on the hearts of men, but will they open the door of their heart:-

“To let a breeze in their heart of hearts "

       It is surprising to see the Christians so deeply involved in so gross a materialism, while the essence of Christian, religion is a negation of slander and back-biting, renunciation of the world, and a strong hatred of wealth.

       There remains a point, which might have every now and then risen in many minds during their perusal of this work, namely, that men having those particular characteristics which have been given out by the Quran as the cause of the emergence of atom bomb, might with justice be subjected to atomic conflagration, but what of those others, innocent of these qualities who also will see the same doom with those guilty. Why should they be punished for that they have not done. The answer to this very genuine question is, firstly that there might not be found in the whole world of today many who might fully be regarded as innocent of those qualities. The wind has blown throughout the world. But, if there be some, or many such souls, and it is wished there be many because they are the hope of man's future on earth, then they will share the punishment along with those guilty, because of their reticence and their silence and their cowardly or insensible compromise with the circumstances. Let them rise against the hazard, and do whatever is possible for them to do, in order to avert the danger. According to Islamic ideology they are to be deemed as partners in the guilt, if they do not exert to the best of their power, might, and influence against the danger. But, if despite their genuine endeavours they fail and become the victims of a conflagration brought on them by the guilt of others, then of course they will be recompensed in the next world by Almighty Allah. The situation however in the world today is that not one among millions might happen to know anything about the reality of nuclear energy or the effects of its radiations, although the somber clouds of atomic calamity scowl on the horizon of unwary mankind to consume them any moment, and a voice against the dangers of nuclear energy is still to be heard. There appeared one such voice once, the voice of Late Bertrand Russell, and an alarm was sounded fairly loud, but the essence of his experience reflects from a sentence which now lies before me:-

"Since Adam and Eve at ate the apple man has never abstained from his follies, what-ever he was capable of, and the end is:-THE ATOMIC EXPLOSION".



Allama Muhammad Yousuf Gabriel

Adara Afqar-e-Gabriel, Quaid e Azam Street Nawababad Wah Cantt Distt Rawalpindi






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